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So these guys did a show in Philly the other night and it was excellent. They were supported by Lich King and there were two other bands, Cloak and Acid Witch, performing on another stage. I didn't catch any of the latter two bands so this review will only be of the first four bands listed.
This show was part of the 'A World of Screams Tour' headlined by Vio-lence. There next show is in New York which they are probably playing now as I type this. Then they have one more stop in Baltimore. This review however is of the show played in Philadelphia which was hosted by Underground Arts which is a great venue. I highly recommend it as I already bought a ticket for an upcoming show in July. It's an intimate venue. There are no barricades in front of the the stage and it's low to the ground so stage diving is easy. It has two areas with two different stages which is cool. Great food as well. Try the chicken fingers and rosemary fries!
Okay, onto the review of the actual show. The show began with Lich King, a band that I had never heard before so I didn't recognize any of the songs being played. What I can say is that they were really tight and didn't miss a note. The songs were catchy and the set was a great warm up for what was to come. Overall I enjoyed these guys. They had a lot of fun while they were playing, the lead man enjoying plenty of beer during the set. Now that I've seen them live I'm definitely going to check out some of there albums.
Next up was Exciter with the one and only Dan Beehler on drums and vocals. I gotta say seeing a drummer do vocals live is really cool. It's not something you see a lot live or otherwise. They have a new kid Daniel Dekay on guitar who was great and then original bassist Allan Johnson. They kicked the show off with Violence and Force. Didn't take long for the circle pit to start. I didn't think I would get in the pit for Exciter but I did when they played Iron Dogs which I love. I forgot about the fast part at the end of that song and I just couldn't help myself. They also played Pounding Metal which was awesome and Long Live the Loud. They played a variety of other songs and then ended their set with a Motörhead cover. A really good set from Exciter and the energetic Dan Beehler.
Coroner was next. Coroner has a live keyboard player which I was unaware of because I'm only familiar with the first two albums and to my knowledge they don't use keyboards on those albums. Most of their show consisted of songs that I was unfamiliar with. There was this one song that contained a lot of effects and technical guitar wankery which was, interesting I guess. They only played two songs from their first two albums, "Masked Jackal" and "Reborn Through Hate" which they ended the set with. An enjoyable set but was probably my least favorite of the big three.
Now is where the violence really began, pun intended. Vio-lence's set was nothing short of awesome. Sean Killian is now my favorite frontman and if you ever see him live in an intimate setting like UA in Philly then you'll know why I say that. Sean Killian is nothing but aggression and attitude. His performance is really up close and in your face, even crowd surfing at one point during the show. I got two fist bumps from him as well as everyone else did who was close to the stage. At one point he called us out for not going hard enough and saying that Boston was a lot more wild and insisted he knew we could do better. Then he played "Kill on Command" at which point I went ape-shit for a short while. This is the song I wore myself out on. Got some nice knee scrapes from falling down in the pit. After this song I didn't mosh again for the rest of the show because I'm too out of shape. I still enjoyed the shit out of the rest of the show though. Crowd surfing and stage diving was pretty intense and almost non-stop. All songs played were from Eternal Nightmare and Oppressing the Masses except for one song they played from their new EP. Songs included the above mentioned, Eternal Nightmare, TDS, I Profit, Officer Nice, and World in a World among others.
I saw Testament, Exodus and Death Angel a few weeks ago and Vio-Lence easily competes with those bands. Got me a nice tour shirt with the Eternal Nightmare album art on the front. As I expected Vio-lence kicked ass and turned an okay to pretty good show into an all out rage fest. Let me know what you think if you see these guys on any upcoming tour dates or later shows. Maybe you saw them earlier on this tour. Let me know!

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