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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:48 pm 

The Monolith Deathcult, July 11th, Gaukurinn Reykjavik, Iceland

After the TMDC show on Eistnaflug I got to speak to all band members, them knowing by then I was the (as far as I know) only paying Dutch visitor of the festival 8-) . Talking to the various band- and crew- members was pretty hilarious. I think it must have been Carsten who told me the band was going to do at least one more show on Iceland, could have been Robin as well. I don’t remember that sharply, the Boli’s from backstage had a more than decent flow heh heh. I had not forgotten by the time I did the rock- and metal-bar tour of Reykjavik, but was I one day too early or one day too late? Iceland’s Mid Summer wrecked me in several ways, I guess :( . Swimming just to stay awake? Bar 11 was closed , I knew that, but they had the coolest of the three interiors. Dillon was, apart from +200 bottles of whiskey, whisky or bourbon and one dull chick on the counter, completely empty and their interpretation of rock or metal was Franky Valley’s Grease so I didn’t stay long. By the time I got tired, I finally found a map of the city center and found out Dillon, Gaukurinn and the Icelandic Punk Museum were literally a stone throw away from each other. The Punk Museum was built like I’d imagined doing, had I known more punk. The owner did have an impressive collection of punk denims and leathers, but he hated every punk band I could muster (Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Exploited, The Clash; he liked De Heideroosjes though ;) ) and it’s more of a Björk tribute than knowable punk. I’ve read some 75 band names, only translated one or two… it turned out that Icelanders still think of Björk of one of the earliest punkers of the island, even though she progressed EARLY in her own releases, Sugarcubes and earlier.

Coming to Gaukurinn made me lighten up: the band would perform today. But… like nothing this vacation is going the way I’d imagined (Akureyri, half a million ISK, Keflavik, whale watch, fishing, Keflavik bar tour) I noticed the bands would begin after Happy Hour: 21.00. Looking at my phone (I had not lost it in Akureyri after all! Pfew! ;) ) it was 16.10. What to do? Return to Reykjanesbaer, enter all my metal goodies, maybe even sleep for a sec, take the bus to Reykjavik or stick to the car? Coming to the car I remembered both my shorts and both my denims were at the car! OK, eat first, that was an excellent choice: hot Philippine chick behind the counter, Dexys Midnight Runners on Grillhusìd TV, excellent fried chicken on good noodles, good Applsin (sort of orange soda). The GrayLine bus would mean I’d have to leave just as the first band started and that’s a no-no concerning gigs.

I did some more tourist stuff and headed to Gaukurinn around 20.00, no need for the 1,000 ISK yet? I changed to orange soda with ice (nicknamed Giraffe on the Rocks? :) ) and was thanked by a man that I’d seen on Eistnaflug. I was thanked several times tonight, but also pissed off by a guy in a denim claiming I had to put the arms back to the vest and make room for Led Zep? :( Ahh, the Norwegian Sleep- and Roadburnfan was there too, nice to chat. He did like Neurosis ;) . There would be three bands tonight: Òværa, Devine Defilement (probably a spelling mistake, couldn’t find anything on the band) and TMDC. I was baffled to be introduced to Diđrik Jòn, metalhead, Icelandic metal promoter [seek Nekron on FB], band member and understander of Dutch! He’s got an ex-wife and two sons in Zoetermeer. He was here for Òværa, explaining the band name as ‘Anti-being’; he was sure they would do something with that anti-being, he told me, grinning widely. At first we saw TMDC checking sound though. The band did a third of a set, light setting and samples and all. Diđrik Jòn and me met a Qatar metalhead, I’m sorry I’ve not heard his name, but we had a great discussion about religion and world politics when Devine Defilement was checking sound. They play some brutal death metal, without any other riff raff like samples and keyboards. The vocals reminded me of John Gallagher mixed with John Gallagher (silly joke of course ;) ) but it’s accurate. Diđrik Jòn had a great clue to stop the wars on religion: replace the name of religion to tradition! So, it’s not Islamic religion, no it’s Islamic tradition; all minor differences, adding up to the biggest wars, wiped out! I even got a Qatar riyal note not to forget this discussion!

The singer of the first band Òværa told everybody who’d listen he’d perform in his favorite pants, I thought he’d just perform like Spasm or Viscera Trail but no: Lederhosen! The band went in with the most anti-being person ever to roam this world: a full report on the verdict of Ted Bundy was used to bash every head in :evil: . The band plays fierce death metal, fierce black metal and fierce metalcore combined in a sandstorm of about 20 minutes. I started exploring Gaukurinn, being a gender free joint, I stepped into the ‘wrong’ loo of course :) , looking for photos and flyers of music old and new. I found Metallica(-tribute) and Black Sabbath in Reykjavik, or was it an album release party? Dimma and Ham showed up again, remembering the singer of Ham stayed in our hotel, white leather jacket and fluffy white hairs an all. He’s the Secretary for Healthcare of Iceland, the other famous band member was mayor of Reykjavik… The venue was scarcely lit and as the smoker’s booth was next door, the lights got to me in the end. When a smoker went out or in, I was in full sun light again, feeling a migraine pop up even before Devine Defilement got to stage. I talked to TMDC guitarist/singer/merch man Michiel for a while before I said goodbye to Robin. I couldn’t take it anymore. Robin understood, he’d had a concussion once too. He even showed me his sunburnt arms, laughing he’d been sunburnt in Iceland, of all places. So, only two sound checks and one 20 minute gig later, I got back to the car, put on Kingfisher Sky and drove to Reykjanesbaer. But like I explained to Robin, I did see some The Monolith Deathcult in Reykjavik! Metal!

additions: http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... -july-11th

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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:06 pm
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:14 pm 

Dynamo Metalfest 2017, IJssportcentrum Eindhoven, July 15th

Dynamo Metalfest is a party. Period. The first and second editions of the festival were pure sentiment of youth combined with really cool bands. At the 2016 edition this one was already noted: Testament back on a Dynamo (OA) stage! The band made a full-fledged breakthrough at the 1986 edition of Dynamo Open Air, now they will bash Eindhoven once more. I got a fan package the moment I got home from last year’s show, but had not really understood what that package would mean. Not VIP-tickets, that I knew. Some shit with key chains or hard copy tickets, probably… Exodus, Entombed A.D., Prong and Toxik were added before 2016 was over. Toxik! The speed metal megatalents of 1987, conquered Dynamo Open Air in 1988, seen live by me in 1989, out of hiatus! The name alone nearly struck as a heart attack! Putting Gojira as headliner surprised me, but if it means we head out early it is fine with me. I’ve seen the band twice and ever since that second show I simply don’t feel the band anymore. Vuur on the other hand is another band featuring Anneke van Giersbergen and White Boy Wasted is speedrock; both bands not seen before. Exodus was one of the last announcements and this made the day even friggin’cooler!
Daniel texted me if he could join us, of course, but as Tom works we won’t be able to leave before 12.30. The ticket package was sent when I was on Iceland, they were collector’s tickets, keychain and DMF logo present. Of it had anything special on the terrain the leaflet didn’t say, but some FB thingie to post your pictures or something, let Daniel figure that one out ;) I called Kees Bloemkool about joining or even Stonehenge, but we soon found out he’s lost the feel for Gojira too and Stonehenge is sold out! We agreed Tom would drive to Eindhoven, I’d do the BOB thing. Driving near Amsterdam I felt a slight need for coffee, but Tom said ‘stopping is not learned on the course ‘Continuous Drive’ but we did stop :) By that time I knew we’d missed Toxik and Vuur already, but also: as Prong plays now, we have all the time in the world from now on. Entering the IJssportcentrum we heard Prong play, but as I was surrounded by at least 30 acquaintances I never looked >< How many friends do you need when HeeJo and Dennis showed up instantly, beers in hands? Uhm, just more people to beer with. Entombed A.D. soon got to stage and I must say I liked what I heard a lot. The band doesn’t linger on old members or middle age tactics and just bashes in. Stranger Aeon early in the set, Dead Dawn from the latest release, Living Dead played. The ‘ubbub’s, ‘oeh’s and ‘graaaaaaa’s were so abundant, we all know Celtic Frost still is a mayor influence on LG & Co. Lord of Flies of course, before LG thanks all bands today on his own drunken stupor: Devin Dumbend :) as last. My best part of this Entombed A.D. show however, was the song Revel in Flesh! I explained everybody around about Schoonebeek Deathfest 8-) and the rest of that great line up. Wolverine Blues, Out of Hand and Left Hand Path ended this great show. I got a DMF 2017 special cup from one of the new generation of Enkhuizen Metal Matties, thanks!

During Out of Hand I got to the bar, but the sight was abysmal: people three lines thick waiting, watching inexperienced bar crew stumble with the glasses, clean or dirty, the coins, the foam on the beers, the question whether return anything else but the drinks (I even heard ‘should I pay him back?’ Ugghhhh!) Get trained crews! Share crews between Effenaar, Dynamo, 013: have a glimpse back to Wãldrock for beers sake, there they had a group of volunteers that knew what to do as they did it every year!) Add one fact, there were only three small bars, one of which a coffee bar, on some 10,000 visitors and you know it should be fast, fast, fast! Because of this hubbub I hardly heard one of my all-time favorite death metal songs! Getting beers costed at least 15 minutes and on a tight schedule like this, I don’t want to waste 15 minutes. A round! Swell news though: next edition will be held at the same place, July 14th 2018, featuring Annihilator! I will book Sandton asap, as I don’t want to keep driving every friggin’time. Exodus is on next! Nostalgia rises from the carcasses of posers everywhere slain by this playlist:
- Piranha (Tom says ‘bye!’ and hops in 8-) leaving Jo flabbergasted as she’d finally got Tom a beer in return)
- Blood In Blood Out
- And Then There was None
- Deranged
- Body Harvest https://youtu.be/8udtp5lXsfc
- Children of a Worthless God
- Blacklist
- War is my Shepherd (for Lemmy, as both bands have written so much about war)
- Bonded by Blood
- The Toxic Waltz (audience is eager, but the one-and-a-half guitar-sound dampens a lot of great spirit, as the bass is hardly audible as well)
- Strike of the Beast (the wall of death already formed at the intro :) 8-)
What I remember most about this show: a. Tom’s whale like grin. That’s more whale than the entire Eistnaflug trip >< b. the band was in for it but c. the sound was sloppy and that didn’t improve! How’s that possible, of Entombed A.D. I’d expected something like this, but Exodus? Who’s got carrots in his ears near the PA? Great to experience Exodus with friends (about 75 of mine, 10,000 in total ;) ) but this mix of the sound nags. Or to use Pim vG’s explanation after Prong: Prongeluk. What nags even more: Devin Townsend Project does. The band is written into fan’s heaven, but my heaven is hell when DT is around. The dry humor of the Canadian is plain boring to follow, the band does some synth*876 times more than guitars. As if you’re looking at korfball through the looking glasses of a fridge. It literally gave me a headache and I moved on. Dinner time is for an excellent rosemary topped beef burger with bacon and cheese and a downfall of German sausage on a dull bun. What a difference! So far I’d met Marcel IV, Dave (hey!) Alex and Quinten (Bodyfarm), Alex and Jane, Pim, Pim, Pim and Pim (Officium Triste), Magda, Niels, Jordi, Rob, Rob, Jurwin, Bart, Bart, Laurens and Marco (Distillator), Laurens, Lange Robert, Tyas (who didn’t join us before, during and after the fest), Jan, Jurgen & The Incomprehensible Friesians, Anne, Twan (LotD, Soulburn),André, Jeroen, JaapJan, Joost, David, Erwin, Agga, Bettina, Eric, Tony and his gf; and even more to follow. We were waiting for Testament. Would Testament be thrilled to be on Eindhoven soil again, would they bring anything special (Exodus had shirts in the Dutch colors, for example) or would they do a Dokkumpie? The latter… the band started 45 minutes too late WITH A SOUNDCHECK. They should have been performing for at least 35 minutes at that time, so the set was shortened greatly. By the time Over the Wall was played, Tom and me, along with many mentioned above, were heading for the burgers and tables in the back. Come on top of it, the sound was like a train falling into an abyss, people leaving revolted! I heard Practice What you Preach but hardly recognized it. The only one really satisfied was Daniel, as the band (probably, I haven’t noticed) played Electric Crown, his all-time favorite thrash song. The sound rebounded from literally everywhere I’d been, but thinking back of D.O.A. 1992 I can’t remember ever hearing such a bad sound nearly all day. Pestilence and Paradise Lost clearly had better sounds (and reception) than Testament. Prong also played DOA’92 but we had to return to Groningen then, never saw them then, not now ;)

Apart from the decent amount of coins stands to buy coins, the line to get your money back for surplus coins was about 25 times longer. So, Tom stated, time to get the beers that hook up to two hands full of surplus coins. I got another burger but I like beef more than breaded chicken… when Gojira stood on stage. The band, which I never liked much to begin with, was THE exception on the bad sound all day, but the band blew it themselves. The singer was moping all during and between the songs, the guitars seemed to be tuned to comfort Celestine Warbeck; only the drummer performed as he should. I recognized one tune off From Mars to Sirius, but I don’t even bother to look up that CD-R nor MA for it. No toothless grinning farmer needed to drive swiftly off the grass parking lot we entered some 8 hours before. The weather was actually perfect for my doing: dry, not too warm and not cold. I did use some pre-sun protection but didn’t need it. I did not buy any merch, as I didn’t really like the designs; the Exodus Goes Dutch shirts were long gone when we entered. I would have liked to see Toxik, on the pre-party or on the festival, they might have swapped Toxik for DT anytime. I did buy a ticket for the next Lemmy Tribute in De Nozem en de Non in January 2018 and found a nice festival leaflet: Fuizenfest, Sept 29th-30th in Riel, feat. Heidevolk, ONSLAUGHT on Friday and a battle of the coverbands on Saturday: Up the Irons, Player, Roses’n’Guns, Bestial Devastation (yup, Sepultura tribute!), Sick Sabbath and Snaggletoöth; more info on http://www.fuizenfest.nl

All and all, I liked my friends more than the average of bands today. I’ve seen Entombed (A.D) sloppier, I’ve seen Exodus sharper and I’ve seen Toxik years before, but not today :( . Testament pulling a nasty note surprised many, the amount of Gojira shirts didn’t change during the show. Old and young combined, I think everybody found something to like, to love or to loath. Dynamo Metalfest, we will return, but by beerness, get more bars! I’d say ‘get more metal’, but that’s not fair. Less DT and his Keykats, I think. Afpilzen, done. Metal.

More on http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... bed-exodus
Edit: In the earlier version there were some pretty cool pictures, all linked to PB. I removed the PB account as the easiest part was to get Adfree: $2,50 a month. But allowing 3rd party hosting is fffffffg $400 a year! I'm a metalhead, not a commercial dick!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:19 am 

Stonehenge festival 2017, feat. Macabre, Godflesh, Carcass

This would be my seventh Stonehenge festival in a row; I don’t even bother to look for bands as long as I can get my metal ass on this festival again! I just go, maybe get surprised and make plans for the next edition, it’s as simple as that. Same with Tom, he’s been to Stonehenge since 2012 with me. This year the first bands announced were Absu, Benighted, Kraanium and the reunion shows of DeadHead and Altar; soon to be accompanied by none other than murder metallers Macabre! The rest of the line up still would be able to show me something I’d not seen before as Godflesh was added to the bill. Morbid Angel was announced somewhere around New Year, I think. All and all the line up held +25 bands again, let’s find out what we can see. Tom said he’d skip work for one Saturday, I got Thirza a ticket and Peter will join us to Blitterswijk again. Later on I got asked whether Jessica could join us, fine, bring Kees Bloemkool and Alicia in too maybe, but call at least three days before the show HOW MANY WOULD ACTUALLY STAY. I’m sick and tired of cancellations! Especially because it’s my family AND I friggin’hate to waste food. Just before Dynamo Metalfest Kees had to find out Stonehenge was sold out, so no Alicia too. Only two weeks before the festival the acquaintances that did join dribbled in, no Shredded Ed, but Bram, Peter, Thirza and Carcass! Morbid Angel had problems with one of the passports and cancelled every European festival appearance, the hints for replacements (via FB, thanks to Alex ;) ) were great: I Am Morbid, Autopsy (hey Agga!) , Mambo Kurt (Thirza? :) ), Asphyx (who? 8-) ) and then some. Carcass is a great replacement, I’d say.

Weather predictions were, say, unfriendly to outdoor festivals this weekend. 60-70 per cent chance of rain, temperature around 18 degrees, windy. I decided to go prepared, so I packed extra shirts, a poncho, a bunch of CDs for the afterparty and more plastic. The night before I even watched a documentary on Lionel and Jeffrey Dahmer ;) In the morning I started well: Mr. Bluesky on digital radio and As Blood Rains From The Sky in the bag. Let’s hope it won’t Hail Bullets haha. I also brought my cooling box to pick up Thirza, as Alex’ deep freezer broke down on the day he’d left for Denmark… my freezer can hold that, if I pick out the ice creams :) Two full crates of HJ from Peter for the diesel and the afterparty, great. We picked up Bram and headed across the Houtribdijk, in blazing sun. So far, so good, we had excellent coffee before Mirjam brought us to the festival. Tom would arrive around 4, now it was 11.30 we got our plastic wrist bands and Deceptionist was on stage. The band played old school death metal, but as we saw only one song it was kinda hard to pinpoint who had influenced the band most. At the entrance I was overwhelmed by friends with beers, so I stuck there as I didn’t even need to get myself in the long line in front of the coin point. Christel, Paul and Stefan of the Asphyx entourage welcomed me, along with the Izegrim members Marloes, Jeroen and Bart), Alex of Bodyfarm, the Hannover Ladies Andrée and Kathe (I got an excellent birthday present, thanks a gazillion for the cool LPs!! God Dethroned – The World Ablaze special edition (!!) and the 10“ Hail of Bullets – Warsaw Rising! Great! Awesome!) . I also found Dave P and Shredded Ed and they offered me to put the LPs in Dave’s car as there were no lockers again! In the meantime Profanity was on the other stage, they sounded as if they were a Tribute to Sinister or something. Quite well done, by the way. The festival still holds two identical stages and the bands followed each other like a zipper, so soon it was time for Korpse. Ahh, there’s Axel too, of course ;) it was fun. I don’t know any songs but it was a nice mess in front of North stage.

I hold my ground, handed out beers and got beers in return, as Doomas played their melodic doom. This is not my favorite style of metal at all, but at least Rob Tiller enjoyed it, his grin was obvious. Braincasket played a nice set, along with a guest appearance of George Oosthoek, skin suit, pink tutu and all :) This was great, but I waited for Disabuse to perform.. I have had some 98 possibilities to see this band in their 30-year-since-start-but-not-always-playing, but this was actually the first time. I liked their brand of thrashy hardcore, thinking of Cryptic Slaughter meets The Waste. But as it started raining, we regrouped near one of the little bars with a little roof and saw the reincarnation of Holland’s Most Antichrist Band Ever, Altar, got to Station Stage. The band, not only infamous for their blasphemy but also for the rumor around band members, has begun their third life so far. Singer Janneke de Rooy, normally in Paper Doll Decay, did a great job, not trying to sound like one of the former singers, but just heading her own power straight to the audience and she hit hard. It’s been some 18 years since I first saw them… We stayed so near the bar we only saw a glimpse of Evil Invaders, but the Belgians sounded great and clearly had fun on stage. I couldn’t ban all my friends around me, even I said I’d like to see certain bands… this festival always has been a sort of reunion to many. Friends from all over Holland and Germany were feeding me beer, but I had to turn some down as I was getting hungry. By the time I finally had found a burger that didn’t soak in rain water, I missed at least three bands… (think of Benighted, Beheaded and.. uhh, Hideous Something) I was just too late to see the reunion of DeadHead, but they’ll come again, I guess. Absu followed but they couldn’t really impress me, the sound was horrible and the band moped about the rain, nagging it would be better to perform in the nearby theater. Oh well, better ask Krisiun to fire up Steenwijk and surroundings. As you might have read before, I have a love-hate relationship with this band, but this was a loveable show. The band went in like a towel near a shower and turned all rainy heads to sweaty ones. I didn’t last the entire show as I wanted to be on top row for my anniversary Macabre show! I made sure all my travelers, family and fellow-Macabre fans were within an arm’s reach as the rain pounded us. My tenth Macabre show was shorter than I expected, but it was great nonetheless:
- Hitch Hiker
- Dog Guts
- Nero’s Inferno
- Albert was Worse than Any Fish in the Sea (with an ‘Albert’ on stage, not beaten to death this time ;) )
- Nightstalker
- Ed Gein (including Leatherface)
- Scrub a Dub Dub
- Zodiac (with a Zodiac on stage)
- Vampire of Düsseldorf
What a great band! The sound was a bit drenched, but with this massive rain I don’t complain. Ed and I sure were happy with our beers, as we shouted every piece of lyric that was belched out over the moshing and banging audience. Cool guys too, as the set lists and guitar picks were handed over personally. You can clearly see how Corporate Death abuses his guitar pick, as it’s totally torn, as if he had a personal grudge against the poor piece of plastic 8-) ; I should have asked one of the fellow Macabre freaks to make a picture of their set list, as I think I missed to write at least one song... My smile was branded on my face again. Rain or shine, as Wacken organizers would say ;) I certainly shone; also happy I had Peter, Thirza, Bram and Tom to share this great moment with me. I. Am. Macabre. Fan. For. Life.

Tom had found a poncho, but had nothing under it anymore. I don’t know if his shirt got torn again, but his smile was evident: he didn’t care about the rain nor the shirt anymore ;) He was Master of the Pit again ;) Next up was Godflesh. I once bought three Streetcleaner shirts just to have something of this band shared with my fraternity friends, but actually I never bothered about the band ever since the Slavestate EP. I just could no longer cope with the ever returning beat, mechanical sounds and drone the band had back then, but I managed to recognize at least three songs: Like Rats, Christbait Rising, Streetcleaner and one I already cannot pull back out of my alcoholic memory. I was already surprised I recognized one song, let alone four ;) But my crew got drained by the constant hammering of the rain, big droplets in huge quantities. I always said I like Swimming in the Rain, but seeing band in such conditions drains energy. Not that the rain felt cold or something, but the terrain suddenly got more and more space… people that already had enough to drink didn’t wait for Marduk anymore (we only saw the band from a distance and the rain made the sound too thin for this caliber band) and during Carcass’ sound check we also left. I wasn’t the only one happy that the taxis were plentiful available, the driver sure had been in hurry to return to the festival. This dude drove like a madman through Steenwijk, Tuk and Zuidveen as if he had a personal grudge against the villages :) We were split, as one car wouldn’t fit the five of us, the second taxi driver had to drive as mad as ours, just to keep up ;) Problem with your BramBram or something? :) We had some afpilzen with my cousin Toon, but as we were drained of energy even the HJ was hard to down. A hand of potato chips and borrelnootjes were all that was needed to fill me totally. We couldn’t play any of the CDs I had brought, as there was nothing but a plain radio and the sound from the mobile phones wasn’t top, so I tucked in soon. I think I can bring my CD player next time… We had fun, sure, had a great Macabre show, along tons of friends (Hauwerters, Enkhuizers, Rotterdammers, Amsterdammers, Brammerman, msd, German, Belgian and the rest ;) ) but the rain was a too prominent element of the day. I slept like a boulder in the deepest part of the valley… In the morning it was fun to find out whose Gothenburg Deathfest shirt was his, but the coffee and fresh bread, fresh fruit and great cheese were needed and excellent! After having thanked Toon and Mirjam we drove out of the lovely B&B, already reserving the same barn for next year. I already bought three early birds for July 28th, 2018 via www.stonehengefestival.nl/tickets/#tickets ; Firespawn, Carnifex, Rectal Smegma, Melechesh, Cliteater, Herrieman, Tom, Thirza present! Metal!

doubling the text by Peter and reactions via http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... re-carcass

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:26 am 

Death Angel, Warbringer Baroeg Rotterdam, August 6th 2017

The Evil Divide Across Europe Tour would bring Death Angel and fellow thrashers Warbringer to several European metal festivals and some small gigs in the weekdays were victim of venues like Dynamo and Baroeg! Death Angel and small venues, goodie goodie. I clearly remember the Paradiso gig where I ‘celebrated my 16th birthday’ and the small venue-in-between-tearing-down-the-old-building-and-rebuilding Patronaat. It was a friggin’bike shed :) but I’ve heard The Ultra-Violence there! My love for Warbringer will remain too, I guess. I wasn’t overtly impressed with IV Empires Collapse, but the new one nearly made it to Album of the Month. Uhm, still have to buy it ;) I got tickets, Tom couldn’t make it as he’d overbooked every day of the weekend double ;) Daniel suggested we’d take the train, so I wouldn’t have to drive for once and as it were an afternoon matinée, we’d be home on time as well. Only a few days before the gig I noticed the show was sold out.

I wrote the time I’d have to be on the train on my hand, but I managed to be there over an hour and a half too early, so I rode into Hoogkarspel and got me some hard needed caffeine and a nice apple pie. BVO’s bought, still half an hour early... We opened the first HJ before Hoorn ;) but needed BVW (Beer for Waiting) at Den Haag Holland Spoor as one defect train blocked the entire station… Cool to hear the main ticket-taker used that term within seconds :) Coming to Lombardijen we noticed we hadn’t missed much as the first band was still on stage: Dutch thrashers X-Tinxion, they play in a Flotsam&Jetsam mode, many high squeals but musically not the heaviest. The vocals combined high pitched clean vocals (female) and lower stuff (male, not really a grunt yet). It seems the band has been around for over 10 years, but I’d never heard of them. Only a song and a half isn’t a good reference, of course, but the audience clapped politely. Fine. Next up was Nervosa, some more females on stage to be seen, Brazilian this time. The thrash they play is dirtier than X-tinxion’s but after a while I get bored, even to watch tittie. It simply doesn’t last, but at least the wankers get what they expect, I guess. Pim vG already told me Warbringer would play the new album in its entirety, followed by some old tracks. He’d seen Nervosa and Warbringer in Little Devil already [rub rub rub :( ], he said it was one of the coolest Warbringer shows he’d ever seen. Clearly, John & Co. are ffffffg into it tonight! The venue explodes with joy, headbangers, shouters and a nice pit follows. The sound is great, but with my concussion in mind (…) I don’t participate much and keep running into friends near the bar. Luckily I had some old Baroeg coins at hand, otherwise I’d have to keep running into the coin machine. It doesn’t help the damned machine doesn’t give me any coins anymore, so I miss half the Warbringer set waiting. I still don’t know if I paid two times or none at all, so I have to keep near the f machine to be sure I don’t get anything anymore. As a compromise I get ten coins and the pleasant request to check my bank account if I’d paid or not. [typing this I did check, I did pay twice, but got the second try already returned to my account. Pfoei, I will mention that on Baroeg Open Air next month 8-) ]. Directly after the Warbringer show the band hangs around the merch booth and the bar, so a nice chat between Pim U, Pim vG, John Kevill and me occurs. We’re bluffing each other which Warbringer show was best 8-) As a nice surprise, Daniel bought me a War Without End patch, thanks a lot! Sherman the Tank rolls again ;)

Big (metal) bands in Baroeg get their weight in gold if the crowd is into it and sure as hell, Death Angel hits the jackpot. And, as Daniel predicted, if you’re not in the venue itself when the (big) band begins, you don’t see a flying fuck. Me, only 173 cm tall, got the worst part. I stood in the back, near the bar, band going nuts, audience freaking out, limbs flying, I see nothing. A hint of Mark Osegueda, a hint of Damien Sisson and a hint of Rob Cavestany is all I get. The band goes bananas with old and new material, the sound is thrilling but I don’t even make pictures and stay near the TV screen, to see the Orange Lionesses win the European Championship of Ladies Voetbal! 4-2 against Denmark, a hell of an achievement! Daniel noticed I wasn’t really happy so by halfway Death Angel’s set, we head out to Lombardijen again. See if we can get home in one go this time ;) I should have eaten something, but we had so little time in between trains I just trail on. Bike rides without support music are boring. Period. I had a great day, especially as I also missed Feyenoord beat Vitesse for the JC dish the day before,( traditional Dutch voetbal season start; Champion vs. Cup winner) and have my Westwoud shirts to shed. The reactions so far are hilarious, wonder what Tom Angelripper is thinking about it *ccol* I got Agga the ugliest Warbringer shirt I’d ever seen, but as Erwin already had another ugly shirt some time ago, they might hook up haha. It was fun, it was thrash, it was metal.

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Into the Grave 2017, headlined by Saxon and Amon Amarth, August 11th and 12th

Remembering the 2016 edition of Into the Grave brings back memories of utter exhaustion after one of the coolest Exodus shows I’ve ever seen. No thanks to Wacken, it’s again the same weekend as Bloodstock, Alcatraz, Brutal Assault and PartySan, all with great line ups [and even a Swiss one, but with a line up I wouldn’t head out to Switzerland for]. But I chose Leeuwarden, or else Tom did. He wasn’t in for another road trip this year so he wanted good’ol Into the Grave. Bring Ellen along, fine. Have a party with Amon Amarth, Overkill and Sodom, the replacement of Hail of Bullets (..) and Alex! He loves Amon Amarth but probably couldn’t do the entire festival. It’s his birthday a few days before this weekend and I already had a hotel room, so why not? Peter (Lord Belial) once thought I’d already bought him a ticket too, but I didn’t and with the hotel he’d be out of luck so he chose Alcatraz with Rob T. Weather forecasts weren’t that specific this week, so I decided to bring it all in threes: denim, metal pants, shirts and shoes? Nah, I don’t even have three pairs of shoes ;) I’d bring my Overkill jacket anyway, along with my Dutch denim, but I left the latter home as Alex finally started his/my denim, Amon Amarth big on the back, Maiden, Venom and my home made Vandenberg on the ‘eighties side’ as Alex called it, plenty of room for the newer stuff 8-) (Asphyx, Municipal Waste and the likes can carry my approval. It’s still my jacket, so I decide what bands DON’T get on ;) After this festival maybe also some Sodom present) and maybe a wrist band of the seventh edition of Into the Grave.

At first I thought we’d drive early on Friday, but counted beyond Ellen. She couldn’t get a day off so we drove just around 7 PM. Not that the Friday programming hurried us to Leeuwarden… The Charm The Fury, Flotsam & Jetsam, Alestorm… I would have liked to compare Metal Church to previous shows I’d seen, but swoah. With that Mike How as singer… ugh. On the moment we needed the Alexalex most the screen busted (or something) and Ellen’s phone was set on cycling, so we made an odd detour through Leeuwarden. Quick into a taxi, to see… the Alestom banner. A gull fucking a banana, that’s the standard Bowes has nowadays? Luckily, the banner went down on the moment we got ourselves our first beer. Of Powerwolf I can’t make heads nor tails. The band does some Eurovision Songmetal, but the young part of the audience totally freaked out. We soon found out Monique, Jasper and Jessica all had had quite enough… Jasper went away without contacting Monique, he slept in his Jag and she got over her water, never had a single moment without him for more than twenty years. Jessica and me decided it was for Monique’s best to get her back to Jasper, so I volunteered to escort the sisters to their hotel. Jasper mentioned something about ‘sleeping gently in my Jag’ and there are the tears again… so sweet. We got back around the moment It’s A Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock’n’Roll) roared over Leeuwarden, here’s Saxon! The band is really in top shape live and one hit is followed by another sing-along. The band has some effortless quality over them, with songs like Battering Ram, Let Me Feel Your Power and the golden oldies 747 and Heavy Metal Thunder (thanks to setlist.fm) the fans get what they deserve: a great sound, band happy, audience having fun, no rain, singing their highs and lows nearly louder than the band. I haven’t seen the entire set, as I knew The Monolith Deathcult was scheduled for the after-party in De Neushoorn. I still had some coins of the Frisian Metal Night so these beers for me and Dave were ‘free’. He even gave me one of his Bill Steer guitar picks, as he did wait to see Carcass headline Stonehenge two weeks ago! Thanks my friend! The Monolith Deathcult was happy to spot me, so I also got Carsten’s guitar pick, even though I still don’t know any songs yet. I heard some reggae-like tunes as sound check to another band so I ran outside.. In for another taxi ride and I’m out. Totally.

Saturday started with a good breakfast, a small sun and the calls what time Alex would arrive; we’d share a taxi. Earlier this week I texted Alex the festival would start at noon, but the first ‘interesting band’ would start at 1 PM: Pro-Pain! Alex was unlucky with the three bridges he had to wait for, so all we got to see from Gary Meskill and Co. was Make War Not Love, but with great sound once more and the first pit of the day is accounted for. Pity Textures didn’t end their goodbye tour a few dates before today, but we had to get to the barrier for S.O.D.O.M.!!!! Tom, Alex, Ellen and me all wore our Königsblaue Westwoudse AC/DC Fans shirt and I had sown a FC Schalke 04 patch on the one destined for Tom Angelripper 8-) and off they went:
- The Vice of Killing
- Sodomy and Lust
- Outbreak of Evil (Bernemann clearly is no Schalke fan, as he dismissed the sight of the blue and white shirt ;) )
- Agent Orange
- M-16 (Angelripper takes off his shirt, so it’s time for me to throw the shirt; being cheered as a hero by the Enkhuizer Youngster Metalheads 8-) Angelripper drapes the shirt around the S of the logo on the drum kit 8-) )
- Caligula (I think, it was one song off Decision Day)
- Sacred Warpath (Makka isn’t Schalke fan either, as Bernemann gets ordered to remove the shirt :-/ )
- Remember the Fallen (kilograms of goose bumps!)
- Ausgebombt (I promise everyone that I see a Sodom patch 8-) )
Pity the sound of the band is below par, especially as the pit is great but the mix is certainly not. I don’t bother too much, I had such a great time! The rain was limited to some welcome drops of refreshment ;) During Whitechapel I get all the time to find Sodom patches. At first I thought five would do, as the merch man already thinks I am nuts. In his spare box there are 18 more Sodom patches, so I bought them all, I am officially called nutcase 8-) and hand out everyone I know a Sodom patch. This band clearly is MY band of the festival so far, the reactions to the shirt and the patches are hilarious and grateful. I wonder if Angelripper ever will wear the shirt, but I know I will wear mine to Ruhrpott Metal Meeting where I finally will see Onkel Tom do the drinking songs ;) Of Whitechapel I can say nothing more than ‘zal wel’; I really don’t like this ‘playing screechy guitars for the sake of playing screechy guitars’. I’m better off with the following Life of Agony, not by coincidence joined by Coen van der Geest and Henk M, cheering old Dynamo and Wãldrock times. I have no idea about anything the band did after Ugly, but the golden oldies still sound meaningful to me. Just like most of the older part of the crowd I simply enjoyed it. Time for a burger anyway, not because of the band or what, but I was getting hungry and had still some Sodom patches to share :) Marcel VII is the last of the happy ones, great to see you again! We had more fun to share than just Sodom patches, as Overkill got to stage. Overkill you say? OVERFUCKINGKILL it became! The band went totally through the roof with a perfect sound and one hell of a mosh pit in front of them. I got a set list from my Enkhuizer Youngster friends, thanks a lot for that! Highly appreciated!
- Mean Green Killing Machine
- Rotten to the Core
- Electric Rattlesnake
- Hello from the Gutter (Alex starts enjoying Overkill too 8-) )
- In Union We Stand
- I Hate
- Ironbound
- Elimination
- Fuck You
Bobby and D.D. are King And Admiral Of Leeuwarden for about an hour haha. Only thing that I found strange of this set was that I haven’t seen any of the Neckwreckers, Skullcrushers or other German Overkill fans! Maybe they were on Alcatraz or PartySan, I don’t know. I just had not expected not to meet any of them. Next up was Arch Enemy. I won’t buy an Arch Enemy album ever again, but the show wasn’t bad at all. Alissa simply does a good job and the band is tight ‘as usual’; fine with me, beer time! Not to be rude to Alex or something, but I’ve seen Amon Amarth so often I think I can spell out their set list and wait for him to go nuts on his own. The stage is shaped like a gigantic Viking helmet, huge horns and all, stairs for the band members to run around on, plenty of light and smoke and an audience freaking out. It was plain fun to see people enjoying themselves so much, with a beer in hand and plenty of Sodom patch receivers around me, we all have a great time. I did write some song titles, but I can’t be sure about the more recent songs. I once bought Jomsviking but gave it away after a spin and a half… here’s my summary of the Amon Amarth set:
- Pursuit of Vikings
- “new” song
- Father of the Wolf (I think)
- two songs
- Deceiver of the Gods
- Surtur Rising
- Death in Fire
- new song
- och, forget about it.
The band is in good shape and the headliner status is just. The set list of this year’s Amon Amarth show on Bloodstock held sixteen songs, as long as Alex is happy I’m fine with what I wrote. Even Daniel was spotted for some hair mileage, remember his latter comments on AA? :) Alex came back to us sweating and happier than Spongebob ;) so yes, the Van Kampen Brothers had a great day. We agreed to return the last coins to the vendor, handy to have some cash around for the taxi ride. I think I spent about € 50 on those patches (what a great deal 8-) )and some € 80 on coins, my wallet is empty once more. I don’t even know who paid for the taxi anymore ;) I clearly slept better than on Iceland LOL and the breakfast was great again. Daniel called if he could be picked up, but as Tom and Ellen took a little longer to get the sleep out of their eyes ;) Alex volunteered to pick him up and bring him home. The EllenEllen works again ;) All and all I wasn’t even half an hour later home than Alex was, so it wasn’t that sharp at all. Into the Grave held some shitty and some great bands, I will remember those Sodom patches all too well \m/ Let’s see what the second weekend of 2018 will bring us metalwise, be it Leeuwarden, Schlotheim, Walton-on-Trent, Kortrijk, Jaromér or Switzerland, metal it will be.

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Schoonebeek Deathfest 2017, September 2nd, Soulburn, Fleshcrawl, Grond

How would I ever forgive myself if I’d miss a line up like this one? Fleshcrawl, Lifeless, Revel in Flesh… and then some! Daniel didn’t hesitate and bought me a ticket, soon to be followed by some texting with my buddy Maarten Vet. He was there too when we first saw Fleshcrawl, way back on Way of Darkness 2011. Man, time flies when you have metal to look forward to. Daniel tried a hotel but it was full and there would be cabins for rent for four persons, bring your own bed sheets! Hello Gothenburg Deathfest? :) Daniel also pre-ordered shirts. At the SDF site I saw Grond is going to do their first non-Russian gig, nice band too! The cabin Daniel ordered was filled by Stip, after a great trip to Castricum he said he was happy to join us. He’d never seen Fleshcrawl but has several albums. But it was Stip that announced Maarten couldn’t/wouldn’t make it, so I just called if I could better Bram’s day… he jumped a hole in the sky :) We’d drive around 11 AM, get to the cabin and Death Metal All The Way! Even CEEFAX is happy about SDF, as it’s on page 428! [print screen added to my collection 8-) ] Hah, the joy to see the name Fleshcrawl in square printing ;) . Coffee at Lelijkstad and on… for a change we’d see a first band for once. The cabin was tiny, but what else do you need with such a friggin’line up? HJ from tap ;) We were showed the way to the festival by the cutes printed signs we’d ever seen ;) [at least Grond and Fleshcrawl were at the camping too, pity we haven’t seen them there ;) ]Coming to the festival area we found out it was actually an outdoor festival, but none of us had ponchos to stop the rain. OK, fine we walk with our hoodies on and see Coldblooded. The Dutch death metal makes a glorious start, as the first song sounds like Feeding on Angels (!) but I regret to say that quality didn’t last. The last few songs were easily abandoned in favor of sharing a beer with Bob Bagchus. Huh? Is Soulburn added to the already glorious bill? Yep, I was pleasantly surprised to see Soulburn would nearly headline today.

I stuck near the stage for Carnal Tomb as I quite liked the blunt old school German death metal. I had not heard earlier about this band but I think I will check out their zombie-filled tomb-like music ;) , I quite enjoyed myself. I decided to get back to the cabin so all new and signed stuff would be kept safe, Stip brought the blackest of black VW Golf Mk II diesel to the festival site. Handy, wise decision, because the rain didn’t easily lessen… not even when Lifeless got to stage. The Germans bashed Bram’s and my head in, wow. We were on front row and got hit by several moshers around. Set list number one, thanks to Marc:
- The Occult Mastery (damned, I forgot to buy the album!)
- Progenies of a Cursed Seed
- Moribund (first goose bumps of the day, no thanks to the rain)
- From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise
- Insanity Reigns
- Perdition of the Whore (with a penis shaped remark behind the song? Uhh, what? The first song also had it ;) )
- Godconstruct (another penis)
- Sworn to Death (such killer lyrics ;) fourth penis present)
- Rites of Desolation
- The Truth Concealed (final penis statement :o )
- Left Hand Path (fragment) UTSOTIC (God Dethroned fragment?) CG (can’t find an eligible short cut to this :-S )
The band is shouted to more and more along the set list, the band sure made friends today. Like Stip and Bram, even though that didn’t result in purchases ;) Time for a snack as I hastily put my Lifeless CD inlays in my pocket, signed and all! Marc and Sascha of Lifeless clearly had not expected to sign CDs but agreed to my request with pleasure ;) Only thing I found a bit strange was Marc’s voice, it sounded way more shrill than I expected, but that was only a minor glitch in a great show.

Grond was next. The band had not much contact with the audience, the beginning was pretty cool but somehow they couldn’t keep the attention to themselves the entire set. No one seemed interested in the set list, so I picked it up from the rainy pavement, set list no. 2:
- Invocation
- Kronos the Devourer
- Steel Coffins
- Asrtophobos [can’t help it, this is the way it is spelled on the set list ;) ]
- Howling from the Deep
- Half Life Decay
- Sea Tanks
- White Waters of South
- Worship the Kraken
- Dethroned Emperor
- - the rest of the list is way smaller print, did the band expect to headline or something?
Fine with me if you play a cover or tribute to your main influence or favorite band, but don’t make it sound like a heavy birthing! I thought Dethroned Emperor sounded saltless, but that could be just me. Clearly I had higher expectations of the band, maybe too high. Two bear hugs later (yup, Sven and Bastian nearly made me into a dwarf :) ) and two great handshakes later (Eric and Twan of Soulburn joined the crowd) got to first row for the second Revel in Flesh show on Dutch soil ever and set list no. 3 was handed to me (thanks Ralf!) :
- Emissary of All Plagues
- Casket Ride
- Shadowbreeder (second set of goose bumps today)
- Fortress of Gloom
- DeathKultLegions
- Cryptcrawler Fred (joking with the sound man)
- Servants of the Deathkult
- Torture Throne
- In the Name of the Flesh (KILLER!)
- Doctor Doctor
Thus began my journey from headache to headbanging to headache of headbanging, wrist broken from air-drumming and police's visit for the loud noise ;) Great fun to see the policeman searching for his ear plugs 8-) What a great show this was, what a great sound all day, so many happy faces… I love this! Later on I heard the police didn’t expect metalheads to be so friendly :) but the volume didn’t decrease (much ;) ) during Soulburn, setlist no. 4 handed to me 8-) Thanks Twan!
- Intro: Apotheosis Infernali
- Under the Rise of the Red Moon
- Withering Nights
- As Cold as Heavens Slain
- Absinthesis
- Claws of Tribulation (shouting with all voice chords I could spare ;) )
- Where Splendid Corpses are Towering Towards the Sun
- I Do not Bleed from your Crown of Thorns
- In Suffocating Darkness
- Feeding on Angels (I thought my chords would snap, but I managed to survive, thanks to a Lemmy from Marcel IV)
- Al Bowlly + Eden’s Last Sigh
I.Am. Soulburn. Freak. For. Life!!!! As much as I was surprised to see the band on the bill (to begin with), so much was my happiness, so high my arms, so evil my face, dental/mental problem or not! What a killer set, what a great volume, how sharp can a band be? Soulburn-sharp!! This was marvelous! Time for more Unterschrifte, as Haubersson had seen my Edding 300 and my Revel In Flesh CD inlays (damned, I couldn’t find all five of them yesterday) all have five signatures on them! Thanks dudes! But the coolness of this tiny fest wasn’t over yet, oh no, by far it wasn’t! FLESHCRAWL KILLED! FLESHCRAWL SLEW! FLESH TEARING MADNESS! ALL CORPSES BLAZING!! Of course, I was on front row all set, trying hard no to pee of pure joy and my shouts were picked up by nearly the entire crowd, delivering me my set list no. 5: (thanks Olivier!)
- Flesh Bloody Flesh
- When Life Surrenders/Soulskinner (I think I can supply an army with overdue leather 8-) of all goose bumps 8-)
- Dark Dimension
- Structures of Death (Stip shouting ever louder than me 8-) )
- Dying Blood
- Damned in Fire
- Into the Fire of Hell
- Slaughter at Dawn
- Kingdom of Skulls
- Under the Banner of Death
- Written in Blood
- Beneath a DDDDDYYYYYYYYIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG Sun (tha rifffffff!!!)
- As Blood Rains from the Sky (Bram ecstatic!)
- Forthcoming End
- The Day Man Lost (both Revel in Flesh and Lifeless members entered stage; Carnage isn’t easily forgotten \m/ what a great mess that delivered ;) )

Of now I can state this festival is in my top five of all favorite festivals ever!! I think I freaked out some 36 times, felt the rise of my hairs in my neck so often I lost count. I wasn’t alone in this, as Daniel, Stip and Bram weren’t the only ones totally freaked out! I think even msd saw the Fleshcrawl show :) , my Friesian friends freaked out, The Steenwijk Boys freaked out, Marcel and Masha freaked out, some band members banging their heads to several bands, this was great! The rain had stopped during Soulburn, but no one cared about any wetness, apart from the beers and Lemmy’s passed. Nearly everybody went home with a rhino for a smile, this was so great! Stip drove us to the cabin, we were flattened by exhaustion and joy. Great day for metal!

Bram awoke me around 9.40, as we had to check out at 10. Happily I ordered a round of coffees and tea, I gave the key to Stip as I thought I wouldn’t keep my coffee in and hurdled onto the back seat of my beloved Golf. We did some bread and meatballs near Zwolle, near Kampen Stip ordered apple pie as breakfast. Nice to walk around for a sec, but the wasps clearly weren’t impressed. Coming home I found a Kreator shirt which certainly isn’t mine, I thought I lost my camera but no, memories to one of the coolest festivals ever were hacked into my laptop. Bob already mailed me, we meet again my friend! I hope the Asphyx Anniversary show is going to be as cool as lovely festival. If there ever will be a second edition, I will make sure I will start a tradition for my own, just like I did with Ruhrpott and Eindhoven Metal Meeting… underground death metal to the end! Death! DEATH!! Deeeeeeeaaaaaaattthhh! [free interpretation of Éowyn’s battle cry] *grin*

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Baroeg Open Air 2017, Asphyx, Destruction, Sept.9th

My fourth Baroeg Open Air in a row was already a blast when the first band was announced: Asphyx! This show wasn’t even mentioned on the Incoming Death tour shirt I bought in Dublin [as isn’t the 30 Year Anniversary show in Turock, it was still a secret then ;) ]. How is it possible to get such great bands in Zuiderpark, for free? I remember Bolt Thrower in 2014 well, it was my last BT show. 2015 brought Venom Inc. and Vader, 2016 held Angel Witch and Bodyfarm (so far my last time I’d seen them too :-S hope Thomas is all right now)… soon Tokyo Blade (NWoBHM) and Dog Eat Dog (rapmetal, is that All Boro Kings album really 23 years old? Uhm, I hope they leave the sax at home…) were announced. If ever I needed someone to get my car full, just add… Destruction! Never mind second stage ;) but Drunken Dolly would be on third stage…

I awoke from the God Dethroned show with a dead mole in my mouth, put my story to the net and went back to bed, only just in time to awaken to Daniel’s call ;) We’d take the 13.30 train, loads of rail work along the road (between Hoorn and Zaandam, between Woerden and Rotterdam) and a detour consisting of train 1, bus 1, bus 2 (huh?), intercity direct 1 and metro to Zuiderpark. Twee woorden, negen letters :-/ even worse: some 6 brainless Ajakkes fans to accompany us with boring simple songs and a man my senior behaving like he’s 14 like the rest :o It was relaxing to me after all, as I felt quite comfortable with the Blonde d’Aquitaines, Blaarkoppen, Texelers and Flevolanders :) Daniel had brought his colleague Wanda, just like yesterday. Coming to Rotterdam the sun made its debut of the day. It got busier and busier, I think a lot of people waited for the rain to get away… decide to go after that. These people didn’t really come for Dool, because it sounded kut, even from a distance. We already missed Dog Eat Dog, they’d play at the time I still saw sheep and cows ;) So, my main attraction soon began: Asphyx!! The band got a full tent in front of them and they get what I expected: a fierce band, Martin in the best mood ever as he was so happy to finally play Rotterdam with his major band, have a great sound and an audience of old and young stretching the tent and all smiles to the limit. I got a set list from a roadie but gave that away to some lovely teenager who was clearly impressed by Paul ;)
- The Quest for Absurdity
- Vermin
- Brandenburg Division
- Wardroid (thanking Baroeg, Vrienden van Baroeg and all volunteers)
- Death the Brutal Way
- Asphyx – Forgotten War (huge pit behind me \m/ )
- Deathhammer (introducing the band, Martin calling himself like the nastiest gay Holland has :) )
- Scorbutics
- We Doom you to Rotterdam ;)
- Forerunners of the Apocalypse (remember 1,3 Million people decapitated in four months :o )
- medley of Bloodswamp and Wasteland of Terror (‘wie dit niet kent, kent geen flikker van Asphyx’ :) ; not on the set list)
- The Rack (discussing if the band would simply play on :) ‘nah, we’d just get into trouble’ :) )
- Last One on Earth (explaining the feeling after hurricane Irma, wander witlessly through devastation on St. Maarten/Saba/St. Eustachius, not a soul understands what happened)

Beef, veal, pork, lamb, shawarma, knoflooksaus, that’s about what my arms felt during the third Asphyx song and beyond ;) This was the twenty-third show I’d seen the band do and I’m still impressed! I instantly decided Wanda needed an Asphyx shirt and introduced her to Lisa, Christel, Alicia and Anna, the ladies thinking I’d finally got into a relationship [huh? Nah, she’s cool but she’s taken] and I helped a ravenously drunk Sonia to meet Paul again haha. The beers had no effect on me at all, but I needed something to eat so I got half a chicken with salad, no fries and another beer and had a great discussion with Wanda. Turns out she’d gotten nearly half her stuff for free from the laughing ladies ;) She got me a shirt as well and will return home with vinyl, special edition CD/DVD, patch, stickers and the Asphyx groceries bag ;) When my half chicken was reduced to fatty fingers and bones I got to the second tent stage as the bar near the big tent held seven rows of customers… I got typical Rotterdam gabber to blow the bubbles into my beer by some Funtcore DJ or something. I met four Pims, half of Bodyfarm, Jordi & Kimberly and got a glimpse of Tokyo Blade. I knew I’d seen the band on a Heavy Metal Maniacs festival once, but I was so goddamned drunk that time I totally forgot what I’d seen. What I heard didn’t make me enter the tent, as the band sounded like a bad Iron Maiden rip off, hopelessly outdated to my taste. Fuzzy pictures and round up the Westfriesians to get rid of our hands full of coins… Daniel is not a big Destruction fan but he knew I’d like to see at least two, three songs. The band did a great job (beginning with Curse the Gods, Nailed to the Cross and Mad Butcher), in front of the stage it was a nice mess, but we had another metro-intercity direct-bus1-maybe bus2 ride in front of us. What did we get: the same obnoxious Ajakkes fans, but now drunk and even louder/sillier than the trip to 020… Even if the club won, they’re not satisfied… dirty success-followers… sigh… I’d heard from Agga Feyenoord had won too and he told me Erwin was so off the rocker drunk he didn’t even know his tobacco befouled his beer haha picking the leafs from between his teeth must have been hilarious to see. Sander even told me to ‘pak Rhea op d’r bek’ so I had to kiss her goodbye too ;)

Indeed, Baroeg Open Air 2017 was over again. We set out to see Asphyx and were satisfied to the bone, hitting us hard in the guts, slamming our heads together, a sea of arms in the air, few crowdsurfers present and everything else to tell a great tale. The bike ride home was one of humming my favorite Dutch Death Metal Masters through my own MP3s, no more rain, but metal!!
Krushing at the Zuiderpark
Hear the hordes rejoice (not just me ;) )
Filth to feed the Vermin (020? Hah!)
'N beer to oil the voice (Jupiler is OK)
We'll beat your eardrums useless (yup, thank the inventor of the ear plug)
And tie you on the rack (no matter in which position)
Bones and nerves are grind to pulp (by the hundreds ;) )
We are fucken back (I’ll return too)
Again we set the standards (are you listening, tante Tutje?)
Get the message clear (I get it)
Leave the fucken stage, bitch (the men are all taken ;) )
No room for you here (people who are never satisfied)
Mercy won't be given (get the Zyklon to the bus)
As we enter our domain (I’m near)
Endlessly you'll suffer (with tobacco between your false teeth ;) )
On the altar of pain (Baroeg itself is next, according to Martin)
Merchants of brutality (keep up the cool merch)
Death our only rule (I like me some thrash too)
The doctrine of true metal (death to false metal)
Godz of the old school (Martin, Paul, Stefan, Alwin)
Die by fucken Asphyx (time after time)
Ultra loud we slay (mercilessly)
Skinned alive you humbly beg for (another set list? ;) )
Death the brutal way!!
© Asphyx (and me)

I think I have an idea for my tombstone…

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God Dethroned, Manifesto Hoorn, Sept.8th

God Dethroned is back on the warpath! The band, that had been disbanded and reformed for at least three times, is definitely in full pursuit once more; releasing the third episode of the Great War Trilogy and doing shows again, now not just the fun gigs, but also the smaller ones. I heard from Tony the band was booked for Manifesto, but he instantly said ‘be happy people watch their agendas, otherwise we would have had this band on September 9th’. Instant reaction: “Baroeg Open Air” return: ‘yep, no one would have come when you’re not around a Hoorn metal show’*big grin* As a thank you, I bought tickets 0001 and 0002, one for any company that would join me. Tom soon said he wasn’t going to make it if he’d joined me to Baroeg Open Air, but Thirza told me the other way round: ‘Ahh, Manifesto, cool it’s on a Friday, as Saturday my school goes on again’. So, Thirza on Friday to God Dethroned, Tom on Saturday to Asphyx and Destruction. Later on I bought more tickets, again as thank you, as Dave P got to Westwoud to bring back the awesome gifts Andrée and Kathe had brought to Stonehenge: a 10” of Warsaw Rising and a special edition of The World Ablaze on 12”. I’d bring my special edition CD and the vinyl to Hoorn, see if I could get them home in one piece… Alex got a ticket through the mail.

Week came and went, Tom couldn’t make it at all. ‘I’m flat broke, abyss in my wallet present’ so I’d go alone. OK. Because of the heavy rain I thought I’d better get my kroegbarrel into my car, but doing so made me already so wet I’d better change shirts before heading to Hoorn. I called Stip if he’d join me [and possible drive me dryly :) and I still had his Pleasure to Kill shirt] but I got voicemail. Alex was surprised I was so early but the first HJ was welcome. Coming to Manifesto was a nice mess, plenty of unknown metalheads to conquer I so ;) on found Peter and handed him his Wognumse AC/DC Fan shirt, it looks glorious! The first band was accurately on time, but not really accurate to my likings. The band is called None Shall Fall (Immortal or Hate Malice Revenge? None of the above) and they play some powerviolence/slam/deathcore thingie. They’re local to Beverwijk and Alkmaar but I hope they stay there. The last songs weren’t that bad to be honest, but I won’t need them on my Dutch Denim. Neither does Seita, without Dom Mura now, they have nearly lost their Machine Head-, Korn- Pantera- and Chaos AD-era Sep- anchor, but at least it’s accurate to me. The band is simply doing their thing the no-nonsense way for about 4, 5 songs and I'm off to the foyer/bar/outside. No need for a purchase other than beer. I was thinking of getting Alex something of God Dethroned, but left the choice to him. Without thinking, I got Jeroen's bass pick during the sound check *cool* God Dethroned… fire, bullets, mud, shell shocked us to death. Amazing! The band is in (world a-)blazing form, it’s loud (enough for Manifesto visitors), it’s sharp, it’s filthy AND clean, the lights are OK, but why the fukc does the band (and me, as I was on first row of course) get a double beer shower?! Henri soon notices he’s in some kind of Friesian hillbilly village, no need to correct him this way! I had to shelter my vinyl and special edition as I didn’t want my signatures dribbled away :( I don’t get it. West-Friesland clearly needs metal, as even Johnny, Jeroen, John, Marcel III, Suzan, Smit, Sven, Dave, David and Luco (!) freak out, but why the hell throw beer at a blazing band and their rigorous headbangers in the front? With a set list like this, no one needs to befoul another…
- The World Ablaze
- Villa Vampiria
- Boiling Blood (are my arms already heavy? It’s only the third song :) )
- Nihilism
- No Man’s Land (there goes my voice ;) )
- Poison Fog (Alex starting a pit, helped by Thirza, of course I hack in *cool* )
- At the Wrong Side of the Wire
- The White Army
- Soul Capture 1562
- Storm of Steel (razorrrrrrrsharp goose bumps!)
- Annihilation Crusade (KILLER SONG!!!)
- Sigma Enigma
- Soul Sweeper (thaaaa riffff!)
- Hating Life

Hating Life would be the encore, but the band clearly has had it with the one fool (…) and doesn’t return to stage anymore. I still needed one signature, so dripping wet I hung around the stage some more. I get offered beer to cool down, beer for my voice, beer for the doof to be corrected (he’s lucky I didn’t meet him, I was pretty, pretty pissed off at him) and beer for the road home or to Baroeg Open Air. Thanks Michael ;) Alex decided it was in my best interest to kip at the couch, so my dreams are nearby. Dreaming of modern death metal the Beilen way, without beer shower, maybe a hint fuller venue, but with such a sharp sound and great volume any metal band can wind me and (still) quite a few others up. My sister in law even apologized for not having paprika powder for my omelet, but it was great anyway! Coffee, coffee, open up your eye lids and try to comprehend what just happened the night before… one of Holland’s sharpest blackened death war machines conquered Hoorn. And me. And Alex. And Thirza. Metal at the right side of the wire!

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Memoriam, De Vorstin Hilversum, Sept. 14th

Is it suitable or coincidence this gig is on Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns’ death day? First answer: yes, as this band STARTED as sort of memoriam to Kiddie, second answer... I honestly don’t know. I just see it as a great gig, OK it’s on a weekday, the tour goes on after this, but Memoriam has gotten so much tighter since I first saw them. Daniel agreed and he got us tickets. At first we might head out from my office, but as that would mean a far too long day for me and the gig wouldn’t start before 9 PM, I chose to get home first. Eat quietly, nice little nap and off to Hilversum. There would be three bands tonight, death metal it would give.

Entering Hilversum is always a rollercoaster ride. If your sense of direction is false, you think you’ll never reach the inner part of the city. But no worries, the KiddieKiddie still works. Coming to De Vorstin we soon found out there was some student dance party in the big hall, the friendly security workers lead us upstairs. The balcony would be closed, but according to FB there would be some 48 interested or interesting people heading tonight. First band started soon, it’s Paper Doll Decay, or should we say Paper Dull Decay? The Dutch death metallers can play, OK, but the vocals of Janneke de Rooy have such a huge Angela Gossow stigma it gets boring soon. She must be able to do more than look angry, tip the devil horns and sound like a plough through heavy clay. Daniel says: ‘Deffo in Decay’, I come up with ‘Paper Doll Delay’, as the sound effects on the vocals are abundant. When there’s some instrumental part you can notice the guys CAN play, but a second guitar player can give some much needed melodic interlude. Janneke does get what she wants though, as during the last song (dedicated to the deceased father of one of the longtime fans) a 6 man circle pit makes some mileage. Three times, three times on command :o

We met Spaniard Carlos and had a great chat about Bolt Thrower, Boltfest and the places at least one of us had seen The Grin & Co. Second band tonight was Fractured Insanity from Kortrijk, Belgium. Daniel had looked them up and thought they’d play ‘just OSDM’. They might or might not surprise live… uhm a cross between Krisiun and Deicide is what we got. When one guitar fails the band sounds and looks even more like the Brazilian Bashers, maybe with some shorter hairs ;) After the Memoriam show I got a set list, to whom it may concern:
- Suicidal Holiness
- Inferno of a Narcissist
- Mass Awekeless (er?)
- Forced to Rome [or would they make butter? Forced to Roam :) ]
- Insanity’s Haze
- Ablasted Life (this band needs an English course, seriously! :) )
- All Shall Fade
- Man Made Hell

Even if this band is from Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, I won’t get myself some cotton nor silverware. It wasn’t bad, but simply too simple and forgettable to me. I had seen some merch and got myself a Memoriam shirt, with a lonely soldier near an abandoned grave… Yes I found this gig suitable on this day. Karl Willets explains after the second song this IS a special day to the entire band + crew and for Kiddie they gave an all guns blazing salute! The band is really in top form, thanks the audience nearly between all songs, this is a worthy memoriam! I made a picture of the set list, not knowing I’d get an original set list from Daniel (THANKSSSSS!!!!) after the show:
- Memoriam
- War Rages On
- Dronestrike
- Nothing Remains (for Kiddie, a new song, ‘he’s dearly missed, but we move on’ \m/ ; what a cool song!)
- The Captive (Sacrilege cover, Karl explains this band was one his reasons he wanted to be in a band himself)
- Reduced to Zero (whoahhh what a great track!)
- Corrupted System
- Surrounded (by Death)
- Resistance (RehhhsissssstAAAAnce :) )
- Spearhead/Powder Burns
- Flatline

With the picture of the set list I thought Spearhead and Powder Burns would be played as a medley, but both songs were played in full! The set list has six numbered songs, but not like 1,2,3, and so forth. Memoriam is 1, War Rages On is 5, Corrupted System is 2 and so on. I have no idea what it means but this gig was great! Screw some numbers, the only number I find interesting is how many people showed up ànd liked this gig. All and all there were some 150 people present (it remains a week day of course) and most of them had a great time. I wasn’t surprised about the amount of Bolt Thrower shirts, it was fun looking at the different tours to be found on their backs :) Same with ancient Unleashed-, Death-, Asphyx- and Gorefest shirts. The newest Death shirt belonged to Memoriam guitarist Scott :) Even Karl reminded his audience about his past and was happy this band’s future was in good hands ;) looking at the amount of Memoriam goodies sold. I got a huge patch from Daniel (thanks again!), said shirt, a metal pin and a huge Memoriam bass pick. The roadie had a big hand full and shared the bass picks as confetti :) I spoke to a lady, about my age, she said she was so happy to see Karl in a band on a Dutch club stage once more, I replied ‘if only for Karl’s Grin, I show up’ LAUGHS ;) In the car home Daniel told me he was tempted to go to Helmond, by car already 198 km, no idea how long it’d take by train ;) to see another gig. But, work work work, nah, that’s not going to happen. Not for me as well, as I’m satisfied fully but also dead tired. The road home was filled with more death metal and even cut off The Shavers to keep the death metal flowing [ © Chuck Schuldiner estate ;) ]. We got a swift chicken something at Lelystad, I was more hungry than I expected. But smiling widely. This band simply cannot do wrong in my opinion, it’s still death metal – no compromise! Hellfire in Hilversum!

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Whiplash Fest feat. Funeral Whore, Sept,16th 2017 Cayen Enkhuizen
[it's a local metal festival, by God I wished the real Whiplash showed up in Holland again ;) ]
The start of the indoor gig season is here again. Venues show their planning, bands gathering momentum and fans eagerly waiting to buy tickets or plan trips themselves. Cayen in Enkhuizen is no different in this, their Whiplash Fest is usually a good excuse to mount my bike and get me some metal. Maybe drink in at De Slof with Daniel, who knows? This year Cayen friends (and mine ;) ) Funeral Whore returns to Enkhuizen, bringing two more bands. Both bands are new to me, so I tried to get there on time. I stopped at De Slof but no one I knew was there. I started texting but when I tried Bram’s number he was already in front of me ;) I got smashed in darts twice before heading out to Peperstraat 2. There were some 8 smokers outside, including Roy of Funeral Whore and Wanda and her hubby Brian. Getting my first beer I was greeted by Judas Priest – Breaking the Law and Sepultura – Necromancer, so at least the DJ was in for it ;) A lot more Sepultura followed ;) It took at least an hour before it got a bit more crowded and then the first band was allowed to excite us. The band Loco-Motive was announced as ‘hard rocking stoner’ but had a pot pourrie of influences, way wider than stoner or hard rock: Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Queens of the Stone Age, Rory Gallagher and Peter Pan Speedrock; the band is clearly in for hunting souls and eating raw flesh! I’m sorry they didn’t bring any merch, otherwise I think I’d bought most of it ;) You can download the EP Driven to Fall (for free, don’t get distracted by the Buy Now button :) ) via their bandcamp page: https://loco-motive-groove.bandcamp.com/releases Daniel got me the set list: (Thanks!! I have to keep it to what the paper says :o )
- Clutch
- Porn
- Loco
- Driven [to Fall, probably :) ]
- Flow
- Burning
- Takin
- Rebellion (my favorite song of the set)
- PJ
- Bad End
- Dancing [with the Devil on my Back, it’s on the free downloadable EP, what a killer bass intro!]
This band is suitable for both Stonehenge festival, Zwarte Cross and a local BBQ :) Kellie soon found me *blush* and Sunburn got to stage. The flyer said ‘doom’ but this was way more aggressive than I expected doom to be. The band gets 45 minutes to blast any darkness, ice or snow into the cartilage of the ears… https://www.facebook.com/Sunburn2014/ watch that YT thingie! It’s been a while since I saw a drummer soooo into his own groove ;) and holy hellhammer, does he hit hard! Very cool band! Enkhuizen agrees, as there’s a fine pit with Roy, Stip and Lars going on 8-)

After a short rebuild Funeral Whore got to stage. The band must be the one that played Cayen most often and I think I’ve seen all shows Roy and Kellie did here. The dark, blistering loud OSDM makes the walls tremble so hard that people simply can’t stay put and an hour of war, corpses, zombies and violence is over in a blink of an eye. I made a picture of the set list (I have plenty FW set lists ;) )
- Phantasm
- Only the Coffins Remain
- Evil Manifestation
- Population None (great song!)
- East Area Rapist
- The Graveyard Silence
- When Life Turns to Ashes
- Down the Abbys (yup, spelled ;) )
- Morningside Cemetery
- Mortuary at Night
As before, Kellie concentrates on her guitar lines, Roy goes insane on stage and off and their new drummer looks at it thinking ‘whaaa??’ :) This is great; it’s underground as fffk and especially loud enough. OSDM doesn’t get much heavier than this, I think… but still I haven’t bought their new album :o Wanda and Brian bought the lot and got it all signed. LPs, CDs, shirts, whatever. I got Kellie’s guitar pick instead.
It had stopped raining long enough to mount my Batavus Holiday and swerve off home. The boys wanted to get back to De Slof but I had had enough. Three bands, three styles of heavy music, three brands of beer, yeah you get it. Underground or death!

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Anathema, Alcest, 013 Tilburg, Oct. 6th

Anathema is a band I’ve been following on and off for as long as I first heard their name, back in 1996. I still have a flyer of an Anathema gig with My Dying Bride in Patronaat, but it took me to 2010 to first see them. Judgment and Alternative 4 are albums that have a deep place in my heart, I like Serenades, but some of the others I don’t play at all (like Eternity). That the band evolved over the years could mean I’d be totally bummed by seeing the show, but I could get highly emotional as well; my father loved the Alternative 4 album too. When the tour for the new album was announced I remembered Jordi telling me I could crash at his place, probably he knew not many of my friends would join me to see the Cavanagh brothers. For Alcest I thought Daniel might join me, but he decided a whole bunch later. I met Axel at the gas station, thanks to Deutsche Bahn and a storm no Berlin Deathfest for him :-/ Work early, park at the office, pick up Daniel at Amstel (not the beer ;) ), avoid A27 Friday hell, get to Jordi, try to be in time… I was thinking about texting Clemens about this gig, but too late, he had other plans. We parked at Jordi, Daniel already had heard he’d be later. Pity Kim was sick, she might not join us. We ate after a nice walk through the city, had great sateh and different beers before entering 013.

We didn’t have to wait long for Jordi, nor the band. Alcest came to stage, smoke filled the room and here they are. Would it be so special as at Brutal Assault? http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... ger-amarth
No, but it was good none the less. Sometimes the band sounds so simple, but powerful, sometimes it was carried all over the crowd, sometimes it withered, sometimes blunt and heavy. This is an interesting band to say the least, as the vocals also differed quite a bit. The band also hasn’t forgotten their black metal roots ;) The lights were killing me big time, Daniel gave me a tip: try to listen with your eyes closed. At first I felt a bit wobbly doing so, but I steadied soon enough and yeah, the lights still come in, but not as harsh as before. I noticed I could see something like my own orange lightning show within :) Jordi soon joined us, along with his sister. He was the one for another tip: get to the upper bar, there the lights are not in the same angle as below. It worked! Thanks guys! Seeing the audience from above I noticed only two headbangers, of which I recognized… Daniel \m/ :) . I think Alcest got some 45 minutes to perform and I was totally happy again. As Jordi said he had a pile of patches, I bought him and myself a nice Alcest patch.

Anathema followed swiftly. I only had seen some three or four songs on a Graspop once (see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... e-anathema ) and my reaction was a bit weird… I thought of Star Trek once, sometimes Simple Minds (!), sometimes viscous, sometimes emotional (to me, hearing Lost Control and Fragile Dreams can do funny things to my brain and lachrymal duct…) Before the show Daniel mentioned he did not need to see the entire show, but we got to see the encore as well, including the Shine on You Crazy Diamond intro of Fragile Dreams. I loved it. The visual effects were awesome, sometimes just clouds, sometimes pictures of abandoned cities, despair, cold, confusing. Extremely satisfied we got to Jordi’s car and got to his place. I got on an electrical air bed that changed to hammock during the night :) and the breakfast was a treat! Lovely eggs with bacon and cheese, great coffee, yeah, Jordi and Kim know how to satisfy their guests! Chapeau! Thanks a lot, also for the exclusive 013 shirts you shed to us, they look great and sleep even better ;) After this great breakfast it was time for more metal.. Graveland here we come!

Anathema, Alcest, Jordi, Kim, thanks!!! True metal is more than music, it’s friendship! And… I look forward to your denim, Jordi! \m/

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Graveland fest III, Oct. 7th, Hoogeveen, The Haunted, Asphyx

On my hunt for my 25th Asphyx show I had seen 2017 is a Year of Asphyx for me. Dublin, Dark Easter MM, RockHard, Baroeg Open Air, who knows what else? Maybe Summer Breeze, still discussing this with Tom beginning of June. On the shirt I bought in Dublin Hollandscheveld was mentioned, wasn’t that County Hoogeveen? Yeah it is. Ticket bought when Daniel announced to go, checking out bands beforehand. Let’s see what the weather does early October, might camp as well. Uhm Daniel is done camping so I booked a hotel in nearby Ruinerwold [including long lost memory of Los Vast Spektakel, “How are you doing Ruinerwold? Are you in for some of the best Dutch live bands ever?” © NCRV 1983 8-) feat. Centerfold, Roberto Jacketti, Anita Meyer and other chanceless acts ;) I was 11 years old, hoping for Normaal to enter after every song, but no. Suck. LOL ]. I had been to the very first edition of Graveland (then called Graveland Deathfest) with Terrorizer LA and Belphegor, but missed the second edition. See http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... r-pentacle
Daniel told me to check out LIK, I’d seen Distillator on the bill, we go. Easy peasy. For a while I thought Wanda and Bryan wouldn’t go, as the weather forecast was rain, rain and more rain. I had no idea if this festival would be indoor or outdoor. The day before the festival I got a call from Pim Utrecht if he could be picked up and as we headed out from Tilburg Utrecht wouldn’t be a big detour. He’d bring a tent as he had no hotel, Sonia would be picked up by her father after the gig. During the trip to Hoogeveen Pim kept moaning he wasn’t sure if he had brought his tent sticks, but check beforehand! I even called to say we’d be 15 minutes later than agreed… thanks to the awesome Jordi breakfast ;) We dumped Pim and Sonia at the door, drove on to Ruinen and checked in. I was happy the hotel wasn’t full yet, as I had booked only a one-person-room? :o :o No problem, pfoei! The hotel even offered a course Drent language :) The taxi driver used to be a big Normaal fan so there’s Los Vast for our herrieman. Great guy! We asked if he could pick us up at 11.30 PM, also no problem!

We knew the festival begun earlier than we arrived, but Bart claimed we had not missed much. Disfuneral was the replacement of LIK and that sounded OK to me. Not too difficult old school death metal, gone before I could make specific notes ;) Daniel said he’d rather had had LIK, but I think we will see them in due time… Second band for us today was Spectral Voice, announced as doom-doom-death ;) and that’s right. Slow like lava, heavy as hardening concrete, überblunt doom death is what we got. Their drummer also does vocals and that’s not the only connection to Autopsy; it’s as dirty as the Oakland Riders of Disease ;) Third band today was the reunion show of Absorbed, featuring Jeroen Pomper of God Dethroned on bass, Jeroen Vrielink of Herder and Entrapment (guitar) and if my memory is right, Michiel van der Plicht on drums (also God Dethroned). Singer Jim Klaarmond sounds like Arny Schwarzy in his best days (Conan the Barbarian 8-) ) and the music circles between Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Bolt Thrower and Entombed. The course Drents is needed, ‘wie bin Absorbed, wie kommuh ut Hooghevehn un wie spiele doodskistemuziek’ ;) [We are Absorbed, we come from Hoogeveen and we play casketmusic 8-) ] Very cool! I think I can start looking for patches and the demo, EP and full length. This band needs and deserves a spot on the Dutch denim \m/ . I did find Wanda and Bryan, bought them Asphyx- and Distillator patches just when Distillator got off stage. The Enschede Thrashers have a sharp, fast set ready for any headbanger that can keep up! The band played songs off every piece they ever released, focusing on Summoning the Malicious. Guerilla Insurgency was early in the set, no Slayer cover this time. Great! At the merch stand Martin van Drunen found me and called me ‘the man who’s nowhere to be seen’ and we had a great chat about the Pestilence years, along with what I think was a friend of Patrick Uterwijck as well. Cool! I got myself a festival shirt and a trucker cap, the latter to be cut up for the Dutch Denim. I like the logo, but that trucker cap doesn’t seem to like me… Beware of the scissors ;) time to eat as well, the meatball on a bun was delicious but the kroket too hot to handle ;)

My tip for Bryan was Necrowretch. I thought he’d like the vile, filthy blackened death metal and my presentiment was good: the band killed! It was like seeing Nifelheim without the Twins ;) or Desaster with an even sicker singer haha. He returned to the car with an arm full of Asphyx (LP, CD, patch, whatever) and returned in time for Blood Incantation. The Denver, Co band with the really illegible logo is not indigestible; doom death metal all the way. Not for an entire set though, I noticed I kept walking between bar, groups of friends and toilet. I also found the 24th Sodom patch to displace :) [see Into the Grave review http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... m-overkill ] another Overkill logo and an Epica one for the Neckwreckers denim. I got a Municipal Waste pin pushed into my hands, but from a strange angle, so I couldn’t even see who gave it to me :o [sorry!] Highly appreciated, but I should have wrecked my neck to see who gave it. Talking to so many friends (Martin, Alex, The Steenwijk Boys, John, Ed, Wanda, Bryan, name them) made me miss Tribulation, Taake and later even headliner The Haunted, but first… my reason to show up anywhere, nowhere to be seen, everyone around, the band I made the most miles for.. Asphyx! The band got an hour to doom Hoogeveen to death and my trembling body, this was another great show. The band did a slightly different set than on RockHard but as the setlists were wet and torn, I didn’t get one. OK, fine with me, I enjoyed it anyhow. I shouted myself completely hoarse and Wanda next to me banged her head like a dog chasing its tail. The pit behind me hit me several times, but no harm done. I enjoy people enjoying themselves, especially to My. Favorite.Live.Metal.Band.Ever. So. I said it. My favorite live metal band ever. I mean it. 24 shows, only one let down, always a smile to be returned, mostly with a great sound/volume, no need to bother about the lights. I stood first row and held my ground. I get nearly as strong arms as Epke Zonderland, all I need is a horizontal bar and I lift myself up :) Paul handed out beers to the entire front row, as he had a trey beer as big as a bear in hibernation, Martin shining like a star, Alwin just being cool, Stefan pounding the poor kit to dust. Awesome! Daniel later said he thought the band to play hastily, but I never noticed that. Opinions may vary, that’s cool.

I kept walking, talking and beering, inside, outside, had a final bite of fries, totally forgot about bands performing. I was still full of Asphyx, I didn’t need Tribulation or The Haunted at the moment. I don’t need to see a band with a singer that thinks it’s cool to paint a swastika on his chest for shock value, in friggin’Germany! Taake, fuck the hell off. The taxi stood waiting for us, we were asked to tell our stories about the day and back to Ruinen it was. Breakfast was pretty good, as long as you could find the plates ;) coffee needed pretty hard. The Heinies went in fast and hard. The metal was mostly hard and fast, apart from the doom parts of Blood Incantation and Asphyx. The atmosphere was relaxed all day, the food was OK and affordable, the sound mostly good, even though the mix board had been replaced after the first band. That the program was delayed about an hour was no problem, at least not to me nor anyone I spoke during the day. After a great breakfast we picked up Pim, there were some eight tents all along :) and chucked him out of my beloved Golf at Zwolle train station. We agreed that these little East-Holland festivals are all more relaxed than shows in, say, Haarlem or Amsterdam. Next year’s date for Graveland is already known: October 6th 2018. No bands announced yet. Fine. I keep an eye out, keep the number of the taxi nearby (the other we phoned would take more than an hour to get there… nah. Faster to arrive and much better conversation ;) ) and no need for boots/poncho/extra shirt/notice for next time. Doom death the Hoogeveen Way!

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Airbourne, Melkweg Amsterdam Oct. 13th 2017 [I know, Airbourne isn't metal, but as the support act is a thrash metal band I thought I could post it. If not, fine, remove it. Hereforth, you're warned. Or not.]

There are a lot of Australian bands that conquered me. AC/DC is of course my all time favorite band, closely followed by Rose Tattoo and Deströyer 666 and make no mistake in my love for the brothers O’Keeffe and Co. There is a certain roughness to Australian bands that appeals to me greatly. They play on rock festivals, they do metal meetings, they tour themselves apeshit and have fun, fun, fun. I don’t have all albums, but you know it’s Joel whenever some song plays in the car, on YT, on Stingray, whatever. There is some boyish rebellion in the band, especially their old material, which makes me smile and remember my early AC/DC fanboy years :) So, when this tour was announced I was on the hunt, bring Tom along too, we share our fanatical eagerness to those Aussie bands. But I miscalculated a bit, as I did not put Friday the 13th on his agenda and yeah, then someone else plans something. No problem for Airbourne, as I knew Alex loves it too. Forget about this rotten membership thing of Melkweg and off to a great night of rock’n’roll. I got to Hoorn with a tough wind against me, but as I had AC/DC on the MP3 I just smiled, even though I hardly had enough air to smile :) Wanda had been mailing me for quite some time, pick her up at Amsterdam CS and let the diamonds be unroughed ;) Of course no one of us had any idea about the tram stops, so we had to walk from Van Baerlestraat back to Lijnbaansgracht [hobby :-/ ]. The band had played Melkweg before, so they might be able to find it easier than we did :) I even remember one cancelled gig there, where I’d meet Finite Anarchy of MRU days.

At first Daniel said he was thinking of buying two tickets for tonight, as Alestom would play the small venue the same night, but he decided not to. Both gigs were sold out anyway, we could see the enormous line in front of the entrance and decided to grab a beer at Dan Murphey’s, the Irish pub on the edge of Leidseplein. Stupid owner, chuffing out a group of some 7 beer drinkers in Airbourne- and Motörhead shirts, he said they sat on the path to the bar? Uhmm, aren’t we drinking fast enough? OK, zip it, the line is gone, we go in. Pity the lights above the lockers were annoyingly blue, so we couldn’t read it was a money eater… the first €2 coin went in smoothly, but the two € 1 coins were useless? Annnnnddd gone. Kut. Meanwhile the merch man of the support act thanked me for my denim and I got an idea what Desecrator would sound like: think of Sacred Reich. It wasn’t until an hour later that Desecrator (also Aussie) got to stage and used Don’t Thread on Me as intro. OK, I hear a hint of Phil Rind’s voice, but the music had more to do with Black Album era-Metallica with an added double bass drum. Pity it got worse, later on I thought of Flotsam & Jetsam… and I have nothing with F&J. Faster songs had a touch of Acrophet, but I wonder who remembers them… why the hell the band did a cover of Born to be Wild is a mystery to me, could have been the ridiculous haircut of the singer… Alex went up front so he got the patch I so hastily bought… and gave away ;) of these guys: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/De ... 3540324406 Nice to see Kötte, Smit and the boys again, but where’s Jelle? He said so often that Airbourne is his favorite band of all time, but work or something? Don’t you ever get ONE day off?

Airbourne was playing soon, we needed that. The band had brought multiple backdrops, so you might know what song they were playing at present time :) See if I can decipher my scribblings:
- Ready to Rock (marvelous sound! Loud enough!)
- I’m Going to Hell for This
- Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast (ohhhh great!)
- Down on You
- Girls in Black (texting Jelle *evil* )
- Rivalry
- Bottom of the Well
- Breaking Outta Hell (Daniel’s favorite Aussie song)
- No Way but the Hard Way
- Stand Up for Rock’n’Roll
- Live it Up (first encore)
- Runnin’Wild (such a killer song!)

It is soooo cool to see an entirely sold out Melkweg freak out like this!! Alex and Wanda had been near stage all the way, I just kept walking into friends and beers ;) But texting ‘I wait at the merch’ was chanceless, as it’s the busiest part of the city when a show ends… so I headed out with my arms full. Now I was walking wobbly again, not just because of the beer :) We had all the time in the world to get back to Amsterdam CS and even had time to get some more Heiny in the station shop. Daniel had gone to The Cave but texted me about half an hour later. I just had a great combo meatball – omelet – mini potato and texted back, swerving the Wijzenddijkje. It’s not that wide, you know, it’s dark, you’re not sober, it’s pretty cold if you end up with your head in the silt and THEN cycle home haha. But I managed, got to bed dry and I was in for a long Saturday… sleep at 2, new tires at 10, forget my lights again, eat at Wanda’s around 5, HJ… but with a sack of memories to good’ol rock’n’roll! Nearly metal!

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Epica, MaYaN, Patronaat Haarlem, Oct.21st

Epica… how long had it been? Was it really Epic Metalfest the last time? I knew they’d play Dordrecht in 2017 before headlining a tour throughout all of Europe, but that gig collided with my birthday; Frank chose not to BBQ but head out to Dordt, strangely enough I hardly heard from him nor this gig afterwards :o . In my race to know which band first would hit ‘25th time live’ I thought it would be Epica, but I counted beyond Asphyx as this tour was announced. To be honest, it took me all my agendas to figure out I’d seen them 21 times. I must say beforehand I haven’t gotten myself to listen to their latest effort, as I can’t get the bad taste in my mouth for EMF out of my head. I bought The Holographic Principle, but it’s still in plastic. Through YT I think it’s a great record, but for times when you have something important to do and don’t need excitement about the back ground music… I got tickets for Alex, Thirza and myself, it was Peter that was the first one to show he’d be willing to join us. So, car full, don’t forget your TerrorTerror for that dreaded Haarlem and off. We go early, as Alex hates to be too late. For that we’d been to Tilburg just a little bit too often :(

We ended up in the snackbar Jeroen and Contradictions met up during Vorst in de Grond and got coffee and fries. Good idea, as the line in front of Patronaat was amazingly long, when we returned we could hop in easily. It wasn’t long before the first band got to stage but that wasn’t of much idolizing: 3rd Machine plays a plastic, static and too perfect set of whining prog with a hint of thrash (trying to please Pantera fans) or doom (trying to please Opeth fans). Best recognizable part was the click track, pouring out keyboards, an extra guitar, some vocal shit and so on. So, when the band starts to whine about applause at the end of their too long set Alex yells KLAPVEE :) https://youtu.be/A4tPB7F9KXo (google translate it, it’s a great lyric) Ughh, even Pinkpop audience forgets too easily, as Alex’ remark only gets laughs from Peter and me. Pinkpop audience is what I dreaded to meet this gig. I even thought of seeing Epica for the last time when I entered Patronaat tonight… Epica has played PP several times, also on main stage, would the normal headbanger be ignored once more? Would the normal mosher be called violent? Uhm, wait for MaYaN to start: NO. MaYaN did a great set with all characteristics the band has, all vocal forms available and well put: harsh vocals by George Oosthoek, prog vocals by Henning Basse (tenor), soprano by Laura Macrì, alto by Marcella Bovio. Within seconds MaYaN is seven times better and three times as loud as 3rd Pissoff. As I haven’t heard Quarterpast in quite some time I thought Oosthoek would be a guest singer and Mark Jansen the permanent harsh singer, but it was the other way round. Marcella Bovio is a permanent band member now as Stream of Passion is no more and Floor Jansen moved to Finland. The band was tight as hell, visually it’s a treat, not too much smoke, the mix was tip top and the volume just right. Bass between moaning (exactly fitting that song) and pounding, some fierce twin leads and twin shreds, there was an enormous contrast between the heavy-as-a-brick parts and the modest ones. Just the way Mark Jansen visions this band, started as a side project for music he couldn’t place in Epica. Sometimes we got death metal, sometimes it was real prog and then some Baroc lullabies, very cool and greatly balanced. Moments of goose bumps as well, when Bovio, Macrì were accompanied by Merel Bechtold on acoustic guitars. Their beast of a song called Human Sacrifice was reaching Morbid Angel! Speaking of Morbid Angel: my first Epica show ever was with Morbid Angel in 2003, with Jeroen and JaapJan. Hey guys, cool to see you. The band even played a new song: Enchanting. Very listenable! They ended with Bite the Bullet, with all eleven band members present, what a party to see people enjoying their own music and the reaction they received. Really great gig! I bought a set of Epica patches for Peter, Thirza and Alex (I have plenty ;) ) and a set of MaYaN buttons (MaYaN wasn’t on the Dutch Denim yet). Buying merch was a bit awkward, as I could have asked Henning Basse for a picture but couldn’t remember his name… I could have asked Merel (a personal favorite guitar player of Peter’s) for a picture but I was thinking ‘if I ask, would I blow her upside down? :( ‘) Fool herrieman. Better pick up Merel from the ground than talk to the oozoo’s of 3rd Machine nearby…

At exactly 9.30 PM Ariën van Weesenbeek got back between his toms, what would this gig bring? Mostly joy about the music, but also annoyance because of the lights. Epica had brought every friggin’battery of lights and smoke they could find, so why bother to bring a back drop if you can’t see it all night? I must say, the band is in top form again. The band can vary between a rock set, a metal set, a prog set, classical parts, death metal parts, emotional stuff, keyboard stuff and more and all guns blaze! The band has seven full lengths to choose from, logically they don’t do much of their first one anymore but it doesn’t hurt anyone. The Essence of Silence early in the set, new material, Wheel of Destiny, The Obsessive Devotion, Unchain Utopia and recent stuff get by as Simone claims ‘Long live the beer, long live the metal’ and my near-favorite track passes by: Cry for the Moon. So many times I’ve heard that song, it still brings shivers up my spine. Fun to see a band that is well oiled but also has time and energy to goof around a bit, especially with keyboarder slash clown Coen Janssen and his magical trolley of a board, skating the upper stage, playing the hand grips of guitarist Jansen or Delahaye, letting Jansen help him with the key riffing and of course the bended board he plays IN THE PIT. Isaac Delahaye gets his little solo spot when the band thanks former guitarist Ad Sluijter. Isaac starts to wind up the audience by asking if they want the band back ‘then shout “Ad” instead of “hey” LOL. I would have thought Sluijter would be invited to stage (just on the Dutch dates?) but he doesn’t. Great to see the band hasn’t forgotten their roots, even though Sluijter has been out of the band for some 8, 9 years and even God Dethroned isn’t forgotten. Ariën gets a little solo spot just before the encore started, my serpent king, is he fast or what? OK, it took until the last songs and the encore to start a decent pit, but there it is. Last Epica show for herrieman? Don’t think so.

Patronaat is a mess when the show is over, mainly because of the positioning of the bar next to the main entrance and the friggin’stairs. One song Simone asked ‘to jump and sing’ and yeah, I nearly broke my ankle because the Pinkpoo doof in front of me couldn’t control his jumping. I stood straight to that little stair… The mess when the band was over was doable this time, but at the exit many people decided last minute to get merch after all, stop-and-go… Swiftly we returned to my beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel and put ‘food’ on the BelialBelial, not wanting the disgusting mayo at Sloterdijk I drove on to Zaandam ‘t Kalf for a great Ceasar something steak something and delivered family and friend home. I longed for a HJ but as my headache popped up I decided not to and got straight. Sleep in, shave, MA/MT, voetbal and Chinese and my weekend is over again. A 22nd Epica show will follow, Epica was fun. Period. MaYaN was great. Period. Metal!

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Backstage Metal Night, feat. Insurrection, Onkt, Backstage Hoorn Oct.28th

I thought I was in for a quiet weekend, in the Epica weekend I had not had one single drop of beer and still my Monday was wrecked. Headache, tired, busted, something. I volunteered for another weekend off booze until two messages got across: my niece Lilian has her birthday on Friday and Jessica sent ‘Metal Night in Backstage, feat. Insurrection and Onkt.’ Onkt I had seen of course, but Insurrection didn’t ring a bell until I checked MA: ohh my friend Douwe is behind the drums! So, as I had missed most of his bands performing I thought ‘have to go’. If anyone would join I had no idea, but Hoorn is on cycling distance, so let’s meet friends there. Bring (brother) Alex along maybe. Coming to Lilian’s birthday I already forgot about the gig (…) and I decided to go by car. With a head like mine I seek to relent my brain, so Bit 0,0 it became. When I parked my car I already wanted to change glasses, but when I opened my door I was spoken to ‘as it has to happen’; without glasses I didn’t recognize Bryan’s smile. He brought Wanda to Hoorn as we agreed I’d deliver her home. As an advance ‘thank you’ I got a great Morvigor patch!

Entering Backstage I was supposed to pay a fee of about a tenner, but as no one asked (hey Jessica, Ed, Danielle) I got to the bar and let the music do the rest. Minutes later Start/Over got to the miniscule stage and … bored the shit out of us. The band clearly has their heads in the end of the nineties, but with Kn0r, Slopknit and latter Fear Factory as reference their music is not my cup of tea. Add a backing track, a bad mix and a singer who can’t reach his low and has problems to keep his cleans clear it was some 30 minutes of torture to us. If their singer asks for some movement in front of stage, about two thirds of the audience heads towards the stage.. and out… for a smoke. No matter if you smoke or not, I’d like to be outside too. Their last song had the obligate Daddy Vermin touch to it, I was wondering if I’d pick up my car tomorrow and get drunk; get to the train, walk home and get my beloved VW Golf Mk II the next day. Ha. Got ya! Of course I am tempted by the HJ off bottle, but no. First another band. Onkt, crew and fans are totally in Halloween mode yet, we are clearly not. The music? Plain boring nu metal/metalcore, there’s no song dedicated to three people ("mama" Floor, Oogklep and birthday boy Michiel) that can change that. The singer has even more soil to waste his voice, as his vocabulary doesn’t get beyond ‘fuck’, ‘fucking’ and ‘cancer’. “I am mad and I am mad, you have cancer and this is my way in this band.” Ughhh. I explained Wanda about the band Water Torture I’d seen on MDF, sorta compares.

I was glad I stood my ground for Insurrection. I was thanked by Douwe for showing up, he knew I was curious about his band and the other band(s) he plays in: Enraged is in sort of hibernation, Mortuary I.O.D. definitely split up, as is Existence Denied, but Insurrection is on fire. http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ins ... 3540392145 The band is eager to write, eager to rehearse and has had a lot of gigs; mostly in Germany. But West-Friesland isn’t forgotten, as Insurrection played Manifesto once too. I missed that gig, probably was near Legion of the Damned or Epica that night ;) but I will, I will and I have to see this band again. On fire is a description that doesn’t cover the entire band, it’s fierce, tight, fast and varied. Sometimes I hear speed (old Megadeth), death (At the Gates, Macabre; especially in vocals), incredible mixture of guitars (Maiden-esque) and pounding, thrilling drums (hey Douwe 8-) ). Some songs:
- Armageddon
- new song
- Dawn of Defeat (Malevolent Creation cover? Bodyfarm cover? It’s not on the EP Catatonic)
- Origin
- The Deepest Debts (?) they don’t use a set list ;) and Pieter’s Friesian accent is a bit wobbly
- Conspiracy
- Moribund (not a Lifeless cover ;) )
The band has one mosher, I thought at first he was a friend of Onkt’s, but he keeps running around people without hitting them. Friendly mosh? ;) , the atmosphere is exuberant. Some headbangers, some people move out, but they miss an unexpected encore: Pull the Plug. Wanda and me totally lose our marbles, our glasses, our hair and wreck some vertebrae… yeah this was cool. Half of Mutator agrees, I urge (Metal) Alex and Ed to get in touch with Douwe for some gigs, whether you have to drive or not. Get on the road! Compromise: get to Lelijkstad, then both bands have to drive; it’s a great venue. Or somewhere else. I’ll drive the band if I have to, I want to see that! Who went away again? The old, old Wogmeer headbangers? Pity, as Insurrection does another encore, was it the second time they played Armageddon? Could be. As Alex already got an Enraged CD from Douwe, to test the style or something, I get three Insurrection CDs: one for Alex, one for me and one ‘thank you for the Morvigor patch’ for Wanda. With winter time ahead I’m still late at home, but that’s of later worry. The drive to Enkhuizen was a great one, as we’re both sober and have more in common than we first thought. I didn’t even long for a HJ of my own when I got home, I’m exhausted. Long night or not, I want to help my brother Toon clear out his attic, even if it has to happen between the showers of rain. Grab half an hour of voetbal, shave, help Toon, Chinese and more voetbal, the weekend is over again. Sober, but metal.

Added after a mail to Douwe:
After a mail from Douwe here's the correct set list
- Intro (Respice Finem - is an Enraged song)
- The Enigma Machine
- Dawn Of Defeat
- Origin
- Comrades In White
- The Deepest Depths
- Esquire
- Apotheosis
- Pull The Plug
- Moribund
[funny what you make of song titles with ear plugs in and without actual knowledge of their songs :) ]
and the link to the band's FB: http://www.facebook.com/insurrectionofficial

and here's their song Apotheosis: https://youtu.be/9Ecp8-lKxh4

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Icelandic Metal Assault III, Musicon Den Haag, Nov.17th

At the show of The Monolith Deathcult in Gaukurinn, Reykjavik I met Diđrik Jòn [Nekron], when I was told there was a Dutch speaking man in the club :) He’s a tour promotor, plays in at least one band and is one of the world’s biggest Master’s Hammer fans. So, when Master’s Hammer was announced for Eindhoven Metal Meeting I dug up the promo card I got from him and he responded: a. he’s going to Eindhoven Metal Meeting and
b. he’s going to play with his band RÁN in Musicon and
c. he’s bringing other Icelandic bands. I found a flyer of the Icelandic Metal Asssault and wondered what to do, would I drive or take a train? Daan was of help, he’d like to join me to Den Haag. So, get a parking place at the office, pick up Daan and head out south. Daan asked whether I’d asked Stip to join, but he didn’t mention he doubted until we were on the way home O:O We parked some 150 m away from Musicon and looked for a snack joint to feed. The DaanDaan said 110 m or 250 m. Even with a great burger behind my teeth I can still walk the wrong way :) (Daan asking ‘are you sure we came that way?’ within two steps after the burger :lol: ) Coming to Musicon I already was greeted by Diđrik Jòn in full battle swing between his full band (thanks for welcoming me in Dutch ;) ) and one of the guitar players of Exile, both I had drinks with before *cool* I even got an Exile patch for free and the best promo card you can imagine: ‘Kids Birthday? Satanic Mass? Heavy Metal Festival? Then We’re The Ones To Call!’ *cool* hey, Byron’s there too! Good to see you again. This tour would be the third Icelandic Metal Assault, one of the crew wore a shirt with Icelandic Metal Assault II, also featuring RÁN. I have no idea of other bands of earlier renditions of this tour.

It didn’t take long before the first band got to stage. They’re called Adversarius and are Dutch blackened death metal. The band plays alongside old Behemoth, old Dimmu Borgir and Naglfar, the Dimmu part without keyboards, that is. We liked it a lot, the sound in the venue is good and the mix is well done; seeing the tiny mix board I had expected less, somehow. Daan did notice the band does not really mix much in riffing, but he liked the drummer. Tight and no frills.

At first I thought it would be all black metal on this tour (some 15 dates in 9 countries in three weeks) but Devine Defilement plays way more technical and with two Cryptopsy- and one Meshuggah shirt I don’t fringe. Deathened black metal, I guess, with an autistic singer and all. The man moves as if he’s an eel trying to get off my hook and off my hook the band is. Daan noticed the pounding snare drums, the feel of double guitars in one single eight-string guitar is clear, but not to me. I just nag about the silly announcements between songs, the ‘let me show I’m a doof’ attitude of the singer annoys me greatly. Let’s say Daan and me agreed to disagree about this band. I was happier with the drummer and second guitarist of Exile, thanking me for the beer at the Bait Shack *cool* and showing up here. The band Exile is exactly what I need right now: full blown raw thrash metal! See https://www.facebook.com/ExileThrash/ for details, be sure to check out the part on the truck!! It’s the truck stage that I enjoyed so much at Eistnaflug! The band has an eighties-thrash feel to it I like a lot, think of Spreading the Disease and Killing Is My Business, along with a younger version of Katon W. de Pena (in looks and attitude) on vocals. Afro all the way ;) The slower parts, scarce but present, show a love for Thin Lizzy as well. The band has a single on FB, I was sorry they didn’t bring an actual copy on the tour. I want such paraphernalia! Fun too, as the song Fucked Up and Ready to Go was announced by ‘what to expect when you smoke beer and drink weed’ heh heh heh. I did get my paraphernalia in the end, as I bought a shirt and got another patch for free! Thanks guys, doll! The merch lady sure had seen me have a great time ;)

Daan was getting tired, he’d been standing in full wind and rain all day, but he knew I’d be in Den Haag to see RÁN perform. After a short sound check Nekron announced ‘This is Hell Metal’ and burst out in a way Quorthon would not have minded on his death bed. The band is clearly influenced by Baltic and Balkan metal, as I heard clues to Root and Master’s Hammer soon. Vocally Nekron spits out like Abbath used to do on early Immortal material. Check out https://youtu.be/yL_gcTnE5Yg for a first song
or https://youtu.be/B0GpT0QdiIU as a helicopter view of the band. But, I have to admit my day had been long enough too. In the morning I had my central heating checked and at the office I had back up duty until 5 PM, so I was getting tired as well. The band has a vile touch I like, it’s tight for black metal standards, but I am still not recovered from my concussion and the lights are getting annoying. One final salute to the band (especially Nekron, of which I couldn’t make out if he’d seen me ;) ] during their third song and I look for my hoodie. Oh, when I got outside I remembered the band is two thirds Dutch, I should have bought a patch for my Dutch Denim… sorry Nekron! Hope you bring a patch to Eindhoven Metal Meeting, we can have a beer.

I did not have any difficulties finding my beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel and fire her up, in a new Exile shirt *cool* and off to West-Friesland again. At the gas station near Zaandam I got a lot of energy, as there were seven Golfs in a row, all different types, mine the best looking of course :) Somewhere near Westpoort I got a phone call from Anne (the former Puur Obscuur guitarist) “if we’d still be in Den Haag or not, ehh no, we near the Coentunnel as you speak, uhm, oh, you got to Den Haag indeed, er, good luck with the last second of the band, hmh, maybe call some earlier next time, ah be a little more accurate where to meet” haha ,that was fun. I delivered Daan home and what did my USB-player turn to: Asphyx – The Rack. I already got in the mood for Saturday!! I will proudly wear my Exile shirt to Essen! Dutch Doom Death After An Evening Of Icelandic Metal With A Dutch Touch! Metal!

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Asphyx 30 year anniversary show, feat. Soulburn, Pentacle. Nov.18th 2017, Turock Essen Germany

I’ve got the secret of this gig from Paul Baayens himself, in Dublin last February, to be acknowledged by Martin van Drunen on one condition: hush up. There would be a 30-year-Asphyx-celebration, bring in cool bands and/or former band members, cool location, special merch and blah blah. I had to restrain myself not shouting it off the roofs, as I’d have my own 25th Anniversary Asphyx show and I’d like to share this with as many friends as possible. It’s been 25 years since I first saw Asphyx, being support act to Bolt Thrower and Benediction in 1992. At one point I even considered skipping SummerBreeze, I’d have my Asphyx anniversary not exactly with the band… Seeing the Rockpalast video made me even happier, I hoped this show would be eternalized as well ;) Over the years I nearly saw every line up the band ever played in, but of guitarists Tonny Brookhuis and Christian Colli and bass player/singer Theo Loomans I can be sure I’d never seen them perform. What happened, just a week after the RockHard show, the band asked FB/fans to dig up Tonny Brookhuis? Huh? What? Can’t even find your primal member? ;) The week after Dublin I already booked the City hotel next door to Turock and made sure Daniel knew this would be his birthday gift. On RockHard 2017 it was announced: Asphyx in Turock, along with Soulburn and Pentacle. Within a few weeks another announcement: the show was sold out. A second gig was announced only a few days later, same venue, same bands, same price but as a Sunday matinée. We wouldn’t do the second show for various reasons: a. let others enjoy this coolness b. work on Monday c. how long do we have to wait since breakfast? My only hint to staying for the matinée to start would be if any of my German friends wouldn’t make it to the Saturday gig or they’d tell me they’d go to the Sunday gig. One thing I did notice: MetalShots Bert is going to the Sunday show, the lovely doof wasn’t in time or not invited I guess ;) I do consider myself invited 8-) :lol:

November 18th started sleeping in badly. The Icelandic Metal Assault had had its impact on my Saturday, no worries, I had all the time in the world. I picked Daniel up around 3 PM and into the rain we drove, making a dangerous turn at the hotel ;) Stupid hobby ;) In the car I heard the news Malcolm Young has passed away, I dedicate this review to him and I was happy I played some Dirty Deeds Done Malcolm Young in his memory. R.I.P. instigator of my love of my life… At the hotel some doof Saudi penguin parked at the guest place, the lady receptionist threatening her to tow away the rancid van. Oh, are you not allowed to drive? Typical. It took so long I tried another parking spot some 200 m away, so I checked in soaking wet. Hurry to Nord, as it’s near 5.30 PM and we are hungry. Inside Nord it was packed with friends (msd, Brammerman) and bands (Bodyfarm telling about shows to come! The split of Hail of Bullets wasn’t such a hard crash Stephan could not be invited. Carnation with shows planned, Sabiendas working on new material! What are Minotaur Head plans? ;) ) A great schnitzel later we got in cue for Turock, being seen by Lisa and Alicia made me smile ;) I wanted the special merch, but to be honest I skipped most of the queue pretending to get beer. Sorry queuing Asphyx fans! The special edition LS were already gone, I got the rest that was ordered by Wanda (key chain, patches, 2017 tour shirt, red vinyl of The Rack, special edition Incoming Death). I already had the button and guitar pick, so I left that to Wanda as well.

It didn’t take long before Pentacle got to stage. The band was greeted like old friends (aren’t they then :) ) with a great sound, monstrous mix and a nice cross of their entire carreer passed by. Another memoriam, now for Martin E. Ain, who died about a month ago. The band did a just tribute by playing Procreation of the Wicked even slower than the original ;) The break was short, all Bob had to do was change toms and a cymbal or two and Soulburn got to stage. The band created a dark and dirty atmosphere and it seems the band is going even more towards black metal than before. I wrote these two titles down Apotheosis Infernali, Withering Night before wanting to share a beer with Alex of Bodyfarm. I followed him upstairs, not knowing or not thinking it would be the VIP area. What I got was a lot of smiles from band member gfs and wives :) but could not deliver his beer. Back to Claws of Tribulation, before Where Splendid Corpses are Towering Towards the Sun ended a great set. My Turock card was getting full and to avoid not being able to get more beer I wanted to pay for the first card, but the doof Turock money machine did not accept my world debit card… so I had to hush through the rain to get to the ATM at the corner. Happy not many people used the ATM at the moment, as I knew Asphyx was to start soon. After a quick picture with Dan Swanö I got in halfway The Quest for Absurdity and let the birthday bash continue! A sold out Turock is always a treat to any band, but Asphyx seems to be totally at home here and give 200 per cent every song they play. Here’s what the set list picture says:
- The Quest for Absurdity (now band)
- Vermin
- MS Bismarck
- Death The Brutal Way (first big pit of the night)
- Summoning the Storm (with Wannes on bass and vocals)
- Black Hole Storm
- Rite of Shades (with Bob behind the kit)
- The Krusher (Bob, Martin, Paul, Alwin)
- Wasteland of Terror
- The Grand Denial (now band)
- It Came from the Skies
- Forgotten War (Eric, Stefan, Martin, Paul)
- Ode to a Nameless Grave (Eric, Tonny)
- Pages in Blood
- Abomination Echoes (Eric, Tonny, Ronnie, Roel, Martin, Alwin)
- Deathhammer (now band and me joining the pit)
- Food for the Ignorant (hey herrieman! ^^)
- The Rack
- Last One on Earth (Eric, Wannes, Martin, Alwin, Paul, Stefan)

You can imagine how full the stage was when all members, past and present were thanked by the ravenous crowd. This show was pure joy! Brutal, loud as it should be, everybody smiling on stage and off, beers around, great set list (loads of songs they never play) excellent merch, literally everybody happy! Everybody got a few minutes to change into something more comfortable and let the big signing session begin! I had brought my (original) The Rack, my special edition Incoming Death and the tape I once got from Bob, which brought big smiles to every person that signed it. Tonny was so thrilled he signed it twice :lol: and I have a card with every still living member the band ever had. That’s something for a nice and prominent place in my house! I’ll even frame it! I also got the time table, which I like a lot as it has all band logos on it and the special XXX-logo Asphyx used on stage tonight. The band had used a variety of old flyers, several concert tickets and fotos of many gigs as back drop, the original back drop was left at home. It was great to see all those different former and actual band members in different countries, with different audiences (including Dublin 8-) ) with different band logos Asphyx had played with. The setting was tasteful, the atmosphere cheery all night. Pity I had to check my dinner during the night, otherwise everything had been perfect this weekend. Meeting Bob and Eric at the hotel in the morning was fun too. An entire weekend of metal and friends, some 750 km travelled to see so many coolness together. Doomed to Burn Your Five Hooked Soul to 25 more Asphyxiations!

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Whiplash Metal Meeting November 2017 edition, Nov.25th Cayen Enkhuizen, feat. Braincasket

Cayen Enkhuizen seems on the right way concerning metal! The previous one was only two months ago, now they’d bring in Braincasket! The Friesian brutal death metal would let the stairs tremble, I guess. But, if Cayen is on the right way, why doesn’t the organization pull out more flyers or does some more internet befouling for it? It was that Wanda pointed this gig out to me, otherwise I’d totally passed it, I think. The website is completely empty, apart from the band names! No logos, no info, no links, nothing. On Friday I decided I could bring in Alex as well, but as I have to go to Utrecht the following night, I’d pick him up, be on alcoholfree stuff all night and still have a good time. I brought some flyers (…) of the Irish Tour 2018 gig: a tribute to Rory Gallagher and U2. See, it’s that simple to do promotion. :)
By bike it’s easy to get to Cayen, but by car it was a mess. Add a full Saturday night after Black Friday shopping (…) and parking was hell too. But no worries, Wanda already waited for us at the entrance. Tonight there would be two bands, but who of the Bovenkarspel Boys or the Enkhuizen Metal Youngsters would show up? None. Later I heard Daniel would be in Zaandam, I haven’t heard anything about Tijmen, Kees, Lars and the rest. Bram and Stip did show up when Powerstroke got to stage. The band is two/fifths Dutch and three/fifths Belgian and play hardcore. Harsh hardcore and clean hardcore. Somewhere between old Biohazard and latter H2O or Ignite and something way more commercial. We could deal with the harsh parts, Wanda and Alex even made a bumpy pit :) but the clean parts killed it for us. To the band it was special as the singer announced this gig to be a try out for the new CD, but to us it was a signal to get downstairs and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Just as Braincasket was about to begin, Alex mentioned he was hungry. I knew a showarma place not too far, but how far am I in Enkhuizen again? Uhm, only a block away. I got the little veal chebab with monstrous amounts of garlic. Nice girls OK, but not tonight (Beau ;) ) and back to the orange sodas and 7-UP (Stip). Braincasket was only working on their second song when we re-entered. The band, who had not brought their bass player Flappen. Oh, are they playing in their Temple of Eternity setting? Nah, close, but this is blunt extreme death metal, not thrash/death. Add the second vocalist and all thrashness is gone haha.

The band made some jokes about the last two Morbid Angel albums and played Day of Suffering as a tribute. During the entire set Bram totally freaked out, Stip has a great time, Alex and Wanda join the one punker in the pit, but I am drained. Do I experience an extreme after dinner dip? Point was, I lost all energy when I got back to Cayen and my Braincasket show was a short one. I could not bang, I could not mosh, I did enjoy myself, but was totally drained. Alex soon spotted it, so did Wanda, so it wasn’t strange I quit. Even the band picked it up, but I couldn’t care. I went. Brought Alex home and was happy we’d been playing Maiden’s Killers and Somewhere in Time, I could keep awake.

Coming home all I could do was put my pictures on my laptop and hit the pillow. What could have been a nice death metal evening was now twice half a band of which I could hardly do anything with the first as the second deserved better from me. I even thought of skipping the Headbangers Ball Tour, but that is of later worry. Braincasket, we will meet again. In more metal surroundings, as far as I’m concerned. Metal.

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Headbangers Ball Tour 2017, Max & Iggor Return to Roots, Overkill, Deserted Fear, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Nov. 26th

Of this gig I wasn’t sure about going for quite some time. Back in the nineties I wasn’t impressed by the usual Headbanger’s Ball show on MTV, I hated Vanessa Warwick to bits, it lacked extreme music and the music they did have, was repeated time after time. The Dutch show would be on a Tuesday in Utrecht (work vs. VW Golf Mk II diesel-unfriendly city), I wasn’t impressed by Max & Iggor at Eistnaflug and the fact this tour would be seen on Ruhrpott Metal Meeting made me hesitate. But skip an Overkill show so near home? Had I not vowed to try to see every Dutch Deserted Fear gig ever? The Overkill show on Into the Grave last August tipped the balance here. Via mail (and not spam ;) ) I got a huge improvement of circumstances: the gig was moved from Tuesday to Sunday, due to a double booking! So I bought a ticket. Daniel wore his newly bought Max & Iggor shirt on my birthday with pride, so I guessed he’d join, along with Jossel maybe. He’s a huge Insomnium fan, to be honest I don’t have much clues to this Finnish band. I chose to travel early, get there by train and have a bite in Vredenburg (excellent soup and even better bread). Coming to Hoorn I parked my bike in the guarded shed, that venue hasn’t changed in a LOT of years ;) and hit the stoptrain to Sloterdijk. Between Sloterdijk and Utrecht CS I gave a boy the scare of his life, as I had not discovered the new outlook of the newest model Intercity; I had to change shirt as I was pretty sweaty :o In Utrecht I walked three directions, again between huge piles of bikes and children in Sinterklaas mode to Vredenburg (silly hobby :-/ ) and got to the bar. Hey, they have HJ on tap, good! I even wore my sunglasses inside, the weather was so lovely!

As before, there were more performances in the venue, the row in front of Ronda was easily the most colourful: black, black and black haha. It did not take long for Deserted Fear to start. I found Alex and Dave of Mutator and advised them to look at the faces: yeah, the Grin was omnipresent *cool* and I was surprised the band had gotten quite more than the normal support act treatment: they brought the biggest backdrop I’d ever seen, screens in front of the stacks with the CD covers on it, great sound, good mix and pretty loud! I got Mahne’s set list, thank you! (it’s not in gold writing, but swoah :lol: )
- The Fall of Leaden Skies
- Battalion of Insanities
- Kingdom of Worms
- Wrath on Your Wound (bro time with Fabian ;) )
- The Carnage
- Field of Death (with bone crushing siren as intro, what a great track! Pity Fabian had quite some technical difficulties)
- Face our Destiny
- Bury Your Dead (yeah, the long version :) )

I did not know a guitar pick could fly in such a straight line, as I caught Fabian’s pick with ease ;) I was between Insomnium fans and my friends, I had a great time! Daniel was on time too, along with Jossel of course. I bought two Deserted Fear patches and hey, Overkill has new ones too, so I got one for the Neckwreckers denim as well. Of Insomnium I still don’t know much, as the goth-like music made a too big difference to the old school death metal I just had. I didn’t stay long, but met friends wherever I went. Upstairs, downstairs, near the bar (hey, Ineke and Welsh Tom are here too! Koen and Patries, that’s a while ago ;) I knew Daniel had to leave early) and Johnny urged me to get back inside as Overkill was on stage already! From a distance I could see there were no Skullcrushers or other Neckwreckers present, but I had fun. Johnny even offered to hit the pit FOR ME, as he knew I still feel the concussion roll. He dove in during Ironbound :) . This is what I wrote:
- Mean Green Killing machine
- Rotten to the Core
- Electric Rattlesnake (“Mijn Nederlands is nie zo goe, maar mijn Brabants beter” ;) )
- In Union We Stand
- Hello From the Gutter ("Hebben jullie je schoentje gezet?" :) funny man Blitz :) )
- Elimination
- Ironbound
- Fuck You

Overkill was in blazing form, I even spotted a grin on Tailer’s face, that’s quite uncommon for him ;) and Linsk stood there happy as a school kid in a toy store. DD is serious as always and Bobby winds the audience around his skinny fingers :) The band got the same treatment as Deserted Fear, only thing that was bigger was the merch stand. I haven’t even seen the Insomnium one ;) But I knew I had limited time, so I decided to skip Max & Iggor just after hearing the song Roots Bloody Roots. Fun part: it was played first. Bad part: Utrecht is now officially hell to get out. I could not find the entrance to Hoog Catherijne so my train departure was getting dangerous to make. I walked in five fucking directions before someone stopped me swearing and cursing the city >< Coming to the train platform I already saw the yellow lights! Between Sloterdijk and Hoorn I had bad luck as well, some 25 party poopers playing frucking dance music! LOUD! I hate dance music!! Especially LOUD dance music! I need METAL! But the bike ride home was lovely again, so my temper didn’t kill the aftermath. My premonition was right, I came to see Deserted Fear and Overkill and was not let down! Metal!

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The Pit Thrash Metal Night, feat. Mutator, Enjoy the Torture, Koel310 Alkmaar, Dec.1st

Being invited to a gig personally by the band has always been cool to me. It dates back to my highschool years, where Total Loss, Merciless Noise and whatnot played their very first gigs. Nervous, trembling, bad sound check included, but these memories are cherished. Not every gig is as much a secret as the Asphyx 30 Year Anniversary show haha, but you get the point. Alex of Mutator had been mailing about the Pop Mania review and he showed me a couple of dates to come. One is during Ruhrpott, one is during NDF, so that had to be set aside. One is announced with Sinister in Victorie Alkmaar, tickets bought for January 27th 2018 via www.podiumvictorie.nl . I still mail with Wanda so she would be picked up by Stip, I might need to bring Ed home, just like in Heerhugowaard.

After a nice day at work I got out early, as I desperately needed diesel and as Hoorn Risdam is on boulders, I drove much earlier than needed. I got called by Wanda, Stip was never to be heard or found so I decided to turn and pick her up. Speeding up as Ed has to be in the venue on time... Coming to this part of Alkmaar was new to me, but at least there was plenty of parking space. We had to search the entrance through guitar build shops, a lighting company and a stage prop facility before we found the door. Just follow the music, is what we’re told? Huh, it’s a relatively new cultural complex, so properly insulated, how to follow the music? They’d better put up some signs, I thought, but we found it.

Enjoy the Torture was already building up, Ed had said Enjoy the Torture would do the sound check and the other bands would just reposition the drums and play. As you might know, Enjoy the Torture drummer David plays left handed, like he does in Contradictions (with my friends Jeroen, Sven and Coen). When Enjoy the Torture got to play I thought ‘how long has it been?’ and I honestly couldn’t remember it. But no worries, Raimon soon stated it had been 18 months (!) since they last played and now they’re a bass player short! We talked before the set a while, but I was a fool for bringing up memories to his other band Onkt… He knows I rather have Enjoy the Torture or even Senescence, but no hard feelings. Raimon sure sounds evolved, even though he later said he had been doing NOTHING about his vocals all these months. Enjoy the Torture played their self titled anthem first, the band is tight, second guitar present or not. Raimon sounded deeper than before, but also harsher in the high regions than I had remembered. Second song was Bring the War, third Your Pain My Win and at least three more songs I had not written down. Their groove death prog just sounds great, I hope they will finally record something soon. I was greeted by Alex and Dave, met Nick along the way as well, showing off my self built Mutator patch :lol: , pictures included ;) . After the last song I thanked Raimon for his progression, even though he thought he didn’t sound as good … uhm right. David later asked if I knew PartySan, we might hook up! Hey, Daan of Puur Obscuur is there too. I heard a rumor he was off to walk home afterwards, so when he returned to the stage, I urged him I could bring him home as well.

Mutator soon got the stage. Ed told me in the car he’d been trying to save his aggression and his voice for the gig, but I later heard why I thought he did not sound as convincing as last time: the monitors could not be put any louder, so he did not hear himself. Add a drum kit that was not amplified, so even though the band did all they could, it sounded half to me. Wanda agreed, but like me, she could not stand still that long and started banging furiously during Sick Society, after the intro the second song in the set \m/ I got Dave’s set list, he grabbed Ed’s, Alex wanted Nick’s and so on :)
- Intro
- Karma
- Sick Society
- Curse the Gods (technical problems for Nick, he hits soooo hard! ;) Ed shouting ‘And now start banging those heads godverdomme!’ ;) )
- Manipulation (announced as ‘sorta autobiographical’)
- Revenge (‘perfect song for A PIT’, only one female Hallowed Fire fan showed up ;) )
- Hit (new song, sounds great!)
- Omstemmen (Lazy Alex Joke)
- Crystal Mountain

Like said, even though the sound could have been fuller, this is a band that tries to find its limit AND GET PASS THAT! Alex had a ‘homely announcement’, I shouted ‘have you bought a dish washer?’, laughs, Alex nearly forgot the announcement: ‘watch out Alkmaar, we return to Alkmaar with a special guest next January’, someone shouted ‘Slayerrrr!’, I called ‘SINISTER!!!’ No more chants for Slayer hahaha. But the night wasn’t over yet. Hallowed Fire from Heerhugowaard plays Thrash with Capitol A (of American). The band stated ‘Intros are overrated’ and bashes in tightly. The band is clearly influenced by Warbringer (groove) and Anthrax (speed, jokes) and Death Angel (variety in riffing). The only info I got is https://nl-nl.facebook.com/HallowedFireOfficial/ and they do have some fun in themselves: the third song is announced ‘it’s so good it doesn’t need a title yet, just you bloggers call it ‘New Song in Piano Three’ we’ll find it on obscure YT thingies ourselves’ :) Another fun fact: the stage is only 15 cm high, but the singer doesn’t get on it at all. He starts the mosh pit himself, only to be followed by coin pickers and hand waving the German way ;) No Tankard needed haha. I think I saw some five songs before following Dave backstage and try to pick up Ed. I was getting tired and wanted to leave, talk Daan out of walking home (+35 km!! In this cold? Are you nuts?). With minutes backstage/kitchen/store room we were asked by a man I knew was a paying visitor too (?) if we could head back to the bar, free beer or not? OK, for a band playing it’s more fun with more onlookers, but being told by someone NOT of the venue/organization, was weird and new to me. Daan didn’t need the ride after all, we got home through thick fog, telling thrilling tales of metal all over the world. I didn’t even need my hobby on the way home ;) and was thanked by Wanda by a big pile of CDs she did no longer like, hand over to Alex please ;) Typing this I heard some Cruachan tunes, answering a mail to Apostate Viaticum’s George and thinking of Irish Tour (the Lutjebroek Ireland tribute to Rory Gallagher and U2) of which I have a ticket now. No need for afpilzen, I was dead tired. But I had thrash, Thrash, CURSE THE SOCIETY THRASH!

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Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2017, Dec. 8th-9th, Turbinenhallen Oberhausen. Headliners: Testament, Max & Iggor Return to Roots, Onkel Tom

This indoor metal meeting is getting a pinpoint in my agenda. The first edition held Asphyx, Deserted Fear and Sodom on one day, the second edition brought back part of my love for Saxon. The third edition was, well, not really a matter of deciding, it was mostly ‘who?’, ‘which weekend?’ and ‘which tours combined?’. Peter was all over it last year, he’d join me no problem. The answers so far: Peter and herrieman; December 8-9 (so, not on the same weekend of Eindhoven Metal Meeting ;) ; Max&Iggor do Roots+Overkill+Deserted Fear, Brotherhood of the Snake Tour Testament+Death Angel+Annihilator and Doro. The Flöz stage line up is built in the weeks before the festival, last year they had pretty cool German bands on it. This year Onkel Tom Angelripper would headline The Flöz. Daniel bought himself a ticket and wanted to join us to NH Oberhausen, but even though I tried three times to change my reservation, I got zilch reaction? OK, Daniel books his own, sorry’bout that. Turned out NH hotels only put in a third bed if children are involved, OK, now I know. Perfectly understandable.

Friday was an easy trip to Oberhausen, the snow hardly held us up. At Hünxe I couldn’t get an Umweltzone sticker as the man behind the counter didn’t want to hear what car I drove? Help could be an important service, you know >< I didn’t even get my ‘normal’ German beers there as I still haven’t finished my old ones… First beer this weekend was in the hotel, the Radeberger beer of tap was doable. We headed out to the Turbinenhalle, as Daniel wanted to see Savage Messiah again. Without much lines it was a swift walk to the stage, as the band started within minutes and did a nice job. The band mixes NWOBHM with some light thrash; influenced by Thin Lizzy, UFO and Diamond Head. I wasn’t overtly impressed, as the sound was bad... I also did not recognize one single song, clearly the band played stuff of their second album; which I don’t have. We soon met Stefan Hüskens, it seems he’s got a certain job in the venue this weekend. Cool to meet you again!

Ruhrpott Metal Meeting holds one stage on the Friday, two on the Saturday so all we could do is wait for the second band to show up. It was Finnish Wolfheart, of which we’d never heard. I heard some cross between black metal, folk, goth and death metal I couldn’t place at all. I decided to get myself a festival shirt and a locker, so I kept walking up and down the building. We wanted to be on top row for Deserted Fear, nearly got there too ;) and the band chose You Give Love a Bad Name as teaser? Tha fffk? Or was it You Give Love the Bad Taste? :) The band did somewhat of the same set as in Utrecht two weeks ago And. They. Went. Ablaze! The band had a great sound, good mix and during Field of Death I felt myself get outer worldly with joy! I decided Fabian could use another white shirt so I threw my God Dethroned – The World Ablaze onto the stage at the end of the set (halfway Bury Your Dead). To see these men have a great time is sooo cool! Fabian picked the shirt up, smiled, put it on... it’s way, way too big for him HA HA HA. But the smile said it all. I now walked in ‘just’ my Neckwreckers denim, if it snows outside I did not care. I was warmed by Deserted Fear once more. Killer show! Also, I got Peter a Deserted Fear shirt, I just couldn’t not do it ;) The band did a signing session later on and I got the men ‘upgrading’ a picture of Doro in the festival leaflet. How to upgrade Doro you might think? Let Deserted Fear spill their load on her *evil*

Fourth band this weekend was Insomnium. I knew Daniel would love to see the band again, but I kept to my original thought: I don’t get it. It seems I’m totally not in the mood for melodic death, especially after just having seen one of my favorite German bands… Overkill I do dig, but as Daniel is no fan and Peter left it in the middle, we didn’t get near the stage. D.D. and Co. do a decent set, Blitz also speaks a little German ;) and the fifty minute set was gone in a whiff. The sound and mix were OK, no problem with lighting or volume. Of Max & Iggor Return to Roots I can be short, the sound was below par but the audience went nuts. I didn’t even make pictures and got to the Metal Market, found both Jurgen’s as Richard’s merch stand and found a big Pestilence patch for Bryan and a cool God Dethroned one for myself. I need to make some room somewhere to put my growing pile of patches on, maybe even start a twelfth denim…We got outside, found no taxi and decided to walk back to the hotel. In the room I had one final Radeberger and got to the pillow and quilt.

We got up, got showered, got a decent bun but horrible coffee at the Sub we frequent when we’re in Oberhausen and tried to get to the Weinachtsmarkt. Uhm, make that Weinacht Stau, as we saw nothing but traffic jams near the site/parking lots/city. Peter’s wife even reacted ‘Wat moet jij nou op een Kerstmarkt?’ which sounded hilarious at the time but got worse when we drove home… more on that later. I returned the car to the parking lot (paid parking from 10 AM to 2 PM (?) and we found the same nice little bistro to start up the Bitburgers. We all ate (not Butter Schinken Und Erdnuss Käse :) ) and got a taxi back to Turbinenhalle. Death Angel would start up the second day for us. On Flöz stage there were two bands before we entered, but we had not checked those so we don’t know/care if we missed anything. Finding Flöz was a bigger challenge than getting a decent spot for Death Angel. The band had to start so early half the venue wasn’t even filled yet. The band was totally on fire, Mark Osegueda joking about getting up early time after time and sort of ridiculing the organization of RMM this way. I thought he had a point, those who came later sure as hell missed a great set by an eager band, sound was OK (apart from the first two songs, then it suddenly got good) and the first pit of the day was pretty big. This is what I wrote:
- Father of Lies
- The Dream Calls for Blood
- Claws in so Deep
- The Ultra-Violence (long intro, the roof nearly got down of all the goose bumps \m/ )
- Thrown to the Wolves (amazing how fit Osegueda and Cavestany still are, no matter if Mark drinks Bombay Sapphire or not ;) Osegueda HITS EVERY NOTE as if it’s the first time he sings those lyrics! Kudos!)
- Mistress of Pain
- Seemingly Endless Time
- The Moth

This band surely deserved a much higher spot on the bill, especially as GloryHammer and Orden Ogan are next!! For now I want to see Erazor first, hoping there won’t be an unexpected and unwanted fight like last time! No agitation of some sort, but a nicely blunt thrashing death metal band. The band has more than one trick up its sleeve, as I clearly hear some Desaster-meets-Maiden parts as well. Add a nice volume and it’s a good gig. Of GloryHammer I can only say I wanted to throw my ear plugs onto stage in protest, as the fluffy-and-too-happy-non-pirate-metal is too much to endure for even a whiff. Daniel did enjoy it, as he’s not ‘unfriendly bound to Alestorm’ like I am. Later I’d see a second or three of Orden Ogan, as I just want to stay near Flöz as much as I can for now. The next band I see there is Phantom Corporation, which turns out to be a greasy, blunt combination of death, grind and crust. I was already too late to pick up (at least) one Erazor patch, but I liked Phantom Corporation a lot. Daniel got a CD, I head out to Riffs Merchandising for a big Mutilator patch and a beautiful Don’t Break the Oath back patch, denim no. 13 it will bear ;) I thought I saw ex-Morgoth singer Marc Grewe walk by that stand and thought of Morgoth when I got the next band: Despair. Indeed, watching the leaflet told me it is Grewe indeed, accompanied by Waldemar Sorychta (always have to check spelling :o ) and a full band doing fast death metal. I later thought ‘Celtic Frost on overdrive’ or was it a CF cover? I didn’t know, needed food too, got another round of excellent noodles and chicken and their great sambal sauce. I can fully enjoy good sambal haha.

In the main hall Annihilator was ready to start. I must say I never really was much of an Annihilator fan, but this is worthless. The fact that Waters picked up singing himself did not improve the overall impression of the band, it doesn’t help he’s arrogant like a Spaniard government attaché in Cataluña too. The band seems to be OK though, but the impression of ‘Waters + some nearly anonymous band members surrounding him’ lasts. I made one picture from a great distance and off to Flöz for my main reason to head out there: Onkel Tom! I think, as Sodom fan and beer drinker, every non-German metal fan should check this out, as it’s plain fun to watch Angelripper drink with his fans, in a T shirt is my favorite too (Highway to Hell), big drinking horn at his side, doing German schlagers and drinking songs thrashy style. I even got a place on front row when I told the Germans near stage about the Westwoudse AC/DC Fans shirt I wore and what I did on Into the Grave last August. Zusammen metal, zusammen trinken, zusammen SpaB! I always thought non-Germans would never understand the potential of this band, but they’re great musicians and clearly have fun together. I still don’t know if Angelripper spotted my Königsblaue shirt, but I don’t mind. I made a picture of the lyrics to the newest Onkel Tom song and a picture of the set list: (needing MA for more detail ;) )
- Trink Brüderlein Trink
- Im Tiefer Keller
- Der Onkel Kommt zum Hausbesuch
- Ruhrpott
- Auf Immer und Ewig
- Medley/Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky
- Bon Scott hab Ich noch Live Gesehen
- Immer wenn Ich Traurig Bin
- Delerium
- Schnapps, Das War das Letztes Word
- Drink doch ene met
- Hofbräuhaus
- Es gibt Kein Bier auf Hawaii
- Alkohol (reminding me of The Shavers’song about the different ways of drinking different fluids ;) )

Party!! Feest! Feier dich! I loved it! I went out for a Hart – Ehrlich - Laut – Durstig shirt, but as they didn’t have it in XL anymore I stuck to that. I won’t buy a drinking shirt I can’t grow into :) Remember the Lords of Depravity DVD set? Great! Clearly one of the highlights of this festival to me! Even Doro couldn’t Für Immer my smile off my face haha. Doro.. just no. I will never be a fan or even put on some of her music. It’s simply too thick for me, even though she has quite a big and loyal fan base, not me. Maybe I just get my hairs the wrong way by her English accent, or the eternal link to Judas Priest without as much as a personal touch. Testament is the band we’re waiting for anyway, even Sodom’s Bernemann showed up for them tonight. He still is no FC Schalke fan HA HA HA but at least he remembered ;) Hey, nearly the entire Carnation entourage is here too! Testament had a raging house in front of them, played a well chosen set, but I stay in the foyer, thinking about the coolness of Ruhrpott, meeting Nina again, getting my last beers of the festival, being invited to a different hotel for an after party by Nina, ignoring the Orden Ogan signing session as well.

We emptied the lockers and Peter jumped in front of a slow driving taxi, to pick us up. Hey, that’s the fastest taxi we never called for (Friday’s never showed up ><). We ended up in the bar of the hotel, doing some naughty jokes on a couple that clearly was in for a long night and then some ;) Nöken in de Köken is a phrase we heard a lot in the car ;)

On the way home it had started snowing again, but up until we reached Tecle’s house we hardly had any problems with that. The problem was, it started snowing heavier and heavier and Peter just had a couple of too sarcastic comments on not returning earlier than we could do now. I just had to see Tecle and Akberet again as she’d been treated for a nasty disease this year. We were pampered beyond belief and this time we did have all the time in the world. When Peter got all emotional we soon cut the visit, as the snow kept lying on the road already… it could be a long ride home and I was happy to head out via Zwolle instead of Amsterdam… 51 km traffic jam between Amsterdam and Hengelo!! We didn’t reach top speed most of the trip home, but I delivered the men safely on their doorsteps and started this review just after seeing a couple of voetbal matches postponed. Ruhrpott, see ya next year! Metal! Trink! Kurgel auf und schrei! Arme hoch und mehr metal!

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2017, feat. Venom, Master’s Hammer

Even before 2016 ended, I already knew when the next edition of my favorite indoor festival would be. And, having a 10 per cent discount on a hotel bill is a good reason to use the same, familiar, friendly hotel once more. Not a band announced, but days already taken off haha. The aftermovie of 2016 had been circling a while when the first bands were announced: VENOM, Merciless (last show ever), Pentacle and the early birds weren’t sold out! Haha, it wasn’t even March when I bought it. Goodie! The pre-party was announced halfway August, bringing old school black metal to Effenaar. Buying a ticket for a festival with only three names on it is no sinecure too, but I took the gamble and it showed off: Blasphemy, Deströyer 666, My Dying Bride, Spasm, Disharmonic Orchestra, Tankard and Extreme Noise Terror were added and last but not least: Master’s Hammer! I got introduced to the band on Iceland by Diđrik Jòn, he told me it was his all time favorite band of the nineties. We kept in touch, we’d meet again in Den Haag and now Eindhoven. In the weeks that followed My Dying Bride had to cancel, replaced by Dark Tranquility. I wondered if Gerwin would take my offer to join hotel, he said during the trip to Napalm Death (also Effenaar, see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... palm-death )he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to do three days. OK, we keep in touch. That could get tricky, as three weeks before the festival I got a text message from Zalesa, if I knew a place to kip for her. I felt like an answering machine, answering ‘yes’ to at least 7 questions in a row. :) So, first comes, first goes. But Zalesa hadn’t counted in her own house to be sold and a job that required some last minute changes to her plans: nope, couldn’t make it. Same with Gerwin, no time. I even got a message from Cynthia, but her ordeal had been set too. Hah, another work Christmas drink avoided! Coming to Eindhoven I just rested a bit, not deeply as the entire entrance is rebuilt. I nearly bought another camera (beer stains ;) ) and ate. Pity the soup had something resembling a hair of a dish brush in size and texture… I also got my first HJ at De Vooruitgang (nice factory like setting, with stairs to nowhere, huge plants and stone dogs to be found). Second bar held a bar tender that had been a Metallica/Slayer fan is his youth, but he gave away his entire collection… nice dude.

I got to Effenaar thinking I would get some € 8 return, as Ticketmaster said “€12 if an EMM festival ticket is shown” but that meant buying it at the door, not online for € 20! I got a bit mad, as this wasn’t clear at the website! I met organizer Roman, but he only does bands, nothing with Ticketmaster! He couldn’t get this straight at the door, as the venue people kept hiding behind Ticketmaster… ugghhh! Good that I found Byron, Magosia, Agga and Erwin, so the big beers washed away the bull. First band tonight was Bark from Belgium. They have a singer resembling Cronos or Wattie in many ways (height, fluffy hair, characteristic head, voice) and the music they play is a cross between The Exploited, At the Gates and… Venom! The band also had a Megadeth feel for a while. I had fun, Agga freaked out, Erwin nodded, Roman acknowledged his taste and organizing skills ;) Later I met Bark singer Ron Bruynseels and Byron’s buddy Caesar made some gruesome pictures :) He’s clearly a fan. At least it was way more fun than on Antwerp Metalfest, where I’d seen the band before.

What I thought to be an entire night of black metal wasn’t really the case, as Necrowretch is blackened death metal and IXXI, no idea what they played. Erwin, Agga and me spent more time in the smoker’s booth than near a band. We ended up in Byron’s hotel for afpilzen. The night was short and hung over I walked up to the HEMA for some great bread buns and a ditch of coffee. Back to the hotel for a sec, shower, sleep some more, Entrails on the speakers, I’m all good! I made a tourist tour through Eindhoven, but after two coffee between about 60 raving elderly people I decided not to get it all cultural, no Van Abbe Museum for this metalhead ;) Another good idea: pizza. But why the fffk are snack corners and pizzerias only serving pizza from 5 PM and on? I want to see the first band, you know, but during consuming of a great handmade pizza I found out: most pizzerias claim it’s too busy to start earlier (?) I still don’t really get it. Off to Effenaar then, already finding Wanda and Bryan, being accompanied by Bart too. We entered, Dystopia was already playing! To me, they had the most perfect lighting I’ve ever seen: 5 sets of four small LED’s on a mic standard :lol: The band does a highly spherical and sometimes blazing loud black metal, misanthropy all the way! Some songs are accompanied by a trumpet or trombone and even singer Dennis can actually sing! Other moments his larynx nearly splits out of his throat, this is GOOOODDDD!!! Pity the band had not brought any merch, but they sure deserve a spot on my Dutch Denim! See https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Dystopia/84655 for more. How different Baptism was after that? OK, it’s atmospheric black metal, but others liked it, I didn’t. Together we headed out to the big hall for Pentacle. The band had a nearly full venue in front of them, sound was sharp and the set list nicely varied, again the similarity in guitars and the waves of Tom G. Warrior flooded Eindhoven. Bryan turned out to be a huge fan, telling he’d seen the band in Troll Hoorn years ago. I didn’t even know Pentacle ever played above Holland’s rivers :o ;) As a thank you for doing stuff I got the Ancient Death EP from Wanda, thanks a lot! Later on I got even more in exchange for a huge Pestilence patch! Thanks again!

Off to the small hall once again, as Endezzma was ready to blacken Eindhoven even further. I had told Wanda about the time the three bands were at my place but the expected visual explosion (spitting blood at each other) was not practiced. We got a dirty smelly gore black metal band in top shape, blood or not, it was good. The small hall nearly imploded by all those who wanted to view the band. Don’t ask about song titles, my understanding of concrete filth tongue isn’t tops ;) In the main hall Blasphemy was polluting even more than Endezzma could bring. I heard some 40 whiners about the band, at least three people enjoyed it nonetheless. Yes, Herrieman, Bryan, Wanda :) let Gebédi whine, fine with me, this is a band that is supposed to fuck up, right? Time flies with friends around, meeting Marloes, Simone, Monika, Ineke and the likes was fun. There had been a change in running order, so I nearly missed Deströyer 666! The small hall went totally 90 degrees flat out of their heads! All I heard was Trialed by Fire and Iron Fist, but it was friggin’awesome! Here’s part two of Wanda’s gifts: a great Deströyer 666 patch for the newest denim. Very cool! We had a zip of Diabolical before we got Spasm in the small hall, it was fun but short, as I didn’t want to miss one second of the after party in Dynamo. That was because of… Carnation! The band is clearly in for some slaughter, the dirty old school death metal makes the entire hall tremble. I got Yarne’s set list (thank you!) and the songs all have colors (green, red, orange, blue and more) and some code added, maybe I’ll ask explanation later ;)
- Intro
- Sermon of the Dead
- Hellfire
- Delusions of Power
- The Rituals of Flesh
- Cemetery of the Insane
- Necromancer
- The Great Deceiver
- Chapel of Abhorrence
- Explosive Cadavers
This. Is. Death. Metal. The. Way. I. Want. It!! Incredibly tight, well paced, greatly tuned, honest death metal. Really cool! During the set up for the last band tonight I was surprised in more than one way. One: Dory! Two: the next band is a Gorefest tribute called Gorefunest! FUCKKKGGGGAAFFFF! Tear out the hairs off your heads, throw your spinal cords in a blender and your esophagus on stage, here’s what they played:
- For the Masses
- The Glorious Dead
- State of Mind
- Get-a-Life
- Mental Misery
- From Ignorance to Oblivion
- Reality – When You Die
- The Mass Insanity
- Confessions of a Serial Killer
- Babylon’s Whores
It feels so great to hear these songs again, typing this I still can’t suppress my smile of so much sentiment of youth, violently sharp, pretty loud, it made me knettergek to have such a good tribute to one of Holland’s finest death metal bands ever! Dynamo bounced! I wanted to buy anything these guys could offer, but ended up with 4 Carnation shirts to spread. One for Ineke, one for Marcel IV, one for Ineke’s (new?) lover and who was the last one again? Uhm, no matter. I bounced off and on all the way, I went to the hotel after thanking Jonathan & Co. for a great set and headed off to the pillows…

Somehow, I don’t know why, I thought Saturday’s gigs would start somewhere near 4 or 5 PM. So, after having had a nice shower and some HEMA buns and coffee I headed out to see Clemens and Susanne, but at the Burghstraat there was no Beamer. I was a bit let down, as I had not seen them for more than half a year (Fish gig in 013 in April) and did some voicemailing. Coming back to Sandton I was called, he was near home but it would take a few minutes. Good, I need some 8 minutes to get back there. The welcome was warm, the coffee great and the eggs and bacon went down with a smile. His parents even showed up, I had not seen them since Clemens’ promotion acceptance speech and that’s quite a few years ago. Great to see both of you in such great health!

Off to Effenaar. I got in, got a time leaflet and saw I already missed Sabiendas! Damned, I already missed three bands this way! Bryan was full of Mortal Strike, but as I haven’t checked it yet I have to believe him. First band I got to see was a whiff of Darkane and those guys are not my cup of tea at all. The melodic death tasted weak to me, off to the small hall for some real fun: Distillator! The Enschede thrashers did a great set for the 40 minutes they got, some minor technical difficulties aside and a smoke machine belching fluid, not smoke. Turn off asap!! Not just for the safety, but also for my pictures *evil* Meeting Dave P and Dave I was pretty cool too, Dave P ruled the pit and Dave I went to see Gaahl’s Wyrd (sp?) halfway the set. This is sort of what they played (missed one track, balancing Wanda ;) )
- Bloody Assault
- Saturation Bombing
- Guerilla Insurgency
- …the one I missed ;)
- Revolutionary Ceeeeeeeeehlllls :)
- Mechanized Existence
- Summoning the Malicious (or was it… uhm, OK, I forgot to write the second one ;) )
Bryan stated he knew from Graveland this is a good band, but this show the sound was way sharper, the band seemed to play a bit faster as well. Cool to see people bickering over a guitar pick, this was an excellent show! Laurens later told me the band is working on new material and they can play some songs with Pestilence next January. OK, Haarlem included? No, probably not >< We meet again, guys! Great!

Why Dave I went off to Gaahl’s Wyrd I don’t know as this melodic black metal or whatever made no sense to me at all. I had more fun with Ineke, Agga, some Germans I only know by face and two of a band I can’t recall (yet; I will mail the pictures to Ineke, she’d know ;) ). Together we headed out to the main hall for Tankard. Ineke provided Jäger, I had enough beer to last the entire Tankard set ;) Amongst others, the German boozers played with more fun than Gaahl has dresses and a few of the songs got a great pit to accompany it: Chemical Invasion, Zombie Attack, Rapid Fire and more. I didn’t see the entire set as Bryan wanted to see Antropomorphia, he got his wish: the band went in with fire and soul! No titles this time, I went away for my fanboy talks to members/friends of Izegrim, Asphyx; even Stefan Gebédi had a smile on his face (that’s rare :) ) In the Heavy Vetwal we got CCR, The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations (scaring off some black metal chick near the toilet :lol: ) and Heart’s Barracuda. Marloes was thrilled, as I explained her about the strong women in that band of old. After some good Italian food we met again in the main hall for Merciless’last show ever. Announced as ‘We are Merciless and we play Rock’n’Roll’ ;) expectations were high. Wanda got me a shirt afterwards (THANK YOU) but for a goodbye show I thought the band was pretty tame; I didn’t last long there. Sorry dudes, not this time. I went to the small hall but knew somehow I wasn’t in for grind, so my visit to Extreme Noise Terror was extremely short. I met (Hertog ;) ) Jan, he said I had to see The Great Old Ones for sure, but as they play afer Venom I have to keep myself sharp. The band started fierce with Bloodlust, but to me it seemed their latter albums miss quality and bite, so that The Death of Rock’n’Roll was played nearly killed off my Venom show. I did what Jan wanted and shared a beer when The Great Old Ones got to stage. I had never heard of this Lovecraftian post-black metal band before, but it was pretty doable. Don’t ask songs, I just had a great conversation to fill the time ;) as I met Diđrik Jòn just minutes before Master’s Hammer got to stage. The vile blackened black/folk metal made quite an impression. The band had quite some smoke and lights, but it just added up to the overall feel of the band’s career. Having heard of this band so recently I can’t name songs but it is a band I’m gonna hear more from, Bryan and Wanda agreed to that ;) Soon, as the clock reached 1:30 AM already, could be 2 AM too, I got tired and wanted to go to bed. I’d pick up Bryan and Wanda from their hotel, but I got surprised that my long time friends René and Ed were actually my neighbors in the hotel (again :) ) and circling through Eindhoven (my BryanBryan sent me to Tilburg? Uhm, OK, as long as I can pick the couple up…) we decided to get some coffee near De Lucht. I only had my snow-survival-kit in the car (water, cookies, gloves, beanie, Snelle Jelle and cola) and desperately wanted coffee. The choice between a big nasty brand of coffee sellers or a home made brew was easy, the meatball was great, as was the bun. The road to Enkhuizen held a sleepy Wanda and a Bryan totally excited about seeing so many cool bands and talking freely about those. They even payed me double the diesel :) THANKS!! I drove home through my sister’s but the rucksack wasn’t mended yet. OK, no problem, the end of the year doesn’t bring much need to hurry, not her, not me, not anyone. I just heard on the radio Feyenoord smashed fellow Rotterdammers Sparta (0-7!) and got Chinese. Shave, old voetbal, new voetbal, metal!

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Metal Night Inventas, feat. Enjoy the Torture, Mutator, Onkt, Dec. 22nd 2017

How long had it been, that Inventas Grootebroek had a band? Or even more specific, a metal band? When I heard from Mutator’s Alex about shows to come, Inventas spoke to me a lot. I’d seen Puur Obscuur there several times, Imperia played there once, I clearly remember a long conversation with Martin van Drunen, at that time doing the favor to his friends in Death by Dawn to sing on an album and do a couple of shows. Imperia and Death by Dawn, that was 2006, I know. My brother Alex clearly remembered the last time he’d been there, it was a dreadful night with Zwammstein and a busted Blackberry that freaked me out. Uhm, that was 2011… [I had to use Explorer to find it :( ]. I knew Alex wouldn’t mind seeing Alex perform, so I pinned this date to his agenda. I had to use Jeroen’s agenda as well, he’s our swim buddy every week, his brother used to play in Ironic Maiden for a while. With the release of the EP on hand, shows with Sinister and beyond for grabbing, Mutator was invited to bring Inventas back on the metal map of venues. Bring in Enjoy the Torture, leave Onkt at home, but swoah. I thought we’d go by bike, pick Jeroen up near Rietzanger (Alex also lives in a street called Rietzanger :) ) and Alex could have a beer with us. But I misjudged the weather, it was water cold, foggy and not really pleasant weather to cycle (especially back home ;) ) Wanda and Bryan would get there on their own, as did Daniel.

We got in early, being shown the way by the lovely Linda, Jeroen’s guide. If he wants my pictures, I’d have to mail her ^^ We were, apart from band members and the occasional roadie, the first ones to enter, within the first round of drinks Daniel joined us. Wanda and Bryan were nicely on time to see Enjoy the Torture set up. As before, Enjoy the Torture would do the sound check, rebuild the drums and the other bands would appear. Enjoy the Torture killed. It was great, they played a sharp set with a load of reference to older Legion of the Damned shows, but a little more death-like (Raimon loved the compliment, as I’ve stitched my then last Legion of the Damned patch to his coat :) ). Jan still plays the bass, as Nico is being worked in as bass player. This way Jan can return to guitars and the band will be even fiercer than before. Alex, Wanda, Jeroen and me made it worthwhile. The next show Nico will be baptized in torment ;)

It got fuller in the small hall of Inventas. Nice to see some people enjoying the band, each other and the beers all around. Jeroen was excited, I don’t know if it was because of the cola or the bands, but he made sure to be near me when Mutator got to stage. It seems Nick has lost most of his stage fright, Shredded sounded tormented, Alex clearly audible (hey, working monitors :) ) and Dave just freaked out bass player style ;) The set, nearly the same as last time, was full of fire, blood and spit; Wanda and Alex both hung on my Dutch Denim (is it still in one piece? Pfft, it is ;) ), Jeroen went over his kabouter and Bryan banged his head as if he’d never done anything else in his life. I had a picture of the set list, as I knew Wanda would want one and I had a little scheme for Jeroen in mind: grab a set list, have it signed by the entire band and my own scribblings on it, thanking him for a great show:
- Intro
- Karma
- Sick Society (I gave a CDR to Shredded with that song off the Alkmaar gig, I don’t have YT)
- Curse the Gods (singing threesome with Jeroen ;) )
- Manipulation
- Revenge
- Hit
- Crystal Mountain (after retuning, no joke on laziness this time ;) )
I had a little throat ache when I entered, now I have no voice at all anymore! Good thing was, Alex and Alex heard me grasp and both got me another beer. Muchos Appreciados! Cool thing was, in between bands mostly old heavy metal was played, but it seemed the CD player was set on ‘return to Volbeat every second song’. Never too scared for Kill ‘Em All, The Number of the Beast and Sinner (not Sin after Sin ;) ). Wanda felt the aggression rise, she did not need to see Onkt anymore. Me neither, but I let Alex decide. After all, he’s bringing me home, he can see if I have a good time or not. Onkt… no. I have to agree with Wanda here, I have nothing with this too-fucked-up-to-act-rationally deathcore. We left after two, three songs, I don’t recall. I just sat in Alex’ car, sweating, smiling, having a great ‘look at us’-moment of the night. A metal night. In Inventas. First metal there in nearly 7 years, it was worth it. Metal!

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Sisters of Suffocation, Sad Iron, Manifesto Hoorn Jan. 5th 2018

Just after dinner I thought: ‘ahh, nice a kilometer swim after a weird week’. Recuperating from a severe throat ache, couple of days kissing colleagues a Happy New Year and three times to the swimming pool, that sorta summed up my week. I had seen Shredded Ed wanted to speak to me, but as before it was mainly through voicemail I found out there would be three bands tonight in Manifesto. Oh, not again Onkt, Deathcore or Man as Plague? No, The Charm The Fury, Sisters of Suffocation and Sad Iron. On the way from the swimming pool to Manifesto I found out they only charged € 15 so I thought: ‘change to full metal and return’; Manifesto and De Waterhoorn are only 150 m apart as I was in camping suite, swim goggles and the wrong hairband ;)

Before entering I knew I wouldn’t see much of Sad Iron, but I managed two songs: one Annihilator-sound-a-like and seeing them, along with my near-longest metal buddy Kamiel, I mentioned: ‘It’s the Aardschokdag all over, the boys want to sound like Megadeth so bad but now they’re more like Nuclear Assault’ :) OK, the band can shred, but the sound was sloppy and they still have difficulty keeping their line up straight. Now it was bass player Björn that doesn’t frequent the band. But the atmosphere was great, meeting Ellen and Henk, the Spanbroek Boys, Smit & Co and half of Mutator ;) A quick change over for Sisters of Suffocation. They clearly are NOT afraid of a grunt more or less, vocals between black metal and death metal bass sounding like punk, guitar sounds like thrash one moment to the other. In influences the band deals with a Double D Deathpunch when I hear Deicide, DevilDriver, Dimmu Borgir and Destruction. Oh, the band has four women, make that a quadruple deathpunch :) The sound could have been less fragmentary and the last song had to be cut completely, but it was fun. It’s nice to see women not distracted by some youngsters in front, Pinkpop audience or beer drinking metal heads that hardly care. It’s also nice to hear something like ‘ik heb een kussen vol kittens’-sound-a-like {pillow full of kittens} and then a Glenn Benton-like belch following. The bass player also has some clear and foul vocal parts, so it’s a bit of a spectacle after all.

The 0,0 Radler flew in glass after glass and another short rebuild of the stage for ‘the headliner’ The Charm The Fury. Freshly off RockAcademy to Pinkpop, a lot of 5FDP- and new Graspop shirts near the stage, a swift flip between metalcore, clean stuff and latter Arch Enemy (Alyssa-era) get me revolted. It’s all too programmed, too much plastic, over choreographed, too often whine for a circle pit or to jump, too much.. yeah what? Linda, ex or not of Sad Iron singer Marc, explained: ‘have you seen the singer, she keeps butting her hair extensions back into her head, wait a while before the extensions fly through the air’ HA HA HA. She even thought I might like her forms or head, but no. Even Brigges could not stop me from moving out; I am totally done with these hipsters. OK, I can say I’ve seen them, didn’t like it a bit, even though Kamiel tried to convince me to listen a few times to the album.. nah. Pity my camera was covered in Chocomel last week so I had to use my boss’ iKlereding, but at least the first two bands were metal. TCTF is not enough metal for afpilzen. Sisters of Suffocation is metal enough to return after swimming.

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Persistence Tour 2018, feat. Hatebreed, Insanity Alert, Vredenburg Ronda, Utrecht, Jan.19th

This is, sort of, my hardcore night of the year. I do not know the finesse of the genre, but over the years I picked out the best I could get my eyes and ears on. Tom would like more hardcore than I offer him, I guess, but that’s because of the great pits that usually occur. So far this is our third Persistence tour, but we’ve seen Madball, Hatebreed, Terror, Sick of it All and Insanity Alert on several different occasions. My smile widens when I think of Hatebreed on Metal Camp Slovenia (2009) or that sold out show in Melkweg and a full day of the hardest of hardcore on Graspop once. Madball, Terror, Murphey’s Law and Hatebreed on one day, go for it dudes! Tom gave me some FB hint through WA and off to TS it was, HJ is near as we might travel with NS and NYHC will do. Got it? :) We could take the 00:22 back home and no need for a BOB once. Axel, Jelle and Ineke would go on their own.

Utrecht is a weird city, remember the Roots and Overkill show? Now we walked through shopping crowds in full sunlight and still I managed to walk the wrong direction! As I had been drinking all along? Turns out Vredenburg is only 50 m from one of the exits, no need to linger the city at all! At Het Gegeven Paard we were soon greeted by Thin Pim and his Paul-Baloff-look-and-sound-alike friend (missed his name of course, he’s as ADD as Baloff was :) ) and Axel seemed to BOB for Tessa and Jelle. OK, beers for the others, soup and bread for me, off to Insanity Alert. The band introduced themselves as Rotterdammers lost in Utrecht and made a great party. The band had brought all known signs (FtS, Let’s Circle Pit, huge spliff, Run to the Pit, the springy goggles, crab gloves) and just made fun for about 40 minutes. Macaroni Maniac early in the set *big smile, what had I eaten yesterday? Yup* the S.O.D. cover Kill Yourself was the highlight for Tom so far. I liked the song best that described 50 people sharing your toilet for the party ;) and some MC Hammer-piss off. I think this was, sort of, the set list:
- Some song about Christmas lighting (I think it was Pact With Satan)
- Macaroni Maniac
- Fuck this Shit
- Kill Yourself
- Weed Every Day (sp? Who cares :) )
- Confessions of a Crab Man
- Metal Punx Not Dead
- Hammertime
- The loo song, Desinfector
- Alles Kaputt
- Arac Attack (Kraken gaat door, Blowen gaat voor! Carack goes on, but weed is more on [or something])
- Glorious Thrash
It was such fun, I got an Insanity Alert patch from Dikke Pim! Thanks! Pity the hall is so wide, Tom said, in a small venue it’d be a lot MORE party ;). He’s right. Of the next band I had no idea what to expect: Broken Teeth. I once had had a Broken Teeth T-shirt from Stach, but that was a band that sounded a lot like AC/DC. So, what would such a rock band do between those hardcore and punk bands on this tour? Simple, I was misguided. This version of a painful mouth was not American but English (Manchester) and they like Madball a lot: https://nl-nl.facebook.com/brokenteethm ... rhardcore/ [both versions of Broken Teeth mentioned are, not surprisingly, not on MA.] Only little problems: Madball does show up to day and they do it a lot better. Their motto is ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos’, the website shows stage divers, but the click is minimal today. Mostly because they lack a sound of their own, most songs sound like covers from Agnostic Front, Madball and Hatebreed. Not interesting enough for me to endure the entire set. I had to go to the first aid as well, as one of my ear plugs got in too deep and I could not pick it out myself. Juicy ;)

I was walking the venue before Born From Pain got to the stage. I’ve known the band for years, as they entered the Dutch Metal Night so many years ago, also featuring Gorefest and After Forever. I like the blunt hardcore they play, lately more influenced by Hatebreed than before, but with an unique touch to their sound. The audience, now a lot more present than during Broken Teeth, picked it up and made the band feel welcome in their homeland. The sound was good too, I think this kind of bands needs a blistering volume to begin with. But it’s Holland, you know… ;)

Dikke Pim and Lange Pim and ‘Paul Baloff’son’ {he’s born in 1998, who knows if his mom was at Dynamo Open Air 1997 :lol: } had been anticipating Power Trip the most, as did Tom. Of course, he missed them with Napalm Death and Brujeria, now all sore forgotten: full scale pit, not too friendly, not too violent, great sound (you have to forgive me the lack of song titles) and even I could no longer stand still. I had been yearning for a pit once again and this was the best opportunity in a long time ;) Swing of the Axe was the signal to get loose! The singer even tripped over his own long sleeve shirt as he tried to take it off mid song :) No fool suffering ;) during Suffer No Fool. If the locker had not been this full, Tom would have bought a CD, I guess ;) Pity his ankles are piling up pain, more than before, but he could not stand still without the gentle push ;) So I got him a shirt :)

Next up was Terror. I can’t remember ever being disappointed by the band, but this night the sound was way below par and clearly not loud enough. The pit decreased every song, so it seemed, apart from Jelle, he’d been bashing so hard I felt sorry for some bystanders. The band must have slept bad, something? I don’t know. Jelle’s shirt was so torn I wanted to buy him a Terror shirt, also as thank you for the Terror set list he got me. I bought a Born From Pain one instead. The text on the BFP shirt matched Jelle’s idea of police better indeed ;) \m/ . Here’s the set list:
- Keep Your Mouth Shut
- Overcome
- Live by the Code
- Stick Tight
- You’re Caught (spelled wrong ;) )
- Intro / No Time for Fools
- Return to Strength
- One with the Underdogs
- Keepers of the Faith
- Spit My Rage
- Always the Hard Way

I knew Madball was up after Terror and they reigned supreme! Freddy Cricien has a 40 cm pony tail now, but looking like a metalhead is no offense tonight. I’d seen plenty of denims and metal shirts, as it was Madball that was surprised most, once on Graspop, to have a full tent exploding in front of them *evil* The heroes of old were greeted by the best sound of the day so far and the most violent pit. I stood and watched, smiling broadly, zipping Ineke’s freshly bought beer, looking at her latest hottie (Danish, wow ;) ) and seeing ‘it is good’. I was ready for the headliner, we’d agreed not to watch the entire show in case we’d need to do my hobby again so I stayed near the exit most of the Hatebreed gig. Hatebreed conquered all. Easy. With delight. With fire. With a Ronda hall too small to hold the entire pit. The floor trembled. The windows trembled. It was madness, beautiful madness, extreme madness. We left after some 40 minutes, not wanting to miss the last train, we thought. Coming to Amsterdam Centraal station we saw the last the last train to Enkhuizen would go after half an hour! Damned, taxi time. We’d slept most of the train ride, but it was all too easy to fall asleep on these soft leather seats in the taxi… The bikes have to wait for tomorrow, we’re done. We survived another hardcore night. Barely.

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Dutch Lemmy Memorial 2, Jan. 20th 2018, De Nozem en de Non, Heemskerk, feat. Snaggletoöth and Motörheadache (UK)

Meeting people you don’t expect on a metal festival is fun. What’s the deal? During Dynamo Metalfest 2017 I met my metal buddy of the office Niels. He’s in a group of Heemskerk and area metal buddies and works at the restaurant of my job. So, if the line is long or short, I always pay my buttermilk and grapefruit at Niels’ :) He was on Dynamo Metalfest 2017 and showed me the stand with the tickets to the second Lemmy Memorial in De Nozem en de Non in Heemskerk. One of the guys there thought he was handing out flyers, but those were the actual tickets ;) I got mine, paid for it like I should and thought ‘awesome, another Snaggletoöth evening'. The week before the gig Niels mentioned ’90-95 per cent of all tickets sold’ and I wondered… would I drive home or could it… could I sleep at my colleague Ronald’s? Uhm, quick thinking, he’s got his own priorities this weekend, but yeah, I can kip at his place. My condition: you get a ticket as a thank you. It had been seven (!) years ago I went to see Arch Enemy with my colleagues, now no Nico to be found ;) As a result of Friday’s taxi ride my and Tom’s bike were still at Toon’s place so I walked to pick up my own and drove to pick up Tom’s. He still had his lock on, so I had to take it by car. Toon was still at home, needing some water(s) after walking there. I told him I’d go to see the Lemmy Tribute, he’d have his Road King Club weekend. Where I didn’t know, but the surprise was even bigger when I parked my car in Heemskerk and heard my name?! Turned out, the Road King Club weekend was in Heemskerk too! Including the metalhead I know longest of all, Hender! :) :) :) That was fun! I asked Hender if he’d be interested in an evening Motörhead instead of motorcycles, but nah, maybe after the dinner :) Smiling I walked the wrong way (of course) to Ronald’s and was let in. Fun to see his kids and their bf too ;)

It had stopped raining when we got outside and walked towards De Nozem en de Non. Pity the community there is rabid about motorcycle gangs, so do I have to explain my Dutch Denim again? No, just leave your Lemmy Tribute hoodie at the wardrobe. Hey cool, they have Motörhead Röad Crew Pale Ale! Make sure to collect the corks and bottles as well! The beer itself wasn’t really of my liking, but Ronald loved it. So, HJ off tap and a Röad Crew please! The organization had new Lemmy Memorial shirts, with the Snaggletoöth logo bigger and higher than the Motörheadache from the UK? Who would open the night? Snaggletoöth did. The band has a decent Lemmy-look-alike-and-sound-alike man as singer and bass player, but also a man resembling Fast Eddy Clarke (R.I.P.) too. Of course, behind the drums is Roel Sanders, hello Asphyx ;) hello Inhume haha. Not much death metal tonight *grin* I’d been blasting God Dethroned all weekend ;) In short: the band overkilled! Particularly the sound was great, just a hint louder than Holland subscribes it \m/ and the Motörheadbangers of half of Europe went wild. Half of Europe? Yeah, I saw ‘Luxembourg’, ‘Ruhrpott’, ‘Belgium’ and ‘England’ beneath their club patches. Club patches plenty around, as Big Jeroen was there too. I made a picture of the set list (I already have one hanging, let the Swiss girls prey their list themselves ;) )
- We Are Motörhead
- Stay Clean
- Irön Fist (explaining Ronald this was the first Motörhead album I ever bought)
- We like to dedicate this song to all politicians in the world, as they Shoöt Yöu in the Back
- Killed by Death
- In the Name of Tragedy (dedicated to all women. Pun intended ;) Ladyboys included)
- We Are the Röadcrew
- Damage Case
- Thunder and Lightning
- Nö Class
- The Hammer
- Burner
- Orgasmatrön (explaining Ronald about my favorite Motörhead track)
- Ace öf Spades (meeting Brigges again ;) she had not recognized me as I have several denims to choose from :) )
- Bömber
- Överkill
- Over the Top (between () hooks, would they play it as encore? Yes, just enough time for one zip of Röadcrew ;) )

During the show I met half of Final Heiress (guitarist Paul and drummer Sicco), where’s Jan if you need him? :) We made a picture to piss him off a bit (just a fun bit, of course ;) ), even though he’s more of a Judas Priest adept than a Motörhead one. I also got interviewed for Noordhollands Dagblad, see if I can cut myself out of a newspaper once more ;) Hey, Niels needs a beer too, I got Ronald a Memorial shirt. All Motörheadache needed to do was, roll the drum kits over the floor and plug in your own Rickenbackers (even one signed by Lemmy) and Gibson Explorer (what a cool guitar that still is) and ROCK! BASH! BANG! Would the band do a different set than Snaggletoöth? Yeah, sort of:
- Damage Case
- Iron Fist
- In the Name of Tragedy
- The Hammer (tribute to Philthy Taylor)
- Jailbait (not on the set list, inviting all female Motörheadbangers on stage, funnnn!)
- Louie, Louie
- Sacrifice (whoah, great song!)
- Victory or Die
- Orgasmatron
- Stone Dead Forever
- Mean Machine
- Baby I’m So Bad
- Love for Sale
- Metropolis
- Dr. Rock (uhm, am I wrong in thinking about Kiss here? *blush* )
- Damage Case
- Fire Fire
- Burner
- Deaf Forever
- Going to Brazil
- Killed by Death
- Motorhead
- Bomber (first encore, with blistering lights and a mosh pit :) )
- Ace of Spades
- Overkill

It seems to be a cheap band, as the set list was clearly used several times, but who cares? Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddy are dead, long live Motörhead tribute bands that actually do their best to pay such tribute! I loved it, Ronald loved it (shirt included, Röadcrew included ;) ), the sold out Nozem loved it! With such atmosphere it is no big deal we heard several songs twice tonight. International, deep love for bolt loud rock’n’roll is what brought us all together tonight and excited us all! Full of joy we went out, only to find… Toon! How big is your world now? :) I gave him one of my Röadcrew bottles to hand over to Hender, as sure as hell he’s missed a great gig. Toon hardly answered if he’d had a good time, seeing us smile so widely heh heh. A good night was followed by a good breakfast, Elbow or not ;) Like said, Ronald had other priorities than me, but no need to rush. Driving home in a fierce sun is great, good for the brain to relax. Pity De Nozem is going to be shut down forever in June, but so be it. We’ll find another place under the moon for another Lemmy/Philthy/Fast Eddy/Campbell/Dee tribute. Motörheadbanger for Life!

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Pestilence Fight the Plague Tour 2018, January 26th, Patronaat Haarlem

Pestilence is an old love of mine. I will never forget the first time I saw Pestilence, I was 17 and already when I parked my bike at R17 I knew this was going to be loudddddd! Entering the venue, I think I would have had an entire party with only two crates of beer needed, there he was: The Grin. ‘We will teach those Westfriesians a lesson or two about death metal’, clearly spat off Martin van Drunen’s face. Patrick Mameli wasn’t even there, rumour spread about a motorcycle accident or a fight with some skinheads, nobody knew exactly, but I was baptized in death metal. The hard way. The loud way. The Grin-way. OK I had a few albums on tape (Scream Bloody Gore, Seven Churches, Darkness Descends) but live? No, that was totally, overwhelmingly new. At that point I didn’t even have Pestilence on tape. To a certain level, every album was a milestone: Mallevs Malleficarvm was speedy thrash (even Sacred Reich picked the album up ;) ), Consvming Impvlse is a milestone in death metal along with the change in Martin’s style of singing, Testimony of the Ancients was a masterpiece of technical death metal and highly entertaining musical interludes ranging from spooky screams to fusion. All and all I’ve seen four shows on the Testimony of the Ancients 1992 tour before Spheres was released, but the milestone Mameli wanted to pun was misunderstood and many fans haunted away. Old school fans that was, at first I thought ‘including me’, but after a while recognition came. Not as special as Consvming Impvlse is to me, but there are a few gems on Spheres to be found. After a hiatus the band returned with the blistering Resurrection Macabre, but fell into old mistakes when Obsideo was released. Tension in the band, lack of big tours being offered, not willing to play old stuff, whoever’s an alcoholic or worse wasn’t the main issue anymore, the band goofed Neurotic Deathfest to the limit… it began with an eager crowd, but after three, four songs only Tom and me were still in front. But with a nagging feeling, we got so fed up with Mameli’s whining about ‘droll death metal’ we left halfway the set. So far the history lesson on my experiences with Pestilence.

There had been some fuss about Pestilence rebooting the first three albums as a tour, as Martin told me he had been asked to join. He reclined politely. I was fussy as well, as I knew Patrick has been saying he hated death metal (and/or its crowd) now for some time and was a bit scared about the commercial reactions… Who would bring their older than old Pestilence shirts or of bands former band members are/were in and how is he going to react to that? I seriously doubted to go or not, but the chance of hearing Subordinate to the Domination, Dehydrated, Twisted Truth or Presence of the Dead live again cleared my sinuses. I could expect even older stuff, but no hard feelings if Traitor’s Gate would not be played, but if they do play Chemotherapy or [dùh] Out of the Body they have to be played properly. The tour was called Fight the Plague, so there’s a possible hint how old the songs COULD be. Bad thing: Patrick Uterwijk is no longer in the band. Wanda, Bryan and Peter present, car full, we go. During Eindhoven Metal Meeting I thought Distillator would perform too, but they play on another part of this tour. I have never seen Rebaelliun, so I’d get something new nonetheless.
Coming to Patronaat I got in easily, as did Wanda but Bryan could not? Turned out I had printed one ticket twice and the third not at all… after a visit to my ticketmaster account Bryan was let in without an extra payment, HeeJo and Dennis passing by, pretty full venue (small hall) but I missed Seita this way. I heard half a song, but had not seen them. OK, merch! The first four albums have been reissued on CD and vinyl so it seemed, but I had heard horror stories of the reissue of Testimony. I stuck to the Mallevs patch and got a free sticker along with it. The shirts weren’t really of my liking, as the old artwork had been accompanied by extra bars on the sides of the picture… Ehm, first another band. I’ve known the band name Rebaelliun ever since a dodgy Dynamo Open Air- or Hammerheart-compilation CD, but that must have been 1997 or something… From the balcony it looked and sounded like the band played on elastic bands instead of strings, but near the stage it sounded a lot better, a lot fuller mostly. First song I ‘recognized’ was the one from the (hey, it is!) Hammerheart-sampler. Don’t ask a name, I have a hard time finding those compilation albums :-/ The Brazilian death metal band has been influenced by Krisiun (dùh), Malevolent Creation and have a smear of Axegrinder too. Bryan thought he heard a hint of Lucifericon or Luciferion, I can’t make out that difference as I hardly know both bands. According to MA the band has been split up for over 12 years but apparently they have a new album since reforming. That part sounded a bit more complex, I think. Wanda found a Rebaelliun CD on the stairs so at least someone tried to support the band more than we did. It was OK, but not for long. The band is clearly label mates to Pestilence, so to speak. Tour affirmed.

I met a few friends between bands like Alex and Jane, Johnny Amsterdam, Douwe of Akrasial and ‘Paul Baloff’s son’ ;) but the Radler 0,0 wasn’t present at all. I chose orange soda and water instead, but that bored soon. Wanda had found there was some Wieckse 0,0 but that wasn’t Radler also… Good thing: Pestilence soon began. Patrick Mameli (or should we say Patrizio now? :o look at the new CD…) was in good mood and he’s found a decent band to surround him. The overall sound was a bit tame from the balcony, but very good near the stage. Here’s what I wrote:
- Soulless – Presence of the Dead [uhm, in hindsight, wasn’t it Fight the Plague? :o ]
- Parricide (already a fierce pit happening, guess who’s the first one to fly? Yup, Baloff :) )
- Subordinate to the Domination (Mameli announcing a chronological set) Killer track!
- Commandments (trying to make video, bye bye 1,4 GB of room on laptop ;) )
- Dehydrated (Bryan, Peter and herrieman F.R.E.A.K. O.U.T. Wanda is there for the picture ;) )
- Chronic Infection (Douwe comforting my shouts of sentiment of youth)
- ‘We would like something shown that grew inside your bodies, not poo please’ Out of the Body
- Echoes of Death
- Secrecies of Horror (me explaining Bryan about that dreadful timing of Land of Tears in Groningen 1992 :) hoping they wouldn’t play it)
- Twisted Truth
- …Land of Tears. Typical.
- Prophetic Revelations (Mameli claiming he hardly ever played it? I found several live versions on YT)
- Mind Reflections
- at least one more
I’ve had a long and tiring day and I’m not actually able to handle much more excitement today. I mentioned that to Wanda and she picked up Bryan. Peter stood near me at the merch stand and got himself a Fight the Plague tour shirt. Wanda offered me a tour shirt before the show, but I reclined. I first wanted to be convinced this would be a just tour. Fun fact: the band had God Dethroned-pizzas served :) I never returned to the merch stand, but as I have at least two Pestilence shirts I don’t really need the third. Bryan convinced me to take his offer of the new album and ‘listen to it in quiet’. Writing this review I already found two great songs off Hadeon, but also two seriously fucked up ones. Robotsinging, something. The silverware does get a second chance.
Coming back to the entrance I apologized once more for the inconvenience, but the entrance lady mostly smiled... she’d seen us pretty sweaty, tired but satisfied of a good show. I now have four unused Pestilence tickets ;) as we got three ‘normal Patronaat booth’-tickets to fill our collection ;) I was hungry, as was Peter. As it was beyond midnight I knew BK would be closed, I wasn’t in for Macca but a gas station fulfilled our needs. Gevulde koek, Bifi, on. The road home was as hilarious as the ride to Haarlem, something about bananas and weird places to stuff them and loads of metal.

We are sure of three things: a. https://youtu.be/CSn3sYu9U9c this won’t come back. Ever. No hint of Van Drunen, Meinhard, Foddis, Choy or even Uterwijk to be found. In any way.
b. this was a great show
c. coming Stonehenge show is going to be a hell different. The new album has to be promoted and with doing the Fight the Plague tour the band has held an old promise. They can safely shut the really old stuff away, at least that’s what Mameli thinks. We’ll see, I’m still a simple but huge fan of the first three albums. And… I suspect Asphyx and Suffocation will make sure Pestilence can’t do it only in first gear. The band will have to keep up the motion. No room for arrogance, like the previous time I’d seen Mameli & Co. No need to bring death metal down, ever again. Now, I’ve heard the new album only once, but I hear two things: yes it is Pestilence, with the atonal music and experiments. But did the Robotsinging have to come too? Pestilence will keep surprising us, I hope. Tonight we were pampered by thrash (demo/Mallevs), death (Consvming), technical stuff (Testimony) and prog (Spheres). Metal.

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Metal Meeting Alkmaar, feat. Sinister, Mutator, Jan.27th, Victorie

As a fanboy you hear some, do some, drive some. In this case, if Mutator does some shows, I’m in. Period. I can’t see all the shows, as one was placed on a Ruhrpott day, but swoah. This special show was announced by guitarist Alex himself, ‘hush up’ once more ;) ; Sinister it would be. There had been some editions of Metal Meeting Alkmaar and Victorie Deathfest, but you can’t have it all, right? As soon as I heard the date I kept checking into Victorie’s website and yeah, January 27th it would happen: another edition of Metal Meeting Alkmaar, featuring Sinister, Sisters of Suffocation, Bloid and… tadaa! Mutator! I bought 2 tickets, as I knew Wanda would love to see Mutator again and she’d never seen Sinister so far. A few weeks before the gig I got an e-mail from Alex, asking whether I’d be interested in the guest list I answered: ‘you’ve got to save this present for next time, as I already have tickets of my own, of course’ :) Alex’ reaction: thumbs up ;) . We’d meet in his hometown anyway. Shredded Ed had tried several times to contact me as I knew he’d love to be brought home once more and asked if I could pick up his long time band buddy Sebastiaan. Of course, no problem. I felt a bit weird saying he could join us, as I knew Daniel would not want to miss Sinister but he’d have to go by train. First come, first turn. My beloved Golf Diesel Mk II isn’t bigger than this, sorry.

Coming to Alkmaar the SebasSebas still sent us to the wrong part of the industrial area of Alkmaar :-/ but I wasn’t too fussy about that: Bloid would open the evening; Mutator would play AFTER Sinister, who found that part out? OK, I can understand a venue/organization doesn’t want the big band too early or too late, but wouldn’t it be a bit unfair to Mutator, to play for a diminished crowd? That’s of later worry. We came in, got greeted by Daniel and Bloid played, ohh fuck we’re too early. The band jokes are NOT funny (moping about fast songs or fast songs :roll: ), the riffs are overchewed, the singing is false, metalcore is NOT cool. Only good parts: it’s short for us, the Sinister backdrop already present and they have a good drummer. Wanda had been plundering the Sinister merch stand for herself and Bryan. The Sisters of Suffocation already sounded better than Bloid during their sound check. Strange isn’t it, a band with only one guitar that sounds fuller than a more aged band with two guitars?? The Sisters did not bother about jokes, apart from one or two fun explanations of their songs and bash in. The steamroller death grind machine is on full throttle, the singing is vile and deep until the ladies do a bit of close harmony halfway the set. Great break in the set this way! The band is greeted by at least one bloke on amphetamines (I guess), wind milling between all people present (clearly making known he doesn’t want to hit anyone) and the amount of headbangers grew song by song. I made a picture of the set list:
- Shapeshifter
- Host of a Dead Fetus
- This is not my Home
- I Swear (dedicated to their former booker/guide Bidi)
- Hunger
- Brutal Queen
- Danger
- Tales of a Martyr
- Our Bodies will Rot
- Psycho Surgery
- Skinless Flesh (‘I’m moulting!’ ;) )
- Boundaries

I got some great pictures, had had a great time during this set and wanted more. I bought the EP Brutal Queen and the CD Anthology of Curiosities and wanted signatures. Wanda had conquered the set list and I got a fineliner pen, so one by one I got all signatures in threes. To my surprise the ladies did not want to use the fineliner pen for the CDs, they had a thicker silverliner marker for the silverware :) Sinister was up in half an hour, but that meant the band and audience had to wait for at least a quarter of an hour? These men are so experienced, if all bands use the same drum kit and Marshall stacks you don’t need to do more than change the cymbals, maybe a drum stool or a snare drum, plug in and… Daniel had a point, if that would happen after the Sinister set it would mean he’d have to skip Mutator totally. Sinister got a near-full house in front of them, a clear sound and a good volume. Nice intro and… BAM! Death metal deluxe! In Dutch we say ‘geen speld tussen te krijgen’, translated something like ‘no way you’re getting a needle between the bricks’. The band is in top shape, has great contact with the crowd (Daniel <-> Ricardo wasn’t the only one ;) ), the songs are monstrous and known, the new material is still relevant and the old ones are all classics. Even Martin Motörhead is going off his rocker, cool to see you again! From the third song the band gets a pit worthy of fast death metal ;) The Amphetamine Anomaly is making a lot of miles again, but now he’s bumped and bumped by a small but vicious ‘normal’ pit, which I enjoyed greatly from the side of the hall. There even was a Mohawk dude with the shirt ‘Heel Veel Haarlak’ (translated ‘Lots of Hairspray’; he had a 40 cm hanekam ;) )and he loved to pit. I wrote: song 1, song 2, The Gray Race, song 4, Sadistic Intent, Epoch of Denial, song 7, The Masquerade of an Angel, quit writing ;) as there wasn’t a set list to be seen. It was a great gig, Ricardo happy with Wanda, Wanda happy with Ricardo signing her ticket as it were a poem he had to write :) Aad of Sinister did not bother to mention the fourth band tonight, but I’m not even sure he knew there would be a band after his.

Time for ‘our’ headliner and the last band of this edition of Metal Meeting Alkmaar: Mutator. Be honest, how many bands can tell they’ve had Sinister to support them, even before the first recording was released? ;) Beforehand Ed was nervous as always, what if the monitor wouldn’t function properly, again? No worries, he sounded dirty as always. The venue had indeed been stripped of most of the audience (I haven’t seen Daniel leave, but even some Schiedam friends showed up; they did watch Mutator and liked it) but those who stayed got the full nuclear biohazard change over them. Sharp drumming, rolling bass, razor guitar shreds, violent singing, cool intro, good use of second voice, here’s the set list:
- intro
- Karma
- Sick Society
- Curse the Gods (I helped Ed again :) \m/ )
- Manipulation – first crowd surfer present \m/
- Hit ‘this song is about a rental killer, don’t rent your towels at Rentokil :) ‘)
- ‘I love to hate you and I’ll bite your throat off with pleasure, this is’ Revenge

The crowd yelled and yelled for more, would the band be allowed to play one more song? Nick didn’t really wait for it and expanded the Painkiller intro as long as it needed to retune bass and guitar for Crystal Mountain. I could clearly see Alex’frantic tuning during that piece of heavy metal history :) No mention of the coming EP, guys? Crystal Mountain sounded more evil than I’ve ever heard it! As a thank you I got Dave’s very, very first self-arranged guitar pick WITH Mutator logo, even his gf Jessica hadn’t had one yet *cool* Wanda ‘only’ got the second one. The pick combines Dave’s three biggest hobbies: skate, hamburger, bass :) This was great!! Again!! During the aftermath of the gig some guy in a wheelchair toppled off the stairs! Had he been drinking or was he pushed, I don't know as I was talking to Dave and Jessica by then, but I sure felt the floor tremble. I could not help him up, as my tendon in my arm is still infected and I lack strength in my arm now. Dave did help him up, they had to toss him in his wheelchair with the four of them... I simply couldn’t help :(

It took a while to get everybody together again, as the bigger venue of Victorie held a dance party, of which some people got into the different venues in between. So, some dressed up dance dudettes got in ‘our’ hall, some metalheads were thrown out of ‘their’ hall. Some people inside the metal gig made metal ridiculous, but they stayed long enough to hear a metal band actually DOES play, and DOES play their instruments well. Metal is no brainless noise ;) On the way home we had some more great talks about metal, gabber, violence and other nice forms of hinting towards thrash metal lyrics \m/ and I delivered everybody safely at home. I was not as tired as after the Pestilence show, so I had some voetbal during afpilzen and recounted the marvelous weekend I had. I wasn’t even finished with the weekend, as I still had a birthday to attend, some Feyenoord to be seen (won over ADO) and Chinese as closure to a great weekend. Alex, thanks for offering the guest list, Wanda thanks for a great weekend, Dave, thanks for the unique pick, thanks to Sebas and Ed for thegreat chat during the ride. This was METAL!

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Nile, Terrorizer, Exarsis; Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden, Febr.10th

This gig was a sort of last minute call. I had seen the flyer somewhere, but totally forgot to check out where and when. It had been some 5 years I’d last seen Nile and only eleven months since Terrorizer (not the LA version ;) ) terrorized Holland. My Exarsis patch is on my denim since 2012. This could be fun. The tour was called ‘What Should not be Unearthed III’, I probably missed #I and # II ;) Daniel texted me only on Friday if I’d join him. I had no other plans so I agreed, as I want to see any Terrorizer as often as possible ;) We’d go by train, grab a beer in rock café Lazarus and head out to Sanders, Sandoval & Co. I put my bike at Toon’s, no time to change the shirt (…) and off to Leiden. Coming at Leiden Centraal we ordered Unox sausage bread, but I managed to order something without… Unox. Uhm, OK, off to Lazarus then. Coming to the door made me smile, the sticker said ‘Official U2-free zone’ :) I am definitely at my place here hahaha. The bartender played anything between AC/DC, Carcass and Slayer and we had a great chat with some locals. I got a slight warning: the red consumption coins of Gebr.de Nobel are fased out already? Huh, how often do I get to Leiden, once a year? I wanted to share a beer with Lange Robert, Kick, Eus, Alex and Jane but had to dump 23 old coins in the bin? Nasty. Now I knew for sure I’d go off my rocker drunk tonight; I could have given Daniel the new coins for the ticket but he chose the cash. Fine. The first band soon started. They were called Art of Deception and yeah they deceived us. The band can’t choose between the speed of thrash and the bluntness of death metal, so it made little sense to change that thrice in a song. Not that there wasn’t any good at all, as the band combined riffs of mid period Entombed with Morgoth, even a hint of Sacrifice (!) passed by, to be followed by a cross song of At the Gates and Chaos-era Sepultura. OK, a few pictures and back to the bar ;) thanking Remco Kreft with an excellent job on his new Graceless album ;)

During Exarsis I had a problem of luxury, as there simply were too many friends to properly see the band. The fiery thrash is cool to hear, a nice pit occurring, three beers from different friends in hand, talk talk talk haha. I like the band, but hardly have an idea what they played. I decided to buy a lovely chick a Terrorizer shirt, but no one seemed to think it necessary to tell me Terrorizer had already begun? I dumped the shirt unceremoniously in her hands and ‘doei xiejelater’, off to the stage. The venue nearly sold out, but it was no problem at all to get to first row. Instant recognition with Lee Harrison followed *cool* , even a new song to be heard, the band went totally hobscotch and the eager audience filled in the rest. A violent pit occurred behind me, the sound was blasting, sharp and the mix was friggin’brilliant. I grabbed a set list and got Lee to sign it for me, Sam was already gone and Pete seemed a bit shy with the attention the band got. OK with me, I was satisfied, but could no longer find the pretty girl? Ra and Nefertiti are damned with Grolsch Kornuit! Set list:
- Need to Live
- State of Mind
- Hordes of Zombies
- Sharp Knives
- Conflict
- Crematorium
- After World Obliteration
- Injustice
- Whirlwind Struggle
- Dead Shall Rise
- World Downfall

Nile is the headliner this tour. They did a great job, no hint of former arrogance (Dallas…), had a good sound and a nice cross of their entire career passed by. Sacrifice Unto Sebek early in the set, Kafir! following soon, Defiling the Gates of Ishtar, but as I don’t know anything from Ithyphallic and more recent material, I keep it that way. We did not see the entire set, as Daniel was getting tired and I started to dislike the Kornuit more and more. We left, might have eaten something at Leiden Centraal, but did not. The train ride home was a quiet one, albeit in carnival filth. I have a FC Den Bosch voetbal scarf, it’s no friggin’Oetelkont!! The noise on the way to Leiden and the filth on the way home… Beer and cans spilled, friggin’confetti everywhere, some hint of puke too, we moved on until we found a ‘clean’ spot and withered into our seats. Nearly missing the train to Enkhuizen because of the furking entrance gates (three pairs to pass from isle 7 to 4 damn it! Cycling home with my shirt around my head, as the wind was so harsh I’d lost my FC Schalke 04 beanie if I hadn’t stuck it… At home I had a pint of water, brushed my teeth and vanished into dreamland. It was a good night, carnival or not. World Downfall Metal to Anubis!

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Netherlands Deathfest III, 013 Tilburg, March 2-4, 2018, headliners Carcass, Emperor, At the Gates

This is going to be the best tradition ever, I guess. Seeing such an abundance of metal styles, not too far from home, not too expensive, meeting friends, great hotel (already booked the second day of NDF II :) ) and usually great weather to walk from hotel to venue. What else does a metalhead need? Couple of days off, some cash, that’s all doable. The date was set during NDF II, the first bands announced early April, one hour later the tickets were in the pocket! It could be Tom’s last visit to NDF for a while, as he wants to try something else next time. OK bro, no problem, I will go to NDF IV anyway. Now, the IIIrd edition:

Angel Witch was in the first batch of bands announced. I would like to see some bands that said Angel Witch influenced them, but as I like me some heavy metal too, I can wait ;) I was happier with the return of Sadistic Intent to Holland, last time I saw the band on a Dutch flyer was a cancelled tour with Pentacle and Possessed, somewhere in 2007 or something… but that tour never happened at all.. Carcass was announced early, as was Witchery! Finally! People debate whether it still has to be called a deathfest, but I don’t care about names. I once visited a Chaos Blast Meating and I’ve seen The Storm is Coming, right? We want metal, not fluffy names of douchy festivals.

Friday I was happy to have the entire day off. February is the busiest month for me and last weeks I felt completely drained. Tom would be at my place after a morning’s work, Bryan and Wanda would be earlier. For a nice coffee and Belgian waffle, or was that Graspop? Nah, nowadays you pay € 300 for a Graspop festival ticket easily, over € 120 for a one-day-one, food’s gone off the hill, prices up, bands down. And to travel to Belgium for just a waffle, I’m no Stip hahaha. He once drove to Antwerp for specific rolling tobacco and Belgian Palm, but as he no longer drinks nor smokes… I started the festival with relaxing exercise and relaxing music: Entombed – Left Hand Path, Gorefest – Mindloss and Rose Tattoo – Assault and Battery ;) . In car: AC/DC – Touch too Much :) Even though it was very cold, the ride to Tilburg was smooth, catching up with Tom and stories with Bryan filled the beloved VW Golf Mk II once again. Wanda had arranged the Bastion hotel, but had no idea it would be sooo costly: € 980!! That’s more than double we paid in Auberge! First people to come out of Auberge: Andrée and Kathe!! :lol: ) Cold and windy but sunny, we had a great walk to 013. At the door we heard there were a few problems: the wrist bands weren’t delivered, some goo about backpacks and rucksacks, Vallenfyre was stranded in English snow and big chance some more bands wouldn’t make it. As Vallenfyre was scheduled as first band of the Saturday, it soon became clear the festival would simply start some later, no need or no effort for another band? Carnation isn’t situated that far from Tilburg *wink* *hint*

With my first beer in hand I already met 20 friends :lol: and Aura Noir soon got to stage. I don’t know, it was like a bad attempt to worship Venom, but without the fuck-off-mentality. The guitarist even sat down on a friggin’chair, bored shitless, when the bass solo was played! OK, don’t screw my good mood, I get it. I leave, find myself a handful of patches (HJ, hello Jerry ;) thanks Wanda for an awesome Let There Be Rock patch!) In the main hall Broken Hope was also trying to bore me to death so within 25 seconds I returned to the foyer and my friends. I honestly don’t know which band I saw later, as the schedule was turned inside out the rest of the day. Some black metal hush hush, I don’t recall. We were waiting for Suffocation anyway. The band bashed all air out of all lungs and made very much pores sweat exuberantly ;) The band started with two new songs I didn’t recognize (still haven’t bought the new album) before Wanda had her time of the day: Effigy of the Forgotten, Funeral Inception [Bryan stating: ‘at least it’s loud enough!’ Uhm, don’t you like the way they play it? ‘Yeah, but this needs volume and indeed, there’s loads of it :) ‘], Clarity Through Deprivation, Pierced From Within, Entrails of You, As Grace Descends, Liege of Inveracity {thanks, setlist.fm ;) clearly thinking of Frank Mullen’s comment on the band’s lyrics :) } Catatonia and Infecting the Cryps were shattered over our eager heads. Tom ruled the pit, even though he told me the ankles had become so much worse the operation needed comes closer… then he’ll never pit again… There even was one crowd surfer that lost both his phone, one shoe and still he tried to get on stage.. fool. Cut his wristband and throw him out, please! Douche. Another douche present in the form of a roadie, bringing all set lists to the LEFT side of the stage, handing out guitar picks at the left side of the stage.. we were at the RIGHT side of stage. I decided to do something a little more drastic, I signaled guitarist Charlie Errigo to swap shirts. So, he got my (reasonably dry) Sabiendas shirt, I’ve got his soaking wet Internal Bleeding shirt. Clearly, he’s got the better part of the deal, but the soppy shirt fits like a glove. A wet glove HA HA HA. I made friends there :) On Sunday I was thanked by Charlie for the dry shirt and got a picture taken :lol: Both in dry shirts again :) Another thank you to Wanda, as she offered me ‘shirt of choice, offer only for today’ and got me a clean, lovely Deströyer 666 shirt (Call of the Wild). All and all we got home with over 30 patches too 8-) (peak into pile: Violator, Attic, Motörhead, Grave, Sarcófago and said Let There Be Rock)

Carcass headlined the Friday. As I had no longer any clue what band would play in Patronaat or the small hall, I chose not to taste that much luck and stuck around for Bill, Jeff and Co. The band did a Heartwork set, with all filthy classics of old and sharp versions of Descanting the Insalibrious and even Exhume to Consume and Genital Grinder passed by. I loved it, but as I had not eaten that much I did not see the entire set and left for a taxi. Good thing: I had a good night of sleep, bad thing: Tom clearly did not. His intestines seemed to be knotted and as a result we chose to walk through the sunny streets to Café Karel. That was a good choice, as he clearly got better every step he took. Let your own blood cleanse you ;) . Some coffee and stroopwafels did the rest, the psychological barrier of 12 o’clock was passed hesitantly. But we did it. First beer at 12.05 25 *cool* Pity Karel had so much problems with the compu-tap, so we had to settle ourselves with Jupiler instead of HJ… I wanted to be on time, as I’d met Ben and Loek of Skullhog/Inhume yesterday and Loek told me: ‘if you’re on time on Saturday, I’ll have a patch for your Dutch Denim’ so at 13.59 precisely we got into the small hall for Skullhog. After a few songs of pure goregrind Loek asked ‘how’s the sound’, I replied: ‘het is kut, maar dat mag!’ “it sucks, but with goregrind that’s OK” :lol: Laughs. Not only Loek had an Inhume present, Ben couldn’t linger and he gave me an Skullhog street patch! Thanks a lot, gents, highly appreciated! The band also played songs of the new split with Violation Wound and it seems Reifert & Co. get some live mileage with Skullhog! OK, noted! If that means Skullhog members show up at Maryland I couldn’t quite decipher, but I will keep my eyes out! First beer is on me! I like me some cross goregrind – stoner! Loek also thanked the clog dancers and belly dancers, so a lot of shirts were raised ;) I made a picture of the set list (featuring a print on a NDF flyer 8-) ) :
- Risen to Bludgeon
- Smouldering Abnormality
- Curse of Dunwich
- Tusks of Gore
- Savage Butchery
- Gateways of Eibon
- The Final Chapter

Second band we saw today was Nunslaughter. Bryan was overexcited to (finally?) see the band as it turned out both Nunslaughter and Carcass shared the same hotel he did and their fanatical death/grind with hint of black is butter to his ears. I wasn’t impressed by the start of the gig, but it got better all along. In one song I heard a wing of Saxon, an oldschool Carcass riff and a whiff of Megadeth? Yeah, that sums it, I guess. I stuck near the stage, as I knew Skinless was about to wash our ears with gore and filth and I knew Andrée and Kathe had mostly come to Tilburg to see them. The band had a superb sound, combining blunt death metal with a stroke of doom. Andrée wanted to buy something, but forgot his bank card (like I’d forgotten the credit card; Tom had to balance in quickly before I could set it straight at ‘my’ bank on Friday :o ) so I lent him some. Doing so I nearly got Kathe in tears, as she clearly had not expected me to lend him money without even blinking an eye. She got me back my € 50 within half an hour ;)
Andrée got the set list:
- The Optimist
- Extermination of my Filthy Species
- Tampon Lollipops
- Deviation will not be Tolerated
- Savagery
- Fetus Goulash
- Skull Session
- High Rate Extinction
- Foreshadowing our Demise
- Crispy Kids

After Skinless I met up with Bryan and Wanda as I’m in for pizza! We were shooed out of the pizza parlor so that’s another black cross behind that venue :-/ and we walked on. I got the best carpaccio I’d had in a long time and Bryan got his ‘extra fries’ which I nearly ate totally :) That we missed Witchery, owww that’s a fact I can’t deny and I can’t express how sorry I am to have done so, but the reactions to the band were as wide as the North Sea (some said it was pretty cool, some people hated it.) so I leave it at that. It was time for the headliner of the entire weekend: Emperor. The band would do an Anthems to the Welkin of Dusk set, but Tom had already left in the first song. He hated it, called it spreeuwenherrie (‘starling noise :) ‘). I couldn’t do much more than follow him, but where he went so fast I don’t know. I was lucky enough to find Jordi and he called Kimberly if I could be brought to Auberge. I am not too fussy about missing most of Emperor, as I’d seen them in Wacken years ago. All I know is that Emperor also plays PartySan, of which David (of Enjoy the Torture) got me a ticket! Muchos thankos, myos friendos! ;)

Tom clearly had a better night than before. The wind was gone now, the sun prickly, temperature rising swiftly. No more snow to be found, spring is in the air! As was HJ at Café Karel, including people speaking Norwegian, Spanish and more around us ;) The new date for NDF IV is set too, next year NDF will bash Tilburg on May 3rd-5th! Ahh, one of the reasons Tom didn’t want to choose to go or not WAS the date. February can mean cold, wind, snow, May is usually a lot better period to sit at Heuvel 24 *cool* We were right on time for the first band: Sacrificial Slaughter, the fiery American death grinders with not two, but three putdeksels for vocalists ;) I kept thinking of the many songs I know by the name Sacrifice (Bathory, Motörhead, even Elton John in all diversity), my hunger to finally see the real Sacrifice or the CanadianSlaughter… wishful thinking, I know, but still. Damned, Sadistic Intent flew via England and are STRANDED! Goddomme! Second band today was Altarage from Portugal. Oh no, Spain. Or should I say Portal? The black/death was blistering loud, the band was wearing pest masks or executioner’s hoods and they. Play. Loud!!!! It was so loud the pest masks withered in the bass lines, did I mention LOUD?? The third band we saw was The Flesh from Norway. Uhm, were those the men sitting next to us only an hour ago? ;) Yeah, I recognized a guitarist’s head but Metal Archives doesn’t help me. MA says the band is split up years ago, they played death metal but this is a mixture of crust, stoner and some black metal vocals. OK three genres in one song, we’re off. Luckily the Inhume- and Carnation-members found me and we had a lot of beers ;) Jonathan even mentioned a CD presentation gig, but I missed where. I think it’s a matter of peeking FB a bit ;) I was just in time for the other highly wanted show: the return of Angel Witch to a Brabant stage! The band had frequented Dynamo (venue and Open Airs) in the eighties, but I only got to see them first on Bloodstock (2011)) and later Tongeren Metalfest (2014). The mix was great but the singer Kevin Heybourne could have had a better day, I guess. Bryan totally, totally freaked out! That was fun to watch, him being so introvert haha. Looking all directions, always funny to see some oldschool deathheads go insane. On ancient NWOBHM ;) With this set list:
- Gorgon
- Confused
- Atlantis
- Dead Sea Scrolls
- Sorceress
- White Witch
- Into the Dark
- Angel of Death
- Baphomet
- Angel Witch

What I’d say is something like ‘with this set list it’s not strange to freak out. Deathhead or not.’ Of Goblin I won’t say much. I hate movie scores and these guys/doll play electronic, half-metallic versions of gore horror movies I’d never see. I’m not into horror at all and with these tunes I don’t think I will be. My pictures or these bytes are wasted. I returned with longing to… Grave! The band got a full hall in front of them, a sound close to eargasm and a set list consisting of the coolest songs:
- Deformed
- Black Dawn
- Day of Mourning
- Hating Life (!!!)
- Into the Grave
- Extremely Rotting Flesh
- Reality of Life
- Severing Flesh
- Eroded
- Annihilated Gods

DIT WAS FUCKKKKKKK GAAFFFFFFF! The set list was so good, I could not bother too long that Ola Lindgren’s guitar was set to zero, maybe 0,2 on a scale of 10… Weird. The band has been around since 1988, from 1984 in other incarnations, Lindgren is in the band ever since, but still they can’t manage to put that one bit straight… for the entire gig!! I wanted to get Alwin a Grave shirt, but they only had M-sized shirts? Uhm, OK, let me get a NDF shirt instead. He was puzzled by the gift, but also happy with the shirt haha. We meet in Heidelberg my friend! Where we won’t see Mournful Congregation, I guess, because the ‘Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise on 11 RPM’ couldn’t catch my attention. Two pictures, back to main hall. We weren’t really into the mood for At the Gates so we left during the sound check. NDF is over, but not the tale. We had another excellent breakfast and booked for May 3rd-6th 2019!! WE RETURN. To NDF. To Tilburg (still have a hand full of coins ;) ). To Death!

I really wonder what the organizers are going to do next. With Deathfests.com there are already four deathfests, OK, most of them in North-America, but can the line up be as diverse again? Tom and me do hope there’s some room for thrash (like on MDF), I hope some German death metal bands can show up, maybe some Canadian ones (hint hint Sacrifice, Infernäl Mäjesty, D.B.C. and the likes). Not too much atmospheric black metal. Keep some doom and grind available. The venue is greatly fit for NDF, even though I haven’t been inside Patronaat apart from the Goddess stand. I must say I missed two thirds of all bands this weekend (Root and Blood played way beyond midnight, plenty bands got stuck in England), but I can only be on one place at a time and I won’t rush. I don’t need EVERY band. I need my friends as well, even though Ineke did bring confetti again. I need metal. On the road home we had such a great time, I won’t easily forget the hilarious reactions of Wanda and Bryan to De Heideroosjes – Ze Smelten de Paashaas and the deep need to see more death metal live. We return.

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Re: Aura Noir

Did you not notice that the lead guitar player come on and left the stage on crutches? He had to sit down as it was hard for him to stand during the performance. Please give him a break.

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Death Metal Birthday V, feat. Deserted Fear, Dead Man's Walk, March 10th, Hypothalamus.de, Rheine, Germany

Thank some deity for my German friends Andrée and Kathe! Not that I wanted to skip the Sinister/TMDC/Dauthuz gig in Amstelveen, but if I have to choose between Deserted Fear and Sinister my choice is not so difficult. In fact, I had two tickets for the P60 gig for me and Wanda, but got texted about the anniversary Death Metal Birthday of Sig and Lampy! Deserted Fear, Lifeless, Dead Man’s Walk and some illegible logos, I’m all in for it! Again it would be held in Hypothalamus.de in Rheine and again I could kip at Kathe’s or Andrée’s place, OK! So, we split up. Alex brings Wanda to Amstelveen, I drive to Rheine once more. Pack up the Jack D. bottle I had planned for Kathe, bring Andrée some HJ and another God Dethroned-shirt for Fabian :) Drive early, eat in Westerkappeln, first beers are Dutch ;) ; Kathe would drive us home and I’d have my anniversary Deserted Fear show, my tenth!

On my way to Germany I drove past my friend Henric playing Rammstein, but he wasn’t at home.. Driving in Germany in plain sunlight is great. I have done those roads many times, so I had all the time to actually enjoy my ride. But also in a Stau once more (traffic jam; accident) so for the very first time in my life I drove backwards on an Autobahn! That’s curious! Good things were, I wasn’t actually the only one thinking so and the Ausfahrt was only a few hundred meters back. Germans actually make room for such occasions! The Dutch will NEVER do that >< I got to Westerkappeln (again, not visited the Tractor Museum ;) ) and as I knew Kathe had to work a bit, we got ourselves our first Herforder pils ;) . My bedroom was entirely covered in AC/DC! That’s what I call Wilkommen in Deutschland!! Would Caro and Christian be there as well? No, Caro is pregnant, congrats, they wouldn’t take the risk; she’s only two weeks due. Andrée sure can cook as well, the meat was abundant and the sauce was great.

Kathe didn’t linger much and we got out to Rheine in minutes. Parking the car we already met Dutchies: yep, there’s Nathan and Pepijn and Dead Man’s Walk! Cool to see you guys again! I made a reminder to self to get at least a DMW CD or something for Andrée, having been fed so well ;) The bands were announced by first Sig and later Lampy, Sig said something about not wanting too obscure back drops inside a civilized venue like Hypothalamus.de so he got some beer crates inverted, as if the T’s of Bitburger and Köstrizer (hello PartySan!) would suffice as inverted crosses. Funny man, Sig. The first band No Shelter was German though, but according to the leaflet, not really death metal to begin with. More like Hatebreed not entirely awake yet. OK the guitar sound comes from HM2 Heavy Metal Boss boxes, but the vocals really suck. Kathe said ‘fuck off metalcore’ as description :lol: I walked pass the merch stands and instantly saw a Deserted Fear backpatch of which I said ‘don’t show it to me, I am still working on my 13th denim’ and guess what: Kathe bought it for me! So I had to keep up, keep spreading those Deserted Fear thingies! The band had not arrived at that moment but during Kathe’s first smoke break I was already out of patches ;) First back patch Kathe got me had a mistake in the last E of the logo, so I pointed that out to the merch man. I instantly got another one, but should the collector Herrieman not rather have a ‘special edition’ patch? Nah… ;)

Dead Man’s Walk was the second band to perform. The Nijmegen based band (and not Nimwegen ;) ) delivered a technical but brutal AND melodic set and they sure as hell got themselves into the heads of many visitors, including Andrée and Kathe. So, I got them the CD as promised (to myself, but still ;p ) as I got Pepijn’s set list (Thanks!!)
- Below
- Dead Each Day
- Stay in the Game
- Better off Dead
- This is What you Get
- Inner Remains
- Numb
- Blinded by Fear (a fitting cover :) )
- The Kill, the Cure
- To Cover the Fall
The set list features number (apart from Stay in the Game, which only has (...) :?: ) which probably mean the number of drum hits a minute ;) The figures range something between 135 and 240… but as I am both a musical noobs as well as a rhythmical noob, I don’t count drum beats that well ;)

In the time between Dead Man’s Walk clearing the stage and the next band we got out again. First one I met was Fabian of Deserted Fear, hinting me back inside for a shirt of my own choice. Of course he should not have done that, as I like supporting bands so much, but my decision was clear: yeah I want the Ökologische Trabant Shirt of Deserted Fear! The Ökological explanation inside the shirt (blah blah ecological footprint, durable, sustainable, etc.) was nearly bigger than the print of the Trabant featuring zombies for an engine and the band members in the sunrise :cool: I had seen the shirt before as Wanda recommended it to me and I thought ‘Tom’s a petrol head, he might enjoy a Trabant of a great band’ *cool* but he reclined. Fine, this baby is mine now! Of course I remember all those Deserted Fear videos (Kingdom of Worms and others) with the turquoise Trabbie in it ;) Coming back outside I met the piercing eyes of Mahne once more, hello my friend! Time for a third band but that didn’t last long. They’re called Eastfriesian Terror and goddamnit, I. Am. A. WESTFRIESIAN! When I start shouting about Friesland, Ostfriesland and West-Friesland I don’t easily stop. That the band played uncut grinding death which wasn’t that bad at all was of no use to me anymore ;)

Having eaten so well, we didn’t need anything else but water/orange soda (for Kathe) and beer. The members of Lifeless had been enjoying the bands as well, now it was their turn. The turn from grind to death is one easily made by me, as Lifeless held a blistering feast of old school death metal. I do not care I am alone at the beginning of the set, I soon got friends. I didn’t even have to turn my head, asking who to join, it got cozy within a song and a half. Here’s the set list Marc provided (THANKS!)
- Intro
- The Occult Mastery (I finally got the CD, thanks a million Andrée!!)
- Progenies of a Cursed Seed
- interlude (to Insanity Reigns)
- Perdition of the Whore
- From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise
- intro (to Rites of Desolation)
- The Truth Concealed
- Left Hand Path part
- Curse the Gods part (I think, I was too busy procuring my set list ;) )

I got the set list signed by the entire band as Deserted Fear was building up. To hear those riffs, sometimes so simple, sometimes so blunt, makes me happy. And I surely wasn’t the only one awaiting another great Deserted Fear set. Have I ever been disappointed by the band, other than having to cancel the tour with Dark Funeral and missing that entire gig after all? No. The CDs are fucking awesome, the band members fucking cool and the live setting is fucking amazing. OK, I haven’t really fucked since 2007, but that’s of no information to this great gig. The band went in like a samurai sword near a convicted man. Here’s the set list, signed by Mahne (thank you very much!)
- The Fall of Leaden Skies
- Battalion of Insanities
- Kingdom of Worms (what a great death metal singalong ;) )
- Nocturnal Frags
- Mortal Reign
- The Carnage
- The Black Incantation
- Call Me God
- Field of Death (thaaa bonecrushing introoooo :cool: )
- My Empire
- Face our Destiny
- Bury Your Dead (all hands rising! As did the goose bumps!)

That the DJ played You Give Love A Bad name before these guys got to stage is somewhat weird, but tonight I don’t care. My anniversary Deserted Fear show was a great one, surrounded by a lot of my German and only some of my Dutch friends (no single Marcel to be found? Probably) I felt like I was on holiday. Having a beer with Nathan once again was plain fun and good to the senses. I wasn’t the only one surrounded by friends, the audience kept shouting for Deserted Fear so long I must say they deserved their new friends no holds barred. Exhausted, sweaty and hoarse we got into Kathe’s Hyundai and got delivered to Lemmy and HJ once again. Great way to afpils, but I should have known better than to drink Lemmy. I was sorry I saw some of Andrée’s souper once again, but waking up under an AC/DC bed sheet made me forget that. I told Andrée I wanted to be awoken around 11, as I remembered the previous visit to Westerkappeln. That day I sort of had to rush home, now all I had to do was be in Eindhoven around 5 PM. Finally we had time for a great conversation, going from hospitals to environment and via metal to friends. Surely, Andrée and Kathe are my dear friends by now, inviting them to my place on June 9th as I celebrate my 40th anniversary as metalhead. I want them to be around and meet my family and my friends, see what else I can come up with. They accepted the invitation, only to be interrupted by work :o I don’t hope so. I need them as much as I need my family. And metal.

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Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black Tour 2018, Dynamo Eindhoven, March 11th

This is not the first time Cannibal Corpse tours with The Black Dahlia Murder, but it’s the first time the band does only one gig in Holland, the same time another great band does only one gig of this tour... I had seen Sepultura would tour Europe around the same time as Cannibal Corpse, but the gigs in Holland intercrossed. Top that with Memoriam in Little Devil (also a one-off Dutch gig) and Ironic Maiden in Manifesto… So, ask Tom what to do, see Corpsegrinder or Corpse Buried or get small or local. He laughed and said ‘always the Cannibal one haha’ so I got tickets. Bring Ellen along too? Nah, no need. She’s still recuperating from the D.R.I. gig in Baroeg :lol: See if she joins us to Stonehenge, as D.R.I. has replaced Melechesh this year… Wanda sure wanted to join us!

As I came from Westerkappeln I had to rearrange some things. I bought Wanda and later Bryan another ticket and they’d meet up in the train. I’d bring them home. Not really. Tom did get to Eindhoven by train, no sign of Wanda nor Bryan anymore. Bryan had caught a severe influenza and that toll brought Wanda down as well. I only heard the voice mail back in Venlo (wearing my LotD hoodie but again no sign of Swinkels, Gielen, Fleuren nor Van Geel :) ) stating they wouldn’t make it after all. So I got into Eindhoven, well fed in Germany, well chosen spaghetti in Eindhoven ;) Nice, buttery noodles and full of peas and chicken… and red pepper. Ouch ;) I waited near the Central Station and was overhauled by a Rotterdam man complaining about his returns to Rotterdam? Err, isn’t it a bit early to piss off NS already? Turned out he’d seen Cannibal Corpse, Kreator and loads of others in Baroeg, Blokhut and Scum ;) but as he never spilt his name I keep it that way. Detour included, we were nice on time for the first band. Err, half painted faces, only half the band in ink and two singers doing exactly the same, even same articulation and tone? The forgettable part was their name: In Arkadia. Never mind. We soon got back to the foyer where loads of Brabant known metalheads regrouped. None seemed to like the opening act… as did many didn’t bother much about The Black Dahlia Murder. We usually say ‘if the pit goes, it REALLY goes’, but the first couple of songs the audience did NOTHING. The band got some reaction halfway the set, but we were having fun on the balcony already. Tom II present, Ineke nearby, Marcel III, Marcel IV along. Tom II was totally ecstatic, as he’d been into Cannibal Corpse and the likes since childhood, but never seen them. We agreed I could bring him home, as the last train from Eindhoven to Utrecht would mean he’d have to be gone before 11 PM already.

This would be my 13th Live Cannibalism. I’ve seen the band in Belgium (thrice), Germany (twice) and Holland (the rest ;) ) but not on other foreign soil. The band has a simple backdrop (just the latter logo and two zombies) and an excellent lightshow: none. Just red lights high above the band, not hint of rotation or skullfracturing strobe to be seen. Great. Tom said he’d needed his ankle operation way before a normal person would have (after pensioning or.. within 5 years!! Keep up dude!) so he wasn’t in for the pit until a man that probably had seen him once pulled him to the vortex… not strange with a set list like this:
- Code of the Slashers (very relaxed beginning ;) )
- Only One Will Die
- Red Before Black (Barrett playing this as if he’s playing friggin’country :) )
- Scourge of Iron (some technical problems with O’Brien’s guitar stack)
- Evisceration Plague (what a great rolling bass, such a pleasure to see Webster enjoy his own playing!)
- Scavenger Consuming Death (whoah fastieeeee!!)
- The Wretched Spawn (hey, haven’t heard that one in a while!)
- Pounded into Dust (hasn’t been on the set list for even longer than TWS!)
- Kill or Become (Corpsegrinder playing with the audience, as if he’s the one wielding the chain saw \m/; it wouldn’t harm if he’d be a bit louder in the mix)
- Gutted (!!!) Corpsegrinder: ‘We’re going to do some real oldschool stuff’ I shouted ‘Get Barnes back in the band then’ ‘I heard that’ :lol:
- Corpus Delicti
- Devoured by Vermin (only a seven second scream)
- Skull Full of Maggots
- I Cum Blood (‘this is our final song of tonight’ “NO YOU’RE NOT” :lol: )
- Stripped, Raped and Strangled (with Trevor Strnad)
- Hammer Smashed Face (with Ineke stagediving and crowdsurfing :) )

Funny thing was, Corpsegrinder announced Strnad saying ‘he’s doing those lyrics better than I do’ and HE DID! It’s not that Corpsegrinder is getting old, but the abuse on his esophagus and stomach is getting more noticeable, I think. I like the new album a lot, it’s more thrashier than ever before and it fits. The band has to evolve (only a bit) and this sort of new direction does wonders to the overall feel around the band, the sound in the venue and the set list. Some songs played I think I hardly ever heard live are great. I mean, even if you have visited the band in the nineties, how often was Gutted played?

Even though we agreed to bring Tom II home, he was nowhere to be seen. I don’t know if he trusts me or not, but apparently he left before we did. Ineke didn’t understand either, but she had also come from a different start point that Sunday, so they wouldn’t drive together anyway. So, needing Tom’s cell phone I managed to do another detour before reaching My Beloved Black Diesel, already forgetting the Black Dahlia thing. We’ve seen TBDM way better but The Cannibal overwhelmed us again. Apart from one bad timing (Wãldrock 2003) I’ve never seen the band NOT convince an audience to freak out. And that one day was ‘just badly planned by me’, I guess. We got home to Westwoud at 1:30 AM so we both had a short night before labor would commence once again, I only slept on the way home ;) I had had a great weekend of beer, friends, orange soda and metal. Deserted Cannibals crossing!

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Bload Soaked Earth Tour, Venom Inc., Suffocation, Evil Invaders, Dynamo Eindhoven, March 16th 2018

Alex is one of the survivors of the 1985 tour Venom – Exodus – Chariot. He’d been deaf of that Paradiso show for about five days and nearly totally forgot about the bands over the years. I still don’t know if it was him or Toon that brought me that tour shirt I had so much bull about in high school *cool* Bryan on the other hand was hardly 8 when this tour happened and it so happens, he’s got more Venom than all of my family combined ;-) When the tour Venom Inc.-Suffocation-Nervosa was announced, I instantly mailed Wanda if they’d join. Clicking Ticketmaster I instantly remembered 1985 and got another ticket for Alex. I was a bit let down the one Dutch show this tour held, Suffocation wouldn’t be on the bill! Damned, I thought, but no worries as Evil Invaders was more than happy to fill this spot. I understood, Suffocation choked Netherlands Deathfest only two weeks ago, so… the bigger my surprise the New Yorkers would be in Dynamo after all! Whohweee! I worked at home on Friday, Alex had a little appointment with his son, would Bryan get a day off? Yeah, he did. We agreed to get together at my place, let the dice decide who’d drive (I have a dice with only two remarks on it: ‘I drive’ and ‘You drive’) and off to Eindhoven once more! I spent my working day mostly with bands that have been highly influenced by Venom: Sodom, Primordial, BitchHammer :) and I was searching for a fitting shirt… I can no longer wear that Nightmare shirt unless I damage it, I have MDF shirts, Stonehenge-with-Suffocation, Death Feast… the Königsblaue Sodom it became ;)

The fun already started at my house [Wanda and me both have an AC/DC boxer short :) ], for a change we have three driver’s licenses instead of one. The dice Bryan handled said ‘I drive’ so I took Alex’ keys to Eindhoven, Alex would drive back to Hoorn and Bryan said he always had wanted a go at my VW Golf Mk II Diesel ;) Coming to Eindhoven we had the weirdest car park I’d ever seen, there was an exit pole, a sign with ‘paid parking’ but also a second line, without pole and… confusion. We did manage to pay for parking and into the slight rain we headed out to Dynamo. First acquaintance: Wannes Gubbels ;) There already had been two bands, but as both MA and the Dynamo website gave nothing more than the band names we didn’t care. Nervosa was on stage, the Brazilian Female Thrash Exhibition roared. The sound was below par and way, way too loud, but at least I found a Westfriesian! Hey Belinda, cool to see you! Some people did enjoy Nervosa, we went back to the foyer after a song and a half. We met Marcel III and Maarten II and had a beer.

Second band for us was a lot better, in sound, in mix, in action, in reaction and whatnot: Evil Invaders! The Belgians went full throttle and got full throttle: great sound, great volume and great pit occurring just next to us. Headbanging or moshing, everybody around me does something and that’s great to see. Singer Joel swings his plectrums about every song, for nearly every guitar pick there’s a little hustle :lol: Wanda got the set list from Suffocation’s Charlie and I made a picture:
- Intro
- As Life Slowly Fades
- Pulses of Pleasure (fitting tribute to all deceased Motörhead members)
- Broken Dreams in Isolation
- Mental Penitentiary (little spelling mistake ;) )
- Feed me Violence
- Stairway
- Oblivion
- Raising Hell
- Victim of Sacrifice
Alex, Belinda and Wanda totally freaked out and what else could I do but join them? Wanda bought Alex a shirt for the diesel and Belinda surprised me with a Venom Inc. patch! Thanks milady!! Highly appreciated! The breaks between bands were so short, that it was impossible to do the normal route: empty beer - pee – wash hands – get merch – get beers – return; Suffocation already hit the planks HARD! The monstrous groove, the diabolical technique, the excellent sound, the frightening vibe, the pleasure on both band and audience was unsurmountable! I think the band did a near-NDF set, maybe one or two songs more or less, I don’t know. I just enjoyed the pit, the headbangers, the air-bassists (Dave was all over himself again ;) great to see those grabbling fingers squashing grape fruits :) ) and the fist banging mania. I don’t know who’s responsible for this quite unusual tour (black – thrash – techdeath) but I want to thank him/her deeply as Venom Inc. just put a gear extra to it and went in like Cartman bashing Family Guy!! Here’s what I wrote:
- Ave Satanas
- Welcome to Hell (Bryan’s twinkling eyes = priceless!)
- Metal we Bled
- Die Hard
- Live Like An Angel
- Parasite
- I missed a few songs, talking to the Suffocation dudes in the foyer, memories about Duff’s flew around*cool*
- Warhead (announcing the temporary absence of new-father Abaddon)
- Lady Lust (is Demolition Man referring to Wanda? She was front row after all :lol: )
- Last songs I skipped talking to the Evil Invaders guys

Meeting Suffocation’s Dave and Charlie was fun again. Charlie hinted towards another shirt skip :) (but I didn't think his Hatebreed shirt would equal my Königsblaue ;) ) and Dave remembered me, Tom and Crash having fun in Brooklyn. We even made a deal, as the band wasn’t in for the Bavaria but wanted something stronger: they got a few Jack D’s from me, I got an overload of canned Bavaria. This meant I could not return to the venue, but so be it. I had a hunch what Venom Inc. would play later on and Alex was getting tired. I bought myself an Evil Invaders shirt in exchange for Joel’s last guitar pick, a piece of Abaddon’s cymbal and Charlie’s guitar pick. Fan boy!! :lol: Even now, some 14 hours later, I think Bryan is still grinning. In three months he’d seen both versions of his love of his youth (albeit without Abaddon, but you can’t have it all, right?) and both bands satisfied him to the bone! Alex emptied the lockers and off we went. The parking garage was deserted, apart from one blue Skoda ;) and without further ado we got to the A2 highway. I fell asleep, but I also spotted some fast food signs somehow. We ended up at a gas station with balletje mayo on bread and sweets, sweets and sweets for Alex. I knew he was tired, should I have taken the dice on the other side then? I have no problem with orange soda if Bavaria is around, but this way I could give Bryan his wish and finally steer my lovely Black Beauty. I had to keep Alex awake and help Bryan a bit, but we managed. I got a picture of Belinda and us, way, way into the night and answered: metal!

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Heidelberg Deathfest, March 24th, Halle 02 Heidelberg Germany, feat. Asphyx, Deserted Fear, Gut

You all know I don’t do FB, but I couldn’t resist to check out Asphyx’FB for any news surrounding gigs with certain other Dutch bands. What did I find: one show in Belgium, ouch that was the week before that check. Uhm, there’s another one: Heidelberg Deathfest, March, Germany. OK, I’d been mailing with Wanda about shows to attend and she made clear she wasn’t happy with the reaction Bryan sent: too much too soon. Then I realized the rest of the line up: friggin’Deserted Fear, Revel in Flesh, Gutalax and Skinned Alive, the band that split the Fleshcrawl tape last year! Oh, there’s Gut and Benighted too, you know what, it’s somewhere around Bram’s birthday, let’s give him an App. He reacted within seconds ‘Yeah! \m/’. I gave Bram two optional dates: go on Friday or speed up on Saturday. He responded: ‘Extra night, shall I contact Kevin as well?’ My term: yeah, roadtrip baby! All I hope for is that Kevin doesn’t forget his debit card once more LOL (see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... ion-asphyx ) Apartment booked, now it was time for the ticket (I had to change my bank account to international booking and that took at least two hours) I saw: tickets to be sent to a. Germany. b. Switzerland or c. Austria. Good thing is, I’m not easily scared off by such terms and I just put in ‘Die Niederlände’ just behind Westwoud. Within a day I got a lovely response:
‘Hallo Herman,
kein Problem, wir versenden auch in die Niederlande :-)
Freut mich, dass dir das Line-Up gefällt! {I had mentioned we are Asphyx fans since 1992 so it would be clear we would not want to miss this gig :lol: }

Tickets sent by postal services, good. Now: time of driving. Having a beer in Germany with two friends is always good, but Kathe texted me saying the weather could be awful this weekend in Germany. OK, we drive early. I texted Bram ‘10.00’ but Kevin doesn’t get his day off? The fuck? The Fuck! Isn’t two months beforehand enough too book one single day off? No, Kevin said, my boss says ‘Easter is coming, all hens on deck’ Uhm, not if you’re travelling with me! I even searched the collective employment agreements of his sector… but it got out OK. He’d work ‘till 11 AM, shower, hit the train and be in Enkhuizen around 12.20. Like said, I like driving in Germany. The weather was much better than we thought. We had loads of fun and the boys made a shitload of pictures, as Germany is way more beautiful than flat Holland. Coming to Heidelberg we were greeted just seconds after parking my beloved VW Golf Mk II and we could park in a private parking lot with car lifts ;) Fun to see, but we were here for more than technique. The apartment had a double bed, a single bed and a couch-change-to-bed. The fridge wasn’t even empty ;) I had a crate of HJ put in the cooling box after a night in the car, so it was still pretty cold and the first yellow ones were awesome. We decided to do a rock bar tour, I had the names of four bars of rock/metal descend. But Sonderbar had Wacken stickers alright, but the bar maid refused to play anything louder than Linkin’Suicidal. Bram could smoke there, but it was so full (thanks to some laptops the four seater were all taken >< ) so we moved on quickly. The boys had not eaten much and as Bram wanted Wurst we got into a venue with the choice how sharp you’d prefer your sauce. I chose Scoville size 4 (of 8) and that was doable. Kevin would not be Kevin if he didn’t try size 8 (1.000.000 Scoville), he started OK but after a while his mouth was on fire. Later on he’d find his Wurst burning in the toilet… Eckstein café was noted ‘alternative rock’ and it was pleasant to hear some Simple Minds (simply sharp, Kev? :) ) and The Human League. Bram made some friends (Frank and Ella, a couple that just moved into Heidelberg but liked metal; they had shown us Eckstein and got a few beers in return ;) ) but as I was pretty tired of driving (only two traffic jams) we didn’t last long. A great bed later and my own bread, cheese and sausage downed we found out there was a coffee machine, but no coffee. Damned, I had walked into Deen to get the cheese and so on, but hesitated when I got to the coffee part . I only drink tea when I'm really, really hungover so I had milk and water instead.

On Saturday we knew we had all the time in the world, the boys had seen some fan shop (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dragonball Z and the likes) as they wanted merch ;) I got myself an AC/DC heat activated coffee mug (awesome) and Kevin all got excited about some owl he had seen in Star Wars (?) Heidelberg has an old and beautiful city center near the river and a modern industrial area near the train station. Walking to Halle 2 we spotted the ugliest train station in the world and moved on. It didn’t take long before the first band got onto stage: Moronic from Mannheim. They did a great set of brutal death/grind and got a nice welcome from the audience: the ‘German hands’ were performed by the Dutch :) . Best song: Eat my Fucking Fart ;) [not on any album/demo/video]. The boys got each other shirts for birthdays ;) as Kevin clearly had not forgotten his bank card :) The second band was great also, as Skinned Alive simply flattened the venue with their oldest of old school death metal, German style, it was a great cross between Fleshcrawl, Revel in Flesh and later Asphyx. This band is a three man death metal power house! I loved it so much I bought Bram (and later GroBe Tom, one of Kathe’s friends I’d met in Rheine a couple of times) a Skinned Alive patch. I also found Iris, next to whom I stood during Asphyx on RockHard. Hey, Jurgen and Sylvia are there too! Fun! I got Ferli Thielman’s set list (Thanks!!)
- Human Landfill
- The Beauty and the Pest (haha fun title)
- Welcome to the Grave
- LingChi
- Lifeless Flesh Revealed (their best song imo)
- Stigmatized (ballsy move to cover Pestilence with only one guitarist; they slew it! Awesome!)
- Demand to Die Again (very cool song!)
- Gallery of the Impaled

Third band today started off with a Cypress Hill intro? No, an entire CH song! As the Bösedeath (what’s in a name :roll: )singer wears a Wu Tang Clan shirt I can imagine Crash would like this band, but the boys went to stage when I got into the back, near the (one, only one!) bar. I couldn’t do much with the brutal slam with hiphop vocals… Best part: they only got 30 minutes. Revel in Flesh didn’t have much more time, but that was a lottttt deeper up my alley: they started with Lord of Flesh (being shouted into start by me, instant recognition :lol: fanboy!! ;) ), one off the new album, Fortress of Gloom, In the Name of the Flesh (first little pit of the day), The Ending in Fire, Shadowbreeder and Torture Throne. Very good set, the band was in superb mood and had ditto sound/volume. I had seen the band had brought copies of Relics of the Deathkult, the compilation CD with all extras that had never reached silverware before (only on vinyl and splits so far). I got it signed by a smiling band and some of the crew also wanted to sign it hahaha. As a token of friendship and fanboyness I got a Revel in Flesh button from Haubersson and Magnusson’s guitar pick ;)

As a thank you for the Skinned Alive patch GroBe Tom invited me to go entirely backstage, so I met the band members of Deserted Fear and Asphyx in preparation of their gig. Martin even needed my pen to do the formalities ;) and I had a talk of nearly an hour with him and Paul, explaining about anything between Mameli and Gebédi and the music business ;) Great chat and thanks for the beer, guys! Highly appreciated. That I nearly missed the reunion show of Legacy couldn’t bother me, as this clearly wasn’t thrash metal from Oakland but death metal from the Neckar region (so that’s near to Heidelberg ;) ). They played some Six Feet Under on speed, but it couldn’t warm me up. I told Kevin about this reunion and he replied: ‘from under what stone did they crawl from?’ to ‘I haven’t missed them before :) ‘ I didn’t even make pictures. Nuff said. I also haven’t seen much of Milking the Goat Machine, but as two thirds of Skinned Alive are in this band I should… ehmm I had the time of my life in that backstage room… Add to that fact that I wasn’t really impressed the previous times I’d seen the band…

When a Dynasty or Falcon Crest opening theme is used as an intro to a band, you know it’s grind, porn grind or something similar. Yeah, it was Gutalax. Leek flew through the air, stink pellets were thrown, a hint of confetti (only a hint, pfew!) and let the shit hit the fan! The venue even smelled like leek for a while >< it had been a while since I last saw the band and it was fun. Kevin and Bram on front row, me somewhere near the merch stand :) fanboy :) and at least ToiToi Story and Shit of it All passed by, I just smiled. I was more interested in Benighted (for as long as that lasted), I’d missed them so often over the last years… Kevin had a new Benighted shirt and he totally went nuts. I even spotted Martin and Mahne next to stage, they liked what they saw but I also didn’t make pictures. I was bored soon, sorry Kev… Let’s just agree to disagree about this band. I didn’t feel it this time. Fine. What I did feel was like opening a present on Mahne’s birthday… DESERTED FEAR! My eleventh Deserted show was as good as any, nearly the same set as in Rheine two weeks ago, maybe a hint shorter, but I just jumped, banged my head, raised my fists and tormented my esophagus time after time… My rhino smile wasn’t passed on, as some doof stood first row waiting for Gut and not let me get to my friends! I’ve been in such a situation before; I just shouted the dumbass to deafness and kept doing so. Fabian did hear my screams and directed a guitar pick in my way but the shithead in front got it… Great show, one asshole. Let’s keep it this way. I soon found Alicia and Christel again and decided to surprise Christel again with a Deserted Fear shirt. I was overwhelmed by her (and Alicia’s) compliments about my humanity, my humble nature and support to any band and gladly accepted her Vodka shot ;) . I was going to get Wanda a Deserted Fear CD too but as she specifically wanted My Empire (that was the one thing Deserted Fear did not bring), I didn’t buy her anything. I was getting out of money fast, as the beers flew for € 3,20 (Palmbrau) to €3,90 (Desperados) and I had spread about a handful of patches and other stuff… Gut got to stage but I was so fed up with grind I left within minutes. Even Kevin couldn’t do much with them, Bram even stated in his best German: Gut ist nie so Gut!

In the meantime I did everything possible to get to front row for Asphyx. I was helped by Iris and her hubby but some drunk Russian/Polack/Romanian (or something) dick tried to push Iris and me away! Hey dude, you’re not even wearing a metal shirt, get out of the way of huge Asphyx fans (albeit it in small people ;) ). The band was on fire, easy as that. The sound had been good all day, but also the venue got a higher volume from band AND fans. I got Alwin’s set list (thanks my friend!) and passed it on to Iris, who hugged me for it :) ) and this is what they played:
- The Quest for Absurdity
- Vermin
- Candiru (such fire! Such THRILL!)
- Brandenburg Division
- Wardroid
- Death the Brutal Way
- Forgotten War (enormous goose bumps!)
- Deathhammer
- Wasteland of Terror
- Scorbutics
- Der Landser (in German once more, some people around me cheer as if it never happened before ;) )
- Forerunners of the Apocalypse
- The Rack (here’s my feeling of trance again, thinking of my travelling companions above, bloodshot eyes, arms outstretched,, feeling PURE power and enlightment! FRIGGIN’AWESOME!! Martin had seen me somewhere high in the sky and acknowledged it too! GAAAAFFFF!!)
- Death The Only Immortal (part of the band discussion backstage went about doing DTOI or LOoE as last song ;) )
- Last One on Earth (the drunk Russian tried to push me again, for what reason I have no idea as he was even worse than before :( )

That’s a 75 minute set once again! In this form the band can go on for years and years, especially if new material is a possibility. I will not start any rumor, but I think the band is working on new material already, the lines in the band are short and the men are creative. Any follow up to Incoming Death will have to be as good or even better, the band set their own goals high, if you ask me. I love Incoming Death to bits, so I’m ready for more! One final round of goodbyes and hugs (Kathe had more friends she had told about me :) ), one final zip of beer and Heidelberg Deathfest is over. In the taxi back to Altstadtblick we already decided the fourth edition will also have Westfriesians, as Fleshcrawl, Spasm and Prostitute Disfigurement are already booked for March 23rd I said ‘I’m in!’

When Wintertime ends I’m always a bit fussy about time, I don’t want to make mistakes concerning one hour. I knew we had to be out of the apartment before 11 AM but we still had to rush. Bram nearly lost his breakfast when we had to divide the trash between two sacks and as there is still no coffee, I was on edge to get out. Bring the car lift back up, start and steer out precisely and we’re off again. Bram had had a tip from Jelle about a detour next to the river Mosel, but I refused to push in other digits than ‘home’ in the KevinKevin and drive! Two hours later, finally coffee! Four hours later: Vok and Joke happy, Kevin near his bike instead of another train ride, I had my Chinese and now MA has an idea about Heidelberg, Heidelberg Deathfest and March 2019: Death the Only Immortal! Flesh Bloody Flesh! Dick on Head! Metal.

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Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2018, feat. Bloodbath, Paradise Lost (first headlining bands acknowledged: Taake, Katatonia; both cancelled, see text)

Funny how small the world is. I thought I’d go to Iceland alone, share a hotel with people I hardly knew and see some bands I’d never thought I had seen before. Those people in the hotel were much more familiar than I expected :) Those bands were more known than I reckoned ;) On the first day of Eistnaflug I met two Münchener Metalheads who claimed they knew me. Uhm, OK, one of you is kinda familiar, but I had a hard time recuperating from that Icelandic beer I guess. It was Daniel from Hailstone, we’d met on Dark Easter Metal Meeting or else, he’d played there. His friend Fabian told me he’d love to share more beers with me on the fourth edition of DEMM as I’d been enjoying the Swiss, Faraeoer and German beers they’d brought onto Iceland. I even got a CD from Daniel’s band. Unsigned haha. In the meantime, mailing with Fabian, he invited me to his Fabian Feierfest in October 2018 with bands and beer. I can’t tell which ones have been affirmed so far ;) I had also been mailing with Tripair.com, as the bands on Saturday would start way earlier than I expected. No luck here, if I’d book an earlier flight (both KLM ><) I’d have to pay € 45 for the missed flight, €90 for the earlier flight and € 70 penalty. Uhm, combined that’s more than the entire booking costed, doofs! I should have signed in on KLM-fanboy-club earlier…

Cycle to Toon, train, bored, flight, train, taxi and beers! I thought. I was so early at Schiphol I could have taken the previous flight, but alas: two expensive seats and five people wanting in. I took a few beers instead (tap beers are colder than the canned one :( but the pretty waitress was a Graspop-visitor :) and got Fabian (or Daniel) a huge lump of Dutch cheese ;) Entering the plane was a but wobbly, as I got in right after the blokes from Aura Noir, crutches included. In the train from München Airport to Haubtbahnhof I already spotted the yellow and black signs of Backstage, so I chose not to travel to Haubtbahnhof but get out at Hirschgarten (keep that in mind for next year) and walk with my belongings into Backstage. No problem, the weather was great so I enjoyed the walk. I knew there had been a few bands, but as I soon found out, I had not missed much. Beers, ultimately, but they would come anyway ;) First Becks was a slap in the face, the König Ludwig Hell was a lot better. What’s in a name 8-) I was lead to Fabian by Stefan, the Swiss train driver who had been to Eistnaflug 2017 as well. First band we saw was Commander (see https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Commander/23267 ) and I liked it. The short hairs did not cover the blackened death metal at all :) and the volume was great. I soon got kissed, turned myself around and who did I see: Monika and Simone from Hannover! Jürgen and Sylvia sind auch da! I didn’t actually know Fabian to be such a black metal fan, he said he had to share Bethlehem with me. He did freak out, but I found the thirteen to the dozen black metal, beautiful hairs of singer Onielar or not, boring. I just couldn’t duck fast enough. I talked to my German friends so much, I missed Ultha and according to Fabian, Stefan and Simone I had missed the best show of the entire festival. I had to hear that often (The Furious Horde all over? :) Nah, Anne and Stip are not present :) ) What to do then? Hunt for patches. I found Enforcer, Revel in Flesh (hey, Haubersson is here too ;) ) and a CD of The Grotesquerie, a new project by Rogga Johanssen and Kam Lee [playing now, pretty blunt, pretty cool]. That the Norwegian Shining replaced Taake last minute was of no interest to me, I hated it again. Even Fabian was let down. Time for Enisum in Club. The Italian mix of black metal and a little bit of ambient was doable. I am not familiar with this band so I just watched.

Clearly I had missed more bands wandering around, I had no schedule to follow, no real knowledge of bands performing. The entire Saturday held 17 bands on three stages, I was late and now Bloodbath was the fifth band I’d see today. The band had a full Werk in front of them, ready to slay. The band did slay as well, the volume was perfect but Nick had a bit difficulty overpowering the guitars. Here’s a part of the set list:
- Let the Stillborn Come to Me
- Iesous
- So You Die
- Breeding Death
- Anne

Point was, I had seen a pretty lady with a way too big camera but she couldn’t get near the stage or had no photo pass, so I told her I’d seen Bloodbath so many times I’d go after some 10 minutes, leaving my pretty good spot near the stage to her. Thankfully she took my place and I started wandering again. I picked up some 10 minutes of Aura Noir and that was precisely enough. More good stories about Eistnaflug and Iceland followed, as fellow-Eistnaflug-visitor Loki and Stefan met up in the now empty Club. I came back just in time for one of my all time favorite death metal songs, of course I had to yell EATEN as loud as I could ;) In Werk the wardrobe had been shut somehow, I had to get into Halle to pick up my bag and coat? Uhm, weird. Werk is by far the biggest hall but has the smallest wardrobe of the entire terrain?? In the meantime I had seen two bands, no idea which, no need to find out, the blasting boring black metal soon was enough to me. We headed out Bordeauplatz (near Ostbahnhof, keep that in mind for Fabian Feierfest ;) ) Fabian’s home. Loki had brought a bottle of Brennivini, Icelandic brandy but he also told us his name wasn’t Loki at all, ‘just easier for you to pronounce’ haha þorlákur Lyngmo is his full name. Glad he agreed to Loki 8-) Stefan had brought Emmentaler cheese so we partied on. We got all sorts of electropop (Kraftwerk of course, Depeche Mode) to black metal and Iron Maiden. Cool to hear it all from vinyl. Fabian is a huge Celtic Frost fan and he loves horror as well, so it was nice to see his collection. Great HR Giger posters! Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Herr der Ringe, Back to the Future and Dawn of the Dead, that kinda stuff ;)

In the morning I was still the first one around. I made myself some bread with excellent cheese and salami but found the coffee filters, but no coffee powder. Considering a bit, it was already pass 2 PM, I chose beer. Fabian later explained his hangover, but also that Tegernsee Hell Bier is one of the best local beers you’ll ever find. Stefan soon joined my beer, as did Loki; Fabian took a bit longer to get to beer, as he explained ‘after Tegernsee you won’t find a good tasting beer anymore and Backstage has different beers, but certainly not better than Tegernsee’. Loki gave me a CD of his own band Röskun (unsigned ;) ) in which he plays guitar. I don’t know which parts Loki sings, but it sounds pretty cool. After The Grotesquerie album this sounds refreshing, mixing Nirvana with some kind of thrash metal, add some hardcore and a Paradise Lost chorus to that as well. I don’t know if the spelling is right, but I couldn’t find anything on MA yet. We all had bread with our beers so we headed out to Backstage. None of us even needed to travel black hahaha. First band we got to see was Freitod. I have a weird description for you: Opeth feel of old AND new, with a black metal touch. Soon I got bored and was invited to share Secrets of the Moon with my Hannover friends. They had been so cold I shared my jacket with both, resulting in a hilarious picture, made by Fabian, who became instant friends with Monika 8-) But our choice for Secrets of the Moon didn’t last long, as we heard some U2 (…) sound and a repetitive riff we soon got bored of. Simone was the one that decided she needed something faster and FASTER is what we got in Club: Au-Dessus from Lithuania. Post-black metal on amphetamines. Hooded like executioners and plague priests, leave that post out of your description next time. It was Fast. Really FAST. Pity I couldn’t wash it away with some vile death metal as Dawn of Disease had to cancel, also last minute. No idea why, but we got FC Bayern München – Borussia Dortmund on big screen. This wasn’t voetbal, this was a massacre on grass and noppen. 6 – 0 and Dortmund was follow up to Bayern for some time this season! 5 - 0 at halftime already… OK I am FC Schalke 04 fan, so I only want to see Bayern AND Dortmund lose, but swoah. Time for a burger and some more black metal: Asphagor does music the Marduk way, but the vocals aren’t as extreme as Legion did. Monika mentioned this band to me, we both said ‘at least the first four digits are right’ :) Codswallop of course, this was a pretty intense and good show. Fabian and Simone had come for Naglfar, that’s for sure. It was great, but Halle was so packed you could only reach the stage with a bulldozer… [haha this is no Impaled Nazarene of course, else the bulldozer WOULD have come ^^]

OK, more Eistnaflug visitors, I had a great conversation about Gorefest with Björn (and later his wife Kerstin joined), Pestilence and Chris Barnes. I gave him an Onslaught patch to remember the conversation; I had also found Dark Angel and Sacrifice patches, so I could spare one ;) We exchanged e-mail addresses; see how her pictures come out. Time for a surprise, as Dutch Dool got to stage. I’ve seen singer/guitar player Ryanne van Dorst on some editions of DWDD (Dutch TV program combining news, cabaret, music, fun and the likes, but presenter Van Nieuwkerk is a bit too popiejopie to my eyes) and I wonder… what does a chick in a too big Mayhem shirt in a band combining shreds of dark rock, stoner, gothic pop, as well as bits of psychedelic metal on such an underground black and death metal festival like Dark Easter? I was happy with the beautiful Fender Jaguar she played and a change of music, adding some diversity to the weekend, but I wasn’t all excited at once. Still, good or not, the band had a full Halle in front of them and certainly people knew what they were listening. Next up was Belphegor. I have a soft spot for this band, but the sound was so abysmally loud, hardly mixed and a bit false I didn’t even make pictures. Of following Uada I did make pictures, but the overkill of screaming and roaring killed my interest off a bit. Add to the fact that the building was trembling of the loud volume the mix wasn’t great. So, another band killed off before seeing an entire show. There also was some stroboblackmetalband, but as I don’t have a schedule and the one I did see wasn’t clear at all, I missed that name. Shame on Fabian (a bit ;) , just a bit) as he’s one of the internet volunteers of Dark Easter Metal Meeting! He’s designed the website! One show I did see from beginning to end to encore to Aaron Aedy’s guitar pick was Paradise Lost. The band had replaced Katatonia, also quite late in planning, but they went full throttle. The band had an excellent sound and well balanced set list, consisting of pretty old, not so much mid-era songs and latter material. I give you:
- From the Gallows
- Hallowed Land (Ganze Haut!! I surely wasn’t the only one freaking out!)
- The Enemy
- One Second (Hände hoch! Nick commemorates 30 years of Paradise Lost)
- Medusa (first guitar problems for Mackintosh)
- Erased
- Forever Failure (me nagging about Aaron’s guitar pick again, thumbs up ;) )
- E.T.E.R.N.A.L. I totally lost it! Again! What a killer song, even after so many years! \m/)
- Pity the Sadness [I am building a goose bump factory!]
- Blood and Chaos
- Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us (my former colleague Sander should see this!!)
- Embers Fire (the goose bumps on my back are ALIVE!! First guitar pick is thrown in a curve…)
- No Hope In Sight (first encore, I shout ‘OK Aaron, next pick is mine’ 8-) )
- The Longest Winter
- Say Just Words (Aaron comes tumbling over his own monitors to get me my pick ‘you kept shouting, you deserved it’ :) )

Apart from Gregor Mackintosh’ (returning) technical problems, this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen Paradise Lost do. Nick Holmes has an even better reach than yesterday, it is great fun to see Aaron move and the slight choreography Stephen Edmondson does. It is so clear to see four fifths of this band has been playing together since the early days, they are clearly the besties of best friends ever, it is serious music but also fun. Not like ‘business as usual’, by far, no! This is a great band at work, craftsmanship combined with a great feel of musical broadening, even though ‘it’s only doomy metal’ uh uhh, no, certainly not. It’s way more than that. The band has had a great development in style (think of Nick’s former grunt and what he does now in both Bloodbath and Paradise Lost and the difference between Eternal and Death Divides Us..; I can go on and on about this band. Last time I saw them I also enjoyed it so much {MDF2016, Res will know how I reacted to certain Paradise Lost songs 8-) }) I can tell I’m fan for life of this band. It was great. Period.

I’d almost forget there was another band scheduled I wanted to see, no matter what. It was Desaster, but as Halle was already quite full I just grabbed my last Ludwig and enjoyed the madness. ‘Lekkere puinhoop’ I’d say. ‘Hammer geil’; Fabian replied. Nod of approval by Loki. He’s a bit shy and introvert, so if he nods approval he must really have had a great time. We got back into the train for afpilzen at Fabian’s, more Brennivini and cheese, let everybody choose music. I couldn’t think of anything else than Revel in Flesh and Fabian told me he thinks Revel in Flesh is even better than Fleshcrawl? Let’s agree to disagree HA HA HA. Don’t get me wrong, I just can’t choose between those two bands, which is best. One (or was it two ><) last Tegernsee and I’m off. Fabian, Loki and Stefan keep up some more, by my flight leaves before noon so I cut in a bit. We had plenty to begin with, I’d say. In the too soon morning I still needed coffee, but also some map. Drunk it seems so simple to find Bordeauplatz, but hungover? Or at least, a bit, I had some difficulty keeping half a glass of milk down, kept thinking ‘keep it down, don’t gag’ and the coffee at Ostbahnhof wasn’t much better than I’d had all weekend.. At Ostbahnhof it took me three trains to figure out I was on the wrong platform (I was told about the two lines directed towards the airport, one is ‘tourist’ according to Fabian, the other one straight to the airport) but swoah, I got in on time and even had some time to grab a panini before checking in. Friggin’€16,50 for a bad coffee, some fresh orange juice and a bun? Uhm I should have left the coffee… On board there was some fuss about two wheelchairs, of which one was ‘too big to enter cargo bay’? Er, if a person already needs a wheelchair, isn’t it normal to ask your company’s technical help desk for some spanners or allen screws instead of asking whether she could dismantle it herself?? AND, blah blah-ing about wanting to leave in time, blah blah ‘don’t take it personal’, blah blah ‘I can’t hustle machinery myself’ to ‘we are not to blame’ My goodness, show a bit of humanity, they even threatened to leave the (electrical) wheel chair behind if it wasn’t solved!! Assholes! Imagine the stress that would give! All and all it took an hour to get airborne.

So, another edition of Dark Easter Metal Meeting ended in some waiting, but as I had some Pratchett to read and Rose Tattoo – Six Feet Under – Ratos de Porão to listen to, I didn’t mind much. I missed the train to Kersenboogerd in a minute, but I had all the time in the world. I knew ‘my’ Chinese isn’t open on Mondays I got some bahmi off Deen instead. Looking at my pictures bring back great memories of friendship and goose bumps. Das war Hammer Metall!

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Immolation Atonement Tour II, April 7th Patronaat Haarlem

Immolation is a band I’ve known for quite some time. I bought a promo copy of Here in After and a used copy of Dawn of Possession in a sale at the local library… in my milking days. The band has always intrigued me, as the überblunt death metal / no compromise seems alike, but it isn’t. It’s tight, heavy as a brick and pretty technical, but sometimes it seems the band deserves more credit than they get. Plus, live they never let down. No one leaves an Immolation show thinking about groceries or the pretty neighbor, every visitor to an Immolation show leaves shaken with death metal. Last but not least, meeting the band members is a lesson in equality, humbleness and enduring friendship. So, when this tour was announced I didn’t hesitate and got myself three tickets; I knew without knowing Bryan would love to experience this, bring Wanda along, maybe pick up Lord Belial as well? Yeah, correct. Would Bart Steenwijk be there too? He’s the biggest Immolation fan I’ve ever met. We’ll see.

The day before this gig was one of my longest in my water quality years. First I got up too early (5.45 AM), had therapy (8 AM), was called on the way to the office (9.15 AM), was busy all day, got called in the train home (4.15 PM) and at home I turned down a little gig in The Cave, as presented to me by Belinda. I got to sleep at 10 PM, not even waiting for voetbal, slept ‘till 8 PM and did my VW Golf Mk II chores (oil, other fluids, clean out, tank, add RossRoss and water), helped my neighbor’s work men to coffee ;) , saw half my family and picked up Peter, Wanda and Bryan. I knew the first band would start at 6 PM, but the description was so vague I didn’t bother to check them live and not drive earlier. Peter had had a slight drink before entering my car, that’s of later explanation. We got in, not knowing if it’d be held in the small or big hall of Patronaat. Uhm, there are signs of an eighties party in the big hall …from 11 PM? How many tickets were sold, no one seemed to know. The big hall it became. Wanda soon found FB friends of hers (Kim and .. Jos sp?) and I was greeted by Jeroen and Jaap-Jan of 1988 days… Let’s say I had to drink the Brand- and Heiny 0,0’s fast (Brand) or ditch ‘m (Heineken) :) Wanda showed the first surprise of the day: an Immolation (old) logo patch, thanks a lot! Turns out she bought 4 ;) as the first band we saw just started. Monument of Misanthropy is a French/Austrian brutal death metal band, according to Patronaat’s web site. Add metalcore and it’s more accurate. Soon the Westfriesians found out that the higher vocals didn’t fit the band and the slower parts were exceptionally doable. If they also keep playing Death – Pull the Plug as tribute, this band gets the positive turn. Just keep the shrill screams to a minimum, we agreed. In the meantime I’d met Jessica and Dave, proudly showing Jessica’s work on new Mutator picks (surprise # 2 :) , awesome, thanks!) Ellen of Snookbookings, Johnny Amsterdam, Infidel Amsterdam and loads others. The venue wasn’t really full though, what else was today’s metal gig? Uhm, most people surely didn’t show up for Full of Hell, that’s my view. The band combines some sort of Godflesh pt II with black metal, sometimes imitating Woody Woodpecker On Grindcore (I clearly remember TV days end of the eighties :-/ ‘I’m herrieman, 11 years old and imitating Booze Duck’ Burp! :-/ Must be the Heiny’s… ) and ADHD-inducing lights. Uhg. Tie that singer Walker to that silly keyboard of his, what the fuck do deathheads need with altered squeaky sounds of obscure interviews and karate kicks on stage? Ahh, exploring MA a bit, now I get it, the description is ‘Powerviolence/Noise/Grindcore (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later)’. This is clearly not ‘our’ music, as Bryan keeps smoking [outside], Peter keeps gulping beer [wherever] and Wanda keeps inspecting the merch stand for stuff [she already bought].

Ross Dolan later explained to the audience Full of Hell had been friends with Immolation for years and had toured the US together. In my opinion usually friendship goes before professionalism, but now I would have liked it the other way round. But as Immolation only took some 18 minutes to rebuild the stage, I didn’t bother too much. Like said, Immolation never lets deathheads down. So far I have pictures of at least 8 Immolation shows, of which 4 in Steenwijk and at least two in Tilburg, but I’ve seen them more often, I know. The band is tight as ever, having two guitarists compared to last time was great. Now Robert Vigna doesn’t need to be nervous and can play his guitar abuse all on in good proportions. After a song or two Wanda grabbed me out of the jaws of 1988 friendship (in the back of the venue ;) ; Jaap-Jan explained Immolation ‘doesn’t need such a flashy show’ indeed the lights were way more friendly) and ‘ordered’ me to the stage. Bryan was ecstatic but nowhere as full of live music as Peter was. He kept repeating his lines about the power of metal, the friends in metal, the years of hardrock and metal… clearly his home situation added up to that, not to mention about a gallon of beer included. When I saw Bryan’s bulging eyes I knew it was the right thing to do to take them along. A dull chick behind us was appalled by our hugs and pictures, uhm, thàfkkc? Doof douche! Peter being jealous about Ross’ hair was fun too, as he showed us how long his had been in the seventies: just above the bum. I got Alex Bouks’ set list (not really a surprise ^^, we kept on front row, but thanks nonetheless!)
- The Distorting Light
- When the Jackals Come
- Father, You’re not a Father
- Swarm of Terror (Killer!)
- Majesty and Decay
- Once Ordained
- Thrown to the Fire
- Kingdom of Conspiracy
- Destructive Currents (tribute to all performing bands on this tour, as it would be the last show of this tour tomorrow)
- Into Everlasting Fire
- Den of Thieves (Peter thumping the stage as if he had a grudge against the wood :) )
- Fostering the Divide
- Immolation (Those. Bulging. Eyes. On. Bryan’s. Face :lol: )
- Close to a World Below (not on the set list)

The band announced to be amongst the fans just after a couple of minutes, so Dave, Jessica, Ellen and Davy (Bryan’s FB friend) and me stayed behind for a signature, an exchange of guitar picks (© Jessica :) ) and the final show off I had not foreseen (surprise #4 ;) ) : Bryan showing Robert and Ross his Dawn of Possession tattoo [Wanda remarked ‘he’s never shown that to anyone, he’s too prudish to do so’ :) ]. Ross told me he’d have a beer with me on MDF :lol: I met Davy and he had his surprise (#5) : a picture with me and a special attention for the Mutator patch I’d made (also no surprise, it’s my third ;) ) for the new denim. I got my set list signed by Robert and Ross, as Alex had been gone already and I missed Steven Shalaty. OK, no Bart to be seen, but we had a great time. We got out through the visitors of the eighties party. Peter wanted to go to the Jopen church, but I was hungry and I wanted HJ (again, no surprises here ;) ). Jopen is great, but not if I’m the only one sober, hence two bad-tasting Heiny’s for Wanda, I want out. As I knew the first BK would be possibly closed I took a detour to Alkmaar for a Macca. Some new burger wasn’t bad, but it’s more of the same. The buns get smaller every year… but as a final round Bryan paid for 4 Bacon Clubhouses so I don’t complain. Peter was clearly drunk; he repeated my joke on Alkmaar voetbal about seven times. 17 out of 19 games AZ lost of the traditional top three in Holland, last couple of years. Tonight they were 2 – 0 in the lead but lost somehow… I delivered everybody home, got surprised for the umpteenth time: Bryan had heard me about finding Fleshcrawl’s Impurity on e_B and told me to wait… I got an ORIGINAL PRESS, first edition of the rare record!! Gazprom can shush with the energy sprouting from me, so happy I was!! Having thanked Bryan and Wanda thirteen times, I sped up to my own fridge and saw PussVuh win indeed, supported by three HJ’s. I got to bed around 2.30 AM, dead tired but I was smiling like a bull near immolated cows. Can’t say it often enough: Thanks for all surprises! Metal.

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Primordial, Moonsorrow, April 12th, 2018, Neushoorn Leeuwarden

If you travel as much as I do for metal (or whatever hobby) you meet people of the same interests. Alan Averill aka A.A. Nemtheanga of Primordial is a man of nearly the same interests as I have. I’m spoiled with a wide interest in music (not just metal, but also a bit of blues, hardcore, punk and even pop, to a certain degree), I’m a bit of a left winger, I like beer(s) and I travel; mostly what Alan does in his regular time. Over the years we met in Norway, on a boat (70K), backstage in Glasgow, during several festivals, with or without Martin van Drunen *cool* and now, Leeuwarden. Those occasions mentioned aren’t the only times I met one or several Primordial members. In Norway he was a paying visitor like me for three days and one day backstage and on stage included ;) We had great talks about politics, music, Ireland and voetbal over the years. He hates voetbal, I have favorite clubs in half of the European countries ;) So, even after I said somewhere in 2009 I’d had enough of the band, when Primordial and Moonsorrow announced a double headlining tour I got fizzy in my wallet and got myself a ticket. Between 2007 and 2009 I think I’ve seen Primordial about 10 times and that’s too much, even for a metaleater like me. Actually, it was Jossel that put me in the right direction, by asking whether to drive to Leeuwarden on a Thursday or to Tilburg on a Friday. Thinking about all the bands in 013 I missed, I hinted towards the Thursday; Leeuwarden is only an hour drive and heads óut of the traffic jams as Tilburg is one hour 45 minutes, right into Friday traffic hell. And back. Tickets were of the same price, if I remember correctly. Jos had contacted Kevin as well; he’d love to see Der Weg Einer Freiheit once (again?). Jos is a huge Moonsorrow fan, so we had a musical threesome: I like Primordial, Jos eagerly listens to Moonsorrow and Kevin needs a bit of Freedom :)

I picked the boys up and was surprised Jos actually was awake. He’d been to Bath for a school project and texted me early in the morning he’d ‘just arrived in Holland’ by bus. I wasn’t iffy about driving early; I had had a full day’s of work and needed a few minutes to tone down, not drive like a madman... Kevin was easier to find ;) and we’re off. Leeuwarden is a bit of a strange city to park, as the ring road has been new and my JosJos doesn’t have that new road on it. I won’t change that, as I lose all my favorites in the device whenever I put on a legal copy (RockHard, Bloodstock, they’re all there ;) ). I kept thinking of the big parking underneath the Into the Grave festival site, but we missed one turn and stood at the door of the Neushoorn venue ;) . I tilted the boys out as the weather was great, easy to stay outside for a second. No need for a smoke break for a while. Coming in I tried to convince the bar people I had valid coins, but those were from festivals I hardly recall :) . Der Weg Einer Freiheit already played and Ursula (hi!) said they’d been only playing for a short time. Uhm, one picture, ‘thannnnk you Leeuwarden’ and they’re off? It sounded OK, that’s for sure, but I don’t have a clear opinion on this gig. I turned around, who do I see and greets me? Yeah, it’s Alan alright. He seemed to be negotiating to someone, so I kept it short and returned to the venue, where Moonsorrow was building up. So far I’d seen the band four times, so far all I have of the band is one copied Suden Uni CDr… I like the band live, as they send a vision of joy of playing. Add a great sound and a nearly full venue, the band got in shape (during the sound check already ;) ) but the volume stayed down? Moonsorrow is of course a band that combines folk, black metal, a hint of progressive rock and a touch of darkness and despair (perfectly combined in the song Suden Unti). In the beginning of the show the band only had a few headbangers present, as the songs passed the band got more and more active listeners up to a point of a small pit. That pit mostly consisted of Pinkpop audience, using way too much arm and foot, spreading beer all over the watching crowd, but the band sure liked it. A man I’ve known a long time by his face only said ‘this band is good’ and according to Ursula that means he had the time of his life finding a band he didn’t really know up to now :) This man Gerrit might be simple to the onlooker; his liking for metal is not. Armed with only two patches on a leather titter (Saxon and More) he has seen nearly as much as I have. But in Friesland only, he later explained. I kept walking up and down the venue all night, having a problem with my ear plugs (twice; two shitty brands, I should have known better), the bar, the toilet and the merch stand. In the end I bought a Moonsorrow patch after I’d already bought the new Primordial CD and a patch. I was happily surprised by this Moonsorrow gig, saw (the now) short hairs of Jos sweep as Kevin’s bun kept rolling around his neck ^^ Also, I found my friends John, René and Ed and even Sven (Spewpipe, Band Zonder Sjaak) showed up. I looked around, saw not much more friends around and asked if Sven was alone. Yeah, he said, ‘gotta see Primordial once in a while’… so, I could have picked him up as well, saves gasoline and a driver… instantly renewed our phone numbers :) We meet again!

Of a double headlining bill wasn’t really word, someone mentioned it to me, as Moonsorrow got about an hour and Primordial has a way longer set list. I only just missed the intro and the first riff, as I went back to the car for ‘my own’ ear plugs, screw Thunderplugs and cheap Gamma shit plugs! Primordial started with a volume only a hint louder than Moonsorrow had, but I thought they were a bit nervous to start with. It is the first date of the (21 dates in 22 days) tour, but I’ve seen the band sharper. Not Alan though. Out of his eyes bursts fire, lava out of his nose and a solar flame erupts from his mouth, song by song. During the first song I thought the band was playing (too) fast, just for the sake of playing fast. Here’s what I wrote (little help from setlist.fm)
- Nail their Tongues
- Gods to the Godless (clamp your fists and shout! Feel the spirit!)
- Fallen to Ruin
- To Hell or the Hangman
- No Grave Deep Enough
- Where Lie the Gods (with a thank you to Hammerheart Records’ label boss, also present)
- Sunken Lungs
- As Rome Burns
- Exile Amongst the Ruins

The band played on, but I totally lost the desire to stay longer. Add to that fact the boys were nowhere near the stage nor the bar, I found them smoking outside. I’ve seen Primordial as band sharper, meeting Alan (shortly) was fun, but I started to get tired and decided to skip the rest. OK, finally a set list I can’t spell from beginning to end (plus or minus one song), but we left. Jokingly I told the boys about the shows in Leeuwarden cut short of fanboyness as we wanted a burger to end this evening :) so we did. It was a great ride home, Jos wasn’t totally off his boot from the trip and Kevin didn’t complain (much) about ‘missing’ DWEF. We instantly decided to bring Jos to Heidelberg Deathfest 2019, sorry Wanda, sorry Daniel, don’t blame anyone about this. It just felt like the best thing to do.

Conclusion: Moonsorrow was the best band of the night, no thanks to an unwanted pit and flashy lights during their gig. I won’t be a DWEF fan, but I won’t cut Primordial short also. Something in between, I guess. In between metal.

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Headbangers Bash, feat. Exhumed, Bodyfarm, April 14th 2018

At first I thought ‘for sure, I’m going to the 1.000th Epica show ever’, but I wasn’t overtly surprised about the bands they’d bring as support act (MaYaN, Lacuna Coil as it later turned out). I knew that Bodyfarm was about to hit the stages again, after a too long sabbatical. Brother Alex wasn’t unhappy to get to Tilburg with Thirza, Alex Seegers had been telling me quite often Bodyfarm was on the hunt again, more eager than ever before. So, after hinting Wanda about Vortex of Terror, The Well of Decay and The Dark Ages and delivering some clues to ‘what is Exhumed’ I got her a ticket as well. Daniel bought his own, who’ll join us? I could not care less, I want Thomas Wouters back on a stage, NOW!!! Wanda upturned Bryan and she got Belinda to contact me. I told Belinda ‘look out for a hell black VW Golf Mk II diesel ;) ’. So, long story began, Alex got my Epica anniversary tickets, I’d pick up Belinda, Bryan and Wanda and off to some death grind thrash whatever! New venue to be explored as well.

When the Saturday of this gig finally approached, my hell black VW was about as grey and dusty as she could be, so on my way to Bovenkarspel I wanted to get her through a car wash. But coming to Grootebroek on a Saturday… a line of 10 (!) cars waited so I drove on :-/ . Belinda did find the ‘not so hell black’ car and laughed when I explained. OK, put in some Macabre and Nailgun Massacre to get to Amersfoort. Keistad city, the city of Bodyfarm, where my very first encounter with Bodyfarm also happened . Not in De Kelder in city center anymore, but a venue on an industrial area where there’s only room for electrical cars? Huh, such a great parking spot only for electrics? I parked anyway and we got in. I only had a cut-off version of the band schedule, but in the ‘big’ hall there was a familiar tat: the Grim Reaper on Deathcore Tim’s back! He’s here with Anger Machine and even if I don’t care about his music anymore, it was fun to see a hint of his band. Modern Thrash, my ass. ;) The sun was inviting us back outside and I noticed a small difference on my wind shield: a leaflet with a near-nazi parking prohibition (white circle surrounded by red and a black… in it. A huge P. P for Piss Off.) I was told this square was for electrical cars only, but the place only held one line of power plugs and enough room to start a demolition derby, but still I had to place my beloved diesel somewhere else. Uhm, even the vendors got a leaflet! I was lucky enough to find a parking spot nearby, but grumpily I paid top dollar for it. Back to the venue for merch and head out with Bryan for cash, but we soon came back to the shopping mall for Wanda; she’d become a migraine like a bull charging and had no ibuprofen on her. She even had to be guided as the headache blurred her eyesight. I got in for Disquiet and found Maarten D already drunk. The band plays some pretty cool grooved thrashy death metal and shows fun! The band is in good mood; Maarten is in good mood for the deal he so gladly took: € 40 for a shirt, a pint beer mug [printed with the HBB logo] and a coupon for eight (!) pints of beer. He was on his sixth already… Better watch out for Quint, as he got in by bike :lol: hello Daniel, hello Koen, hello Erwin, hello Alex S, hello Jeroen ;) I got myself some Anger Machine stickers for my dust bins ;) Thomas got in as well and the welcome was warm to both sides. So, entire band Bodyfarm knows I’m in \m/

Third band Belinda and me saw was Despicable Heroes, but the shitty metalcore shooed us away in seconds. Didn’t even make pictures and headed outside again. Sunglasses on, seeing a nice conversation between Bryan and Alwin Roes (of Dead End) and his CD collection for sale. As a thank you I got Occult’s Prepare to Meet Thy Doom!! Muchos gracias!! I got Belinda a Bodyfarm patch (hey Bram H ;) ) and myself Venom, Toxic Holocaust and D.R.I. I was waiting for Rotten Sound, as I’ve missed them at least four times already, but got Leng T’che instead. Look at the schedule, doof :0 Leng T’che is OK though, the brutal grind with deep vocals/guttural/grunt/growl is tight. Time for a burger, there was choice of four today: beef, veggie, pulled pork of a roasted pig and chicken. Belinda was a bit disgusted by the pig on a stick, so we both ordered beef and onion. In the meantime we could hear Implore in the small hall, but the deathcore didn’t invite us inside. Of more interest was Rotten Sound (finally ;) ) welcome to hypergrind! The band sounded if someone put a Ferrari engine in a steamroller! The guitar sound was lovely, like a dóuble HM2 Boss pedal from the Gibson SG straight into the Marshall cabinet… the drummer hits his kit so hard he lost at least one wing-nut! :) German hands present! Smiles as big as the Rhine valley! The smile vanished when Hordearii got to stage in the small hall. Pompous hip metalcore, doeiiii! I got excited because of several things: Exhumed had brought pretty cool merch (I bought an Exhumed voetbal short ;) ) and killer shirts) and Bodyfarm was checking sound playing excerpts of I Am The War and Vortex of Terror… would I buy another shirt for Deserted Fear’s Fabian or not? Uhh, don’t know yet, the new Bodyfarm shirts are available in green, grey and black, not white. I got a round of drinks, double Jup 0,0 for me and headed out to the stage. I had warmed up my neck and shoulders a bit during Rotten Sound and that proved wise:
- Intro
- The Dark Age
- Tombstone Crusher (bro time with Bram ;) )
- Charlatan Messiah (explaining Wanda they hardly play this anymore)
- The Well of Decay (the sound could have been wider, but my smile could not during the solo)
- Saxon Victory
- Der Landkreuzer
- Heartraped (old classic refurbished a bit)
- The Coming Scourge (coming goose bumps!)
- Firing Squad (thumbs up by Alex)
- Death By Fire
- Unbroken (Thomas all emotional, seeing so many freak out after nearly two years)

During The Well of Decay Dunne Pim started stage diving, but nearly treaded my glasses doing so :-/ and he started a huge pit when he finally landed. Maarten had been found, he’d been out for nearly three hours, Brammerman excited, Jeroen pushing hard, Pim flying once more, awesome! The audience kept shouting different song titles to keep the band going, but the schedule was tight so no encores… my 17th Bodyfarm show had been K.I.L.L.E.R. in Capitols, M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E. to the neck, E.X.E.C.U.T.I.O.N. to my lungs and B.U.R.N.T. T.O. A. C.I.N.D.E.R. esophagus. I cannot be more relaxed, more relieved, more happy and more excited combined! In one single gig I’m king, general, prime minister and fool in one person again :) Bryan already said this was so good, that Exhumed would never be able to top this. I got Alex’ set list (Thanks!!) and with my pen in hand I roamed the venue looking for more signatures. I even got first bassist Matthieu to sign the paper ‘Ik deed niet mee, Matthieu’ :lol: “I did not play this gig, Matthieu” :lol: Bryan got The Coming Scourge on vinyl from me and after some deliberation he got himself Battle Breed on vinyl as well. Quint had a marker, so all present band members got eternalized on vinyl once more ;) Pity Harry van Breda wasn’t there to fulfill our signature lists.

Before Bodyfarm got to stage Belinda said she wanted to see Inferum, but as our places near the stage were so comfortable, she didn’t head out to the small hall anymore. Somehow the venue had lost a lot of people between Bodyfarm and Exhumed, but I have no clue why. Exhumed got on stage, the sound was even better than during Bodyfarm, but the volume had been turned down a bit. For a half filled Fluor Exhumed did a good set, consisting of old and new material, Doctor Chainsaw present three times (of one he threw Pim off stage, as he was so drunk he couldn’t remember what he wanted to do on stage, harassing Matt and Ross quite a bit.
I didn’t write any song titles until Torso was announced, fist banging so fanatically, so here’s the rest:
- Torso (three man pit)
- Unspeakable (killer speed reached ;) )
- Dead End (Doctor Chainsaw gets newbie Sebastian Philips the S&M helmet + chains ^^ )
- Distorted and Twisted to Form
- Coins Upon the Eyes
- Open the Abcess (first encore)
- Intro to Reign in Blood
- Detroit Rock City

At first Matt didn’t want to play an encore as he stated ‘with this shitty sound there’s no need’ but the band managed to play so fast during the set they got to three encores ;) After a little ‘thank you’ I got Matt’s guitar pick. What a good gig this had been. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that during Bodyfarm I nearly only heard Alex’ bass and hints of the vocals, but Exhumed had a good sound nonetheless, complaints or not. Koen wasn’t convinced at all but Bodyfarm will destroy Den Haag in two weeks… The Hague Metalfest will continue the steps Musicon Open Air once paved, featuring Bodyfarm, Gorefunest and a heap of illegible logos. I got to see the Bodyfarm Boys once more, as Wanda had bought all CDs present. I got her a red Exhumed shirt and myself a tour shirt. As a hint of news Thomas told me the band is working on new material! Kudos! I decided to keep the grey Bodyfarm shirt myself and thanked the bands for the last time. I wanted something else than Jupiler 0,0 and something to work my teeth on. Stroopwafels, BiFi, Snelle Jelle, apple juice and great conversation led to a speedy ride home. Wanda and Belinda were surprised I reached Enkhuizen so soon, but in good and varied conversation time goes fast on the road. Speed ticket excluded :) Get a Firing Squad ready if I don’t see Bodyfarm again… Metal.

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Willemsfest, King’s Day 2018, Willemeen Arnhem, April 27th, feat. Distillator

In the past years Neurotic Deathfest was the reason many Dutch metalheads did not need to indulge themselves in Snelle Jelle on a rope (..), apples of orange and totally false aubades to a king we’ll probably never meet in person. Oh he’s in Groningen today, fine, I go to Arnhem. Oh hell, even Google.nl is in Utterly Dutch. I need metal, not orange goo. Metal is more wanted and more needed by at least Wanda and me. To be honest, Distillator is the only known name on the seven band bill, but we don’t care. As Wanda stated ‘Auntie Wanda wants to thrash’ Check the railway planner, oh, it’s easy to return from Arnhem once Distillator packs their stuff again ;) No need for a BOB. I just bring in a fresh shirt, some water and Belgian waffles, I’d survive. In the train I can’t have beer anyway, as there are King’s Day rules forbidding substance use, just for today. It’s indoor so all sun tan lotion I need is for the bike ride to the station \m/ I parked my bike at Toon’s and I was already happy I brought a second shirt :(

The train was a mess, full of blating and drinking people; in the corridor I even found cigarette buns… it’s been forbidden to smoke in trains for years, but as it gets busy that no longer counts? Uhggg. At Arnhem Centraal it was so full we could hardly see what direction to take, but gladly I had my notes: to the left and keep walking. Easy peasy. Oh yeah, free show, would Maarten D be present too? Nope. Haven’t seen much acquaintances all day, but the first band was already playing: we heard precisely one second of No Gods No Masters before their doom set was over. Uhm, how about planning? Good thing of this day’s set up was, if you kept walking you’d be in live music all day! In the café the first band that lasted longer than precisely a second was F.I.S.T. This is Old School Punk with a capitol P! Loud, harsh, blunt, concrete punk. The mohawks on and off stage bounced freely, first pit of the day was a friggin’vile one, as punks usually don’t care who gets hurt and who ducks. Business as usual :) Wanda surely has a punk background, so she went nuts seeing the mohawks, razor blades, locks-on-chains, safety pins and especially the studs so widely present ;) Musically: think of GBH, The Exploited and Extreme Noise Terror as the sound could vary from good to bagger. Within the same song haha.

In the main hall we saw Obese. These guys try to put their name to their music, as the fat, sludgy, crunchy stoner went like a steamroller. The band clearly has friends, as the entire hall was packed. We decided after some three, four songs to get something to eat and met Laurens and Frank of Distillator. They had ordered vega burgers before we ordered the meat ones, but we had our food in matter of minutes, the boys nearly needed 20 minutes to get theirs. Huh?? Laurens said he didn’t always trust barbecued food on festivals, but the beef was excellent, the kriel potatoes hot and the cabbage well soaked in tasty dressing. Fangirl Wanda got her pictures, she was still eating as the boys waited 8-) That we missed a band or two this way we did not really care, we had fun. Screw the descriptions of such band ^^ I had brought a poster I once got when I ordered Distillator’s Summoning the Malicious CD + patches, which carried only Laurens’ signature. Good thing: we could leave our bags behind the bar; we were clearly the visitors with the highest mileage of all onlookers ;) At least one shitty kutcore band passed by, waiting for ‘Arnhem’s poetry put to music’ De Grote Boodschap (“Do a Number 2”). I have nothing with cabaret nor poetry, but put to music it even made less sense to me. Some Arnhemmers were clearly laughing their balls off, but we didn’t. Nice to meet Alex Zwaerts, a colleague of Peter Lord Belial; he said he’d make sure we’d get patches of his record label Swaertgevegt but didn’t have on him now. Peter will take care of that. Hey, Inken is also present and she was happily surprised to see me. Add another Daniel to the acquaintances-list as well ;)

Looking at the schedule I saw we’d better get to main hall, as it already got time for Distillator. We saw the last bit of the chaos called build-up-and-check-sound, which was fun to watch. Even a three man band can make a lot of mileage on a stage, bumping into each other, using each other’s power plugs and the beers included HA HA HA. I got to stage with a double load, as I didn’t want to miss a second, here’s Wanda’s signed set list: [fan girl :lol: ]
- Intro
- Guerilla Insurgency
- Shiver in Fear
- Saturation Bombing
- Perceiving Presence (hey, a new one! Good to see the band is working on new material yet! Kudos! Gotta have! ;) )
- Estates of the Realm (whoah! Another new one! Great tune!)
- Summoning the Malicious
- Distinct or Extinct
- Revolutionary Cells
- Megalomania
- Bloody Assault
- Mechanized Existence
- Black Magic

I’d say: support this friggin’band! If you ever heard Slayer, get this! If you love Destruction, make some organizer near you book them! If you want to mosh like it’s an Exodus show, get yourself a ticket! Let Warbringer tour with them, they’d have a hard competition! Night after night these guys give 159 per cent in strings, sticks, blood, sweat, aggression, speed, energy and whatnot! Killer show by a killer band!! I could not thank the band enough for this great gig, probably their best I’ve ever seen. Wanda nearly needed an extra rucksack to get all merch along, she nearly bought everything she could get her sharp nails in between :) Except the tapes (!) as she ordered them for Bryan and herself ages ago. I only bought a handful of patches to share. This band deserves (at least) my full attention and probably yours too.

Coming back to Arnhem Centraal we faced the same mess as in the afternoon, but now everybody seemed drunk, stoned, horny or aggressive, so we got into the train in a run. Utrecht was already a lot friendlier, but Amsterdam wasn’t fun to change trains. Dirty city, dirty platform, dirty trains… the people were so obnoxious Wanda decided to get out at Hoogkarspel instead of Enkhuizen, she didn’t want to spend one second alone between these coke-fueled assholes; I got her on my couch, gave her some water and a sleeping bag and I was off. Exhausted, not because of carrying Wanda on my bike, but because of the double feelings: totally fucked up visitors outside the venue but a great metal show. I don’t focus on doofs, I focus on metal. TTTTTTTHHHHHRRRRRRRAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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