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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:43 pm 

PM for pictures, or any questions

220 Volt Power Games LP, Album
220 Volt Electric Messengers LP, Comp
A Mind Confused Out Of Chaos Spawn 7", Ltd, Num
A.R.G. One World Without The End LP, Album
Abattoir The Only Safe Place LP, Album
Abattoir Vicious Attack LP, Album
Abhorer Upheaval Of Blasphemy 7", EP
Abhorrence Abhorrence 7", Pur
Abhorrence Abhorrence 7", Pin
Abigor Shockwave-666 7", EP, Ltd
Abominant Conquest CD, Album
Abominant Unspeakable Horrors CD, Album
Abomination Abomination CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RM, Dig
Abomination Abomination LP, Album
Abomination Debut CD, Album
Abramelin Abramelin CD, Album, RE
Abscess Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh CD, Comp
Abscess Through The Cracks Of Death CD, Album
Abscess Urine Junkies CD, Comp
Abscess Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men CD, Album
Abscess Throbbing Black Werebeast 7", EP, Pin
Absu The Sun Of Tiphareth CD, Album
Absu Tara CD, Album
Absurd Untitled 7", Pur
AC/DC Let There Be Rock LP, Album
AC/DC Fly On The Wall LP, Album
AC/DC Who Made Who LP, Album, Comp, Club
AC/DC Back In Black LP, Album, Emb
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap LP, Album, RE
AC/DC If You Want Blood You've Got It LP, Album, Mon
AC/DC Highway To Hell LP, Album, AR
Accept Restless & Wild LP, Album, Red
Accept Accept LP, Album
Accept Balls To The Wall LP, Album
Accept Metal Heart LP, Album
Accept Russian Roulette LP, Album
Accept Accept LP, Album, RE
Accidental Suicide Deceased CD, Album
Accursed A Curse Called Life.. Cass, S/Sided
Accursed Meditations Among The Tombs CD, Album
Accursed (4) Satanic Ritual Cass
Accuser Experimental Errors 12", MiniAlbum, Ltd, Cle
Acerus The Unreachable Salvation CD, Album, Ltd
Acerus The Clock Of Mortality CD, Album, Ltd
Acheron Alla Xul 7", Ltd, Red
Acheron Rites Of The Black Mass CD, Album
Acheron Rites Of The Black Mass LP, Album
Acheron (3) Deprived Of Afterlife 7", Ltd
Acid Acid LP, Album
Acid Maniac LP, Album
Acid Engine Beast LP, Album
Acid Lucifera 7", Single
Acid Storm (2) Biotronic Genesis LP, Album
Acrostichon Engraved In Black LP, Album
Acrostichon Lost Remembrance 7", Dar
Acrostichon Lost Remembrance 7", Yel
Adramelech Spring Of Recovery 7"
Afflicted Rising To The Sun 7", Ltd, Yel
Afflicted Prodigal Sun CD, Album
Afflicted Wanderland 7", Single
Afflicted Ingrained 7", Single
Aftermath (11) Killing The Future Cass
Aftermath (11) Words That Echo Fear Cass
Agent Steel Unstoppable Force LP, Album
Agent Steel Mad Locust Rising 12", Ltd, Blu
Agent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse LP, Album
Agoni The First Defiance LP, Album
Agony Lords The Sun Of The Cursed CD, Album
Agressor Neverending Destiny LP, Album
AIR Casanova 70 12", Single, Ltd, RE, Cle
Alcatrazz Live Sentence - No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll LP, Album
Alien (14) Cosmic Fantasy 12", MiniAlbum
Allegiance (5) Torn Between Two Worlds Cass
Alpha Loving Nobody 2xLP, Album + 2xCD, Album + Ltd
Altar (2) Youth Against Christ CD, Album
Altar (3) / Cartilage Ex Oblivione / The Fragile Concept Of Affection LP
Ammit Extreme Speed Satan CD, Album
Amon Amarth With Oden On Our Side CD, Album, Sli
Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus CD, Album
Amorphis Privilege Of Evil CD, EP, RE, Sli
Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes CD, Album
Amorphis Amorphis 7", Single, Blu
Anacrusis (2) Suffering Hour LP, Album
Anatomia / Living Decay Anatomia / Living Decay 7", EP, Ltd, Pin
Ancient Gods Mystic Lands CD, EP
Ancient Gods / Infinitum Obscure Cosmic Evil / Ipsus Universum CD
Angel Death Gore (Blood Of War) 7"
Angel Death Exorcisin' The Pain / Desire For Immortality 7"
Angel Dust (3) Into The Dark Past LP, Album
Angel Witch Angel Witch LP, Album
Angel Witch Angel Witch LP, Album, RE
Angel Witch As Above, So Below 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Whi
Angelcorpse The Inexorable CD, Album
Angeles Del Infierno Diabolicca LP, Album
Angkor Wat When Obscenity Becomes The Norm... Awake! LP, Album
Anguish (5) Ground Absorbs 7", Num
Anialator Two In One LP, Comp
Anialator Anialator 12", MiniAlbum, Pic
Anihilated Created In Hate LP, Album
Antediluvian Revelations In Excrement 12", EP
Anthrax Among The Living CD, Album, Club
Anthrax Among The Living LP, Album
Anthrax Fistful Of Metal LP, Album
Anthrax Spreading The Disease LP, Album
Antichrist (10) Forbidden World LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Red
Antropomorphia Necromantic Love Songs 2x12", Comp, Ltd
Anvil Metal On Metal LP, Album
Anvil Forged In Fire LP, Album
Anvil Hard 'N' Heavy LP, Album
Anvil This Is Thirteen 2xLP, Album, RE, Gat
Anvil Bitch Rise To Offend LP, Album
Apocalipsis Apocalipsis CD, Album, RE
Apocrypha (2) The Forgotten Scroll LP, Album
Archgoat Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) 12", MiniAlbum
Arcturus (2) Aspera Hiems Symfonia CD, Album
Arcturus (2) La Masquerade Infernale CD, Album
Ares Kingdom Chaosmongers Alive 7", Ltd, Num
Ares Kingdom Ares Kingdom Cass, S/Sided, RE
Ares Kingdom Firestorm Redemption 12"
Ares Kingdom Return To Dust CD, Album
Ares Kingdom Failsafe 12", Ltd, Die
Ares Kingdom Incendiary LP, Album, Bon
Armagedon (2) Ecologia CD, Album
Armed Forces Let There Be Metal 12", EP
Armored Saint March Of The Saint LP, Album
Armored Saint Armored Saint 12", EP
Artillery (2) Terror Squad LP, Album
Artillery (2) Fear Of Tomorrow LP, Album
As Serenity Fades Earthborn CD, EP
As Serenity Fades / August Moon (2) Earthborn + Lowering Sunset / Rosegardens 2x12", Comp, Ltd, Num, Sil
Ascended Temple Of Dark Offerings LP, Ltd, RE
Asphyx (2) Asphyx CD, Album
Asphyx (2) God Cries CD, Album
Asphyx (2) Last One On Earth CD, Album
Asphyx (2) Incoming Death LP, Album, Ltd, Gre
Asphyx (2) Deathhammer LP, Album, Ltd, Gre
Asphyx (2) The Rack CD, Album
Asphyx (2) Crush The Cenotaph CD, EP
Asphyx (2) Reign Of The Brute 7", EP, Ltd, Num
Asphyx (2) Embrace The Death LP, Album
Asphyx (2) Mutilating Process 7", Ltd
Asphyx (2) Death The Brutal Way 7", EP
Asphyx (2) Death...The Brutal Way LP, Album, Red
Asphyx (2) / Hooded Menace We Doom You To Death / Abode Of The Grotesque 7", EP, Ltd
Asphyx (2) vs. Thanatos (4) Imperial Anthems 7", Ltd, Num, Ora
Assassin (6) Interstellar Experience LP, Album
Astral Rising Alpha State 7"
Astral Rising Abeona Adeona CD, Album
Asystole Higher Form Of Hatred 7", Ltd, Pur
At War Eat Lead Cass
Ataraxy (2) Curse Of The Requiem Mass 12", MiniAlbum
Atheist Unquestionable Presence LP, Album
Atheist Piece Of Time LP, Album
Atheist Unquestionable Presence CD, Album
Atomic Aggressor Bloody Resurrection - Demos 89 - 91 CD, Comp
Atomic Aggressor Sights Of Suffering LP, Gre + LP, S/Sided, Etch, Gre + Album, Ltd
Atomizer (3) Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Atomizer (3) The Only Weapon Of Choice - 13 Odes To Power, Decimation And Conquest LP, Album, Ltd
Atrocity Blue Blood 7", EP
Atrocity Hallucinations LP, Album
Atrocity Hallucinations CD, Album
Atrocity Longing For Death CD, Album
Attila Rolling Thunder LP, Album
Autopsy (2) Mental Funeral CD, Album, RE, RM, Dig
Autopsy (2) The Tomb Within CD, EP
Autopsy (2) Severed Survival LP, Album, Red
Autopsy (2) Retribution For The Dead 12", EP
Autopsy (2) Mental Funeral LP, Album, Ltd, Gre
Autopsy (2) Fiend For Blood 12", EP
Autopsy (2) Fiend For Blood CD, EP
Autopsy (2) Acts Of The Unspeakable LP, Album, Gat
Autopsy (2) The Tomb Within 12", EP, Ltd
Autopsy (2) Horrific Obsession 7", Single, Ltd
Autopsy (2) Macabre Eternal 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Blu
Autopsy (2) The Headless Ritual LP, Album
Autopsy (2) Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves LP, Album
Autopsy (2) Skull Grinder 12", MiniAlbum
Autopsy Torment Orgy With The Dead LP, Ltd, Num
Avalanche (42) Pray For The Sinner LP, Album
Avenger Of Blood Complete Annihilation CD, Album
Averse Sefira Advent Parallax CD, Album
Avulsed Eminence In Putrescence CD, Album
Awakening (2) Swimming Through The Past 7", Single
Banished Deliver Me Unto Pain LP, Album
Baphomet (2) Boiled In Blood 7"
Baphomet (2) Baphomet 7"
Baphomet (2) The Dead Shall Inherit LP, Album
Baphomet (2) The Dead Shall Inherit CD, Album
Baphomet (4) Trust CD, Album
Bathory Twilight Of The Gods LP, Album
Bathory Bathory LP, Album, RP
Bathory The Return...... LP, Album
Bathory Hammerheart LP, Album
Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP, Album
Bathory Blood Fire Death LP, Album, Gat
Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars LP, Album
Beach House 7 LP, Album, Ltd, Yel
Beherit Drawing Down The Moon CD, Album
Beherit The Oath Of Black Blood CD, Comp, Unofficial
Belial The Gods Of The Pit Part II (Paragon So Below) 7", Ora
Believer (2) Sanity Obscure LP, Album
Belsebub Elohim 7"
Benediction Benediction Flexi, 8", S/Sided, Unofficial, red
Benediction Subconscious Terror LP, Album
Benediction The Grand Leveller LP, Album
Benediction The Grand Leveller CD, Album, RP, Whi
Benediction Subconscious Terror CD, Album
Benediction Dark Is The Season CD, EP
Benediction Transcend The Rubicon CD, Album
Benediction Experimental Stage 7", Ltd
Benediction / Pungent Stench Confess All Goodness / Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice 7"
Bestial Warlust Blood & Valour CD, Album
Bestial Warlust Blood & Valour CD, Album
Bestialit / Dehydrated Fuckland / Burnt CD
Beyond (16) Enter Transcendence 7", EP, Ltd
Beyond (16) Fatal Power Of Death LP, Album, Ltd
Bitch (2) Damnation Alley 12", EP
Bitch (2) Be My Slave LP, Album
Black Sabbath The End CD, Ltd, Car
Black Sabbath Headless Cross LP, Album
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer LP, Album, RE, RM
Black Sabbath Paranoid LP, Album, Gat
Black Sabbath 13 2xCD, Album, Dlx, Dig
Black Sabbath Live Evil 2xLP, Album, Win
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Vol. 4 CD, Album, RE
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath CD, Album, RE
Black Sabbath We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll CD, Comp, RE
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! CD, Album, RE
Black Sabbath Master Of Reality LP, Album, RP, Pit
Black Sabbath Sabotage LP, Album
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy LP, Album
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! LP, Album
Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell LP, Album
Black Sabbath Mob Rules LP, Album
Black Sabbath Born Again LP, Album, Jac
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath LP, Album, Pit
Black Sabbath Seventh Star CD, Album, RE
Blacklace Unlaced LP, Album
Blasphereion Rest In Peace LP, Album
Blessed Death Kill Or Be Killed LP, Album
Blessed Death Destined For Extinction LP, Album
Blessed Offal Dreaming Dark Dementia 12", S/Sided, Ltd
Blind Illusion The Sane Asylum LP, Album
Blood (5) Ο Άγιος Πέθανε CD, Album
Blood (5) Impulse To Destroy LP, Album, Red
Blood (5) Recognize Yourself 7", Ltd, Red
Blood Feast Face Fate CD, EP, Ltd, Num, RE
Blood Feast Kill For Pleasure LP, Album, Ltd, Cle
Blood Of Christ I.N.R.I 7", Red
Blood Reaping Ignis Penumbra CD, Album
Bloodcum Death By A ... Clothes Hanger LP, Album
Bloodcum Debut E.P. 12", EP, RE
Bloodlust Guilty As Sin LP, Album
Bloodsoaked The Omen 7"
Bloodstone (3) Hour Of The Gate LP, Comp, RE, RM
Bluuurgh Suffer Within 2x7"
Bolt Thrower War Master CD, Album
Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade CD, Album
Bolt Thrower ...For Victory LP, Album
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos LP, Album, Gat
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos CD, Album, RE
Bolt Thrower ...For Victory CD, Album
Bolt Thrower Mercenary CD, Album
Bolt Thrower Honour - Valour - Pride 2xLP, Album, Gat
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal LP, Album, Gat
Bolt Thrower Honour - Valour - Pride CD, Album
Bolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law! CD, Album, RE
Bolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law! LP, Album
Bombs Of Hades Carnivores 7", EP
Bone Sickness Alone In The Grave 12", Album
Bone Sickness Bone Sickness 7", Single
Bone Sickness Bone Sickness 7", RE, RM, Blu
Bone Sickness Bone Sickness Cass, Ltd
Brain Implosion Sandgrains 7", Num
Braindamage Kingdom Of Madness Cass, S/Sided
Brujeria "El Patron" 7"
Brutal Truth Need To Control CD, Album
Brutal Truth Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses CD, Album
Brutal Truth Kill Trend Suicide 10", EP
Brutality Sea Of Ignorance CD, Album, Dig
Brutality Ruins Of Humans CD, EP, Ltd
Brutality Sea Of Ignorance LP, Album, Num
Brutality Untitled 7", Single
Brutality Untitled 7", Cle
Brutality Screams Of Anguish LP, Album, Yel
Brutality Screams Of Anguish CD, Album
Brutality In Mourning CD, Album
Brutality When The Sky Turns Black CD, Album
Budgie Bandolier LP, Album, "R"
Burial (8) Effigy 7", Single
Burial Invocation Rituals Of The Grotesque CD, EP
Buried Dreams Beyond Your Mind CD, Album
Burning Starr Rock The American Way LP, Album
Butcher (9) Astral Karma LP, Album
Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen LP, Album, Por
Cadaver ...In Pains CD, Album
Cadaver Hallucinating Anxiety LP, Album
Cadaveric Poison Fight For Evil 7"
Cancer (3) Death Shall Rise CD, Album
Cancer (3) The Sins Of Mankind CD, Album
Cancer (3) Death Shall Rise LP, Album
Cancer (3) To The Gory End LP, Album
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus LP, Album
Candlemass Nightfall LP, Album
Candlemass Tales Of Creation LP, Album, Gat
Candlemass Death Thy Lover 12", EP, Ltd, Red
Cannabis Corpse Tube Of The Resinated CD, Album
Cannabis Corpse The Weeding E.P. CD, EP
Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul (2) Splatterhash CD, EP
Cannibal Corpse Tomb Of The Mutilated CD, Album, RP
Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face CD, EP, Sli
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding CD, Album
Cannibal Corpse Butchered At Birth CD, Album, RE
Cannibal Corpse Vile CD, Album
Cannibal Corpse Bloodthirst CD, Album
Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism CD, Album
Cannibal Corpse Torture CD, Album, Dig
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life CD, Album, RP
Carbonized No Canonization 7", EP, Blu
Carbonized No Canonization 7", EP, Bla
Carbonized For The Security LP, Album
Carcass Live At St. George´s Hall, Bradford, UK November 15th 1989 12", Ltd, Num, RE
Carcass St. George's Hall, Bradford 15/11/89 7", Ltd, Num
Carcass St. George's Hall, Bradford 15/11/89 7", EP
Carcass Swansong CD, Album
Carcass Symphonies Of Sickness LP, Album, Gat
Carcass Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious LP, Album
Carcass Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious CD, Album, RE
Carcass Heartwork LP, Album
Carcass No Love Lost CD, Single, Promo
Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction LP, Album
Carcass Pathologic 7", Ltd, Unofficial
Carcass Surgical Steel LP, Album, Ltd, Yel
Carcass Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious CD, Album
Carnage (4) Dark Recollections LP, Album
Carnage (4) Dark Recollections CD, Album
Carnivore Carnivore LP, Album
Carnivore Retaliation LP, Album
Carrion (5) Evil Is There! LP, Album
Cathedral Forest Of Equilibrium CD, Album
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion LP, Album, Cam
Celtic Frost Tragic Serenades 12", EP
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales LP, Album
Cemetary An Evil Shade Of Grey LP, Album
Cenotaph The Eternal Disgrace 7", Red
Cenotaph Tenebrous Apparitions 7", Num
Cenotaph The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrows Cass, Album
Centinex Malleus Maleficarum CD, Album
Ceremonial Execution Black God Rising 7"
Ceremonium Nightfall In Heaven 7", Gra
Ceremony (5) Tyranny From Above LP, Album
Chakal (2) Abominable Anno Domini LP, Album
Chastain The 7th Of Never LP, Album
Chastain Mystery Of Illusion LP, Album, Sil
Chastain Ruler Of The Wasteland LP, Album
Chronic Decay Justify Your Existence LP, Album, Ltd
Chronic Decay Ecstasy In Pain 7"
Chthe'ilist Le Dernier Crépuscule 2x12", Album
Cianide Dead & Rotting LP, Ltd
Cianide Hell's Rebirth LP, Album, Ltd
Cirith Ungol King Of The Dead LP, Album
Cirith Ungol Frost And Fire LP, Album, RP
Cirith Ungol Frost And Fire CD, Album, RE, RM
Cirith Ungol One Foot In Hell LP, Album
Cloven Hoof The Opening Ritüal 12", EP
Cloven Hoof Dominator LP, Album
Cloven Hoof A Sultan's Ransom LP, Album
Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof LP, Album
Coffin Texts Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife CD, RE
Coffin Texts Tomb Of Infinite Ritual CDr
Concrete Sleep As I Fly Away Cass, S/Sided
Control Denied The Fragile Art Of Existence CD, Album
Convulse Live In Pain 7", Unofficial
Convulse Inner Evil 12", EP, Ltd, Bla
Convulse Evil Prevails LP, Album, Ltd, Cle
Convulse Evil Prevails LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Convulse World Without God LP, Album
Coroner R.I.P. LP, Album
Coroner Punishment For Decadence LP, Album
Corpsevomit Bastards Of Foreverfilth CD, EP
Corpus Rottus Rituals Of Silence LP, Album
Corpus Rottus Intensified Gore 7", Single, Ltd
Corrosion Of Conformity Animosity LP, Album
Coven (4) Blessed Is The Black LP, Album
Cradle Of Filth Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein CD, EP
Cradle Of Filth The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh CD, Album
Cradle Of Filth Dusk And Her Embrace CD, Album
Cranium (4) Speed Metal Slavghter CD, Album
Cranium (4) Speed Metal Sentence CD, Album
Cranium (4) Speed Metal Satan! CD, EP
Crematory (2) Denial 12", EP
Crimson Moon The Choice Of Spirit CD
Cro-Mags Best Wishes LP, Album
Cruciamentum Convocation Of Crawling Chaos Cass, Ltd, Red
Cruciamentum Convocation Of Crawling Chaos CD, RE
Cruciamentum Convocation Of Crawling Chaos 10", Ltd, RE
Cruciamentum Engulfed In Desolation CD, EP
Cruciamentum Engulfed In Desolation 12", EP
Cruciamentum Charnel Passages CD, Album
Cruciamentum / Vasaeleth Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh 7", Pur
Crucifer Separation CD, EP
Crucifer Pray For The Dead 7", Blu
Crucifixion (2) Take It Or Leave It 7", Single
Crypt Of Kerberos Cyclone Of Insanity 7"
Cryptborn In The Grasp Of The Starving Dead CD, Album
Crystal Age (2) Far Beyond Divine Horizons CD, Album
Cynic (2) Focus CD, Album, RP
D.B.C. Dead Brain Cells LP, Album
Чёрный Кофе Переступи Порог LP, Album, RP, Red
Ария Игра С Огнем LP, Album, Red
Détente Recognize No Authority LP, Album
Damnation (4) Insulter Of Jesus Christ! 7"
Damnation (4) Divine Darkness 7"
Danzig Danzig II - Lucifuge CD, Album, RE
Danzig Thrall-Demonsweatlive CD, EP, RP
Danzig Live On The Black Hand Side 2xCD, Album
Dark Age (6) Dark Age 12", Album
Dark Angel (3) Darkness Descends LP, Album
Dark Angel (3) Leave Scars LP, Album
Dark Angel (3) We Have Arrived LP, Album
Dark Angel (3) Time Does Not Heal 2xLP, Album, Gat
Dark Half (3) Reborn CD, Album
Darkified Sleep Forever... 7"
Darkified A Dance On The Grave CD, Comp
Darkness (20) Espias Malignos 12"
Darkness (9) Death Squad LP, Album
Darkthrone Soulside Journey LP, Album
Darkthrone Soulside Journey CD, Album
Darkthrone Soulside Journey Cass, Album
Dead (2) Defeat Remains 7", Gre
Dead Congregation Purifying Consecrated Ground CD, EP
Dead Congregation Promulgation Of The Fall LP, Album
Dead Congregation Sombre Doom 12", EP
Dead Congregation Graves Of The Archangels LP, Album, Ltd
Dead End (10) Ghost Of Romance LP, Album
Dead Orchestra Global Lobotomy CD, Album
Death (2) Spiritual Healing LP, Album
Death (2) Scream Bloody Gore LP, Album
Death (2) Scream Bloody Gore CD, Album
Death (2) Leprosy LP, Album
Death (2) Leprosy CD, Album, RP
Death (2) The Sound Of Perseverance CD, Album, RP
Death (2) Vivus: Dividium - Live In Eindhoven 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE
Death (2) Individual Thought Patterns CD, Album
Death (2) Human CD, Album, RP
Death (2) Symbolic CD, Album
Death (2) Spiritual Healing LP, Album
Death Angel (2) Frolic Through The Park LP, Album
Death Angel (2) The Ultra-Violence CD, Album, RP
Death Angel (2) Act III CD, Album
Death Breath Death Breath 7", Ltd
Death Breath Stinking Up The Night CD, Album
Death Breath Let It Stink CD, EP, Enh
Death Courier Necrorgasm 7", EP
Death SS ...In Death Of Steve Silvester LP, Album
Death SS Black Mass LP, Album, M/Print, Gat
Death Strike Fuckin' Death LP, Album
Death Yell Morbid Rites 2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Gre
Death Yell Morbid Rites 7", EP, Gre
Death Yell / Beherit Death Yell / Beherit 7"
Deathcrush (3) Mutilating The Christian Faith CD, Album
Deathcult (2) Sodomy/Repulsive In My Ways CD, Album
Deathevokation Blood Cass
Deathevokation The Chalice Of Ages CD, Album
Deathevokation / Graveyard (4) Deathevokation / Graveyard 7", Ltd
Deathevokation / Lie In Ruins An Allegiance In Death 7", Ltd
Deathrow Riders Of Doom LP, Album
Deathrow Deception Ignored LP, Album, Promo
Decameron (2) My Shadow... CD, Album
Deceased Luck Of The Corpse LP, Album
Deceased Fearless Undead Machines CD, Album
Deceased Supernatural Addiction CD, Album
Decomposed Hope Finally Died... LP, Album
Decomposed The Funeral Obsession 12"
Decrepit (3) Acrimonium CD
Decrepit (3) The Wake 7", EP, Cle
Decrepitaph Condemned Cathedral CD, Album
Def Leppard On Through The Night LP, Album, PRC
Defecation Purity Dilution LP, Album
Degial Death And Darkness Buries All... 7", RP
Degial Savage Mutiny CD, Album
Degial Death's Striking Wings LP, Album
Degial Awakening From Darkness Cass, S/Sided, Ltd, Num
Deicide Legion LP, Album
Deicide Legion CD, Album, RP
Deicide Deicide CD, Album
Deicide Deicide LP, Album
Deicide Amon: Feasting The Beast LP, Comp
Dekapitator We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!! LP, Album, Ltd
Dekapitator The Storm Before The Calm LP, Album, Ltd, Ora
Delirium (18) Zzooouhh LP, Album
Deliverance (3) What A Joke Cass, Album
Delusion (12) Blood And Love Flow Free 7", Blu
Demented Ted Promises Impure CD, Album
Demigod Slumber Of Sullen Eyes LP, Album
Demolish (2) Remembering The Cabalisticae Laments CD, Album, RE
Demolition (5) When The Tomb Beckons... Cass
Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence CD, Album, Lon
Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence Cass, Album
Demolition Hammer Epidemic Of Violence Cass, Album
Demolition Hammer Skull Fracturing Nightmare Cass
Demonical Servants Of The Unlight CD, Album
Denial (11) Antichrist President CD, Album
Denial Fiend (2) Dead Awakening 7", Ltd
Depravity Remasquerade 7", Single
Depravity Silence Of The Centuries CD, EP
Derketa In Death We Meet CD, Album
Desaster Tyrants Of The Netherworld CD, Album
Desaster Divine Blasphemies CD, Album
Desaster A Touch Of Medieval Darkness CD, Album
Desaster Hellfire's Dominion CD, Album
Desaster Angelwhore CD
Descend (2) Demonstration Cassette 1995 Cass
Desecration Gore & Perversion CD, Album
Desecrator (9) Subconscious Release LP, Album
Desolate Shrine The Sanctum Of Human Darkness 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Gre
Destroyer 666 Phoenix Rising CD, Album, RP
Destroyer 666 Cold Steel...For An Iron Age CD, Album, RP
Destruction Sentence Of Death 12"
Destruction Infernal Overkill LP, Album
Destruction Eternal Devastation LP, Album
Destruction Live Without Sense LP, Album
Destruction Sentence Of Death 12", MiniAlbum
Destruction Mad Butcher / Eternal Devastation CD, Comp, RP
Destruction Sentence Of Death / Infernal Overkill CD, Comp, RP
Destruction Release From Agony LP, Album, Whi
Destruction / Tormentor (8) Bestial Invasion Of Hell / End Of The World CD, Unofficial
Destructor Sonic Bullet CD, Album
Destructor Maximum Destruction LP, Album
Desultory Into Eternity CD, Album
Deteriorate Rotting In Hell Cass, Album
Deteriorate Rotting In Hell CD, Album
Devastation (4) Signs Of Life Cass, Album
Devastation (4) Idolatry Cass, Album
Diabolic (2) City Of The Dead Cass
Diabolique Butterflies CD, MiniAlbum
Diamond Head (2) Borrowed Time CD, Album, RE
Dies Irae (8), Agony Lords Ab Imo Pectore / Unions CD, Album
Dio (2) Rainbow In The Dark 12", Single
Dio (2) Hungry For Heaven 12", Single
Dio (2) Holy Diver LP, Album, All
Dio (2) The Last In Line LP, Album, Club
Dio (2) Sacred Heart LP, Album
Dio (2) Intermission 12", MiniAlbum
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Dealing With It! LP, Album
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles 4 Of A Kind LP, Album
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles Definition CD, Album
Disastrous Murmur Rhapsodies In Red CD, Album
diSEMBOWELMENT Transcendence Into The Peripheral CD, Album
Disgorge (2) Chronic Corpora Infest CD, Album
Disgorge (2) Chronic Corpora Infest Cass, Album
Disgorge (2) Forensick CD, Album
Disgrace (3) Grey Misery LP, Album
Disgrace (3) Debts Of God 7", Pal
Disgrace (3) Debts Of God 7", Col
Disharmonic Orchestra Expositionsprophylaxe LP, Album
Disharmonic Orchestra Successive Substitution 7", EP
Disharmonic Orchestra Successive Substitution 7", Mono, Promo, Gre
Disharmonic Orchestra Expositionsprophylaxe Cass, Album
Disharmonic Orchestra Not To Be Undimensional Conscious CD, Album
Disharmonic Orchestra / Pungent Stench Split LP LP
Disharmony (2) The Gate Of Deeper Sleep 7", EP, Ltd
Disma The Vault Of Membros 12", Red
Disma Towards The Megalith 2x12", Album, Gre + 7", Whi + Ltd
Disma The Manifestation 7", Ltd, Num, Red
Disma The Vault Of Membros Cass, S/Sided
Disma / Convulse Days Of Death 7", EP, Ora
Disma / Convulse Days Of Death 7", EP
Disma / Winterwolf Disma / Winterwolf 7", Ltd
Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow CD, Album
Dismember The God That Never Was CD, Album
Dismember Skin Her Alive 7", EP, Pic
Dismember Like An Ever Flowing Stream CD, Album
Dismember Massive Killing Capacity CD, Album
Dismember Pieces CD, EP
Dismember Indecent And Obscene CD, Album
Dismember The God That Never Was LP, Album
Dissect (3) Swallow Swouming Mass CD, Album
Dissection The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) CD, Comp, RE
Dissection The Somberlain CD, Album, RE
Dissection Maha Kali CD, Single
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane LP, Album
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane LP, Album, Ltd, RE, RP, Blu
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane CD, Album
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie CD, Album, Dig
Dissection Live Legacy LP, Album
Dissection Reinkaos CD, Album, RE
Dissection (3) Final Genocide LP, Album
Divine Eve Upon These Ashes Scorn The World LP, Comp
Divine Eve The Last Of The Sunset Faded Cass
Divine Eve As The Angels Weep CD, EP
Мастер Мастер LP, Album
Domain (5) / Demonized Hellbirth CD, MiniAlbum
Doomed Haematomania 7", Red
Doomed Broken 7", Gre
Dorsal Atlântica Searching For The Light LP, Album, RE
Drowned (2) Viscera Terrae Cass, S/Sided, Ltd
Drowned (2) Alive Undead : 1995 Cass
Drowned (2) Conquering The Azure Cass, Ltd
Drowned (2) Demo 1993 Cass, S/Sided, Ltd, Num
Drowned (2) Viscera Terræ 12", Ltd, RE
Drowned (2) Idola Specus CD, Album
Drowned (2) Idola Specus LP, Album
Drowned (2) Rehearsal Demo 12/2012 Cass
Drowned (2) Ærth 7", EP, Ltd, Num, Blu
Druid Lord Druid Death Cult 7", Ltd
Dusk (16) Dusk CD, MiniAlbum
Edge Of Sanity Unorthodox CD, Album, RP
Edge Of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains LP, Album
Edge Of Sanity Unorthodox LP, Album, RE
Electro Hippies Play Fast Or Die 12", RE
Electrocution Inside The Unreal LP, Album
Embryo (2) / Stigmata (9) Damnatory-Cacophony / Deceived Minds LP, Ltd, Num
Emperor (2) Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise CD, Album
Emperor (2) Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk CD, Album, Enh, RE
Emperor (2) IX Equilibrium CD, Album
Emperor (2) Wrath Of The Tyrant Cass, RE
Encoffination Seventh Temple Of Laodicean Scripture 7", EP
Energetic Krusher Path To Oblivion LP, Album
English Dogs Forward Into Battle LP, Album
Enthroned Prophecies Of Pagan Fire CD, Album
Entombed Left Hand Path CD, Album, RE
Entombed Wolverine Blues CD, Album
Entombed Clandestine CD, Album
Epitaph (5) Sinner Waketh CD, Album
Epitaph (5) Seeming Salvation CD, Album, RE, RM
Epitaph (5) Seeming Salvation LP, Album
Escape (25) Escape LP, Album
Escape (25) Escape CD, Album
Eternal Solstice/ Pentacle Eternal Solstice — Pentacle 2x7", EP, Ltd, Sil
Ethereal (10) Dominion 10", Ltd, Num
Evil (8) Evil's Message 12", MiniAlbum
Exanthema / Chronic Decay Exanthema / Chronic Decay 12", MiniAlbum
Excavation Psychotic Possession 7"
Excel (3) Split Image LP, Album
Excidium Infecting The Graves 7"
Exciter Long Live The Loud LP, Album
Exciter Violence & Force LP, Album
Exciter Feel The Knife 12", Single
Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac LP, Album
Excoriate On Pestilent Winds... LP, Album, Ltd
Excrement Scorched CD, EP
Excretion Voice Of Harmony CD, Album
Excruciate / Epitaph (5) Excruciate / Epitaph LP
Excruciating Pain Thou Shall Choose CD, Album
Excruciation Last Judgement 12", MiniAlbum
E-X-E Stricken By Might LP, Album
Execration Odes Of The Occult 2xLP, Album
Exhorder The Law CD, Album
Exhorder Slaughter In The Vatican LP, Album
Exhumed Slaughtercult CD, Album
Exhumed / No Comply (3) Instruments Of Hell / Protect Yo Neck! 7", Num
Exit-13 The Unrequited Love For Chicken Soup 7", EP, RE
Exmortis Fade From Reality 7"
Exodus (6) Impact Is Imminent CD, Album
Exodus (6) Another Lesson In Violence CD, Album
Exodus (6) Pleasures Of The Flesh LP, Album
Exodus (6) Pleasures Of The Flesh LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Pic
Exodus (6) Fabulous Disaster LP, Album
Exodus (6) Exhibit B: The Human Condition CD, Album
Exodus (6) Bonded By Blood LP, Album
Exorcist (4) Nightmare Theatre LP, Album
Exoto Ashes... 7"
Exoto Beyond The Depths Of Hate CD, Ltd
Expulsion Overflow CD, Album
Exumer Possessed By Fire LP, Album, Whi
Exumer Rising From The Sea LP, Album
Eyegouger Ass Rotor 7"
Faith Or Fear Punishment Area LP, Album
Fastway (2) Fastway LP, Album, Pit
Fatal (2) A Somber Evocation Of Nihilism 7"
Fates Warning The Spectre Within LP, Album
Father Befouled Obscurus Nex Cultus CD, Album
Father Befouled / Helcaraxë Ruination Of The Heavenly Communion CD, Album
Fester (4) Winter Of Sin CD, Album
Flames Made In Hell LP, Album
Fleshcrawl Descend Into The Absurd Cass, Album
Fleshcrawl Impurity CD, Album
Fleshcrawl As Blood Rains From The Sky ... We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire CD, Album
Flotsam And Jetsam No Place For Disgrace LP, Album
Flotsam And Jetsam Doomsday For The Deceiver LP, Album
Forbidden (3) Raw Evil - Live At The Dynamo 12", EP
Forbidden (3) Twisted Into Form CD, Album
Forbidden (3) Forbidden Evil LP, Album
Forbidden (3) Forbidden Evil CD, Album
Forbidden (3) Green CD, Album, Club
From The Depths Bereavement CD, EP, Promo
Fulgor Eyequinox 7", EP, Ltd, Pur
Funcunt Coldeäccol Cass, S/Sided
Funebrarum Exhumation Of The Ancient 12", EP, Ltd, Cle
Funebrarum Dormant Hallucination 7", EP, Ltd, Num, Red
Funebrarum Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods CD, RE
Funebrarum Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods LP, Album + 12" + Comp, Ltd, Blu
Funebrarum / Interment Conjuration Of The Sepulchral LP, Ltd, Pur
Funebrarum / Undergang (2) The Dead Of Winter 7", Ltd
Funebre Children Of The Scorn LP, Album
Funebre Brainspoon 7", Num, Yel
Funeral Tristese CD, MiniAlbum, RE
Funeral (7) Forgotten Abominations 7", Ltd
Furbowl Those Shredded Dreams CD, Album
Gargoyle (8) Gargoyle LP, Album
General Surgery Necrology CD, MiniAlbum
General Surgery Necrology 7"
Genocidio Hoctaedrom LP, Gat
Ghost (32) Opvs Eponymovs LP, Album, Ltd, Blu
Girlschool Hit And Run LP, Album
God Dethroned Bloody Blasphemy CD, Album
Goddefied Remnants Of The Art 7"
Goddefied Abysmal Grief CD, MiniAlbum
Godflesh Streetcleaner CD, Album, RE
Godflesh Selfless CD, Album
Godflesh Godflesh LP, RE, RM
Golem (2) Visceral Scab 7"
Gong Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1) LP, Album, Gat
Gong You LP, Album
Gong Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2) LP, Album, RE, Gat
Gonkulator / Minch Untitled / Hold The Mozz! 7", Ltd, Red
Goreaphobia Mortal Repulsion CD, Album
Goreaphobia Omen Of Masochism 7"
Goreaphobia Morbidious Pathology 7", Pur
Goreaphobia Sabbatic Communion 7", Gre
Gorefest Live Misery 7", EP
Gorefest Mindloss CD, Album
Gorefest FALSE LP, Album, Yel
Gorefest FALSE CD, Album
Gorement Into Shadows 7", Whi
Gorephilia Ascend To Chaos CD, EP
Gorguts From Wisdom To Hate CD, Album
Gorguts Obscura CD, Album
Gorguts Considered Dead CD, Album
Gorguts The Erosion Of Sanity CD, Album
Gorguts Pleiades' Dust CD, EP, Dig
Grave (2) You'll Never See... CD, Album
Grave (2) ...And Here I Die...Satisfied CD, EP
Grave (2) Into The Grave CD, Album, RP
Grave (2) Tremendous Pain 7"
Grave (2) Anatomia Corporis Humani 12"
Gravehammer Ensnared In Dismal Blasphemies 7", EP
Graveyard (4) One With The Dead CD, Album
Grenade (2) Hellsong 7", EP, Ltd, Num
Grenade (2) Venom Of God 7", Num
Grim Reaper (3) See You In Hell LP, Album
Grim Reaper (3) Fear No Evil LP, Album
Grinder (2) Dead End LP, Album
Grotesque Incantation 12", MiniAlbum
Grotesque Incantation 12", MiniAlbum, Ltd, RP, Pur
Guillotine (2) Bring Down The Curtain LP, Album
Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction LP, Album, Cro
Guns N' Roses G N' R Lies LP, Album
Gurthang (2) Infinite Void CD, Album, Ltd
Halloween (4) Don't Metal With Evil LP, Album
Hallows Eve Tales Of Terror LP, Album
Hallows Eve Monument LP, Album
Hallows Eve Death & Insanity CD, Album, RP
Hallows Eve Death & Insanity LP, Album
Hammer (12) Contract With Hell LP, Album
Hammers Rule Show No Mercy LP, Album, Whi
Hardware (13) Souls Vortex 7", EP
Hardware (13) Hardware Cass, C60
Have Mercy Armageddon Descends 12", MiniAlbum
Hazael When The Sun Is Dead... Cass, EP
Hazael The Kiss And Other Movements Cass, Album
Hazael Thor Cass, Album
Hazael Clairvoyance Cass
Hazael Thor 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gol
Headrot Among The Remains 7"
Heathen Breaking The Silence LP, Album
Heather Leather We Came To Destroy / Child Molester 7"
Heavenshore Between Human And Divine CD, EP
Heavy Load (2) Metal Angels In Leather CD, Comp
Heavy Load (2) Death Or Glory CD, Album, RE, Unofficial
Hell-Born Cursed Infernal Steel CD, Album
Hell-Born Legacy Of The Nephilim CD, Album, RE
Hellhammer (2) Demon Entrails 3xLP, Comp, Ltd, RE, RM
Hellhammer (2) Apocalyptic Raids 12", EP
Hellhammer (2) Blood Insanity 7", Single, Ltd
Hellion Screams In The Night LP, Album
Hellnomorf Tales Of The Past Cass, S/Sided
Hellraiser We'll Bury You! LP, Album, RP
HellWitch Purveyor Of Fear b/w Pyrophoric Seizure 7", Single, Ltd, Num
Hellwitch Syzygial Miscreancy LP, Album
Hemdale / Doubled Over Hemdale / Doubled Over 7", EP
Heretic (10) Breaking Point CD, Album, RE
Hexenhaus A Tribute To Insanity LP, Album
Hexx (2) Quest For Sanity 12", MiniAlbum, Gre
Hideous Mangleus Unearthing Grandma's Grave 7"
Hideous Mangleus We Live... ...You Sleep 7"
Hirax Not Dead Yet CD, Comp
Hirax Raging Violence LP, Album
Hirax Hate, Fear And Power LP, MiniAlbum
Holocaust (4) Heavy Metal Mania 12", Spa
Holocaust (4) The Nightcomers LP, Album
Holy Terror Mind Wars LP, Album
Holy Terror Guardians Of The Netherworld: A Tribute To Keith Deen 2xLP, Comp, Ltd, RM, Gre
Holy Terror Terror And Submission LP, Album
Hooded Menace Never Cross The Dead 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Spl
Hooded Menace The Eyeless Horde 7"
Hooded Menace Fulfill The Curse 2x12", Album, Ltd, RE, Cle
Hooded Menace Necrotic Monuments 7", EP, Ltd, Ora
Hooded Menace Effigies Of Evil 2x12", Album + 7", Single + Dlx, Ltd, Ora
Hooded Menace Darkness Drips Forth LP, Album, Ltd, Sil
Hooded Menace The Eyeless Horde Cass
Hooded Menace Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed LP, Album, Ltd, Blu
Hooded Menace / Anima Morte Hooded Menace / Anima Morte 7", Ltd, Pic
Hooded Menace / Coffins Hooded Menace / Coffins 7", Ltd
Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes (2) Instruments Of Eternal Damnation / Flame Of Will 12", EP, Ltd
Hooded Menace / Ilsa (2) Hooded Menace/Ilsa 12", EP, Ltd
Hooded Menace vs Loss (2) A View From The Rope 12", EP, Ltd, Bro
Horrified Eternal God 12", EP, Ltd
Horror Of Horrors Sounds Of Eerie CD, Album
House Of Usher (2) On The Very Verge 7"
Hypocrisy Osculum Obscenum CD, Album
Hypocrisy Penetralia CD, Album
Iconoclast (5) Promo Tape 92 Cass, Promo
Ignivomous Path Of Attrition 12", Dlx, Ltd, RE, Gre
Ignivomous Eroded Void Of Salvation 7", Ltd, Gol
Immolation Here In After CD, Album
Immolation Close To A World Below CD, Album
Immolation Majesty And Decay CD, Album
Immolation Kingdom Of Conspiracy LP, Album, Ltd, Cle
Immolation Atonement 2x12", Album, Ltd, Ivo
Immolation Dawn Of Possession LP, Album
Immolation Dawn Of Possession CD, Album
Immolation Stepping On Angels...Before Dawn CD, Comp
Immolation Providence 12", EP, Ltd, Promo
Immolation Providence 12", EP, Promo
Immortal Fate Beautiful LP, Album, Gre
Immortal Fate Faceless Burial 7", RE
Impaler Charnel Deity LP, Album
Impaler Charnel Deity CD, Album
Imperator (3) The Time Before Time LP, Album
Impetigo Ultimo Mondo Cannibale LP, Album
Impetigo Faceless Cass, EP
Impetigo Faceless 7", Vio
Impetigo Horror Of The Zombies CD, Album
Impetigo / Transgressor Primitives / Transgressor 7"
Impiety Salve The Goat: Iblis Exelsi 7"
Incantation Thieves Of The Cloth 7"
Incantation Blasphemy In Brazil Tour 2001 CD, Album, Ltd
Incantation Blasphemy CD, Album, RP
Incantation Decimate Christendom CD, Album
Incantation Onward To Golgotha CD, Album
Incantation Mortal Throne Of Nazarene CD, Album
Incantation Diabolical Conquest CD, Album
Incantation Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies 7", Single
Incantation Entrantment Of Evil 7", RE, RP
Incantation The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish CD, MiniAlbum
Incrust Baptized In Unholy Gore CD, Comp
Incubus (3) Serpent Temptation LP, Album
Incubus (3) Beyond The Unknown LP, Album
Incubus (5) Incubus 7", Ltd, Num
Indestroy Indestroy LP, Album
Indestructible Noise Command The Visitor LP, Album
Inertial Mass Guest For Autopsy Cass
Infamous Sinphony Manipulation LP, Album
Infernal Conjuration Auto De Fe 7"
Infernal Conjuration Death Has Appeared... 12", EP
Infernal Conjuration Tremendous Plague CDr, Num
Infester Darkness Unveiled 7", EP, Ltd, Red
Infinitum Obscure Obscuridad Eterna 7", EP, Ltd
Infinitum Obscure Ipsus Universum 10", EP
Infinitum Obscure Sub Atris Caelis CD, Album
Infinitum Obscure The Luminous Black CD
Infinitum Obscure Internal Dark Force CD, Album
Infinitum Obscure Seeding Darkness Cass, S/Sided, Ltd, Num
Inner Thought Worldly Separation CD, Album
Inner Thought Disorder Of Battles 7", EP
Innumerable Forms Dark Worship 7", Num, RP
Inquisidor Inquisidor LP, Album
Inquisidor Sobre Tu Cadaver CD, Album
Inquisition Anxious Death / Forever Under 2xLP, Comp, Ltd
Inquisitor (3) Walpurgis: Sabbath Of Lust CD
Insane (31) Wait And Pray LP, Album, Ltd
Insanity (5) Visions Of Apocalypse LP, Ltd, Bro
Insanity (5) Death After Death CD, Album
Insanity (5) Visions Of Apocalypse CD, Album
Interment Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy CD, Album, Sup
Interment (3) Life Here After 7", EP
Intestine Baalism Ultimate Instinct CD, Album
Intoxication (3) Cerebral Parasite 7"
Inverted Empire Of Darkness 7", Single
Inverted There Can Be Only One… CD, Album
Irkallian Oracle Grave Ekstasis LP, Album, RM
Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire LP, Album
Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire CD, Album
Iron Maiden Empire Of The Clouds LP, Single, Ltd, Num, Pic
Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls 2xCD, Album, Dlx, Ltd, Dig
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son LP, Album
Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind CD, Album, Club, RE
Iron Maiden Live After Death 2xLP, Album
Iron Maiden Powerslave LP, Album
Iron Maiden Can I Play With Madness 7", Shape, Single, Pic
Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time LP, Album
Iron Maiden 2 Minutes To Midnight 12", Single
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast CD, Album, Enh, RM
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death CD, Album, Copy Prot.
Iron Maiden Aces High 12", Single
Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind LP, Album, Gat
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden LP, Album
Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast LP, Album
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier CD, Album, Ltd, Mis
Iron Maiden En Vivo! (Live At Estadio Nacional, Santiago) 2xDVD-V, Ltd, NTSC, Ste
Iron Maiden En Vivo! (Live At Estadio Nacional, Santiago) Blu-ray, Multichannel, dts
Iskra (4) Iskra LP, Album
Jaguar (6) Power Games LP, Album
Judas Iscariot The Cold Earth Slept Below... CD, Album
Judas Priest British Steel LP, Album
Judas Priest Point Of Entry LP, Album
Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance LP, Album, Car
Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith LP, Album, Pit
Judas Priest Stained Class LP, Album
Judas Priest Hell Bent For Leather LP, Album
Judas Priest Turbo LP, Album
Judas Priest Ram It Down LP, Album
Judas Priest Sin After Sin LP, Album
Judas Priest Painkiller CD, Album, RE, RM
Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution CD, Album, Dig + DVD
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla LP, Album, RE
Judas Priest Sad Wings Of Destiny LP, Album, RE
Judecca Scenes Of An Obscure Death CD, EP, RE
Judecca Beyond, What The Eyes Can't See... CD, Album
Juggernaut (4) Baptism Under Fire LP, Album
Kaamos (2) Kaamos CD, Album
Kaamos (2) Lucifer Rising CD, Album
Kaamos (2) Scales Of Leviathan CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Dig
Karnarium Karnarium 7"
Kat (10) Mind Cannibals LP
Kat (10) 38 Minuts Of Life LP, Album, S/Edition
Kat (10) Metal And Hell LP, Album, RE
Killing Addiction Omega Factor CD, Album
Killing Addiction Necrosphere 7", Single, Col
King Diamond Abigail II: The Revenge CD, Album
King Diamond Fatal Portrait LP, Album
King Diamond The Family Ghost 12", Single, Promo
King Diamond Abigail LP, Album
King Diamond "Them" LP, Album, Ltd
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Gumboot Soup LP, Album, Ltd, Bla
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Gumboot Soup LP, Album, Ltd, Red
KOD (3) Kingdom Of Dead CD, Album
Korzus Sonho Maniaco LP, Album
Korzus Mass Illusion LP, Album, Gat
Korzus Pay For Your Lies LP, MiniAlbum
Krabathor Only Our Death Is Welcome... LP, Album
Krabathor Cool Mortification CD, Album, RP
Krabathor Lies CD, Album
Kreator Coma Of Souls CD, Album
Kreator Extreme Aggression LP, Album
Kreator Pleasure To Kill LP, Album
Kreator Endless Pain LP, Album
Kreator Terrible Certainty LP, Album
Krisiun Ageless Venomous CD, Album
Krypts Remnants Of Expansion LP, Album
Krypts Open The Crypt Demo 2009 12", EP, Ltd
Krypts Krypts 7"
Krypts Unending Degradation LP, Album, Ltd
Kublai Khan (2) Annihilation LP, Album
Kurnugia Tribulations Of The Abyss CDr, EP, Promo
Laaz Rockit Annihilation Principle LP, Album
Laaz Rockit Know Your Enemy LP, Album
Laaz Rockit Holiday In Cambodia 12"
Laaz Rockit No Stranger To Danger LP, Album
Laaz Rockit City's Gonna Burn LP, Album
Laceration (3) Ripping Avulsion 7", Ltd, Num
Last Ex Last Ex LP, Album
Leather Angel We Came To Kill 12", EP
Leatherwolf Leatherwolf LP, Album
Leatherwolf Leatherwolf LP
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II LP, Album, RE
Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door LP, Album, "A"
Lee Aaron Metal Queen LP, Album
Lemming Project Hate And Despise CD, Album
Leng Tch'e / Black Ops (7) Razorgrind / Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body 7", EP
Liege Lord Burn To My Touch LP, Album
Liers In Wait Spiritually Uncontrolled Art CD, EP
Living Death Vengeance Of Hell LP, Album
Living Death Protected From Reality LP, Album
Living Decay Filled With Rot CDr, EP
Living Decay Doomed To Last CDr, EP
Living Sacrifice Living Sacrifice Cass
Lizzy Borden Give 'Em The Axe 12"
Lizzy Borden Love You To Pieces LP, Album
Lobotomy Against The Gods / Nailed In Misery CD, Comp
Lords Of The Crimson Alliance Lords Of The Crimson Alliance LP, Album
Loudblast Sensorial Treatment LP, Album
Loudblast Sublime Dementia CD, Album
Loudness (5) Thunder In The East LP, Album
Loudness (5) Lightning Strikes LP, Album
Lubricant Nookleptia CD, MiniAlbum
Lucifer (23) The Dark Christ 7"
Luciferion The Apostate CD, Comp, RM, O-C
Luciferion Demonication (The Manifest) CD, Album
Lullaby (7) Lucifer 7", EP
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc Welcome To The Asylum LP, Album
Luzbel Metal Caido Del Cielo 12", MiniAlbum
Luzbel Pasaporte Al Infierno LP, Album
Macabre Grim Reality 12", MiniAlbum
Macabre Sinister Slaughter CD, Album, RE
Macabre Nightstalker 7"
Macabre Gloom LP, Album
Macabre End Consumed By Darkness 7", EP
Magma (24) Magma CD, Album
Magnum Itiner Interius Ad Honorem Defuncto CD
Magnum Itiner Interius Departure At The Betrayal Of Life CD, Album, Ltd
Magus (2) Ruminations Of Debauchery 7", Blu
Maim (2) From The Womb To The Tomb CD, Album
Malediction Mould Of An Industrial Horizon 7", EP
Malediction System Fear 7", EP
Malevolent Creation Doomsday X CD, Album
Malevolent Creation Eternal CD, Album
Malevolent Creation Retribution Cass, Album
Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments Cass, Album
Malevolent Creation Retribution CD, Album, RP
Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments CD, Album, RP
Malevolent Creation Stillborn Cass
Malevolent Creation Stillborn CD, Album
Malice (2) In The Beginning... LP, Album
Malice (2) License To Kill LP, Album
Mangled Torsos Drawings Of The Dead CD, Album
Manilla Road The Courts Of Chaos LP, Album
Manilla Road Open The Gates LP, Album + 12", EP
Manilla Road Playground Of The Damned LP, Album, Ltd, Swa
Manowar Hail To England LP, Album
Marduk Plague Angel CD, Album
Marduk Dark Endless CD, Album
Marquis De Sade (6) Somewhere Up In The Mountains LP, Comp
Masacre 2012 7", EP, Ltd, Num, Tra
Masacre Sacro CD, Album, RE
Mass Psychosis My Private Hell 7", Mul
Massacra Final Holocaust LP, Album
Massacre Back From Beyond CD, Album, Ltd, Dig
Massacre Provoked Accurser 7", S/Sided
Massacre Inhuman Condition CD, EP
Massacre From Beyond LP + 7", S/Sided + Album, Ltd
Massacre From Beyond CD, Album
Master (2) Master LP, Album
Master (2) On The Seventh Day God Created... Master LP, Album
Master (2) Collection Of Souls LP, Album, Yel
Master (2) On The Seventh Day God Created...Master CD, Album
Master (2) Faith Is In Season CD, Album
Master (2) / Abomination Master / Follower 7"
Master's Hammer The Jilemnice Occultist CD, Album
Mausoleum (5) Summoning Of The Damned Cass
McDonald & Giles McDonald And Giles LP, Album, Gat
Meat Shits Make Me Cum 7"
Mefisto The Truth LP, Comp, Ltd
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What! LP, Album, RE
Megadeth Hidden Treasures CD, Comp
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What! CD, Album, RP
Megadeth Cryptic Writings HDCD, Album
Megadeth Youthanasia CD, Album, Club
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction CD, Album, Club
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? LP, Album
Megadeth Rust In Peace CD, Album, Club
Megadeth Rust In Peace LP, Album
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! CD, Album, RP
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! LP, Album, Gre
Megadeth The System Has Failed CD, Album
Megadeth Dystopia CD, Album
Megadeth Dystopia LP, Album
Megaslaughter Calls From The Beyond CD, Album, Unofficial
Megaslaughter Calls From The Beyond LP, Album
Megaton (13) Megaton LP, Album
Megaton (13) Megaton CD, Album, RE
Melechesh Enki CD, Album, Ltd, Dig
Meliah Rage Kill To Survive LP, Album
Memoriam The Hellfire Demos 7", EP, Ltd, Cle
Memoriam The Hellfire Demos III 7", S/Sided, Etch, Ltd, Yel
Memoriam For The Fallen LP, Album, Ltd, Mir
Mentors You Axed For It! LP, Album
Merciless (2) The Treasures Within LP, Album
Merciless (2) The Treasures Within CD, Album
Merciless (2) Merciless CD, Album
Merciless (2) Merciless LP, Album
Merciless (2) The Awakening LP, Album
Merciless (2) Live Obsession 2xDVD, Comp
Merciless (2) Unbound CD, Album
Merciless (2) / Comecon Merciless / Comecon 7"
Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath LP, Album
Mercyful Fate Melissa LP, Album
Mercyful Fate In The Shadows LP, Album, Ltd
Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate 12", MiniAlbum, RP, Bla
Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate 12", MiniAlbum, RP, Bla
Mercyful Fate Return Of The Vampire CD, Comp
Messiah (5) Hymn To Abramelin LP, Album, RP
Messiah (5) Extreme Cold Weather LP, Album
Messiah (5) Extreme Cold Weather LP, Album, Red
Messiah (5) Choir Of Horrors LP, Album
Messiah (5) Underground CD, Album
Messiah (5) Psychomorphia Cass, MiniAlbum, Ltd
Messiah Paratroops The Past 7", EP, Ltd, Blu
Metal Church Metal Church LP, Album
Metal Church The Dark LP, Album
Metallica Ride The Lightning CD, Album, RE, RM
Metallica Master Of Puppets LP, Album
Metallica The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited 12", EP
Metallica Kill 'Em All LP, Album, RE
Metallica Kill 'Em All LP, Album, RE
Metallica ...And Justice For All 2xLP, Album
Metallica Master Of Puppets CD, Album, RE, RM
Metallica Kill 'Em All LP, Album
Metallica Ride The Lightning LP, Album
Metallica Creeping Death 12", EP
Metallica Jump In The Fire 12"
Method Of Destruction U.S.A. For M.O.D. CD, Album
Mezzrow Then Came The Killing LP, Album
Miasma (7) "Love Songs" CD, EP
Miasma (7) Changes LP, Album
Miasmal Cursed Redeemer LP, Album, Ltd, Cle
Miasmal Miasmal CD, Album
Miasmal Demo 2008 12", RP
Miasmal Creation Of Fire / Bionic Godhead Erase 7", EP
Miasmal Creation Of Fire / Bionic Godhead Erase 7", EP, Ltd, Red
Miasmal Miasmal LP, Album
Miasmal / Vampire (3) Queen Of A Poisoned Realm / The Night It Came Out Of The Grave 7", Ltd
Minch America's Most Wanted 7", Pur
Mindrot Endeavor E.P. 7", Pin
Misery's Omen Misery's Omen CD, Comp, Ltd
Misfits The Misfits Box Set 4xCD, Comp, RP + Box
Misfits Evilive II CD, Comp, Ltd, Whi
Mitochondrion Antinumerology 7", EP, Ltd, Whi
Mitochondrion Archaeaeon CD, Album, Ltd
Molested Blod-draum CD, Album
Molested Stormvold CD, MiniAlbum, Promo
Molested Unborn Woods In Doom Cass
Mondocane - Necrodeath & Schizo Project One LP, Album
Monstrosity Millennium CD, Album
Monstrosity Slaves And Masters Cass, S/Sided
Monstrosity Imperial Doom LP, Album
Monstrosity Imperial Doom CD, Album
Monstrosity In Dark Purity CD, Album
Monstrosity Burden Of Evil 7"
Moondark The Shadowpath CDr, Ltd
Morbid Ancient Morbidity 12"
Morbid December Moon 12", MiniAlbum, Ltd, RM
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness Cass, Album
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness LP, Album
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness LP, Album, Ltd, RP
Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness CD, Album, RE
Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick CD, Album, RP
Morbid Angel Covenant CD, Album, RP
Morbid Angel Domination LP, Album
Morbid Angel Domination CD, Album
Morbid Angel Abominations Of Desolation LP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, Unofficial
Morbid Angel Nevermore 7", Single, Tra
Morbid Saint Spectrum Of Death Cass, Album
Morbid Saint Spectrum Of Death CD, Album
Morbid Saint Spectrum Of Death Cass, Album
Morbid Saint Destruction System LP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, Cle
Morbid Saint Destruction System LP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE
Morbid Symphony Permanence In Dark Earth 7"
Morbius (6) Alienchrist CD, Album
Morbius (6) The Shades Below CD, Album
Morbius (6) Underground Civilization 7", Single
Morbius (6) Tapping The Vein 7", Single
Morbus Chron Sweven LP, Album
Morbus Chron A Saunter Through The Shroud 10", Ltd, Red
Morbus Chron A Saunter Through The Shroud 10", Ltd, Blu
Morbus Chron Splendour Of Disease Cass
Morbus Chron Sleepers In The Rift LP, Album
Morbus Chron Creepy Creeping Creeps 7", EP
Mordancy The Progressive Downfall 7", Single
Mordicus Three Way Dissection 7", Tan
Morgoth Resurrection Absurd 12", EP
Morgoth The Eternal Fall 12", MiniAlbum
Morgoth Ungod LP, Album, Ltd, Sil
Morgoth Ungod CD, Album, Ltd
Morgoth The Eternal Fall / Resurrection Absurd CD, Comp
Morgoth Cursed CD, Album
Morgoth God Is Evil 7"
Morgue (4) Eroded Thoughts CD, Album
Morningstar (2) Weight Of The Hammer CD, Album
Morpheus (19) In The Arms Of... 12", EP
Morpheus Descends From Blackened Crypts 7", EP, Ltd
Morpheus Descends Adipocere 7", Blu + 7", S/Sided
Morta Skuld As Humanity Fades LP, Album
Morta Skuld / Vital Remains Morta Skuld / Vital Remains 7", Ltd, Cle
Mortal Sin Mayhemic Destruction LP, Album
Mortem Slow Death 7", Ltd, Num
Mortem (4) Demonios Atacan Los Angeles CD, Album, Enh, Ltd, Num
Mortem (4) De Natura Daemonum CD, Album
Mortem (4) Deinós Nekrómantis LP, Album, Ltd, Whi
Mortem (4) Decomposed By Possession CD, Album
Mortem (4) Demon Tales CD, Album, RE
Mortem (4) The Devil Speaks In Tongues CD, Album
Mortem (4) Demon Tales LP, Album
Mortem (4) Devoted To Evil 12"
Mortician House By The Cemetery 7", EP
Mortician / Immolation A Day Of Death 7", EP, Unofficial
Mortuary Death Won't Leave The Throne 7", EP, Ltd
Mortuary Blackened Images LP, Album
Mortuary Blackened Images LP, Album, Pic
Mortuary Blackened Images Cass, Album
Mortuary Blackened Images CD, Album
Mortuary Shine Of The End Cass, Ltd
Mortuary Mortuary 7", Single
Mortuary Where Death Takes Your Soul LP, Comp, Ltd, Num, Ora
Mortuary Drape Spiritual Independence LP, Album, Ltd, Bee
Mortuary Drape Buried In Time LP, Album, Ltd, Num
Mortuary Drape / Necromass Dance of Spirits / Ordo Equilibrium Nox LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Motorhead Overkill LP, Album, RP, Gre
Motorhead Bomber LP, Album, Blu
Motorhead Ace Of Spades LP, Album, RE
Motorhead Another Perfect Day LP, Album
Motorhead Motorhead LP, Album
Motorhead Motorhead LP, Album, RE, Whi
Motorhead Rock 'N' Roll LP, Album
Motorhead Orgasmatron LP, Album
Motorhead No Remorse 2xLP, Comp, Ltd, S/Edition, Lea
Motorhead Aftershock LP, Album
Motorhead Bad Magic LP, Album, Whi + CD, Album + Ltd
Motorhead 1916 LP, Album
Mutilation Mutilation CD, Album
Mutilator (2) Into The Strange LP, Album
MX (3) Simoniacal LP, Album
MX (3) Mental Slavery Vinyl, Album
MX (3) / Necromancia / Blasphemer (4) / Cova (2) Headthrashers Live LP, Album
My Dying Bride As The Flower Withers CD, Album
Mythic Rehearsal Tape June '91 Cass, S/Sided
Napalm Death Mass Appeal Madness 7", Single
Napalm Death Utopia Banished CD, Album
Napalm Death Mentally Murdered 12", EP
Napalm Death Harmony Corruption LP, Album
Napalm Death Harmony Corruption CD, Album
Napalm Death Scum LP, Album, Lim
Napalm Death Mass Appeal Madness 12"
Napalm Death Utopia Banished LP, Album
Naphobia Of Hell CD, Album
Nasty Savage Abstract Reality 12"
Nasty Savage Nasty Savage LP, Album
Nasty Savage Indulgence LP, Album
Nausea (3) Psychological Conflict 7", Red
Nausea (3) Crime Against Humanity LP, Album
Necrony Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage 7", Ora
Necrophiliac Chaopula. Citadel Of Mirrors LP, Album
Necrophobic The Nocturnal Silence CD, Album
Necrophobic Spawned By Evil CD, EP
Necrophobic Darkside CD, Album
Necrophobic The Third Antichrist CD, Album
Necrophobic Bloodhymns CD, Album
Necrophobic Hrimthursum CD, Album, Ltd
Necrophobic Death To All CD, Album, Sli
Necrophobic Womb Of Lilithu 2xLP, Album, Ltd
Necrophobic The Call 7"
Necrophobic Unholy Prophecies Cass, S/Sided, RE
Necropolis (6) Contemplating Slaughter LP, Album
Necropsy (7) Never To Be Forgotten 7", Blu
Necropsy (7) Never To Be Forgotten 7", gre
Necros Christos Trivne Impvrity Rites Or The Grand Nine Cvltmysteries Of The Templvm Necromantorvm LP + LP, S/Sided + Album, Ltd
Necros Christos Doom Of The Occult 2xLP, Album
Necros Christos Nine Graves CD, EP
Necrosanct Equal In Death Cass, Album
Necrowretch Putrefactive Infestation 12", EP
Nektar A Tab In The Ocean LP, Album
Nevermore (2) Nevermore 12", EP
Next (10) Silencio Nocturno LP
Nifelheim Servants Of Darkness CD, Album, Sli
Nifelheim Nifelheim CD, Album
Nifelheim Devil's Force CD, Album
Nifelheim Unholy Death 7", Ltd
Nifelheim Envoy Of Lucifer LP, Album, Ltd, Gat
Nifelheim Satanatas 12", MiniAlbum, Ltd
Nifelheim / Sadistik Exekution Tribute To Slayer Magazine 7"
Nihilist (2) Carnal Leftovers LP + 7" + Comp, Ltd, Sil
Nirvana 2002 Recordings 89-91 LP, Comp
NME (6) Unholy Death LP, Album
No Mercy (3) Widespread Bloodshed / Love Runs Red LP, Album
Nocturn (3) Shades Of Insanity 7"
Nocturnal Breed Aggressor LP, Album
Nocturnus Thresholds CD, Album
Nocturnus The Key LP, Album
Nocturnus Nocturnus CD, Single
Nocturnus Nocturnus 7", EP, Gre
Nokturnel Nothing But Hatred CD, Album
Nokturnel Fury Unleashed CD, Album
Nokturnel Anti Grunge 7", EP, Cle
Nominon Monumentomb CD, Album
Nominon The Cleansing LP, Album, Ltd, Blu
Nominon Blaspheming The Dead 7"
Nominon Diabolical Bloodshed CD, Album
Not Fragile Who Dares Wins LP, Album
Nuclear Assault Game Over LP, Album
Nuclear Assault Brain Death 12", EP, Gre
Nuclear Assault The Plague 12", MiniAlbum
Nuclear Assault Survive LP, Album
Nuclear Assault Handle With Care LP, Album
Nuclear Death Bride Of Insect LP, Album
Nuclear Death Carrion For Worm LP, Album
Nuclear Death For Our Dead 7"
Num Skull Ritually Abused LP, Album
Num Skull Ritually Abused CD, Album, Unofficial
NunSlaughter Hells Unholy Fire LP, Album, Ltd, Num
Obeisance Lucifer Master LP, Album, Ltd
Obituary Xecutioner's Return CD, Album
Obituary The End Complete LP, Album
Obituary Slowly We Rot LP, Album
Obituary Cause Of Death CD, Album
Obituary The End Complete CD, Album
Obituary Cause Of Death LP, Album
Obituary Frozen In Time CD, Album
Obsecration The Inheritors Of Pain CD, Album
Obsession (6) Scarred For Life LP, Album
Obsession (6) Methods Of Madness LP, Album
Obsession (6) Marshall Law 12"
Occult (3) Intersincarnael 7"
Old Funeral Devoured Carcass 7", EP
Omen (3) Warning Of Danger LP, Album
Omision In The Shadow Of The Cross CD, Album
Onslaught (2) The Force LP, Album
Opprobrium Discerning Forces CD, Album
Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine CD, Album, Unofficial
Order From Chaos Plateau Of Invincibility 10", Red
Order From Chaos Stillbirth Machine CD, Album, RP, Bla
Ostrogoth Full Moon's Eyes 12"
Overdose (11) / Sepultura Século X.X. / Bestial Devastation LP, RP, Bla

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Overkill Taking Over LP, Album
Overkill !!!Fuck You!!! 12", EP
Overkill Ironbound CD, Album
Overkill Feel The Fire LP, Album
Overkill Under The Influence LP, Album
Oxenkiller Monster Of Steel 12", MiniAlbum
Oz (15) Fire In The Brain LP, Album
Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin LP, Album
Ozzy Osbourne Bark At The Moon LP, Album
Ozzy Osbourne Down To Earth CD, Album, Club
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz CD, Album, RE, RM
Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Madman CD, Album, RM
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears CD, Album, RE, RM
Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Madman CD, Album, RE, RM
Ozzy Osbourne Live & Loud 2xCD, Album, Ltd
Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis CD, Album
Ozzy Osbourne Speak Of The Devil CD, Album, RE, RM, S/Edition
Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Madman LP, Album
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz LP, Album, San
Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads Tribute 2xLP, Album, Car
Pactum Ficción, Lujuria Y Blasfemia CD, Album
Pactum F.A.L. CD, Album
Pactum Antichristian Front Of Freedom 7", EP
Papsmear Music To Kill By CD, Comp, Ltd + DVD-V
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise LP, Album
Paralysis Patrons Of The Dark Cass, Album
Pariah (6) Blaze Of Obscurity LP, Album
Pentacle Into The Depths Of Mill Cass, Ltd, Num
Pentacle Ancient Death 12", EP, Ltd, Num
Pentacle ... Rides The Moonstorm CD, Album
Pentacle Ancient Death CD, EP
Pentacle The Fifth Moon CD, EP
Pentacle Archaic Undead Fury 10", EP
Pentacle Under The Black Cross CD, Album, Dig
Pentacle Five Candles Burning Red CD, EP
Pentacle Under The Black Cross LP, Album, Ltd
Pentacle Under The Black Cross CD, Album
Pentacle / Mortem (4) Five Candles Burning Red / Liquefied Blood Of The Saints 7", EP
Pentacrostic The Pain Tears CD, Album
Pentagram (3) The Malefice 2xLP, Ltd, Bei
Pentagram (3) Pentagram Cass, S/Sided, Comp, Ltd, Num
Perdition Hearse Mala Fide Cass, S/Sided, RE
Pestilence Testimony Of The Ancients LP, Album
Pestilence Malleus Maleficarum LP, Album
Pestilence Consuming Impulse LP, Album
Phlebotomized Immense Intense Suspense CD, Album, RP
Phlebotomized Skycontact CD, Album
Phlebotomized In Search Of Tranquillity 7", EP, Red
Phlebotomized Preach Eternal Gospels CD, MiniAlbum
Phlegethon (2) Neutral Forest Cass
Phlegethon (2) Fresco Lungs 12", MiniAlbum
Phlegethon (2) Fresco Lungs CD, MiniAlbum
Piledriver (2) Metal Inquisition LP, Album
Piledriver (2) Stay Ugly LP, Album
Pink Floyd The Endless River 2xLP, Album, 180
Pink Floyd Animals LP, Album, RP, Gat
Pink Floyd A Saucerful Of Secrets LP, Album, RP
Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn LP, Album, Scr
Plasmatics (2) Beyond The Valley Of 1984 LP, Album
Poison (9) Into The Abyss Cass, Ltd, RP
Poison (9) Into The Abyss 12"
Pokolgép Éjszakai Bevetés LP, Album
Pokolgép Totális Metál LP, Album
Portrait (2) Portrait LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Bla
Possessed Beyond The Gates / The Eyes Of Horror CD, Comp, RE
Possessed Beyond The Gates LP, Album, Tri
Possessed The Eyes Of Horror 12", EP
Possessed Seven Churches LP, Album, Gre
Pretty Maids Future World LP, Album
Prime Evil (3) Unearthed CD, Comp
Procreation (3) Incantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The Fallen LP, Comp, RM
Profanal Rotten Bodies CD, RE
Prophanity Demo #1 '94 Cass, Num
Prophecy Of Doom Acknowledge The Confusion Master LP, Album
Pungent Stench Extreme Deformity 7", EP
Pungent Stench For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh LP, Album
Pungent Stench Been Caught Buttering LP, Album
Purgatory (4) Tied To The Trax LP, Album
Purtenance Member Of Immortal Damnation LP, Album
Purtenance Crown Waits The Immortal 7", EP
Purtenance Sacrifice The King CD, EP
Purtenance Awaken From Slumber LP, Album
Purtenance ...To Spread The Flame Of Ancients LP, Album
Putrid (2) God Forsaken 7", EP
Putrid Offal Mature Necropsy 2xCD, Album, Ltd
Putrisect / Funebrarum / Interment Pestilential Winds 7", EP, Ltd, Gre
Queensryche Queensrÿche 12", EP
Question Of Madness The Dark Corners Of The Mind CD, Album
R.U. Dead? Hypnos 7", EP, Cle
Rage (6) Perfect Man LP, Album
Rage (6) Execution Guaranteed LP, Album
Raped Ape Terminal Reality CD, EP
Raped God 666 The Executioner CD, Album
Ratt Out Of The Cellar LP, Album, All
Ratt Ratt 12", EP, Eni
Raven (6) Life's A Bitch LP, Album
Raven (6) Mad 12"
Raven (6) All For One LP, Album
Raven (6) Wiped Out LP, Album, Pur
Raven (6) Wiped Out LP, Album, Blu
Raven (6) Rock Until You Drop LP, Album
Razor (2) Malicious Intent LP, Album
Recipients Of Death Recipients Of Death LP, RE
Renaissance (5) Tired Blood 7"
Repugnant Hecatomb 12", RE
Repugnant Epitome Of Darkness CD, Album
Repugnant Premature Burial 7", Ltd, Pic
Repugnant Hecatomb CD, MiniAlbum
Repugnant / Kaamos (2) Live In Stockholm 09.03.2003 CD, Unofficial
Repulsion Horrified LP, Album, RE
Repulsion Excruciation 7"
Repulsion / Carcass Repulsion / Carcass LP, Ltd, Unofficial
Resurrection (2) Embalmed Existence CD, Album
Revenant Prophecies Of A Dying World LP, Album
Revenant Exalted Being 7", Red
Revenant Distant Eyes 7"
Righteous Pigs Turmoil 7"
Rigor Mortis (2) Rigor Mortis LP, Album
Rigor Mortis (2) Slaves To The Grave LP, Album
Rigor Mortis (5) Rigor Mortis 7", Blu
Rigor Mortis (5) Rigor Mortis 7", Blu
Riot (4) Narita LP, Album, MP, RE
Riot (4) ThunderSteel LP, Album
Riot (4) Riot Live 12", EP, Ltd
Riot (4) Fire Down Under LP, Album
Riot (4) Restless Breed LP, Album
Ripping Flesh Mercy 7", EP
Rise (6) Life Into Ever Black CD, EP
R'lyeh In The Infernal Moment LP, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Num, Cle
R'lyeh In The Infernal Moment CD, MiniAlbum
Rogue Male First Visit LP, Album
Rotten Flesh Holy Tears (Ego Fum Papa) 7", EP
Rotting Christ Non Serviam CD, Album
Rottrevore Copulation Of The Virtuous & Vicious 7"
Rottrevore Hung By The Eyesockets CD, MiniAlbum
Runemagick The Supreme Force Of Eternity CD, Album
Runemagick Resurrection In Blood CD, Album
Rush Caress Of Steel LP, Album, Gat
Ruthless (2) Discipline Of Steel LP, Album
Ruthless (2) Metal Without Mercy 12", EP
Sabbat Nekromantik Sabbat Box, Ltd, Die + 2xCD
Sabbat The Devil's Sperm Is Cold . . . 7", Ltd
Sabbat Sabbatrinity LP, Album
Sabbat (2) Dreamweaver LP, Album
Sabbat / Goat Skull Mexiconslaught 7", Spl
Sacramentum Far Away From The Sun CD, Album
Sacred Blade Of The Sun + Moon LP, Album, Gat
Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua 12", EP
Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua CD, EP
Sacred Rite Sacred Rite LP, Album
Sacrifice (3) Torment In Fire LP, Album
Sacrifice (3) Soldiers Of Misfortune CD, Album
Sacrifice (3) Forward To Termination LP, Album
Sacrilege Behind The Realms Of Madness 12", MiniAlbum
Sad Iron Total Damnation LP, Album
Sadist (2) Above The Light CD, Album
Sadistic Intent Resurrection CD, MiniAlbum, RP
Sadistic Intent Ancient Black Earth CD, EP, Promo
Sadistic Intent Resurrection CD, MiniAlbum
Sadistic Intent Reawakening Horrid Thoughts 12", S/Sided
Sadistic Intent Reawakening Horrid Thoughts 12", S/Sided, EP, Red
Sadistic Intent Morbid Faith 7", Ltd, Sil
Sadistic Intent A Calm Before The Storm... 7", EP, Blu
Sadistic Intent A Calm Before The Storm... 7", EP
Sadistic Intent Impending Doom 7", Red
Sadistic Intent Impending Doom Cass, EP
Sadistic Intent Impending Doom 12", MiniAlbum
Sadistic Intent / Pentacle Invocations Of The Death-Ridden 12", MiniAlbum
Sadistic Intent / Ungod Eternal Darkness / Phallus Cult 7", EP, Ltd
Sadistik Exekution We Are Death Fukk You CD, Album
Sadistik Exekution We Are Death Fukk You LP, Album
Sadistik Exekution The Magus CD, Album
Sadus Chemical Exposure CD, Album, RE
Sadus Swallowed In Black LP, Album
Sadus Swallowed In Black CD, Album
Sadus Illusions LP, Album
Saint Vitus Saint Vitus LP, Album
Saint Vitus Hallow's Victim LP, Album
Saint Vitus Born Too Late LP, Album, RP
Saint Vitus Mournful Cries LP, Album, RE
Saint Vitus The Walking Dead 12", EP, M/Print, RE
Salem (3) Creating Our Sins 12", EP
Salem (3) Collective Demise CD+G, Album
Samael Ceremony Of Opposites LP, Album
Samael Blood Ritual CD, Album
Samain Vibrations Of Doom LP, Album
Sarcastic (2) Corps In Decomposition 7"
Sarcastic (5) No Forgiveness Cass
Sarcofago Rotting CD, MiniAlbum
Sarcofago Rotting 12", MiniAlbum
Satan Life Sentence LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Satan Atom By Atom LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Satan Court In The Act LP, Album
Satan Into The Future 12"
Satan Suspended Sentence LP, Album
Satanic Rites No Use Crying. LP, Album
Satanic Rites Which Way The Wind Blows LP, Album
Satan's Host Metal From Hell LP, Album
Satyricon Nemesis Divina CD, Album
Savage (7) Loose 'N Lethal LP, Album
Savage Grace Master Of Disguise LP, Album, Pic
Savage Grace Master Of Disguise LP, Album
Savage Grace The Dominatress 12", EP
Savage Grace After The Fall From Grace LP, Album
Savage Thrust But Soon Revenge / Agony & Extacy 7"
Savatage Gutter Ballet LP, Album
Savatage Fight For The Rock LP, Album
Savatage Power Of The Night LP, Album, Spe
Savatage The Dungeons Are Calling 12"
Savatage Sirens LP, Album
Saxon Innocence Is No Excuse LP, Album
Saxon Denim And Leather LP, Album, Pit
Saxon Crusader LP, Album
Saxon Power & The Glory LP, Album
Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law LP, Album, RE
School Of Violence We The People...? LP, Album
Scorpions Love At First Sting LP, Album, 53
Scorpions Fly To The Rainbow LP, Album, RE
Scorpions Virgin Killer LP, Album
Seance Fornever Laid To Rest CD, Album
Seance Saltrubbed Eyes CD, Album
Seance Fornever Laid To Rest Cass, Album
Seance Awakening Of The Gods CD, Album
Second Hell / Skull Crusher (2) Metal Deadness LP
Sempiternal Deathreign The Spooky Gloom LP, Album, 1st
Sentenced Shadows Of Past LP, Album
Sentenced Shadows Of The Past CD, Album, Unofficial
Sentinel Beast Depths Of Death LP, Album
Septic Flesh Mystic Places Of Dawn CD, Album, RE
Sepultura Morbid Visions LP, Album, Ltd, Pur
Sepultura Schizophrenia LP, Album, RE, RM
Sepultura Beneath The Remains LP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM
Sepultura Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation CD, Comp, RE, RM, RP
Sepultura Schizophrenia CD, Album, RE, RM, Gol
Sepultura Schizophrenia LP, Album
Sepultura Morbid Visions LP, Album
Serpens Aeon Dawn Of Kouatl CD, Album
Severance (3) Abysmal Ascent 7"
Severance (3) What Lies Ahead... CD, Album, RE
Sexorcist / Extreme Smoke Sexual Mutilation / Extreme Smoke 57 7", EP
Shredded Corpse Exhumed And Molested CD, Album
Shub Niggurath (3) "The Kinglike Celebration" (Final Aeon On Earth) LP, Album, Ltd, RE
Shub Niggurath (3) Horror Creatures LP, Comp, Ltd, Num, Whi
Shub Niggurath (3) Blasphemies Of Nether World 7"
Shub Niggurath (3) Unknown Adorer 7", EP, Ltd, Num
Shub Niggurath (3) Evilness And Darkness Prevails CD, MiniAlbum
Shub Niggurath (3) Evilness And Darkness Prevails 12", Ltd, Num
Shub Niggurath (3) A Deadly Call From The Stars CD, Album, Ltd
Shub Niggurath (3) A Deadly Call From The Stars LP, Album, Ltd
Shub Niggurath (3) Horror Creatures Cass, S/Sided
Silent Scream (4) From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination LP, Album
Sinister Cross The Styx CD, Album
Sinister Diabolical Summoning CD, Album
Sinister Hate CD, Album
Sinister Sinister 7", EP, Ltd, Gre
Sinister Sinister 7", EP
Sinister / Monastery (2) Sinister / Monastery 7", EP
Sinistrous Diabolus Opus One Cass, S/Sided
Sinoath Forged In Blood CD, Comp
Skeletal Earth Eulogy For A Dying Fetus CD, Album
Slaughter (2) Strappado LP, Album
Slaughter (2) Nocturnal Hell 7", Ltd, Num
Slayer Decade Of Aggression Live 2xCD, Album, RE
Slayer Christ Illusion CD, Album
Slayer God Hates Us All LP, Album, Ltd, Red
Slayer Serenity In Murder CD, Maxi
Slayer Undisputed Attitude 2x10", Album, Ltd, Num
Slayer Divine Intervention LP, Album, Red
Slayer Divine Intervention CD, Album
Slayer Diabolus In Musica 2xLP, Album
Slayer Diabolus In Musica CD, Album
Slayer Reign In Blood CD, Album, RE
Slayer Undisputed Attitude CD, Album, RE
Slayer Live Intrusion VHS
Slayer God Hates Us All CD, Album, Car
Slayer Christ Illusion LP, Album, Red
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss CD, Album, RE
Slayer World Painted Blood LP, Album, Gat
Slayer Hell Awaits LP, Album
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss LP, Album
Slayer Reign In Blood CD, Album, RE
Slayer Reign In Blood LP, Album
Slayer South Of Heaven LP, Album
Slayer Criminally Insane (Remix) 12", Maxi
Slayer Hell Awaits CD, Album, RE, RM
Slayer Show No Mercy CD, Album, RM
Slayer Haunting The Chapel CD, EP, RE, RM
Slayer Live Undead 12", EP
Slayer Show No Mercy LP, Album
Slayer Haunting The Chapel 12", EP
Slayer Hell Awaits CD, Album, RE
Slayer Reign In Blood LP, Album
Slayer (3) Prepare To Die 12", EP
Slayer (3) Go For The Throat LP, Album
Slugathor Fabric Of The Multiverse 7", Ltd, RE
Slugathor Circle Of Death LP, Album, Ltd, RE
Sodom In The Sign Of Evil 12", MiniAlbum
Sodom Code Red CD, Album
Sodom Agent Orange LP, Album
Sodom Mortal Way Of Live 2xLP, Album
Sodom Persecution Mania CD, Album, RE
Sodom In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty CD, Comp
Sodom Agent Orange CD, Album
Solitude Aeturnus Into The Depths Of Sorrow CD, Album
Solstice (3) Solstice CD, Album
Solstice (3) Pray CD, Album
Sonic Youth Anagrama 12", EP, RE, RM
Soothsayer (3) Have A Good Time LP, Album
Sorcery Master Of The Chains Cass
Sorcery Rivers Of The Dead 7"
Sorcery Bloodchilling Tales LP, Album
Sorcery Arrival At Six LP, Album
Sorrow (2) Forgotten Sunrise CD, EP
Soulburn Feeding On Angels CD, Album
Soulreaper Written In Blood CD, Album
Spazztic Blurr Befo Da Awbum LP, Album
Spazztic Blurr Spazztic Blurr CD, Album, RE
Speckmann Project Speckmann Project LP, Album
Stench Of Decay Where Death And Decay Reign Cass, S/Sided
Stench Of Decay Visions Beyond Death 7", Ltd
Stench Of Decay Where Death And Decay Reign 12", Ltd, RE
Steve Hillage Fish Rising LP, Album, RP
Stone (9) Stone LP, Album
Stormtroopers Of Death Speak English Or Die CD, Album, RE
Stormtroopers Of Death Speak English Or Die LP, Album
Strana Officina Strana Officina 12", EP
Stygian (2) Earthly Homicide Cass, Promo, Dem
Stygian (2) Seconds 'Til Death Cass, EP
Subject (4) Nihilistic Perspectives Cass
Suffer (5) Global Warming CD, EP
Suffer (5) On Sour Ground 7", Single, Ltd
Suffocation Human Waste 12", EP
Suffocation Effigy Of The Forgotten CD, Album, RP
Suffocation Breeding The Spawn CD, Album, RP
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies LP, Album
Supuration The Creeping Unknown 7", Bro
Sweet Savage Killing Time CD, Album
Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs LP, Album
Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs LP, Album, RE, 2nd
Symphony Of Grief Regurgitated Corpses Drowning In Sorrow 7", Gre
Symphony Of Grief Our Blessed Conqueror CD, EP
T.S.O.L. Dance With Me LP, Album
Tankard The Morning After LP, Album, Promo
Tankard The Morning After LP, Album
Target Master Project Genesis LP, Album
Target (12) Mission Executed LP, Album
Tenebrarum Visiones Del Horror Cass, Dem
Tension (13) Breaking Point LP, Album
Terminal Death Terminal Death CD, Comp
Terror Throne Death Is The Cleanser CD, Album
Terrorizer World Downfall LP, Album
Terrorizer World Downfall CD, Album, RE
Terrorizer World Downfall CD, Album
Testament The New Order CD, Album
Testament The Legacy LP, Album
Testament Practice What You Preach LP, Album
Testament The New Order LP, Album
Thanatos Beyond Terror CD, EP, Enh
Thanatos The Burning Of Sodom/...And Jesus Wept 7", EP, Red
Thanatos Emerging From The Netherworlds LP
Thanatos Realm Of Ecstacy CD, Album
The Accused Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told LP, Album
The Accused Hymns For The Deranged LP, Album
The Accused The Return Of... Martha Splatterhead LP, Album
The Black The Priest Of Satan CD, Album, RE
The Brood The Brood LP, Album
The Chasm Awaiting The Day Of Liberation Demo I-1993 Cass
The Chasm Procreation Of The Inner Temple Cass, Album
The Chasm Procreation Of The Inner Temple CD, Album, Ltd
The Chasm Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire 2xLP, Album, Ltd
The Chasm Reaching The Veil Of Death 10", EP
The Chasm Procession To The Infraworld CD, Album
The Chasm Procreation Of The Inner Temple CD, Album, Ltd, RE
The Chasm Procreation Of The Inner Temple LP, Album, Ltd, Pic, RE, RM
The Chasm Reaching The Veil Of Death CD, EP, Ltd, RP
The Chasm Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm CD, Album, RP
The Chasm From The Lost Years CD, Album, Ltd, RE
The Chasm Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph CD, Album
The Chasm A Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain - Phase I CD, Album
The Chasm A Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain - Phase I 2xLP, Album, Ltd
The Chasm Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm CD, Album
The Chasm Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire CD, Album, Enh
The Chasm Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph CD, Album
The Chasm Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph Cass, Album
The Chasm Procession To The Infraworld LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Red
The Chasm From The Lost Years... Cass, Album
The Chasm From The Lost Years... CD, Album
The Chasm Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm 2xLP, Album
The Chasm Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm CD, Album, RE
The Chasm The Spell Of Retribution LP, Album, Ltd
The Chasm The Spell Of Retribution CD, Album
The Chasm Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire CD, Album, Enh, Ltd, Num
The Doors The Doors LP, Album, RP, Pit
The Horde Of Torment Product Of A Sick Mind LP, Comp
The Jesus And Mary Chain Damage And Joy 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Ora
The Mezmerist The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty / Beg For Forgiveness, Pray For Your Life CD, Comp + DVD-V
The Michael Schenker Group The Michael Schenker Group LP, Album, San
The Mist ...Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust... CD, EP
The Ravenous Assembled In Blasphemy CD, Album
The Ravenous Three On A Meathook CD, MiniAlbum
The Ravenous Blood Delirium CD, Album, Enh, Dig
The Rods Wild Dogs LP, Album
The Undead Nine Toes Later 7", EP, RE
The Undead Nine Toes Later 7", EP
The Wakedead Gathering The Gate And The Key CD, Album, Ltd
The Wakedead Gathering Dark Circles CD, EP
The Wakedead Gathering Tenements Of Ephemera Cass, Album, Ltd
Thergothon Stream From The Heavens CD, Album, RE
Therion Beyond Sanctorum CD, Album, RP
Therion Of Darkness CD, Album
Thor Keep The Dogs Away LP
Thorns Thorns CD, Album, Whi
Thorns Of The Carrion The Gardens Of Dead Winter CD, Album
Thou Shalt Suffer Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation 7", Ltd, Num
Thrasher Burning At The Speed Of Light LP, Album
Thrust Fist Held High LP, Album
Thy Only Forgotten Mythos Daemonium CD, Album, Ltd
Tiamat Sumerian Cry LP, Album
Tiamat Sumerian Cry CD, Album, RP
Timeghoul 1992 - 1994 Discography CD, Comp
Timeghoul Tumultuous Travelings / Panaramic Twilight LP, Comp, RE, RM, Lun
TNT Knights Of The New Thunder LP, Album, All
Tokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous LP, Album
Tokyo Blade Night Of The Blade LP, Album
Tokyo Blade Night Of The Blade LP, Album
Tokyo Blade Tokyo Blade LP, Album
Tokyo Blade Blackhearts & Jaded Spades LP, Album
Toranaga Bastard Ballads LP, Album
Torchure Beyond The Veil LP, Album
Torment Experience A New Dimension Of Fear... CD, Album, Ltd
Tormentor Beholding The Endless Pestilence LP, Comp
Torture Terror Kingdom 12"
Torture Krypt Rotted Remnants CD, EP
Toxaemia Beyond The Realm 7", Tra
Toxodeth Lo Más Mórbido De La Realidad (Una Observación) CD, Album
Toxodeth Phantasms LP, Comp, Ltd, Num, Red
Toxodeth Mysteries About Life And Death LP, Album
Transgressor Ether For Scapegoat CD, Album
Transmetal Desear Un Funeral 12", EP
Transmetal Dante's Inferno CD, Album, RE
Trauma Scratch And Scream LP, Album
Traumatic The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision 7", EP, Num
Tribulation Putrid Rebirth 7", EP
Tribulation The Children Of The Night LP, Whi + LP, S/Sided, Etch, Whi + Album, Ltd
Tribulation The Death & Rebirth Of... 7", Ltd
Tribulation The Death & Rebirth Of... 7", Single, Ltd, Gol
Tribulation The Formulas Of Death 2xLP, Album
Tribulation The Ascending Dead Cass, Ltd
Tristeza A Colores 2xLP, Album, Ltd
Tristeza Bromas 12"
Tristeza Foreshadow / Smoke Through Glass 7", Single, Ltd, Bla
Tristeza Mania Phase 12"
Tristeza Spine And Sensory LP, Album
Tristeza Macrame 7", Single, Ltd, Red
Tristeza Mixed Signals 2x12", Ltd
Tristeza City Gaze Cass, Ltd, Num, C92
Tristeza Paisajes LP, Album
Tristeza Are We People 7", Single
Tristeza Dream Signals In Full Circles CD, Album
Tristeza Dream Signals In Full Circles LP, Album
Tristeza Fate Unfolds LP, Album
TT Quick TT Quick 12", MiniAlbum
Turbo Epidemic LP
Turbo Dead End LP, Album
Turbo Kawaleria Szatana LP, Album
Turbo Ostatni Wojownik LP, Album
Turbo Alive! LP, Album
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry LP, Album, SP
Type O Negative October Rust CD, Album
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses CD, Album, Cle
Type O Negative The Origin Of The Feces CD, Album, RE
Type O Negative Slow, Deep And Hard CD, Album
Tyrranicide Hiding Under White Cass
Unanimated In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead CD, Album
Unbounded Terror Nest Of Affliction LP, Album
Uncanny Splenium For Nyktophobia CD, Album
Uncanny / Ancient Rites Uncanny / Ancient Rites LP, Unofficial
Unconsecrated Slave To The Grave 7", EP
Under Moonlight Sadness After The Cosmic Gate CD, Album
Unholy Rapture CD, Album
Unholy From The Shadows CD, Album, RE
Unholy Trip To Depressive Autumn Cass, S/Sided
Unleashed Midvinterblot LP, Album
Unleashed ....Revenge Cass
Unleashed Across The Open Sea CD, Album
Unleashed Shadows In The Deep CD, Album
Unleashed And The Laughter Has Died.... 7"
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells CD, Album, RP
Unleashed Dawn Of The Nine LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Gre
Unleashed Hammer Battalion LP, Album
Utumno The Light Of Day 7", EP
Vader The Ultimate Incantation CD, Album
Vader Live In Japan CD, Album, RE
Vampire Vampire LP, Album, Ltd, Bro
Vampire Vampire 7", M/Print, Yel
Van Halen Van Halen II LP, Album
Van Halen Women And Children First LP, Album
Vanishing Twin Dream By Numbers 10", Ltd, Num, Red
Various Wild Rags Records Limited Edition (Bloodcum / Not-Us / Infamous Sinphony / Outcasts (2)) 2x12", Ltd, Blu
Various At The Foot Of Brutality LP, Comp
Various Projections Of A Stained Mind LP, Comp, Ltd
Various Projections Of A Stained Mind CD, Comp, Ltd
Various In The Eyes Of Death CD, Comp
Various Warfare Noise LP, Comp
Various Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath CD, Album
Various Explosión Metálica LP, Comp
Various The Return Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Album
Various Raging Death Vol. 1 LP, Comp
Various Reflections From The Abyss - Chapter I CD, Comp
Various Pantalgia - An International Death Metal Compilation LP, Comp
Various Metal Massacre CD, Comp, RE, RM
Various Total Destruction LP, Comp
Various Doomsday News 2 LP, Comp
Various Nuclear Blast Promo EP II 7", EP, Promo, Cle
Various World Domination II 2xCD, Comp
Various Corporate Death - A Relapse Multi Death Compilation CD, Comp
Various The Heralds Of Oblivion Vol 1 CD, Comp
Various Visceral Productions Compilation #1 CD, Comp
Various Scandinavian Metal Attack LP, Comp
Vasaeleth / Vorum Profane Limbs Of Ruinous Death 7", EP
Vectom Speed Revolution LP, Album
Vendetta Vendetta LP, Album
Venenum Venenum CD, MiniAlbum
Venenum Venenum 12", MiniAlbum
Venom Possessed LP, Album
Venom Black Metal LP, Album, RP, Sil
Venom Black Metal LP, Album, Red
Venom At War With Satan LP, Album, Gat
Venom Welcome To Hell LP, Album, Blu
Venom From Hell To The Unknown 2xLP, Comp, Gat
Venom The Second Coming CD + VHS + Box
Vermin Scum Of The Earth Cass
Vermin Life Is Pain Cass, Dem
Vicious Rumors Soldiers Of The Night LP, Album
Victim Power Hungry LP, Album
Viking Man Of Straw LP, Album
Viking Do Or Die LP, Album
Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion LP, Album
Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion LP, Album
Vio-Lence Eternal Nightmare LP, Album
Violent Playground Thrashin Blues LP, Album
Virus Force Recon LP, Album
Vital Remains Let Us Pray CD, Album
Vital Remains Dechristianize CD, Album, RP
Vital Remains Forever Underground CD, Album, RP
Vital Remains The Black Mass 7"
Vixen Vixen LP, Album
Voivod Dimension Hatross LP, Album
Vomitory Raped In Their Own Blood CD, Album
Vomitory Moribund 7", Ltd, Bla
Vomitory Moribund 7", EP, Whi
Vomiturition Flesheater Musicians On Their Last Supper 7", EP, W/Lbl
Von Satanic Blood CD, RE, Unofficial
Vopo's Conquer LP, Album
Vulpecula Phoenix Of The Creation 7"
W.A.I.L. Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination And Lunacy LP, Album
W.A.S.P. The Headless Children LP, Album
W.A.S.P. W.A.S.P. LP, Album
W.A.S.P. The Last Command LP, Album
War Machine Unknown Soldier LP, Album
Warfare Pure Filth LP, Album
Warfare Hammer Horror LP, Album
Warhound / Wombbath Ascending Into The Oblivion Of Dusk 7", EP, Ltd, Gre
Warlord Thy Kingdom Come LP, Comp
Warlord Deliver Us LP, Album
Warlord And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun... LP, Album
Watain Casus Luciferi CD, Album
Watain Casus Luciferi LP, Album
Watain Sworn To The Dark 2xLP, Album
Watain Reaping Death 7", EP, Ltd, Pic
Watain Lawless Darkness CD, Album, Ltd, Dig
Watain Sworn To The Dark CD, Album
Watchtower Control And Resistance LP, Album
Watchtower Energetic Disassembly LP, Album
Wehrmacht Biērmächt LP, Album
Wehrmacht Shark Attack LP, Album
Whiplash Power And Pain + Ticket To Mayhem CD, Comp
Whiplash Insult To Injury LP, Album
Whiplash Ticket To Mayhem LP, Album
Wild Dogs Reign Of Terror LP, TP
Winter Eternal Frost CD, EP
Winter Into Darkness CD, Album, RE
Winter Into Darkness / Eternal Frost CD, Comp, Dig
Witch The Hex Is On 12", EP, Red
Witchburner Untitled 7", EP, Ltd, Whi
Witchfinder General Music 7", Single, Sil
Witchfinder General Friends Of Hell LP, Album
Witchfinder General Death Penalty LP, Album, Red
Witchfinder General Soviet Invasion! 12", EP
Witchfynde Give 'Em Hell 7", Single
Witchkiller Day Of The Saxons 12", MiniAlbum
Wombbath Lavatory CD, EP
Wombbath Downfall Rising CD, Album
Wombbath Several Shapes 7"
X Los Angeles LP, Album
X Wild Gift LP, Album
Xentrix Shattered Existence LP, Album
Xysma Yeah LP, Album
Xysma Fata Morgana 7", Red
Xysma Xysma 2xCD, Comp
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force Odyssey LP, Album, SRC
Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force LP, Album
Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force CD, Album, RE, RP, UML
Zeus Preso LP, Album
Znowhite Act Of God LP, Album
Zoetrope A Life Of Crime LP, Album

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:25 am 

Are you still selling the above mentioned stuff?

Has anyone dealt with this user and can share a feedback?


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:54 pm 

I sent him a PM about a week and a half ago. Never heard anything back.

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:45 am 


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