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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2021 4:35 pm 

It seems like Youtube is littered with just about every Indonesian BDM bands currently out there today....and there are hundreds of them. You could say that the scene over there is over-saturated with bands that mostly all sounds the same as their influences are heavily relied on Disgorge,Suffocation and Gorgasm. Heck, even their production sounds very similar to each other as if all of the bands had flown down to Morrisound to record with Scott Burns or something. They truly loved those bands that they inspired to play as, but that doesn't mean they sound like a clone band of that nature...not all of them at least. Some of the top bands, can truly play their instruments and are as talented and skillful as they come. I've became fascinated with the Indonesia scene about a year ago (Most of them are from West Java provinces, as mention on their profile page), when I first heard Jasad last EP "Five". I haven't heard anything this tight and brutal with such heavy groove in a long time. I was never a big fan of them since their inception in the early 2000, so I was surprised when I first heard of their latest EP. I've learned later that the Jasad of today are a different band personnel wise, from their earlier days. From that day on, I've tried to listen to as many bands from Indonesia on Youtube as I could possibly find, hoping to score some hidden gems that will probably go unnoticed (again there are hundreds of them). So, I came up with a top 10 band/album that I like and heard so far to share that I think are worth a listen.

1. Jasad (The last EP "5" and their last album "Rebirth of Jatisunda" are essential! Tight and groovy BDM)
2. Injury Deepend-Anthropophagus Realm (similar to Gorgasm)
3. Reduced-Majesty From Within (She Lay Gutted inspired)
4. Chalera-Theophobium Excruciation (Nasty guttural and a sound that's different from their peers. Highly recommended).
5. Brain Damage-Indulging Cannibalistic for Mutilation (some of the better Disgorge/Suffocation inspired stuff).
6. Asphxiate-Promo 2017 CD and Self Transform from Decayed Flesh (Again some of the best Disgorge/Suffocation inspired stuff).
7. Gerogot-Heading to Eternal and the 4-way split CD (A new band that plays in a technical, Defeated Sanity style. Their guitarist Aditya is reallllly good and I believe has his own band as well).
8. Digging Up-Unmasking the Hypocrite promo (Brutal and catchy as f*** with a great production)
9. Interfectorment-Grotesquely Decay (Some seriously brutal Putridity/old Disentomb inspired stuff)
10. Bleeding Corpse-Condemned to Suffer (Super low-tuned guitar, basically a much more brutal Jasad)
11. Murtad-Exterpate the Remaining Breath (Vocals reminds of Matti Way on Crannial...some of the fastest band from Indonesia).

What are your thoughts on the scene and some of your favorite band/album from Indonesia?

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:55 am 

Tenggorokan (meaning "throat") from Kediri, Jagal from Surabaya, and Sickles from Madura are outstanding. And you forgot the legendary Death Vomit aka Devo from Yogyakarta who toured Australia in 2010. I was fortunate enough to be at the Brisbane show, an excellent live band. Then there is the Islamic-oriented band Saffar (from Bandung) known for their Islamic-themed videos and lyrics. Their debut album is a classic - Mandatory El Arshy (2013).

For a female-fronted band, go for Demons Damn from Bandung. For slam, you have Turbidity, who just put out a new album, with vocals by Bobby, ex-Bleeding Corpse.

Also, check out the mighty Dismemberment Torture (DT), featuring ex-Jasad drummer Dani aka Papap and Glenn from Bloodgush on vocals. Other musicians who have played in DT in the past include Ramon from Saffar on bass and Dedra from Digging Up on guitar - a true supergroup.

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