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High Resolution BM logos
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Author:  Theomachus [ Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  High Resolution BM logos

Do you know where can I get some high resolution BM logos? I've googled for some hours and still I can't get logos above 600x600.

Of course, I've found some exceptions (Windir, Arckanum), but I want more :D

Mostly I'm looking for Deathspell Omega, Arghoslent (DM, I know), Drudkh, Mütiilation, Branikald, Nachtfalke, Celestia, Watain, Klage, Woods of Infinity and Graveland logos.

The thing is that I found this guy who can print high quality customized hoodies for a relatively good price. Of course, I wont commercialize them, I just want some hoodies from some of my favorite bands.

I searched on the web for hoodies from most of these bands, but found that they're either not my seize (I'm a medium, and everywhere I've just found L and XL) or are plain ugly or not as great as they could've been.

Thanks in advance.

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