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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:22 pm 

We haven't had a list of rules here in years, and we don't really want to have a big list of rules. Since we do enforce some rules/guidelines, here are the previously unwritten rules.

Absolutely DO NOT do these things:
-Nothing related to piracy. Do not ask for or post file sharing links. Nothing illegal. Discussion of bootlegs and other "grey areas" is acceptable if you post in good faith.
-Graphic content or nudity should only be posted if it is on-topic, and should be linked and clearly labeled as such. ("NSFW" is the preferred tag)

1. The forum is called "Metal Discussion" and it is for discussing metal. This means:
-Discuss metal. Posting/replying with lists is not discussing. A sentence or two to explain your thoughts are better than a list of 20 bands when replying to a question.
-If you post a new topic with a link/quote, add your own thoughts. Simply saying "discuss." or "thoughts?" is not acceptable.
-If you're asking for opinions, offer your own opinion too. Elaborate on it for at least a few sentences if you're starting a new topic.
-Asking for recommendations? Go to Recommendation Central. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
-Non-metal discussion goes in The Tavern.
-Promotional stuff goes in the Promotional Forum. Funny how these forums are named, eh?
-Avoid saying "I can't believe nobody has mentioned ___ yet!" and just post an explanation of why you think that.
-Don't be passive aggressive. Framing posts/threads in a confrontational way such as "why all the hate for ___?" or "wah wah wah if you don't like it ban me" is obnoxious and unacceptable. Disagreements are bound to happen, acceptable, and even encouraged, but they should be carried out respectfully.

2. Check for other recent topics on the same subject before posting a new one. Bumping old threads is generally inadvisable, but acceptable if there is a discussion on a specific topic and you have something significant to contribute to/revive the thread.

3. Avoid memes, image macros, and linking unrelated YouTube videos as a response. Memes and similar shit include degenerate bastardizations of the English language - ex. "O RLY?" "/thread" and pretty much anything that a civilized person would need to look up on UrbanDictionary to understand.

4. Don't post anything that makes me write more rules. Also, if you try to be a rules lawyer you'll be fired into the sun.
4.1 Don't be a goddamn moron.
4.2 Don't ask for ideas for your band's name.
4.3 Don't post threads about stupid made-up subgenres, including but not limited to demonic slam, frognoise, and toadcore.
4.4 No gossip threads - no unsubstantiated rumors about drug addictions, who slept with who, etc. This is not high school.
4.5 Don't bring up your pet topics in completely unrelated threads - digression is natural in discussion, impromptu nihilist talking points memos and your unhealthy obsession with Tom G Warrior should't invade unrelated threads.
4.6 Holocaust denial = instant ban.

5. Don't ask about doing your homework on heavy metal. Don't do your schoolwork on metal if you're just going to ask a public forum on the internet to tell you about it. This includes linking surveys. The vast majority of "academic help" asked for here is typical undergraduate "learning" level stuff that is neither scrutined nor supervised for the purpose of publication.
However, we will permit proper academic research to be posted here with the approval of a moderator - please contact derigin, Metantoine, or Zodijackyl (mods with experience with research methodology and spare time) with some information it. Please let us know who you are, your credentials, what institution you are with, a bit of background and explanation on your research, and if you are posting a survey or similar poll, an explanation as to why posting a thread on this forum does not incur problems in selective sampling bias. We will not share your personal information, but we ask that you post the results of your work.

Addendum: New users' first two posts require approval. This is primarily an anti-spambot measure.

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