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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:05 am 

Located in Hungary, list is below with prices. any questions, do not hesitate to send PM.

LEVIATHAN: Far Beyond the Light (Selbstmord Services) 10 Euros
DIVINE EVE: Vengeful and Obstinate (Ibex Moon) 5 Euros
AUTUMNBLAZE: Mute Boy Sad Girl (Prophecy) 2 Euros
LEAKH: The Wreckoning (Prophecy) 2 Euros
JUDGEMENT DAY: 40 Minutes to Impact (New Aeon Media) 4 Euros
FATALIST: The Depths of Inhumanity (Ibex Moon) 4 Euros
SINISTER: Creative Killings (Hammerheart) 5 Euros
THE BLOOD DIVINE: Rise Pantheon Dreams (Peaceville) 2 Euros
AEBA: Rebellion... (Last Episode) 5 Euros
VOX INTERIUM: Yearning (New Aeon Media) 4 Euros
ARGHARUS: Pleistas (IPR) 3 Euros
DARK DISCIPLE: Unholy Hate Gore (Morbid Records) 3 Euros
HAEMOTH: In Nomine Odium (Debemur Morti) 4 Euros
SVARTTJERN: Misanthropic Path of Madness (Schwarzdorn) 3 Euros
WACO JESUS: Filth (Morbid Records) 4 Euros
FORTID: Voluspá Part III ( Schwarzdorn) 4 Euros
ANAAL NATRAKH: Eschaton (SOM) 3 Euros
CHARGER: Confessions of a Man... (Peaceville) 2 Euros
MASS INSANITY: The Hypochrist (Brewery) 3 Euros
VROLOK: Void (Drakkar) 3 Euros
DARK ORDER: Cold War of the Condor (Battlegod) 4 Euros
DEAD INFECTION: A Chapter of Incidents (Morbid Record) 10 Euros
GUT: Odour of Torture (Morbid Records) 12 Euros
BAAL ZEBUTH: Necromysticism... (Nomos Dei) 4 Euros
AVERSE SEFIRA: Battle's Clarion (Lost Disciple) 4 Euros
A WINTER LOST: Weltenende (Sun and Moon) 3 Euros
ORDO INFERUS: Invictus Et Aeternus (Doomentia) 3 Euros
BURIED GOD: Dark Revelation (Merciless) 4 Euros
DELIRIUM TREMENS: Thrashing Warthogs (Merciless) 4 Euros
SEVERE TORTURE: Blood Letting (Karmageddon Media) 4 Euros
CRUACHAN: Pagan (Hammerheart) 4 Euros
SYSTEM SHOCK: Arctic Inside (Karmageddon Media) 3 Euros
TORTURE KILLER: For Maggots to Devour (Karmageddon Media) 5 Euros
FORGOTTEN TOMB: Songs to Leave (Selbstmord) 10 Euros
HELEL: A Sigil Burnt... (Debemur Morti) 4 Euros
VI: De Praestigis... (Debemur Morti) 8 Euros
ARS DIAVOLI: Pro Nihilo Esse (Debemur Morti) 5 Euros
URFAUST: Drei Rituale... (Debemur Morti) 10 Euros
BLACK FLAME: Imperium (Regain) 5 Euros
INFESTUS: Chroniken Des... (Debemur Morti) 5 Euros
REPUKED: Pervertopis (Soulseller) 5 Euros
MAIM: Deceased to Exist (Soulseller) 5 Euros
DAY OF EXECUTION: Dead Burning to Ashes (Brewery) 3 Euros
IRON CLAD: Lost in a Dream (Soulreaper) 2 Euros
KRATORNAS: The Corroding Age... (KBTMT) 3 Euros
SUFFERING SOULS: Sadistic Goat Complex (Schwarzdorn) 3 Euros
TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM: L' Eterno Maligno... (Debemur Morti) 4 Euros
BIOINC ANGEL: Digital Violence (Schwarzdorn) 1 Euro
ISRATHOUM: Monument of Brimstone (Spikefarm) 3 Euros
SHIP OF FOOLS: Let's Get This Mother... (Peaceville) 4 Euros
CARNIVAL IN COAL: Fear Not (SOM) 2 Euros
THINE: In Therapy (Peaceville) 2 Euros

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