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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:06 pm
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Location: Netherlands
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:40 am 

Harnbarg Metalfest, June 22nd, Gebouw de Hoogenweg, Hardenberg

Even after 41 years of (live) metal I can still come across somewhat of a new concept. This festival was a newie to me, both in approach as in location. OK, I’ve been to Hardenberg for Venom (2000), Iced Earth (2001) and Harvest Metalfest (2005, Unleashed, Behemoth, Pungent Stench), but that was in the venue called Podium Hardenberg. That venue has been out of the gig lists for at least ten years. Bankrupt. The approach was new in a sense that there was no pre-sale, but only tickets at the door or reservation via FB’s Messenger. Uhm, if Graceless plays, I gladly bring in Wanda’s FB account to get there ;) FB later also mentioned a surprise act. A B&B was easily found, as I clearly remember driving home after 2,5 hours of Iced Earth (…) with a drunken Sjors in the passenger seat. I texted Andrée and Käthe, as I know they’re fond of Supreme Carnage and I was the reason they couldn’t see them in Rheine :o Up to driving east, I have no idea about the surprise act nor if Andrée would make it there. Turns out Andrée and Käthe had their weekend off, at the North Sea coast. Pleasant weekend from us to you ;)

Driving in blazing sun can be a hazard, but with about 20 bottles of 500 ml water we succeed. But the county Hardenberg has its own surprise: there are no less than five (!) streets named Parallelweg or Parallelstraat! >< So, after an unvoluntarily detour near Dronten (really weird setting of parallel roads towards different directions (…) ) we end up in the wrong Parallelweg. Typing this I must say we’ve seen four of the five Parallelwegs ;) all weekend. The B&B De Vlinder is an excellent, rustique place between a rail station and an industrial area, never bothered by any train at all apart from the names they’re given (Hulzesukkel >< ). We got the lady of the B&B to call a taxi, but the Hardenberg Taxi Co. did not work in weekends and the Ommen one didn’t know the Hoogenweg street AND building. Huh? Fine, the lovely lady said, I bring you there and make sure you’ll get picked up at midnight. Coming to the venue we were instantly hailed by Marcel VII and Masha, lukewarm beer left over from Pitfest :) , Lemmy on can, Fleshcrawl on mini-Marshall and Leon! Gerard marched in by tractor \m/ No need to spill beer from a recent festival hahaha so the start was great. Wanda paid the tickets and we got Mass Decline. Uhm, decline from death to deathcore and back to death metal? Outside it was cozier, so to speak. The organization had announced a surprise act, but as we’d seen people in Procreation shirts unload we had a hint who’d play… yeah it was Procreation. The death metal these guys played didn’t leave so much impression as two weeks ago on Pitfest… The first band that did leave an impression was Bloodmoon, as the witty intros and descriptions filled the audience with gore, serial murder and disease… the drummer hit so hard he lost the tip of his stick and shoved it under Wanda’s nose ;) and I got the normal set list and Wanda the ‘description’ list:
- Bloodmoon
- 8 Methods to Prevent Being Buried Alive
- Killer Clown
- The Draugr
- Living Incarnation of all Evil
- Death by Diarrhea
- Black Putrefaction
- Religion is War
- Waterboarding
- Shrunken Head
- Bathory Countess of Blood
- Letting the Blood
- La Sayona (why was I thinking ‘My Corona’? They friggin’have HJ on tap! :o )
- Ritual Cannibalism (with Vieze Pim and another attention whore invited on stage)

This was fun. The band has wit and a strong affection to anything regarding old school death metal, be it Swedish or Floridan no one needs to describe from where came what :) It sure as hell helps they have a frontman like Marcel, he’s nut about his own band :) and the sound is great. Had Mass Decline a decrepit sound, Bloodmoon’s was as it should be. We thanked the band, begging for patches to be made (‘soon’, Marcel only said ;) ) and handing them beers as thank you. We got ourselves some festival food (fricandel, meat ball :) with way too much sauce ;) ) and got out for some refreshment. That we missed Dead End in their alternative band setting (singer just said ‘I won’t sing this weekend, figure it out yourselves’ (?!) and with a different guitarist, so be it for once. We needed some ‘us-time’ and got mown hay, cows in the distance, corn and oat rising, great sunset and we have peace. We got back in for Supreme Carnage, but weren’t really positive anymore… we had discussed our pasts and the technical death metal the Germans play was a case of ‘wrong band on bad timing’ and let them be. It did get a little more crowded, but seeing the total amount of visitors so far, I think these organizers will have a hard task making ends meet… Later, at a delicious breakfast, I told Wanda and the B&B lady my worries, with only FB as medium to communicate and the overall distance to other cities this festival, nice as it is, won’t easily return. Never mind Graspop, I later thought… on the other hand, Graspop hardly has death metal anymore, or only the biggest bands (Cannibal Amarth, Behemoth, Hypocrisy maybe, Aborted and so on; haven’t we seen those… seventeen times… also in Dessel…) this is a nice option for us. We don’t need +100k visitors, abysmal food for too high prices, lukewarm beer [no offense, Marcel VII hihi] wait in line for every friggin’part of the day/week/… uhm, better get Graceless!!! The band announced they are working on new material and seeing the set list, they played three new songs! Killer tracks, as was Shadowlands… the sound is superb, the band clearly enjoys playing for old school deathheads like us and give 150 per cent, every tune, every riff, every solo, every grunt. As far as we’re concerned, the new material can’t be released soon enough! Remco and Jasper clearly blushing when they saw Wanda’s Dutch Denim (enormous Graceless- above a huge Thanatos- and a big Hail of Bulletspatch :cool: . Gorefest and Mutator as brothers united :) on the front). Wanda got Marc’s set list and I got Remco’s guitar pick (THANNKKKKK YOUOUOUOU!!!) :
- We Will Be Gods
- Legions of the Fallen
- Slashed and Seeeeeeeeeeeerveeeed \m/
- Vultures
- Lock Stock
- Shadowlands
- Here Be Dragons
- Die on Demand
- Sumerian Flames
- Iron Tears
- Warpath

There’s a nice pit behind us, but we can’t linger too long… the taxi would be there at midnight and we’re positively NOT going to walk haha. Thanks to the bands, band members, crew and volunteers, this was a cool festival, but hopefully I’m wrong about the festival’s future… Like said, we had a great breakfast (local bread, home made jam and eggs from the garden itself, blooming Passiflora and that rest… awesome!) and thanked Henja and Ben for the umpteenth time… cool metal weekend.

My own addition to the review (sign in as guest or become member at http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... enweg-june ) is: 'Newsflash: Dead End split up after this gig...'

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:06 pm
Posts: 198
Location: Netherlands
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:18 pm 

Dynamo Metalfest 2019, IJssportcentrum Eindhoven, July 19th - 20th. Headliners Arch Enemy, Airbourne

This fourth edition of Dynamo Metalfest wasn’t a question of ‘go or not?’ but simply of ‘when and who?’; date, bands, company. Posters of DMF2019 were present on DMF2018 but as there wasn’t as much as a teaser (in the previous years the teasers were Sacred Reich, Testament, Annihilator) I kept them hanging. Hotel was arranged when my DMF2018 laundry hung to dry, as they called me to say they’d found a phone… is it a Nokia 6310i in band aids? Yeah, that’s mine, by any chance is it possible to book a year beforehand? No, sir, sorry, try booking.com for that. OK, done, phone being sent in two days. Me happy. But when the actual bands were announced, it was quite a swallow.. only Carcass and Airbourne as interesting/cool/OK whatever? Uhm, loads of moments to eat, as the festival was expanded to two days feat. (don’t startle :o ) Arch Enemy, Soulfly, Avatar and fffffg Steel Dildos… kut. Och, we go anyway, meet friends and get overtly drunk. Fine. Belinda had a camping ticket, we go by train, back to Sandton once more. It had been turned to a two-day-fest as well! For the same price as the one-day-ticket.

The trip to Eindhoven began with a near harmful accident… an ancient man in a way too new car nearly cut off Wanda’s arm trying to pass, clearly it wasn’t his own set of glasses on his humongus big nose >< Coming to Toon’s house he brought disinfectant and a band aid and we could travel on. The welcome in both hotel as IJssportcentrum was most welcome, but the previous offer to be able to use last year’s coins wasn’t… add a faulty bank card to that (huh? Hasn’t the boss paid yet? ><) and off to one of the abundant bars serving coffee and, later, Kornuit. Not the best beer but at least it isn’t Bav or Dom haha. The waiting line outside was shorter than the ones for the ticket scan, the line for coins and so on… would they never learn? Get the friggin’office open some earlier, dudes! Happily a band was there to comfort us, but as Baest has some problems identifying themselves, it wasn’t really warming to the senses. Do they play death, black, thrash or what? The leaflet said ‘death’ and at the end of the set I thought I recognized at least some HM 2 Boss-sounds present and the overall feel got better. We were here for more Swedish sounding metal anyway, as Jungle Rot was ready to fill the trenches with the deliciously dirty death metal Stockholm style they play. The first circle pit of the weekend was seen too, and with some 35 minutes the first besweated heads were seen :lol: Really cool band! Wanda got us some patches and went looking for some CDs, but she found REVENANT!!! Holy kut, that’s so long ago I have seen that particular leaflet, I could hardly wait to spin this underrated icon of death metal for myself! Split the tape, here the original press Prophecies of a Dying World GODDOMMEGAAFFF!

In the meantime Grand Magus was setting stage and different than I expected, they hardly play stoner anymore, but seem to have become Iron Maiden adepts or something (?) Uhm, OK, head back to the bar then. We found Darius and his most lovely gf Jenny, finally some phone numbers resent haha. That Eluveitie tried hardest to blow any eardrum to pieces was of another planet, I’ve never heard them so loud before. That the mix wasn’t really top we noticed during Grand Magus too, but with 9 on a stage you need a good sound engineer and not one only trying to please the singer! >< Inis Mona was the only song I recognized, but á la, I confess, I haven’t played anything else but Slania and Spirit and even that was years ago. Time to eat, as Avatar was ready to bore us to the circus… what a bunch of bad-Rammstein-addicts (music wise) but their show will never reach the level of, say, King Diamond. Uhggg. Easily forgettable, I’d say. What I had not expected either, was that Airbourne would do a forgettable show… the headliner of today had a sloppy sound (mostly drums, NO guitar and hardly any vocals) and the fire that could be present was a mere match stick in the rain… Fun was, that every band so far had a band back drop, Airbourne had Marshalls, Marshall, a small gap for the drum kit and Marshalls, Marshalls. That hardly half of them were wired, I don’t care, the sight was cool but the needed decibels stayed way, way beyond expectations… We chose to head for a taxi after only three songs, Too Much Too Young Too Fast sounded like played from under a cheese bowl… the taxi was smooth and not too expensive, kip in a steaming hot hotel room and shower in the morning.

We ate in HEMA as usual, head for Effenaar for the shuttle bus. In the bus it was already cozy, but the line in front of IJssportcentrum was even longer! Why? Why not open up early, there were over 500 people waiting! In blazing heat! No water present, only a couple of smarter guys with beers haha. The band that opened today, was New Zealand ‘thrash’ metal quintet Alien Weaponry. Uhm, OK if you sing in your home language/dialect, but at least try to play metal instead of copying Pearl Jam riffs and Bush-vocal lines… not a single hint of a fast riff, let alone a dirty one. Are we getting old or are their fans younger every year? We found Jane and Alex Mutator and had a great couple of beers together watching Tribulation. At least they play heavy, dirty music, deathlike doom or whatnot, it was more metal than AW ever could dream of. I was looking more forward to Armored Saint’s 30 year Dynamo Anniversary, as John Bush happily announced ‘who was there those thirty years ago?’ I had to jump to show my finger haha but he got the point. There were LOADS of people with any Dynamo (the club, the Open Airs, Outdoor or Metalfest) anniversary present. Heh heh it had been 10 years since that great day in the city center with Asphyx, Mucky Pup and Municipal Waste :cool: \m/ [see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... ipal-waste for guest login or members] My first Dynamo Open Air was that 1989 one too… I think they played a special Dynamo set too:
- Raising Fear
- Can U Deliver
- Creepy Feelings
- Last Train Home
- Underdogs
- Seducer
- Reign of Fire
- Win Hands Down
- Nervous Man
- March of the Saint
- Mad House

The band is in excellent shape and John’s vocals are powerful as ever. Alex had heard he’d been a bit shy on the beginning of the tour but now he’s interacting, he’s jumping, hands high, party on dudes! Really a great gig! Kudos to the organizers for making this happen!! That those organizers can’t hit with every bands clearly shows when Phil Anselmo & The Illegals befoul the stage… half the set was filled with sloppy Pantera crap songs and as if he’s ever listened to Beëlzebub he knows the Gates of Heaven open up on him the moment Walk trembles from the speakers… a huge monsoon takes place, emptying the field in seconds, filling the merch stands instantly, the bars get overcrowded and only the die hards stay near a clearly not sober Anselmo. Really, what a fucked up show this is. I know quite some Pantera fans, but it seemed they were not present today. We get to the Belgian food truck for some nice patattekes and who show up: HeeJo, Dennis and Nini! Jo proud of her new Dokk’Em Open Air shirt, Nini in Jo’s denim and Dennis’ smile wide as a whale. ‘Greetings to Noobs’, he said when my fries were emptied hihi.

Wanda’s anticipation grew, as she has a Metal Church patch on her ‘red denim’ but never heard the band play. I look at the stage, see Mike Howe act like a doof and think the worst is yet to come… a hollow sound, two unknown songs before I have to dig deep to commemorate Start the Flameless Fire, Watch the Children Bore Themselves to Death and Beyond the Boring! Oh Fuck Off Howe as you show you really DON’T want to sing these songs! We looked at each other, Jane, Darius, Alex, Jenny, Wanda and me, just agreeing Wanda will take the patch OFF her denim!! Soulfly had a way better sound, but I’m easily bored with the pots and pans again, have nothing with the way Max shows his spirituality these days and don’t like the audience shouting for Sep songs. Apart from the Return to Roots I don’t think Cavalera will do much Sep anymore, anyhow. I am clearly waiting for Carcass to begin, try if Wanda knows any of the songs they play: we hear an intro, Surgical Steel, Buried Dreams, but as even Exhume to Consume doesn’t ring her bell I see she’s getting tired. I wanted to hear Incarnated Solvent Abuse, got that but during Unfit for Human Consumption we are at the lockers already. Turn key number 1347 (…), pick up another hand full of patches and CDs and head out. Of yesterday’s cab driver we heard we’d best head out to the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swim Stadium or nearby hospital to try to call a taxi. We’d both left our handy’s at home but no need to worry: there’s the same man as yesterday! Guaranteed big tip hahaha. We decided to grab one final bite, I showed Wanda The Jack and one Chouffe later we return to the sauna err hotel room. Pillow, gone, water, smell, shower, Sub, train, bike.

Next year Dynamo Metalfest will be held July 17th and 18th and hold… Sepultura. See if they make it an anniversary (they played DOA 1990 ;) ) Earlybird sale started July 21st, already sold out. Tickets some € 60. We think about it.

Thinking back I hesitate if this was all worth it. Yes, according to my notifications regarding Baest, Jungle Rot, Armored Saint and Carcass, but we missed the two biggest names, had loads of sound shit and bad bands not willing to play correctly. But the friends made it worth enough for me. Funny to see how many agreed with me on Fucker Anselmo and Dildo Pants. We don’t need a too hot chick in blue hairs that can hardly articulate. We need metal and got Rotten Armor with a Beast Corpse in it. Metal.

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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:02 am 

Stonehenge 2019, July 27th: Memoriam, I Am Morbid, Abbath. Festival terrain near train station, Steenwijk, NL

The fun of this festival started at the first day after the 2018 edition: a spot on picture of me, Wanda and Belinda as first picture of Ronald van de Baan’s entire photo book :lol: No need to tell we were delighted the early birds were on sale July 29th 2018 haha. And in the pocket of course ;) Big plus: it’s the 25th edition, party time! First batch: Aborted, Inhume, Soulburn, Cirith Gorgor, Rotten Sound and Birdflesh. I got Alex a birthday ticket, Tom one, Thirza of course; Peter would get his own, along with Alex Zwaert we’d be in Blitterswijk B&B again. ShreddedEd asked me on Thursday if he could stay in Blitterswijk also, so that brought 12 of us. Alex brought me some stress (should I say ‘as often’? Or is that too personal? ;) ) by asking me the night before if I had the tickets, somewhere? Uhgg, I could have known better, to keep the tickets to myself, but I didn’t. Before Peter picked me up I’d been e-mailing Alex once more… Mirjam had coffee and Toon wouldn’t join us, even though we’d offered him the free spare ticket… oh yeah it was some guy out of Enkhuizen that would join us beforehand ;) After having seen at least two bands I got out to try to get rid of the spare but in the end I just gave it to a friendly, lovely lady camping outside. It was her choice to pay me or not, I couldn’t care less. We saw The Heritance only from a distance but I guess I didn’t miss much. We were greeted with whale smiles by Käthe, Sylvia and Belinda hihi. Wanda wanted to surprise Belinda with an Ultra Violence patch, but I missed if they’d brought them. The band was well worth the early trip to Steenwijk, played tight but without vocals? Or, at least the background vocals were well heard, but the center microphone was totally dead. Pity, I like their vocals a lot. It took three men to start the first circle pit of the day but I destroyed it :) Ah, have a nice hamburger to keep standing up ;)

What didn’t destroy was Vendetta FM. The Spanish band calls themselves Vendetta Fucking Metal but you have to be fucking mental to listen to this metalcorecrap. Highly forgettable. Better turn our heads towards the other stage, as Jungle Rot is setting up gear. The band bash in like a piranha on bloody limbs and the audience becomes a bloody mess haha. The sound is amazing, the volume great and the pit merciless! I saw Tom bouncing on his ankles, he could hardly stand still ;) Time to relax would be scarce after this moment, as the following bands nearly all seemed worth it… Prostitute Disfigurement made me somersault back to the other stage, even Alex found it time to eat… I had never seen Taipan nor Cirith Gorgor before, but I didn’t even write anything; I got to be on front row for Soulburn. The band, welcomed by Earik of The Lucifer Principle and approved by Bob Bachgus ;) had a clear and heavy sound, loud as possible and with vigor. It was still pretty early, but I dragged Maarten to the front row and we loved it to bits! Here’s Remco’s set list (THANK YOU!!)
- Crypts of the Black
- Absinthesis
- Claws of Tribulation
- Abyssica
- As Cold Heavens Slain
- Outtro Al Bowlly + Eden’s Last sigh.
Again, I had to hurry to the other stage, as Inhume was ready to tear the audience limb from limb. The band had only 25 minutes, but used them well! Fast, murderous, violent, resulting in a great pit and thus a bleeding elbow is present now… Kill or be killed, so it seemed. I got Loek’s set list (THANK YOU!!) :
- Inescapable Destiny
- Blood Orgy
- Cadaverous Abortion
- Dead Man Walking (uhm, we missed Dead Man’s Walk this morning, but spotted Nathat nonetheless)
- Prelude to Human Confinement
- Bier break! Hihi, that wasn’t only for the band :lol:
- Hate/Kill
- Pandemic
- Squirming Parasites
- Missing Link
- Tumourhead
- Bier break2
- Wretched Worm
- Airplane Crash
- Grind Culture
- Tiamat

I bought a copy of Bob’s new project Infidel Reich and asked him how it would sound... he smiled and said ‘think Carnivore, more in lyrics than in music’ Uhm, should I worry or be in for a joke? We’ll see, at least his signature in on the album; I can always put it on eBay *evil grin* Talking to Bob we got to see Birdflesh once more, funny as fkcu hahaha. Don’t take the music too serious, is their adagio. Meanwhile, the news spread Memoriam wasn’t able to get to Steenwijk in time, because of ‘traffic problems’; they were replaced by Graceless. Of Graceless we haven’t seen zilch, as Wanda went from bad to worse: severe case of dehydration/heat stroke!! We ended up in the ambulance and after being assured there wasn’t much to be done (but rest) we got into a taxi and left for the B&B. That we missed reunion shows of Nembrionic and Altar, pfff gosh, isn’t the health of the one you love a little bit more important?? I texted everybody that was still in the old Nokia and got her to bed. I slept for about two hours before the rest of our group got back. We drank about a crate of HJ more before hitting the (excellent) sack for good. No need for Olve Elkemo, Dave Vincent or Edwin Kelder...

Breakfast was, as always, plenty, good, delicious and enough. Again, I wasn’t allowed to pay for the B&B but made sure everybody did get accounted for. Tom had business in Brabant and left with his roaring cool Manta Berlinetta 1979, Alex got Thirza to the train and we drove about 20 minutes after Ronald, Jeffrey and ShreddedEd left… only to get behind them near the bridge over Ketelmeer. It was good that Peter turned the car and left over the side lane, as we later found out the bridge had been in turmoil for over two hours! Traffic problems for Memoriam? Uhm, no, for us hahaha. We thought Ronald wouldn’t dare to do the same, but we turned to the same snackbar for icecream, water and some refreshment hihihi. Next year’s Stonehenge is already known: July 26th, feat. Malevolent Creation (!), Gutalax and Severe Torture! Add a tenth Stonehenge to my line, we gladly return to Blitterswijk AND Steenwijk of course!! Metal!!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:28 am 

Coven – The Magickal Chaos Tour 2019, Willemeen Arnhem, July 31st. Support act Demon Head (DK)

I’d hardly thought I’d go to a band/performer solely on the basis of my first time seeing AND no music of my own to represent. Coven, with the occult and mystical Jinx Dawson as main figure, was the exception to a really silly rule of mine. Last year the Coven gig in Amstelveen was such a blast I’d love to see more of the band/ritual. Wanda agreed blackheartedly. I was surprised there would be a one-off Dutch gig for a band I think has brought a lot of theatrics and atmosphere to the entire music business. I for one think King Diamond has taken certain elements of the show, maybe even Alice Cooper peeked at the altar once, call Watain of Batushka for recognition… The tickets were only € 16! What? Such a small venue and only that tiny fee? OK, we go. Go to work by car, pick Wanda up, work at home the following day. Extremely doable.

But the concert started weirdly. Wanda's been experiencing so much trouble after the heat stroke from last weekend, we thought we had to cancel our Coven ceremony. She simply didn't have any energy left. Gladly, she ate well after the respitory test at the doctor's the day before, I still had my hopes up that she could pop into the train. I had all necessary stuff in my car (denim, camera, tickets, ear plugs, clean shirt, water) and a reserved parking spot at the office was no problem. If it didn't work, heck, we've seen Jinx... :( Turned out Wanda was surprised I’d taken the tickets to the office and she wrecked her conscious to get there, she turned up at Amstel an hour early! Now we suddenly have all the time to get there, park, eat, whatever. We even got ourselves an Arnhem fridge magnet and a cutting board. Of all kitchen equipment HA HA HA. Not wanting awkward questions I ditched those in the car. We ate at Zappa’s but no music was present. Gluten free, yeah, but it took about half an hour extra to cook it fresh! Add a few 0,0 Radler beers, fine.

Coming to Willemeen made my day even more. Both bands, minus Jinx, were outside eating, smoking, babbling and whatnot and soon we were shouted at from a passing car… hey there’s (the good) Kimberly, isn’t Jordy there too? Yes, they’d bought tickets the day before, but they could sell them because Jordy’s friend Klaas had put them on the guest list. Why? Klaas is highly befriended with guitarist Chris of Coven, they met at Roadburn 2017 and stayed in touch. Chris knows Jordy is a technician so he asked Klaas if he’d had a soldering iron to fix the smoke machine. And by Woden and Donar combined, did the smoke machine work or not? During the support act Demon Head the big hall of Willemeen was totally covered in fog. The Danish doom/hard rock band showed a cross between Pentagram (Liebling lookalike), Focus (key board doodle), Zep (song structures) and The Doors (vocal lines). It is very energetic band but it’s JUST a hint too loud to experience all the subtleties (double lead, double rhythm). The breaks and outbursts are SUPER HEAVY. We liked it a lot, Wanda even stayed on front row the entire show, but after a few songs the likeness to Jim Morrison was getting too obvious for me. I did get Wanda a patch, as it holds some occult pictogram of the sorts. They played on Coven’s drum kit so there wasn’t much time to cool down afterwards.

The coffin was brought into the venue by Willemeen volunteers, but the stage volunteer nearly tipped it over. Fatass!! Dumb chick! Gladly, Jinx has the wit to overcome that! In Coven Jinx Dawson is surrounded by youngsters nowadays. Had the recording of the first album people of her age, the previous tour some guys in their forties to play, now she had dudes of 25 to 30 in her band and they are up to it! The ritual begins with said coffin, enchanting melodies and fog, fog, fog. After Black Sabbath and a few other songs Jinx asked ‘welcome to this chaotic Summer, you’d had quite a Summer already, do you want us to cool down or to get it HOTTT?’ Hot is what we want! Wicked Witch of Rose Hall was thrilling, simmering in heat and atmosphere, Wicked Woman even more! Jinx also has a funny way of introducing the band ‘Chris the technical mastermind, the bass player was picked up from a cemetary’ hihihi before For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was played. The trance goes deeper and deeper, gets more meaningful along the way and visually it’s great. Jinx is still quite a fit, loads of mystical hand movements, a voice that has power and feel and apparently she’s still in a great shape… for a 69 year old >< The music is so loud I get difficulty to keep standing up, but we won’t budge until Blood in the Snow is played. Again, and as expected, no encore but none needed too. We greeted Jordy, Kim and Klaas and head out, only to find both bands, minus Jinx, outside smoking, drinking and generally having a good time. Even though I thought Willemeen was way too small for such a gig, it fit the concert like a bejeweled glove (Jinx has some rows of zirconium and diamonds up her sleeves). Let me moan about the volume, I was the one that kept standing front row, right?

I was so happy Wanda had the energy to come up to Amstel/Arnhem I nearly forgot I’d worked from early this day. I was so tired I had difficulty driving straight, but my beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel, apple juice and coffee got us home. And the feeling we’d seen another special show. Surprised the venue wasn’t sold out, but the ones present were made special by Jinx herself. Occult! Witchery! Death! Metal!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:30 pm 

Alcatraz Metal Hard Rock and Metal festival 2019, feat. Saxon, Rose Tattoo, Sodom

This review is for Thomas Wouters, my friend and guitarist/singer of Bodyfarm, who died the day we drove off to Gent. Offline and ignorant, but with a Bodyfarm shirt I drove. Not knowing I’d hear the terrible news until Rose Tattoo got to stage (with plenty of deceased band members to commemorate) I started this in Gent:

In a weekend with 6 or 7 metalfestivals planned you can’t do ‘m all unless you have patience. Since 2011 the second weekend of August had held me on Bloodstock (2011), on Brutal Assault (2012, 2014), on PartySan (2013, 2015, 2018) and Into the Grave (2016, 2017) and I know there are more. One in Portugal, Sweden Something Metal and Alcatraz; albeit the least heavy/underground of the lot, we’d go once. Wanda also would love to return to PartySan, but be patient as you’ve never been into Belgium before ;) The first bands announced were Saxon (later mentioned: special Castles and Eagles set), Rose Tattoo and DEMOLITION HAMMER!! Hypocrisy and Sodom made me book tickets. Sit at the laptop to organize a holiday of two weeks, another novity for Wanda, we combined Gent, Ieper (World War I highlight), Kortrijk (this one), Passchendaele (God Dethroned highlight) and Metal Méan (next review). Get cash, fill the beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel and off!! Gent is a lovely old city, filled with ancient merchant houses next to two rivers (Leie and Schelde), some castles (with infamous torture chamber ;) ), some breweries of old and a stench of sewage in the entire city… we got a Dulle Griet (named after an infamous Gent warrior maiden and a gun so big Gentenaren are happy it never fired) in Café De Dulle Griet and a Max Of The House (1,2 liter of 7,6 per cent beer in a glass I had to pawn my shoe for :lol:

But getting onto Alcatraz itself was chaos to the max. No volunteer knew where we’d have to be, we got even shooed away from Expo Center, where our car was to be parked >< No shuttle bus, no wrist band office, no shade and no one caring at all we’d be in misery. Wanda hates it dearly if she doesn’t know what to expect and a night of beers with Westfriesians Gerlof and Wilfred doubled her idea to quit whatsoever before a band played. I was sooo stupid to get drunk after a day of incertainties… I even had to pay full euro for that damned trip to the Expo! 3 hours and no supermarket or ATM near… extra payment for what? Call it tourist tax and I believe you but that question wasn’t even answered!! Best part of the first night in Kortrijk was the afterparty of the drum cycle of Kortrijk’s performance (some 15 kids playing drums simultaneously) with loads of AC/DC and Skynyrd. Gerlof thought he died on Friday…

The first band on Alcatraz 2019 main stage ‘The Prison’ was Crobot. The band does an easylistening set of stoner, but it gets worrisome when the singer opens his mouth. Gladly Nervosa opened the Swamp Stage (the tent) with a furious set in good sound with a full tent in front of them. Nice: the Kreator cover Betrayer. Wanda felt I betrayed her getting so drunk. We soon found some acquaintances, of which I had not expected any more than Peter (Lord Belial) and Rob T. Marcel IX was around, Coen & Wortel and the Carnation guys. They were set to play on Saturday, but that’s of later concern. Literally. See Saturday part. Marcel sure as hell pushed me to go see Helstar; little did he know I hated it from beginning to end. Described as ‘pioneer of speed metal’ in the leaflet, all I heard was whiny heavy metal third class. I knew the Carnation guys, Erwin included, were hot for Demolition Hammer! It was that Wanda picked me up otherwise I’d be single again, but a lot of the harm done was blown to a memory when Steve, James, Derek and Angel were done with the sound check and washed the weekend clean. We went over our heads to the diabolical fast and aggressive music, violent lyrics and even more violent circle pit from the second song on (Neanderthal after a blistering Skull Fracturing Nightmare). I had to protect Wanda song by song, as the crowdsurfers were crazy as fuck. Never mind the leaflet and a sign next to each stage forbidding to fly :) We also got Human Dissection, Infectious Hospital Waste, Carnivorous Obsession, Crippling Velocity and Aborticide when the band had to make an abrupt stop! No .44?? Nope, the organizers were so strict the band was baffled as much as we were then. Wanda got a guitar pick and I got thanked by both Steve and James for freaking out.

Some organizers will never learn, I guess. After the abrupt stop to the highlight of a week Belgium so far, Firewind got to main stage. What a waste of air and extinguishers >< Back to the Swamp for Vltimas, but as it doesn’t really hold my favorite musicians ever (of Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy and Aura Noir) we got bored by Dave’s space cowboy set and left. When My Fart is Murder befouled the air we got into the tent again to experience the Napalm Death sound check. Loud and chaotic, just like the set the Brits played. Wanda had never seen them and enjoyed it so much I sneaked out for some ND cotton and returned ;) The band played all favorite songs, held plenty of politics mumbo jumbo but stayed true’till the end. The band turned the tent into Crowdsurffestalooza but thanks but no thanks to the lights I didn’t stay’till that end. I met a man who was impressed by my Neckwreckers set (thanks Torty, Stach!) but even more impressed by the MDF shirt underneath. He told me he was bar personnel at the Ottobar and he got a beer ;) Oh yeah Wanda got a picture of a ND Set list:
- Unchallenged Hate
- Instinct of Survival
- Continuing War on Stupidity
- When all is Said and Done
- Smash a Single Digit
- Standardization
- Suffer the Children
- Breed to Breath
- Scum
- Life?
- The Kill
- You Suffer
- Dead
- Silence is Deafening
- How the Years Condemn
- Nazi Punks Fuck Off
- Siege of Power
And there are even songs crossed out HA HA HA Napalm Death had 50 minutes, so to speak ;)

I was so sweaty I had to rush to the tent for a clean shirt and a hoodie; Sodom was about to deepen the trenches Napalm Death left :cool: so I brought my Westwoudse AC/DC Fans shirt :cool: I didn’t get to front row, but the band had such a bad sound near stage I didn’t mind retreating a bit. Fanboyness is for later, I thought. We had seen ourselves on the big screens StuBru had planted, Alcatraz is broadcasted live through Studio Brussel. See if we can find any streams; from band perspective we were left from center at the beginning of the show. Tom Angelripper was alone on stage during the intro, did three bass strokes, then Husky followed before Blackfire and Jorck opened up their HM Bass pedals. Here’s the set list:
- Tribute to Moby Dick
- Silence Is Consent
- The Crippler
- The Saw Is the Law
- Outbreak of Evil
- Conflagration
- Agent Orange
- Blasphemer
- One Step Over the Line
- Partisan
- Tired and Red
- Remember The Fallen
- Bombenhagel

When Sodom nearly was finished, Wanda got out of the tent and we met the Demolition Crew!! The guys were so thrilled we’d freaked out, they had to have a picture with us and, of course, vice versa. See Wanda’s FB for details haha. She also got an original Demolition Hammer sticker to add to the beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel, as we see co-ownership of the car by now. In the meantime Uriah Heep was already playing for quite some time and Rob was all over it. He wanted to film it and add it to his YT account. I thought nothing bad of the band, but meeting Rob and Peter during Uriah Heep held a huge ‘ouwe lul meets ouwe lul’-moment hihihi. For fifty years we still haven’t been able to eradicate those geezers, they stand their ground. What a change of mood happened next: from the Prison stage with Uriah Heep we heard Roger Glover’s Love is All from El Presidio (rock bar with beer in glass) and Vio-Lence made its way to the Swamp stage… a band that had met high expectations (Ronald of Overruled even said this band was the sole reason to come to Belgium) but never had my attention… Let’s stay positive and say ‘the vocals killed it’, or ‘the sound could be better’… who am I kidding? We hated it. I will never be thrilled by Sean Killian’s vocals, I think. Eternal Nightmare is an album I almost instantly deleted from a tape that was given to me.

By then, Wanda was already on front row for Saxon. The band had brought their famous Eagle set and it looks fantastic! The band was in for a treat, as they (still) celebrate their fortieth anniversary with a possibility of a live recording. Clearly, Saxon played Alcatraz before, as the band goes to length to thank and greet Alcatraz crew and audience. First thing I saw when a cameraman shifted his gear towards the raging audience: Wanda!! Here’s what I wrote:
- Motorcycle Man
- Battering Ram
- Wheels of Steel
- Strong arm of the Law
- Denim & Leather
- 4 more songs
- They Played Rock ‘n’Roll (with fantastic eighties photo- and film footage of Motörhead, Girlschool, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch and the likes)
- The Eagle has Landed (Wanda on screen again :cool: )
- Battalions
- Dogs of War (no Exploited members around :) )
- And the Bands Played on
- Solid Ball of Rock (yep, with 3D-impression of a demolition ball/hammer \m/ )
- To Hell and Back
- Power and the Glory (a very, very young family in big ear muffs, one of the kids in denim freaking out. He got my Eagle has Landed patch and the mother was in tears. Good tears)
- Heavy Metal Thunder
- Crusader
- 747 – Strangers in the Night
- Princess of the Night

Ome Biff did it again! 68 years old and still trying to reach that second high C! (the first one failed ;) ) You can say anything, but the energy this band has, is an anchor for many artists around this genre!! The sound was amazing, the show effects all work pleasantly, the band is happy on any stage so it seems. Biff doesn’t actually do that much, but his interaction with fans, band and crew(s) is awesome to watch. From afar or from front row, it is a pleasure to see this. Biff also announced Saxon was making room for Mr. Åkerfeldt & Co. I thought ‘leave immediately’, Wanda agreed. What we heard of Opeth from the tent wasn’t that cocky and sucky like last times they played, but still, even a (nearly) Black Water Park set couldn’t get me back to Swamp Stage. Dry humor OK, but for once, stop pissing off metalheads ‘just because you don’t own +20,000 LPs’. Ugghhhh. Tomorrow: Deserted Fear and Carnation. Hahh!!!

Breakfast at Alcatraz is a mess. OK, the food is plenty and pretty good at the camping site, but the volunteers don’t give a flying fuck if you’d paid or not, if you took about the amount of an orphanage to eat, only when a coffee spills you hear someone reacting? We bought the expensive breakfast vouchers (€ 12,50 or € 6 per person a day; ‘order now or they’ll be sold out’????), but apart from Friday no one saw what leaflet we had. So, Wanda packed her plate double as I ate ‘only one’ piece of egg/bacon/bread. I was happy she did, as the food on the terrain wasn’t really top notch for her. I didn’t mind, but Wanda’s intestines protested until we reached Ieper…

Coming back to Swamp Stage already gave a foul mouth: it was announced Carnation wouldn’t play today, but uncertain when they would on Sunday. I decided to stick around the small tent The Morgue between bands, hear/see if Deserted Fear would check sound/begin/play. We preferred good conversation (Riffs – Goddess – Goes Erik) over the first few bands anyway, as Buried Tomorrow screeched us away, Fifth Angel squeaked a bit, Sanctuary already missed but so far no Mahne… First band we did see was also shortlived, as Strid shooed Wanda away the minute he opened his mouth for Soilwork. Ronald tried to convince me to join him to Flotsam & Jetsam, but we’d rather eat. Ahh, XXL fricandel for only 2 coins ‘with loads of sauce’, so I ordered chili sauce and mayonnaise, but now I had to pay 4 coins! What the fuck, no way!! Keep your sauce abundance then, fat ass! Wanda told she’d regretted coming here more and more, and today I agreed as there still was no sign of Fabian… U.D.O. refused to play Accept songs but why the fuuu does every single riff the band plays have an Accept feel? Or even a full Accept riff-rip off! Every song I hear Midnight Mover, or a riff from Monster Man, Russian Roulette or whatnot. Wanda said ‘Udo sounds like a troll’ and turned her head violently towards The Morgue, where no Simon was present too…

I was hoping Hypocrisy would bring in some joy as I saw Wanda’s mouth edges sink deeper and deeper. The band’s intro was a full hit: AC/DC – Rock‘n’Roll Train + Fractured Millennium; to be followed by
- Valley of the Damned
- End of Disclosure
- Adjusting the Sun
- one I can’t recall
- Pleasure of Molestation – Obsculum Obscenum – Penetralia medley
- Fire in the Sky
- by then, we were heading for the tent – hoodie – fruits – bread
The one message that did get through (my boss’ iKolereding is at home, I brought my Nokia but it’s in the tent) concerned Peter’s view on Thin Lizzy: ‘hopeless’. I saw a tribute to Phil and Gary, but kept reminding ‘not the Neville brothers’ and Killer on the Loose. Ricky Warwick can sing a bit, but in my eyes not good enough to host The Lizzy like this. I’d rather turn back time an hour and hear Roswell 47 live… off to bed. Peter and Rob did see Avatar (for a bit) and mentioned ‘Circus Renz is in Kortrijk’; the amount of adolescents in ghastly make up overwhelmed us all day. Earplugs, off.

Some parts of Alcatraz are harder to ignore than Avatar fans: the band hailing the early visitors played stupid Dutch tunes (I AM NOT GOING TO MENTION WHICH) and let’s piss them off: The Kenny’s kennen ut nie!! © Wanda hahaha. And they played every friggin’festival day!!

Time for some real music: CARNATION!!! The band played diabolically loud, tight as a rotting corpse in peat soil and infectious like Ebola! Of course we stood first row, about twenty minutes before The Swamp became Ground Zero and had a lot of fun interacting with the band. In return, Wanda got a set list, I’ve got another one of Jonathan’s guitar picks and we both bare Simon’s blood stains on our denims. Here’s the set list, later to be signed ‘to commemorate Thomas Wouters’: [thank you Simon, Yarne]!
- The Whisperer
- Hellfire
- Plaguebreeder
- Hatred Unleashed
- Sermon of the Dead
- Disciples of Bloodlust
- Necromancer
- Chapel of Abhorrence
- Fathomless Depths (‘for Thomas, our friend of Bodyfarm’. Note, until then I had no idea yet :’( )

AWESOME!! GREAT!! COOL!! ‘fill in other praises’ :) :lol: \m/ But what a downfall happens, as Anvil is on Prison stage now… the sound is OK but the songs really, really suck. Happily we return to front row in The Swamp for Unleashed. I wasn’t in for another near-brawl (like during Sodom) so I parked Wanda at the gate and took my place halfway the tent. What does Johnny do: spit his vile about Christianity, society in general and the lack of people with mind strength over our heads, supported by an awesomely tight band. All he has to say is ‘Welcome Warriors’ and all hell breaks loose in the swamp. The sound is raging and sharp, the band blazing and sharp, the lights doable and sharp, the audience bashing sharply, need I mention sharp? I was so under the atmosphere I had to buy another Unleashed ‘something’ for Wanda, but didn’t get further than Goddess’Harm in that Dutch Denim of mine. He was surprised Defender made it to the denim, but not Goddess of Desire? As I bought about three-hours-of-pay in stripe patches (denim # 16 bought in Gent) I will gladly cover Epica (a bit :) ) with it. Returning to the Swamp for the remainder of Unleashed was a good idea. Theyplayed:
- Blood of Lies
- Lead Us into War
- The Longships are Coming
- The Dark One (‘off the cassette version’, Johnny tells us :) )
- Stand Your Ground (no WT on my Dutch Denim *grin* )
- I have Sworn Allegiance
- The Hunt for White Christ
- Hammer Battalion
- Into Glory Ride
Strange fact: Johnny Hedlund doesn’t seem to know how long he’s actually going to play, as since the ending of Stand Your Ground he announced each song as the last. We remained near the tent and I had an Away moment for myself: Voïvod drummer Michel Langevin stood next to Unleashed’s performance and greeted me \m/ Mainly because of Metal Church fucking up again (ehh Mike Howe fucked up again) that is. The following basket of chicken did NOT do any harm haha.

The security staff of Alcatraz are not really followers of their own rules. A sign ‘no flash lights’ is obeyed “for the band performing”, but the no smoking sign is ignored by nearly the entire mosh crew in front. Also the ‘no crowd surfing’ plate is highly laughed about. Also, a few of the crew members try to hand out set lists and guitar picks beforehand. Wanda gets offered a Voïvod set list beforehand, I stick to my paper and pen for
- Post Society
- Psychic Vacuum
- Obsolete Beings
- The Prow
- Iconspiracy
- Order of the Blackguards (!)
- Overreaction (!)
- Fall
- Voïvod
Snake is a clown, unbelievably funny in his eighties denim (feat. Carcass, Discharge, Possessed and a beautiful Voïvod sign; probably drawn by Away himself) and movement on stage; Chewie with a huge daisy on his chest and Rocky rocking his beard off. Old days relived, not circling about early goldies but still a firm grip on modern Voïvod music, this was a killer gig. All we have of the promised set list is a blurry picture of a man that rushed away for Sacred Reich… no problem. We had a great time with the band, the audience and each other… and headed out for said Sacred Reich. The band had started with a new track, soon to be followed by Who’s to Blame and Ignorance, a massive but non-violent pit occurring instantly. I see people pushing tears of pure joy away, instantly reliving Dynamo Open Airs, Heavy Sound festival gestures and tour shirts of 1990 Sepultura… I am amongst believers. Friends. Acquaintances. Freaks, if you count the washed away Avatar schminck. Sacred Reich will never let you down, Phil Rind’s grin will see to that. I had had no set list but a can of Red Bull from that security dude and it freaked me out, not wanting to stand still AND not wanting to join the Sacred Pit. See if I remember most of the set list:
- New song
- Who’s to Blame
- Ignorance
- New song
- Love/Hate
- Manifest Reality
- Surf Nicaragua

I met Peter near the RockTribune signing booth and he was the one to break the news about Thomas… he apologized 7 times for breaking my day, but how could he not? We were offline for nearly a week and when we entered Gent it wasn’t on MA yet… but the Carnation fellows sparked an idea: get that set list signed “for Thomas”; Simon gladly scribbled that near his signature. We didn’t have to wait long for the Sacred Reich signing session as well, so I grabbed a promotional Alcatraz card and said hello to Phil. He was happy I remembered Dynamo Open Air but I forgot to ask if he’d remember if he was supposed to play Forever Young 1990 hihi [he was in the hospital in Hoorn then, the rest of the band WAS in Grootebroek \m/ ]. Dave McClain on the other hand was impressed by the beer coins on my Dutch Denim and said ‘hold on a sec’, fiddled his jacket and handed me an original consumption coin from his favorite bar Alameda Eagles in California! That’s great!! What to do, put it on my Dutch Denim?? I don’t know yet. Wiley Arnett just smiled at me and newcomer Joey Radziwill is even younger than the last Sacred Reich piece ever put out hahahahaha. Great guys!! Walking around we spotted some Deicide, but Glenn’s head was clearly still in Florida and sounded muffled. The band was OK though. We’d rather have an Hommage for a Chocolate Muffin ;)

We were perfectly close to Prison stage when Rose Tattoo had begun. OK, I was in emotion, but what better than a band that had several members deceased before this show? Think of Pete Wells, the founder of The Tats original slide driven sound? Mick Cocks, Lobby Lloyde, Dallas 'Digger' Royall, Ian Rilen, Neil Smith?? The band never gave up and now, some 13 years since Wells passed away is still a band on the run, on the move, progressing (slightly) towards their 45th anniversary, still sounding angry and well-thought, never the easy way rock’n’roll? ‘Get ready to board the train’, Angry shouts and off they go:
- Bad Boy (for Love)
- Scarred for Life
- One of the Boys
- Assault & Battery
- Rock’n’Roll Outlaw
- Fast Eddy & The Butcher (!)
- Rock’n’Roll is King
- City Blues
- Freedom’s Flame
- Sweet Love
- We Can’t Be Beaten
- Nice Boys (don’t Play Rock’n’Roll)
- Astra Wally (encore)
I hope for many music lovers Rose Tattoo will keep playing for as long as Angry will stand on his feet. Rose Tattoo is a well oiled machine, that leaves room for individual members, slide or not, pounding rock’n’roll music played the way it should be: juuuuust loud enough. We emptied our pockets of coins, as Powerwolf sure as hell sounded ‘fabricated’, Tesseract ‘overdone’, Meshuggah ‘not worthy of notes’ :) and Rotting Christ ‘not rotten anymore’. Back at the tent we heard Avantasia try to overpower Soulfly’s sound check hihi. They couldn’t. In a faraway past I owned the first Avantasia record, but I have no clue if it’s still worth checking out. We are tired. The Soulfly drum check is so loud, even Wanda had her pillow over her head and mine too.

With our Sunday breakfast leaflet we seemed to be able to get breakfast. We chose to get coffee and suddenly needed new coins for that? I don’t dig that anymore. With a huge effort I scraped some € 6 out of my wallet for 4 coffees and moved on, back to our beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel. To get to Ieper, to see Passchendaele (I have to, as I once said ‘Passiondale is THE best record of the first decade of the new millennium’) but Ieper was a huge letdown for both of us. I’ve never felt less welcome and more unsafe than in Surmont B&B. A student wouldn’t live there for a fiver a month, but we paid €166 and left after one night. In horror. Way too steep stairs, uneven stairs, an open water cabinet, windows nearly falling out, bumping heads AND WE’RE BOTH UNDER 175 cm small! Add a rabid try to muffle the complaints behind the stitched carpet and I left steaming angry. But after a bad start Alcatraz WAS worth it. Demolition Hammer, Carnation, Rose Tattoo and Sacred Reich were absolutely amazing. Voïvod cool, as was Unleashed. Pity we never knew if Deserted Fear DID play. We drove home on Tuesday, only to return to Belgium on Thursday for Metal Méan: Asphyx, Tormentor, Primordial. Jürgen and Sylvia. Metal.

[edit: we got to Durbuy and Méan, via Westwoud that is, but the hassle for tickets totally fucked us up. See http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... -demoliton for this one's reactions and http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/thread/747/metal-show if you're member or guest of Metal Tavern]

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Volta Metal Night XII, Amsterdam, August 30th 2019 feat. Mutator, Degenerate

Wanda keeps a keen eye on bands she likes, as do so many people. But Mutator, especially since my 40 Year Metalhead Anniversary Party last year, is highest on her priority list. We’d known for ages Mutator was to pulverize Amsterdam, we’d only never been to Volta before. I thought ‘if we are on internet, we probably only find physics lessons or pictures of people with hairs standing right up. Like I have when I wake up haha. One of the reasons to go was Stormram, I thought, as I had heard singer/guitarist Nicky talk about it on Pitfest, but someone in the band decided a week ago he’d be too drunk to play (beforehand? Pff. Douche.) so another band was fixed. Belinda would join us by train, Peter hesitated so long if he’d pick us up and drive, he didn’t go at all… Shredded Ed brought more good news: we’re on the Mutator guest list! Thanks, Ed, appreciated! But Wanda also didn’t make it there, as the second tropical heat wave of the month hit her hard :( she did gave me some beer money for the first round(s) so I got to Hoogkarspel with cold HJ to spare. Even my brother Toon’s neighbor, who I’ve known since Kindergarten, asked what I was up to with the HJ. ‘Slasher party with friends’, I told Sander ^^ We had fun in the train, as there was some transvestite party in Amsterdam the same evening ;) Colorful pictures, to say the least ^^

Coming to Amsterdam CS meant a huge swerve through the station, as Belinda had not eaten anything (party with school, she said through small eyes ;) ) and needed cigarettes. Fine, where’s the bus? It will be there in… just missed. OK, we walk the mile, the weather invites us to do so too. From a big distance we already saw Ed and Jeffrey standing outside, smoking of course. Belinda would be called ‘Wanda’ for about twenty seconds and we were in. We saved a fiver each :lol: Volta is a small venue, halfway Cayen (height of the ceiling), Manifesto (stage in a corner) and the small hall of Gebr.DeNobel (size). They serve Heiny, so I was glad I had my cooling-down-HJs before ;) Belinda soon met a guy from Amsterdam and we happily shared a few beers before Infestus (sp?) came to stage. The band told the audience in broken English they were a thrash metal band, but what I heard I’d rather refer to Bad Religion but with a Show No Mercy touch. Only a little Show No Mercy, but still ;) The three piece band clearly wasn’t Dutch, but where they came from or if I heard the name of the band correct I don’t know. The drummer was so ‘intense’, he got out of his… Bad Religion shirt ;) the second song in. Not that his drumming improved by it, but swoah. After a couple of songs it all got too much alike. Not bad for a starting band, you’d say, but these guys clearly weren’t THAT young… Add a lack of interaction on stage and off and you know what to do next. We decided to hit the street again and talk metal. Not to be rude to anyone, no of course not, but we came to see Mutator so my visit to the street talk was short. I didn’t have to hurry to get on front row, as many people stayed near the bar or outside. Pity them. Alex did bring a second guitar, but not for Crystal Mountain, Ed told us smiling widely. Oh, new material to be penned? Yeah, they plan to visit the studio somewhere in Autumn. Swift sound check, no time for intros, BS or whipwhap, KILLLLLL!! I handed the set list, signed and all, to Belinda:
- Karma
- Revenge
- World War Ten (me shouting and winking to Nick, who wrote it. He must have hurt his cheeks smiling back. But still tight as ffkk!!) \m/
- Manipulation (‘a bit autobiographic’ Ed told us, smiling again. But where’s Belinda??)
- Curse the Gods [DEDICATED TO ME]
- Ruined for Life (Thomas Wouters moment :’) )
- Hit
- Shiva’s Night (resembling Eternal Dark a lot, hey how old was that again? :) \m/ Didn’t Jeffrey write this? Gotta ask again)
- Sick Society
Apart from a minor glitch in Alex’cabinet it was flawless! Awesome to see Ed even sharper than before, good to know he’s out of booze completely now, Jeffrey fitting like a glove in this band, Nick isn’t so electrostatic anymore, THIS BAND IS IT!! I can’t wait for more new material, especially now I know Ed is going to draw the portraits of the band members ‘with a green-ish flame’round ‘em’ so the artwork is going to slay also!

Out for another short gulp of fresh air outside before the ‘main’ band of the night would appear: Degenerate from Amsterdam. The band, with (ex-) members of Dauthuz, Infantry and Hallowed Fire present, is in for a Beneath the Remains-like party. It feels so good to kinda expect what to hear, as I know BtR by heart of course, but still it’s a little different than last time (see http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... radictions ). The ideas this band has, simply sound way more crystallized than last time. For an idea:: https://www.facebook.com/sisi.mail/vide ... 591820990/ I looked at Belinda and knew she was having way too much fun to go home and looked at Ed: we’d take the 11:23 PM train. I never knew Ed was such a rabid and rapid walker, I had to rush to stay in his presence. But we both knew we’d have to wait for an hour to get the next AND the next one would take nearly an hour longer to get to Hoogkarspel. IF I’d get to Hoogkarspel, NS has funny rules in the night schedule :o I was so happy I had bought a bottle of still water as ‘Wanda’s first round’, it got empty before Zaandam ;) Coming to Hoogkarspel was fun too, as Sander asked ‘how was it?’ HA HA HA, one awesome, one blubber and one ‘just OK’. He should visit some show with me, it was him and his brothers that had a spare Metallica ticket last year :cool: This was a great trip. In the train home I got an app by Belinda saying she’d taken the 00:23 train as her Amsterdam ‘buddy’ turned to be outrageously drunk and not really in for a quiet night anymore ><. Good thinking, Bel! I got home without any more delay or dismay and even told Wanda everything she missed. One awesome, one blubber and ‘just OK’. She feels a lot better now, as the temperature wasn’t as killing as before and I help her even more. That’s also metal to me, helping a loved one in need. With metal playing (Witch Vomit? OK. Kreator off vinyl? OK. Acid King? OK. Anything for my love) we survive anything. Live or spinning, it’s still metal. And Mutator FUCKING KILLS!

Happy reactions of members or guests via http://metal-tavern.proboards.com/threa ... -amsterdam

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Schoonebeek Deathfest III, feat. Cancer, De Boo Schoonebeek, Sept.7th

This festival was bound to be visited by the same crew that lost a refreshment bag (with Feyenoord logo), some shirts (left somewhere near a merch stand), money for drinks and the spare brain cells for the shear amount of HJ’s that day… Schoonebeek Deathfest III would bring in Cancer, Sven GroB, the return of Burial and more to De Boo. I think the tickets were sold a day or two after the 2018 edition, as was the cottage ticket. It took me three simple text messages to reach Stip: ‘Schoonebeek next week, wanna join?’ “Yes” ‘have a ticket yet?’ “No” ‘now you do’ :lol: Bram got his about the same way ;) The first announcement also held Decaying, the Finnish death metal tanks that hardly played The Netherlands before. Add Supreme Carnage and some German friends might show up ;) We’d travel early but I needed Stip to confirm at his door he was awake and ready to join ;) Coming to Bram’s house he told me, somewhat proud, he’d gotten his own ticket. Uhm, we’ll see what to do with spare ticket # 1008 (over the years…)

Driving to Schoonebeek meant 156 km of pure death metal. Fleshcrawl, Fleshcrawl and then some ;) but also, when we stopped for Bram’s cig break… Cancer! A man with a weird Roman tat on his forehead saw we’re metalheads and said ‘do you know that dude? He’s in Cancer. Look around, there are the other two’. I wanted coffee, as did John Walker, so now we have a picture of the four of us with two happy Cancer members and John showing ‘all I wanted was coffee, not sweaty metalheads today’ HA HA HA. I fully understand John’s grumpiness, as the driver told us the band had to drive at 3 AM to get to the airport, fly over to Amsterdam, be picked up by a doof and then meet some fans at the gas station :) One final ‘we see you guys at the front’, by a smiling Ian Buchanan, and we’re driving again. That we’d miss the first band was not the biggest deal, as Trial by Death played OK death metal, but without any audible singer present. By then I skipped the spare ticket as it was raining so hard I had no fun waiting outside for some guys without tickets. It wasn’t sold out by far, so to speak. Also, by then I was already crumbled by the Sven-hug, being cuddled by his lovely wife Dany and handing out beers from beyond the counter hihihi. Maarten msd was already looking into his HJ bock by then ;)

HJ on tap and Westfriesians present, I told you about that before. But with the Steenwijk crew also present, I knew I wouldn’t be out of beer long, all day, all evening. Rob and Bart soon sweeped beers with us, as did my old school buddy Eijsing. Great to see you guys again! We were waiting for Supreme Carnage as a group and as a group we fully enjoyed the fierce, tight set the Germans trapped us in. Wanda was so happy with the band she bought nearly all patches present, now it’s time to search for decent places to put them ;) She also got the set list (thank you Nova!)
- Intro (‘stupido’)
- The Fire Prevails https://youtu.be/pRFcWCcjupM
- Lies of the Civilized
- Fried to Death
- 1008 Pints of Death (...)
- Bubonic Plague
- Sodomized
- Sentenced intro
- Sentenced to the Cross
- Morbid Ways to Die

Now it was getting time for some bands none of us had seen before. To begin with Galvanizer from Finland. The band played some really cool OSSDM and the first crowdsurfer was noted ;) Bram liked it so much he bought Stip and himself a Galvanizer pin and a shirt. Stip pinned it to his denim and said ‘finally a pin of a band nobody knows of’ :) and be happy with it. https://youtu.be/2dwNZ433HFc excellent opener of that YT hihi. Next up was Italian Ekpyrosis. The band mixed a lot of Morbid Angel with a lot of Krisiun, so I don’t think it’s all that original. But some people liked it, so be it. We got out for the ‘real festival foods’, namely fries, fricandellen, simple burgers and bami-discs. I had to eat, as last year’s night experience wasn’t that friendly to my stomach. That Slaughterday played too slow wasn’t helping either. Now, the band that always had been given top marks by Aardschok but always minor marks by me: DeadHead. The Kampen band is much more a Kreator-rip off than a Kreator tribute and I only recognized one song. Kudos to the Bodyfarm merch the guys wore, but I was underimpressed. Again. Was that the Aardschok favorite deaththrash band ever? Uhm, no.

It was getting dark and time for Decaying. The French band made friends, that can be said. The überheavy, grinding death metal was like a trip through memory lane featuring sounds by Bolt Thrower, visions of Benediction and a Grave feel. Here you can see John dB and Big Peter having a good time: https://youtu.be/1hfs9KF6O3Y Burial also felt good. After a few let down bands (Ek, Sday, DH) they helped me save the day even more. They played nearly the same set as last year, but with a little more fire. I think they played nearly the entire Relinquished Souls album! The band themselves were thrilled to be invited again: https://youtu.be/ZctZTcY0Z9U

Cancer was, as said, headlining today. We soon made eye contact with Ian and John seemed to have finally awoken by the coffee ;) The band went in like a disease on famished youngsters. Not that the overall age on Schoonebeek was juvenile, not by far. The audience freaked out to an excellent sound and with minor lights I also went over my head. The set list was a prey for the girl next to us, but I have a picture:
- Witch Hunt
- Into the Acid
- Die Die / Tasteless Incest medley
- Down the Steps
- To the Gory End
- Bloodbath
- Garotte
- Burning Casket
- Hung Drawn & Quartered
- Dethroned Emperor

Such a killer set! Cancer thrilled! Cancer beat us! It was great! Pity the bouncers did everything to get everybody off so soon, I wouldn’t have minded to make this last longer. But for Alwin R it clearly had been long enough. He was so distraught/drunk he kept moaning ‘where’s Maja?’, ‘I need Maja’, we asked ‘where is she then?’ “In the car, all alone, I want Maja” ‘Where’s the car?’ “Somewhere, somewhere there”. Stip and me did not have much choice than to grab Alwin, who we nicknamed Willie by now ;) throw him in my beloved VW Golf Mk II diesel and tour Schoonebeek for a grey Punto or Vito. Uhm, that’s quite a different car ;) We even got as far as friggin'Klazienaveen and still no grey car. No Vito, no Punto. Coming back to the bus stop near De Boo Wanda and Bram had found the grey Vito (not Punto :) ) and Maja! It turned out their company car was only 20 m away from the exit… In the cabin we still laughed about Willie, who can’t do shite without Maja, on TV nor on a festival.

Breakfast at Camping Emmen meant eggs and ham and LOADS of coffee. I made sure not to forget my refreshment bag (ow, I only brought the slim edition of it HA HA HA) and drove on. No need for Stip to drive today, as I wasn’t so inebriated as last year… but Wanda lost her bag with CDs. Coming to Enkhuizen we were greeted by Joke and Vok (Bram’s parents) who not only made soup and tostis, but also wanted to hear the entire story. Lovely people, thanks a million for such great welcome. Next year’s edition will start October 1st, as the presale already starts. No need for a thought, we go. Cabin ticket, four festival tix, toothbrush and sleepshirt, we’re ready for DEATH METAL.

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