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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:35 am 

... it sounds like Nightwish done right! It is certainly much better than anything Tuomas shat out in the past 15 years, that's for sure. These Germans released an excellent debut that production-wise sounds very balanced and polished; most of the songs are mid-paced and constantly invoke feelings of nostalgia because this album is really really similar to old Nightwish. They added their own spin on things but it's very clear they did a much better job at capturing everything that Nightwish once had and have since abandoned. Nightwish has become stale and fucking boring as hell, but Elvellon clearly aren't afraid to play around with the music more, and because of this "Until Dawn" is a much more interesting album than everything since "Once" combined together. Like, you can literally hear that all the musical components work together in unison and have been written with each other in mind, not like Tuomas does it, which is write the orchestrations and pile up layers (of garbage) on top of it.
This band also reminds me of how Amberian Dawn did things on their first couple of albums, and the orchestrations go from old Nightwish to Epica in scale.

There's not too much originality to be heard (although the album is not completely devoid of it) which is a shame (although nobody writes original music anymore tbh), but if you still like the Oceanboard/Wishmaster era Nightwish then this is definitely worth at least a listen. As for me, I'm buying it on Bandcamp right now because this band is certainly more worthy of praise and support than fucking Nightwish.

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