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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:51 pm 

Here's the actual list. 6$ by cd, not including shipping. I take paypal. You can send me a message by e-mail : slave_to_negativity@hotmail.com For those who did write to me but didn't get an answer, I was doing a big update about what I still have left.
20.SV – Acid Vomit.Human Genocide
20.SV – Insect
Ablaze in Hatred – The Quietude Plains
Aeternam – Disciple of the Unseen
Ahab – The Divinity of Ocean
Akercocke – Antichrist
Amon Amarth – The Avenger
Amon Amarth – The Crusher
Anaal Nathrakh – The Codex Necro
Anaal Natrakh – In the Constellation of the Black Widow
Anathema – The Silent Enigma
Angmar – Metamorphosis
Animus – Hallucinations : Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand and Cloude of Dust
Animus – Poems for the Aching, Sword for the Infuriated
Anorexia Nervosa – New Obscurantis Order
Arkona - Revival
As Light Dies – A Step Through Reflection
Asmegin – Arv
Ataraxie – Anhédonie
Athos – Crossing the River of Charon
Au Sacre des Nuits – Anti-humain
Augury – Fragmentary Evidence
Austere – Withering Illusions and Desolation
Austere/Larynx – Only the Wind Remember
Autumn Tears – Eclipse
Autumn Tears – The Hallowing
Avulsed – Gorespaterred Suicide
Bann – Aeschatologia
Beatrik – Journey through the End of Life
Beatrik – Requiem of December
Behemoth – Return of the Northern Moon LP
Behemoth – And the Forest Dream Eternally
Behemoth – Satanica
Behemoth – The Apostasy
Belphegor – Goatreich – Fleshcult
Belphegor – Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn
Benighted in Sodom - Plague Overlord
Benighted in Sodom – In Hora Maledictus Part I
Benighted in Sodom – Dismal Ethereality : Stellar Celestial Void
Benighted in Sodom - Plateau E : The Harrowing
Bethlehem – Dictius Te Necare
Black Jade – Of Forest and Fire...
Black Lotus – Harvest of Seasons
Blackwind – Demain, l’Apocalypse
Blood of Kingu – De Occulta Philosophia
Borknagar – The Olden Domain
Borknagar – Quintessence
Brume d’Automne – Fier et Victorieux
Carrion Wraith – S/T
Catamenia – Chaos Born
Catamenia – Location : COLD
Chasse-Galerie/Hiverna – L’Aube Septentrionale
Chasse-Galerie - Manifeste
Chthnonic – Seediq Bale
Common Grave – Il Male Di Vivere
Corpus Christii – Rising
Cradle of Filth – Cruelty and the Beast
Crepuscule - Neant
Crystalium – Diktat Omega
Crystalium – Doxa O Revelation
Csejthe - Transcendance
Cult of Luna – Somewhere Along the Highway
Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom
Dark Lunacy – Devoid
Dark Tranquillity – The Gallery
Dark Tranquillity – Damage DoneDarkspace – III
Daylight Dies – Dismantling Devotion
Daylight Dies – Lost in the Living
Deathoriation – No Mercy for the Weak
Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Deathspell Omega – Chaining the Eschaton
Deeds of Flesh – Of What’s to Come
Deicide – The Stench of Redemption
Descend into Nothingness – Darkened Reality
Descend into Nothingness – Empowerment of the Opressed
Diagnose : Lebensgefahr – S/T
Dictator – Dysangelist
Dimmu Borgir – For All Tid
Dimmu Borgir - Stromblast
Drowning the Light – An Alignment of Dead Stars
Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Emperor – IX Equilibrium
Enid – Abschiedsreigen
Ensepulchred – The Night our Ritual Blackened the Sky
Equilibrium – Sagas
Esoteric – Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum
Ether – Depraved, Repressed, Feelings
Eucharist – Mirrorworlds
Fejd – Storm
Finsterforst – Weltenkraft
Finsterforst – Zum Tod Hin
A Forest of Stars – The Corpse of Rebirth
Forgotten Tomb – Song to Leave
Forgotten Tomb – Love Burials Ground
Forgotten Tomb – Negative Megalomania
Forgotten Wood – Race of Cain
Forteresse – Les Hivers de notre Époque
Forteresse - Par Haut Bois et Vaste Plaine
Fragments of Sentience – Hiatus
Fuck the Facts – Stigmata High-Five
Funeral Mist – Devilry
Funeral Mist – Maranatha
Funeral Mourning – Drown In Solitude
Funeralium – S/T
Gnaw their Tongues – Reeking Pain and Shuddering
Gruntsplatter – The Death Fires
Handful of Hate – You Will Bleed
Hands of Despair – Her
Hantaoma – Malombra
Hate – Anaclasis
Hate – Morphosis
Hate Eternal – King of all King
Hellveto – Zemsta
Himinbjorg – The Haunted Shores
Hiverna – Hiver, Nostalgie et Amertume
Hyatari – The Light Carriers
Hypocrisy – Virus
Hypocrisy – A Taste of Extreme Divinity
I Shalt Become – Wanderings
I Shalt Become – Requiem
Ihsahn – Angl
Imindain – And the Livings Shall Envy the Dead
Immolation – Harnessing Ruins
Immolation – Shadows in the Light
In Vain - Mantra
Inborn Suffering – Wordless Hope
Isengard – Vinterskugge
Isis – Panopticon
Jesu – Jesu
Job for a Cowboy – Doom
Job for a Cowboy – Ruination
Job for a Cowboy - Demonocracy
Kalte Traurigket – Equilibrium
Karl Sanders – Saurian Exorcism
Keen of the Crow – Hyborea
Khlyst – Chaos is my Name
The Knell – Harm
Korpiklaani – Tales Among the Road
Krohm – A World Through Dead Eyes
Leviathan/Xasthur – Split
Limbonic Art – A Legacy of Evil
Longing for Dawn – One Lonely Path
Longing for Dawn – A Treacherous Ascension
Longing for Dawn – Between Elation and Despair
Loss – Life Without Hope Death Without Reason
Loss/Mournful Congregation/Orthodox/Otesanek – Four Burials
Lux Divina – From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood
Ludicra – Fex Urbis Lex Orbis
Lifelover – Dekadens
Lurker of Chalice – S/T
Lunar Aurora – Andacht
Lunar Aurora – Mond
Lunar Aurora – Ars Moriandi
Lunar Aurora - Zyklus
Make a Change…Kill Yourself – S/T
Make a Change…Kill Yourself – II
Manegarm – Dodsfard
Manegarm – Vargstenen
Mar de Grises – First River Regards
A Mind Confused – Anarchos
Misery Index – Traitors
Mistress of the Dead – Weeping Silence of the Dead
Monarkh – Rites Profanes
Monarque – Ad Nauseam
Monarque – Fier Hérétique LP
Monarque/Mortualia – Hymnes Funéraires des Rois
Monarque – Ad Nauseam ( Reissue )
Monarque – Desecration
Monarque – Traditions, Blasphèmes et Sacrifice
Monarque - Messe Noire
Moonlyght – Shining
Moonsorrow – Voimasta Ja Kunniasta
Moonsorrow – Verirsäkeet
Moonsorrow – Tulimirsky
Morbid Angel – Covenant
Morbid Angel – Domination
Morgion – Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth
Morgue – Flames and Blood
Mourning Dawn – S/T
Mourning Dawn – For the Fallen
My Dying Bride – Turn Loose the Swans
My Dying Bride – The Angel and the Dark River
My Shameful – Descend
Nachtmystium – Eulogy IV
Nachtmystium – Demise
Nachtmystium – Instinct : Decay
Nae’Blis – Beyond the Light
Nae’Blis – Death of Mankind
Nae’Blis – Sketches of Reality
Nagelfar – Virus West
Naglfar – Vittra
Navicon Torture Technologies – Pure Skin
Nefastus Dies – Urban Cancer
Negura Bunget – ‘N Crugu Bradului
Neige et Noirceur - La seigneurie des loups
Neuraxis – Trilateral Progression
Nocturnal Depression – Four Seasons to a Depression
Nocturnal Depression – Soundtrack for a Suicide Part II
Nordicwinter – Threnody
Nordmen – Vertus Guerrières
Nordmen - S/T
Nortt – Galgenfrist
Nortt/Xasthur – Split
Novembers Doom – Amid Its Hallowed Mirth
Novembers Doom – Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flower
Novembers Doom – To Welcome the Fade
Novembers Doom – The Pale Haunt Departure
Novembers Doom – The Novella Reservoir
Obscurus Advocam – Verbia Daemonicus
October Falls – Tuoni
October Falls – Sarastus
Ofermod – Tiamtü
Officium Triste – The Pathway
The Old Dead Tree – The Waterfields
Pagan Reign – Ancient Fortress
Paradise Lost – Gothic
Peccatum – Lost in Reverie
Pensées Nocturnes – Vacuum
Pensees Nocturnes - Grotesque
Pestroyer – Inquisiteurs des Temps Modernes
Primordial – Imrama
Primordial – Spirit the Earth Aflame
Primordial – Storm before Calm
Primordial – To the Nameless Dead
Primordial - Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
Profundi – The Omega Rising
Psycroptic- The Scepter of the Ancient
Red Sparowes – Every Red Heart Shines Toward a Red Sun
Remembrance – Frail Visions
Remembrance – Silencing the Moments
Reverence – Chamber of Divine Elaboration
Rotting Christ – Non Serviam
Rotting Christ – Genesis
Sapthuran – …In Hatred
Sapthuran – To the Edge of Land
Sapthuran – The Beast in the Cave
Sapthuran – The Wanderer
Satyricon – Dark Medieval Time
Senate – The Great Northern Scenekill
Septic Flesh – Communion
Severed Savior – Servile Insurrection
Shade Empire – Sinthetic
The Sins of Thy Beloved – Lake of Sorrow
Sirius – Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius
Skepticism – Farmakon
Skepticism – Alloy
Skinless – Foreshadowing our Demise
Skinless – Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
Solefald – Piles Against the Ageless Ills
Solefald – Red for Fire
Spirit of the Forest – A Brew of Lightning and Terror
Spirit of the Forest – Kingdom of Despair
Stalaggh – Projekt Nihil
Stalaggh – Projetk Terror
Steel Hook Protheses – Light Reflecting from a Cold Cutting Table
Strosek – Songs of Remorse
Strosek – The Wild Hunt
Strosek – Life Failure Made Music
Subterranean Masquerade – Suspended Animation Dream
Suffocation – Despise the Sun
Suffocation – Souls to Deny
Suffocation - Suffocation
Sui Caedere – Thrène
Superior Enlightenment – The Great Obscurantism
Superior Enlightenment – Tyrants United
Svartnar – Failures of Mankind
Svartsot – Ravnenes Saga
Swallow the Sun – New Moon
Sykdom – Intet Liv
Sykdom – Mjollnir
Temnozor – Folkstorm of the Azure Nights
Theatre of Tragedy – S/T
Theatre of Tragedy – Velvet Darkness They Fear
Therion – Vovin
Thronar – For Death and Glory
Thyrfing – Hels Vite
Towards Darkness – Solemn
Trails of Anguish - Relentless Abhorrence Of Misery's Greivance
Turisas – The Varangian Way
Tyranny – Tides of Awakening
Ulver – Nattends Madrigal
Ulver – Shadows of the Sun
Unleashed – Midvinterblot
Ur Falc’h – Ur Falc’h
Veil – Dolor
Veil – Sombre
Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal
Veneficium – De Occulta Philosophia – A Missae Tenebrae
Vidres a la Sang - Endins
Vidres a la Sang – Som
Virgin Black – Requiem – Mezzo Forte
Virgin Black – Requiem – Fortissimo
Vrolok – Resurgence I : Descend Throught the Abyss
Vrolok – Resurgence II : Where the Dying Meet the Dead
Vrolok – Soul Amputation
Vrolok – Resurgence III : Order of the Sphere
Vrolok – Void ( The Divine Abortion )
Vomit Orchestra – Anticrux
Wallachia – Ceremony of Ascension
Walknut – Graveforests and their Shadow
Within Temptation – Mother Earth
Woe – A Spell to the Death of Man
Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters
Wyrd – Hudrafolk
Xasthur – Nocturnal Poisoning
Xasthur – Suicide in Dark Serenity
Xasthur – The Funeral of Being
Xasthur – Subliminal Genocide
Zyklon – World Ov Worms

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:08 am 

How much will be for your two STALAGGH albums with registered shipment to Mexico?

Do you accept trades?


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:58 am 


Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:10 pm 

Email sent.
Carma / Everto Signum / Nekromorphine / Infected Minds

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