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PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:29 pm 

Searching for info for a particular band I've stumbled across an old page from the early 2000s which is still up; it's called Local Band Network. It's somewhat of a database for bands from all over the US, a page where any band or artist could create a page and share information about them, something from 20 years ago pretty much.

Bands could also add their releases, and most of the releases at that time were CDs, but there were some digital stuff that were mainly uploaded to now defunct pages. I've spent my last 3 days searching the page and investigating the band but there are a thousand bands catalogued as "metal" and with a release, so for a single man it would take a lot of time and work, so I'm asking for your help!

Here you will find the list with bands

If you're going to check on a band, make sure you research everything you can about it, but most importantly, make sure the band has a valid metal release, don't waste your time, always look for music first, because researching these old bands is time-consuming and you'll always end up hitting a roadblock and needing to contact third parties in order to continue the investigation. After you check a band, any band, to determine if it's acceptable or not, please reply to this post with the info you found out, so I can add to this list:

Underlined bands have no music available online (from what it's known). All other bands have no proof of valid releases available.

Submitted bands

Acceptable bands

Possibly acceptable bands

Possibly non-acceptable bands
  • 1000 Points of Pain (Rap metal, somewhat crossover, unsure)
  • 10cc Love Affair (Metalcore, similar to As I Lay Dying, unsure)
  • 11:34 (Catalogued as alt rock/metal/grunge)
  • 11th Hour (Catalogued as hard/arena rock similar to GnR and AiC)
  • 12 Gauge (Only song I could listen sounds somewhat groove but it lacks of much riffing)
  • 36 Hours (CDs being sold, but genre unclear, possibly rock)
  • 50 Cents Ride (Apparently alt metal/rock, renamed to "The Fallen Idols")
  • 8 Ways 'till Sunday (Unknown genre, could be hardcore as it could be symphonic metal. Unknown if they released any CDs)
  • Etched in Red (Nu-ish prog metal, unsure)
  • Faces of Eve (Catalogued as Metal, Alternative)

Non-acceptable bands
  • $kyhigh (AOR)
  • 12th-n-Bakin (Rap Rock/Metal)
  • 13 Stitches (Melodic hardcore)
  • 13th Omen (Hard/Psychedelic rock)
  • 2Cents (Nu metal)
  • 3AM Project (Alternative Rock/Hardcore)
  • 4th Coming (No release apparently)
  • 6 Prong Paw (Blacklisted)
  • 7circles (Melodic hardcore)
  • Jet Fuel (Hard rock)
  • Malice (Catalogued as alternative rock)
  • Red Pill Down (Alternative rock)
  • Silence Syndicate (Blacklisted)

  • ................... (Unnamed)
  • Joseph (Artist, most probably no valid release)


I'll keep working on this myself, if you want to help, please reply with what you've found so other people (or me) don't need to waste their time.
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