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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2022 8:46 pm 

As some of you have certainly noticed, the live albums from Metallica's "Live Metallica" catalog have been added recently to the database. The thing is, there are really a lot of those live albums left to be added. This can be kinda an overwhelming and tedious task for just one user, but I believe that, with more contributors actively helping, this task will be concluded successfully briefly.

I'm currently adding the Live Metallica albums from 2018, but there are still a lot to be added, from this year and you can surely help me with this.
For starters, you can see all the albums on this link: https://www.livemetallica.com/catalog.aspx
Go to the intended year section, click on an album from the list and go below to the first clickable links in the Booklet and CD section. You might need to zoom in to see the needed information to be added, namely, the songs, their length and the catalog ID (on the CD) and the personnel and recording information (on the Booklet).

For standardization's sake, try to replicate the layout I've been using for those releases (based on already existing entries), including the release's title, recording information, additional notes and information on the line-up. Just like this (of course, if there isn't different information for a specific record, which tends to happen when the year changes, although it is minimal):
https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/M ... 18/1061754

Other warnings/advices:
- Be sure to also add the digital version for each release, without the catalog ID, unless you can confirm it somehow and just one "Disc" and not two, as it occurs with the CDs;

- Some more recent releases, from 2021 and 2022 won't have their CD and Booklet sections updated. In that case, you can just add the digital version, going by the tracklist on the main release page, although it doesn't have the songs' length. Although I've added some of those that way, I decided to skip them for now, until their information is fully updated, making it able to add the full release once and for all;

- Some Live Metallica albums have already been added, sporadically, before this initiative, so, make sure you're not adding a repeated release;

- Some albums, from the same year and month, take place in the same locations, at the minimum, twice. For example, there were two Live Metallica albums recorded in Bologna, Italy, on February 2018;

- Do not add the day of the concert as the release's date. If there isn't any information about the day the album was officially released, it is better off leaving just the month and the year. Whenever the concert happens in a date that's close to transitioning to the next month, like, 29th or 30th March 2022, it'll be better off leaving just 2022. It's certain that the music has to go under proper technical treatment before being released (recording, mixing, and everything else), which surely takes some days before the album is ready to be released.

Thanks for checking this out and for the will to help on this task!

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