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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:06 pm
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Location: Netherlands
PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 10:14 am 

The Hague Metalfest, feat. Bodyfarm, Het Paard Den Haag, April 28th

This festival is the follow-up to Musicon Metalfest, it’s just a tiny hint bigger than that as Het Paard is about double the size of Musicon. Even Paard’s small hall is bigger than Musicon. I’ve only been to Het Paard once (see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... d-oct-2012 see remark below) but that was by train; now I drive. So, oggole that damned place, there’s a city park center nearby. I soon got three tickets, as I thought Bryan would join Wanda and me, but he hesitated. Alex did want to join me, but as I can’t find my phone I couldn’t contact him so easily. Wanda brought help via FB. Would King’s Day’s Mess have evaporated? The Hague is The Residency, you know. Biggest city in Holland without city rights haha, don’t push the venom when Koen or Ariaan is nearby ;) I guess they’d be present, even though Koen was totally underimpressed by Bodyfarm two weeks ago. At first I thought Gorefunest would start the day, so we’d drive early. That wasn’t the case at all, Bodyfarm headlined and Gorefunest was the afterparty. More party to be seen, but that’s of later worry. So, with only two pronounceable or legible logos I wasn’t in a rush anymore. I had bought an e-Bay copy of Fleshcrawl – Impurity before I knew Bryan got me an original, so I wanted to know if I had a genuine or a fake. It’s fake, it’s Russian; well done but you can see mistakes and the pictures are vague. OK, now I know where to look :) Thanks Bryan for the tips AND the original Impurity ;) Alex treated the CD with the dignity required (on the way home) and broke the too-thin CD tray >< He sat on it…

We picked up Alex and already had a great time driving. But as Alex had not eaten much, we decided to ditch the first couple of illegibles and got ourselves some chicken, showarma, fries and mushrooms (not the psilocin ones :) ) Alex’beer tasted so good I got him a big one ;) First band we got to see was Apophys. That was a short gig, even Daniel (hey!) got out before the first song was ended. He said something like ‘that singer should have stuck with Erebus alone’ and we’re off. We soon indulged ourselves in merch hunting, as Alwin Roes and his lovely assistant were present too. I think Wanda bought some 22 CDs and let me pick out two \m/ Thanks, you’re too kind. I got Escutcheon – Battle Order (Alwin Zuur’s old band, cool death metal) and Eternal Solstice (a split with Mourning, ES feat. Phil van Nugteren of Xerpentor). I got some patches for my Dutch Denim, coupled Brother Alex to Bassist Alex :) and the second band (to us; Daniel said he’d seen all bands so far and loved them all, except Apophys) got to stage: The Modern Age Slavery. This gig lasted some longer to us (two songs instead of a half one), the band has groove, the band slams and the band blasts. There was a guest singer present, but as there was so much smoke I don’t know which one was the original and which the guest… Daniel freaked out and his meter long hairs made friends ;)

The beers, waters and sodas flew and the other party got started as well, soon the foyer was filled with training pants, too fashionate baseball caps and loads of scruffy hiphoppers, most looked alike… uhm when Daniel asked one of them what played the dick growled ‘we’re not here for you’ and moved on, irritated. Turned out it was some huge Polish hip hop star, no idea which, don’t care, not interested. Not with such an attitude, losers! There even was a hipster training pants shop :o Third band to us was an error, as Human Error makes music I’m too simple for: slams, karate kids, pig squeals, deep gutter and gravelike silence in one song… that’s too much. OK, to Alex it’s new, Daniel likes slam to a degree, but to Wanda and me it’s plain annoying. CDs to the locker, festival shirt, Alex’ blouse (as usual ;) ) and back inside, no need for my Firing Squad mentioned two weeks ago, here’s Bodyfarm! During the sound check some man with a high Kiss-pitch (like Koen often does, but it wasn’t my big friend, haven’t seen him nor Ariaan at all) wanted to subscribe for background singer in Bodyfarm, Thomas reacted ‘fucking fout’ hahaha. The band did half of Tombstone Crusher as final all-instrument check and this already sounded 10 times better than in Amersfoort. Was it nerves, was it over-eagerness, I don’t know what the difference was with the Amersfoort show, but this was great! This comes off my picture of the set list (I was getting tired and a headache turned up after an unscheduled burst of frustration/anger from Daniel (...), I tried as hard as I could to fulfill the set)
- The Dark Age
- Tombstone Crusher
- Charlatan Messiah
- The Well of Decay (haven’t seen it, but Thomas got a beer cup to his head and reacted ‘if I find out who did this, I’ll kick your fucking head off’; Alex got all loose and started the pit himself. That was highly appreciated later on by nearly the entire band, happy Alex!!)
- Saxon Victory (the pit got thicker \m/)
- Der Landkreuzer
- Heartraped
- The Coming Scourge (yup, Bram and Thomas solo near me ^^)
- Malevolence (now nearly the entire venue joins the pit, hard to keep standing to the stage :) )
- Firing Squad (tribute to a recent deceased aunt of one of the band members, the cremation was apparently this day. Kudos!)
- Death by Fire (so lovely doomy start \m/)
- Unbroken (my neck cracks)
- Slaves of War (my esophagus cracks and I have some little guitar battle with Bram :lol: )

My 18th show of Bodyfarm was great, my body is dehydrated but my mind wants more; headache or not. What a killer show. Even with the little shitty things of today I must say this show evened it all out. No need to remember bands you don’t appreciate or people that are poepheads, get me some Bodyfarm and I’ll friggin’ survive anything! As Daniel had said he’d leave early if the show wasn’t up to his standards, I looked around and saw Wanda and Alex ecstatic, sweaty and over the top satisfied; Daniel just smiled widely and asked if he could join us back to Enkhuizen, so he could see some of Gorefunest with us. He’d enjoyed Bodyfarm nearly as much as I had. I found the next edition of The Hague Metalfest already mentioned Bleeding Gods. Missed the date...

Time for Gorefunest. I told my company I was getting out of it, but I just had to hear at least three, possibly four songs of one of the bands that gave death metal such a boost in my collection, my need to travel for metal and other likings, Gorefest. I had been discussing some of my Gorefest experiences with Wanda and she was all into it. I told her about the times I met Jan-Chris, spoke to Ed, got my nose broken, the winding career of the band and the side projects of both Boudewijn and Frank. The band, young as they are, made a party which brought back a lot of memories, again! I think the band played a set as if it were amongst the last shows of the False tour in 1992, where the song Erase was already put in the set list.
- The Glorious Dead (sooo tight!! *cool* )
- State of Mind
- Get-a-Life (I just had to do the pitch haha)
- Mental Misery
- From Ignorance to Oblivion (Quint enjoying himself greatly too, bro time!)
- Reality-When You Die (I couldn’t do it anymore, we left. With a broken heart, look at the rest)
- The Mass Insanity
- Confessions of a Serial Killer
- For the Masses (hey, my remark on 1992 is a flaw, that’s from the 2005 comeback album La Muerte) 8-)
- Erase

This band is police, advocate, registrar, judge and executioner in one. No it’s not Judge Dredd, but you get what I mean. The five piece is young, eager, tight, accurate, well trained, well-oiled and has clearly fun doing this tribute to one of Hollands most loved death metal bands, near-seventies-rock-album-Chapter-13-or-not-return-to-blistering-death-metal-as-they-do-best. It was that my head was impaled and the 1,000 μg paracetamol finally worked, but I couldn’t do the entire set. I needed some fresh air and luckily the car was a bit further away than I remembered (…) I was the one sober, right? :) Water and fresh shirt in the car, stroopwafel and fruit biscuit, out for something warm and out to Hoorn, Enkhuizen and then bedtime. I did not need an alarm clock, I’d sleep in at least twice, listen to my new CDs, maybe swim (too cold for Alex :) ), shave, Chinese, voetbal and enhappy the metal world with a review. Yeah, I’m a dick. A metal dick. Fanboy metal dick.

you can use the links as guest or member: http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... gorefunest

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:06 pm
Posts: 169
Location: Netherlands
PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 2:11 am 

RockHard 2018, feat. Saxon, Overkill, Sodom

It’s been quite a while since I last did something more than just some one-day-fest with Stip and/or Daan. With Stip it was Bloodstock & Scotland in 2011, with Daan we had Graspop, some years ago. At my birthday I suggested I’d love to go on a road trip with Stip once more, as he’d been travelling with Daan on several occasions. Not that I wanted to see Manowar together ;) but still. I had been feeding them information about RockHard, as it’s one of my favorite festival grounds for quite some time. I know for sure it’s not only the line up they’re gonna love, it’s Gelsenkirchen as well, Veltins, the atmosphere, the cheery mood that usually surrounds this fest and… yeah what more do you need? The first bands were a bit of a letdown, but I kept positive: I have never seen Cirith Ungol and the return of Night Demon to the Amphitheater would wind me up. Forget about Diamond Head’s Sean Harris’ whine about Mecrappica, I just think. Oh, he’s no longer in the band? Ah, fine. End of October the second batch was announced, but also a fourth visitor: Saxon, Marduk, Tiamat, Uli Jon Roth doing Scorpions tribute, the return of Attic to the dome and… Wanda. She’d been fishing for a way to a foreign festival for a while, this suits her, I think. I wonder if my former colleague Sander and his lovely travelling companions would show up too. Third batch of bands brought Sodom, first show in the new line up, Armored Saint and a very special set by Overkill!! Would the tradition being broken [first band cool German, second band shit] for once? Time table said: YES! First band Dawn of Disease, second Attic!
We travel early and we tend to travel light. Uhm no, as I have so many denims now, I can choose so I choose 4: newie, Dutch, Neckwreckers and my ‘normal’one. I won’t bring in any beer as Stip is still totally off alcohol and to be honest, only good non-alcoholic beers are hardly sold in tin! At first I thought I wouldn’t even have space to bring in any beer at all, 4 people, four tents, four sleeping bags in a VW Golf Mk II diesel... But, as so often it didn’t turn out as planned: Daan had to work on Friday and Stip had an exam first!! By the time I got to know about this, there wasn’t any time left to get beer in cans anymore, but as Wanda hardly drinks alcohol, I wouldn’t need as much beer as that. I had brought my brother Theo’s old tent but it wasn’t so clear how to put it up, we got help (and beers) in seconds from our German neighbors Stef and Martin. Thanks a lot!! More help came, as I wandered to the metal bar and was pushed a plate of maccheroni and ham into my hands by Richard of Riff’s Merchandising! Whaoh, thanks, appreciated and needed! We got in time to see the metal bar being opened, but no metal karaoke this time, just a metal DJ. Wanda got me a RockHard shirt and I got her another one. Goddess of Desire claimed they had out-of-print-vintage shirts in big sizes, but I couldn’t find anything in 3XL as thank you to Martin for his help and beers… Soon I found the Brabo’s Tim, Eric and Maarten so no one needed to bring any fridges anymore ;)
During the days it was pretty warm and dry, but as the festival is along a river and the open sky evaporates heat fast, it was pretty cold in the morning. We got excellent bread and coffee at the parking lot of the festival and we were nicely on time for the first band: Dawn of Disease. The sound is insanely good and the band has a sharp mix. The music is of course fast, vile old school death metal, so we enjoyed it greatly. Knife vs. Flesh early in the set, let the carnage begin. Not much of a pit going on, but hey, that’s Germany, if German deathheads don’t wanna pit, they don’t pit. A mass of headbangers is what the band got and that suited. I felt my knees prickle and got back to the tent for a sec to get sun tan lotion, so I missed the first Attic song. I should have known better, but only one song missed is small price for not getting sunburnt. The falsetto is awesome and the band has fun on stage, interaction between band members and fans, no matter in what combination, is cool to watch. I had not written anything yet, but of course Funeral in the Woods and The Headless Rider were played last. Add to that I met Nina and Michael again and I wouldn’t want to break the lovely conversation we had, so you’ll have to do with only two song titles of this great set. Of anything else but great was Dool today. The band clearly hasn’t the support they had in Munich (?) and the band sounds dull. I didn’t even make pictures, it was over before I really realized it WAS Dool. We roamed the venues again, hunting for patches, noting a very poor quality cod in disputable sauce… this is the first time in my five RockHards I’ve had bad food! Back to the Amphitheater for Diamond Head. The band was announced as in ‘Ulrich and Mustaine sure knew what they supported when they wore their shirts’ or some bull like that. At least their nowadays singer Rasmus Dom Anderson sound OK to me, but I don’t really like it. Never understood this band, I guess, we leave after two songs. Turned out, we also missed Tiamat do their special Clouds – Wildhoney set. Uhm, I am no lover of Tiamat whatsoever… we wanted to be near the front for MY band of the day: Sodom. Wanda had seen pictures of me in my Westwoudse AC/DC Fans shirt so she wanted an AC/DC shirt to this gig. I mailed her a picture of three random AC/DC shirts I own, but of course, she chose the one not on the picture: Highway to Hell. Haha, she wore the shirt the entire weekend ;) Seeing Angelripper do a sound check is fun. It seems he’s nervous, even though he’s played with Blackfire for quite some time before and he knows Tormentor is a great drummer. The band starts off with a wobbly version of My Atonement/Conqueror, but that feeling of wobbliness is gone after that. Here’s the entire set:
- My Atonement/Conqueror
- Sodomy and Lust
- Nuclear Winter (Angelripper: ‘hallo Heimat, Hallo Freunde, Hallo RockHard!’ :) )
- Outbreak of Evil (Blackfire already handing out guitar picks haha)
- Christ Passion (hey, there’s Stip, finally)
- The Saw is the Law (… and that’s Stip’s favorite Wodos song :) )
- City of God
- Blasphemer
- One Step over the Line
- Agent Orange (OK, herrieman joins the pit and stays there *cool* )
- Strange Lost World
- Tired and Red
- Lifeline (a… cover… of… OK, I later read it was Sacrilege)
- Remember the Fallen (remember the documentary Lords of Depravity? So cool to see Blackfire freak out once more \m/ )
- Silence is Consent (indeed, this is a song of an album Sodom hasn’t played in years!)
- Ausgebombt / Bombenhagel
So, the Westfriesians unite under a clear sky, with huge grins, during Stip’s favorite thrash song (or something), band in blazing form, sound awesome, friends around (hey Marcel III-IV-V ;) ) all expectations made true. The show was announced as the first gig of the 2018-and-beyond line up and the band did a great job. This is quite an opposite set list than, for instance, Eindhoven Metal Meeting or Into the Grave or that tour they did with Kreator and it proves the band does improve with a second guitarist. Not a hint of blame to anyone playing guitar in this band before, but this was one of the best Sodom shows I’ve seen over the years (minus the one lying drunk in the grass on D.O.A >< ) and we head out for a nightcap in the Biergarten. I changed between beer and water quite often; as I knew it would be a long weekend if I didn’t, so the last beer tasted just as good as the first. When I brought Wanda home on Monday, Bryan said of this show he’d enjoyed the livestream a lot. I hinted ‘see them yourself’ but he didn’t take the bait yet :) He then said he might join me to PartySan, so who knows which band members we meet ;)

Saturday started with a few ice cold HJs from Maarten, as he thought he’d brought too much beer for his own good. A breakfast with coffee after a few HJs is still a good idea, as it would take until half past noon to see the first band. We also walked to the car, a. to see if it still was there (not the normal parking spot, this area is secluded with a swinging pole. Uhm, place it near the industrial area / church area / garden with a tiny sign ‘to be towed away’ >< ) , b. to get rid of things I wouldn’t use again (one denim down, three to go ;) ) and c. to keep walking to show the village, the grocery, the bank, the pizzeria and whatnot. Traitor opened the Saturday and I was eager for it. I had seen the logo and instantly thought ‘thrash!’ and that turned out true. The band clearly likes the adagio ‘hakkuh en saagguh’ or ‘from thick woods excellent planking’ (word joke of course ;) ) and are energetic to begin with, a great drummer and a nice guitar split. A lot of headbanging, fistbanging and running on stage AND still be tight! That’s what I like about thrash: GO FOR IT! Mental note to self: Get the album Knee Deep in the Dead! With the annunciation of a guest a spontaneous 6 man pit starts, but I’m not sure who the guest was. Fun fact: there was an actual crowd surfer, as he literaaly surfed on a man planking! Most crowd surfers just want to be thrown over the little fence, but these men really added a new sight to a metal show.

Nocturnal Rites was also a band that I had not seen before. I must have misspelled something, as this band sounded completely different to the stuff I had heard on YT… way worse in a way. With a stand-still-performance, forgettable songs and a shallow sound I call this the most boring band in the world. Wanda, Stip and me chose to do the pizzeria a favor and got into the village. I wasn’t sure which band called The New Roses this would be, but as I was suddenly surrounded by tisted-up hairs, Aerosmith-like handkerchiefs and eyeliner I didn’t want to try it. I fucking hate glamrock, so the pizza was four times the better choice: in the shade, great coffee, good pizza and some Science of Stupid-like video on the huge TV screens next to us. Accidents on highways and kids with animals, strange combination but it worked for us. On the way home I spotted my beloved XG-30-Nocturnal Rites (coincidence, I just saw that :) ) and knew: she’s safe there. German industry is brought to a standstill in the Easter and Pinse weekends, no one will tow my beloved VW Golf Mk II away this time. Of Leatherwolf I have no idea and haven’t checked it before, so be it. We wanted to see Cirith Ungol, as Bryan totally freaks out on their old material and even wanted some stuff signed by the band. Wanda ‘just forgot’ to bring the vinyls to Gelsenkirchen, they would have molten instantly… But I can’t get it and so doesn’t Wanda nor Stip… the mix of the band is terrible, one guitar too loud and one too low and a singer that does his one trick forced like an atom bomb through a sphincter… ouch. Even though the band is hailed on RockHard as ‘inspiring to so many bands’ and ‘anyone seen this on Keep it True?’ we just didn’t like it. At all. We chose to get in line for the Overkill signing session, but when we finally got to the booth the signing session was over?? I had bought a copy of Live in Overhausen but Bobby Blitz was the only one that was still present. And there were some 100 Skullcrushers still waiting! Including Torty and Sandra, some Scottish Overkill freak called Marvin and more… I had met a few Skullcrushers the day before and asked ‘what to do for some Skullcrusher patches, to be sent all over the world to my friends that adore Overkill’ but got vague answers like ‘ask the president of the fan club’ and ‘not every hobo is worthy of being a Skullcrusher’. I said ‘what about Neckwrecker patches sets that Skullcrushers refuse to use?’ and nearly got into a fight as ‘you only wear your Dutch thingie’. Pfff, get lost dude; some of those club people need to stop being such motocycle gang pussies with their way too serious patches, stupid rules and tunnel visions. I know of at least one set of Neckwreckers patches set that someone REFUSES to use, much to dismay and anger to Stach, so get over your own huge shadow and do what you should have done at first. Thorsten later said he would inform if those Neckwreckers patches are still unused and get them to me.
During the wait for the Overkill signing session Marduk was setting stage. No need to think again, as they start off with Panzer Division Marduk and make the Amphitheater tremble on its hinges. Marduk is on the hunt, new Marduk live classic Werwolf early in the set, full power ahead, all guns well oiled and in for the kill. I haven’t seen the entire set, as I wasn’t in for Axel Rudi Pell much and wanted to bring my new CD to the tent. OK, it carries only one Overkill signature, but that can be solved the next Overkill show. I did see about a song and a half of said Axel Rudi Pell, but apart from one picture I have no recollection. People aren’t ‘only’ divided into Pell-lovers and Pell-haters ;) . I could be found in the Biergarten with the Dutchies, shopping with Wanda or drinking with any of the many friends I have in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands present.
Overkill was headliner of the Saturday. The band got a 90 minute set to play Horroscope and Feel the Fire set integrally. The Amphitheater was shivering with excitement; every one of the 8,000 present wore at least one Overkill patch, patch set, shirt or whatnot and could hardly wait. I had totally forgotten which parts I’d know best, but I was helped instantly: some gorgeous chick magically pulled out a copy of Feel the Fire from somewhere warm and dark and I think I know all songs by now :) Daan and Stip called the chanting of Rotten to the Core ‘Blubber in je kop’ but the overall feel was that of, cliché of course, an overkill. The band bashed in, even Derek was spotted with a grin on his face, Bobby running around, DD firing people up (some songs with a double neck bass ;) ). Everybody around me seemed to have a different Overkill tune to freak out to, as Wanda totally lost it during Hammerhead and I lost it to Elimination… pity Derek’s guitar freaked out just in the first verse of Fuck You, otherwise this could have been a totally perfect show. The band got a huge pit in front of them, I think there were at least 250 to 300 people going nuts to each other and on the stairs everybody that didn’t take a zip banged their head. Zip, bang, zip, bang heh heh. Repeat with fist, zip, shout, zip, fist und so weiter :p
After Overkill finished, the Amphitheater and the Biergarten soon got empty, so we all headed towards the tents. Stip and Daan had still not put theirs on, so they suggested we’d kip in my tent as Stip and Daan got hers? Uhm, for an unexperienced camper that doesn’t sound stressless, better not. So we didn’t swap. The boys went to Stip’s Panda and we’d meet again in the morning. Pity some asshole vandals wanted to awake the entire camping by flipping over a full Dixi… in the toilets near the festival area there were some huge posters of shows/tours to come. Which hung in the men’s department: a huge Vixen one, all female present. I wrote on it ‘Don’t stare @ my dick’ much to the likings of my fellows excrementers :p Breakfast was needed in double portions and a long day was awaiting us: Thundermother at noon, Memoriam, Night Demon, Coroner, Backyard Babies, Armored Saint and an extra-long Saxon set to be seen. But Wanda had checked out some bands so at least Thundermother (she hates the sound of high female vocals) and Backyard Babies (too Crüe for her) were scraped off that list. Walking to the stage I met Jonathan and Vincent of Carnation, they’re doing fine but wanted to have seen the entire festival ;) and of course: Memoriam! The band had an overwhelming sound, clear as Barbie in her collector box and soldier Ken is slaughtered for king and country. I soon found Iris and Bernd on their way to the first row ;) so here’s her set list:
- War Rages On
- Dronestrike V3
- Soulless Parasite
- Bleed the Same
- Resistance (K.I.L.L.L.L.L.L.E.D!!)
- No Known Grave
- Nothing Remains (dedicated to Karl’s mom but the set list said ‘ If Time????’)
- Flatline

This is clearly a band that’s got their eyes set on the future. They play their own material and no one complains about Bolt Thrower nor Benediction anymore. Good. OK, it is fun to hear for instance The IVth Crusade or I Bow to None, but we all still have Karl’s grin, Frank’s immortal bass lines, Scott’s razor riffs and Andrew’s poundhammer… I love all three bands mentioned but Memoriam seems to have the brightest future.
I got hailed by Claudia and Ursula, clearly on their way to the front of the stage for Night Demon. I like this band a lot on CD, have seen them twice, was happy with the shade near the stage and my company, but I had no real desire for the band live. OK that may sound double crossed, it’s true. I like their artwork and their CD but now I simply wasn’t ready for heavy metal. Could be the death metal of Memoriam of course ;) Night Demon played one new song, then Curse of the Damned and during the intro to Stranger in the Room I thought ‘oh no, the band is pissing off non-Night Demon fans already?’ as Jarvey called people not into heavy metal ‘Strangers in this room’ uhmm, OK, get out of here. Somehow the band let me down AND I thought it was OK this way. Weird. We went on merch hunt again, Wanda bought a new black denim but the sales man moaned about our Dutch cards? Do we really have to pay the € 20 Mastercard charges for use of their equipment? Per day? I thought ‘with € 45 for a denim the price is right’ and nearly left. He tried to correct himself seeing me hesitate, but as Wanda smiled and said ‘I might come back today’ his strange commercial hint was flamed out. Back to the tent to dump this denim. Of Uli Jon Roth I don’t say much. I am not familiar with his Scorpions-era music and I don’t like all the (too-) high vocals his band gives. Which metalhead is still waiting for a Hendrix cover, All Along the Watchtower is soooo overdone and Uli even plays a second Hendrix cover… time to eat. No need for cod, but pork or beef ;)
When can you choose between a good conversation (Iris, Thorsten, Wanda) or Coroner? I never was a fan of this band and after my second encounter I still won’t support. Thus, I did a little bit of both. I kept talking to Iris and Thorsten and signaled them to the bar near the stage for a beer and two Coroner songs. Uhm, when such an experienced band sounds like medium-era Sodom and shitty-era Metallica in one song I definitely go. We went to the tent again, sprayed some sun tan lotion and relaxed… music coming from four sides but Armored Saint sounded best from those four. Even from this distance you can clearly hear the musicianship, the great mix and above all, John Bush’excellent voice and stamina. But indeed, it’s funny to hear Delirious Nomad combined with ancient U2, human interaction and Fear Factory from the other sides ;)
Wanda surprised me again, as she bought me a special RockHard 2018 Saxon shirt (Thunderbolt cover)! What we didn’t know is that we bought each other 7 patches, most of them were similar. :) I got her the special RockHard 2018 Overkill shirt (with the Horrorscope cover on it). We were in time to hear the last bit of the Saxon sound check, loud, pretty shrill but also full of longing. Saxon played RockHard at least three times and band and audience are in for a nearly two hour example of the ferocity AND the calmness of the band. And as the band uses AC/DC for an intro, I’m all over it as well. Here’s what I wrote:
- Dogs of War
- Thunderbolt
- Sacrifice (whoah, Biff sounds like in his best days, so clear and powerfull)
- The Secret of Flight (mhwhhmm, only one guitar good audible)
- Motorcycle Man (Biff gets the entire Amphitheater jumping \m/ ) )
- Strong Arm of the Law
- Battering Ram (with Biff calling his friend Klaus Meine for his birthday :lol: )
- The Power and the Glory
- new song resembling Killed by Death a lot??)
- Denim and Leather (a denim is thrown onto stage, Biff checks it, turns it on and finishes the show with this denim. Probably some fan is hyper or pissed off now. I don’t know if he returned it ;) )
- Never Surrender
- Predator
- They Played Rock’n’Roll (Saxon’s ode to Motörhead)
- And the Band Played on (hinting towards their country- and genre-mates Judas Priest)
- 747 (Strangers in the Night)
- Crusader
- Princess of the Night (encore)
- Wheels of Steel
With a set list like this, I consider Saxon still a valid and powerful member of the heavy metal family. The band plays with feel, fire and has an excellent status amongst fans and other visitors. To me it’s like my feelings for Motörhead, I am not a huge fan, but I do own some material and my respect for what they’ve achieved is evident. The band also has quite a fuller Amphitheater in front of them than, say, Opeth last year… and must say it: much more fanatic audience than Opeth has had in years. It concurred to me that my previous editions of RockHard the Saturday still is fullest, but this year’s Sunday was by far the best attended RockHard Sunday in many years. I heard loads of people seeing this. Of course Saxon is no Opeth, Down, W.A.S.P (…), King Diamond or Bolt Thrower, but their headlining status is just. Would they have played Saturday and Overkill on Sunday, it would still have been fuller than during the 2011, 2013 and 2017 editions.
When the encore was near, we left to keep our easy pace going. Wanda had been suffering from some big blisters and walked most of the festival on beach slippers. Knowing the stony part of the camping, we moved out silently. Stip and Daan went home during Saxon, no tent seen :) . We had fun. Not much fun was some noise deeper in the night, as there was no more RockHard security personnel left… turning over Dixis, Kliko’s and a few tables full of empty bottles was pure vandalism to us. Add the fact that the night cooled off so hard, we had our tents packed in before 6:30 AM, had a coffee and one bread and were in my VW Golf Mk II around 7:15. Bryan was highly surprised we were at his doorstep around 11, got more coffee and exchanged all stories. Bryan had seen the Tiamat- and Sodom-live streams and was all over it. He was surprised and not surprised we had nothing much with Cirith Ungol. But you can’t have it all, right? What we do know is that the three of us head out to Germany for PartySan. We might head back to RockHard. More live metal. More Westfriesians. But mostly more metal.

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Maryland Deathfest XVIII, May 24th – 27th 2018, Ram’s Head + SoundStage Baltimore MD

Of most of my trips I can spit out any information on when/why I got tickets, with whom I’d go and the build up in bands announced. Of this edition of Maryland Deathfest, short MDF, my trail is weaker. I knew I promised at least Nina (Germany, wheel chair, see RockHard + Ruhrpott reviews) I’d help her, but during Ruhrpott 2017 I already knew she and her hubby Michael wouldn’t make it. Bring in Wanda is on her bucket list, but by the time I ordered tickets (an later on flights) I still didn’t know her yet (see Baroeg Open Air 2017 review). The first bands announced were clearer, but not overall exciting: Master’s Hammer, Sinister, Bloodbath. Excuse my language here, I love (early) Bloodbath to bits and I’ve known Sinister for over 20 years, but I’ve seen both bands so often they wouldn’t prioritize this festival over others. Master’s Hammer, yeah, I’ve only seen them once. Until God Dethroned and Pig Destroyer were added, I took the decision to go. With a festival like this I’m more into seeing my Baltimore-, Arizona- and Philadelphia-Metal Tavern friends than the actual line up. Daniel brought in his own bookings, as he said he’d love to go to New York with Mark; I have seen New York and I’ve got other plans this year; I need my days off in October, note ;) And… Daniel flies KLM, I wanted to try a bit cheaper and ended up with Air Canada. Would I work between RockHard and MDF then? Uhm, no. At first I thought I could spare one day off by working at home on Tuesday, but I was glad I didn’t. I was exhausted because of the long night, the vandal noise and the cold in Gelsenkirchen and I still had not packed everything… That I’d miss the pre-party whatsoever was not a biggie. Up to Tuesday I had not even glimpsed who would play at the Ottobar.

I dumped my bag at my brother’s so I could easily cycle towards the station. The flights were no problem; Air Canada service is pretty good and the May-holiday-stress/strikes are over. My bookings were changed five times, but it was funny to hear my name pronounced and skipping the line because of that :) One problem though: I had a six-hour-turnover at Toronto or if I booked differently, it would have been only three minutes! So, when I got to the plane to BWI it was already some 2 AM in my Dutch day! First sounds I heard on Canadian soil: Infernäl Mäjesty on MP3 \m/. I was picked up by Scott and Missy and they were exhilarated by the stuff I got them: self made patches (Mutator ;) ) and cheese! Aren’t American customs officers used by now to Dutchies bringing in tightly sealed excellent Gouda or Leiden cheese >< ? Nope ;) But I work with a lot of farmers, I understand. Turned out Mortician played the pre-party, I’ve never seen them before but I couldn’t have flown earlier than I did now. The welcome at Dundalk was warm. Jason, Jason and Miss Kitty were all very happy, Daniel and Mark showed up after my first Yeungling. Gott, what have I missed this particular beer *cool* To fulfill my jetlag I had some four beers and my clock said ‘25 hours awake again’. Turned out Mark had photographed two bands and he said they killed. I ended my night with a guitar pick from About2Crash of the Buddy Holly Remembrance tour he’d done. Off to bed, thanks to Missy for preserving the guest room for me. That room has no air conditioning, so the noise wouldn’t keep me awake. I awoke refreshed, I thought ;)

My first band of the festival was Khemmis. I have some friends that are totally into this band, so I’d be taken into these guys anyway. And they delivered! The band had a near-stadium-full sound and their mix of heavy metal, doom, stoner and two types of vocals really put me on! As promised I bought a shirt for my friends and waited for -(16)- to begin. I thought it was just OK, but compared to Khemmis they have more stoner and more noise. Meeting my pit buddy Chicken Guy was fun as usual. I bought some more stuff and dumped that into Res’bag. Who knew if I’d end up in a pit or something ;) We moved from the Ram’s Head to SoundStage for Gutted; I just had not really seen when they’d start so I only saw two songs death/grind of high standards. Next up was Mortal Decay. Me, Crash and Scott had been hunting for patches and to be honest, that was more fun than see the deathslam/grind/slam happen on stage. I wasn’t so refreshed as I thought, as during Defeated Sanity Daniel tried to explain this band to me and all I did was mumble. I didn’t understand at all, it must have been an aftermath of jetlag and the combination Yeungling-Stella Abortion all day. Scott picked me up and even though he wanted to see Incantation and Broken Hope, he brought me to Dundalk and stayed there. So, some 72 hours later, thanks a million, Scott, I found it awesome you brought me to your home. You also look great (in a God Dethroned shirt ^^) and I hope you stay this way. As expected, I passed out.

Good thing about getting to bed (reasonably) early, is that you have all the time the next day. I made some sausage-mushroom-experimental nosh and offered that to everyone awoke. Uhm, even without hangover that was too early ;) Sorry Mark ;) When everybody was awoken indeed, a great eight-head-discussion followed, featuring politics, genderdiscussion, coffee when sowing patches; three man in a row. How metal can we be? \m/ *cool* Friday’s bands started out with Bound by the Grave in SoundStage. The simple-to-the-ear-but-astute-to-the-brain death metal sounds great. Very blunt as well, there’s a lot of Swedish influence here. And I like Swedish death metal ;) But how big a difference Durian brings to stage… we had no idea even powerviolence could get into overdrive, grindcore mixed with lava pellets. To the trained ear this could be great, I just had problems with the vocals. We were more content with Scorched (from Delaware), the band is some kind of inbred between Incantation and Godflesh but then from down the sewer. These guys have played with Mark’s band before and seem to like what they’re doing a lot. One of the shortest shows I’ve ever seen can be named to Cognisant… by the time I’d found my ear plugs they were already off stage. Uhm, OK, stick around for Gonkulator. The band had brought some Machine of Horror thingie, is this going to be like GWAR or something? Nah, not by far. The band does play with some zombie paint, the singer is brought onto stage in a coffin, but the rest is plain death metal, hand of doom into it, horrorthemed. Not bad, not bad at all.

After a quick bite you could find us at Ram’s Head once more, as Morta Skuld was setting up stage. The band already had a full house in front of them when they checked sound and the audience got what they wanted: extinction eternal caught in death metal! The band played rough as a bread knife and sharp as a grind path ;) Fun to meet Mrs. Baayens once more ;) and some more American friends of Andrée and Käthe showed up, this was very cozy! Beers and shots exchanged easily ;) If there is a band on stage or not is no problem this way, especially as Lord Gore is the one that follows. The singer does pig squeals and deep grunts in one sentence, but it sounds too forced for my likings. Blood Incantation is a band that, as far as I know, is hot in the entire Metal Tavern Team so noticeably, everybody of our group was present to watch this sonic torment. Hey, there’s Darren as well, handing out flyers to the Full Terror Assault Mk III this September. I won’t make it this year, maybe next year! For some $ 100 you can you can see Demolition Hammer, Death Angel, Warbringer, Immolation, Power Trip, Midnight, Birdflesh and way more; September 6th-8th in Illinois! Blood Incantation was friggin’awesome. It’s been a while since such an explosion of sound, hairs and necks combined made so much sense! I heard someone talk about Metal Storm – Face the Slayer, was this about Blood Incantation as well? It must have been a real old school Slayer fan to have Metal Storm as your favorite Slayer song ^^ (but I forgot…)

Next up is one of Daniel’s favorites of the festival: Sinister! He told me his friend Richardo is officially out of the band but agreed to do this show. You can hardly speak of a Dutch band anymore, Daniel said, as Richardo originates from Brazil, Nico lives in Italy now and Stabath used to come from Transylvania, I’ve heard :lol: but I wore my Dutch denim with pride… the band does a varied set of old and new and they play sharp. It was soooo cool to see Scott not only join the pit, but rule it as well!! I don’t think you can have a clearer example how much he’s better now, lighter, sharper in the eyes, right on the tongue and not so goddamn tired anymore… Kudos!! And now… now… in for my treat of the festival? Yeah, God Dethroned played after Sinister and They. Fucking. Grind. Millstones. With. Bullets!!! My Allseeing Blindness, was this a great set or what? The band thanked the audience literally every song and they gave the reason to that themselves! Volume up, SKG all around, rolling bass, monster behind the drums, killer songs and this set list doesn’t need more introduction:
- The World Ablaze (minor technical glitch for Henri)
- Villa Vampiria
- Nihilism (some more technicalities)
- No Man’s Land
- Poison Fog (bro time with Henri about FC Emmen :lol: )
- Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)
- Annihilation Crusade
- Boiling Blood (now it was Mike with a cabinet problem)
- Storm of Steel

This might look like a short set, but if all you want is in those songs, why bother? It’s not like God Dethroned is the headliner, that should have been Bloodbath tonight, but they got nearly an hour and filled it with razorsharp death metal; not so much the blackened part anymore, but who cares? The next day I spoke to Henri (about voetbal indeed haha) and he explained he likes to wash around the set lists a bit. Not every gig Into the Lungs of Hell or The Warcult, sometimes Firebreath or Under the Golden Wings of Death is taken out of the attic and why not? With those last three albums I think they can do ‘An Evening with World War One’, but what’s the fun in that? There are already so much bands doing so, not every of those are good gigs, remember? This was a great gig, nuff said.

Just before this gig I met a man called Todd and he was all over the band. He’d bought a vinyl version of The World Ablaze and wanted it signed. As I didn’t know if the band would hang around (I’ve known Henri a bit too long to know that) I gave him the bass pick I got from Jeroen. Just as he drooped off, who’s there, watching Suffocation: yeah right, Henri, Jeroen and Michiel stuck around. I tried to call Todd but he didn’t react no more. Suffocation was called in last minute, as there seemed to be problems with visas of Bloodbath members. Again, a headliner that had to cancel, how often have we heard that on MDF? Of My Dying Bride I knew longer they wouldn’t show up, everybody’s read about replacements and so on, but Bloodbath too? OK, forget about Bloodbath for now. Suffocation has been stirring pits to insanity for years and this wasn’t different. I didn’t write anything, handed my camera and glasses to Jason and off I was! I do remember some song titles being played, but I just wanted to mosh my balls throughout Ram’s Head on these great tunes… No shirt swap ;) but definitely recognition (Dave, Terrance, Charlie) and a band in full swing, full guns packed, blade like butchering once more… Funeral Inception early in the set, I heard Souls to Deny (I think hihihi), Effigy of the Forgotten (bumping into Crash, of course!) Name 15 Suffocation songs, probably 12 of those were played. I didn’t bother. I just had a great technical death metal show and a LOT of Fun!! Pity I got an elbow to my eye socket around halfway in and had to back out again. I saw the rest of the gig from the sideline. What a great band!

But at the end of the Suffocation set list I lost all my friends. I wasn’t overtly drunk but couldn’t find anyone, even walked up and down to SoundStage to find one person I knew. Phoned Scott, phoned Missy, but they were already at home (…) but then you know how welcome you are when suddenly Res showed up and got me to Dundalk! Jason to the Rescue, thanks bud! We did some afpils with pizza at Scott’s and onto the pillows we got. This was a good day. I just should have not left Ram’s Head…

No worries for the Saturday morning. Missy had made excellent chicken chili and the coffee was great too. One pile of dishes done later, some patches and CDs swapped between Jason, Jason and me [THANKS!!], and we’re ready to go once more. This Saturday would be mostly inside Ram’s Head, apart from a peek here and there. I wanted to see Phrenelith, as they play Schoonebeek next September too and liked the stuff I had found on YT. Turned out they were the first band we saw and I was right: this is a great band. The band changes vocal style just like ancient Nile used to do, the one even deeper and fouler than the other. Musically I thought of a freight train on the loose, heavy, fast, uncontrollable but still cool. I think I saw most of the show, but there was rumor about a free Goatwhore show as well, probably in the Angels Rock Bar in the Power Plant. They would play at 4 PM, that was said. But at 4.15 PM there only was a handful of crowd watching a couple fight at the pool table and I headed back in for Pessimist; clearly Scott’s favorite of this edition of MDF. What I heard was some vile blackened death metal, like ancient God Dethroned mixed with nearly as old Kataklysm and a hint of Celtic Frost. I decided to get my head empty a bit by walking up and down the harbor, but what’s the point of a rescue vessel near a bridge that can no longer open :o (22 cm gun included :) ) I returned to Angels Rock Bar and indeed a band was playing, but I found the metalcore-with-Guitar-Hero-guitars so lame I didn’t even make pictures. Uhm they were probably a local band, unexperienced, not tight, no interesting riffs. I went to SoundStage instead where another Danny Lilker band was to be seen: Blurring. With Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Brutal Truth and Autopsy (hired in for MDF 2010) I think I already miss a band or two I’ve seen The Tall Baysider play in ;) This was plain grindcore, but with Lilker’s characteristic pose I enjoy just the sight. Hasn’t he been on nearly every MDF since a long time? ;) Each time in a different band ;)

On the way back to Ram’s Head I spotted way more activity up the stairs and yeah, here’s Goatwhore for you. They tour with Satyricon these days and they had a day off, as Satyricon was to headline Ram’s Head today. It was so packed I have no idea what they played, but inside the small rock bar there was some pit going on and the safety bars near the ministage were needed too ;) Ross Dolan enjoyed it too, handing out drinks to friends of friends of friends (so, of mine now too, hey Rob, hey Nadine!) was fun. As I’ve said before, I do own a Goatwhore set list, but this paper is so old the recent material is probably not on it, so I have no song titles. Was impossible to make out as well, as the song titles were growled out just like the lyrics :) Indeed, SoundStage time again, now for Cripple Bastards. With a band name and logo like this I expect crust and I got it: a perfect mix of that 1989 show Doom + Concrete Sox. It was insanely hot at that moment, so I didn’t really stay long. What’s the point, apart from an unexpected cover, if you don’t know any music? I walked up and down for Bölzer but didn’t even get the chance to get a water or a beer as I was so easily bored now… I wanted some more action and got… Pig Destroyer! Holy Chip in a Syrian Ass, was this a party or what? The band set up, guitars, check, drums, check and effect board (???), check and insanity commands! Fuck everything I said about grindcore, with was P.A.R.T.Y W.I.T.H.O.U.T C.O.N.F.E.T.T.I T.O. T.H.E M.A.X!! Mark had asked Daniel to take care of his equipment, as he had said ‘I simply have to party hard during Pig Destroyer 8-) ‘ and he did. Whoah, what a swerving mass of limbs, beer, hairs, beards, heads, entire Crash, entire Mark (Crash fits three times in Mark, but both men flew) entire Res, so cool to see. I couldn’t do zilch, as Mark had not found Daniel so I volunteered to keep his stuff. But stashed to the side stage, with movement all around me, such an expensive and heavy sack of gear… I think I sweated nearly as much as Mark did :lol: At the end of the show Chicken Guy got the mic and I thought he was in for a guest spot but no: he cheered for his girlfriend and after a devastating silence he proposed to her! And she said yes! And as a replacement for an engagement ring, they flew hand in hand off stage. Alison was down earlier than Chicken Guy, but so cool of the band to allow that during their show! He got cheered and booed for doing so, but I highly respect him for actually stepping onto stage and ask…

I had no interest in Prong and replacement-headliner Helmet (even less than Prong ><) so I cued up for Sadistic Intent. Oh my, do you really have to check EVERYTHING by police for entering PowerPlant? Uhg, this way I might miss friggin’Sadistic Intent! Checking every purse, even pulling out patches of pant pockets decreased my amount of Sadistic Intent to only three songs, happily including Ancient Black Earth in those three. But seeing a blackened thrash band do some headbanging and a crowd with a minor pit is a bit of a huge difference with what we just experienced on Pig Destroyer! OK, it was OK, but nothing more than that. I’d had seen Sadistic Intent before and those (also festival-) shows were great, band eager, crowd going nuts, I don’t know. I was getting tired anyway, so I watched Master’s Hammer with only half an eye and then, my readers, you’d better Über yourself home. I nearly missed Scott and Missy again and felt my shoulders sink… what the hell am I doing? I just got upset and thus, upstairs without saying much. Brushed my teeth, didn’t even turn off the light and I was gone. In the morning I found out Maryland Deathfest 2018 was over for me the moment I decided to ditch Satyricon’s headlining show. I awoke a train wreck and stayed in all day, chilling with Missy, Jason, Jason and Scott; Mark and Daniel had to see Wormrot, looking at the band list of Sunday I must say I did the right thing. I’d fly home early on Monday, no need for Violation Wound or Ascended Dead, my only two true interests for the Sunday. We talked, played each other music (from Gouge to Deftones and back to God Dethroned), ate, drank and watched Maryland nearly overflow. Hurricane season started early, images of swimming cars soon were shared… not where we sat. OK, there are some branches Crash can clear out ;) but around Scott’s place there only was minor damage. I hope further victims survive and don’t have to start all over again… on the road to BWI Scott and me talked more, I was literally the second person to arrive in the entire Air Canada/Star Allegiance hall and literally 26 hours later I begin typing. Hence the ittybitty harsh start of this review. But no worries, I will return to the States, whether in 2019 or later or MDF, LVDF, California DF or Full Terror Assault. I will return to metal. Anywhere in the world. Metal.

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FortaRock 2018 June 1st, Kreator, Body Count, Death Angel, Suffocation

For once I’d say: why don’t organizers skip all the modern and hip shit for one time? See FortaRock 2018, Nightwish, Opeth, Meshuggah, Parkway Drive, Avatar and what the hell more when all I wanted to see was Kreator, Death Angel and Body Count? At first Kreator was scheduled for the Saturday (main festival day) and Body Count on the Friday… Nah, I won’t go for Body Count alone, even though I’ve known Ice-T, Ernie C and the crazy rest since my early fraternity days, shouting Cop Killer to every dick that stole another bike ;) But luck changed: Kreator was moved from the Saturday to headlining the tent stage on Friday. OK, now it’s getting interesting, as Suffocation, Death Angel, Body Count AND Kreator would be most of this festival day. Texted Tom ‘whaddayathink?’ He responded ‘you drive to Nijmegen, I drive you home’. Best friend in the world ;) We’d pick up Belinda and off we go. But a rainy Friday afternoon traffic jam later we’d nearly miss Death Angel entirely. No problem for me, but as Belinda is a huge, huge Death Angel fan we got in hearing the annunciation of the last song (would it be Evil Priest?) … The Moth. Quickly a few pictures, saying hello to Laurens of Distillator and off to the tent for Suffocation. Of course, they were my main dish at MDF last week, but my strangulationary greatness, this was some great gig. Intimate as such a tent still can be, nice set list but we were sorry the sound man was asleep. When Terrance played a solo you only heard Charlie and vice versa. Pity. A new song I didn’t know was followed by:
- Funeral Inception
- Effigy of the Forgotten
- Pierced from Within
- Clarity through Deprivation
- Return to the Abyss
Stop writing ;) start moshing ;) As the mix was bad we didn’t need this entire set and wanted a nice place for my first viewing ever of Body Count. I’ve kept a sideways interest in the band ever since the infamous Cop Killer (there were some fifteen guys in my college that had the original, not me :-/ ) but like said, I’d never seen them. I knew some band members got killed in weird ways, but this band is really up to it. With Juan Garcia of Agent Steel on guitar I think the metalness of this band needs no introduction and Ernie C still rocks the joint, so let the anti-racism, anti-government and anti-ghetto anthems begin! What I certainly didn’t expect, was that the band started off with an entire version of Raining Blood! To be followed by half of Postmortem!! A nice pit occurred, but as Belinda wanted to go to the Death Angel signing session, we kept quite a distance to the stage. Waiting for autographs, with Dutch band members swarming (hey Alwin, Marco, Marloes, Jeroen ;) ) it’s fun to watch Body Count freak out on themselves during Bowels to the Devil, a long band introduction, Manslaughter, Body Count, There Goes the Neighborhood, DISORDER (!! \m/ !!) and Cop Killer. I might have missed a tune when I got hugged by Simone, René and Anton ;) The Death Angel signing session was hilarious, so even before Watain got to stage in the tent we decided to do the line once more :) now signing her denim. I think I nearly needed a rope to ty Belinda to the ground as exhilarated she was :) :lol:

Belinda was so happy she bought me a pulled pork sandwich and we kept moving to avoid Watain. In the mean time Arch Enemy was building up. I think I could have placed them in the list above, with all hipster and semi-popular shit… it’s so over choreographed, the songs get weaker every album, the band tells themselves they’re what ‘kids want nowadays’… uhgg I’m no friggin’kid anymore, I’m one of many adult metalheads that don’t need rebellion but a nice job… and a nice car to get me from show to festival and home again… I didn’t even note what songs they played, it’s all so intercrossed these days… but when they played a new song they did the best they could think op: BLIEP! One light flash and all you could hear were the monitors on stage. The rest of the show was completely blacked out and the band DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE! HA HA HA suckers! It took them two minutes to finish that half heard song and then the band was off for some 10 minutes, splitting their show time in half. They returned with a half baked version of We Shall Rise and this show is easily forgotten haha.

I decided to grab another sandwich before entering the tent for one of my all time favorite bands: the mighty KREATOR took the stage in almost a church setting, with crosses and silverware (happily no frankincence ;) ), huge mirrors reflecting the band’s video clips and get thrashed:
- Mars Mantra
- Phantom Antichrist
- Hail to the Moshers
- Enemy of God of Mosh
- Satan is Real, so is Mosh
- (Dutch) Civilization Collapse (was that a hint to VVD/PVV up here? Probably!)
- Flag of Mosh
- Phobia for an empty mosh floor
- Gods of Pitting
- Fallen Crowdsurfer
- Hordes of Moshers
- The Patriarch
- Violent Moshing
- Pleasure to Kill all those who don’t mosh

OK, I haven’t seen Tom most of the day and certainly not during this killer Kreator set, but I kept throwing people, pushing people, helping people up, pushing them away again *evil* and in the meantime, kept listening to a razor sharp Kreator set. The sound was incredibly tight, not that loud and the band clearly made their third (!) FortaRock appearance one to remember. I’ve seen all three FortaRock shows Kreator did, I think this is the best one. If I have to choose between an outdoor set early on the day or a tent set as headliner, I’d pick the headliner status and Kreator deserves it. The band got to do a near full set, still most classics present, plenty of good recent songs here. Mille sounded dirty and aggravated, exactly the way I got to know them some 32 years ago. I was 14 when a neighbor of my then best friend held Pleasure to Kill in front of my greedy eyes, I’ll never forget the impact that record made on me. This was my 21st Kreator show, and I think this band still has the power to thrill me hugely. The show was decent, not much annoying lights but with a great atmospheric effect. I was so wet I think I could have made a whale swim deeper ;) Back to the car for a clean shirt, water, Luikse wafels, apple juice and the stories… this was great. Pity the fact that the A73, A15 and the fucking Houtribdijk (Lelykstad – Enkhuizen) were shut, so we had to make a two hour detour to get home. Get the friggin’signs out earlier, so we don’t have to do a near 200 km detour, you Rijksmaggots! This is NOT cool! Then again, because of the rain, now I know what Tom’s getting me for my birthday: windshield wipers :) Oh well, did the outside stage have a headliner as well? Never noticed there was some hipster band performing for sissies… uhm Parksnot Drive. We had the real deal, we saw the Moth fly, were suffocated and refound the desire to kill.. Metal!

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Herrieman 40 years metalhead anniversary
June 9th, my backyard, feat. beer, band, barbecue, buddies, 'bors

This has been on my bucket list for a lonnnngggg time: have a band play for me. For me, myself and I. Screw From the Soul, I wanted to combine it with an anniversary in metal, ever since 2003. My idea back then was to have a party to celebrate 25 years of me being metalhead, but as my father died that year it never got to that point. But the idea stuck. Back then I didn’t have such a big group of metal buddies as I do now, but also my financial state is somewhat better ;) so I opted for a surprise for all my friends other than ‘just get to Forever Young and the first beer is on me’. Jovink & The Voederbietels and Within Temptation were on that festival, as did Alex&Thirza, Marleen&Marco, Jeroen, Clemens and so many others. I had € 150 on me that day and that wasn’t enough. I PIN’ed quite an amount more and even that wasn’t enough. And… people got their beers and were off. So.. no, that’s not another birthday blurred. Nah, I’d have control this time. In secret I gave Alex Metal a serious idea to show up at my place, hush up about the rest. I’ve been doing BBQ’s for my birthday for quite some time, thanks to RockHard I have an Original Deutsche Schwenk Grill haha. I’d celebrate me being metalhead for 40 years straight, as my parents had done. They wanted that anniversary to raise some money for a world tour, but my mother died three weeks later… not that I will die in a couple of weeks from now, but the combination is special to me. But I wasn’t in for all the shopping and wandering if I’d had enough, I’d do it big this time. I got a hint from Frank MACABRE (old friend of Westwoud, still hasn’t seen Macabre :o ) to rent a big horeca fridge and meat combined for a reasonable price. The beers were a give-away, as Appie H had an advertisement on HJ just the right week. I begin with 10 crates. Ellen wasn’t sure if she’d make it, so I wrote ‘Ellen’ on as much pieces of paper a single bottle of HJ has :) and app that picture to her. The band wasn’t a hard choice, as I’ve known Alex Metal for a long time and have seen all line ups the band ever rehearsed in ;) The price wasn’t a big deal, as I instantly doubled the ‘friend fee’ he suggested *cool* But getting all gear in Westwoud (and back to Hoorn/Medemblik) was a logistical puzzle I gladly cut through:
a. build a drum stage with Ed,
b. get the drum kit and bass amp by Dave and his musical dad *cool*
c. get Ed to arrange a vocal installation,
d. get Nick and Ed to Westwoud with the rest of the cabinets,
e. get the boys and their guitars,
f. set up without rain,
g. fire up the barbecue and
h. get them all drunk.
i. could be: let some of them sleep at my place. At least the i. part was tricky, as I knew Andrée and Käthe sure as hell wanted the party they had to miss last year [HUGE birthday cake!!] and Jordi and Kimberly might stay as well. Add Wanda and Bryan not wanting to miss this, my family eager to meet my friends and here ya go: PARTY!

Whoah, what a long intro to a single band gig haha. But I’m not finished by far. During the week I had my Epilepsies fund raiser, normal work to be done, swim some, some therapy, some other shit I’m not going to bother you with. So, yeah, this was a more than busy week. Add the preparations… band in threes and fours, catering meant a full fridge even without beer in it, walking in blazing sun to raise a fund for my bosom friend, spreading sun tan lotion instead of beer… The catering came Friday, but that fridge was nearly full with the meat alone. It was beautifully dressed, but my priority was beer so I unscrupulously threw all meat in fridge bags and stuffed that in my normal fridge. In total I got 9 and a half crate of HJ and half a crate of Amstel (for Toon and Ed) inside, I needed my electric cooling box for the non-alcoholic stuff. And it’s stuffed haha. At the office, during backup service I had made a flyer of all my denims and the lines ‘Celebrating Herman’s 40th metal anniversary, BBQ at 5 PM, Mutator at 7 PM’ and my address. For my neighbors I had made the extra lines: ‘there’s going to be some noise inconvenience, but you’re not invited. This is part of my bucket list, it won’t take long but I have to do it. Sorry beforehand’. *cool* My longest known neighbors gave me a celebration card with ‘enjoy your party, we’re going to love what you and your friends do’. Look, that’s another 40-year-understanding!! Highly appreciated, Frans and Ria!! Say hello to your Maiden- and Sick of it All-loving sons from me!! An evening of food and equipment was justified by playing The Art of Partying by Municipal Waste, as I opened my first beer when the fridge was nearly full of beer. And huzarensalade. The peanut sauce is friggin’excellent, but the pan no longer fitted my fridge so I had to scoop it in smaller boxes to fit as much beer as I could… hope it gets cold enough :o

Saturday began with searching for my milk, as I had to reorganize my own fridge twice to fit all I got from the catering company… ouch I forgot the fruit salad… Man I hate wasting food. But this would be a long day, so I didn’t complain long. I had people to pick up, equipment to place, be host, mow some more grass (more room, jay!) and get some German wheat beer for Andrée and Wanda. IMe and Ed got to Hoorn Station and unscrupulously I parked my car on a zebra crossing. A car nearly hit me from behind and I shouted ‘I’m already committing a foul, don’t make me get another one *cool* Setting up the band was already fun. Nick, the drummer, kept moving his bass drum to fit the mini stage (I’ve asked all family, band and friends if they had a 2x2 m rug or carpet, none reacted…) being watched by Wanda, Bryan, Andrée and Käthe; neighbor kids interested in the drum sounds, guitar mash, cables and so on ;) The BBQ was greatly appreciated by band, family and friends and it was getting busier and busier in the backyard. Barbecue Meister Kees Bloemkool to the rescue! Thanks!

Full anticipation grew, as my rules were clear: start early, no fuss with the bedtime of neighbor kids, not too long. MUTATOR... (the Alkmaar thrash one)... And THEY WERE OFF!! The band got headbangers, my brothers Alex and Theo (!) in the pit, a circle pit around the table I was put behind :) a great sound, blisters on Nick’s fingers for hitting so hard (and of course, he had to do it acoustically). The gear that the band hired for vocals was well used! The band did the normal set (Revenge, Sick Society, Curse the Gods, Manipulation, Karma, Turned Inside Out as extra cover and a hint of a new track before Crystal Mountain ended the gig. The EP is still not available, but beware! I’m gonna send as much copies as needed to promote this band. I had a set list with another fun fact: they called the gig @Hermansmith Odeon, got it signed, but lost it in the mess that was! The band is fucking awesome, you should check out FB (you know I can’t) for friggin’photos and videos. I know Bryan taped most of the show, so I eagerly await an USB stick or disc ;) All set lists were signed and were well put in bedrooms and practice bins, but I can’t find mine… One thing I surely did not expect was the fact that nearly all neighbors did show up, curious about the noise, BYOB AND having fun doing so or seeing me, Alex, Wanda, Theo and the kids go insane. The band and me even signed one of Nick’s sticks, Liebe für Käthe und Andrée :)

Some 10 crates of beer later, some 15 kg meat later, some 9,851 conversations later it was done. Everybody happy as a kitten, shaven like a flatulent duck, drunk as a mole above ground, fed like a tulip bulb before the harvester, Andrée and Käthe took the cab back to their mobile home, Jordi and Kimberly drove home, Nick was brought home by Dave and I had another house full. Peter (Lord Belial) decided after the first 0,0 Radler he’d stay at my place, Ed on the couch, Bryan and Wanda upstairs and I’m in metal heaven once more. This was, according to Nick, probably the best day in 2018 and maybe even for 2017… I was spoiled beyond belief, Ellen did show up ;) Tanja & Johannes were there, as were Tijmen and Thea, Jossel, nearly my entire family as well. I got a framed picture of me, Tom, Andrée and Käthe, a very special Incantation patch, shitload of money (some put to a card, saying ‘coincidentally this is the amount needed for the European Apocalypse Tour’ (Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed, Bloodbath), a ticket for this gig ;) a coupon for a photobook (time to organize 20,000 pictures ;) ) koetjesreep, a miniset Havana Club/Beefeater/Absolut/Malibu, Andrée’s favorite German beer, beers with a story to it, a Grand Supreme Blood Court guitar pick, cards from the neighbors with cute or even lovely writings on it, a bull horn pendant, a Deen gift card and more, way more. This was pure metal heaven to me and the band. This was an unique setting for me, the band, the family, friends and neighbors. I smile when I look at my 388 (!) pictures and movies (I refused to make pictures myself, or the birthday boy wouldn’t be on them ;) so I gave two cameras to use at their own will… loads of niece-pictures LOL and funny pictures of the neighbor kids with WAY too big ear muffs ;) ) and all the stuff I get through mail and WhatsApp.

The night was short, but it was good this way. We ate the remainder of the fruit- and huzar salad, I loaded the car with Ed’s cabinet and other stuff, drive through Westfriesland twice, took a look at my pictures and my cheeks explode smiling so hard. This was a night never to forget. Not just for me, but also for an ecstatic band in top shape, good sound, excited family/friends/neighbors, good food, plenty of drinks and nice pits;)
All and all it wasn't that expensive at all, I just got the catering bill. Everybody knows the cost for a crate of beer, add some € 300 for vega stuff, non-alcoholic stuff and beer, one mini-Jack (for Käthe, of course ;) ). Return the crates/bottles brings me a little less than € 50 back... the band got a little bit more than they planned *cool* 'Friend fee', Alex said ;)

Add a relaxing dish wash + dry, Peter relaxed at some fruit cocktail and huzar salad/not wanting to leave so soon ;) , coffee with Bram and his mom Joke, driving thru West-Friesland picking details with Ed, laugh-out-loud about some people's clumsiness, still great weather, garden clean again, drum kit still at home, neighbors with huge grins, thumbs-ups all over the village, great Chinese and you know why I'm fucking relaxed now ;)
Here’s the band’s EP: https://youtu.be/peM3exwx_tY
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Metal Manifesto June 2018
Brutal Unrest, Insurrection @ Metal Manifesto: Hoorn, June 23rd

This show was announced as ‘just Insurrection’ first, but I knew somehow it wouldn’t be just one band. What Metal Manifesto would bring as support or headlining acts was a guess, but Douwe (drummer of Enraged, Insurrection and some more Friesian metal bands) mailed me about this second band tonight: German Brutal Unrest. They had been playing together in Germany a while ago and he told me these guys are pretty good. OK, I told Douwe to alert all metal buddies around me, but the reactions weren’t top notch: birthdays, barbecues, other plans. Fine, I get four tickets, bring in Alex, Wanda and Bryan and have a nice metal evening. I’d go by bike anyway, pick up Alex and walk there. I had thought Bryan would drive, but he was so sour (Coven + Amstelveen detours, work shit, long days, what else ><) but Wanda texted me she’d go by bike. We met at my place, water for a dehydrated Wanda, off to Alex, first beer, walk on. In Manifesto we were nicely on time, DJ played everything he thought we needed to hear, along with some Pantera to commemorate Vinny Paul. By then we met Mutator Alex and Jane and the Groen brothers, metal triplets ;) and waited for Insurrection to start. Their sound check was super short but I think they should have balanced the guitars a bit better. Already in the first song I hardly heard one guitar, but it could have been a bit of introversion by that guitarist… The band clearly has a soft spot for Slaughter of the Soul-and-beyond At the Gates, but played with enough fire to keep me watching delightedly. I just did not need singer Pieter to take off his shirt and shout something like ‘no titties remarks needed’, but then again he doesn’t know Wanda yet ;) I liked their version of Pull the Plug, but with adjusted guitar (better!) and a slightly less volume on the vocals (worse..) the overall sound could have been a hint better in this tribute. Imo, Pull the Plug needs to ANNIHILATE! OK, point taken. The band played two more songs, set lists were gone in seconds even though there weren’t even 20 people present… of those twenty there were some barflies and us, the headbangers… ;) little pit between Alex, Wanda and Peter while I was getting drinks ;)

When Brutal Unrest got to stage, the Insurrection banner still hung, but that did not bother the Germans much. The band doesn’t wear Cryptopsy shirts, but the overall feel was Cryptopsy – None so Vile, the sound was like None so Live, the volume was like a YT-thingie of Urgentle Exhumation but the band lacked that And Then You’ll Beg-ferocity. By that time the band was halfway in the set, I got Douwe to spell out the set list on my notes (thanks a lot, highly appreciated :) )
- Enigma Machine
- Dawn of Defeat
- Origin
- Comrades in White
- Deity
- Non Existent Fall
- On Circles of Despair
- Futile Existence
- Pull the Plug
- Apotheosis
- Moribund (no German to be seen ;) )

Getting Brutal Unrest’s set list was a lot easier, I have two now ;) but only one signed by the band (heh heh fanboy :lol: )
- Death to All
- Direktive 7
- Pandemic Wings
- Hellcatraz
- Systematic Torture
- Existence in Obscurity
- No Light No Hope Eternal
- Medley (of what? I was so deeply in conversation with Alex and Alex, I forgot to write it down)
- Postmortal Enslavement
- Sarcophagus Aftermath
- Priest of Profanation
This band is for the technical deathhead, but as I’m no big Cryptopsy fan I won’t do much effort for them. I’d rather have a band that developed more of a feeling of their own, instead of trying to sound exactly like a band that’s in a niche of their own (imho). I can think of some other bands that influenced them (old Suffocation comes to mind, hinting to Morbid Angel too) but it’s not so clear as their Cryptopsy sound. I did get myself the Mortuary I.O.D. – Damnation EP, as I cherish some Friesian moments of death metal ;) Anyway, it’s not that I had any less fun than usual, but I think the overall mix could have been sharper. We had some good conversations, a friendly little pit and live music. I do hope Insurrection gets some more shows planned (and hopefully with bands that offer a little wider palette in style, maybe a festival with a little sharper sound man ;) ) but those three full lengths of Brutal Unrest are not going to end up in my collection. Douwe told me the band is working on patches and other merch, so I think we meet again, wallet in one hand, beer in the other :)

It had gotten a little colder and the air was moist, so we rushed back to Alex for an egg on a bun (thanks! Brings back a lot of memories ;) ) and decided Wanda could kip at my couch. It kept dry until I parked my bike in my shed, so Wanda accepted the blanket with a smile. Some sleep, koffie verkeerd and some 450 pictures of my 40 Year Metalhead Anniversary later it rained, so I threw her bike in my car and delivered her to Enkhuizen. No sign of Bryan, but voetbal, Chinese and more voetbal ended my weekend. Mutiny or Metal!

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Dynamo Metalfest 2018, feat. Evil Invaders (pre-party), Overkill, Ghost; July 14th Kunstijsbaan Eindhoven

Nice to know you’re getting a good time a year beforehand. At the third edition of Dynamo Metalfest the first name (and date) was already announced: Annihilator returns to Eindhoven once more. I had seen the 1993 show on the military airport of Eindhoven (I missed the Eindhoven Insanity of Gorefest by a minute so I still refuse to buy that album, even though I have EVERYTHING else Gorefest ever released) and of course, I know Kunstijsbaan. I hoped there would be some changes to the festival: more bars, less waiting, leave the possibility to head back to the car if you really have to. Like last year, I had my Credit Cracker on me, not my bank card so Jordi had to help me out. The loveable volunteer. And I didn’t want to hassle who’d drive home, so I booked Sandton the same day I got my early bird tickets… one day after DMF2017 :) For long I’d thought Tom and me would head out to the ice skating ring, but no. Zwarte Cross threw dust in that engine. I wondered.. would I bring Alex? Wanda? One of the Bovenkarspel Boys? One of the Enkhuizen Metal Matties? It took a while to find out Belinda (indeed, one of the Enkhuizen Metal Matties) wanted to go, but had not bought a ticket yet. She apped me on the day Vader would celebrate ‘35 years of Blitz’ in Leiden, if I’d join her. At first I said yes, I have no problem driving for one hour and back, especially for a special Vader show, but I forgot my other appointment. You get it, 17 apps later I offered her Tom’s ticket for the loneliness of her going to Leiden on her own and I… to the Blood Bank. She was a bit reluctant, but accepted the ticket nonetheless. Good. By then the line up had been complete: Ghost, Ministry, STD (joke on SOA *cool* ; Sons of Apollo ><), Overkill, I Am Morbid, Leprous and Iron Reagan (replacing Havok). Be on time! The pre-party was announced a lot later and could be even cooler than the actual fest: Evil Invaders! Sons of Apollo was replaced by Vuur… couldn’t that have been another band, bring in Alkmaar Thrash Talent or something? As a thank you for the DMF ticket Belinda got me a ticket to the pre-party, her boyfriend had arranged another hotel. OK fine, I have the room all to myself and I had no more spare ticket.

We’d meet in the pizzeria I knew they served HJ, so when I got there Dave (Mutator) and his buddy Remi would join us. The pizza was good, but the bill was over €130,-! For two margarita pizzas, two quatro stagiones, four Italian beers, two Dutch beers and two colas? Uhm, no, milady, we’re not paying that: I saw the bill and suddenly we had minestrone, lasagna and more beers? Uh uh, when we’d pay some € 70, that’s more like it. We got out and headed for Dynamo club, where people did not really believe Belinda was 19 years old and they did not believe me when I said I was 46?? OK, the latter was a joke, but gladly Belinda had her ID on her, no problem anymore. Skeletonwitch was already on stage, bashing their doomy deathy thrashy… heavy metal onto an eager crowd. The sound was pretty good, but the light man was not too sharp tonight, blasting full light when the band is announcing a song? Uhm, time for the third brand of beer tonight :-/ I did not watch the entire Skeletonwitch show, as I wanted a good look at (at least) Evil Invaders patches and whatnot. I also found Marcel III and Marsha, Laurens of Distillator and Remco of Soulburn, so the beers spread ;-) Thrashcan was up next, but as I had such good conversations I missed the first songs. Thrashcan is a Dutch Tribute to (mostly American) Thrash so headbanging and moshing is a must:
- March of the S.O.D.
- Sargeant D. and the SOD
- King of the Kill (doesn’t Annihilator play tomorrow? Oh well it was fun ;) )
- Mistress of Pain
- Caught in a Mosh (which DID get caught ;) )
- Surf Nicaragua (no surfers allowed in Dynamo? Uhm… )
- Into the Pit
- Innerself (yeah, spelling…)
- Raining Blood
- Fight Fire with Fire

I kept shouting ‘Agent Orange, Agent Orange, Agent Orange’ but saw no German thrash title AT ALL! Gladly the DJ of the venue did pick up my hint, but it was M-16 instead of the napalm, yeah!! Thrashcan is plain fun, Fun, FUN! Not to forget, the band is pretty sharp themselves 8-) Dave got his plectrum, as did Belinda; I got the set list. Somehow I thought Evil Invaders would play a won game, as they demolished Dynamo in April lately, so I took a picture of the set list. Here’s what the band played:
- As Life Slowly Fades
- Pulses of Pleasure
- Tortured by the Beast
- Broken Dreams in Isolation
- Mental Penitentiary
- Stairway to Insanity
- Feed me Violence
- Oblivion
- Venom (it was Witching Hour ;) )
- Raising Hell
- Victim of Sacrifice (no, it’s not an Exciter cover)

The band went full throttle, but the mix was pretty bad: sometimes we couldn’t hear Joe sing, sometimes we couldn’t decipher who actually played a solo. The volume was good, light wasn’t bad but pity no one heard our remarks about the sound. The set list in front of me was already gone three songs before the end and Joe threw his set list to me, but some doof with longer tentacles grabbed it just before I could close my fingers… but it was good. Nice preview to the Evil Invaders – Distillator tour next November ;) I got Max Mayhem’s guitar pick, I bought a patch indeed and got a copy of Feed me Violence. Ahh nice to thrash all night! But it wasn’t over yet, as I heard Gorefunest would do an after-party of the pre-party… in The Jack! Damned, that’s another brand of beer, hello pizza puke tomorrow! Friggin’Bavarioooaaaggghhh vies’. Google Maps IS NOT my friend, as I did not notice it’s near my hotel… I rushed in when I saw a few metalheads through the window (there wasn’t one on the street left) and saw Gorefunest start their pre-last song: For the Masses. Quick pictures, shout my lungs to my balls… or my balls to my lungs, I don’t remember. The fourth mark beer finally got me down, as I heard only one more song: Erase. I grabbed a set list and thanked the band for a quick smile to my face ;)
- The Glorious Dead
- State of Mind
- Get-a-Life
- Mental Misery
- From Ignorance to Oblivion
- Reality-When you Die
- The Mass Insanity (man, would I have loved to hear it!)
- Confessions of a Serial Killer
- For the Masses
- Erase.

It wasn’t long but it was worth it to grunt to Google, keep walking and finding the venue in the end. I have no idea who I met there, as I was gone in seconds afterwards. I slept without dreams, maybe some dreams could be fulfilled on the Saturday: Overkill, Annihilator, Iron Reagan and no STD: they were replaced by Anneke van Giersbergen’s VUUR. People were furious about this choice, as VUUR already played last year/why didn’t another Dutch band (other than DOOL ><) get the chance to play there? I didn’t mind too much, as it’s always (at least to the eyes) a pleasure to see Mrs. Van Giersbergen, I hardly care in what form she plays. We agreed to get some bread and flesh filling and smoothies… I just had to get myself another toothbrush and paste, as I walked I did paint the street with pizza :-S and brushed with Dave’s warm Jupiler… get a cab and get to the stage. Ahh good, the bars are wider now, the merch is placed in the Icehockey Ring, food divided between the bars, some ‘older’ bar personnel than before. Pity the coins had to be more expensive than last year. First band was Elephant from Belgium. Would they have survived the surrogate World Cup final game against England? Oh no, that’s tonight ;) I could make heads nor tails from this band, sifting between stoner, hardcore and … beertime. I don’t care about this. I wasn’t far away, as I knew I’d be near the stage for Iron Reagan. The Richmond Crossers Overs started off laid back, but the audience exploded when the first acceleration occurred: Eat Shit and Live [; so that’s about 20 seconds in :) ]. Or should I say Eat Dirt and Mosh? Vice versa of course, it’s been dry for weeks and the grass in front of the stage is totally dead. First moshers soon found the merch men had bandanas, so they could keep breathing. I kept my energy, made pictures, shouted, raised my beer, banged my head, bent my back to help crowdsurfers and just had a great time. Eat Shit early in the set, Crossover Ministry, Fuck the Neighbors, did they play Your Kid’s an Asshole twice? Biggest pit of the Day: Skull Full of Maggots :) Tony and LandPhil made a lot of fun with the audience, that reacted by an enormous pit and more dust to be exploded into the air *cool* Killer set!! 45 minutes, a 44 minute pit ;) The band thanked the audience several times, telling us they had not expected to get such a full pit so early on the day. Thankfulness all the way, bipolar, Urbi et Orbi, AC and DC, band and audience, it’s this close. So cool to have been part of that, Dave moshing his bald head wet, Belinda fired up for a round of pushes (and as she later said: pinches to her arms? Huh?) and even more bandanas to be sold *cool* I made my first round on the merch stands, but the festival shirts aren’t of my liking, but the patch for the Neckwrecker Denim is bought instantly! One band I’m not going to put on my Neckwrecker Denim is VUUR, nonetheless. My goodness, was that shrill, loud and false or what! False, in one sentence with Anneke? Yeah, it was false. The resonance was incredible and it seemed her voice was the only thing that reached the doof sound man… no guitar to be found, no drums, nothing. Exit please! Please put on Distillator or Mutator next time, bring in Thanatos, I couldn’t care less. No need for matches anymore, I’d rather emerge to the Netherworlds ;)

Time for a fish snack, but the kibbeling was totally abysmal. I ate it, as I hate wasting food, but it wasn’t good. Sauce sloppy, fish cheap, wrong race of fish, but protein and carbs… and they kept down. Fish needs to swim, but I couldn’t find the Langharig Tuig beer they sold. So, more Grolsch Crownut ;) to be shed. No shedding nor shredding for Leprous, what the hell does such an electronic shit band do on a metal festival? Oh, the leaflet tells us it’s progressive metal? Pfff, what a bull. Time for another band, with another man with a history on Dynamo Open Air: David Vincent and his tribute to his own first four albums: I Am Morbid. With Morbid Angel he played D.O.A. 1991, but I was near my exams back then. Vincent does acknowledge he knows the venue and that’s about it. I am not a big Morbid Angel fan, but those first four albums are, of course, death metal classics. I witness the band from quite a distance, crèpe in hand to forget the kibbeling, nodding to Chapel of Ghouls, Maze of Torment and the rest. I could care but I don’t. Simple. I’d rather waste my breath to Torty and Bernd, the German Skullcrushers. Thorsten gave himself a face palm, as he’d forgotten to bring the Neckwrecker set that wasn’t used so far. We watch Annihilator together. Jeff Waters is in a good mood, makes jokes, does his singing the way he likes it best, but I find good conversation with a nice beer more important than this D.O.A. classic (1993). Alison Hell, that’s about the only song I remember, along with King of the Kill (hey, oh, yeah, I’ve heard that this weekend ;) ) [Sunday I found out I’d lost my notes, so my pictures are the remaining hints to what I’ve seen. No pictures of VUUR, Leprous, Ministry, hardly any Annihilator and loads of friends, even more Overkill and Iron Reagan *evil* ]. We were waiting for The New Jersey Explosion: O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L. Spell it again: Over Kill. Spell it again: Overkill. I loved this set so much, one hour show, 59 minutes in the raging, raging pit. Of course, Bobby, DD and the dudes have played The Netherlands often, so they know what to expect, what to do: build a friggin’party!! The band does another awesome set, sharp sound, extreme smiles, a monstrous pit, fun on stage and off. This is what setlist.fm tells me about the show the night before:
- Mean, Green, Killing Machine
- Rotten to the Core
- Electric Rattlesnake
- Hello From the Dustpit
- In Union We Mosh
- Coma (the pit CERTAINLY IS NOT IN A COMA, godddddddammmnnit!!)
- Infectious
- Goddamn Dust Trouble
- There's No Tomorrow without Mosh
- Ironbound Sweat
- Elimination of the Karate kid *evil*
- Fuck You

So, as you can imagine, with me bashing all tiredness, hangover, stress, bad fish, bad VUUR, other shit out of my system I could not write anything. Dikke Pim even made me surf the crowd and I’m no small bellied guy ;) but I managed to spread my smile, my sweat, my fists, my shouts, the dust :o to as much people as I could muster… We now call this edition of DMF “Dynamo Dust Fest” :) Plenty of pictures, on my camera and my phone, as Wanda had asked me to get her an idea of Overkill on Dynamo Metalfest… she wasn’t the only one pleased with these bits and bytes ;) Thirza also commented on my pictures and little movies to the family app :) Clearly, this show (and Iron Reagan) can’t be beaten and Ministry sure as oil can burn doesn’t satisfy me at all. Jourgensen gets the initial fire out of his own performance, braying about politics as he usually does, only setting Kevin on fire hahaha. In the meantime I was so happy with my locker, as I found a shop for charity with real, real vintage shirts: I’ve never worn polo shirts, but for Overkill I gladly make an exception. I also found some D.O.A. shirts I had not had before (1992, 1993) and a 1993 Overkill tour shirt. And they are whole, they are clean, (they are dry! Yay!) they are brought together by fans, they serve a good cause: an orphanage in Thailand. Shirts for € 5 to 10, some sweaters/LS shirts for € 25 to 50 and some really special ones (Motörhead tour bomber) for € 100. Literally boxes of shirts were present AND sold. I surely wasn’t the only one happy with those gems! I even bought Christian (hey Jasmin, thank you for buying Bryan’s PartySan ticket) an ancient Primordial shirt (Imrama!) for fun and good conversation. One of the vendors wasn’t much good conversation, as I spotted another vintage thing: a Horrorscope patch for € 25! Ridiculous price for, OK, a cool patch, but I’m no fool dude! Yeah, he had some cool stuff, but not with those walletwreckers! I did get some other patches for the various denims: Autopsy, D.R.I., said Evil Invaders and Dynamo Metalfest. Can’t stitch it at the moment, as the denim was so sweaty I had to wash it. As did the German Metal Pants, the second rinsing still gave grey water ;) But it wasn’t all fun and patches, as Ministry still was on stage when I got back to the grass and the dust. I thought we’d leave during Ministry, but then there weren’t much taxis yet and the boys would love to get their hands on even more guitar picks. It seems the boys have an obsession with guitar picks: they choose one side of the stage and keep whining to guitarists to get them some. Belinda and me rather have set lists, but we don’t whine for them ;) At first I thought I’d surprise Dave by buying him a set of Evil Invaders picks, but now I’m happy I have not… I wouldn’t like it if I notice my little present was traded for other picks…

But, as it later turned out, anyone in my vicinity wanted to see Ghost, the headliner. Or should I say maskliner? I can’t listen to those vocals for very long but hordes of (younger?) metalheads shout their guts out when Papa Whatever calls them to do so. Musically it’s not that bad as I expected, but I won’t ever buy another ticket “just” for Ghost. I simply can’t keep up with the line up changes, the vocals annoy me but the band is OK. And that poof about anonymity is gone for good with those law suits all around the band, just for a friggin’buck. I just don’t get it, but nonetheless I keep it up to the end of the show before I exchange my hard plastic cup for a soft plastic one, my original DMF 2018 hard plastic one is in the pocket. Uhm, is the bar already closed? Or is it just inside? Ohhh, the coin exchange is closed? Huh, already five minutes after Ghost ends? OK, if you WANT fuss on such a festival, you can GET it for acting this strange. Many people even want to drink more, or want their hard earned cash back for coins that are obsolete the moment you pass the venue doors… I’ve got yellow Loud Noise coins, green Loud Noise coins, grey Metal Horn coins and I can’t use them ever again! But the taxi didn't take long, so we headed out from Eindhoven Central Station to our three hotels: Rick and Belinda to Crown hotel, Dave and Remi to Crown Inn and me to Sandton. Belinda and me agreed to drive around 11.30, but I was awake before 7 AM and did not want to drive the entire 200+ km (we’d bring Rick to Lelijkstad station) in a hot (and hot ;) ) and loved VW Golf Mk II diesel. All and all we drove out of Eindhoven around 9.45. But it was a day to forget things, as Belinda could no longer find her Korpse shirt, Dave still had Belinda’s Skeletonwitch guitar pick and I was called by the hotel they’d found a Nokia 6310i with my sister as ICE… My brother in law Fred turned 59 today, so I had pie and coffee, but my voice was so weak I did not stay long. Of course there was the World Cup final to watch, but typing this I only know a 4 – 2 final score for France. No, Overkill hasn’t played France this week, it seemed the French were overexcited to play Croatia ;) My VHS has ran, but I haven’t got time this week to see it. I’d rather swim or wait for my Nokia to be sent to me ;) Cool thing though: Martijn (in a former life known on MRU as EvilTwin*Eddy*martijn or something) told me Legion of the Damned is a. working on new material (bound to, as it’s been 4 years since Ravenous Plague) and b. they have begun to brew beer of their own, only one hundred beers + shirt + beer mats + glass + beer opener to be sold in a special kit and c. he did not think I’d order it ;) and d. one of a hundred! Fits my Legion of the Damned cheese set *cool*

So, Dynamo Metalfest 2018 is immortalized by now and DMF 2019 date is known: July 20th. No band known, first 1,000 tickets are early birds. I’ve got tickets and after being called by the Sandton I also have a hotel confirmed and my lost Nokia is being sent to me :) . Metal to the Core! Your Asshole is a Metal Kid!

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Stonehenge 2018, feat. Pestilence, Asphyx, Suffocation, July 28th, near NS station Steenwijk

My eighth Stonehenge in a row started the day after the previous edition, simply by mentioning the date of the next edition. Within a month the first four bands were announced: Firespawn, Melechesh, Cliteater and Rectal Smegma. No discussion, the B&B Blitterswijk was already booked. All I needed to know who’d join, as if I never did so before ;) Peter (formerly known as Lord Belial), Terrorthirzje, Tom and me, that’s for sure. With Wanda I’d been mailing about Stonehenge too, as she thought it might be fun to bring Bryan in as well. The second batch of bands was delivered to me through several canals: ASPHYX, Suffocation, Pestilence, Avulsed and as Melechesh had to cancel: D.R.I.!!! Käthe texted me about D.R.I., she was sorry she wouldn’t see Melechesh but she was happy with my reaction to Spike & Co.: Party hard!! I got Alex a Secret Satan, but needed Wanda (a bit) to make him join us :) Alex could be in a problem, as his wife stated high and low she wanted to go abroad again, Denmark or Norway at least, to get out of Holland’s heat. It’s been a heat wave for three weeks now, but as she needed cool his car did not: broken axel, not even beyond Heerenveen. So his holiday wasn’t a problem anymore, he’d be home by Friday afternoon, pick up Peter and off. I’d get Bram, Bryan and Wanda, but as I’ve been texting for weeks what to do, where, whom and whatnot, it wasn’t until last Tuesday Bram found out it’s friggin’sold out! So, damned, I have to rearrange my Blitterswijk booking again! No worries, Mirjam explained, rather call me in time than on the day itself. Pfoei. Belinda and Rick would head out to the camping on their own, as did Lars and his gf, Tom would drive to the festival and the car be picked up on Sunday. Easy. But one thing I don’t like is that organizer Brugmans keeps bragging about ‘most bands per euro’, why the fuck does Dead End has to play at 10 fucking 20 AM already?! After Dead End, yeah you get it, some unknown crap band before the biggies turn up. We don’t bother too much, as we ‘promised’ Alwin to show up anyway ;)

We got to Blitterswijk well in time, I only had two zips of coffee when Alex’ car already turned onto Woldlakeweg. Chattering we got out of the cab and don’t hesitate! Dead End was already playing and as they only got 20 minutes, each song could be the last! It sounded killer, looked great with all men on stage smeared in black; all I missed was the song title of the one song we got in the end. I liked it a lot and I knew Alwin had spotted us ;) fanboy, fangirl! :cool: Later on we got to talk to the entire band, first time for a beer ;) I had not had time to get my coins, turns out I do have coins of previous years, but not the right ones on me ><. I could have spared myself the walk to the other stage for Persistence, it’s not even metalcore but it’s meh core. Back to the first stage for FAAL, but that turned out to failing doom. I had nothing with this band, it seemed Bryan did like it. Oh well, time for a bit of pork belly (thanks Alex!) and move out to Voltumna. That also didn’t last long, as I called this ‘forced black metal’, too eager to sound evil but in this bright sunlight? Uhm, bit of ‘wrong band on the wrong time, wrong attempts to play shrill, wrong idea overall’. When are we going to see a band that DOES deliver? Would it be Sepiroth? Yeah, you bet. Their Morbid Angel-like speed and technique work good for this time of day, the band also has a touch of grind in them which I liked a lot. Later on the day, when we met Terrance Hobbs he seemed to have liked it as well, as he wore a Sepiroth shirt :lol: Well done Sonia & Co.!

So, at noon we already had seen six bands, as Saille gave another reason to move out… the melodic black metal worked on my nerves in no time… Hey Brugmans, why the hell did you put in these crap bands? Can’t you get more bands like Dead End instead of ‘talent’? It only can get better after the Belgians were succeeded by Cliteater, only a few miles away from Saille in distance but mostly on fun, speed, love for your own music and whatnot. Cliteater played a won game, especially as singer Joost had not expected me to show up with an Inhume CD and a marker pen ;) A nice pit, nicely circling around a few headbangers, fist in the air and be doofy. I liked this set a lot, even though I don’t know any song titles and did not expect setlist.fm to hold this hahaha. I do know they played Camel Fucker again. Man, I love this madness (once in a while ;) ) and Stonehenge surely was happy to doof off on this music. In the meantime we tried to persuade Peter to buy any Cliteater merch, but he didn’t take the bait :) Alex, Wanda, Bryan and me kept walking; I got myself a Stonehenge 2018 shirt, a ticket to the final Lemmy Tribute (December 22nd, Nozem & De Non), Wanda got me a D.R.I. patch; Alex got me a Wodos patch :) I got a Dismember CD, bought a Dead End shirt from a not so sober Alwin ;) and Alex Zwaert got me and Bryan a remake tape of Agathocles. More fun facts: Bryan had some company make wooden Mutator beer mats, which nearly brought Shredded Ed to tears!! Dave and Alex were there too, they loved what ‘our little fan club’ (as Alex rightfully describes us) had done for that one, small, regional but ohfucksake good band :lol: THANK YOU ALL!! I got Wanda a 2018 Asphyx tour shirt and my wallet was nearly empty ;) Just enough left for the taxi home? ;) Merch hunting is so much fun, we missed a few bands, but according to our first 6 bands we had not missed much. Or else they come again. I have seen some band banners, but wasn’t into Yaotzin, Martyrium and Pestlegion (all black metal. Bryan only thought it funny when the black metal bands with gory paint that started dripping in the bright sunlight ;) ) nor Sodomized Cadaver, Man Must Die and Skinned (all death/grind). We got to Mordbrand and from a distance the death metal was OK to follow. Time for a snack, it had been 5 hours on the terrain already! 15 bands… finally a band I knew beforehand, knew what to expect and knew I wanted more: Skeletonwitch! The band went in hard, had a great sound and got plenty of attention by the now nearly full festival: merch sold, pit built, people happy ;) [why the hell has the pamphlet info on Morbid Angel instead of Skeletonwitch?? Including a remark about headlining 2017?? Uhm, wakey wakey Brugmans ><] More happiness, as Rectal Smegma was on next. The band built another party, beach balls and plastic Donald Ducks were accompanied by a plastic Donald Trump. He who quacks loudest, wins hihihi.

My encounter with the smegma didn’t last long, as I wanted to see Firespawn whatever way I could. The band, with LG Petrov in roaring form, got the guts NOT to play any Entombed stuff. Not necessary too, as the band has two pretty good full lengths and a demo at hand, most of it has a sound of it’s own. LG has humor too, as the beach balls from Rectal Smegma were instantly christened as ‘our pyro show’ :) It’s still cool to see such an experienced band go nuts on their own, not-too-close-to-their-home-bands-music. Strangely enough, it wasn’t hard to get to front row at all? Uhm, OK, nice of the audience to let me pass to the stage for my pictures, but I had expected a little more fury in this part of the audience. Best song: Serpent of the Ocean. Cool to have seen this, tame audience or not. A band that got some people nuts was Avulsed, but you can safely leave that to Dave Rotten and his friends. The band went in like a hacksaw through warm butter, spitting blood and banging their heads till some tists of hair fell off :cool: Tom had finally arrived and yeah, first thing he did was make some pushes, he’d remembered Way of Darkness all too well ;) I gave him his first beer and I headed out to the other stage, as I wanted a nice place in the sun, near the gates of the Underworld… Thanatos was next! Funny to see Stephan’s sun glasses drip off his head, as he’s in full sun light and he wasn’t going to keep calm all the show! The band played sharper than Avulsed’s hacksaw, louder than the party-poopers from Rectal Smegma, heavier than nearly every band so far. I made a picture of Paul’s set list before I gave it away:
- Global Purification
- Outward of the Inward
- Dawn of the Dead
- Feeding the War Machine
- Destruction. Chaos. Creation.
- Ordered Eastward (with a smiling widely Martin van Drunen, it wasn’t all goo between the former HoB band members after all :) KILLER SONG, GREAT RENDITION!!)
- And Jesus Wept
- War

This band is simply in blood shape today! It was that I wasn’t high on cash anymore, or else I would have bought some Thanatos to share! One of Stephan’s remarks was that, other than he liked playing Stonehenge, that the band is working on new material. Ahhh, that’s welcome news! I pity that Gruesome was to play on the other stage, as me and Tom surely wouldn’t like to miss the chance to push over as many Dutchies, Belgians and Germans away during D.R.I.! From the other stage I could see Matt Harvey and company bash a lot of fans out there, but we stayed near the stage. OK, I have some pictures from far away, but I have no idea if the band sounded good or not. D.R.I. made my day so far. It is so much fun to bash people’s backs and arms in, running around like the streets of Pamplona, being shouted towards by smiling people on stage and off that I didn’t make any notes. Just gave my camera to Thirza, who also smiled widely, next to Alex and Alex and Alex, all big grins and thumbs up to D.R.I. and their raging crowd. This band surely fits this type of festival, albeit without Harold Oimoen this time. Oh, I see on MA that he’s totally out of the band? Uhm, OK, pity, but the new guy Gregg Orr also has played in Attitude Adjustment for over 10 years, so at least he’s experienced. Apart from not seeing Harold’s big smile and fun talk, this was a great set. The band changes the set list nearly every show, so don’t ask for song titles as I have none. OK, the known ones of course, Violent Pacification, Who Am I, Dead in a Ditch and the rest, I don’t care too much now. Tom and me ruled the pit, my brother in crime and me did everything to break as much conversation near stage as possible. No lul-niet-lollie for me or Tom, but RAMMENNNNNNNN!! Hit and hit hard! Hit and be hit. No shit. Hit. Hey, Sabiendas Jan loves D.R.I. too :cool: Great to see Alexandra as well, haven’t seen Christian ;) More Germans nearby, as I caught Käthe going nuts as well :lol: Lovely! She's also part of the Mutator fan club, so I made her and Andrée two Mutator patches :)

With Asphyx on the loose I have the same feel with Grave as I had with Gruesome. I am a fan of Grave, yeah, but if I have to choose between seeing a Grave show or be on front row for Asphyx, I probably always will head out to Martin instead of Ola. I’m sorry for the fanatics, I’ve seen great footage with amongst others Patrick going nuts, but I was on first row for Paul, Huskey, Alwin and Martin. And I got served:
- The Quest of Absurdity
- Vermin
- Candiru
- Division Brandenburg
- Wardroid
- Death the Brutal Way
- M.S. Bismarck
- Deathhammer
- Scorbutics
- The Last One on Earth

It could have been a longer set and the songs could be in different order, but as all set lists blew away, I did not make notes, apart from ‘FUCKGAAFFF. Alweer!’ So, it could have been another song or two, scrap that. I had a great time and I wasn’t the only one. Of course, it’s not the first time Asphyx played Stonehenge, it’s certainly not the first time I was on front row, it wasn’t even the first time I stood on front row with family AND friends, it was simply fucking awesome! Violently sharp, great material, loud as a gong on three centimeter, no irritating lights and a band in full schwung, KILLER AWESOME FANTASTIC ASPHYX SHOW!! Even my 27th Asphyx show, Wanda her second (she refuses to count Baroeg Open Air ><), Alex’ second Asphyx show, Thirza her fourth (fifth?) Stonehenge going nuts, some blows to the back and some boots in my neck, great! I had seen the band has 2018 tour shirts in different prints, so I got my ninth Asphyx shirt, Wanda her third and whatnot. I can’t explain enough how much I love this band and the excellence of this gig. Great picture, where’s Herrieman, Wanda, Thirza, Alex :grin: www.facebook.com/officialasphyx :lol:

All of us, maybe not Alex so much, were thrilled Pestilence would play after Asphyx. Would this Asphyx show be equaled by Mameli & Co. or not? OK, the band was in good shape, sound was good, set list really a greatest hit show but no, this wasn’t as special as January’s Pestilence show; this was an OK show, nothing more, nothing less. No one dared to ask whether Martin would enter stage and he didn't. Wise. It was getting dark a bit, but as our full group met Terrance Hobbs and Charlie Errigo we didn’t even make Pestilence pictures. Such a funny man haha. Good to know there’s room to avoid Carnifex, because I totally lacked to need to check them out. Bit of a strange duckling between the (more) old school bands like Asphyx, Pestilence and headliner Suffocation. Suffocation is just Suffocation, also not the first time they waltzed Stonehenge to dust, pounded every friggin’brick in twos and threes, great ending to a tame beginning, but cool ending 2018 edition of Stonehenge. Newsflash: new bands already confirmed for 2019. I will also call Toon and Mirjam (great breakfast once more, excellent beds, no need to kip in a big shed anymore, but still some privacy and great beers with Toon ;) ). Bryan needed to see Tom drive off on his new motorcycle, he did not need to drive my beloved VW Golf Diesel Mk II and especially not after I got hauled over by a motorcycle cop… I never wear my safety belt in my own car, but the officer was friendly: there are problems with the new collective workers agreement so he only warned me. That’s a € 149 warning hahaha. He did look a bit strange when I explained: ‘if this car goes down, I’d rather go down with her’ and ‘even though I love this Golf to bits, I’m chanceless in a collision and I’d rather be thrown out of her than survive without her’ Am I cool or am I doof? I don’t care. There are a few things I have a weird opinion on and this is the most outspoken one. Home, sow patches, Chinese, pictures, long for more more metal to come, MT/MA review, no voetbal, bed, work. I’m exhausted but also sooo happy. I’ve met so many friends again, seen pretty cool stuff and one of the best Asphyx shows ever…

Oh yeah, if you can find them, check out Ronald van der Baan’s photos of this festival. He’s befriended by Wanda on FB and he’s put on really cool stuff. Including fanboy herrieman haha (boing! On the opening of his Stonehenge 2018 directory, first picture! YEAH!). My ninth Stonehenge in a row will take place with Aborted, Rotten Sound, Soulburn, Inhume, Birdflesh and Cirith Gorgor on July 27, 2019. I already have the earlybirds; Give Away my Soul for Burning Metalllll!

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PartySan 2018, Toxic Holocaust, Unleashed, Deserted Fear, Flughafen Obermehler, Schlotheim, August 8th-10th [headliners: Emperor, Venom, Watain]

Ever since 2013 I’m a huge Deserted Fear fan. I got the debut My Empire from Tijmen, who bought 5 copies to celebrate ‘one of the best death metal shows I’ve ever seen’ and he’s friggin’right. I knew the PartySan weekend would intercross with Into the Grave, Alcatraz, Bloodstock, Brutal Assault and two more festivals. I had not made a choice yet for this summer. I even tried my buddy Frank to organize an Anti-Wacken-BBQ for the sake of doing a thumbs-down to Wacken, as other festival organizers are scared shitless they won’t sell enough tickets if they organize anything in the Wacken weekend. Wacken 2018 wasn’t even sold out >< But it was Deserted Fear that took my attention; it’d be my third PartySan and my and their third Deserted Fear show on PartySan. David (drummer of Enjoy the Torture and The Contradictions) texted me if I’d go, he’d had such a great time on PartySan 2017 he wanted to return. I first thought we’d go with the two of us, but Wanda had seen Tankard and Brujeria on the bill, showed it to Bryan and he spotted Emperor, Venom and Master’s Hammer. OK, second, third ticket bought and appointment set with David to prepare for the festival. Who’d drive, who’d bring what and so on. But Bryan’s boss didn’t agree with him taking off in August so I used WhatsApp to get rid of his ticket. Beats calling 54 times, increasing stress and still a spare… it was Jasmin (see Eistnaflug 2017 and Dynamo Metalfest 2018 reviews) that helped: she wanted my ticket. It meant I’d bought way more than I budgeted for on DMF, but who cares… it had been paid before, fine.

Without a pre-party announced, it was David’s buddy Dennis that made us leave Thursday early and not Wednesday. Fine with me, as long as we don’t procrastinate too much. OK 6 AM is too early, but as it’s a seven hour drive and the forecast is hot, hot, hot I’d rather drive in the morning cool. The trip itself wasn’t much of a hassle, but finding David’s German friends and putting up tents was. David had been in contact with a German dude since PSOA17, but did not quite remember how he looked. And when my tent stood, it was Wanda’s that busted its sutures… nothing compared to the uprising wind, as Dennis has quite a high tent it started floating in the wind and we nearly lost it… an actual whirlwind happened on the field next to us!!! All party tents blew to pieces and away, dust like a chainsaw through tents and people. We heard Gruesome play but they couldn’t even end their set! We decided not to fulfill Dennis’ tent yet, stuff it in the car and get to the terrain. Wrist bands OK, entrance no. The wind had softened up, but the organization couldn’t ensure band and audience safety. We waited for nearly an hour and a half, thirsty, but the bars outside were also shut. First band we got to see was Anaal Nathrakh. I can’t say we enjoyed it, as the grind now had some DTP influences and vocal melody lines? Uhhgg. Dikke Pim and friends were there too and lead us to the tent for Gutrectomy. Uhm, more grind when we’re clearly not in the mood for grind? We want thrash and let some toxicity reign: Toxic Holocaust! The band played mostly new material, but sharp as a whirlwind and with more teeth than a chainsaw on maximum speed. I wrote War is Hell (Joel explaining about the whirlwind hell ;) ), Wild Dogs, In the Name of Science, two more recent ones before Nuke the Cross and Bitch ended this good gig. We got some chicken on a bread bun and watched Revenge. The Canadians seemed to think they owned the place, but their blackened death metal did not meet up with their own likings… tired of the trip + wind + dust + whatever I called it a day, to see what happened to our camping site: the German partytent was busted, my zipper was split, Dennis tried to sleep in David’s pre tent and some chick needed my car key to sleep in my car? I was so tired I agreed, on one condition: Dennis, get that chick or repair my tent. It flapped like hell and with Wanda in my compartment it wasn’t really comfortable. Hey, I won’t let her sleep outside, you know! My air bed went flat as well, so I ended up on the ground. Aching I awoke, desperately needing coffee and a good bun, so I got out asap and got all of us in the car asap to get to Schlotheim. Eat, coffee, groceries, hey they have fold up matrasses! Good, at least the second night will be off ground. The ladies in the bakery knew: ‘bis Morgen!’ and they were right. Of course. Bring in some German beer for the long Westwoud nights haha. Any sign of any chick in my beloved VW Golf Mk II? Nope. Another nope: yesterday nope Master’s Hammer, nope Emperor for me. From my tent they sounded even weirder than usual.

As for yesterday, all scheduled bands did play. I think that’s what I underestimated, as all bands simply were shooed on stage an hour and a half later than planned. David also mentioned that he’s totally freaked out when the winter time is replaced by summer time and vice versa; he was totally off his rocker drunk and disoriented. Dennis spent about a roll and a half of Duct tape, but it was still a hole.. that’s of later worry. Thanks for trying, buddy! Today was the best line up, for me at least: Benighted, Coffins, Deserted Fear, Exhorder, Unleashed, Venom. What I’d see in the tent was a mystery; get to Blood Incantation if possible, the rest was unknown to me. The first band on main stage was Guineapig, the Italian grind one. The band had a sort of Obscene Extreme crowd, so all confetti, blow up T-rex, glow sticks, leek, toilet brush and the unavoidable beach ball flew. The music was OK. What wasn’t OK was The Committee, totally chanceless atmospheric black metal in plague hoods. ‘We are better than you, we bring you plague’ was their favorite scent, fine, fuck off. We went on merch hunt. Secretly I bought a Deserted Fear tour shirt, Wanda was happy to get me a festival shirt. Patches also went in both directions, but kept a good look on her watch, as she sure did not want to miss one single second of Coffins. We ended up on first row and that was a wise decision. The band played some combination of ultradeep doom (singer in Asphyx shirt haha) and hard hitting death, some cross Axegrinder – Autopsy – Celtic Frost. Guitarist Ushino had thrice technical problems, but the band ploughed on as if nothing happened. I like that, it kept the flow in the gig. To put it in a one-liner: ‘Winter on 78 RPM’ *cool* Hello Lisa, nice to see your camera and smile again ;)

For the next band we went walking again. Grab some garlic bread, grab a curry sausage, have some coffee as RAM is on stage. I didn’t really like the first time I’d seen them, if you want to play like Judas Priest you’d better practice your licks instead of your looks. But this time it was different, as the band brought in much more variance and, to be honest, King Diamond influence. More melodic, less shredding, higher vocals, but the highest parts are still too much for this singer. We had fun nonetheless, as I ran into Ushino and Jun Tokita of Coffins. Ushino is nearly a head smaller than Wanda LOL but he was happy we enjoyed his set. Walking into Coffins was fun, we were heading fo the tent anyway. New band, beer, shade; it had been stingingly sunny all day. The band on stage was called Goath, they play blackened grind put taking pictures was useless: smoke, smoke, smoke. OK does it have to be atmospheric in that way then? I think I could listen to this band, but not in the car. It would interfere too much with my beloved engine sound HA HA HA. I returned to the main stage during the last songs of The Black Dahlia Murder, as I wanted a front row place for Deserted Fear. Of course. DF was and is my main reason to drive to Thüringen, their home ground. But TBDM did well, they had a good sound and a nice pit in front of them.

I asked whether anyone would accept my money so I wouldn’t have to leave front row and get me at least two beers. Deserted Fear plays a home game and from the sound check on, it’s a won game. The band is tight like an iceberg before the industrial revolution, sharp as the bough of the Titanic, blunt as the ice that hit it and the whale-like smiles do the rest. THIS IS ANOTHER FRIGGIN’GOOD DESERTED FEAR SHOW! I didn’t write it all, as there was plenty interaction between me, Fabian and Mahne… here’s what ended up on my paper:
- Intro
- The Fall of Leaden Skies (problem with the pyro)
- My Empire (the main pyro pipe bursts! Fire on stage! No one concerned, the band hacked on! *cool* )
- Kingdom of Worms (stage manager is now band mascot as he swiftly ends the fire haha)
- Wrath on Your Wound
- Dead Shores Rising
- Field of Death (WHAT A GOOSE BUMP SONG!)
- Fabian thanks the organization and the crowd they kept up during the storm. It seemed the entire band was on the festival ground all weekend and were scared shitless of the whirlwind. Kudos to thanking the organization NOT to blow off the entire fest!)
- For the crew: Spit on Your Grave. Whiplash cover? Could be. It could have been Forging Delusions as well. Fine.
- Bury Your Dead (Wanda and me compare goose bumps, neck thrills, smiles, amount of beer spoiled by banging so hard, overall feeling of joy!)
Haha, typing this, I think I managed to remember the entire set after all. I’d seen the band would do a full signing session at 9 PM, so I got my leaflets of My Empire and Kingdom of Worms (for Wanda) out of the tent. The rest is already signed, of course *cool* In the tent there was Skelethal playing, I liked the blunt music a lot but again, the smoke machine made over hours and obscured all sight in the blazing hot tent. On main stage I’d “finally” see Exhorder, I always liked their first album to a certain decree, but never got to listen to latter stuff and I keep it that way. The band walked on stage as if we were unholy disciples of their ground breaking stuff; I rather thought it was boring as fuck. Stop moping about Pantera now!! I was surprised I walked around totally and utterly BORED for a band that had been around for so long and almost did nothing worth mentioning on stage apart from showing off. We were on the move again, it never bores to find stuff none of us expected to find. Wanda wanted to buy me an Albert Fish Brooklyn Fried Children shirt, but I didn’t like the colour… and I have an Albert Fish shirt by Macabre already. You know, with Ride the Lightning as theme. The Dahmer shirt was like a Jägermeister logo, Je Suis Charlie (Manson) and there were other obscenities haha. I got Wanda an Aileen Wuornos shirt stating ‘No Woman no Crime’ :) Back to the bands, not the least one: Unleashed! Johnny and the men built a friggin’death metal party, Bajen Death Cult style, loud, beery, awesome sound and a great set list. I was banging my head so hard I didn’t write anything down, I only clearly remember the Death Metal Victory- ending… three times longer than usual and every chant became louder. This band has played PartySan often and it’s only just. The band is in great shape, even though I quit buying their albums. Also just: Unleashed is booked as headliner for Heidelberg Deathfest!!

A band that wouldn’t be a miss on Heidelberg is Dying Fetus, but not for us, not today. We heard some two, three songs as Wanda commented ‘douche drain gurgle band’ and she’s right. I was getting tired as well, so also another nope to a headliner: Venom. The band played Welcome to Hell- and Black Metal-songs along more recent material, but two gears too slow. Cronos also sounded like a throat infected crow and the surrounding noises weren’t of my liking much: from the left David and Dennis squabble about Dennis’black out.. he’d been in the wrong tent and was surprised how he got there; from the right some wrong eighties disco and the stage sound…

Thanks to the neighbors I had a short night. I looked at my phone, saw 05:23 and the sun already got up… then it finally got silent. Talk evaporated like vampires into sunlight. Uhgg. Add a failing ATM in the village to bad coffee on the terrain and the day started cringingly. We did manage to pull up Dennis’ tent with the help of the (same?) neighbors, the poles of the busted party tent and the joke that Dennis had lost his sleeping bag. Turned out David had placed Dennis sleeping bag under his mat HA HA HA. Priceless, that face. I was spotted by Michael and Nina again, they told me I just HAD to watch Gorilla Monsoon. I couldn’t, they played at 11 AM already and we were still out of cash. I drove on to Mühlhausen to use an ATM. Time for a beer and a band, whether we’d missed Razorrape was not of our interest. We also missed Graveyard, I had to look them up in the leaflet to know which one. The Spanish death metal one. Fine. First band we got to see was Wolfheart. I had a good time, Wanda wasn’t impressed by this ‘quicker little brother of Alcest and At the Gates’, as I referred to them. What Harakiri for the Hangovers did on PartySan is a big question mark to me. I hated it. As I did with Carpathian Forest, especially the Cure cover they did. Time to eat. Better be in time for Exciter in ‘Originalbesetzung’: Beehler, Ricci, Johnson. Beehler sounded agitated in his vocals, but that aggravation seemed to dampen his drum capacities a bit. Add a set list to that which mainly held songs of the same speed and the actual enthusiasm got out soon. Too soon, I guess, but that’s not of my doing. Vieze Pim eating egg didn’t excite me too, the yellow goo soon got into his hair and stayed there. Hence my remark to Coen, Jelmer and Dikke Pim: Vieze Pim. The boys laughed out loud, Voormeulen got sourer than his own egg. We got Violence And Force, Victim of Sacrifice, Thrash/Speed/Burn (including guitar masturbation :-S ), Cry of the Banshee, Heavy Metal Maniac, Pounding Metal and Long Live the Loud. For the statistics.

Looking for a place to sit can be horrendous, as some people are so drunk they don’t notice they take up half a bench, some making out, smoking like hell, or not knowing they face the camping instead of the stage. I wanted to have some sight on Sadistic Intent, albeit from a great distance it was pretty good until the wind got hold of the vocals once more. The band greeted Pentacle for long lasting friendship (haven’t seen Wannes at all). They also played a new song ‘Numbered with the Dead’-or something and as I’d found a Cliteater patch I secured in the tent; I needed a sec alone as well. All and all I got some 8 patches, two shirts and a PartySan key chord, as it seems the festival patches are sold out. I wasn’t entirely in time for Pestilence, but saw the band do a great set. None of older problems seem to arouse the band anymore, just pure death metal Pestilence style. So, at least I heard:
- Commandments
- Dehydrated (Patrick referring to the whirlwind, the dust and the beers haha)
- Chronic Infection
- Newbie
- Secrecies of Horror
- Twisted Truth
- Land of Tears
- Out of the Body
So, according to setlist.fm I missed the first three songs, but with one new song, Antropomorphia and possibly Subordinate to the Domination I can’t be negative at all. With a band in good shape and with fun on stage and off it‘s simply pleasant to see Pestilence. I even got out to the tent stage (for a dehydrating beer of course) and a band: Obscenity, I think it was the German one: blunt, heavy and sometimes fast death metal. Not bad for now.

On a previous edition of Eindhoven Metal Meeting I concluded ‘too much atmospheric black metal and they’re all alike’ or something like that. Now I have the same sentiment when Tribulation got on stage. In blazing sun the mystique soon drips into sweaty corpse paint; when you add a ton of resound to vocals and bass and I’m easily done with this performance. Move out once more. We ended up in the tent with Essenz, filthy, vile, dirty, dark death metal Wanda likes so much. The band clearly has doom and stoner in their sound too, but death metal is their main dish. Wanda also wanted to see Brujeria, but without Shane Embury I have even less interest in the gangsters than before. Out of courtesy to her I stuck around for a bit, but get beers soon and smaller: quicker to return to the bar haha. I was waiting for Tankard anyway. I had explained about Tankard on Extremefest, Tankard twice in Hoorn, being robbed at Graspop during Tankard so Wanda was all over it. Four man pit on 150 m from the stage, nobody cared ^^ The band does what they always do: start a beer party and play as long as the organizers let them. They extended their fun to 55 minutes instead of 50, as the toddlers of Watain ‘weren’t ready yet’. I could have seen Possession, as I had not done that before but was more interested in my newly bought matrass and a nice bit of sleep. I thought I’d be the one to drive most, as David had been tanking quite a lot and I was ‘only slightly dazed’ when I left the terrain. No more neighbor eighties-music-to-screw-herrieman-up but Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd and Paul Simon late at night. I slept like a baby and dreamt of returning to Obermehler, Thüringen, Deserted Fear in my backyard and ‘bis morgen vom Backerie Nettomarkt’ :) We might. We probably will. First bands for 2019 already announced: Testament, Vomitory, Belphegor, Solstice (UK) and Gutalax; date: August 8th – 10th, same place, different visitors… new tents, as mine is totally torn out by the sutures, the sticks are all bent and whatnot. Wanda’s tent is gone too. New airbed as well. The organization can fill part of their budget with all the aluminum and steel blown to bits and left behind HA HA HA. I didn’t want to be an ass, so I brought my tent, my airbed and the partytent to the nearest container.

The ride home was a smooth one, as I wanted to bring the matrasses home but decided not to when I saw David and Dennis all curled up on my back seat… Plenty of water, yoghurt drinks, cookies, Bifi, another stop at Am Biggenkopf, then missing the fuel station near the border (David drove >< ) and cruising between motorcycle gangs, tourists, metalheads and families in way too small cars hahaha. PartySan is over for 2018, 2019 is debatable of course. If I go, I bring in David, Dennis,Bryan and Wanda; Bart, Rob, Pim and the likes will be there already. Metal Thuringia Style!!

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Municipal Waste, Dynamo Eindhoven, Aug. 17th

It’s always a pleasure to see Municipal Waste. Period. Tom and I have seen them 5 times now, he couldn’t join me to Dynamo Outdoor 2009 and one other Waste show. We had tickets to see The Waste on Jera on Air 2016, but never got there. And, as they play Dynamo again, it’s one of those places The Waste does their best shows: a small, dark, sweaty venue somewhere in the red district of a dirty city haha. We brought Ellen to D.R.I., so she wanted to join us pronto. Three tickets for less than € 50, no hint of commercialism :) that’s what we like! Add a fourth ticket for Wanda, as I’d been pointing out the band time after time the last times we met…yeah another VW Golf Mk II diesel well loved and well filled. We had a little problem with timing, as I had forgotten a previous remark on when to leave and Ellen needed to find replacement (she works as a doctor’s assistant, only a team of two, if she’s not there half the practice can’t function and Tom mentioned later the Fridays and Mondays the clinic is always busiest). All and all Tom and me decided to travel apart, them by train and I’d pick up Wanda by car, head back home together. Uhm, not really, as the day of the gig Tom texted me Ellen had gotten an infection and wasn’t really happy sitting in a train for two hours straight, let alone getting worse during the show AND have to abort the show? Damned, a spare ticket. Turned out Ellen is familiar to that little infection, so she decided to skip the show and plant her behind on the couch. Tom texted this late I was already on my way to Enkhuizen and spotted his message just in time not to have to drive through ENTIRE West-Friesland again to pick him up. At first I thought we’d sell Ellen’s ticket to Bryan, but he was so minimal in energy I never asked.

Uhm, driving the wrong route is my hobby, not knowing my way in Eindhoven is one as well. I parked near the train station, only to walk in the wrong direction once more. Tom moaped ‘this costs me drinking time :) ‘ but we found Dynamo after all. The ticket was gone in a minute, as Tom didn’t need top dollar for it. Entering the attic of the venue was sobering: we were literally the first ones to enter and in the foyer it wasn’t really crowded, a band doing a rabid sound check for just us and bar personnel… Tom turned upside for a smoke and when we re-entered, the band had already begun. I said before ‘you’re not going to like the support acts, as I’ve seen them both’ but boy oh boy was I wrong in that: Nuclear Devastation no longer makes thin thrash, now they grind and kill! Death metal on barbiturates, black like a saw mill and a great sound accompany this band these days. The band members resemble Tom G. Warrior in his Hellhammer days (bassist) and the rest looks like Nifelheim without the twins. Clearly corpse paint isn’t their biggest issue :) In music I’d say ‘find a cross between Deströyer 666, Demonical and Celtic Frost and be happy about it’. Nice Wolves of Hades backdrop too! It seemed the band only did two songs, but Wanda got the set list and wasn’t sure if it was for this band :)
- Rotting in Guilt
- Baptized in Hellfire
- Genocidal Sacrament
- Bestial Tyranny
- Inferno
- Abandon all Hopes
Yeah, these can be interpreted both death and black metal-ish, hardly thrash ;)

Bryan had sent Wanda on a quest: find a Municipal Waste shirt of one of the album covers, preferably The Art of Partying. She couldn’t choose between a vague rendition of The Fatal Feast and a ‘rare tour shirt’ without tour dates. I kinda liked the Fatal Feast one, but there’s only one size left, after an entire European summer of Iron Reagan and The Waste shows; it was an M and Bryan would never fit it. Not being able to choose I later bought an AoP patch and the (white, that’s especially rare for Wanda) rare tour shirt without tour dates. Let’s say it’s a variance on Beer Pressure ;) The second band was Collision, of which I wasn’t overly impressed on a Stonehenge festival once… how biased can I be? What followed was a band not really needing to choose between hardcore and grindcore, imagine Terror vs. Napalm Death/Extreme Noise Terror. Hardcore breakdowns, triple vocal lines grunt vs. squeal vs. shout. Gladly, not in one song at the time ;) Tom busted my shoulder a couple of times stating “ ‘we did not need to see the support acts, as I’ve seen them’; yeah right dude” :p Tom was Pit Meister, of course; we just enjoyed the company… Maarten (see RockHard HJ at 10 AM), Dave (Mutator), Rutger & Johan (of the picture with Tony Foresta on Stonehenge 2012) and Vieze Pim. Where’s Dikke Pim when you expect him?? ;) Plenty of 2009 tour shirts; when The Waste made Eindhoven City Center explode, along with a raging Asphyx and superfun Mucky Pup ;) . I always say ‘why the hell bother to wear a shirt of the band performing, unless you bought the shirt the same day?’ but I understand it was sort of statement to organize a Dynamo Outdoor once again? Fine with me, as long as it’s free as it should be and some remarkable bands can be announced?? Time for the one and only Richmond, VA, Crossover Thrash Machine: Municipal Waste! The sound check was done by their roadie, but the crowd already moved… anxious or excited, wanting to PITTTTT!!! Hard as possible, as you please! Tom was already gone when Ryan pulled his first chord… PITTTTT it became. Here’s the set list (Wanda obtained it stealthily, but somewhere between a berehap met sate saus and the car she lost it…) :
- Breathe Grease [madhouse!]
- Mind Eraser [madhouse!]
- Youre Cut Off [madhouse!]
- Unleash the Bastards [madhouse!]
- Bourbon Discipline [madhouse!]
- Sadistic Magician [madhouse!]
- Beer Pressure [madhouse!]
- Thrashin’ is my Business [madhouse!]
- Wrong Answer [madhouse!]
- I Want to Kill the President [madhouse!]
- Black Ice [madhouse!]
- Poison the Preacher (referring to Canadian ministers :o ) [madhouse!]
- Amateur Sketch [madhouse!]
- Intro [quiet, finally a time to get Tom a much needed beer ;)]
- Slime and Punishment [madhouse!]
- Thrashin’of the Christ [madhouse!]
- Dingy Situation [madhouse!]
- Inebriator [madhouse!]
- Hunted Junkyard [madhouse!] [my goodness, is this old stuff or what? :cool:
- Terror Shark [madhouse!]
- Art of Partying [madhouse!]
- Born to Party [madhouse!]
- Parole Violation (not on the set list, their own version of a Spermbirds song)
- Guilty of Being Tight [NOT ON THE SET LIST!!] MORE MADHOUSE than I’ve ever seen in Dynamo!
The band thanked not only today’s support acts, but also the ones from previous madhouses in Dynamo/little hall Effenaar: Milkman was called to stage but didn’t show up (?). After The Art of Partying everybody thought it was over, but before the band got ready Tony came back on stage with a double cartwheel! I know most band members have gained a few pounds over the years, but I was surprised to see Tony’s belly didn’t interfere :p , so: mine isn’t that bad after all HA HA HA. Even if someone offered me AC/DC to perform in my backyard, I can’t do a cartwheel… Tony also has a shoe fetish, as any stage diver that had problems getting away from the stage lost at least one shoe!! :) Vieze Pim even lost both, as he dived quite often. Gladly the floor was filled with beer and plastic, not glass ;) Women flying as easy as Pim did, a thin line at the front of the stage was mostly enough to let any diver land safely ;) Without spoiling any more fun, I think this show was (with the Stonehenge one) the best you’d ever see of this band. The sound was amazingly sharp, the need for the second guitarist no longer needs to be expressed, as the mix was clear as a beer bottle as well. Note to self: show Wanda that special edition DVD that came along The Art of Partying ;) It was such fun to see man three times Wanda’s size being pushed away by her, followed by a tripping Tom and a dancing Dave… I had to enter, but as I was getting hungry halfway the set (chicory escarole mash only lasts, what? Five hours? Six?) I couldn’t risk getting out of energy totally. Wanda had the solution afterwards: Dutch snacks, I’d rather have a berehap than a wizzy American named burger…, source water, fries. The band kept repeating they’d be getting drunk tonight with the fans, but we were so excited and tired we didn’t last long. This is what the merch man had on a plate: ‘Hello, we’re lost on the way to the koffe shop. Can you give to us a little bit of weed to smoke? Thank you, smoke cannabis, save the world. Love, The Waste’ Yeah right, we’re in Holland again.

We dragged Tom out of the snack venue (horrible Dutch music from the neighbors :-S ), got back to the car and spooned Tom inside… he was gone before the engine started. The ride home was good, but near Purmerend I got so tired I knew I didn’t need afpilzen; not surprisingly Tom didn’t as well. I slept a hole in the Saturday, but I don’t care. I didn’t have any plans for today (except a vague hint to gardening at Alex’, but I “forgot to put my alarm on my phone”) and turned my pillow… but we survived another Waste Clash… and it was FUCKING GREAT!! Born to Party, Born to Metal!

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Doc’s Metal Cruise, feat. Sinister, The Lucifer Principle, Splinter Bomb, some boat from Den Bosch to The Mueze and back; August 25th

After the 2014 edition of 70,000 Tons of Metal I once said I probably will never do that again. It was a trip like no other and an adventure of a life time, but way too expensive to do more often; especially if the bands repeat or are less interesting than the 2014 edition. But I also want to avoid certain days/weekends… especially in my own village. And what happens: Wanda spots this one: Doc’s Metal Cruise, August 25th, on a boat from Den Bosch, feat. 8 Dutch bands and not the least ones! Bryan offered to drive us as I got three tickets. We’d drive to Den Bosch Central Station and be picked up to the river. OK, sunglasses and sun tan oil present, we go. But it wasn’t as simple as that, as Bryan had been buffing his job so much lately, he’d be out of energy. OK, I can arrange a hotel or drive, it’s not that far but the last week… the last hotels were nearly obnoxiously expensive or way, way away from the city center. He did pick up last couple of days, so they picked me up at 9:30 AM. Be on time, was my suggestion, you never know how long it’d take to get where we needed to go…

Bread and water packed, no need for sun tan lotion anymore; even before Bryan had found a parking place we spotted Belinda already! OK, cool! I knew Erwin and Zitla would be present too, first beer is on me, before entering the taxi boat to the 02001343N from Kerkdriel ;) The actual party boat was pretty narrow and the stairs from the merch/food floor were only two meters from the band, but it could be fun anyway. See how The Lucifer Lovers would pit here *cool* but that’s a bit later on the day. We were on the second shipping and after the third had arrived we’d go. I have no idea where we actually went, as Persistense was already blasting its groove and near-thrash metal over us. I’m not too excited about this band, but got a set list nonetheless: (it was on the back side of another set list >< no one was interested in... the band isn’t on MA yet, so this is literally what the paper said)
- Intro
- Further
- The Reality
- Progress
- Useless War
- Doomsday
- Overcome
- Sick World

The band got some heads shaking, but I was more interested in the bami Wanda provided, as thank you for paying the parking ;) Grindpad had a wider and more enthusiast crowd in front of them, even íf there’s only two meters before a stair + hole + crowd surfing Marcel IV; it nearly got dangerous :) The band clearly is in for a joke or two, as nearly every song got its own blow up shark with band logo on it to surf; Marcel in the air or not :) Here’s the set list the Persistense one is nailed to:
- Intro
- Not Fucking Dead
- Poserkiller
- Sharkbite
- Burn the Rapist
- Come in Peace, Go in Pieces (I’d love to say that to my lovely colleague once :lol: )
- Lion’s Strife
- The Knife
- Mature Love
- To Those About to Die
- MK Ultra
- Toxic Terror
- My Name is Violence

I'd have to wreck my brain if I’d ever seen them before, as I have one picture of Jelle in a Grindpad shirt… weren’t they… ah, no matter, it was fun. I bought a festival shirt (Wreck Your Liver on the River ;) ) and that turned out to be the last XL already… the sales lady explained they only had three girlies to begin with.. fine with me though, I might need it later ;) I needed a chair when Erwin was shocked to say he’d made an € 800 mistake… so I made an € 800 mistake… his wedding is in October, NOT NOVEMBER DAMNED!! We instantly decided to do the trip anyway, nice week of boozing in Puerte Vallarte, also book again for the ACTUAL wedding… Zitla was clearly NOT amused… but thanks again for the most lovely invitation to the wedding… time to reset to today’s business: bands! The third band we saw was Splinter Bomb, the band with ex-Legion of the Damned guitarist Hein (live only, also in The Lucifer Principle) and their melodic groovy death/thrash metal. I thought of Amon Amarth and a hit of Destruction or At the Gates when they played. I was pleasantly surprised, Bryan certainly did not agree, as he’d been smoking ever since the second song. During their cover Refuse/Resist Marcel nearly landed on the stairs again… cool band. Pity their patches were so big, I’d never fit such a big patch for my Dutch Denim, as I also have no music to reconsider… Wanda spotted a Splinter Bomb patch the size and form of a kitchen glove ;) [but that one was even bigger ;) ] but also did not make a purchase. Fine with me, I can always try to see this band again, as it was pretty OK. Dead End was next. Bass player Alwin Roest organized this trip, but had not brought his CD shop to the boat. The band went in hard, as if the shores of the river needed re-bricking ;) Blunt, powerful, loud, those are three signs of a death metal band I can clearly refer to. Bryan got the (pretty sick) set list and I got pictures of it:
- Goddess of Fire
- Avarice
- Haze of Lies
- Venture
- Backfire
- Folly of Man
- Dead End (Reborn)
- My Malady

The boat had to be refilled (…) and Disquiet entered the ship. Beer was wasted in a way I hardly can call professional, as the bar tenders kept moaning about carbon dioxyde pressure, too soft or fizzy foam, cooling that was turned off (??) and every glass or pincher had to be refilled… THE. WASTE. OF. PERFECT. BEERS… how can any festival make money to proceed when half the beer is thrown through the drain?? My remarks on pressure and way of tapping certainly were NOT appreciated. Pff, sink in your own ship, I’d say. One brilliant idea though: use buckets not to waste all foam/beer and sell that for 6 coupons and six cups to share it… My last coupons were used like that.

After the fill up it was time for Sepiroth. I only walked by and made new plans for the rest of 2019.. I was saving up for my first The Lucifer Principle gig since 2010; the first TLP gig without main writer Giedo, the first gig I’d see TLP do with Hein (see Splinter Bomb) and my burning carcass, how heavily I’d needed this!! The band still has his great charisma in singer Earik, bass player Sander and guitarist Hein; their energy is omnipresent, their fire edible, their mood murderous and the atmosphere they create is one I certainly are impressionable with: MOSH MOSH MOSH to these great songs:
- Pitch Black Dawn
- Born in Bloodshed (Those. Sing. A. Longs!!! Great!!)
- Razor
- Eaten by the Wolves
- Monster
- Soul Savior Throat Cut
- Play Dead
- Bond of Supremacy (another oldie ;) )
- Feeding the Land of the Dead
- Into Decay (WHAOOOAAHHH! Haven’t heard that on in ages!!)
- I Am The Law

Earik only slightly needed to hint toward pit, circle or normal and all hell broke loose. Of course, as it’s my anniversary TLP show (10th ;) ) I knew what to expect and brought Belinda and Wanda as close to the stage as I could; pity I could hardly find Bryan to impress him with this abnormally cool band and ran my sweat and stench all around the stairs ;) OK, you want a circle pit, here’s your Sherman the Tank, Destroying Circle Pits Near You, at your service!! Salut! KILLER pit! No more room to make Marcel fly again ;) I think I kept panting for at least 20 minutes after the last riff of I Am The Law shimmered over the waves… it was great!! I brought my copy of Play Dead to sign, got three out of five… better bring it again, bro! ;) Bryan offered me a German BBQ’d sausage, but returned with a fricandel topped with the weirdest of weird toppings: dried onion, wet pickle, overdose of mayo and a fork that didn’t budge ;) Enough panting, Disquiet is on, but I hardly notice them. As wide as my interest in this band is, so small was my energy to do more than watch through the stairs and return to Bryan, Wanda and Alex Zwaert to top up my energy. Even though all bands played on the same kits (drums, cabinets, monitors) the overall sound was great; Disquiet was no exception here. Of course, Sinister would also perform, but apart from a nice setting of headbangers I saw nothing. OK, I heard Sadistic Intent and Moralistic Suffering, but that’s about it. Sinister, apart from Dennis, was the only band that kept in their little cavern at the prow. Aad had a special plaque made for a toilet door… barfing :lol: That kind of humor is well appreciated hihihi. Actually it’s sad to describe one of Holland’s oldest extreme music bands this way, but I’ve seen them so often AND not too long ago, I kept it there. The band had an hour to fill and that passed. Fine. I was getting drunk and being so wet from the TLP gig, I got a little cold and wandered round in my new festival shirt, my Dutch Denim hanging lustlessly on my elbow, sweat still dripping, I was done. By the time the taxi boat reappeared, we were on first row to get out. It had been fun to see all those familiar faces, Bettina without Eric for once, Zitla reassured Erwin did book the good dates ><, Alex and his plenty exes, Johnny Amsterdam with his gf (also an Alex Ex :o ;) ) but the day had been long. When Bryan started his car I was gone, only to awaken by the sharp band near the petting zoo in my village. Instantly ordered Bryan to afpils and bunk on my guest bed, along with Wanda and Alex. I probably had found some more energy, as we bunked near 5:30 AM… Coffee and a melon for breakfast, pictures uploaded, story written, now it’s time for the normal after-festival things: voetbal, shave, Chinese. I don’t know if Alwin has recovered financially enough to organize another metal cruise, but big chance I attend! Slash the waves with metal!!

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Schoonebeek Deathfest II, feat. Entrails, Sept.1st 2018

Schoonebeek Deathfest 2017 was one of the coolest death metal events I’ve ever been. Such a killer line up (Fleshcrawl, Soulburn, Revel in Flesh, Lifeless) we instantly decided to get to Pt. II when we got back to the cabin. Daniel had booked a cabin for the four of us, but I wasn’t sure if Stip would enter again, so I told Wanda she could join us. I shouldn’t. A few angry messages later I sold Wanda’s ticket to Vieze Pim and all was fine. I thought. After the MDF skirmishes with Daniel he sold me the cabin ticket and booked himself a hotel. Not to be rude or anything, now Wanda could join us. The boys didn’t matter, Entrails, here we come! At first only Entrails and Phrenelith were confirmed, along with Remco Kreft’s Graceless. Headliner became General Surgery; latter announcement: ‘Departed Souls Nokt er Met! Wie speult ons letste stuk onsympathikiteit op 1 September’ OK that’s Drents to you: Departed Souls calls it quits! We play our last part uncongeniality on Sept.1st . Haha, that’s a way to announce it! The band had made thirty shirt containing the words ‘Onsympathieke muziek voor onsympathieke mensen’ and no one was allowed to nag as the band refused to put anyone on the want-list for such a shirt.

Bryan is a fanatic collector of tapes and first pressing CDs. He’d been contacted by some of his tapetrading friends and they were outrageous: ‘your girlfriend goes to Schoonebeek and you stay at home? No fffffg way!’ so he was put on the guest list haha. Now we’d drive with two cars, as his friend Sander joins us. The trip to Schoonebeek was a fun one, but took about an hour longer than expected because of roadwork and accessory traffic jams. So, first band missed (German Aeon of Disease), but as we parked my beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel at the cottage Bryan scored two Departed Souls shirts… the last two. One for Wanda, one for himself. I hesitated to buy a festival shirt, as I thought the print was too full and too violent for my likings… To my surprise and Wanda’s question mark, it was Sven Gross that did the annunciation of the bands!! Within a second on the terrain I had my Sven hug again, baffling Bryan too ;) Soon I also found Fleshcrawl’s Bastian and Revel in Flesh’ Magesson!! I got them a few copies of Dead End’s CD and got them to sign my copy… hoping they’d pick up my hint of playing live together. The first band we saw Sweden’s Gravebomb. The HM2 Boss buzzsaw sound surrounded us and the vile old school death metal could be hailed! Nice to notice such a small festival can have a superb sound quality! I love OSDM, but live it has to have a good sound and mix, but both were very good for a band I could only guess their style from the logo ;) We were pleasantly surprised once more! The rebuild time was pretty short; I hardly had time to get a personal HJ from Mutator’s Nick!! Great to see you, but as he’s a volunteer we didn’t have much time to meet up yet (later he was off, sharing shag with Bryan). The second band was already playing when I returned to Bryan and Sander with two cokes and three beers, forgot Stip’s orange soda so my time with Gravestone from Sweden was shorter than planned. There’s even more HM2 Boss buzzsaw sound to be heard and these guys are, just like Gravebomb, are VERY YOUNG DUDES! I like that, as I see it as a hint that death metal isn’t dead by far! The band has one EP and one full length, but fool herrieman did not buy any merch! My Dutch eyes made me buy an Asphyx reissue of On the Wings of Inferno… with a live bonus. I liked the band a lot and I must get my greedy collector hands on some Gravestone or Gravebomb material. Best song: Valley of Coffins.

Wanda can’t stop to tell me how impressed she is with the relaxed mode on metal shows and the eagerness of my metal buddies to welcome her in our midst. So far we met mostly FB buddies of Bryan (tape traders, collectors, posters of shirts and demos, whatever) but Wanda’s friends were abundantly present: Lisette, Astrid, Christel (doing another photo shoot), photographer Ronald, Maurice, Jeroen Z. and more. We were also welcomed by Sven Gross again along with Remco Kreft of Graceless; pleasantly watched by everyone I already mentioned. I think Graceless released one of the more promising debuts in a long time (Shadowlands, end of 2017) and live they certainly stood their ground. The band has a little more doom in the music than previous HM2 Boss lovers and I’m pleasantly surprised by Remco’s stamina singing the dark, evil death metal they do. The band also has a lot of dynamics in between members and clearly gets positive vibes from the bunch of headbangers and fistbangers at the front. After a great set I got Remco’s set list (again, thanks my friend! It probably won’t be the last set list I get from you or your band members in whatever band you play :lol: ) :
- We Will be Gods
- Legions of the Fallen
- Slashed and Served
- Lock Stock (sp? It’s not on the debut CD and I haven’t heard if the band is working on new material yet)
- Shadowlands
- Die on Demand
- Sumerian Flames
- Iron Tears
I hope this band can ever conquer MDF or LVDF, let some Americans/Mexicans/other death heads be shocked by Heroin Filled Thrill ;) uhm Death Metal The Dutch Way. The band does another show with Entrails in Den Haag this weekend, but I won’t head out to ADO country. A band to look out for, yeah, but after such a great festival I travelled enough to bring everybody home… A band we can’t look out for anymore after this day is Departed Souls. The band has been around only for four years, but Schoonebeek will be their swan song. Not without humor, as the shirts and annunciation showed, but also with a Normaal intro that made my hairs on my arms and in my neck rise: A Pens vol Power en een Goeien Zin (from their second album Ojadasawe *cool* ) The band itself ‘plays old school nasty rotting death metal’ as they call it and that’s exactly what happens. Wanda got the set list [and did not lose it ^^ ] :
- Infuckingtro
- Witch Trails
- Barbaric Tortures
- Beyond all Knowledge
- Burn the Evidence
- …Fear
- Cold Deep Waters
- …outfuckingtro
The band goes out with a bang ;) I made pictures, shook my head and drank my beers… it was over. Typing this, searching information on the band, I found out the band had held Jeroen Pomper as bass player as well, but I haven’t seen him nor any God Dethroned member all day. I also made pictures of the cross Fleshcrawl – Houten – Utrecht – Revel in Flesh, as Sven, Lisette and Vieze Pim were joined by Magesson near the stage. More pictures to save Wanda and Nick for eternity, as she had brought two Carpathian Forest shirts from an order that put in those shirts by mistake.. Wanda has nothing with CF and they weren’t her nor Bryan’s sizes… Nick’s happy with his S CF shirt :o Stip got the other one, ‘if you want you can use it as dirt rag’ hahaha. Stip cleans even less than I do :) Later I got Sven to pose with Bryan and Bryan with the Steenwijk Crew (nice teeth, Rob :-S ). We even opted to get Westfries Thrash Genootschap shirts for all friends around today. See what happens ;) Hey Danny Lilker is present too!

Next band today was Phrenelith. The band did a more doom oriented set than on MDF last May, but we liked it nonetheless. I think it was Bryan that opted to get us some of their material, but I had not seen any so we just enjoyed the burger, fries and a band like an ocean liner against an ice berg; building up pressure, building up steam, in for the kill. Or be killed. Wanda got another set list:
- Intro
- Crawling Shadows, Slithering Tongues
- Chrysopeia
- Deluge of Ashes
- Dysmorphism
- Once Fertile Soil
- Conquering Divinity
- Defleshed in Ecstacy
Sooo dirty! Sooo vile! Sooo nice! I took a bite of fries from Kimberly and moved towards the stage for the special Burial (see https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Burial/31495 ) ; they would do an integral set of Relinquished Souls album. Bryan loves this album to bits, but I kept thinking ‘what if you’re not really a Morbid Angel fan? Would you still like it then?’ so I keep it that way. The band even invited a guest singer, which the members hailed with all regards, but I have no idea who it was. I kept my neck in shape for Entrails, my headliner of the day. I have no idea if General Surgery is a bigger band than Entrails, to be honest I hardly think GS should be here to begin with. It was cool to see Gravestone’s Penki Samuelsson on bass and vocals in Entrails. He certainly is no stranger to death metal and his voice is powerful as Jocke Svensson’s and the stage presence is like Tommy Carlson used to have. The band is in full swing and a nice pit occurs, little to the surprise and amusement of Jimmy Lundquist. Fool herrieman did not make pictures, but got the set list:
- In Pieces intro
- In Pieces
- Beyond the Flesh
- World Inferno (such a killer track! Doomy, dangerous, powerful)
- No Cross Left Unturned
- The Morgue
- Serial Murder
- The Tomb Awaits intro
- Unleashed Wrath
- Eaten by the Dead (massive goose bumps!)
- To Live is to Rot
- Crawling Death (bulldozer death metal!)
- Epitome of Death
- Outros: Bonnatwist / Aku / Blood Breed
Smiling like a coroner on his practice period we moved out, pile of Entrails shirts present, an Entrails pin (they had no patches), a set of Schoonebeek Deathfest beer mats (^^) Just Before Dawn patch (I thought it was a German band, so I bought it for the German themed pants, but they are from Sweden and the UK :o ) a Dead End CD signed by Alwin, Herzog and Köchl, said Asphyx reissue and two SDF Post-It memo blocks (the idea itself! Brilliant!) and even more… it was great. The weather was fantastic, not too warm, no need to get Bart’s spare ticket for Stip, next year we return. With Westfries Thrash Genootschap or not, could be Death Genootschap as well ;) but Drenthe hasn’t seen the last of us. Especially not as Venom Inc. is announced for Pitfest, only two villages away from Schoonebeek. We might hook up at the same cottage, had we not had camping tickets already. We want to return anyway, as we’d been told sorry about seven times as there were hardly enough eggs for the four of us, great coffee at the Emmen Camping Cantina (great motivational sign boards! ‘Achter elke succesvolle man staat een stomverbaasde schoonmoeder’) LOL and nearly paid zilch for the uitsmijters… Of course I had to do my hobby again, as a group of some 50 motorcycles and trikes didn’t let me enter A7 exit… but we had so much fun no one bothered. We did drive the Afsluitdijk and were home a lot faster than we came. Add more good coffee on the A32 and you know we got to West-Friesland in blazing shape. I had had some difficulties during the night (barffff) but that feeling evaporated by Joke’s apple cake and eagerness to hear our stories once more. We had plenty. Stories, coffee, plans for the SDF crew and beyond, we had it all. Bryan had driven home after Entrails, but his afpils took till 8 AM and even he was fresh :lol: Schoonebeek, the jaknikker corpses will be hailed again!! Crawling Death Metal!! Slashed and Defleshed Death Metal of Torture!

on http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... -graceless (guest or member) you can see Sven Gross announcing Departed Souls 'give those Klootzakken a goodbye to remember' including Normaal :lol:

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Baroeg Open Air 2018, Rose Tattoo, God Dethroned; Sept.15th, Zuiderpark Rotterdam

Rose Tattoo is an acquired taste. It took me, huge AC/DC fan, up to Graspop 2001 to finally feel this band, see this band, love this band. Ever since I’ve tried to go to as much TFFT shows/tours I could, since 2001 I only missed the one on Bospop a few years ago and the 3 AM show at Wacken 2006. Tom was all over it when I spotted the Rotterdam date on the tour shirt I got via Toon’s copper and zinc money: Baroeg Open Air! My sixth BOA in succession, never a dull moment! Great location, great atmosphere, usually top notch bands and it’s friggin’free!! I have a ton of respect for the Baroeg volunteers, as they brought such awesome bands to a free fest… Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Destruction, Discharge, Angel Witch, Bodyfarm, Venom Inc., Ryker’s and even Sodom, but I missed that last one. As Sodom played on a Baroeg Open Air I couldn’t go to. Period. God Dethroned was announced pretty early and it got even more interesting on the Blood Brothers tour, as this date was on the tour shirt; annunciation of Angry Anderson and Co. followed the same week. Tom couldn’t make it in the end, as Bryan couldn’t go. OK, I drive Alex’ car and he’d bring Peter, me and Wanda to their baskets… But West-Friesland is on the edge of a huge building project with the deadlines nearing… ffff Heijbuggers for four (!) successive exits in a row blocked… Wognum, Nibbixwoud, De Strip and Westwoud… my plan to drive at 10 was highly interrupted by road signs >< Even in Rotterdam I had to slalom a lot, as the most important city tunnel is rebuilt by… Heijbuggers. Damned. Another detour. Would we miss the first band? No, gladly we didn’t.

On the terrain the usual searches, flyers and petitions (entry, other festivals and the Friends of Baroeg Assocation) before the search for coins began… the first band WAS playing, albeit only in their second song: Rotterdam punk invasion Die Nakse Bananen ruffled the sleep sand out of our eyes with their oi!, street punk and hardcore sung in Dutch. The band got a ‘normal’ punk pit with loads of windmillers and punches, but the sound was pretty good and most of the funny/critical lyrics were understandable. I don’t own/know much punk, especially no oi!, but this was fun to watch. We soon shared beers with Alex Zwaert, Dave (ex-Mutator now ><), Lange Pim, Erwin & Zitla and Rhea’s lot. No need to get to the Electronic Stage yet, as the first artist would be opening way beyond 3 PM we heard Glowsun. The three man stoner-psychedelic rock outfit made music to relax to so we did. Wanda soon found Belinda and I found at least two more Pims (Dikke and Officium Triste). The French band is doing OK, but I was hungry for metal instead of stoner so I got schnitzel… Of the third band we saw I honestly made a misjudgment, as I expected Fleddy Melculy to be fun hardcore or crossover… what we got nearly made me erase my pictures: SlipVayne done Dutch. I looked at Wanda and instantly decided NOT to head out to Manifesto next week, as they do a gig there I’ve got tickets of. Alex agreed. Fun fact: now I have time to visit Laurens’ birthday party in Little Devil that weekend :p Even better: the party is held with a Bon Scott Tribute named Bon Scotch!! Wooweee!! Mudknot easily forgotten!!

Wanda, Belinda and me roamed the merch stands for some more fun stuff, as I found a crazy D.R.I. shirt for Wanda, an Airbourne back patch for Belinda and a HJ one for the man in wheelchair that sold me the D.R.I. shirt ;) I got some repairs to my 2006 shorts recommended :) The following Heidevolk got the Glowsun treatment: listen to music on the grass, having fun with acquaintances, drinking beer and having a good time together. The band sounded OK, but I didn’t feel obliged to watch directly/make pictures. On the entrance terrain a small bunch of speakers and cabinets was placed for the Plee Sessions (Loo Sessions) next to the urinoirs: some garage punk, hardcore and ‘modern’ metal passed, but as I hate (too) modern metal I don’t recall any sightings. At all. I was hoping for a great spot in front of Henri Sattler and Co. but got back too late getting beers… I found Alex and Alex on second row, arms in the air, but not much head movement? Leave that to me, I got to shout as much war themes as I could. God Dethroned played sharp, fast and tight, those songs:
- The World Ablaze
- Villa Vampiria
- Nihilism
- No Man’s Land
- Sigma Enigma (pit is getting ridiculously big so I enter :lol: )
- Poison Fog
- Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)
- Annihilation Crusade
- Soul Capture 1562 (the Flying Dutchman surely wasn’t a Rotterdammer haha)
- Boiling Blood
- Soul Sweeper
I got Jeroen Pompe’s set list, for which I thank him, but seeing some 6-year old next to me made me change my mind: it’s his. His dad agreed, but the little fellow was overwhelmed by both the band and my pressing to keep this paper as a reminder of a great set, good band in blazing sound, well-balanced mix and a great pit to thank them. He still hesitated to take the set list haha. On the picture of the set list there was Breathing Through Blood mentioned as well, but as I am an old school God Dethroned fan I know for sure there wasn’t a recent song between Boiling Blood and Soul Sweeper… no worries, I had fun, Alex had fun, Wanda and Belinda had been banging their heads in unison; I’ve seen so many smiling faces I know BOA did a great job inviting the Groninger Drent and his crew to Rotterdam. Let’s say it took a few beers to recuperate from another great God Dethroned show… sweating like a slug on salt… panting… ohhh I was so happy Wanda had gotten Alex a new Amon Amarth shirt I could easily steal his Westwoudse AC/DC fans shirt.. at least that one was dry ;) The rest of the day I also couldn’t wear my denim anymore, but it was so warm no one complained. Especially not me :)

Now it was getting time for the main dish, but something or someone made Wanda feel horrible about something she didn’t want to explain now so we stayed outside as Rose Tattoo took the stage by storm. The band, opening with One of the Boys (of course) and Juice on the Loose, had a sound to feel great to, a light show that was a bit too much for me (even though I love the Tats to bits, I still keep critical about a show, standing outside) and an audience that made every artist smile: banging fists, shouting loud (and a bit false :) ), swirl pits (where’s Thirza when you need her ;) ) and a plain fun party. I can’t explain it any other way, the atmosphere was abundant and the amount of smiles was equal to the entire Rotterdam City gross bill of this year ;) in Venezuelan money ;) . Angry Anderson made friends. Again. Love between Brothers and Sisters. Feeling everybody was part of something great, something special. How many more times can we see the Tats in the future? The band surely has enough energy to do this show, but for how long? Typing this, I feel weary for not really getting close to the stage, but I keep to my original stand: if someone close to me feels bad, I don’t rush to band number 1,986 or festival # 186… turned out Wanda’s father is not doing OK at all, keep up! Get well! But also, broaden your horizon… The only thing we were surprised about, was that the Tats didn’t do any encore at all. We got back to the car and headed out… Wanda near her own problem; Peter, Alex and me talking about the music that passed in the car… No need for afpilzen, get Wanda her couch and I’m out… we had a great time, but a downer ending… Die Nakse Bananen had the FUN of the day, God Dethroned was the METAL of the day, Rose Tattoo had the ATMOSPHERE of the day… We return! Metal.

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Way of Darkness 2018, Sodom, Asphyx, Desaster, Messiah; Stadthalle Lichtenfels, Germany, Oct.5th-6th

Way of Darkness 2011 has always been one of my favorite indoor metal festivals, over many years. I’m sorry I had not heard earlier or later of the first editions, of which I could say ‘cool, must go’. Kataklysm, Asphyx, Possessed, what else have we missed there? After a 6 year hiatus there it popped up again: Lichtenfels, October, two days, Sodom, Fleshcrawl. My hairs in my neck instantly rose, would this be as cool as the first time I came to Lichtenfels? How to get there? Bring in Daniel, Tom, Maarten again or would Wanda want to go? The latter. Daniel soon skipped this, as did Tom, so would I have to drive alone (again?)? No, I wouldn’t go if I’d have to do it alone. Over 1,500 km in one weekend, I’m done with that. Wanda suggested: fly. Where? A quick glimpse told me: Nuremberg, only an hour away from Lichtenfels. What happened to Sodom? Tom Angelripper had just kicked out Makka and Bernemann when this gig was announced. Thus, I still hesitated, until the rest of the original flyer (Desaster, Evil Invaders, Soulburn, Witchburner, Revel in Flesh) was accompanied by Asphyx! OK, we go. We might bring in Bryan as well, but thirteen attempts to convince him still said ‘no’. No problem. Easier to book flights as well. Looking at Google Maps made me smile: the venue has a picture online of a merch stand with (probably) a Persistence Tour (Madball, Hatebreed, Born from Pain; hey wasn’t that this year? :lol: ). Early March it even got better as Messiah was announced! Typhusteringtuberculosis, are you sure? The Swiss band that influenced nearly half of early death metal? The band that got us evergreens as Hymn to Abremelin, Extreme Cold Weather and Choir of Horrors? The band that nearly opened Wãldrock 1992? THAT Messiah? Owww fuckgaaf. Yeah, it was this Messiah. There would be a Maarten present also, not Vet but Dijkerman; bring in Vieze Pim as well. The boys drove a day before we flew; we’d have to rush if we wanted to see the first band. Mistake.

The flight to Nuremberg was pretty smooth, but getting the rental car wasn’t. After three rental companies I finally found one: a way too modern Ford, way too much electronics, even reducing speed on full auto, collision alert, but no way to play a simple USB-stick? Damned. I had my work phone on me so that Frod was christened in AC/DC of course ;) Coming to Gasthof Spitzenpfeil held a nice surprise: not only a great room to be in, but also an owner called Hermann ;) We shared a taxi, that costed only € 14 for the five of us; I thanked the boys with my first round of beer there. Ah, at least the beer is better than 7 years ago ;) Wanda had seen Revel in Flesh would have special HM Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 shirts, so she rushed to the merch stand to get one. Ehh get two, as the band already played! So, we’d missed three bands. Revel in Flesh was working on their second part of the set when we got to the stage with a clock running back to zero :) to show how much time a band had left. It turned out that the time remaining was also meant to clean up the stage:
- Emissary of all Plagues
- Casket Ride
- Manifested Darkness
- Avenger
- Fortress of Gloom
- Shadowbreeder
- This Ending in Fire
- In the Name of the Flesh
- Torture Throne
- Doctor Doctor (“The Doctor is in da house” ;) )

This band brings in death metal goose bumps and they get better all the time. We got our set list and promo card signed afterwards. A band that I don’t need set lists nor autographs from is Downfall of Gaia; loads of smoke and noise spill my need to make pictures or write anything positive. Next up is positive to us: Humiliation from Kuala Lumpur. The band plays some dirty, foul grinding death we both like. It made me think of Napalm Death (death metal era of the band) with Terrorizer-hints and some Extreme Noise Terror combined. Meeting Sven Gross was cool again. Time for a great crépe when Soulburn is checking sound. Eric and Twan were delighted to see us, but it seemed the band did not get the appreciation they deserve… the sound is great but the hall is half empty. The band plays an excellent set of old and new and with a strange glitch happening four times some technicalities are mentioned. I got the set list and enjoyed
- Apotheosis Infernali (intro)
- Under the Rise of a Red Moon
- Withering Nights
- Absinthesis
- Claws of Tribulation
- Where Splendid Corpses are Towering Towards the Sun
- I Do Not Bleed From Your Crown of Thorns
- In Suffocating Darkness
- Feeding on Angels
- Outro Al Bowlly + Eden’s Last Sigh
A Lot. Period. Again we got some stuff signed and waited for Bölzer to get to stage. I still don’t have much with this band and as it’s friggin’buzzing I don’t stay really long. Good thing: I met Jurgen and Sylvia once more; they head out to Stonehenge next year :) Our headliner today is Desaster. The band has a great shrill sound and ditto set; the band clearly is in top shape today and the hall explodes with joy, many heads banging, plenty beers flying, loads of esophagus’s torn and masses of stud belts sweeping. Even the pit is joyous :lol: It was only until Sunday I found out Husky is no longer drummer of Desaster, but that made no difference in the overall sound and quality. We don’t want Taake so the taxi is welcome.

Being in Spitzenfeil Gasthof is great. The hotel has it’s own butcher shop (‘eigenere Metzgerei’, where’s Fritz Haarmann when you think of him? :) ), the people are super friendly and helpful and it’s the most expensive hotel I’ve ever been in. Wanda stated ‘I follow Way of Darkness on FB now, if there’s a hint of a new festival we return to Michelau’ \m/ We decided to be tourists for a while, needed cash and tooth paste and I drove through wonderful Bavaria Germany. We came back to the Gasthof and found a man that turned out to be a Cudgel worker, organizing gigs all over Europe. He was pleasantly surprised when I talked about Dynamo Metalfest, Stonehenge and Eindhoven, he might even go there as well. Entering the venue parking space was fun too, as Marcel and Masha soon were joined by Pim, Maarten, Sven and us. We could hear Goregonzola do their grind thingie, but coming inside showed no confetti? Huh? We wanted to see Cryptic Brood and like in Aurich, they were pretty good. Dirty Doom Done Dirt Death Cheap, I think ;) As they’re from Wolfsburg I bought a patch for my German pants. Paul Baayens soon found us and we got him beer and matching Messiah shirts ;) Witchburner was up next. The band I discovered in Bamberg, only 35 km from Lichtenfels, wasn’t Warbringer as Wanda mistakenly said; she couldn’t make out the logo haha. Es war Riesenfett, Jungs! The death thrash was fast, swiftly swiping the floor clean with all the hairs sweeping ;) Their guitarist clearly thinks he’s a striker in a voetbal team, he kept sliding on his knees ;) Wanda got the paper
- Ultra Violence
- Sermon of Profanity
- Kill
- Possession
- Blood of Witches
- Blasphemic Assault
- Grave Desecrator
- Never Surrender
- Hexenhammer
- Bloodthirsty Eyes
- Possessed by Hellfire
- Witchburner
- Path of the Sinner (guitar pick for Wanda ;) )

Walking through people waiting for Evil Invaders autographs is only funny when you walk the wrong route haha. During the Asphyx signing session Martin called out to us and made me forget the route AGAIN. But he approved of Wanda; he wrote ‘herrieman gaat zwaar van bil’ meaning something like ‘bring in the big fucks’ haha. Paul wrote ‘Asphyx puts herrieman on The Rack’ hihihi. Wanda told Martin she’d learned about motorboating by the RockHard YT and he laughed out loud. Lovely. I couldn’t wait too long, as Fleshcrawl was about to start. From sound check to the encore, it was a madhouse. Clearly Mike, Oliver, Bastian, Manu and Sven were here for war and they had not forgotten about 2011 too. The band was loud as a cannon, sharp as a guillotine, smiling like executioners in their new boots, full power ahead death metal. We both got sore throats, heavy arms and a set list each:
- Flesh Bloody Flesh (hey, Maarten still stands during a Fleshcrawl gig :lol: and bro time with Oliver/Mike)
- When Life Surrenders / Soulskinner (making pictures for the family App group, Thirza reacted ‘Skin my Soul’ within minutes haha)
- Dark Dimension
- Structures of Death
- Dying Blood
- Slaughter at Dawn
- Kingdom of Skulls
- From the Dead to the Living (whoah, that’s an oldie!!)
- As Blood Rains from the Sky (without intro ;) )
- Made of Flesh
- The Day Man Lost

No offense to any other band that weekend, but this was the best of the best we’d seen all weekend. The joy in their music is tense and nearly sniffable. Sweating like a corpse in a pool of blood we retreat to the Asphyx signing session, see above. *cool* Fleshcrawl later does a signing session and as I like a joke once in a while I made them glorify themselves on a Messiah promo picture ;) I watched two songs of Necros Christos as Wanda has some of their CDs, but I returned to the bar soon. From that place I watched Evil Invaders bash up Lichtenfels. They had fun, even though Joe remarked there wasn’t much speed or thrash this weekend. They did sound excellent though. Of Messiah I must say my expectations were too high. The band had an obnoxious volume but they lack a good sound man. OK, singer Kaina always has had a shrill voice, but this is ridiculous. The band even used a snow machine to wind the audience up, but apart from a slippery floor nothing happened. Of the following Asphyx show I must be a bit shorter than usual, as Wanda was getting tired and felt a migraine popping up. I got The Quest for Absurdity, Vermin, Candiru, Wardroid, Death The Brutal Way but during M.S. Bismarck Wanda lost it. I had to catch her and bring her to calmer and more fresh air so I volunteered to get us a taxi. No need to share for once, as Sodom would still play for 75 minutes and Asphyx still had not finished, but we left. Way of Darkness 2018 is over, apart from another great breakfast and a trip in a brand new Ford, less than 1,000 miles on the clock, with 7 (!) damaged spots already… not my collisions ;) The flight back to Amsterdam was boring, as I had not thought we’d be split inside the plane and we both had boring neighbors. The train ride home was more exciting (motorboating?) and the normal Sunday things passed in a different order… laundry, shave, Feyenoord losing points, Chinese, MT/MA, shower, whatever. Flesh Bloody Metal!!!

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beforehand, I know none of these bands have ever released something, as they are tribute bands. But I think these bands deserve to be mentioned (and Roel Sanders is it, ex-Inhume, ex-Asphyx). Read before deleting, I guess. Herrieman72, Nov 1st

Rockfest Alkmaar, feat. Snaggletoöth, The Unforgiven; Koel310, Alkmaar

For some time now, it seems to be trending that cultural venues no longer book bands that play their own material. As if original art no longer is affordable, I don’t know. Sometimes you can get music from one of your favorite bands in a cheap way, but I just wanted to hear live music. So whenever I found a poster in my village of this gig, I got three tickets. Would I bring Alex, as he’s heavily into old Iron Maiden and some Metallica? Should I bring Jeroen, as I can show him another Maiden tribute but Ironic? Should I/we bring Bryan, to show people can have fun beyond the realms of FB? Is Belinda in West-Friesland or in Ljouwert? OK, my all time favorite band is AC/DC, closely followed by Kreator, Rory Gallagher, Asphyx, old Epica; but my past is so filled with memories about Metallica and Iron Maiden (and to a certain degree Motörhead) so this night could be fun. Featuring one of the best Metallica tributes I know and THE best Motörhead tribute Snaggletoöth, we head out to Alkmaar to find about out about another Maiden tribute. I’d seen Hi-On Maiden once, that was cool. OK, no need to get there early, extra ticket or not, as NBR could piss us off once more. We came to Koel310 and were directed back to the highway for a parking spot? Uhm, prohibited parking area near KFKut? Not my problem ;) I thought AZ played a home game, as the stadium is near Koel310, but only on Sunday I found out they didn’t. At the door I already found Gerrit and his lovely wife Irma, Total Loss bass friend of old and they signaled a man without ticket. Under a nice chat we waited for this Jacco to show up, but he wasn’t the most talkative/contactive/interesting man I’d met. He did buy my spare ticket for more than the original price haha. First round is on me, of course.

Irma told me exactly what I could have expected about NBR, so we had not missed anything. First to us to stage came Defenders of the Beast, the Iron Maiden Tribute without any backdrop or effects. I think they could have been a Judas Priest (Defenders of the Faith already taken as name? ;) ) as their singer hits some notes so high! I think he wouldn’t do bad in a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tribute as well. The band doesn’t play with the typical Iron Maiden instruments (Charvel instead of Fender, Tama vs. Paiste drums) but they are sure tight! The light show and the smoke cannon are the only show attributes, but these guys don’t need much else with this set list played sharp:
- Churchill’s Speech
- Aces High
- Be Quick or Be Dead (hey, Bruce and Co. hardly play this one, right?)
- Revelations
- The Trooper (without flag? Oh no, halfway the song some homemade cloth enters stage ;) )
- The Number of the Beast (with a totally unique bass sound? OK!)
- Hallowed Be Thy Name (singer missed a strophe or two >< )
- Wasted Goosebumps
- Ides of March (!)
- Wrathchild (hey, Lloyd and John are present and checking the first rows 8-) )
- Two Minutes to Midnight
- Fear of the Dark
- Run to the Hills (how in Bruce’ name can you fffk up these lyrics? O:O TWICE! ><)
So, about an hour of Maiden’s long history packed from my favorite Maiden albums. A bit strange that the band left out the debut totally, but swoah, we had fun. We also agreed the average age of the audience was way higher than a ‘normal’ metal gig, but they drink! I had my orange soda, Wanda switched between water, orange soda and ‘nothing’; Gerrit and Jacco downed them with lust. Not just Gerrit and Jacco of course, as the venue is a lot bigger than that foyer where we saw Mutator, and it’s nearly packed! Wanda had seen on FB the ‘normal’ tickets were sold out, but at the door there still were people paying to get in. I was searching for some Snaggletoöth merch, but no merch, of any band, was to be seen… pity. In the third (?) hall in Koel310 there was some Halloween party, some ‘rock’ visitors wore corpse paint, angel wings or wizard hats. Fine with us, we were waiting for Snaggletoöth. I explained about the previous Lemmy Tribute in Heemskerk to Gerrit, but he looked at me funny ‘we spoke there, doof!’ Hahaha, sorry dude, you’re right. He had even seen me call Roel for an Inhume autograph ;) Did I wear an Asphyx shirt there? :)

Snaggletoöth also didn’t bring a backdrop, but they brought plenty volume! The band played twice as loud as Defenders of the Beast did, and to be honest they played with more fire too. Between John, Lloyd and Roel is a great click and they surely enjoy what they bring about the audience. No matter if there are plain Motörheadbangers, deathheads, bikers, Pinkblehhers, drinkers, moshers, speed freaks; the band goes one hundred per cent Motörbashhhh!! Lloyd Lemmy Koolen opens the gig with ‘We play Motörhead and YOU are Rock’n’Roll!’ and off they go. I only missed one song writing song titles, but Wanda got the set list:
- We Are Motörhead
- Stay Clean
- Irön Fist (‘dedicated to the women, ironing and fisting’ :) )
- Shoöt Yöu in the Back (‘dedicated to Dutch politicians, for shutting down FIVE hospitals this week!’)
- Killed by Death (‘dedicated to… me’ :) )
- In the Name öf Tragedy
- We Are the Röad Crew (audience finally breaks itself loose)
- Damage Case (that’s the one I missed ;) )
- Thunder and Lightning (John startled by the smoke machine ;) )
- Nö Class
- The Hammer (‘this one is for tomorrow morning 6 AM’ haha. Whoah how much stamina Lloyd puts in Hammmmmmmmmmmerrrrr!)
- Burner
- Orgasmatrön (Lloyd looking diabolical! Very cool to watch!)
- Ace öf Spades (the pit consists mainly of a monovular BLS triplet and they DON’T know normal pit rules! ><)
- Bömber (no Abbath around; Roel with air raid siren, the triplets are startled hihihi)
- Ubertot (haha, Overkill of course)
On the set list there is Över the Töp mentioned, but the organizers are strict: NO. Snaggletoöth plays just like Motörhead do, as if the amphetamines were shared with the sound engineer and go full throttle, no matter what. The band is tight as a warpig, loud as a field öf death and stings like a bull with sharpened hörns. Excellent show, no one needs the backdrop haha.

I know Gerrit used to be a huge Metallica fan of the first two albums. He already mentioned he liked the songs of Master and Justice, but couldn’t cope these albums with the energy of Kill ‘m All and Ride the Lightning. Fine with me, but when I looked at the audience I thought ‘Pinkpop bleh bleh’. And I’m not mistaken, I just don’t get this Unforgiven gig AT ALL. The band has copied everything, up to the coiffures of the members, but also the snare drum sound off St. Anger… kut kut kut. What I fear happens: the audience is getting drunk and annoying, already when It’s A Long Way to the Top is played as intro they pit. One two-cubic-meter-man finds it necessary to drag onlookers to the pit, even if they’re making pictures or handing out drinks. Asshole. The mongol triplets bash holes into the audience the size of a Messerschmitt bomber… after three songs I’ve had it, say goodbye to Gerrit even if he can’t hear me at all, he understood. I signal Wanda and we’re off. These three songs already held a too fast version of Hardwired (playing fast for the sake of playing fast ><), a shallow sing-a-long in Creeping Death (second song in, already annoying. I DON’T FREQUENT RADIO VERONICA NOR PINKPOP) and another too fast played For Whom the Bell Tolls :( :( :( In this form I can clearly say my earlier Metallica-fan-ness is fucked and over. Loud as a tornado in a jam jar, shrill like a piece of black board dragged over the nails of a wall of severed fingers ( © Neil Gaiman, thanks for that!) and ffffing people up. Not me. I was out, especially after I took a better look at the opposite wall… a nice contour painting of Lemmy, accompanied by FFFFF HAZEzzzzz, M.Jacksass, Blow Your Head off Cobain and Diana Rootyourrotoff. Uhgggg! I took my hoodie and ran. At the KFKut parking lot I felt a little hungry so I got to Macca’s instead, but had totally forgotten about the Halloween theme there. Who do I meet, dressed as a morbid nun? Joey Ferwerda! I belch out laughing, no need for the wimpy cheeseburger anymore, but I drove out. No hand break needed, not scared away, no Neutral position for my beloved VW Golf Mk II Diesel, just throttle up and eat single handed. It wasn’t until Westwoud itself I had to do my hobby TWICE, as they rebuild Westfrisiaweg over and over again… typing this I noticed a struggling FC Groningen nearly equaled PussVuh and Feyenoord is being called pathetic? For a red card in sixth minute? For an own keeper’s goal? For fight voetbal? My weekend can’t be busted though, as I had a remarkable weekend with Wanda once more, half paid for by Toon’s plumbing waste, beautiful weather at the funeral parlor and a ginger/onion/peach cooked piece of beef, Chinese, shaven clean, two happy people with metal in our hearts, just this time not in the pit. Motörmetal!

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Holland Heavy Festival, feat. Picture, Vandale, Nov. 3rd Iduna Drachten

This festival brings a lot of ancient, the oldest of the old and even older memories to my mind. I clearly remember Westwoud metalhead Hender moaning about Picture in café De Bak, somewhere in 1986, where the band tried their to push their ‘too new’ sound through their throats. The band had gone from pure heavy metal to more American style radio-appreciative music and that landed in ‘boys, everybody give the band the finger’ and the entire bar did… the road crew pulled all the chords out, packed the gear and left… after two songs. Leaving the audience baffled. I wasn’t there but heard the story in awe. ‘How could a band that plays heavy metal do a bad show?’, I thought back then. I do know Picture NEVER returned to West-Friesland anymore. They were headlining Dutch Steel some two years ago, but as I was guest to Final Heiress’ Jan at that time, I never got to see the band that gave The Low Lands Heavy Metal Ears. Sort of the same with Vandale, they were big in the southern parts of my country, but never seemed to find the need to play north of the big rivers… It was Bryan that got me back on my old days… getting tickets, already wandering how to shock the audience most by wearing the most brutal shirts – denim – sloppy trouser – cap. I figured an Iron Maiden-, Metallica- or even Megadeth shirt would be ‘appropriate’ for some gray metalhead there, but not me hahaha. Dutch Denim OK ;) Grindhoven shirt? Mwhoah. PartySan cap? You got it. But the trip itself did not begin without hassle too. Wanda had not been on speaking terms anymore with Bryan and Alex has obligations that overcome even his birthday present… would he go at all? OK, you’re volleyball coach and your team plays, but why do people try to bypass ME so easily? Do I have to cope with two spare tickets now? GODVERDOMME!!! Pff, we agreed we’d pick up Alex from his sports venue and move on… can’t I just have a gig without SHIT someday? Turned out Alex DID drive after all. OK. Cool down.

Sometimes I still pity myself (a bit, I don’t linger too long anymore) I never went to a Very ‘Eavy Festival, other than the Dutch Steel event as Raven played there, Satan, said Vandale, Angel Witch and Night Demon, amongst many others. This year the festival isn’t held in Stadskanaal but in Iduna, Drachten. Two halls or one, I had no idea yet. I got Alex some broodje bal and coffee only a few kilometers from Drachten; we needed petrol badly. Coming to Iduna we were greeted by a smiling Alwin Roes, he’d brought new Dead End merch! Bryan walked by us, totally ignoring us. Fine, I’ll leave you to it. Sad Iron, the band Alex wanted to miss ;) was already playing. The band sounded way sharper than that dreadful night in Hauwert and it’s great not to see the band stumble over high pitched covers. They are about to release their third album soon and as a warm up they played two songs of the new one: Revolution and The Deal. Last song they played was Powerthrash. Hey, isn’t that Marco from Distillator on drums? Heck, now I understand their tightness haha. Marco later told me he’d been hired for a few shows and maybe some drum rolls on the album. Alex later wrote ‘greetings from Alex’ on the merch sell list as his son in law is Marc’s brother ;) Wanda made sure everybody now has at least one Sad Iron patch \m/

Second band we saw (fourth to play) was Burning. The band looks old, but is actually quite new, only formed in 2013. Their appearance is inspired by Saxon (army coat seventeenth century style), their music has a high Diamond Head feel to it. But when the second song (?) is already a tribute to Paul McCartney, we’re out. Alex, Wanda and me have nothing with the Beatles, so it’s time for a CD hunt. Wanda surprised Alex (mostly, me included) by buying three CDs for him and I got The Gathering – Downfall; as she knew my copy is in Daniel’s house somewhere and the one Bryan promised will probably never show up here. Fine, I can deal with such minor issues now. The band I was quite eager to see was next: Emerald. Guitarist Paul had been happy to see us, Final Heiress fans all over. I even got a thumbs-up for the FH lighter attached to my Dutch Denim :) His band clearly has the most fun on stage today. The band interacts with each other and the audience, which gives them a warm welcome in return. I wondered how long Bert Kivits could hold his King Diamond falsetto, it’s so sharp and loud! Now I recall Paul wishing Bert well from the Dutch Steel event! The band plays heavy metal old-Judas Priest style, hint of Mercyful Fate (dúh) and has in Iron on Iron their anthem, which exposes wild enthusiast reactions from the crowd. It’s busier than I expected anyway, the hall is well filled by now. At first you could walk freely from stage to merch to bar to toilet, but from now on you have to evade loads of people to reach your goal, whatever you need in a goal ;) Emerald is MY band of the day, that’s for sure. Wanda agreed and got us all a diamond shaped patch from the band. Somehow she doubted to buy the album, I would have, had I not taken my task to get everyone enough to drink and exchanged my cash money for coins.

It could have been time to eat some more, as Jurassic Park did everything to piss me off. They made me think of the live encounters I had with Diamond Head, maybe a hint faster, hauling for more reaction to the stage, trolling about album sales lost, meeping about bands they played with, voluntarily or not. Vandale was next and I must say I was hardly pleased to see them. They have a Jovink touch to their lyrics, but more cynical. The band plays hard rock, not heavy metal; I clash this with Whitesnake more than, say, Saxon or whatever NWOBHM you can think of. It sounds a bit outdated to me as well, rusty on the strings or something. Made one picture and off to Picture. I like the albums Heavy Metal Ears and Eternal Dark, but don’t hear much known stuff. The audience freaks out, as if it’s a long lost friend; I think that’s a bit overrated, as the band still plays several handpicked shows on not the smallest festivals over Europe. Alex noticed we were getting a bit drunk and helps Wanda into the car. I try to keep Alex focused, but my eyelids are too heavy and before Sneek I’m the Diamond Dreamer. This was a fun day, bothered by Bryan or not. I can’t say I’m surprised by his doom, but don’t piss me off. I like a band live once a week, not be grumpy about it. I’m not going to ignore anybody, it’s not in my ways to keep down about something. Nuff said.

Holland Heavy was a good festival, but I notice I’m too much of a thrasher, deathhead to keep entertained all day. Sad Iron was better than expected, Emerald the best and I had expected more from Vandale. On Picture I can say ‘down with the fingers’ to Hender haha. It’s a hard working band and they show professionalism on stage. It’s just not my favorite style; if they show up on a festival I go to, I’ll wait for my ears to turn heavy :) The lighting of the bands was into the crowd, so I had to duck once in a while. The overall sound was good, as was the atmosphere. Before I’d say I’d be the Benjamin of the festival, but I wasn’t. Let’s say I was in the youngest category ;) Heavy Metal forever! Hangover or not!

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Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence tour; Dutch part with Distillator, Patronaat, Haarlem, Nov.10th

Ever since The Storm is Coming (2012) I’ve been a big Distillator fan and as of Evil Invaders… I think it was a combination of hearing Razor’s effort on MDF and seeing the Belgian band logo, somewhere end of 2016 that I’ve fallen for these Belgs. Then, what is cooler than those two blood-brother-bands would tour together?? Yeah, get there! That’s cool :lol: Back then I just got three tickets, see who’d join Wanda and me. Tom wasn’t around, nor was Belinda; I soon turned to Alex, as he’d enjoyed Evil Invaders on the Venom Inc. show last March and he’d seen Laurens, Frank and Marco with Izegrim. Pretty detail: the Saturday show of this mini-tour was the closest to home ;) Evil Invaders goes on after these 4 gigs, Distillator will do several solo- and festival-shows coming weeks.

Still being busy getting Wanda her places in the house, we toured West-Friesland before picking up Alex. He’d been touring the volleyball circuit all day and nearly’d forgotten about thrash night… but no worries, I’m not scared of a grumpy sister in law haha. Coming to Haarlem I knew we might have missed Heerhugowaard Thrash Combo Holy Fire or Hallowed Fire or something, that’s for another night. In the main hall of Patronaat there was some singer-songwriter doing a (short?) gig, no one of their visitors was younger than 55 so it seemed. Not hindered by any prejudice we moved between the golden oldies for young bite-your-dog-thrash from Enschede: Distillator! The band went in with a smile, had to double their intro before all hell went withering… Not being hindered by a set list the band raged like Destruction in their old days… at least I heard three songs plus Saturation Bombing, Perceiving Presence, Revolutionary Cells, Summoning the Malicious before Black Magic and Megalomania ended their set. Very cool mic standard as well, it looked like a cross Iron Man-Predator! *cool* The band thanked the audience for showing up, but clearly needed Alex and me to get some thrashing going *cool* ; the band thanked us with thumbs up, thanked their brothers Evil Invaders and the crew. In the pit there were some weirdos as well, as the first man I hit wore a sharp-bullet belt so all my knuckles are busted... one sicko stuck out his leg to make Alex trip (gladly the airhead was corrected by the pit ><) and one clearly over his top on what? Coke? Could be. Speed? Whattheffff. Booze? Probably not. Maybe his stepmom had her period or something, otherwise I can’t explain his grumpiness and gruffness. No guitar picks this time, but an idea brooded my mind… ;) [Secret Satan herrieman72 Style] helped by a nice conversation about Paul Di’Anno and some 0,0 Brand… pretty doable. Alex switched from Heiny on tap to Palm on bottle and Wanda kept to her 0,0 also… it had been a rough week since Drachten :lol:

Evil Invaders also didn’t play with a set list, just played a nice set. One song I scarcely recognized before Mental Penitentiary was played, Feed me Violence was hauled by a much harder pit than I expected so I kept near the stage… as did Alex. ‘Can you give me violence? Can you really give me violence, you mofo?’ was Joe’s call ;) Funny to hear that after a song that ended nearly like a ballad :) But the lights killed it off again, so after some four songs we got upstairs to watch the band from the merch balcony. Nice to see a pit, but not as violent as the first songs. The band runs on stage as fast as they play their solos, interact like crazy on stage and off, sound is blisteringly sharp, not too loud… OFFF with their limbs! Stairway to Insanity was a nice nod to Iron Maiden/Paul Di’Anno era \m/ But those lights… even with a cap covering more than half my head and my eyes closed they hammered inside my brain. I chose to get out, just after seeing the band improvise as one guitar cable snapped: they played Witching Hour, very well done to see the band ‘simply’ does such a cover to keep the momentum going. Chapeau! When I was looking for my jacket I heard Raise Hell and saw hell wàs raised: more violence than before, more reaction to that crackpot cokehead in front… Obliviate him during the song Oblivion… time to eat. We scared off some more silver hairs just thanking them for room to pass :) As Alex only could be satisfied by curly fries we ended up at BK near Westpoort (the industrial area of Amsterdam), near a company I enforced not so long ago… but that’s of later worry. We can look back to a great evening of brothers, not only in family and in bands, but also in minds alike. All over Patronaat, the main hall included; even if they didn’t notice that haha. Brothers of Metal!!

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Death… Is Just the Beginning Tour 2018, Kataklysm, Hypocrisy

Once in a while you get sentimental. Everybody can fill that in on his or her own life, so do I. When this tour was announced I instantly thought ‘Wacken’. It’s been years and years I’ve first seen both Hypocrisy and Kataklysm (not together, though) and both excelled on Wacken, with Jeroen, two bands I’ve seen often before, never a letdown. I thought of putting on every Wacken merch I had, but noticed my (3) festival shirts were overwashed, my presale shirt is torn, too cold for my Wacken shorts and Jeroen nearly wore his LS to bits. What was left was a fumbled Wacken cap, I even had to plaster the inside of the damned thing not to push my head skin in; it’s dirty, foul and smells, but the recollection of those three festivals is vivid. We even contacted Belinda, as she once offered we could kip at her place. I had to turn that offer down as she wasn’t sure she’d make it and I’d bring in Jossel and Tom; we all work on Wednesday so I drove home after the gig.

Coming to Leeuwarden with an old WandaWanda is not much fun, but we managed. Near Neushoorn we parked at the city canal, with a parking machine that told us we’d paid too much? And not give money in return? Oaf of a machine :) It was so close to the venue I didn’t even put on my Deserted Fear hoodie \m/ and got in. The first band already played, they’re called The Spirit, originate from Saarland region in Germany and play some blackened death metal we hinted towards Dissection (but not so melodic) and God Dethroned (but surlier). We ran into Jeroen, Jaap-Jan, David and Belinda; orange soda, 0,0 and regular beers were spread out as people noticed each other’s Westfriesianness :) It wasn’t long before Wanda surprised Belinda with a Kataklysm shirt and I surprised her with a full-on Pitfest ticket. Soo easy to make a youngster happy, she even shone! :lol: To my idea it took only seconds to get rid of The Spirit’s stage stuff and get the death metal spirit Tägtgren & Co. represent: the band Hypocrisy went in like a hurricane through recently planted palm trees with these songs:
- Fractured Millenium
- Valley of the Damned
- End of Disclosure
- Adjusting the Sun
- Eraser
- Pleasure of Molestation – really really old medley follows (Obsculum Obscenum for instance; Peter announced it by saying ‘the first time in Holland we did this a little different, the difference is the same’(?) hihihi)
- Fire in the Sky
- Killing Art
- Born Dead Buried Alive
- Warpath
- Final Chapter
- Roswell 47 (encore, the band is called back but only to hand out picks)

Said hello to Alwin and Christel, soon to see Peter in another Asphyx shirt :) Wanda, small as she is, has a better view on stage than I did, so she asked me to be helped up and grabbed the set list. The band is in blazing form, eager to fight, sharp as a grinder, fun on stage, audience rabid, loud as death metal should be, sharp as blackened thrashened death can be! My memories of earlier shows were weighed amongst each other and I think only the Paradiso show in 2003 was even better… I missed Hypocrisy on Elsrock the year I was so busy getting blue and bleu and Tom told me later this WAS the best he’d seen them; Elsrock 2010 was a killer day in so many ways… (Eva, Napalm Death, Agnostic Front, Hail of Bullets, Pestilence, Onslaught, The Lucifer Principle and Lizzy Borden). Tom couldn’t join the pit due to his renewed problems with his leg and Jos was headbanging as if he was kneading for a huge apple pie and I just smiled all across the hour that was given to us… Wanda ecstatic, Belinda glowing, Jeroen’s appreciative nods, need I go on? :)

Would Kataklysm top this gig like we all know they can? The simple and most truthful answer is NO. The band clearly has grown so much in popularity their sound is reaching Radio Veronica standards nowadays and they sound like plastic. The groove outnumbers the death metal hugely. Jos mentions, three songs in: ‘Dit is KUTTT!’ Tom says ‘this is not the band I gladly snapped my anklet to’ and I silently weep.. where’s the fire of Manifesto, Wacken, Neckbreaker’s Ball, Poppodium Romein and that infamous tour with Behemoth and Aborted?? I don’t need fluff like Narcissist, And Then I Saw Blood nor the Gojira-like backdrop the band uses… Add a blistering stroboscope to a dull, flat sound and I move out after a song or four, maybe five. Crippled and Broken, from the foyer, even dampened my spirit even more and I was baffled to hear Manipulator of Souls being played tinny and too slow!! Come on, do you really want to sound like fucking Disturbed or something? We decided to move out. I even asked if Belinda wouldn’t change her Kataklysm shirt for a Hypocrisy one, but she was happy with the red Grim Reaper one Kataklysm sold her… time for a burger or two. On the road home we were happy with Deserted Fear playing my beloved VW Golf Mk II Diesel so I gave a spare copy of My Empire to a flabbergasted Jos :lol: . No need for afpils, work dudes and dudettes! Death is Just the Beginning? To Kataklysm it’s their death of my liking, but Hypocrisy has restarted! There was FIRE IN THE METALLLLL!

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The European Apocalypse Tour 2018, 013 Tilburg, Nov. 30th: Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Hatebreed

What on metal earth could be more brutal than a package Kreator – Dimmu Borgir – Hatebreed – Bloodbath? Sort of the biggest bands in their genre, combined in a 15-gig-tour all over Europe, many friends present in a great venue, this is going to be rad! Insane! Amazing! Awesome! Cool! Whatever, you can guess my reaction to the annunciation of this tour. My friends also thought so, as I got thréé tickets for my birthday, all three friends not knowing that others would do so ;) Jordi got me the money, Tom the paper ticket and Kevin was the one that hunted Ticketswap for me. Bring in Wanda (with the money), get Tom to drive (with the paper) and get Stip along (use the Swap). But I’ve known Stip for quite some years; I’d have to try several times to reach him… nope. Voicemail, text, WhatsApp, oh he doesn’t use those. So, story of my life, I had a spare ticket. Thank some social media for once, Belinda would and could join us from her study in Leeuwarden. I’d sent the TS link from Kevin to her, used this printed ticket for my scribblings there. I even put on ‘Don’t use this’ on the paper to be certain every ticket would be held by the ‘good’ person haha. We’d meet so many friends there it made me think of the Kreator – Celtic Frost – Legion of the Damned tour in 2007, where over one hundred of my acquaintances and friends watched my head concussed… such a great but painful night that was. Or the first time I saw Kreator myself, featuring Dimmu Borgir as well. Jamey Jasta in a Kreator shirt on Graspop. Rad.

On the A58 we nearly did a Stip, by almost buying Normaal-, Iron Maiden- or André Fucker CD, only to lose them through an open car window in a sharp bend :) Coming to the venue we already were passed by an angry Belinda, she’d been buffed out of the venue because of her weekend bag… yeah pay € 5 for a bigger locker in a different part of town, so it seemed. It wasn’t allowed in the ‘normal’ venue of 013?? Thaa ffff? OK, she liked Bloodbath, thought they were pretty brutal, but they mostly played new material and hardly any classics. We were near the lockers when Hatebreed already begun, seeing André Meijer, Ed, René and John for the 3,000th time ;) Hatebreed sounded too bassy for my likings and I’ve heard Jasta sharper before. Some songs:
- As Diehard as they Come (yep, there’s the groove)
- Doomsayer (Jasta telling about welcoming the young audience by older concert visitors ;) )
- Filth (Jasta telling about the line up of this tour, black metal, death metal and thrash metal united by hardcore (…))
- This is Now
- Driven by Suffering (the band’s tribute to Lemmy and Peter Steele)
- Beholder of Justice (telling us about listening to Kreator as a kid, looking forward to seeing the band for the first time and now playing with them. He said ‘if Kreator calls, you answer YES’)
- Empty Promises
- When I Wake Up the Real Nightmare Begins
- Call for Blood (Tom hardly can stand still anymore \m/ but he has to... )
- Destroy Everything (‘come on, one more circle pit, you’re not pit retired yet!’)

But still, we enjoyed it, but the constant groove wasn’t working all the show and the breaks become interchangeable after some song or 4, 5. I think it didn’t really help there weren’t much ‘real’ hardcore kids present, the flame didn’t really light up much; apart from the last few songs. What brought more smoke and light than brilliance was the following Dimmu Borgir. Tom didn’t even enter the hall, but I skipped the band after being set ablaze (from between the corridor doors ><) by light and smoke, having trouble even recognizing Progenies of the Great Apocalypse… which is one of my favorite Dimmu songs. We decided to go merch hunting, my Kreator coffee mug has a busted print now but those weren’t sold anymore… better: Wanda got me, Belinda and herself a special 013-date shirt!! And the best part was: this was the best looking (new) Kreator- or European Apocalypse-shirt of the lot! It turned out I lost Wanda when Belinda and me put the newly bought shirts in her locker and Kreator had already started! Wanda, as it turned out, was on front row!! I looked at Tom and saw he was eager to jump in, but he can’t and he won’t, so I wrote three songs and jumped in: PITTTTTTT, HITTTTTT, KILLLLLLLL!!! Scoop up the fallen brothers! Make room for more pitters! Say hello to an ecstatic Kevin in the pit! Even René showed up there (5 feet tall!) The sound was crystal clear, the band had fire, fireworks, a confetti gun, vertical foggers, (during Phobia) a swirl gun and some hour and a half to SLAYYYYYYY! I think I did some 80 minutes in that pit. In the outro I got beyond happy: I have a friggin’Kreator set list now!!
- The Four Horsemen – Choir of the Damned
- Enemy of God
- Awakening of the Gods (!!)
- People of the Lie
- Gods of Violence (intro + song)
- intro: bells
- Satan is Real
- outro: bells
- intro: Mars Mantra (remark: ‘Theatrical Fire’ (??)
- Phantom Antichrist
- Fallen Brother
- Flag of Hate
- Phobia
- Hordes of Chaos
- intro: The Patriarch
- Violent Revolution
- Pleasure to Kill
- Outro: Apocalypticon
I’ve known the band since 1987 and I’m still impressed by the aggression of the music, the precision, the harshness of Mille and the sharpness of solos and rhythm like a clock. People that think the band ‘only does a trick’, as I’ve read some times in (for instance) Aardschok are fools, imo. Only once have I seen a Kreator show that didn’t really live up to my expectations; heck I was still recuperating from a blazing Exodus show only an hour before haha. That’s a great score in 22 Kreator shows *evil* Wanda made my day again, by bringing three shirts she’d found dangling from the fence near the stage. Ah, at least ONE dry shirt before heading back into the cold [Dave later texted he caught a cold on his way back to England :o ]. My denim could be wrangled, you’d have a full Bavaria brewery filled :) Nice to see Jupiler change through sweat to dirty Bav hahaha.

We got to the car, turned onto the highway, got one more pee break and we were in West-Friesland again. I was busted, black and blue, mangled, smelly and sleeping for breath. But we survived. Kreator will keep haunting for my heart and soul, my bodily exercise, my sweat and my eternal grin whenever I can see them again. Hail to the Hordes of Violence!

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Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018, Dec. 7-8, Turbinenhallen Oberhausen; Headbangers Ball Tour, special Century Media stage, Venom, Children of Bodom

Successive four: fourth year in a row I visit Ruhrpott Metal Meeting. I had been mailing with Wanda and Peter (Lord Belial) about RMM 2017 and as soon as I returned to their website if there would be an aftermovie, the new dates were set: December 7th en 8th, Oberhausen, wir sind wieder da! Ruhrpott has been a joy ever since its infliction, combining tours of heavy, thrash and death metal from all over the metal community. From Asphyx to Desaster, twice Deserted Fear, Death Angel and Legion of the Damned, Saxon, Sodom, Dutch bands glorified (Izegrim!) with thrilling tours. Would my wish come true and would Kreator be announced? In January I could not say a thing, as there was NO band mentioned at the presale of tickets. None! But I decided to gamble a bit, how different would this RMM be compared to the 2015-2016-2017 editions? One thing I knew that was different, I’d bring Wanda this time. She raved about my Ruhrpott adventures (not just the Metal Meeting ;) ) so she paid in advance! How’s that for a change, not having to whine about returning the money for tickets, hotel, diesel or whatnot? NH booked with a discount, OK! But it was Peter that had to cancel this time, as he broke his clavicle just a few weeks before. In a rush I called Alex if he’d have time, money and eagerness to go… yeah. As always, Alex had a bitch for planning but he went along anyway ;) When the first bands were announced I had a bit of a hard time, as Alekut, Kindergarten Boring and D.A.D. were on… soon to be followed by Venom and the Headbangers Ball tour 2018: Death Angel and Sodom would be present for their second Ruhrpott, bring in Exodus, fine. Of course Kreator already tours, not passing by Oberhausen this year.

The trip to Oberhausen began with work (just a few minor maintenance issues :) ) and coffee for the road. At the hotel we unpacked and got back to the car for the Christmas market. After touring a parking garage for half an hour we heard Amsterdam dialect: it turned out this weekend the personnel trip from my job was this weekend ;) but Wanda hated it… she was completely ignored (…) when Alex and me ordered beef spears… got back to the hotel, blazing… Add a taxi that didn’t want to stop for an ATM and my mood turned grey… for a second or two. No tips given this night :-S Entering Turbinenhalle the first band already had started and they’re called Pripjat. In the main hall it sounded like a nuclear detonation from beneath a cheese bowl ;) I had brought a Mutator CD to be given to Tom Angelripper, but when we got to the table for the signing session Exodus was sitting behind the table, no longer Sodom?? Uhm, OK, I have a picture with Zetro now ;) but as Shredded Ed signed one CD ‘greetings to fellow thrasher Tom Angelripper’ I never gave it away, even though we met Frank Blackfire a few minutes later. Another photo shoot ;) and Death Angel got to stage. The band, as expected, did the same set as last Wednesday, but the joy wasn’t any less ;) I told Alex about MY first encounter with Paradiso Amsterdam… Evil Priest by Death Angel on their Frolic tour; Alex had Venom + Exodus as First Paradiso Moment ;) I also found (German) Vendetta on a poster nearby, so my feeling of utter sentiment was totally fulfilled hahaha. Vendetta had played Troll Hoorn once with my friends of Total Loss \m/ I don’t need to reproduce the set list, as it was the same indeed. One memorable moment was when Mark Osegueda told us just before Mistress of Pain was played: ‘Forget Friday work shit, forget school shit, forget family meetings of shit but enjoy ffffffg metal!’ It wasn’t even 8PM yet haha.

Not forgetting any shit meant Sodom to me. The band had half Oberhausen as their house friend, so it seemed. The audience went totally Stauder, banging fists and heads, shouting all old and new stuff to bits. Still no sound of the Partisan EP, but swoah. Add a great sound and nice pit to a show that will be remembered, I guess. Technically it was a mess, with Blackfire losing his wireless, a busted drum skin and vocals withering around stage, but it was another feel good Sodom moment. More feel good came with Exodus and they also did a similar set like Wednesday. I had the shouters around me again ‘andere Richtung, bitte!’ but all I did was smile. I enjoyed Alex in the pit, as he seemed to walk behind me, going against the grain once again. My arms are clearly marked, but his aren’t. People never know what hit them when I’m around, add a flying Alex to that and you know what confusion can do to a normally thinking dude that want his mileage done HA HA HA. We also met Erik Fleuren of Legion of the Damned, who clearly wasn’t impressed by my Epica cap and ‘warned’ me for the new Legion material to come. Put all filth you heard before, add rawness and the fire of old Legion material, was sort of what to expect in January 2019. Don’t worry, I already ordered two editions \m/ Of which band do you think I won’t order any editions anymore? Venom. The band made their old mistake to play way, way too loud and added some shitty sound and sloppy performance to that, we left after Don’t Burn the Witch and Bloodlust. The band clearly tried to reach 1985 volume but also had 1985 sleaze about it. Pfft. Afpilzen at the hotel, only after seeing Michael and Nina roll by ;)

Saturday began with a foot long and a Vietnamese (?) woman slipping off the wheelchair slope Wanda tried to ignore. As good Samarithan I gave her a coffee against the shock, she asked the Sub worker three times if she had to pay for the coffee or not 8-) hey, there’s the unwilling taxi driver again… we walked the last mile for some head rest and a nice Autumn breeze… pity I have tendovaginitis now so I can hardly move my head, it doesn’t get any better in this breeze… Saturday of Ruhrpott 2018 meant way, way more merch hunting, as the bands weren’t top notch… I don’t need Kids of Boredom, Alejakkes or Doofus After Dada after such a great thrash metal night… Our band list today began with missing Motorjesus and seeing Baest do a fierce death-nearing-grind set. I know Alex can’t do much with this music and as he kept Wanda from buying the entire Goddess- or Riffs-stand I saw three songs. She bought a pile of 6 inches of patches ;) Oh yeah I did wander Motorjesus for about three seconds, but hated the whine. We also didn’t see much of Skalmöld, as it sounds too happy and jumpy for our likings today. Nice to meet Gerre and see him drain the beer Alex got him ;) We gathered around for Angelus Apatrida in Flöz hall, as it was specially set for Century Media’s 30th anniversary. The mood wasn’t cheery nor festive, as the volume was totally over the top and it was totally impossible put any musical part apart… the intro held something grind, something thrash, something hiphop and a shard of Suicidal Tendencies?? Uhm, better head back to Skalmöld, even though their bass player had a beer belly to show and a fagot sound?? Uhm, no. Rather head out to Tankard’s Ruhr Party. I don’t know if Zombie Attack was the first song they played, but it sure as hell was the first party of the day. 3,000 hands in the air, beer flying and to be drunk, Rapid Fire, Chemical Invasion, A Girl Called Cerveza and (Empty) Tankard were masterclasses in beer to us. Alex nearly choked on his Jäger when Cerveza was played, but we made him survive ;) And got him another one ;) He drank that more quietly ;) . But with Century Media’s Birthday it didn’t get much better. I liked Enjoy the Silence played by Lacuna Coil, Alex hated it. He liked the following Heaven’s A Lie, I muttered something about the sound and the overabundance of smoke… Why wasn’t Asphyx present? The band has been under CM flag for nearly their entire career! Oh of course, Husky is touring with Sodom. Fool herrieman.

Fools? Danish D.A.D.. I looked for about two seconds and was done with them. Again. Wtf do these guys want, being sent into German metal festivals and pissing themselves under on stage? We decided Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2018 was over for us. We needed nutrition, so headed out to a döner shack some 500 m from Turbinenhalle. Funny thing was, after the food we waited in a used-DVD shop and I got my German HP VII and VIII blu rays, asked if the owner could call us a taxi and when he arrived, some drunk whore was thrown out of it to make room for us. Wanda inspected the back seat for spots HA HA HA. Back in the hotel there were some more of my company people, but as I didn’t recognize them (they knew me :-S tell me something new ;) ) during our afpils. A good night’s rest, Wanda for the first time ever in a bath tub and a great welcome by Tecle and Akberet before getting home. In bands it could have been some more interesting (Saturday) but the pits of the first night made me remember this Ruhrpott well. Pity I had to see the goals in the Kohlenpott Derby (FC Schalke 04 lost 2-1 to Dortmund) but seeing Zetro smile, Angelripper directing his friends, Erik’s comment on Within Tempation and Gerre drinking Alex’beer made a great weekend. Ruhrpott, herzlichen DANKE!! Bis next Jahr, wohl! Metall!

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