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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:40 am 

Harnbarg Metalfest, June 22nd, Gebouw de Hoogenweg, Hardenberg

Even after 41 years of (live) metal I can still come across somewhat of a new concept. This festival was a newie to me, both in approach as in location. OK, I’ve been to Hardenberg for Venom (2000), Iced Earth (2001) and Harvest Metalfest (2005, Unleashed, Behemoth, Pungent Stench), but that was in the venue called Podium Hardenberg. That venue has been out of the gig lists for at least ten years. Bankrupt. The approach was new in a sense that there was no pre-sale, but only tickets at the door or reservation via FB’s Messenger. Uhm, if Graceless plays, I gladly bring in Wanda’s FB account to get there ;) FB later also mentioned a surprise act. A B&B was easily found, as I clearly remember driving home after 2,5 hours of Iced Earth (…) with a drunken Sjors in the passenger seat. I texted Andrée and Käthe, as I know they’re fond of Supreme Carnage and I was the reason they couldn’t see them in Rheine :o Up to driving east, I have no idea about the surprise act nor if Andrée would make it there. Turns out Andrée and Käthe had their weekend off, at the North Sea coast. Pleasant weekend from us to you ;)

Driving in blazing sun can be a hazard, but with about 20 bottles of 500 ml water we succeed. But the county Hardenberg has its own surprise: there are no less than five (!) streets named Parallelweg or Parallelstraat! >< So, after an unvoluntarily detour near Dronten (really weird setting of parallel roads towards different directions (…) ) we end up in the wrong Parallelweg. Typing this I must say we’ve seen four of the five Parallelwegs ;) all weekend. The B&B De Vlinder is an excellent, rustique place between a rail station and an industrial area, never bothered by any train at all apart from the names they’re given (Hulzesukkel >< ). We got the lady of the B&B to call a taxi, but the Hardenberg Taxi Co. did not work in weekends and the Ommen one didn’t know the Hoogenweg street AND building. Huh? Fine, the lovely lady said, I bring you there and make sure you’ll get picked up at midnight. Coming to the venue we were instantly hailed by Marcel VII and Masha, lukewarm beer left over from Pitfest :) , Lemmy on can, Fleshcrawl on mini-Marshall and Leon! Gerard marched in by tractor \m/ No need to spill beer from a recent festival hahaha so the start was great. Wanda paid the tickets and we got Mass Decline. Uhm, decline from death to deathcore and back to death metal? Outside it was cozier, so to speak. The organization had announced a surprise act, but as we’d seen people in Procreation shirts unload we had a hint who’d play… yeah it was Procreation. The death metal these guys played didn’t leave so much impression as two weeks ago on Pitfest… The first band that did leave an impression was Bloodmoon, as the witty intros and descriptions filled the audience with gore, serial murder and disease… the drummer hit so hard he lost the tip of his stick and shoved it under Wanda’s nose ;) and I got the normal set list and Wanda the ‘description’ list:
- Bloodmoon
- 8 Methods to Prevent Being Buried Alive
- Killer Clown
- The Draugr
- Living Incarnation of all Evil
- Death by Diarrhea
- Black Putrefaction
- Religion is War
- Waterboarding
- Shrunken Head
- Bathory Countess of Blood
- Letting the Blood
- La Sayona (why was I thinking ‘My Corona’? They friggin’have HJ on tap! :o )
- Ritual Cannibalism (with Vieze Pim and another attention whore invited on stage)

This was fun. The band has wit and a strong affection to anything regarding old school death metal, be it Swedish or Floridan no one needs to describe from where came what :) It sure as hell helps they have a frontman like Marcel, he’s nut about his own band :) and the sound is great. Had Mass Decline a decrepit sound, Bloodmoon’s was as it should be. We thanked the band, begging for patches to be made (‘soon’, Marcel only said ;) ) and handing them beers as thank you. We got ourselves some festival food (fricandel, meat ball :) with way too much sauce ;) ) and got out for some refreshment. That we missed Dead End in their alternative band setting (singer just said ‘I won’t sing this weekend, figure it out yourselves’ (?!) and with a different guitarist, so be it for once. We needed some ‘us-time’ and got mown hay, cows in the distance, corn and oat rising, great sunset and we have peace. We got back in for Supreme Carnage, but weren’t really positive anymore… we had discussed our pasts and the technical death metal the Germans play was a case of ‘wrong band on bad timing’ and let them be. It did get a little more crowded, but seeing the total amount of visitors so far, I think these organizers will have a hard task making ends meet… Later, at a delicious breakfast, I told Wanda and the B&B lady my worries, with only FB as medium to communicate and the overall distance to other cities this festival, nice as it is, won’t easily return. Never mind Graspop, I later thought… on the other hand, Graspop hardly has death metal anymore, or only the biggest bands (Cannibal Amarth, Behemoth, Hypocrisy maybe, Aborted and so on; haven’t we seen those… seventeen times… also in Dessel…) this is a nice option for us. We don’t need +100k visitors, abysmal food for too high prices, lukewarm beer [no offense, Marcel VII hihi] wait in line for every friggin’part of the day/week/… uhm, better get Graceless!!! The band announced they are working on new material and seeing the set list, they played three new songs! Killer tracks, as was Shadowlands… the sound is superb, the band clearly enjoys playing for old school deathheads like us and give 150 per cent, every tune, every riff, every solo, every grunt. As far as we’re concerned, the new material can’t be released soon enough! Remco and Jasper clearly blushing when they saw Wanda’s Dutch Denim (enormous Graceless- above a huge Thanatos- and a big Hail of Bulletspatch :cool: . Gorefest and Mutator as brothers united :) on the front). Wanda got Marc’s set list and I got Remco’s guitar pick (THANNKKKKK YOUOUOUOU!!!) :
- We Will Be Gods
- Legions of the Fallen
- Slashed and Seeeeeeeeeeeerveeeed \m/
- Vultures
- Lock Stock
- Shadowlands
- Here Be Dragons
- Die on Demand
- Sumerian Flames
- Iron Tears
- Warpath

There’s a nice pit behind us, but we can’t linger too long… the taxi would be there at midnight and we’re positively NOT going to walk haha. Thanks to the bands, band members, crew and volunteers, this was a cool festival, but hopefully I’m wrong about the festival’s future… Like said, we had a great breakfast (local bread, home made jam and eggs from the garden itself, blooming Passiflora and that rest… awesome!) and thanked Henja and Ben for the umpteenth time… cool metal weekend.

My own addition to the review (sign in as guest or become member at http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... enweg-june ) is: 'Newsflash: Dead End split up after this gig...'

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