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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:27 pm 

5 CDs from the list below for £19.99 UK Delivered without cases. £24.99 Delivered Rest of World without cases. Will be packaged in plastic wallets protected against cardboard.

All in good to very good to new condition mostly very good / new.

If interested please email - darknessshaderecords@googlemail.com

PayPal is accepted.

First come first serve some good CDs to be had here for a very good price indeed!

!T.O.O.H.! - Order and Punishment CD
A.C. aka Anal Cunt - It Just Gets Worse CD Grindcore
Abgott Fizala CD Italian Black Metal
Abigail The Lord of Satan CD Japanese Black Metal
Abscess - Through the Cracks of Death CD
Adversus Semita - The Ecstasy of Sin CD
Air Raid - Danger Ahead CD
Alkoholizer - Drunk or Dead... CD
Arcanus Tenebrae - Odium in Homines CD
Astarot - Raw Sensation of Nostalgia and Nihilistic CD
Balrog - Bestial Satanic Terror CD
Battalion - Welcome to the Warzone CD
Battalion - Winter Campaign CD
Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare CD
Black Witchery - Upheaval of Satanic Might CD
Blodfest - Lejres Fald CD
Blood Storm ?– Pestilence From The Dragonstar CD
Bloodstained Dusk ‎– Dirge Of Death's Silence CD
Bustum - Demonolosophy CD
Cardiac Arrest - Cadaverous Presence CD
Cardinal Sin Resurrection Compilation CD Thrash Metal
Carnyx ‎– Leaving Reason CD
Catastrophic The Cleansing CD Metal Blade Records
Celestial Bloodshed ‎– Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed CD
Christian Death ‎– Born Again Anti Christian CD
Dark Fortress - Profane Genocidal Creations CD
Dark Fortress - Tales from Eternal Dusk CD
Dawnfall - Drei Raume CD
Deceased As the Weird Travel On CD
Demonic Forest - Frost Strenght CD
Devil-May-Care - Awe CD
Devilish Impressions - Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon CD
Dew-Scented Immortelle CD 1996 German Thrash / Death Metal
Durthang - Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation CD
Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition CD US Death Metal
Dying Fetus Stop at Nothing CD US Death Metal
Eat the Living - Braaiiins CD
Eidolon Nightmare World CD 2000 Metal Blade Records Power
Emptiness Soul - "Emptiness" CD
Forest Silence - Philosophy of Winter CD
Gnaw Their Tongues - All the Dread Magnificence of Perversity CD
Godless Rising - Rising Hatred CD
Hades $avior$elf CD 1999 Metal Blade Records Power Metal
Hades The Downside CD 2000 Metal Blade Records Power Metal
Harvist - Lightning Storm in the Veins... CD
Harvist ‎– A Gleam In The Night CD
Hecate Enthroned ‎– Dark Requiems...And Unsilent Massacre CD
Heimat - Heem CD
Hellveto - Autumnal Night CD
Hellveto - Galeon and Hellveto CD
Hellveto - Medieval Scream CD
Hellveto - Visions from the Past / Stony Fathers of Winter CD
Hellveto - Zmierzch CD
Hellveto / Forestdome / Phorcys - When the River of Hate Tears Floods CD
Hirax Assassins of War / The New Age of Terror CD
Hirax Not Dead Yet CD Classic Crossover Thrash Metal
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse - Dancing Demons in the Grey-Lit Glade CD
Impaled Nazarene - Manifest CD
Isenburg - Erzgebirge CD
Keep of Kalessin - Armada CD
Kvell - Anti-Religion CD
Labyrinth Sons of Thunder CD 2001 Italian Power Metal
Machinochrist ‎– Escape From Woolwich Arsenal CD
Maniac Butcher Masakr CD Czech Black Metal
Manowar Sign of the Hammer CD US Heavy/Power Metal
Mystagog - ...of Old CD
Nasty Savage ‎– Wage Of Mayhem CD
Necrofrost ‎– In A Misty Soar And On Its Swampy Floor CD
Neftaraka / Astarot / Du Temps Perdu / Lux Funestus - Humo, cenizas y muerte... CD
Nekrasov - Extinction CD
Nemesis Irae - Blasphemy - Desecration - Satanic Supremacy - Misanthropy CD
Nihil Obstat - Inherited Primitive Behaviors CD
NunSlaughter / Spawn Of Satan, The ‎– Fuck The Posers CD
Pagan Rites - Hellcome Back from Hell CD
Pest - Rest in Morbid Darkness CD
Pestilential Shadows - Cursed CD
Pestis - Yersinia Pestis CD
Profanatica - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God CD
Profanatica Profanatitas De Domonatia CD Hells Headbanger
Putrid Inbred - Scavenger CD
Pyha - Burn the naked grape vine CD
Retch - Ben-Wa Baby Heads CD
Rossomahaar ‎– Imperium Tenebrarum CD
Sad ‎– Total Nothingness CD
Selbstmord Dawn of a New Era CD Polish Black Metal
Selbstmord Some Day the Whole World... CD Polish Black Metal
Steel Attack Where Mankind Fails CD 1999 Swedish Power Metal
Sterbenzeit - Werdet leiden CD
Subway to Sally - Nackt CD
Subway to Sally - Nord Nord Ost CD
Suicidal Anorexia - MHIIMB|MSBFAR CD
Svarga ‎– Символ Волі CD
The Downspiral to Hell - The Advent of Neurosis CD
Thunderhead - Killing with Style CD (SIGNED)
Thunderhead - Ugly Side CD
Thus Defiled ‎– Daemonspawn CD
Thus Defiled ‎– Weeping Holocaust Tears CD
Trou Noir - Echoes in Black Holes CD
Tudor Ultra Black Metal CD Nuclear War Now!
Urto - Upside Down CD
Vargsang - Call of the Nightwolves CD
Velimor (Велимор) - Во славу Рода! CD
Velimor (Велимор) ‎– Наследие (Ancestry) CD
Watain - Rabid Death's Curse CD
Woods of Infinity - Hopplös Väntan CD
Woods of Infinity - Ljuset CD
Wurm - Insomnies CD
Zelfhaat - Van Jammerklacht en Wanhoopsgeschrei CD
Zombie Death Stench - Here I Die...Zombified CD
Darkness Shade Records

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:01 pm 

Email sent.
Carma / Everto Signum / Nekromorphine / Infected Minds

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