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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:06 pm 

Zodijackyl wrote:
Questionably important:
-Address (you're just going to look it up anyway, right?)
-Phone number (in the year 2015...)

Of these, phone number is probably less important than the address. All bookings and major information can be found by a quick Google search. :)

The Sando in Newtown has changed names to Newtown Social Club. I was going to say that I don't think they really do metal shows anymore but they've confirmed Cryptopsy in September so there you go.

I'll also add another Sydney venue:

The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Road, Marrickville
Pretty good venue but it's in need of some TLC since the infrastructure looks pretty dated. Nevertheless the stage and floor are sizeable and they hold international acts.
The Lions Den wrote:
Just vegan and faggots melo-tech-death for dad's fancy-ass. Fuck!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:41 pm 

CANADA: Ottawa, Ontario

Mavericks and Cafe Deckuf
221 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON
Capacity of 300+
All ages and/or 21+

Cafe Dekcuf and Mavericks are owned by the same people, they're in the same building but Dekcuf is a smaller venue upstairs of Mavericks. Both venues are used together when there're a group of bands playing or there's a festival going.
All ages and 21+ shows for both. Parking is available since it's downtown and there is a Beer Store, grocery store within 2 mins of the venue. The venue books all types of bands (big or small) tours, and all genres of music. Staff's super chill, good bar selection and they recently added a snack bar. The venue isn't open unless there's a show.

1077 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON
Capacity 300
All ages or 21+

House of Targ is a great venue, it is in a basement and they have pinball machines all around and also some old school arcade games. It's run by Ottawa musicians and they have a delicious menu of handmade perogies. Its a nice venue, capacity of 300 give or take. Staff if amazing. Load is is sometimes a bitch cause of the stairs. They book all ages, all genres, and all types of shows. Shows usually start at 9p.m.

If you wanna book a tour or shows in Ottawa, contact me or CHORD Productions.

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:41 am 

tolivetody wrote:
In Jersey, there's Championship Bar & Grill in Trenton. They host a mixture of all genres, but the main focus is Metal and Hardcore. They don't do genre blending too much, with the exception of a Death Metal band on a Thrash show. All in all, very positive experiences with them. They book national acts as well as locals and unknown touring bands. In the last year alone, they've hosted Forbidden, Obituary, Deceased, DRI, among others and are doing Blood Feast next week. Max capacity is about 220, no guardrail, nice and intimate. No monitors, but the way the sound bounces off the wall you really don't need them.

The Cup Complex in Linden is a smaller place than Champs, but does shows for all of the right reasons. Very nice staff, very clean and professional venue. Draw is hit or miss, but it's well worth checking out. Only downfall is the location of the pool table, which is in the middle of the dance floor. However, they make up for it by having a killer jukebox (where else have you seen one with The Godz on it??)

Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City is a bit of an interesting spot. While it's well-run, the area isn't exactly the best. However, the crowd is strong over here, one time was even sold out for a show of all locals.

Out of all listed, Champs is the best of the bunch, but all are definitely worth checking out.

However.....do NOT book at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ!!!!! Not only is it a complete shithole, they steal bands' gear. I have a few horror stories that I had to endure from this venue, but all in all, stay far away from here!!! Also, The Blue Room in Secaucus is run by the some of the same staff as Dingbatz...needless to say, don't book!! Even though it's attached to a strip joint, it's not worth it as the sound sucks, the draw is hardly positive, and you leave feeling worse than you did when you got there.

There's a few others that I'll post up later as I recall them.

Damn man, I love Dingbatz! And the one across the street too, that sucks they got that rep. i really like the sound and the space there.

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:32 am 

There's a pair of interesting venues in Belgium

Large venues (more than 500 people) :

Forest National / Vorst Nationaal - Brussels
208 Victor Rousseau Avenue, 1190 Forest (near Brussels)

Large arena which hosts important music acts, shows or occasionally hosts comedy acts. It has a capacity of about 8000 people. They occasionally host important, musically or scenically, bands like Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Whitesnake, Motorhead, Iron Maiden,... However, it has a quite shitty sound.

Ancienne Belgique Main Hall - Brussels
110 Anspach Blvd, 1000 Brussels

Quite important venue in the country (2000 people capacity). Though it is opened to all kinds of music, many metal bands have played here, like Saxon, Pantera, Type O Negative, Lamb of God, Slayer, Mastodon, In Flames, Amon Amarth,... It also has a very clear sound. Sometimes, for lesser-known bands, the balconies of the hall are closed, and it is converted into the AB Box, which has a capacity of +/- 750 people.

De Vaartkapoen - Brussels
76 School Street, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (near Brussels)

This venue has a very interesting schedule despite the shitty neighbourhood. Hosted acts like Fear Factory, High on Fire, Intronaut, Divine Heresy, Entombed, Neurosis,... Unfortunately, this venue is scheduled for closure in early 2017 due to financial cut-off...

Hof Ter Lo Hall @ Muziekcentrum TRIX - Antwerp
30 Noordersingel, 2140 Borgerhout (near Antwerp)

Located in the TRIX complex and with a capacity of about 800 people, the Hof Ter Lo is THE metal venue in Belgium, with a great sound and organization team (some shows are booked by the Biebob café, others by Heart Break Tunes). Bands that have played here include Kreator, Morbid Angel, Overkill, Iced Earth, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Sodom, Helloween, Ghost, Blind Guardian, Arch Enemy, Ensiferum, Meshuggah,...

Lotto Arena & Sportpaleis - Antwerp
http://www.lotto-arena.be/ https://www.sportpaleis.be/
Schijnpoort Lane, 2170 Merksem (near Antwerp)

The latter is the largest venue of Belgium with approximatively 13000 people. These two very occasionally host metal acts. Lotto Arena most notably hosted the last Unholy Alliance tour in 2008, while the Sportpaleis hosted Rammstein multiple times, and Metallica in 2009.

Muziekodroom Hall - Hasselt
9 Boat Street, 3500 Hasselt

Located in a defunct industrial park, this venue is considered as one of the loudest in the country. The main hall has a capacity of 600 people, and usually hosts hardcore/metalcore acts, but they also hosted Kreator, Bolt Thrower, Dying Fetus, Soilwork, or even Nile.

Vooruit - Ghent
23 St. Peter Street, 9000 Ghent

A legendary hall, opened to all kinds of music, but hosted a lot of great bands back in the day, like Sepultura, Fear Factory, Anthrax, King Diamond, Cradle of Filth, Motorhead, Dio, Paradise Lost, Obituary,... They stopped booking metal shows for a while, but recently they hosted shows of Fear Factory, Soulfly and Sunn O))). Keep an eye on this venue, someday a killer band might play here !

De Mast - Torhout
No website or unknown
2 Industry Lane, 8820 Torhout

900 people capacity venue used by the Biebob organization to host some internationally known bands.

Middle capacity venues (around 150-500 people) :

Biebob - Vosselaar
84, Antwerp Lane, 2350 Vosselaar

THE metal bar of the country. Great sound, great ambiance, great organization and great schedule. Bands that have played here include Annihilator, Kataklysm, Septicflesh, Marduk, Suicidal Angels, Pain of Salvation, Paradise Lost, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad,...

Spirit of 66 - Verviers
16 Martyr Plaza, 4800 Verviers

A very cool heavy/prog-oriented metal club. They hosted Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Angra, Spock's Beard, Pain of Salvation,...

Magasin 4 - Brussels
51B Port Avenue, 1000 Brussels

Very nice club located near the center of Brussels, though they suffer from a major default : they always poorly promote their concerts. A lot of quite unknown extreme metal bands usually play here. Bands that have played here include Massacre, The Black Dahlia Murder, Godflesh, Gorguts, Shining, The Ruins of Beverast, Exhumed,...

De Kreun - Kortrijk
1 Conservatory Square, 8500 Kortrijk

Though opened to all kinds of music, the Alcatraz Metal Festival organization team booked many metal shows here, like Snot, Avatar, Thanatos, Annihilator, Prong, Entombed AD, The Haunted, or even Y&T.

De Klinker - Aarschot
14 Dermevallei, 3200 Aarschot

KavKa - Antwerp
14 Oudaan, 2000 Antwerpen

Club and Bar @ Muziekcentrum TRIX - Antwerp
30 Noordersingel, 2140 Borgerhout (near Antwerp)

The smaller venue located in the Trix, with a capacity of between 150 and 400 people. Hosted concerts of Chimaira, Cynic, A Pale Horse Named Death, 3 Inches of Blood, Suffocation,...

AB Club @ Ancienne Belgique - Brussels
110 Anspach Blvd, 1000 Brussels

Also a smaller hall located in the AB complex. Bands who played here include Animals as Leaders, Skindred, Trivium (on their very first european tour) or Philip Anselmo and the Illegals.

Muziekodroom Club - Hasselt
9 Boat Street, 3500 Hasselt

The small hall of the Muziekodroom, with a capacity of only 150 people. Hosted Melechesh, Vader and Deicide.

Small venues (less than 150 people) :

De Verlichte Geest - Roeselare
23 Midden Lane, 8800 Roeselare

Another very small, but great metal bar, with a very nice organization team. They hosted concerts of Circle II Circle, Angelus Apatrida, Agathocles, Tokyo Blade, Flotsam and Jetsam and sometimes local bands.

The Smile Cafe - Liège
No official website, see their facebook page
16 Celestine Street, 4000 Liège.

One of the few remaining metal cafes in Wallonia. It's very small too, but their schedule is just great. They hosted Nervosa, Nightrage, Merciless Terror, Wolves Den, Merauder just for 5€ ! Even Nervecell played for free here. They also host local bands, but if you book your band here, except to travel your gear on foot, since the cafe is located in the car-free zone of the city...

Theater Tavern - La Louvière
23 Communal Plaza, 7100 La Louvière

This nice cafe hosts the "No Compromise Metal Festival", which included bands like Attic, Crystal Viper or Portrait, but also books show of bands like The Agonist, Officium Triste, No Return and others.

Apache - Charleroi
unknown adress

Biker club which hosts the "Metal Corporation Festival" with local bands, and each metal genre has its day.

Music City - Antwerp
29 Handels Street, 2000 Antwerp

Elpee Cafe - Deinze
56 Station Street, 9800 Deinze

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:39 am 


Traffic Live Club

www.trafficlive.org www.facebook.com/traffic.live/?fref=ts

Via Prenestina 738

Comments: Hosts most of metal/hardcore/punk shows in Rome. A bit far from the city centre but a great place to meet the true metal scene in Rome


www.initroma.com www.facebook.com/initclubroma/?ref=ts&fref=ts&qsefr=1

Via della Stazione Tuscolana

Comments: Placed in near Pigneto area (clubbing centre). Mainly Rock/Stoner gigs but they have some metal acts often.

Black Out Rock Club

www.blackoutrockclub.com www.facebook.com/blackoutrockclub/?fref=ts

Via Casilina 713

Comments: they rarely have proper metal gigs, but it is metal friendly. They have rock/metal dj sets on saturday nights.

Malatempora Pub


Via Dei Volsci 4

Comments: True Metal pub in the heart of San Lorenzo, in the centre of Rome. Sometimes they have matinée gigs.

Underdog's Bar'n'Roll


Via Dei Sabelli 17

Comments: Alternative/Hardcore pub, Metal friendly, in the heart of San Lorenzo, in the centre of Rome. They also sell vinyls and rarities.

Orion Live Club


Viale J.F. Kennedy 52, Ciampino, Roma

Comments: Big venue right outside of Rome. Not only metal gigs, but they host some of the mainstream Metal acts.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:39 pm 

Here's more for Arizona:

Crescent Ballroom - Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Smaller to mid-tier acts; serves food and drink

Joe's Grotto - Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Smaller to mid-tier acts; very metal friendly

Comerica Theater - Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Large acts - all seating

Rebel Lounge - Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Small to mid-tier acts

Rhythm Room - Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Small to mid-tier acts

The Rogue Bar - Scottsdale, Arizona
Comments: Small venue; bar

Club Red - Mesa, Arizona
Comments: Venue for mid-sized bands

Livewire - Scottsdale, Arizona
Comments: Venue for mid-sized mainstream bands

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:23 pm 

Looking at the entries and comments I started digging in my own metal adventures over the years. I didn’t want it to be a nagging ‘venue closed because of… ‘-type of story, but since I first saw a metal band live a heck load of venues disappeared. I think of Troll Hoorn, first location of R17 Grootebroek (Pestilence in 1989, Cannibal Corpse in ‘92…), Simplon Groningen (there was a time when Bolt Thrower played there EVERY year), Blokhut Rotterdam, Nighttown Rotterdam, Kiehool Bergum (Manowar in a basketball field pitch sized venue, later Carcass), De Kade Zaandam, Drieluik Zaandam (Autopsy played there in ’91 but due to a broken down train we never passed Purmerend… :() and many others. I will try to find as much info as I can.
Metal venues:

The most important and famous/infamous venues in Holland are Scum Katwijk, Vera Groningen, Dynamo Eindhoven and Atak Enschede and to some extent, 013 in Tilburg and Effenaar in Eindhoven. Apart from Vera they’ve all been torn down and rebuilt over the years. These venues have helped Holland become metal friendly to a LOT of American and German bands, ranging from Whiplash to Morbid Angel, Assassin to Kreator and Bolt Thrower, Death, Slayer and more.

Dynamo Eindhoven, Catharinaplein 21 Eindhoven http://www.dynamo-eindhoven.nl Venue has one of the best sound systems in the country; there’s some metal show at least once a month. Dynamo has several bars and the food is quite good, can hold up to 350 visitors, with foyer some 150 more. It’s only a six minute walk from Eindhoven Central train station.

Scum Katwijk, Noordduinseweg 3 Katwijk ZH http://www.scumkatwijk.nl There used to be two metal shows a week halfway the eighties (Raven, Kreator, Slayer), but now there are some two metal shows a month. The bigger hall can hold some 300 visitors, it’s connected to a small hall for 100 visitors and has an excellent kitchen. The venue is located at the beach, in Summer there’s a BBQ a week (not all metal ;))

Vera Groningen, Oosterstraat 44 Groningen http://www.vera-groningen.nl This venue used to be the punk and indie capitol of Northern Netherlands, along with Bolwerk Sneek (see below). Nearly every day there’s a band there (performing or practicing), metal usually once a month. Big hall can hold 350 visitors, the basement less than 100. Food is awful, as if veggies need to overpower carnivoristic metalheads? Pfft. Carcass played a legendary show there in 1994 *cool*

Atak Enschede, Willem Wilminkplein 2 Enschede http://www.atak.nl The old venue was literally a bricked-up haystack in the city center of Enschede, but the new venue has a very wide stage, big foyer and a great set of bars. All Grolsch. The venue sometimes cooperates with the Wilmink Theatre for the bigger bookings (Kreator, Cannibal Corpse) for some 750 visitors. Note: in the foyer they served ice cold glass swing tops of Grolsch, which many take into the venue. Glass cuts during the monthly to two-weekly metal shows are inevitable. I haven’t been to the basement hall yet.

Baroeg Rotterdam, Spinozaweg 300 Rotterdam http://www.baroeg.nl Really, really THE underground metal bar/café/venue of the south of Holland. The perfect place for a bigger metal band to do an intimate show with real fanatic death metalheads. Foyer has a bar, the hall doesn’t. Some 350 people fit in and during Hail of Bullets, Dissection or Suffocation, doesn’t matter, these 350 are there and they freak out.

Effenaar Eindhoven, Dommelstraat 2 Eindhoven, http://www.effenaar.nl ; home of Eindhoven Metal Meeting every December and loads of metal shows during the year. Big hall holds 2500 visitors, small one some 500.

013 Tilburg, Veemarktstraat 44 Tilburg, http://www.013.nl one of the biggest pop- en metal venues of Holland, big hall for 3500 visitors and the smaller one for 800. Metal every month, state of the art sound system but awful food. Nowadays home to Netherlands Deathfest in March.

Bolwerk Sneek, Kerkgracht 8 Sneek http://www.hetbolwerk.nl I don’t know much about this venue as I missed quite a lot of bands there... big hall for 450, small hall for 150 visitors, loads of folk(-metal) and ‘regular’ metal about once a month.

Iduna Drachten, Oliemolenstraat 16 Drachten http://www.iduna.nu Big hall for some 250 visitors, small one some 150 (with annoying concrete poles in front of stage). Metal about once a month

Little Devil Tilburg, Stationsstraat 27 Tilburg http://www.littledevil.nl The combination of beer and metal is imminent here. The bar is open nearly every day (‘till late ;)) and the unaesthetic stage for less than 150 has live metal once or twice a week. Really a cool bar, when an extreme death metal band plays on stage, there’s some ancient rock in the bar :) or vice versa ;) and every month they have beer specials.

Paradiso Amsterdam, Weteringschans 6-8 Amsterdam http://www.paradiso.nl One of the most prolific pop-, indie- and metal venues of the country. Somewhere in one of the five halls there’s a band playing every day, but metal is getting more and more scarce lately. Metallica opened their 1984 European tour there, Slayer played there last year, the big hall sold it’s 850 tickets in less than two minutes. Annoying membership fee (for a month *sigh* ), expensive wardrobe but reasonable price for beer: € 5 for a pint.

Melkweg Amsterdam, Lijnbaansgracht 234A Amsterdam, http://www.melkweg.nl Big hall used to have metal every month, varying between Morbid Angel and Paganfests for some 700 headbangers, now there’s more nu stuff and pop music. Last time I went there Exodus played the small hall to pulp for 300 ecstatic thrashers.

The Cave Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 472 Amsterdam, http://www.thecave.nl This is more a metal bar than a metal concert venue, but pretty cool bands played there for some 120 visitors. Near the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Hell’s Angels on the corner, corny.

Doornroosje Nijmegen and Merleyn Nijmegen, http://www.doornroosje.nl two venues under one directive board and one website. Doornroosje is the big venue on Stationsplein 11 and Merleyn is the small one on Hertogstraat 13. Metal once a month, sometimes in Doornroosje, the other month in Merleyn. As they’ve been rebuilt lately I don’t know shit about these venues yet. Merleyn used to be a 200 person venue, associated with FortaRock Festival (pre-party).

Manifesto Hoorn, Holenweg 14C Hoorn, http://www.manifesto-hoorn.nl Difficult what to expect what Manifesto will do metal-wise. The Metal Thursday was no success, but it brought live metal every last Thursday of the month in an intimate setting (tops 30 visitors, mostly local bands) and financiers aren’t really reliving the old days of Kataklysm, Skyclad and Napalm Death anymore. Cover bands and tributes to the big ones (Led Zep, The Doors, Iron Maiden, G’n’R, Metallica, Rammstein) are more frequently than, let’s say, Inhume and Rectal Smegma in two weeks. The venue has a brawl with the Heavy Metal Maniacs Fanclub (and so, the HMM Festival) for some time now, but they brought in the fullest venues lately, up to 400 visitors.

De Buze Steenwijk, Oostwijkstraat 108 Steenwijk http://www.buze.nl The base of Stonehengefestival for over 25 years! As the old venue was about to collapse, there haven’t been much shows last two years. Nowadays the organizer of Stonehengefestival lets visitors in on what he calls coffee concerts on Sunday afternoons, for a taste of metal between the festivals (end of July normally) during the year. The new venue is brand new and therefore I don’t know if it’s any bigger than the old venue was, some 200-250 visitors watched mostly extreme metal throughout the years. Deicide, D.R.I., Immolation, Kutschurft, name them.

Patronaat Haarlem, Zijlsingel 2 Haarlem http://www.patronaat.nl Venue used to have metal at least once every two months, but lately there’s more pop going on there. Big hall can hold 700 visitors, wide stage and reachable bars, but the small hall the bar is situated below the stairs and is crammy. I was one of 200 that saw Vader battling God Dethroned and Severe Torture there, sound was awesome! Shitty places to park all over the city. Easy to get lost, as in the old center all streets look alike… But cool bands played here, Amon Amarth, Death Angel, Bolt Thrower, Exodus, Destruction, Vader [so I've seen Vader in the big AND in the small hall ;)]

Willemeen Arnhem, Willemsplein 1 Arnhem, http://www.willemeen.nl The home of the Geldersch Metal Treffen with the obnoxious habit to try to deafen everybody inside… be it 250 people in the big hall or some 100 in the basement. But seeing Asphyx, Kataklysm and Fleshcrawl there made up for the volume greatly. Jupiler in plastic, Hertog Jan and Palm on bottle, glass everywhere…

De Flux Zaandam, Zuiderkerkstraat 2 Zaandam, http://www.podiumdeflux.nl What’s left of the small hall of Poppodium De Kade is now the only stage that will allow metal in Zaandam, can hold some 150 visitors for monthly metal.

Hedon Zwolle, Burgemeester Drijbersingel (no house number) Zwolle, http://www.hedon-zwolle.nl totally rebuilt and re-amped venue with some 850 visitors; metal once a month, sometimes small local stuff in the bar (for max. 100 people).

Lucky Rijssen, Morsweg 8E Rijssen, http://www.lucky.nl Can it really hold 1200 visitors? Oh yeah, it’s multi-floored. I’ve been there only once and during One Man Army & The Undead Quartet the rigid East Netherlands people nearly pissed off Johan Lindstrand and me. The same night even Henri Sattler got angry for lack of feedback to his band/music. I can be mistaken, I can be misled because of the present Bible Belt there, but during Elsrock festivals in the same village the crowd went nuts.

Gigant Apeldoorn, Nieuwstraat 377 Apeldoorn http://www.gigant.nl/podium/ This venue, up to 350 people, shares the building with a cinema. Don’t look scared if ordinary movie people and metalheads mix once a month at the bar. Homebar of The Lucifer Principle *snigger*

Stairway to Heaven, Mariaplaats 11-12 Utrecht, http://www.stairway.nl The club and restaurant, owned by former metal DJ Henk Westbroek (of https://youtu.be/ElYwUY60UYw fame; he wrote the original version :)) has release parties for instance for the new Iron Maiden-, AC/DC-, Metallica- and Rammstein-albums because Henk still loves some metal even though he was in Dutch (-singing) pop band Het Goede Doel.

Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Tivoli Oudegracht, Tivoli De Helling. Pot pourri of venues all over Utrecht, Vredenburg the biggest (six or seven halls, 1200 visitors, once metal in three months; Epica, Behemoth http://www.tivolivredenburg.nl center Utrecht Vredenburgkade 11 Utrecht), De Helling the smallest (Helling 7 Utrecht, on the outskirts of the city, http://www.dehelling.nl had Suffocation and Nervecell). I don’t know/can’t find if Oudegracht is still in business)

dB’s Utrecht, CAB Rondom 8 Utrecht http://www.dbstudio.nl is a 17-fold practice bin for all kinds of bands, but metal bands play there nearly every Sunday. The venue has a huge bar/foyer but there’s no beer in the hall, for 200 visitors. You have to keep walking if you’re an alcoholic metalhead :/ In Summer metal matinées are combined with BBQ. You have to use the link to really find the route to his venue, but it’s worth it.

Mezz Breda, Keizerstraat 101 Breda, http://www.mezz.nl venue for 650 visitors. One of my metal buddies is the metal programmer for this venue, Macabre played there once, but I have no more info yet.

Neushoorn Leeuwarden, Ruiterskwartier 41 Leeuwarden, http://www.neushoorn.nl Quite new venue, opened after the demise of Poppodium Romein, which held a shitload of metal over the years. Neushoorn has multiple halls, quite varying in size, metal at least once a month. Sometimes cooperating with the theater Schaaf nearby, for the bigger metal events like Kreator + Morbid Angel.

P60 Amstelveen, Winkelcentrum Stadshart Amstelveen, Stadsplein 100a amstelveen, http://www.p60.nl bar, restaurant and concert venue; metal every month at least. Venue had Six Feet Under and loads of female-fronted metal bands, along with Marduk and Legion of the Damned. Filled with some 350 persons.

Het Paard Den Haag, Prinsegracht 12 Den Haag, http://www.paard.nl held Overkill once, but the programming went to much more mainstream lately. Venue can have some 300 visitors.

The region Gooi in the Netherlands used to have a huge extreme metal community, but I have no idea what’s left of De Peppel in Zeist, Cameleon Bussum, Gooisch Podium Hilversum and one venue in Soest.

Victorie Alkmaar, Breedstraat 33 Alkmaar, http://www.podiumvictorie.nl No use to give much information, as there are plans to move this venue to the outskirts of the city, to avoid more noise complaints :o I’ve seen Gorefest, Obituary and The Gathering there, all and all for 250 visitors.

Metropool Hengelo, Industrieplein 10 Hengelo, http://www.metropool.nl As it’s an over 200 km drive I don’t frequent this, but Macabre was pretty cool there. Can hold maybe 300 visitors.

Now some metal venues I only visited once, so I don’t really know if and how often metal plays live there or it’s just a metal bar:

The Garage Bergen Christiesgate 14 Bergen Norway https://www.facebook.com/garagebergen/ really, really cool metal bar with metal basement for some 200 raging Exodus or Dismember fans. The bar above ground has a prominent place in Norwegian (not only black) metal community. If you order coffee you get a stone mug of which you’re expected to bring home, to spread the word. On the mug there are quotes printed of rock- and metal musicians that entered the dressing rooms of the venue.

Restaurant 2112 Göteborg, owned by In Flames members, Magasinsgatan 5 Göteborg Sweden http://www.restaurant2112.com It was closed twice when we walked by, but the metal related burgers seem to be awesome.

Heavy Duty Dresden, Louisenstrasse 28 Dresden http://www.heavyduty-dresden.de/HeavyDu ... /start.htm (site completely in German). Nearly every metal band that ever played in Dresden hangs in this metal bar, on tour poster, signed card, picture, painting or whatever. The bar has a basement for some 150 visitors. +100 beers on bottle, seven days a week metal through the speakers. A museum of metal.

Turock Essen, Viehofer Platz 3 Essen, http://www.turock.de combined with rock café/restaurant Nord, Viehofer Platz 1 Essen has a Metal Friday every week. Kreator members often sit here, as it’s only a couple of minutes walk to Altenessen, Mille and Ventor’s home town. The concert venue holds some 350 visitors, many special gigs happen here.

Stadthalle Lichtenfels, http://www.lichtenfels-city.de/index.php?id=0,13 the infamous Way of Darkness festival was held there, there were plenty of metal shows there but I have no idea if that’s still the case.

Treffpunkt 13drei Emsdetten, Grevener Damm 133 Emsdetten http://www.13drei.de holds the The Storm is Coming festival, but it’s no more than a municipal youth hall in a small town. Fleshcrawl killed them ;)

Hypothalamus.de Rheine, Auf dem Thie 13 Rheine http://www.hypothalamus.de usually a discotheque, but when the Death Metal Birthday happens, it’s a mayhem inside and out. Venue for 150 visitors.

Live Club Bamberg, Bahnhofplatz 2 Bamberg, http://www.posthalle.de home of the Torture Editions of the Hell Inside festival. Cool venue to hang around, once in a while a metal tour or festival stops in Bamberg, but they run out of beer way too early in the night…

Schlachthof Aurich, Breiterweg 24 Aurich, http://okja-aurich.de/jugendzentrum_schlachthof/ Youth centre and antifa stronghold for some 200 visitors. Has a Schlachtfest every six months, only devoted to oldschool death metal.

Exzellenzhaus Trier, Zurmaienerstrasse 114 Trier, http://exhaus.de/kategorisch/exzellenzhaus/ metal in two venues that used to be an orphanage or monastery. Metal every month, more Death Shall Rise festivals in the future. Loads of OSDM.

Munich and Berlin have so many venues it’s hard to pick out the metal venues. If you look at a pile of European tour shirts there’s nearly always a different venue in both cities.

Rockcafé Sodom, Jaminestraat 18 Tongeren, https://nl-nl.facebook.com/pages/Rockca ... 5673432120 cool rock café with huge Ozzy-, King Diamond-, Alice Cooper- and Angus-paintings on the walls and sometimes a band.

Biebob Vosselaar already mentioned in this thread. Only time I got there can be seen on the Novella Reservoir DVD by November’s Doom ;)

The Bull and Gate Bar / HMV Forums. The Bull and Gate bar was the gathering point for Boltfest, HMV forums the concert venue.
Electric Ballroom Bloodbath. Ancient bands played there for 3 quid, if you believe the posters ;)

I agree on what’s said on The Ottobar in Baltimore MD, pity the old Sonar shut down. I never felt welcome in the Ram’s Head, but the Soundstage held me well.

Revolution Fort Lauderdale FL (Amon Amarth 2014)
The Wonderland Bar Richmond VA pretty cool horror-themed bar, they play all kinds of metal, one album at the time ;) No idea if bands play there, members of Lamb of God and Municipal Waste frequent the bar


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Is the original post still being maintained? Or how does it work exactly? I noticed a lot of frequent metal venues missing from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada entry and was gonna provide some info if it was helpful at all. Is it helpful at all to provide the info or is the guide kind of dead?

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I thought I could shed a bit of light on a few places from tour experience and it seems that there are no posts about my home state of NC so I'll throw out a few places here. Sorry if some of these places have been mentioned already, I've tried reading every post but I can't remember exactly what was posted and what wasn't. If I leave out anything major take note that I'm only posting places that I have played or at least been to several times.


The Oddatorium - Asheville NC
Very small venue but also very well run. Only goes through good promoters and treats bands well. Lots of punk, metal, alternative, and folk shows with other events like freak shows, magic shows, and anything avant garde. Doubles as an art gallery for strange stuff. Highly recommended. Expect mostly local and mid level touring acts with the occasional larger band. I have played with Toxic Holocaust there and that is likely the largest band I've seen play there.

The Mothlight - Asheville NC
Medium sized venue perfect for mid to larger metal bands. I've played there with bands such as Skeletonwitch, Iron Reagan, and Oathbreaker so expect to see bands along those lines. They have lots of mixed genre shows and doesn't specifically cater to metal although there are usually around 1 to 3 metal shows there per month.

The Orange Peel - Asheville NC
Larger venue but not huge. They occasionally have smaller local shows but this is uncommon and the venue mostly caters to larger international touring acts. Expect to see bands like Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Carcass, Deafheaven, and bands around that level. I've never played there but they have a professional reputation and are known to treat bands well.

Static Age Records - Asheville NC
Tiny record shop that also puts on shows out of a back room. Great spot for a low-key small show but also caters to larger bands due to the atmosphere and how well run it is. I've played with Wolvhammer there and they have hosted acts in the past such as Skeletonwitch but they mostly cater to smaller local or regional touring bands. Between sets you can browse through one of the best metal and punk selections in the state.

The Milestone - Charlotte NC
Small venue but huge historical legacy. The venue has been there since the 60s and in the 80s it became a hotspot for the hardcore punk scene. The graffiti on the walls includes signatures from legendary acts such as Bad Brains, Motorhead, DOA, and many more. The walls alone could be in a museum! Expect mostly punk shows with a lot of thrash and crossover bands and the occasional black or death act.

The Maywood - Raleigh NC
Small to medium sized venue that mostly caters to all genres of metal. Expect to see local and touring bands but nothing too crazy. "Mid level" bands at best. Well run place with a great atmosphere.

Slim's Downtown - Raleigh NC
I can't say much on this one as I've never played there or been there, however, I will be playing there on tour at the start of next month so I'll come back and edit this to reflect my experience. I've heard lots of good things though.

New York Pizza - Greensboro NC
Small venue for mostly local bands. Pizza shop by day, punk and metal club by night! I was skeptical the first time I played there but walked in and immediately felt at home. They host quite a few black metal shows, possibly the only pizza shop to do so haha. As for the pizza... go to the other pizza place across the street instead.

Cabin of Eternal Despair - Saxapahaw NC
No link, sorry. Google it to find events.
Top notch house venue that is literally in the middle of nowhere between Chapel Hill and, well, bum fuck Egypt. Expect lots of underground black metal! The house is a very old cabin but the interior feels like the perfect little black metal sanctuary. The best I have is a pic of the house.
Spoiler: show


Ground Zero - Spartanburg SC
Medium to Large sized venue with a diverse profile of shows but mostly metal or rock. The venue has seen better days but is still putting up larger bands. Expect anything ranging from small local shows to international touring bands. I've played there with 1349, Venom inc, Necrophagia, Wolvhammer, Origin, and a plethora of local bands. There are some downsides to this venue including some not so skilled sound techs and shows can be poorly promoted or run. They often try to fit as many bands on the bill as they can and like to add last minute additions to shows which causes people to leave before the headliner plays. The Venom inc show was booked as 5 bands but ended up as 7 at the last minute because two deathcore bands each paid over $600 to get on the bill and our set was cut 10 minutes short because of this!

Gotrocks - Greenville SC
Small bar/venue that caters to anything on the rock spectrum. Good vibes and well run! Not much to say about this one except that they do their job well. Don't expect any big touring bands but if your looking for a low key night of live music and drinks in Greenville then this is the spot.

New Brookland Tavern - Columbia SC
Small venue with lots of metal and punk shows. Runs like a well oiled machine and caters to local to mid level touring acts with the occasional larger band. Good atmosphere and cool people. Totally worth checking out.

Sludge Gutter - Columbia SC
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Slud ... 5594447260
Tiny house venue but run by some pretty cool locals. Expect small local and regional touring bands. And if it is summer, expect to roast to death in the southern heat in a stuffy garage haha. Apart from that the shows there are very intimate and very fun!


The Hideaway - Johnson City TN
Small to medium sized venue with lots of killer metal shows from local and medium to larger touring acts. The owner, Tarvo, has lots of positive connections with members of bands all over the country and despite the small size and location in a tiny city nobody knows about, it still attracts bands like Skeletonwitch, Goatwhore, and bands on that level.

The Pilot Light - Knoxville TN
https://www.facebook.com/The-Pilot-Ligh ... 168879670/
Small venue but in a good location and well run. Attracts local to medium level touring bands. Expect a lot of black metal and death metal shows.


529 - Atlanta GA
My favorite ATL venue to play. I've played at this venue a number of times and had a blast every single time! I won't go into detail but it has the best green room ever. The stage is well setup and the venue is small but still big enough to fit a good sized crowd. The only downside is that it gets hot as hell there, but hey, it is hotlanta! Great local shows and plenty of touring bands go through this venue so keep a watch on shows here, I'll be playing there soon on April 28th as a stop on tour.

The Basement - Atlanta GA
Another solid spot and it is only a couple hundred feet away from 529. Great venue for smaller shows but not very well equipped to handle larger acts. There is a pretty sweet game room in the back which is great for killing time between bands. I would say that I don't like it as much as 529 but it certainly has its own charm.


Coppertop Bar & Grill - Huntsville AL
https://www.facebook.com/Copper-Top-Div ... 636139621/
Okay, I have been pretty critical of these places on the good and the bad but this time its pretty much all bad. I'm not one to trash a place unless it deserves it but... this place! So for starters the venue lied about payout and only gave us a fraction of what was promised (6 hour drive for $30 that we talked them up to from $20). The place is run as a cheap bar with no space for bands to play but tries to fit them anyways, the result is being crunched up in the corner playing for 5 people while the rest of the people don't even want to see a band in the first place! Ohh, and I've never seen so much racism crammed into one small place before.

Syndicate Lounge - Birmingham AL
On a much more positive note this is a small venue that is pretty awesome! The only downside is that load-in requires moving equipment up a fire escape. The place is very well run and the metal shows are booked by the local NYDM chapter so all the bands are taken care of really well. Great atmosphere and good people!

The Nick Rocks - Birmingham AL
Another top notch spot in Birmingham. You know your at the Nick when you see that huge American flag above the stage that is half the size of Texas. Great spot for shows but also in a bit of a sketchy part of town so don't wander off alone at night. Great crowd of people there and one of the top spots for live music in Alabama. It can get hot as hell inside though, and going outside to cool off won't help either! I'm biased since anything above 60 degrees is too hot for my grim and frostbitten soul.


25 Watt - Richmond VA
Small venue in a great location on 18th street. I've played here a few times and enjoyed myself quite a bit. There are some instances of poorly promoted shows but that doesn't necessarily fall on the venue itself. Plenty of stuff to do in the area between bands and the venue is very intimate. Don't expect huge touring acts but lots of bands pass through here so keep an eye out. Downside for bands is that there is no stage and the setup of the venue has led to some equipment damage in the past when a pit breaks out so if you are playing there keep this in mind!

Gallery5 - Richmond VA
Art gallery that also puts on shows. I have yet to play here but I will be doing so on tour on May 7th so I'll post more afterwards.

RiffHouse Pub - Chesapeake VA
Small bar in the Virginia Beach area. Mostly local and small touring acts. This venue is fine for small bands but not well suited to any larger acts. I've only played there once and the turnout was low.

Golden Pony - Harrisonburg VA
Mid sized bar but well run with a very nice setup; bar and restaurant upstairs and venue downstairs. I played here during the MACROCK fest last year which was a pretty cool multi genre fest split into different venues across the town. The only downside was that the bathroom situation was not adequate when the venue is fully packed. Larger bands can play here but should probably only do so during a fest or else the local population is just too small to justify bring in bigger bands. We played with Horrendous that night along with a number of other well established regional bands.


The Windup Space - Baltimore MD
Wonderful mid sized venue in the heart of Baltimore that caters to all kinds of shows. Despite its inner city location the load-in was pretty easy going and nearby street parking was available. This venue is home to my all time favorite stage (see attached pic) as well as it looks just like the black lodge from Twin Peaks and the whole venue has a kind of Twin Peaks vibe to it.
Spoiler: show

Raw Ink Live - Gaithersburg MD
Another one I can't speak for until I play on the upcoming tour on May 5th. It does seem to have great reviews though! Tattoo studio that puts on live shows.


Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia PA
Same story, I'll post more after playing here on May 6th. Seems like one of the top spots in Philly though so I'm looking forward to it.


Championship Bar & Music Club - Trenton NJ
The good, the place has one of the coolest setups for an underground club with tons of cool graffiti on the walls. The bad, poorly run. Plain and simple! This was booked as a last minute stop on a tour last year after a date in Philly fell through so we took what we could get. The payout system is incredibly unfair to bands as the venue won't pay the band unless they make at least $450 off the door first and after that it is still only a small percent of door money. To top it off the venue is in a back room and people only have to pay to get to this room and not into the venue itself and most people just sat outside that room watching bands from outside without paying. Fuckin' Jersey! JK, I actually enjoy Jersey despite not being able to pump my own gas lol.

On a side note it looks like people in the thread have had good experiences with Champs so maybe I had bad night or went through a bad promoter. It was booked through a tour manager last minute like I said so who knows?


Fat Baby - Manhattan
https://www.facebook.com/FAT-BABY-NYC-3 ... 8321877534
Small but pretty sweet little spot in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Load-in for bands is a living nightmare but that is the same story anywhere in the main city so I won't count off for that, however, all of the gear has to come down a narrow set of stairs so that kinda sucked, particularly when unloading back up the stairs. The venue is split between a typical NYC night club upstairs and a metal/punk venue in the basement. Location is key here as it is 2 blocks from where CBGB's used to be and the area has no shortage of people or cheap food (a must for touring bands).


Best Friend Bar - Lexington KY
Small bar but really packs out as the night goes on. Expect LATE nights here with shows starting around 11pm to midnight and going to 2 or 3 in the morning. Crazy stuff can go down like grindcore bands in their underwear dousing themselves in beer on tables.

Green Lantern - Lexington KY
https://www.facebook.com/The-Green-Lant ... 498351037/
Small spot built in an old Chinese restaurant. Really solid spot with great crowds and lots of underground black and death shows. Space can be a bit of an issue but not enough to detract from how sick this place is.


5th Quarter Lounge - Indianapolis IN
This is a medium size spot on the outskirts of Indy that is pretty fascinating as far as venues go. It is located below a basketball court and the bathrooms are also the locker rooms for said court so you get a neat mix of people wearing sports gear and metal shirts haha. The venue itself is kinda plain but also really well run with great sound and a nice sized stage. Expect mid level bands and plenty of locals as well


Cobra Lounge - Chicago IL
Mid sized venue in the middle of Chicago but far enough west of downtown to have good parking. The venue has a really nice setup and great amenities upstairs for bands including rooftop access from the fire escape to the top of a 4 or 5 story building with a full view of the Chicago skyline. The sound is top notch and the venue is very professional! Who could hate a venue with a view like this?
Spoiler: show
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Norrmania wrote:
Is the original post still being maintained? Or how does it work exactly? I noticed a lot of frequent metal venues missing from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada entry and was gonna provide some info if it was helpful at all. Is it helpful at all to provide the info or is the guide kind of dead?

Nope, I haven't been up to it. If anyone else wants to take over, I can share the spreadsheet of venues that I had.

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Zodijackyl wrote:
Many thanks to the Shutdown for his assistance and wizardry used to bless this mess and turn it into a properly-formatted compendium rather than an eyesore full of disorganized information.


Blue Nile - Harrisonburg, Virginia

Crayola House - Harrisonburg, Virginia

Strange Matter - Richmond, Virginia

Empire (Jaxx) - West Springfield, Virginia

Update on Virginia

Blue Nile closed down a couple years ago and it has become The Golden Pony. http://www.goldenponyva.com/
Good shit has come through since the new establishment like Goatwhore, Crowbar, Pentagram, The Obsessed, Bang.. to name a few. Bands that have played the Blue Nile numerous times still do like Inter Arma, Battlemater, Earthling, Yautja, Triac, etc.

Crayola house has been dumb since me and my pals moved out in 2012. put some cool shows together there over the past few years but it's dumb and generally a no go.

Broadberry in Richmond has some cool shit. Saw Carcass Obituary Exumed Noisem there a year ish ago.


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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sister Bar

The Launchpad

Moonlight Longue

El Rey Theater

Sunshine Theater

The Co-OP
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I know a few places that I have not seen mentioned in Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin but I'll start by seconding the mention of Cobra Lounge in Chicago. Not only is it a good venue but they had a good bar selection and good food when I was there (which was a few years ago at this point, so grain of salt).

Florida -

The Haven (Orlando)
6700 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792

The Haven is a dive bar aimed at metalheads. It's great to chill with some metalheads when in Orlando - which is not a very metal town, otherwise. The venue is pretty small, which has its advantages, but the sound is not great in my experience.

Illinois -

Reggie's Rock Club (Chicago)
2105 S State St, Chicago, IL

This place is awesome! They have two show spaces: one for small bar gigs and one large enough for most underground heroes (e.g., I've seen Destruction, D.R.I., Exodus, Inquisition, you name it here). The sound is very good. They also have a rooftop bar and an attached record store. They cater not just to metalheads but to all kinds of hard rock and rap shows but they definitely have some excellent metal tours that go through here. I cannot recommend this venue enough!

Wisconsin -

Cactus Club (Milwaukee)
2496 S Wentworth Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Milwaukee tends to get skipped by many underground tours but when they do stop there, a lot of good underground bands tend to hit Cactus club. Like most Milwaukee venues and bars, they have an excellent beer selection.

Club Garibaldi
2501 S Superior St, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Right around the corner from the Cactus Club, Club Garibaldi sometimes books the same sort of underground acts. Garibaldi is definitely a dive bar but one cool thing about seeing bands here is that there is no backstage, which means that it's easy to catch musicians and grab a beer with them when they're not playing.

The Rave/Eagles Club
2401 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233

This venue is really more like 4-5 different concert spaces, all different sizes, some of which have decent sound and others of which sound like absolute garbage. They give away free tickets all the time, which is cool, but their beer prices are so expensive that it's obvious they're not making money on tickets. Honestly, this is a notoriously shitty venue and corporate as fuck but they tend to book all the major bands that come through Milwaukee (e.g., Slayer, Mastodon, King Diamond, Overkill) so if you're in the Milwaukee area for any period of time, you're probably going to want to see a show here at some point. Just plan on drinking elsewhere and you'll be fine.

Shank Hall
1434 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

This is a small venue with decent sound but that is clearly not very well run. There's no box office so you're generally gonna be stuck buying tickets online or at the door but, since the venue does next to no promotion of their shows, they're generally not sold out and you can probably get tickets at the door cheaper than online. Be forewarned, as well, that there is next to no good parking nearby so allow time to find city parking and walk a ways if you're coming by car. You might be wondering why it's worth the headache: Well, every once in a while they tend to book some really good old-school metal which you can catch here without the crowds, in a small venue, and with good sound. (For example, I saw a really good Fates Warning show here on their tour this year.)

Maybe later I'll mention some more Chicago venues - there are A TON of good venues in Chicago. However, that's all I have time for at the moment. Hope this is helpful!

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Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR
Smaller lounge and club with local metal and smaller tours(e.x. Unleash the Archers, Uada)

Bossanova Ballroom
722 East Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503.206.7630
Email: Info@BossanovaBallroom.com
Medium-sized venue with fair amount of multi-band metal tours
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In Arkansas, the best place for a metal band to play is hands down the Revolution Music Room. If its on a Zakk Wylde level though, The Metroplex. All other places like Vino's and are small scale and risky of not many people showing up. But Rev Room always puts a good band combination to get a good turnout and the stage, sound system, and crowd area is phenomenal.

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Nebraska, Omaha area,

Lookout Lounge
Sokol Hall
The Waiting Room

The Underworld (facebook page)

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The Rock Box in Houston is pretty rad. Good sound, chill staff, and there’s a Hispanic couple cooking up and serving burgers and Gorditas on the patio whenever I’m there.

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Fredericksburg, VA

The Recreation Center FXBG

KC's Music Alley

Bullhead City, AZ

Lazy Harry's Bar and Grill

San Diego, CA

Brick By Brick
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