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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 10:42 am 

US Progressive rock/metal band Cynic will release their fourth full length, Ascension Codes, on November 26 through Season of Mist. From the press release:

"I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to 'Mythical Serpents' as a fully realized piece of music," said Cynic mastermind Paul Masivdal. "No phones or screens necessary, just the power of sound communicating directly into the ears of your heart. In the coming weeks, Cynic will be revealing further details on the constellation that is Ascension Codes, including a 'Mythical Serpents' animated video, featuring the artwork of Martina Hoffmann & Robert Venosa. Stay tuned."

Ascension Codes was mixed and co-produced by frequent Masivdal collaborator Warren Riker. At its core, the album features Matt Lynch on drums and Dave Mackay bass synthesizer. Masivdal stated he worked with Mackay previously live alongside the late and great Sean Malone, who personally suggested Mackay be brought in for Ascension Codes.

"He's got a vast jazz harmonic vocabulary," said Masvidal, "which is what's needed in the context of Cynic's music, especially for bass lines. I knew that I could never replace Malone. Anyone I would find would be expected to play like him, and that's not fair to another musician. And things were too fresh for me with the loss of Malone, so I had to go somewhere new.

"With Mackay, I heard his groovy left-hand approach, and how musical he was across the board having played with a variety of musicians and styles. I realized he would bring something fresh to the table, and he provided a space for me to start again with a completely different instrument and forgo any traditional ideas I had about what Cynic bass lines should sound like."


1. Mu-54* (00:32)
2. The Winged Ones (05:08)
3. A'-va432 (00:28)
4. Elements and their Inhabitants (03:09)
5. Ha-144 (00:30)
6. Mythical Serpents (06:24)
7. Sha48* (00:19)
8. 6th Dimensional Archetype (04:07)
9. DNA Activation Template (05:25)
10. Shar-216 (00:23)
11. Architects of Consciousness (06:20)
12. DA'z-a86.4 (00:34)
13. Aurora (04:34)
14. DU-*61.714285 (00:30)
15. In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sing (03:48)
16. A'jha108 (00:28)
17. Diamond Light Body (05:43)
18. Ec-ka72 (00:47)

Mythical Serpents has been released as the first single:
Spoiler: show

It feels a bit strange to talk about a new Cynic album after the passing of Sean Reinert and Sean Malone over the past year. I'm sure Paul put his heart and soul into this album and the first single is really good. From the track list it looks like we're getting a ton of interludes but I'm sure the album as a whole will be good.


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:46 am 

I expected Paul to go full 70s dad prog on this, especially without the Seans, so this track was a pleasant surprise. Sounds like a mix between Traced in Air and Carbon Based Anatomy, which are my favorite Cynic releases. But yeah, nine interludes is fucking ridiculous, especially considering the last 70 seconds of this song already sound like one.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 4:13 am 

Loved the track but I also love every Cynic release. Carbon took me a long time to like but when I got into it, it's such a great album. Curious to how the album pans out without the Seans (even though Reinert wasn't in the band anymore anyways). Cynic is just one of those bands that there's not many others that have a similar sound. Exivious, Canvas Solaris and Aghora are possibly the closest but each band is really quite different except that they're techy/jazzy bands. I've just always loved how Cynic isn't about the wank, but just really good and interesting songwriting.


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:14 pm 

I have a gigantic gaping soft spot for Cynic and will probably enjoy this one. Dug the first track released. The more removed from metal Cynic become, the more I enjoy their material. Also, the cover art for this is fucking godly.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:18 pm 

doomicus wrote:
I have a gigantic gaping soft spot for Cynic and will probably enjoy this one. Dug the first track released. The more removed from metal Cynic become, the more I enjoy their material. Also, the cover art for this is fucking godly.

I would have to agree. All of my favorite stuff by them is their non-metal material. The EPs, Re-Traced & Carbon Based Anatomy, are my favorites from them and among some of my favorite prog releases ever. I also really enjoyed Kindly Bent to Free Us. I'm definitely curious to see the direction they go with this one. This will be the first full-length without the Seans, and while that was a devistating loss, I'm really glad to see Masvidal continue. I'm sure that he's going to put something out that will be on par with the quality of past material, even if it might have a different feel.

Masvidal uploaded a very touching tribute to Sean Malone for anyone interested. It's the acoustic version from "Integral" with Malone on fretless bass. I gotta say, this version sounds incredible. They also released it as a single on their bandcamp.

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