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Zee Bombelecher

Joined: Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:49 pm
Posts: 1477
Location: Germany
PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:42 pm 

[Update] red = new
Selling: (prices don't include shipping costs)

Condition: Media/Sleeve (excl. jewelcases)


A Traitor Like Judas - Guerilla Heart (CD, Album) (Redfield Records) M/M €13
Agoraphobia - The Fire Inside (CD, Album) VG+/VG+€8
Ancestral Rhymes - The Cosmic Law (CDr, EP) Optically NM, but almost dead/VG+ €2
André Andersen - Changing Skin (CD, Album) (SPV GmbH) VG+/VG+ €5
Atrium Noctis - Home (CD, Album) (Naturmacht Productions) NM/NM €5

Blood Of Serpents - Black Dawn (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5 (4x)
Bobaflex ‎– Anything That Moves (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5
Boiler - You'll Never Be Upfront (CD, Album) (Rotor) VG+/VG+ €4
Boy Hits Car - All That Led Us Here (CD, Album, Dig) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €7 (7x)
Bonz - Broken Silence (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5 (8x)
BulletBoys - Freakshow (CD, Album) (Warner Bros. Records) VG+/VG+ €2

Cain & Abel - Cain & Abel (CD, Album) (Sphinx Ministry) NM/NM €3
Candlebox - Disappearing In Airports (CD, Album) M/M €6
Candlebox - Disappearing In Airports (CD, Album) NM/NM €5.80
Casket - Faithless (CD, Album) (Serenades Records) VG+/VG+ €3
Clouds Over Antwerpen - Pale Dead Coming (CD, EP) NM/NM €3
C-T Prevail - Mean Season (CD, Album) (Morningstar Records) VG+/VG+ €4

Dawnfall - Drei Räume (CD, Album) (Nazgul's Eyrie Productions) NM/NM €5
Dementia Ad Vitam - De Gaïa, Le Poison ... (CD, Album) (Naturmacht Productions) VG+/VG+ €5
Die Mannequin - Unicorn Steak (CD, Comp) (How To Kill Music) NM/NM €3
Dungortheb - Intended To... (CDr, Album, Promo) (Perennial Quest Records) NM/NM €8

End - Out Of Eden (CD, Album) (Sad Records) NM/NM €7

Fabietto DJ & Billy DJ - Ipnotika Compilation (CD, Comp, Mixed) (Discomagic Records) VG/VG+ €3
Fire Throne - Day Of Darkness And Blackness (CDr, Album, Ltd, RM) (Son Of Man Records) NM/NM €8
Freaky Fukin Weirdoz - Hula! (CD, Album) (Facedown) NM/VG+ €3
Frei.Wild - Feinde Deiner Feinde (CD, Album) (Rookies & Kings, SPV GmbH) VG+/VG €10
Funeral - Forgotten Abominations (CD, Ltd, RE) (Nuclear Winter Records) NM/NM €7

Hollow Corp. - Cloister Of Radiance (CD, Album) (Dental Records) VG+/VG+ €5

I Suffer Incorporated - Chronicles Of Lost Prophecy (Burning Star Records) VG+/VG €5

Killing Floor - /dev/null (CD, Album) (Re-constriction Records) VG+/VG+ €8
Kinito - Kinito (CD, Album, Enh, Copy Prot.) (Capitol Records, Capitol Records) VG+/VG+ €3
KrashKarma - Paint The Devil (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5
Kryn - Scars Remind Me (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5

Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake (CD, Album, Enh) (Epic) NM/NM €5
Lamb Of God - Killadelphia (CD, Album) (Epic) NM/NM €3
Lamb Of God - Resolution + Wrath Tour(2xCD, Album, Ltd) (Roadrunner Records) M/M €18
The Last Hard Men - The Last Hard Men (CD, Album) (Spitfire Records) NM/NM €4
Leaves' Eyes - Into Your Light (CD, Single, Enh) (Napalm Records) NM/VG+ €3
Luen-Ta - Ghost Area (CD, Album) (Thundering Records) VG+/VG+ €5

Manowar - Kings Of Metal (CD, Album, RE) (Atlantic) VG/VG€4
Mass Murder Machine - Becoming The Horror (CDr, EP) (Japanische Kampfhörspiele members) VG+/VG+ €5
Mass Murder Machine - Receive Your Death (CDr, EP, Dem) (Japanische Kampfhörspiele members) VG+/VG+ €5
MuckRaker - Karmageddon (CD, Album, Dig) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5

Nosferatos - Pandemonium (CD, Album) (Blacksmith Productions VG+/VG €4

Of Quiet Walls - Dopedisco And The Hetero Elephant (CD, Album) (Shark Men Records/Village Kids Records ‎– SMR003/VKR006) NM/NM €1.50

Photophobia - Humana Fragilitas (CD, Album, Ltd) (Immortal Frost Productions) NM/VG+ €7
Pissing Razors - Evolution (CD, Album) (Spitfire Records, Eagle Rock Entertainment) NM/NM €4
Puya - Union (CD, Album) (MCA Records) VG+/VG+ €3

Re-Armed - Rottendam (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5 (3x)
Romeo's Dead - It's All Your Fault (CD, Album) (Fastlane Records) NM/NM €4

Sakramortem - Pastdespairfuture (CD, Album) NM/NM €8 - "First Fäulnis-Album"
Sevendust - Alpha (CD, Album) (7Bros Records, Asylum Records) G+/VG €4
Sevendust - Home (CD, Album) (Dragnet Records) G+/VG €1.20
Skirmish - Jet-Black Days (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M (4x)
Slomind - Grown Against The Grain (CD, EP, Enh) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5
Slomind - Solar Plexus (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5
Suicide Silence - You Can't Stop Me (CD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Ltd, Dig) (Nuclear Blast) VG/VG €4
Synnöve - Synnöve (CD, MiniAlbum) (Soundmass) NM/VG+ €8

Tao Menizoo - So Blind (CDr, Album) VG+/VG+ €5
The August - Lizard King (Midsummer Records) VG+/VG+ €5
The Beauties - The Beauties (CD, Album) (Gasoline Alley) VG+/VG+ €5
The Grand Trick - The Decadent Session (CD, Album) (Transubstans Records) VG+/VG+ €5
The Pussybats ‎– Indestructible (CD, Album) (Eternal Sound Records) M/M €5
To Resist Fatality - Ianus (CD, Album) (STF Records) NM/VG+ €4
Torchbearer - Yersinia Pestis (CD, Album) (Metal Blade Records) NM/VG+ €6
Torturized - Uncontrollable Hours (CD, Album) VG+/VG+ €5
Toxocara - The Great Rebellious (CD, Album) (Twilight) VG+/VG+ €6

Various - New Release Highlights Thrilling Albums Out On Century Media Records In July/Early August 2014 (CD, Comp, Promo) (Century Media, Inside Out Music, Superball Music) NM/NM €2
Various - Obscene Extreme 2015 (CD, Comp) (Obscene Productions) NM/VG+ €2
Various - The Roots Of Metallica (CD, Comp, Promo) (Rock Classics) VG+/VG+ €3
Violent Devoties - Within The Great And The Venom (CD, EP) NM/NM €3

XCIII - Like A Fiend In A Cloud (CD, Album, Ltd) (Naturmacht Productions) M/M €4

Yorblind - Melancholy Souls (CD, Album, Promo) NM/VG+ €5


Cryptex - Live At De Bosuil - Over Hills And Stones Tour 2012 (DVD-V) (Saol) M/M €6


A Traitor Like Judas / Light Your Anchor - Guerilla Homefires (7", EP, Num, Whi) (Redfield Records, Let It Burn Records) M/M €5



Cholerik (CD, NeoKlasSick, 2003)
Letharg (Tape, NeoKlasSick, 2004
Old logo shirt

Düsterwald Produktionen:

DWP001 Forporgent - Forporgent EP (CD)
DWP002 Forporgent - Live in Esselbach 2008 (DVD?)
DWP003 Blackshore - Railway to Blackshore (Digipak)
DWP008 Machwerk 1 Label Sampler (CD)
DWP009 Thormesis - Vergangene Asche (A5 Digibook)
DWP015 Vesper - Possession Of Evil Will (Digipak)


NKS004 Fäulnis - Cholerik (CD)
NKS006 Cities of Sleep - Nachtschicht-Ende (CD)
NKS007 Aeons Confer - The Chronicles of Aeons Confer (CD)
NKS008 Fäulnis - Letharg (Tape)
NeoKlasSick Sounds - Vol. I (Sampler, CD)

Blodmorfogh Productions:

BlodP001 - Weltensturm (Sampler, CD-R)
BlodP002 - Morbid Deathcrush Festival Live (double MC)


Black Metal:
Cryptic Wintermoon - Voyage dans la lune (Tape)
Cryptic Wintermoon - Cryptic Wintermoon (CD)
Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm (CD)
Cryptic Wintermoon - Of Shadows... and the Dark Things You Fear (CD)
Cryptic Wintermoon - Fear (CD)
Lords of the Left Hand - Reality is in Evil... (Tape)

Death Metal:
An Abstract Illusion - Atonement Is Nigh (CD)
Ankh - Tükörterem (CD)
Arbor Ira -Zerfall (CD)
Soijl - Endless Elysian Fields (CD)
Time Treachery - Under Eternal Nightsky (CD)
Time Treachery - Confinement and Internal Abyss (CD?)

Pagan Metal:
Gernotshagen - Infinitus Malum (2001)

And of course every release (CD, Tape, ...) that was released by Hessian bands ;)
Just tell me what you've got and I tell you if I might need it. Just ask :3

Also looking for "underground" zines from Germany/about the German (or even better the hessian) scene.
Nothing like MetalHammer or stuff, smaller ones ;)

Pls leave offers below :)
Trades are welcome if you have what I want and I have what you want (obviously)
Thanks in advance

Shipping info:
Shipping from Germany
Regular shipping: used, potentially broken jewel cases
Will use new ones if you demand it :)
!Low-Life Arrogance!
~Feel free to visit: Blog - Heavy Metal Rarities - Last.FM - Shop~
~Live young, die free~

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Zee Bombelecher

Joined: Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:49 pm
Posts: 1477
Location: Germany
PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:17 am 

Modified the Blodmorfogh wantlist.
!Low-Life Arrogance!
~Feel free to visit: Blog - Heavy Metal Rarities - Last.FM - Shop~
~Live young, die free~

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