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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 3:33 pm 


I'm selling my entire tape collection.

PM me for information and photos. All tapes are original !!

Price: 3 euroes post fees INCLUDED worldwide (shipping from Belgium)

Abandon - Never-Ending Black Torrent of Death
Abathur - Grim Fuckin Folktales
Abhorre - Au nom du Nord
Acceptus Noctifer / Êxul - Into the Realms of Misantropic Illness and Mighty Lusitanian War Lords
Actum Inferni - Birth of Black Aeon
Ad Desolatum Et Silentium - Itineris Exitium
Adumus - Infinite Battles for Immortality
Aetheres/Alone in Mourning – Split
Afflictis Lentae -No Escape from the Jaws of Hell
Agathion - The Blackening of the Arctic
Akihma ‎– Apud Excessum
Alcoholic Smashing War - Give Me War or Give Me Death
Alioth - Channelling Unclean Spirits
Al Sirat - Milczysz...
Anaboth - Nie czas pomiotów
Animus Herilis - Mater Tenebrarum (Korosiv Productions)
Antechristus - Waste the Flesh as Reluctance Grows
Aphoom Zhah – Eternal Pain
Ara – Archaica
Aran Elda - Isilmé Ilcalassé
Archandrja - Zimowy Brzask Zwyciestwa
Armageddon Holocaust - Into Total Destruction
Arvind - Infernal Moonlight
Asatru - Langbart
Astrofaes - The Attraction: Heavens & Earth
Ater Tenebrae / Ravenshades - MMV
Austerity - Perpertua Nox Dormienda Est
Aufkrema - Rehearsals 2002-2003
Avendesora ‎– The Road To The Spear
Aymrev Erkros Prevre/Abstrrakt Torment – Split
Baal Zebuth - Unholy Baal Zebuth
Bahimiron - Funeral Black
Battalion – Soldiers of Evil
Beelzebul - The Powerful Essence of Lucifthian in Times of Obscurantism
Beithíoch - Díolaim
Beleth/Shining Abyss – Split Demo’06
Belzebul - Demo 1999 (Forgotten Wisdom Production)
Bemdesar - En el nombre de Satanas...!!!
Besatt - Hail Lucifer
Bestial Mockery - Sepulchral Wrath
Bethor - Demogorgon
Black Angel - From the Darkness
Black Angel - Beyond from Beyond
Black Metal Peststurm - Compilation (Pesttod Records)
Black Silence - Into the Lightless Depths
Blitzkrieg - 819
Blood Vengeance - End All Life
Bloody Harvest - Black Hordes
Bloody Passion - The Infernal
Blood Storm - In Howls of Pain and Fury
Bloodrain - De Vermis Mysteriis
Bluten - Years of Hate and Misanthropy
Camos - Baal Zebuth Baal Beth Zebuth
Cantus Infame - Satanic Inquisition Revenge is the Call
Carcharoth - My Father was a Wolf
Centurion Centauri - Centurion Centauri Is Dead
Christicide – Christicide
Contamino - Mother Nature Gased
Coven Curse - Evil Rise (The Way of Force)
Crucifixion Wounds - Crumbling of the Heavenly Kingdom
Crucifixion Wounds - The Hammer of Purification
Cryfemal Vs. Xerión – Split
Cryptal Spectres - Night Fear from Ritual Krypt
Cultus – Promo 2007
Cult of Daath - The Grand Torturers of Hell
Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla (Tour de Garde)
Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla (Heidens Hart)
Cultus - Our Swords We Raise...Our Gods We Praise! (Forgotten Wisdom Productions)
Cursed - The Coldest Death Infinite (Forgotten Wisdom Productions)
Dark Domination - Blasphemy (Beverina Productions)
Dark Earth - On the Great Ages
Dark Mist - Behind a Black Curtain
Dark Paramount - Black Phallus
Darkest Grove - The Rudimentary of Pessimism
Darkest Hate - Total Destruction
Darkness - Flag of Monotheistic Destruction
Darkwoods Legion - Là où les âmes pourrissent
Dead and Forgotten - Demo
Dead Inside - Dead Inside
Deathsaint - ...and Death Will Embrace You
Death Squadron - Rememberance of Past Atrocities...
December ‎– Hope For Nothing
Defuntos - Mundo de Lápides
Demiurg / Blodulv / Monomania - Total Human Demise
Demonar - Demo Tape
Demoniac Lord - Lord of All Desires in Life and After Death
Demonlord - As Bastard as God (Wolf Records)
Demoriel - Lifehatred
Det Kolde Nordland... Del 1 - Compilation
Dethroned Christ - The Past Rituals
Devilish Era/Ond Aand - Gathering for Infernal Onslaught
Devilish Era - Under the Aegis of the Megathropist
Diatribe - Obscured by Birth
Diecold - Black Metal Warriors
D.O.R. - Blessed By Unholy Murder
Dög/Black Marsh – Split
Ebola – Suffer the Nazarene (The Antichristian Manifesto)
Elisabetha - Sterbegesänge
Elite - Kampen
Elymas - In Darkness We Pray (1997 version)
Embrace of Thorns - The Inevitable Twilight of the Judeochristian Lie
Empire of Hate/Morthond – Split
Endless War - ...Honour, Pride and Glory...
Enecare - Dawn of Creations Ruin
Enochian - Satanic Ceremony (Ravenheart Productions)
Eschaton - Summon the Manifestation
Eschatos - Child of the Ashes
Eternal Agony - The Begining of a New Eternal Chapter
Eternal Frost – Stormfront
Eternal Funeral - Holycaust - The Dawn of a Fuckin New Age
Eternal Hatred - The Eve of Destruction
Eternal Majesty - Evil Consecration
Evilnasty - Blasphemia Canorae (Terror from Hell Records)
Evilwinged - Crush the Human Factor
Evoked Curse - Merciless Revenge
Excessum - Death Redemption
Excessum - Bleed Eternally
F.A.M.A.S. - Est Imperare Orbi Universo
Fecifectum - Ubi Umbrae Iacent
Finist – Awakening
Finist - Crosses Shall Burn
Földalatti Alakulat ‎– Fóbia
Fomorii - The Curse of Macha
Forest Poetry - Forest Poetry (Gungnir Productions)
Forgot - Burning Down
Forgotten Darkness - Nacht aus Blut
Fornace - Highest Towers
Fornace - The Man Who Wanted Change the World
Forn Draugost ‎– Agarwaen
Fornication - Sodomize Human Race
Forsaken Art - The Awakening of a New Era
Freezing Fog - Eosforos Falling
Fullmoon Rise - The End of Life's Ages (Eichenlaub Propaganda)
Funeral Blast "Satanic & Hateful Underground Paths" - COMPILATION
Funeral Forest - Barbarian Supremacy
Funeral War - Agonie des menacés
Gates of Dis - Nero Triumphant (666)
Gauntlet's Sword - The Command
Gernoth - Damnation Introitus
Ghash - Forest of Perpetual Pains
Goat Horns - Fullmoon Worship
Goetia – Wolfthorn
Golfaron - Odwieczna pieśń lasu
Golgatha - Ewiger Hass
Gorvomd - All of This Is Nothing
Gottlos - Infernal Pandemonio
Gravestench - Demo III
Gravewürm - Carnivorous Monarchy
Gravewürm - At the Gates of Armaggedon
Gravewürm - Ancient Storms of War (Time Before Time Records)
Griffar - Of Witches And Celts
Grimfaug - Blood Upon The Face Of Creation
Grimfaug - Defloration of Life's Essence
Grimlord - Through Hatred of Life
Grimorium Verum (Hol)/Lingedal - Bound by Sorcery
Grimwod - Humanities Last Judgement
Gromm - Огнём и мечом (Ferro Ignigue)
Gromm - Гвозди для богов (Nails for Gods)
Havoc - Icon of Destruction - Atrocity Divine
Hate XXX - The Conqueror
Hatenwar - Black Metal War
Hekatomb - Um Túmulo, Eterno Trono
Hellraper - Feed Bitches with Satan's Seed
Helvete Natten - In the Face of Evil
Heresi - Psalm II - Infusco Ignis
Herjan - France oubliée...
Hilderog - Apokalypse Slone...
Hilderog – Tsormenkvadur
Hiver Noir - Lethal Beings' Muzik
Hoax - Ego Eater
Holokaust 666 - Ihmisyyden pimeä puoli avautuu
Hromovlad - Vladca Lesov, Skalnych Stien
Human Waste - Twelve Years of Depression
Immortal Hammer - Immortal Past
Imperial Hordes – Pyrphoros
Imperium Sacrum – Lethe
Impious Havoc - The Great Day of Wrath (Total Holocaust Records)
Impureza - Inquisition Demos
Impure Possession - Vómito y fornicación
In Cold Blood – Nailed
In the Profound Abyss - Descent to the Abyss...
Indomitus/Mortinatum – Split
Inferior – Verfall
Infernal - The Black Book of Achamoth
Infernal - Unholy Funeral
Infernal Goat - The Longest Day of Pain
Infernal Goat - Bestial Passion
Infernal Kingdom - Our Darkest Black Metal
Inferno - Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004
Inferno - Pure Serbian Hell (Unholy World Productions)
Inflammation – 1996
Inkisitor – Inkisitor 5€
Insane Vesper/Istidraj/Iron Fist - Blasphemous Demonic Trinity
Insidious Omen - Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay
Inthyflesh / Navja - United by Blood and Sword
Into Dagorlad - Into Dagorlad
Iscariot - The Black Square (De Profundis Productions)
Iudicium - May Will Be September - The Onset
Kagan - Zemlja Predaka
Kältetod – Leere
Kerberos - Rough Tape 2001
Kettenhund - Vita Noir
Khaoshorde – Khaotika
Kharon - The Fullmoon Curse
Koldbrann - Nekrotisk Inkvisition
Kozmik Krypt - Of Filth, Foulness and Vulgarity
Kruk - Śmierć dzielja śmierci... mjorzłaje piekła
Krypteia - Hellenic Martial Virtue
Labatut/Kabarah - Zhym Nphill / Black Metal Command
Leraje - Psalm 666
Livjatan – Witchcraft
Loits - Ei kahetse midagi
Lord Paymon - Infernal Destruction
Lunar Reign - Demo 2001
Maleficencia – Apostasía
Malleus - The Procreation of Sin
Malveillance – Insignifiance
Malveillance - Le froid du nord
Malveillance / Vorago – Split
Malvento - Sacro martirio
Mäniac - Maniac
Mephisto - Tyrant’s Return (Tour de Garde)
Mirkhall - Winter of Tragedies Reign
Misanthropic Poetry - Inhaling the Wind of the Burning Grim Dreams
Misanthropy – A Monument of Disgust
Misantrok / Kingdom of Fog - Split
Misein – Preserving the Elite (Dead Horizons Productions)
Moontower – In the Shadow of the Wolf
Morbid Yell – The first Desecration
Mortal Wish - Dez Crânios Humanos Em Vossa Oferend
Mortinatum – Demo 2003
Mortridden - Omnimum Nequissimus
Muinainen Ruhtinas – Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin
Mystes - Pure Evil
Nakkiga – Maketa’05
Natural Change ‎– Helvetia (Espace Mittelland) 1
Nazroth/Putride – Split
Nebiros - Vagina Pectoris of Jesus Phallus
Necromortum - Evil Coming Winter
Necrophile - Morbid Perversion
Necropsia - ...for the Old Times
Nekrosis - Deathraid
Nidavellir - Волчьи чертоги
Nihilistic Kaos - Alchimie de la douleur - L'Art de la souffrance
Nihilistic Kaos - Démence & Perversion
Nocturnal / Beleth - Gott ist Tod
Nommam Erytz / Aymrev Erkroz - Split
Northern Frost - Ewige Kälte
Nosophoros - Alone in Cryptic Labyrinths
Nowogródek - Shadows' Dance
O / Flauros - Split
Obscure Disaster - Zeitalter der Unvernunft
Obscure Forêt - Résistance Païenne
Odium Perpetuum/D.O.R. - United in Hate & Pain
...Of Hate & Blood - Compilation (Illegal Angel Productions)
Okkultum Magnificentia - Aeon
Okulus Diaboli - Behold (The Devil's Eye)
Old Oak - Spells and Starlight
Old Pagan – Tecknotschtiklan
Omendark - Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza
Ominous - Hymn to the Dark World (Wolf Records)
Ond Aand - Rehears'hell 2004
Opferblut - Promo 2007
Orcrist - The Third Imperyum
Orctod - Ride to the Battlefields
Ork - Slava nam
Orthanc / Nordum - Vengeance humaine / 7 ans de réflexion
Osirion - Evil Made History
Othendara - Blasphemous Revelations Arise the Ancient Evil
Othendara / Hvelvengel av Helvete – Split
Othendara - Dae of Nox
Overture - Nocturnal Ablaze... Of Waning Colours
Pagapu - Arte, magia y sangre
Pagan - ...and Darkness Is Above All
Pale Mist - Hate Wound
Panzerfaust - The Cult of Death
Perditor – Perdition
Perditor - Desecration of Recession Day Twothousandthree
Perterricrepus - The Dark Age of Carpathia
Pestiferium - In Honour of Evil And Ancient Pride
Primeval Mass - Enlightened Black Gnosis
Profondis Requiem - Divine Nocturnal Torments
Primitivum - Imperium Vetustum
Putride - The Lie Called Salvation
Pyrifleyethon - Scintilation of a Gloomy Uprising
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Vivos - No Campo De Batalha
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Forca Beligerante Brasileira - Culto a Guerra
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - A Ascensão Da Arrogancia, Odio E Intolerancia
Regnum/Svarthal – Split
Regnum Umbra Ignis - The Cult to the Night of the Times
Revenant - Juliette
Revenge - The Time of Cruel Revenge. Genocide
Revenge - Ultras
Riddle of Meander - Ancient Apocalypse
Riddle of Meander - Pandemonic Holocaust
Rites of Cleansing - Nemesis (Promo 2004)
Sabbatical Rites - Omen of Destruction
Saevus - A Consolidação do Reinado das Trevas
Sahsnotas - Creator of Chaos
Saltus - Słowiańska duma
Sarvari - And the Wolves are howling my name...
Satanic Prophets - Ódio, Guerra & Supremacia
Sauron - Thrash Assault
Searing Skull / Eihwaz - United by the Runes
Seidr - Invading Heaven
Serpent Hordes - Triumphant Awakening of Hell's Darkest Master
Serpent Hordes - In the Name of Satan (Demo II)
Serpent Hordes - Satan's Wrath Unleashed
Severe Storm - Satanic Combat
Shadows Under Arms - Imperium Novum
Shambles - Blasphemous Vengeance
Sigillum Diabolicum - Dégénerescence d'un monde souillé
Sigvegr ‎– Against The Modern World – In The Name Of Old Traditions
Silva Nigra - Symbol Nenávisti
Silva Nigra - Černý kult
Självmord - Självhatets skönhet
Skaldic Curse - Contagious Psychic Misery
Skiltron N.V. 101 - Hatred Darkstorms of the New Worlds Order
Skullthrone - ...All for Satan!
Slejpnir / Kozmik Krypt - Funeral of Morality
Snowthorn - Drowning Under the Unfinished Dream
Solgrav - Pohjola kotimme, luonto emomme, pimeys veljemme ja kirves turvamme
Somber Serenity - Drowned in Sorrow
Sorcery - Demo I
Spearhead - Deathless Steel Command
Spiritual Wintermoon -Nightfall in the Ancient Wood
Stage Fryte - Tenderitus
Sterkvind / Inner Helvete - Burning the False Idol
Stone to Flesh - Unveiled Evil
Stormnatt - Funeral Apocalype
Stormnatt - Resurrection Of the Kult
Strigor ‎– Povstaň Rod Strigorov
S.U.N.D.S. - Sharp Razors of Propaganda
Suicidal Forms Elite / Merciless Crucifixion – Split
Suicidal Winds - Rarities
Svarga - Simvol Voli
Tenebrae - Lusitana Dimensão Misantrópica
Terra Mortis - Infernal Hordes
Teufelblut - Endless Tortures... (Metal Noir)
The Other Side - The Other Side
Thesyre - August 2002
The True Endless / Frostbeer - The Unholy Massacre EP
The True Endless - Live and Raw
The True Endless - The Trendkiller E.P. + Live in the Castle
The True Endless / Malvento - The Early Days of Armageddon
Thoreous - Modern Prays from the Olden Babylon
ThyLord - The Earth Last Breath
Tiwaz - The Rune of Victory
Tod - Hate Campaign / Hymn to Death
T.O.M.B. - Sacrilegium
Tomb Of… - ...The Rotting Break
Tragedy Begins - Thanatos & Katastrophe
Thrymheym - Remains
Typhus - Profound Blasphemous
Ulfang - Dust
Unholy Impaler / Totenkopf / Uncork – Split
Valhalla - On the Way to Gods
Valkyrie ‎– Valkyrie
Vedervärdig - Demons
Veinen - Black Hypnosis
Venedae - Dekada słowiańskiej supremacji (1993-2003)
Venedae/Archandrja - Miecze Rujewita ponad falami Ba³tyku
Verdorben - Demo 2
Vergeltung - Der erste Schlag
Vergeltung – V2
Vermen - The End of Mankind
Vide – Vide
Vinter Nebulah - Vinter Nebulah
Vinterriket - Winterschatten (Winterreich)
Vinterriket - ,,, und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes (Winterreich)
Viriakh / Astre Macabre - Sabbat Neurasténique
Vociferian - Preludium to Massacre
Vokodlok/Bloody Harvest - Unchain the Wolf / ...Of the Bible
Vorkuta - Into the Chasms of Lunacy
Vrolok – Resurgence
Vulvapest/Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle – Monarchal Pest
Wackhanalija - По ту сторону...
Wargrinder / Blasphemous Noise Torment - New Age Terrorism / Destruction and Re-Generation
War Master - The Black Horde Reigns Supreme
War Master - Eternal War
Wikingsholm - Demo
Witchcraft - ...on the Path of Fogs
Wolff – Demo 2006
Wolff - Promo 2008
Wolfthorn - Battle Against Humanity
Xerión - Nocturnal Misantropia
Zahrim - Ultu Muxxischa
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 12 - Day of the Nightmare
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 20 - D.U.K.E
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 22 – Primitive Era
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 23 – Apocalypse
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 25
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 36 - Minimal Bastard Art [Chapter 36]
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 37 - Metal Bastard
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Demo 39 - Experiment
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - A Tribute to the Black Sheep
Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh – Purgatory
Zmrok - Blukanni ǔ Čiemry
Zwischen Den Wald - Promo 2004

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