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Author:  cagalar [ Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My Monday 10.07.13 music listened analysis:

1./ FACT - "As a matter of fact" (1984) - Second or even third grade speed heavy metal from Germany. Vocalist is very much sounding like Udo Dirkschneider when screaming, very very similar. However he is using this type of vocal nearly in each of the 9 songs here, so it becomes quite an annoying. Standard song structures in the vein of early Accept or early Warlock, in fact early 80´s European speed/power. Production quite flat, guitar tone very high, riffs mediocre, unmemorable. I could not pick a one single song that would be worth to mentioned as superb. Maybe I can mention song #6 "Prisoner" as kinda lame try to create something epic, but really lame try. Simply said, this one is rare and obscure record of early 80´s 3rd class German metal for the die hard collectors.

2./ BLACK SABBATH - "13" (2013) - This was my second day of heavy rotation of this new stuff. I like it very much. I was more less expecting this. Rubin kept all the essential ingrediences in and even tried the recollection of "Planet caravan" in the form of "Zeitgeist". Actually great bass sound, Geezer is superb. Iommi delivers simply and easy memorable riffs. My favourite track would be "Loner" and "Pariah". Ozzy´s vocal is surprise for me, he sounds way way better than on his last solo recordings, apparently Rubin wanted him to sound way cleaner and some studio support was deployed in order to achieve that. It suits actually the music well. In many moments the entire style developed here reminds me the music style that Swedish Count Raven is producing with Dan Fondelius on vocals, sounding very same, or even better. Check out Count Raven!!! I like very much the reminder of rain and bell fade out from the very first record at the end of "Dear Father". Sabbath returns back to the beginning and their mission on this planet is completed.

BON JOVI - "Live from Ipswich ´84" - this one is very fine sounding live recording of young and hungry Bon Jovi supporting Kiss on their Animalize tour back in 1984 and promoting their self-tittled debut. Fresh faced Americans playing some fine Melodic Rock,good tunes, good times. Even Sambora plays here like guitar hero shredder and not the mediocre licks he delivers todays. I've got a soft spot for the 1st album, maybe because I obtained it when it came out and I was the only kid then in our school back then in autumn ´84 who knew about teh band and promoted it. Then 4 yeras later they went huge and I disliked them.

Author:  cagalar [ Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My Tuesday 11.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ W.E.T. – „Rise up“ (2013) – Swedish so-called „supergroup“ of Jeff Scott Soto of Y.J.Malmsteen´s fame and his swedish colleagues. Typical exmaple of huge sounding and bombastic melodic A.O.R. The melodies, the performances, the choruses, the musicianship, everything here is in a perfect harmony. The fact is that it is too perfect and therefore it does nothing to my emotions. It is cold blooded calculated melodic heavy rock that is here to raise no revolution whatsoever and therefore it is destined to disapear as fast as it appeared. Every single track here has a huge chorus line, a 'crunchy' guitar lick, big and fat drumming. I am sure this release will make all the crazy melodic hard rockers out there happy. For me, unfortunatelly, Jeff will never step out of the shadow of his work with Yngwie, he will never beat the performance and the result of „Marching out“, his blissfull cooperation with „Swedish Blackmore“. And seems to me, he is okay with that and he bets to be seen as major vocalist of widely radio friendly acceptable A.O.R. style. Summertime car music.

2./ KILLERS – „…fills de la haine“ (1985) – french speed heavy metal. Debut album sang in original French language. Simple production, instruments kinda unbalanced. Vocalist using lot of echo while singing. Style is very European and having the typical French metal touch on it. It is fun to listen, very often the songs are switching rapidly from simplistic melodies to suddenly complicated prog metal passages. It prevents the music becoming boring. Guitar solos rather mediocre, bass inaudible, drums decent. Overal rather obscure than classic. Fun to listen.

3./ DEEP PURPLE – „Now what!“ (2013) – Gee, what an unispirable collection of a mediocre songs. This record is real dissapointment to me. There is simply no life and blood in it. It lacks at least one memorable song. Intro looks promising, but then it breaks in some lame melody and Gillan is just declaring words and lines without any energy. In some moments it reminds me kinda religious music. I thought 8 years break from previous release would do its effect in positive direction. Production by Roger Glover is just enough, I cannot say anything wrong, he kept Don Airey´s keyboards nicely prominent but Steve Morse´s guitar is complete letdown. His playing is extremely poor. It´s not simple , or effective. It is poor. He never played so „soulless“ on any of his career recordings. Not to be so negative only, there are some memorable moments. One is for example nice keyboard background on the second song „Weirdistan“ nearly identical with some of James Bond themes, especially towards the end of the song you got feeling you´re listening some Bond´s soundtrack. „Hell to pay“ is quite good midtempo track, however in reference to Purple standards it is below the par. The major issue I have is that music is flowing and flowing and flowing nicely and peacefully and I am waiting when suddenly „bang!“ – heavy riffing, structured drumming, keyboard wall of sound and expressive Gillan´s vocals are about to hit me…and nothing. This record is currently my biggets dissapointment of 2013 releases. And by the way, J.L.Lewis´ cover of „It´ll be me“ is beyond my thinking. You can´t even recognize Purple in this track.

Author:  cagalar [ Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My Wednesday 12.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ SIRENIA – „At sixes and sevens“ (2002) – I got to this record via Czech metal magazine SPARK where one of the article is regular metal history series called „Diamonds of the records chest“. That particulr issue was dedicted to female fronted/integrated vocal sympho-goth-metal bands and the respective milestone records. Sirenia´s debut was listed as classic example of the „beauty and the beast“ style alongside with Theatre Of Tragedy second record. I must agree that music is quite nicely crafted and as some wisdom inside. In those days of 2002 it must have been greeted with big welcome as the style was on its rise to peak. Production is very good, all instruments are well balance. Drumming style is very interesting and not crazy galloping. Female vocal is mixed well and is not overused. Few songs employs the „raven shriek style“ in male vocal, and it fits quite well. Track # 4 „In manica“ is having nearly radio friendly touch with neat vocals and does not sound like metal overall. In summary, very interesting album, and as I understood from various sources, in these days it is considered as undoubt classic of its style.

2./ SAXON – „Sacrifice“ (2013) – Repetitivness is the correct word to describe this. With any song on this record, no matter if fast or mid tempo you have feel you already heard it before on previous records. Basically I see 2 types of songs on thsi record. Fast up-tempo speed metal wit high pitch vocal lines and them heavy riffing midtempos with phrase refrain. Just first 2 songs „Sacrifice“ and „Made in Belfast“ are typical example of the entire album. Saxon are not bringing anything new. Standard polished production, Biff´s vocals are same for nearly last 20 years, songwriting very predictable. I must say the last record I really enjoined was „Solid ball of rock“ when Nibbs Carter joned the band and brought some new blood and songcrafting skills that were new and desperately needed at that time. Just another one following used scheme.

3./ ADLER – „Back from the dead“ (2013) – I was really curious what ex-Gunner Steven Adler is delivering with his, finally, solo record. I was positivelly surprised of what a good piece of heavy rock music is here. Good sound, good songs, generally positive attitude in lyrics. There is not any super spectacular song neither any filler. Entire record is quite complex. Adler´s drumming is recognizable but not prominent and he fits the pack. It has very similar sound like in old GNR days. Comparing this to Velvet Revolver records of Slash combo or Duff´s solo records, this one seems to me more honest, more down to Earth, more believable. Good piece of music. It has a Guns feel, but is totally it's own animal. overall production is top notch.

Author:  cagalar [ Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My Thursday 13.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ BON JOVI – „What about now“ (2013) – Not very much to say. Standard collection of pop rock song of a Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams style and acoustic ballads in country style. They play safely and very radio friendly. The business model they accomodated is based upon 60 minutes record with 11-12 songs starting always with 1 hit song that draws the entire album sale through heavy radio rotation. Bon Jovi definitely left the hard rock planet in term of their studio work.

2./ MAXINE PETRUCCI – „Back to the garden“ (2013) – What a record! This was real surprise to me. Maxine Petrucci is very competent guitarist and singer. This is mix of heavy, thrash and prog. Each song is well thought and crafted with very good technical playing. Fun and simple lyrics, some memorable phrases. This album I can only reccomend. It is her first album I had opportunity to listen, and now I will make sure to get her previous work as well. Really, really good and not boring stuff with US power metal touch on it.

Author:  Himeros_Apollo [ Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis [6/14/13]

Alice in Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (2013): After hearing Alice in Chains' antecedent album, Black Gives Way to Blue, I had nothing but high standards and expectations for their next album - all of my standards were met and all of my expectations were fulfilled. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is almost indescribable as far as genre goes because it is an awkward (yet fucking awesome) blend of heavy metal, doom metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, alternative rock and grunge. Overall, a good album: well written, well executed and a satisfying atmosphere.

Author:  cagalar [ Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My 14-15.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ QUEENSRYCHE – „Saints and sinners“ (1995) – live bootleg from San Jose, soundboard recording from 24th of May, 1995 show in support of „Promised land“ album. Excellent sound and excellent performance. Geoff Tate sings like nightingale, so superb. He is in the fine shape and can reproduce the songs exactly as on the record. Even old titles where he is using high screams he deliveres well. They play nearly 2/3ds of the then new album here („Damaged“, „My global mind“, „Disconnected“, „I am I“, „Bridge“, „Promised land“, „Lady Jane“, „Out of mind“, „Someone else“). And of course the medley off „Operation mindcrime“ and smash hits off „Empire“ record („Jet City woman“, „Silent lucidity“, „Empire“). It easily could be official live record issued by the band, such is the quality of the audio.

2./ THE HANDSOME BEASTS – „Bestiality“ (1981) – excellent NWOBHM music. Simple, effective, to the point. Considering it was recorded in 1981, the music sounds well and thoughtful. Some songs are heavy metal based fast tempo, some like „Another day“ are excellent bluesy based tunes in the vein of AC/DC. Neat vocal reminding me Dave Meniketti style of Y&T. Actually entire albums reminds me something that could easily be recorded by Y&T. Cool music, not boring, flows nicely, check it out if you are NWOBHM freak.

Author:  cagalar [ Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My 17.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ NAPALM DEATH – „The code is red…“ (2005) – I must admit I stopped listenning N.D. after „Utopia banished“ was issued. I found that albm uninspirative and repetitive and I considered ND as known chapter, a band who completed its mission here by its first 3 records („Scum“, „…enslavement…“ and „Harmony…“). Time ago I decided I am gonna complete my collection of N.D. and recently I picked up this one from 2005. I must say I had no expectations and now I am pleased to say I found here the music similar to „Utopia…“ and that is good. Sheer brutal grindcore. Difficult to pick any song, cos entire records sounds to me quite complex. Obviously we have here typical death metal touch making music very heavy. I like it. I would say good old N.D.

2./ BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION – „Black country“ (2010) – supergroup of Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian and Joe Bonamassa. In essence very good hard rock in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Hughes solo records. Actual surprise for me is Joe´s guitar playing. Very functional, very competent, not exhibiting, but serving the effect. I never heard him on any records yet, so thumbs up. Glenn´s bass is prominent and very heavy as well as Bonham jr.´s drumming. Massive sound. Sherinian actually is least exposed on this. His keyboard work is not prominent, it is rather in the background as J.P.Jones used to play. Vocals are the separate chapter. Glenn in his top notch form, heavy, hard, soulful, low, high, whatever you want. If you endorse 70´s premium hard rock, here is your record to spin.

Author:  cagalar [ Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My 18-19.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ SKID ROW – EP„United world rebellion: Chapter one“ (2013) – I personally think that use new singer Johnny was the best move for the band that left in ruins after Sebastian Bach left. Johnny brings variety to the band lyrically and vocally. A True Fan of Rock music and Skid Row anyaway will see and hear the differences. 5 songs of a heavy drive and energy. If entire 45 min record would be of this nature like this EP it would be hell of kick ass record.

2./ SOBREDOSIS – „Caliente como un volcan“ (1984) - Spanish group playing standard heavy metal. It mostly reminds me of Australian Rose Tattoo in certain moments. The sound of the album is rather average but the album became quite successful in Spanish speaking teritorries and today it is considered as rare metal classic.

3./ KISS – Live Stockholm ´84 - Live concert at Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden on October 26, 1984 from the Animalize Tour. This one is the soundboard and it sounds great. Kiss on the Animalize Tour which was a pretty successful album for them.Had some good songs on it.Missing a couple of tunes here but well worth the listen. Late Eric Carr on drums and fresh Bruce Kulick on lead guitar.

Author:  cagalar [ Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:07 am ]
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My 20-21.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ METAL ONSLAUGHT – „Cease to exist“ (1987) – great thrash with crossover elements. Sheer speed and shrieky vocals. 20 minutes long EP packed with 9 fast paced songs. Elements of Nuclear Assault are most prevalent in their music. Great stuff.

2./ WHITESNAKE – „Made in Japan (2011) - Multi-platinum rock band Whitesnake co-headlined the "Loud Park" festival on October 15th 2011 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan during their "Forevermore World Tour." The ‘Forevermore’ songs alone are worth the price of admission, not forgetting the classic Whitesnake songs, "Is This Love," "Still Of The Night" and "Here I Go Again," all performed at the height of their musical powers. It’s all here. This is what Whitesnake fans, new and old, have been clamouring for.

Author:  cagalar [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

My 23.06.13 music listened analysis:

1./ LACUNA COIL – „Comalies“ (2002) – very pleasant surprise. I never heard this one before, neither I heard any music from Lacuna Coil. I registered their singer doing re-take of Megadeth´s „A tout le monde“, so I decided to check who she is. „Comalies“ was recommended as their breakthrough record. I do not know their previous work, but this one is actually very fine. Interesting, no fillers, great sound, female vocal is very fit and not overdone. Male vocal is more melodic than heavy shrieks usually used in this metal genre. Nearly every song is epically structured so it keeps the record interesting from beginning to the end, and even more spins won´t make it boring. I enjoined it.

2./ SAXON – Bonus tracks off „Sacrifice“ (2013) – 5 Saxon classics re-recorded and re-arranged. These 5 songs are in its purity the all time classics so no matter what cover you do them you always end up with „the song remains the same“. Nice little EP in fact. „Crusader“ is epic in this symphonic version same as original strip down recording. Actually Biff gets older, and original vocal seems to me more fit than current one. As I said, nice little EP!!!

3./ MORBID – „December moon“ (1987) – pre Mayhem late Dead´s band with Uffe Cederlund of Entombed fame on guitar. This is in fact demo as stated here in MA. It got lot of positive reviews, apparently it is seen in the black metal underground as treasure. 4 songs of a thrash nature with BM vocal. It is very consistent and it´s actually good listening. Sound is very OK in my opinion and fits to the entire atmosphere. Reccomended.

Author:  dystopia4 [ Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:03 pm ]
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Hey Cagalar, just a suggestion, but could you try formatting your posts in the way others have done here? The way you're doing it now is kind of an eyesore that's blotting up the page.

Collider - s/t EP
This is really cool, I've been reviewing some Ottawa sludge for the challenge, and this is more of that. However, I'll have to wait until the challenge is over, because someone already go to it a while ago. This is really potent, strong grooves, definitely bears a strong Mastodon, Kylesa ect influence. Cool tunes, only three of them but they're all great.

Man's Gin - Rebellion Hymns
Think I'll used this space to talk about something not metal in itself but certainly related to metal. For those who don't know, Man's Gin is the dark americana (sorry it's hard to put a direct label on them) band lead by the multi-instrumentalist of American black metal behemoths Cobalt. The first one will probably always be my favorite, not only because of the great tunes but because it will always bring back memories of my life when I listened to it obsessively. Anyway, the new one was great. Well the first one definitely had an over arching vibe - dark folk/country/blues mixed with grunge, this new one is all over the place. And that's totally a good thing.

"Off The Coast of Sicily" (yeah, Hemingway is definitely an influence) feels like Giant Squid mixed with weird busker music and even a bit of ska. Should be the worst thing ever but it's not. "Never Do The Neon Lights" feels like a Pearl Jam song if Pearl Jam were better and didn't have an annoying vocalist. "Old House" brings to mind a whole gamut of punk, metal and no wave. "Sirens" is particularly cool, feeling like a Cobalt song with the black metal taken out. Helping this is guest appearances by Jarboe and even Phil from Cobalt! There are even mini-blasts at the end. This is an incredibly varied record and this vast experimentation pays off handsomely. This is much less lo-fi than the debut. Man, Erik Wunder really is a fucking genius. I absolutely don't have the money, but I think I'm going to spend it anyway on this.

Author:  cagalar [ Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

NAPALM DEATH – Order of the leech (2002) – not very much to say. Standard set of ND fast uptempo songs, with typical Barney´s vocal. Fan of ND must be happy. Tracks are kinda equivalent, I did not find any filler or stoopid track here, quite complex set of music. ND´s standard.

PAUL CHAIN´S VIOLET THEATRE – Detaching from Satan (1984) – this is little 4 track EP of Italian doom figure Paul Chain. Very artistic and with some „message“. I liked it very much. Very simple production, stripped dow, nice keyboards effects, nice vocal effects, doomy guitar solos, that Candlemass later perfected. Cool stuff.

NOTHING SACRED – Deathwish (1985) – this is good little EP, energic heavy metal in the vein second Iron Maiden record or early Manowar. S0´s poor production but energy in the music equals it. Vocalist is mixed quite in front but decent job, noting spectacular. Anyway great 17 minuts of old school maidenish/manowarish heavy metal.

STREAM OF PASSION – Embrace the storm (2005) – very nice, very nice. Very radio friendly. Lucassen is definitely skilled guy and assembled quite a project. Very nice vocals and very nice music. I would say another classic of female fronted genre. Thsi one has potential to break to the mainstream. Even my kids were enjoying it when I played this. Nice.

AEROSMITH – Music from another dimension (2013) – hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, I do not know what to think of this. I am missing the spark. This is cold and kinda forced. I gave bunch of spins, it is decent but nothing spectacular, refrains are melted, production is as usually superb but it is not enough for me. No memorable song that I could whistle afterwards. It´s kinda everywhere and nowhere. Steven Tyler sounds tired, old and uninterested and Perry and Bradford play unmemorable licks. Bass and drumming is functional and unrecognizable. I really do not care, in fact.

Author:  mangamusicfan [ Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Abhorration - Abhorration (2013) - first full length of this band It follow's up their Ep Infatuation with the Accursed Enmity (2012)
First The vocals are amazing here (done by Robbe Kok disavowed) Pig Screams death grunt's and A lot more!
Its A real brutal death metal disc many brutal slams and catchy some time's all brutal Death metal fans should give this one A try!
10 song's of verry brutal stuff!

Author:  cagalar [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

MAGNET – „Dies irae“ (1987) – Soviet heavy metal from ´87. Their first EP sounding similar to another Soviet premium metal band Aria. Heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, but lot of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep influences. Progressive elements in neraly every song, very heroic vocal declaring the „message“. Manowar-kind lyrics. Typical flat 80´s production, I love it, this „wooden“ sound. Extremely rare and obscure.

GREAT WHITE – „30 years-Live from Sunset Strip“ (2013) – live recording from The Roxy with their new singer Terry Ilous of XYZ fame. Great White has always been an awesome band live and this album again proves it. Mark Kendall smokes on the lead guitar as always and Michael Lardie in addition to guitar/keyboards is like a genious producer/engineer and the rhythm section Audie Desbrow and Scotty Snyder nailed it. Unfortunatelly one thing is crystal clear – Terry Ilous is no way Jack Russell and no matter how he tries he is not able and will not be able to put that „bluesy seal“ on the songs like only Russell could do.

RECKLESS – „Heart of steel“ (1984) - second studio album by Canadian Sleaze and Traditional Heavy Metal band. Typical ´84´s production. Songs are balancing on the edge of being heavy and melodic, more heavy side is prevalent. Good vocalist, and quite good song structure, not boring in fact, however entire music here is not special in anything and therefore destined to be forgotten and become rare and obscure.

MEGADETH – „Super collider“ (2013) – Wow, I did not expect anyting special, but this time I am happy with what is Mustaine doing. Thin Lizzy´s cover is excellent. Mustaine trying to be Lynnot is fun, he did very good in fact. Title track has great loosen atmosphere/riffing in verses. Nice. I like the production, all clear, great sound, Dave´s voice is characteristic and kinda adult. It is very enjoyable album. „Kingmaker“ refrains has kinda even dancing groove in it, very nice. I am in opposite to MA reviews where nearly everyone trashed the album and score low. I liked a lot, very enjoyable piece of music, Megadeth found its position and is delivering.

Author:  cagalar [ Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

SHOK PARIS - „Go for the throat“ (1984) – This one is total 80´s all over the face. It reminds some early Tygers Of Pan Tang work with this French accent. Decent collection of heavy metal songs in the best NWOBHM tradition and expressive vocal. Fans of Tank, Raven, Tygers, Tokyo Blade would appreciate this. Imagine cross between first Maiden album and second one and you´ll get Shok Paris.

QUEENSRYCHE – „Frequency unknown“ (2013) – It´s not bad actually. All reviews here on MA are so negative. You gotta put way more spins of this one to get it under your skin. I think Geoff Tate´s version of the Queensryche as we have it here is adult complex prog rock which bears no shame and can stand on its own. The songs are very structured, not simplistic, not designed to be radio-friendly, require really concentrated and focused listener. Geoff sings in low keys and it fits the darkened edge of the entire music presented here. I enjoyed it and will return to this package in future for sure. I see no reason to blame and throw shit on this version of Ryche.

GIANT X – „I“ (2013) – Excellent hard rock here. You put Kiss and Thin Lizzy and old Gillan/Rainbow/Whitesnake together and cap it with Running Wild´s Kasparek vocal and you get the blend of an excellent hard rock metal. Nearly party music. Melodies, riffs, simple and catchy solos, decent rock vocal in mid range, all instruments well audible. Memorable refrains and melodies. Entire record is filled with such positivism. If Rolf decided this is his new life after Running Wild, then I can only support this. Super! Fun to listen.

Author:  cagalar [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

GARY MOORE – „Live at Donington ´84“ (1984) – BBC Radio Broadcast.The mercurial Gary Moore from Dony '84. Becase of radio broadcast so you know the quality is there. Quite short, only 6 tracks, but full of energy and sweet for all six string lovers. Unforgetable classics played in the set like „Murders in the skies“, „Empty rooms“, „Shapes of things“.

OVERDOSE – „Conscience“ (1987) – these are famous Overdose from Brazil who were more famous for being on a split EP with Sepultura rather than for their own work. And it is obvious. Because this music reminds me a lot stuff that few years later Psychotic Waltz started to produce and perfected. It is very complicated technical thrash metal with some prog and speed elements. Drums patterns are way ahead of its time and also vocals are not growling or anything of that nature. Another band that comes to mind similar to this would be German Mekong Delta. Guitar tone reminds Mekong Delta a lot, vocals more inclined to Psychotic Waltz style. Anyway, very interesting music for high quality playing demanding fans of technical thrash. Needs lot of spins in order to get under your skin. But worth of it.

QUEENSRYCHE – EP „Silence lucidity“ (2013) - these are re-recordings of classic Queensryche songs with Rudy Sarzo, Kelly Gray, Randy Gane, Geoff Tate, Simon Wright and Robert Sarzo. It is that Geoff Tate version of Queensryche and this four-song EP is completely pointless. It seems to me that Tate is trying to prove/show that his version is way more capable to perform the classic repertoire than Michael Wilton´s Ryche. Yes, he is the voice and voice in Ryche music does a lot, but so what? Good song remains the good song no matter what.

MUTILATOR – „Immortal force“ (1987) – Brazilian classic, early thrash death with classic „dry“ production and throat deathly vocal. Very flat sound, especially drums sounds like overthrowing the potatoes from left to right. Very dull sound. Songs are speedy, gallopping drum tempo and with fast solos. I always liked the Brazilian metal so this one fits right in.

Author:  cagalar [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

HOLY MOSES – „Disorder of the order“ (2002) – wow, mighty Holy Moses with Sabina Classen. German thrashers of a second league. I wonder why this band did not make it up to the level where Sodom, Kreator and Destruction stands. They always stayed in their shadow and were even surpassed by Tankard, Living Death, Assassin, Vendetta etc... Seems to me, after listenning this collection, that it is due to lack of memorable songs in their reportoire. All songs here are similar except one that represents in its essence the hard rock. It´s „1000 lies“ – it has simply riffing, midtempo drums, and decent melody line. If you replace Sabina´s growling by standard rock vocal, remove galloping double bass drum pattern, you´ll get decent fine rock song you can put into the masses. You´ll get equivalent of Sodom´s „Bombenhagel“. Anyway, fine thrash, find sound, fine production.

NECRODEATH – „Into the macabre“ (1987) – undeniable classic of early thrash death style. This band and this records solidified the role of Italy on a metal scene back then. This is massacra from beginning to the end, masterpiece one could say or guideline to many bands that followed. Thrash and death fans get all essentials of these styles in this recorded. Anytime I hear this I am amazed how these guys made music of hardly 33 minuts enough complicated, structured and fun not to loose listener´s interest anytime its played. Classic of the style!

KROKUS – „Live in N.Y.C.´84“ (1984) – Soundboard bootleg live recording of Swiss heroes on their US tour in 1984 supporting then new record „The blitz“. Excellent sound and excellent show. All the songs played on that show as standard program are these days considered as their classic material. Fans response is massive and all instruments are very well audible. If I am correct this was the tour where the support band was Twisted Sister. Dee writes in his book that Swiss guys were bunch of craps and behaved like jerks to Sisters. Anyway, good show. 100% hard rock metal with nice European touch.

IRON CROSS – „Iron Cross“ (1986) – US power metal, quite an obscure band from Florida that released only this one LP. I would rate them as second class Chastain. Not so good but decent power metal with poor production and unbalanced songs. Rare and obscure stuff for 80´s collectors.

Author:  cagalar [ Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

CIRCLE II CIRCLE – „Season will fall“ (2013) – this is very nice piece of music. I would call it adult intellectual metal. It is prog enough not be overly complicated and heavy enough to be interested. Finally Zakk Steven´s vocal are perfect. There was always bit here and there on previous releases that I did not like. Very nice flowing music, song by song, adult lyrics, when it needs to be heavy and aggressive it is so, when the song requires soft mood it´s there, right in it. I enjoyed it a lot.

KISKE/SOMERVILLE – „KS“ (2010) – my favourite vocalist Michi Kiske back again , this time with female star Amanda Somerille. Excellent record. Very pleasant listening, Kiske is singing his usual sure style with little experiment. Somerville´s singing seems to me more prominent than Michi´s, more variable, more emotional, more rocky. Music fits the purpose and does not excell to much respecting who is star in this project. Michi will never step out of the shadow of his performance on „Chameleon“ where he built the statue of the one of the best vocalist, he will ever surpass that performance. And I am fine with that. Nice piece of music here and very radio friendly.

Author:  cagalar [ Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

HADES – „DamNation“ (2001) – this one is really good heavy thrash. High pitch thrash vocal, heavy sound, great songs, ideas all over the place, not a simple filler here. They even openly employed the elements of Black Sabbath, some 2-3 typical music figures Sabs were doing on their early records. It so freshen up the music, really well done. The most cool song is „California song“ that is kinda retro reminiscence to typical South California lifestyle and music of the late 60´s and eraly 70´s like Blue Cheer, Grand Funk Railroad crossed with early Saint Vitus. Really good portion of heavy thrash.

GILLMAN – „Levantate y pelea“ (1984) – according to press and fans sites this is Venuzuelian premium heavy rock artist, this Paul Gillman. Very good hard rock crossed with metal, sharp vocal, decent performance, typical 80´s metal sound, no fillers. Apparently today thsi album is considered as ultimate classic in Venezuala metal circles. Great stuff. I enjoyed it.

Author:  cagalar [ Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

OVER THE RAINBOW – „Live in Moscow ´09“ – Live show recorded in the club «Б1 MAXIMUM, Moscow» on 18th of February, 2009. This is live band put together by Joe Lynn Turner specially for Russia tour and it includes various ex-Rainbow members like Tony Carey on keyboards and Greg Smith on bass and guitar is played by Ritchie´s son from his German marriage with Babsy, Jurgen Blackmore. Drums are done by one and only Bobby Rondinelli. Good sound considering it is bootleg, Jurgen´s guitar is not well hear, his playing is rather standard, not exhibiting like hsi father. Carey´s keyboard work is superb, highlight. Joe is having serious troubles singing songs that Ronnie James Dio originally recorded. He feels wel in his own songs and also Graham Bonnet songs off „Down to Earth“. The setlist is amazing, covering all essential hits Rainbow did, even „Stargazer“ is played and „Ariel“ and „Wolf to the moon“ from Doogie White´s Rainbow line-up. Great stuff, in fact superb Rainbow tribute band!!!

PAUL RAYMOND PROJECT – Terms and conditions apply (2013) – ex UFO guitarman/keyboardman made is 3rd solo album more „ufo-id“ than current UFO releases. With guest soloing of Micael Schenker here and there, the entire usic is written just like for Phil Mogg to sing it on. There is reason why UFO´s records with Raymond are considered alltime classic. All the typical UFO elements are to be found here. And also I like very much the sound that is heavy but stripped down. Good piece of music for all the „ufo-ids“ out there.

Author:  Brutality_Junkie [ Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

COPROPHAGIST SATISFACTION - Malandronic Street Coitus (2013) - A real diamond in the rough. Released back in January, I've only just discovered this album within the past week and keep kicking myself for not finding it sooner. I've been hard pressed to find bands that can actually merge slam and deathcore without bastardizing one or both. Coprophagist Satisfaction is the rare band that not only understands what makes both styles work separately but manages to combine them perfectly. The production is a perfect middle ground, never sacrificing the rich guitar tone for thick bass lines or making the (admittedly very well done) inhaled croaks louder than anything else. Most importantly, the slams/breakdowns are a perfect 50/50 merge, making otherwise very intense slams/breakdowns that much better. A must for anyone into slam, deathcore or both.

DROWNING IN PHEMALDEHYDE - Blistering Corpse Abortion -

Normally, I hate this kind of formless anti-musical slam. Artery Eruption is the most popular example of the style and they're easily the worst excuse for a death metal band I've ever heard. This album is different though. It operates on the same anti-musical principle as an Artery Eruption trainwreck but between Mark Rawls' indomitable gutturals, a guitar tone heavier than a semi truck full of bull elephants and drumming so ridiculously off time it must have been recorded for another album, 'Blistering Corpse Abortion' ends up a strange, esoteric masterpiece. Easily one of the greatest musical representations of sheer insanity I've ever heard. In fact, my only complaint about the album is the re-recorded Guttural Engorgement material, which ranges from well done (Molested Dissection) to atrocious. (Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh) Still, it was considerate of Mark Rawls and Sebastian from Amputated Repugnance to put 22 tracks on the album, even if not all of them are up to par with the skullfucking genius of the first 12. Forget Guttural Engorgement, Drowning In Phemaldehyde desperately needs to record a sophomore album, if only because this kind of slam is never worth listening to...except in this case.

Author:  dystopia4 [ Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Gris's - À l'Âme Enflammée, l'Äme Constellée...
Like I assumed it would be, this album is good. I still think I like its predecessor more, but this is ace. The guitar tone is less grainy, the classical elements more prominent and refined. I'll still say that Icare is pretty much the only black metal vocalist that sounds great over acoustic (and string) sections. It usually sounds so goddamn awful, especially with DSBM vocals, but this dude can pull it off. Also, he's the only dude I've heard where the fucking distorted crying thing didn't sound like the worst thing since Justin Beiber. This album is one you really have to immerse yourself in and pay close attention to, but the payoff is amazing.

Author:  cagalar [ Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

ROUGH CUTT : LP – „Live the University of New Orleans´85“ (1985) - excellent sounding FM Radio Broadcast of these Hollywood rockers! Recorded live at UNO Lakefront Arena on October 1st, 1985 with Paul Shortino on lead vocals and Amir Derakh on guitar. This band had all the guts to make it, but it never happened. Good old sleaze LA rock in the vein of L.A.Guns and Guns´n´Roses. My cup of tea.

HOLOCAUST – „No man´s land“ (1984) – this one sounds to me terrible. It reminds kind of demo. I found it nearly infantil in certain moments and totally uninspired. I can´t believe it is the same band that made those great NWOBHM songs on their previous releases. I gave lot of spins, still I could not click with this one apart of seeing it as goold old rock´n´roll…only...

NO TROUBLE – „Looking for trouble“ (1985) – this reminds me old German Steeler band. It is from year ´85 and sound excatly as it should sound at that age. High pitch clean vocal, unisono guitars, considering the year of production the sound is amazing. I had good time listening this. Hidden forgotten German metal classic in the vein of Steeler, Gravestone, Breaker, Fifth Angel etc….

Author:  cagalar [ Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

MALICE – „New breed of Godz“ (2012) – wow, this is total clone/mix of „Painkiller“ and early Primal Fear work. The voice of James Rivera is so Halford/Schepers and music goes hand in hand with it. This is 55 minuts of hell ride, excellent metal. I can´t believe the date of this is 2012. This one belongs to classic era of speed heavy. Nearly each song is quasi-epic, rememberable and with metal attitude. Greta stuff.

DELAIN – „Lucidity“ (2006) – Another sympho classic reccomended to me by metal magazine SPARK claiming it is „masterpiece“. In fact it is impressive music and very well crafted. Melodies carefully chosen and well incorporated within the songs and glued with heavy sound and sympho background. However I am missing any element of aggression in this. That is essence of metal. Metal is not to be nice, at least not completely always nice. Drama, fear, anger, aggression, speed, well, nowhere to found on this one.

STRYPER – „Live in Japan ´85“ (1985) - Stryper live recordings from Japan tour back in 1985. This bootleg is soundboard recording and guys were playing at full speed throttle. All the classic songs were in the setlist : The Yellow and Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command, Loud´n´clear….This was the time when Michael Sweet still could deliver high pitch vocal live, excatly same as on the studio records. Excellent rock metal.

Author:  cagalar [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

ZNOWHITE – „All hail to thee“ EP (1984) – speed speed speed metal. Typical ´84 product. Nearly infantile vocal of young Nicole Lee gives even more edge to this 17 minutes EP that shoots songs one by one that you gotta do quite a number of spins to realized them and get focused on individual songs. I would compare this to first Living Death release „Vengeance of hell“. Basic structure, simple pseudo-heroic lyrics, designed to have fun. Speed metal of my blood. Reccomended.

EMERALD – „Iron on iron“ (1985) – Dutch metallers totally embracing early Judas Priest work. So similar in term of song structure, vocal lines, drama, lyrics. Very nice 80s sound and elements of speed and heavy power equally spreaded all around this 40 minutes disc. Guitar tone too high to my taste but very audible bass and drums made for it. Hidden and obscure classic.

Author:  Necroticism174 [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Look man, you seem to be enjoying yourself and everything, but clearly no one gives a shit. Also it's WEEKLY metal analysis, and you post every day. So fuck off kernt etc etc
Maybe you should try writing reviews?

Author:  cagalar [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Necro, I replied to you via your mail.

Author:  Necroticism174 [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

That email was the most misguided, hard to decipher thing I've ever seen. But to address your main concern, I don't give a shit if you were around in the 80's and ''grew up'' with metal. I was giving you a friendly warning that your posts are background static noise, nobody pays attention to them, and nobody responds to them. I assumed you were too stupid to realise that, so I decided to be a good samaritan, in the spirit of metal camaraderie that you spoke of in your incredibly hilarious email, yet hypocritically don't actually follow by lashing out with pointless spite. I even added that you should do reviews instead. Which would undoubtedly at least be read and spoken of. To sum it all up, you have issues and I am awesome.

PS: there's a PM system on this website. Don't email me again.

Author:  Dragunov [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Necroticism174 wrote:
friendly warning

Necroticism174 wrote:
so fuck off


Author:  Necroticism174 [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

''so fuck off kernt etc etc'' Obviously being cheeky/facetious.

Author:  Dragunov [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Yeah not so obvious, obviously. But do what ya do I guess.

Author:  dystopia4 [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Honestly, cagalar, limiting posting to once a week (which is clearly what the thread was intended for) wouldn't hurt. I mean look up the page a bit and you do have 7 posts in a row...

Author:  Metantoine [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Calm down, fellows. Like Dystopia said, it would be better to post only once a week since it was the purpose of the thread, this thread isn't your diary.

Author:  FedToTheDead [ Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Early Graves - Red Horse, 2012. Fast and messy. Notable tracks: "Skinwalker", "Days Grow Cold", and "Pure Hell". The album is great for fucking, working out, cleaning, driving, and being productive. Recommended if you fancy a hardcore band every once in a while because it's definitely routed in hardcore and thrash-punk.

Nothing else is really worth noting as far as listening this week.

Author:  kejumonyet09 [ Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

What, moshy-mosh hardcore or more the darker stuff? Fairly keen to check them out if it's the latter.

There was an underground show in my hometown on the weekend so I got a haul, good to get me back up to date with the Aussie death scene (especially the interstate bands)...

CROWNED (2012) Vacuous Spectral Silence
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Cr ... nce/354046
Amazing atmospheric black metal - just two guitars with drums and overlaid riffs. More esoteric sound, and very mediaevalist with monasteries and robes and a booklet written up like a 15th century tome. The music is... beautiful, which sounds a bit odd, but it is calming to listen to and meditate. Dark at times. The acoustic guitar and the leads are wonderful. Very well crafted concept. Only similar band I've heard is the local band Quasar (i.e. the Australian one), although without the psychadaelia.

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE (2013) Almighty Arcanum
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/De ... num/360213
Intense black metal with a sizeable death influence. The songs are all well structured and build up to great midpaced riffs and some really evil climaxes. Some of the best black metal I've heard in ages, but I've been a bit out the loop as I mentioned...

Author:  AnimeDad [ Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

Passable but obnoxious. There's something I don't get about these new Darkthrone albums: these guys very clearly have a sincere long-lasting love for stuff like Mercyful Fate and Manilla Road, but they seem unable to pay homage to that stuff without a self-aware ironic attitude. The kind of detached pseudo-hessian lameness-as-a-fashion statement thing that was kind of a meme a few years ago with adult swim and Brutal Legend, where you got to talk about swilling ale and battling for blood and honor because (teehee) you knew it was ridiculous and impossible to take seriously. Darkthrone indulging in this sort of humor seems to mean they're embarrassed about the music they're passionate about, and need some kind of deflection ("it's tongue-in-cheek!"). I get no enjoyment from the sound of embarrassed middle-aged men.

Author:  Ilwhyan [ Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

That's the vibe I get from it as well. Not as strongly, but especially the vocals seem to convey a tongue-in-cheek attitude, as if the music they were inspired by was too embarrassing for them to relate to intimately, or at least show it. That begs the question why they should even create music, if that was the case. I somehow doubt they would unless they genuinely believed in what they were doing, so perhaps they aren't quite as self-conscious as they come across.

Circle The Wagons and Dark Thrones And Black Flags were much worse in that respect. Then again, those albums contained better riffing.

Author:  CrushedRevelation [ Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Great explanation of why newer Darkthrone have no appeal to me whatsoever. I'll happily stick with their first six albums and be done with it.

Infestus - Ex|Ist

Spoiler: show

I have been largely enamored with Chroniken des Ablebens, the album before this one as it's a damn good, filled with cold melody and a very dark mood. Ex|Ist is no different - only better. Much better. Production wise this is as good as it gets, with a chrome-clean, but damn weighty guitar tone that has a thick corrosive edge to it, and excellent balance between the (quite frankly) stunning drum work and it's partner-in-rhythm crime bass. The whole mood of the album reflects the grim and grimy artwork on the cover, a hideous shroud of fog and despair that is all enveloping, a crushing burden of misery that pushes one to breaking point, into the abyss of hopelessness. The way the melodies convey this message is done hauntingly well, with multiple layers of brooding guitar creating a dense wall of riffs that pile upon, and compliment each other with great skill and excellent composition. Ex|Ist is very melodic in nature, but done in such a way that never delves into sugary, over-ripe nonsense - it's dark, and bleak, and the long song structures develop gracefully and naturally, never forced, and give over to exceptional clean guitar passages that give an ever more brooding presence to the album. But melody is only part of the album's equation, as there is plenty of aggression and violence to found here as well, balancing out the subtle melodic undercurrents. Dagon, the vocalist (everything else is handled by one man!), has a hoarse shout/scream that sounds as pained as the music and fits perfectly amongst the scree of dark riff sorcery. Overall this is a solid, engaging and well written black metal album from the prolific German scene, and one I am glad to own.

Author:  dystopia4 [ Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

FedToTheDead wrote:
Early Graves - Red Horse, 2012. Fast and messy. Notable tracks: "Skinwalker", "Days Grow Cold", and "Pure Hell". The album is great for fucking, working out, cleaning, driving, and being productive. Recommended if you fancy a hardcore band every once in a while because it's definitely routed in hardcore and thrash-punk.

Nothing else is really worth noting as far as listening this week.

Saw these guys at a show with Metantoine a while back, ended up buying the album on pink splatter vinyl. They put on a killer set, although I don't think the record is quite as good. It's still pretty decent, though nothing groundbreaking. Probably will get a listen next time I go on a hardcore kick. Wish I bought the Nails (who were headlining) LP instead, though.

Author:  The Infamous Bastard [ Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekly Metal Analysis (read and understand original post

Green Terror – Heathengrind Holocaust

I hadn't listened to much grindcore for a long time, and it was fun to listen to this album. This is grind mixed with healthy proportion of death metal. This is in no way an original record, but originality is not the primary focus you have in grindcore anyway, but the aggression and fury that it creates. And this record satisfies that. Musically, its much in veins of Terrorizer meets early Napalm Death. In most grindcore, I have felt that due to the constant brutality, even a two minute song sounds like a five minute song (I always felt Wormrot's records were longer than just 18-20 minutes haha), but this album works contrary to that. It comes so fast and goes just like that. Quite a good deal of deathgrind though.

Here's the album in Operation Grindcore Bandcamp. They have their other release up in Bandcamp. I don't know why they're not in the Archives. Probably they do not have physical releases yet I guess (I'm listening to the digital version).

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