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....and think that the album is really underrated and overlooked black metal?

I’ve listened to a lot of black metal just like anyone else here and this album is one of my favorite black metal albums of all time. The album is really special to me personally as it is a total anomaly in my collection in that it is the only album from the 2010’s that I really like and listen to on a regular basis and one of the few albums from the 2000’s overall I like.

The symphonic textures of the album are so well done and sound so good, especially the wind instrument synth textures. The choir chorus group vocals sung in a clean almost operatic like tone are also very well done. The guitars sound bright and in focus but are never jarringly so and they are seamlessly made to have a “wall of sound” tone that melds with all the other instruments. The drummer has a really unique style to. It’s hard for me to explain in detail, but it’s just the way he does fills and the certain special percussion accessories that he uses that give his performance a lot of flare and style (I know he uses a Gong on a few occasions along with other stuff that I don’t know how to describe).

For anyone interested, the standout tracks on the Inexorable Defiance album are “Fiery Golden Dawn”, “Feast of Fire”, “Flaming Pride and Inexorable Defiance”, “Moonlight Wanderer” and “Towards the Golden Halls”

The instrumental “Towards the Golden Halls” is like the soundtrack of your soul ascending to the heavens lol, it’s that good.

In fact most of the songs off the album conjure images in my imagination of flying through the heavens.

For the longest time and for years afterwards I always assumed that Bornholm was this big band on par with say a band like Dark Funeral, but then somewhat recently I decided to do some research on the band and found out that their popularity level is not even close to that band. In fact Bornholm seems to barely have any kind of following at all. Instead it seems the social media accounts of the many crappy local bands I’ve seen live over the years, as well as up and coming acts of the type Decibel magazine might do an article on, have more activity and fan presence on them. But yet, Bornholm is a really professional band. They’ve been around since the early 2000’s, have solid sounding music, and lots of merch on their official website. So yeah, I was pretty shocked to find out how under appreciated they seemed.

I then soon afterward decided to finally explore the rest of Bornholm’s discography after years of being hooked on Inexorable Defiance and was mildly disappointed with what I heard. I liked their other albums enough to buy them all and they make for great supplemental listening but they all pale in comparison to Inexorable Defiance by a large degree. I then started to research my favorite album Inexorable Defiance and was shocked to find out that from what little Bornholm fans are out there that they don’t even seem to consider Inexorable that note worthy at all! It appears to be viewed as “just another Bornholm album” “nothing special.” Instead March for Glory and Revenge seems to be the winner of the popularity contest. Indeed, it’s one of the only albums with reviews on MA.
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