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enola goat
Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:11 am 

Sale/Trade list updated - ask for photos/condition

Abysme "Demo" - Unholy Domain
Acid Hammer "s/t" - Satanic Victory
Alchemyst "Blood and ember" - Iron Bonehead (w. blood splatter /100)
Alchemyst "Nekromanteion" - Iron Bonehead
Anal Vomit "Into the eternal agony" - Austral Holocaust
Anatomia "Human lust" - band
Anguish "Hung rotten" - band MC 2012 (104/200)
Arkha Sva "Hymne" - Satanic Propaganda
Arkha Sva "Rekonquista" - Satanic Propaganda
Autopsy Torment/Devil Lee Rot "Headbangers In Italy 2003" split - Terror From Hell
Baphomet’s Blood "Blood vomit & Satan" - Black Vomit
Barbarikult "I kill from dark legions" - Heretic Death Call
Bastardator "Bastards of mayhem" - Harsh Brutal Cold (88/300)
Begrime Exemious "Demo 2006" (35/333)
Black Citadel "Ancestral shadows" - Les Fleurs Du Mal (/150)
Black Citadel / Funeral Altar - Tour De Garde
Black Citadel / Order Of Darkness - Altare (33/66)
Black Feast "Worship of darkness" - band
Black Feast / Impurity - KVLT (159/250)
Black Grail "s/t" - band
Black Jesus "Black Jesus saves"
Bloody Vengeance "In conspiracy with death" - Kuravilu/Pagan South
Brulvahnato "Frozen obscene deliverance" - Underground Soundscapes Box
Byyrth "Saviors of armageddon" - Les Fleurs du Mal
Cadaveric Fumes "Macabre exaltation" - Impious Desecration
Catacumba "Birkat ha-minim - a benção dos hereges" - Black Vomit
Chapel "s/t" - band
Clandestine Blaze ""Below the surface of cold earth" - Northern Heritage
Coprofagi "Demo II" - band
Cryptborn "In the grasp of the starving dead" - Detest
Daemonic "Culmination (Into the great lament)" - Crypt Of Eternity
Darkness / Necroplasma - Ordo Obscuri Domini
Dawn Of Crucifixion "s/t" - band
Deathcult "The test of time" - Caligari
Deathhammer "Barbaric onslaught" - band
Deathhammer "Wrath of the Antichrist" - band
Deathless Bastards "s/t" - Impious Desecration
Deathly Scythe "…will of death!!" - band
Deathronation "A soul forsaken…" - band
Decapitation "Undead carnage" - Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague
Demonic Oath "Crypt of mournful summoning" - Impious Desecration
Demonic Rage "The anguish’s doomaelstrom" - Awakening
Demonic Rage "The occult formula to desecrate souls" - Heretic Death Call
Demonic Rage / Excoriate split - Rawblackult
Demonic War "Cristo rey decapitado" - band
Demonthrone "Angel slayer" - Deathrash Armageddon
Devil "Magister mundi xum" - Iron Bonehead
Doomslaughter "Downfall proclamator" - Iron Bonehead
Dwell "Ash tombs" - Deadbangers
Eaten Alive "Demo I" - Blood Harvest
Eggs Of Gomorrh "Rot prophet2 - Gravplass
Ensnared "s/t" - Nuclear Winter
Entrapment "Detest Records Promo Tape #3" - Detest (1st demo)
Entrapment "Infernal blasphemies" - Detest
Entrapment "Putrefying stench of death" - band (99/100)
Entrench "Trails of death" - Rites Of Violence
Erebus Enthroned / Nekros Manteia split - Winterreich
Excoriate / Demonic Rage split - Rawblackult
Execration "Putrid rehearsal of death" - Terrorghoul
Exorcised / Morbidity split - Unholy Domain
Festung "s/t" - band (40/100)
Floridian Winter / Night Falls Haunting split - Primal Vomit (73/150)
Fornication "Hell metal" - Skeleton Plague (21/200)
Funeral Altar "Black mark of the lost path" - Tour De Garde
Funeral Altar / Black Citadel split - Tour De Garde
För "Kundaz" - Ceremonial Void" (in cloth bag 5/50)
Ghoul "Into the crypts of the most blasphemous" - De Umbris (63/150)
Gladsheim "War wolf spirit" - Infernal Kommando
Goat Torment "Death worship" - Terrorghoul (/150)
Goat Tyrant "Necromantical curse" - band
Grave Ritual "s/t" Skeleton Plague
Hans S. Mantak "Vol. II" - Peach Pit
Hatespawn "Blasphemous redeemer" - Deathcult
Hatred "s/t" - Final Punishment
Hexenslaught "Demo 2016" - Invictus
Horns Of Domination "Demo 2015" - band
Horrendous "Sweet blasphemies" - Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague
Härsken "Hungry for poison" - Cranium Crush
Ice Dragon "The sorrowful sun" - band (in cloth bag w. patch + pin etc.)
Immortal Death "Vomit" - band
Impious Havoc "Monuments of suffering" - Meurtre Noir
Infernal Conjuration "Tremendous plague" - Gruft
Intemperator Stigmas of unspeakable appetites and carnal vocacity" - Me Saco Un Ojo
Intolerance "Hail the triumvirate!" - Iron Bonehead
Invocation War "Infinite power" - Witchhammer (043/150)
Invocator Weavers of apocalypse" - Black Mark
Iron Dogs "Ripping torment" - Cemetary Ashes (87/100)
Isabrut "s/t" - Iron Bonehead
Isten "Soham" - Black Warcult (/100)
K.L.L.K. "Between the first heliocentric wind and the great devourer of light" - Mithra! (47/50)
Kathgor "Descendants from the depths" - band (95/200)
Kratherion "Nuclear black mass of the goat radiations" - Lucifer Warlord (#11/66)
Kthoniik Cerviiks "Heptaedrone" - Iron Bonehead
L.C.F. "Demo I - The desolate one" - Versets Noirs (/50)
Lamentation "...and the nightmare continues" - Dybbuk
Lamentation "The vision reoccurs" - band (59/75)
Lampades "IX" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch)
Lampir / Witchmoon split - Black Gangrene/Perverse Homage
Lawless "Nite of the world" - Blood Divine (10/200)
Leather Glove "Demo" - Sentient Ruin
Lethal "Demolition" - Steelfire Invasion/Final Punishment
Lie In Ruins "Demons, rise!" - band
Malicious "Mental illness" - Me Saco Un Ojo
Maligner "Demon Blood" - Harvest
Malsanctum "Metamorbid fetishization" - Iron Bonehead
Manifesting "Primeval adulation" - Antitheist Disseminations
Mongrel’s Cross "s/t" - band
Monomakh "MMXII" - Rising Beast
Morbidity / Exorcised split - Unholy Domain
Morbus Chron "Splendour of disease" - Dibbuk
Naddred "Sluagh"
Naudiz "Aftur till ginnungagaps" - Heiden Hart/Bylec Tum
Nebulhaim "Twilight spell" - Ancient Spirit Terror
Necroccultus "Encircling the mysterious necrorevelation" - Terror From Hell
Necromaniac "Morbid metal" - Me Saco Un Ojo (white tape /20)
Necroplasma / Darkness split - Ordo Obscuri Domini
Necrostuprum "Aeons of witching madness"
Necrot "The Labyrinth" - Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Extremely Rotten
Necrowretch "Necrollections" tape - Aural Offerings (054/100)
Necrowretch "Rising from purulence" demo - Skeleton Plague/Adzove Vrbe (39/200)
Nekros Manteia "Disiecti membra poetae" - band
Nekros Manteia / Erebus Enthroned split - Winterreich
Nerlich "Innards " -Nihilistic Holocaust
Nertilith "From nothingness" - Emptiness
Neutron Hammer "Apokalyptik attakk" - Autumnae Distribution (107/200)
Nidhug "Døde mænds aske" demo
Night Falls Haunting / Floridian Winter Primal Vomit (73/150)
Nocturnal Damnation "Desecration crucifixion perversion" - Silver Key
Nocturnal Vomit / Crucifire split - Grave Ritual
Nortt "Nattetale" demo
Ominous "Death….the beginning Impious Desecration
Order Of Darkness "Cosmic tyranny - Altare (33/66)
Order Of Darkness "s/t" - Tour De Garde
Order Of Darkness / Black Citadel split - Altare (33/66)
Ornias "Födelse" - Cursed Creation
Ovskum "Atto I - Atto II" - Insikt
Pa Vesh "En Dead womb" - Iron Bonehead
Pa Vesh "En Knife ritual" - Iron Bonehead
Pazuzelhomet "Sarcophagus of the lost cowlcult" - Phlegm
Possession "His greatest deceit" - Iron Bonehead
Predatory Light "Death essence" - band
Predatory Light "MMXIV" - band (87/100)
Predatory Light "s/t" - Psychic Violence
Prekurxor "When all light dissipates" - Halyu Hardcore
Profaner "Zombie curse" - Unholy Metal Pestilence Prokreations
Prosanctus Inferi "Sacreligious desecration in excelsis" - Intolerant
Psychomorphis "Amorphous chaos" - Ancient Darkness/Silver Key
Putrid "Demo MMX" - Detest
Putrid "Morbid awakening" - band
Reincarnage "Black vision" - Death Invocation
Reincarnage "s/t" - Death Invocation
Riddle Of Meandor "End of all life and creation" - Varjot Productions
Riddle Of Meandor "Orcus" - Croquemort Productions
Rotting, The "The dead won’t leave you alone" - Time Before Time
Ruins "Baptised in the name of Satan" - Rawblackult
Sauron "Thrash assault" - Harsh Brutal Cold
Seedsaw "And the singing larvae" - Black Bunker/Heidens Hart
Sex Blasphemy "Scars of the offering" - Silver Key
Shackles "Coup de grace" - Beer In Your Ear
Självmord "Självhatets skönhet" - Forgotten Wisdom
Skáphe "s/t" - Mystískaos/Vánagandr
Slaughtbbath "Furious as the black flames of hell" - Kuravilú
Slaughtbbath / Vultur split - Kuravilú
SNMS "Demo 2009" - Witchhammer
Speedwolf "Bark at the poon" - Splattered!
Strange Facts In The Scalpel Case "Dead but not beyond reach" - Deadbangers
Sulphur Aeon "Sulphur psalms" - Imperium (99/100)
Terrorama "Crimes against humanity - Demo 2011" - Blazing Obscurity
Terrorama "Horrid efface" - Iron Fist Kommando
Ultimate Secretion "s/t" - band
Unhallowed Torment "s/t" - Time Before Time
Unru "Demo MMXIII" - Caligari
Vassafor "Demo II" - Drakkar
Veternus "Perpetual insanity" - band
Voids Of Vomit "Rehearsal vomit" - The Dwellers On The Treshold Creatins (13/100)
Vultur / Slaughtbbath split - Kuravilú
Våld "s/t" - band
Worms "s/t" - Till You Fukkin Bleed (/60)
Zarathustra "Black perverted aggression" - band
Zervm "Nihil morte certium" - band (64/150)
Zom "MMXI" - Invictus (red tape)
V/A Invocation Of Death vol. 1 Death Invocation


Abigail "Eastern force of evil" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail "Tribute To NME" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail / Nekromantheon - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 3 - Relapse
Amour / Nocturnal split - Thrashing Rage
Anal Vomit "From Peruvian hell" - Legion Of Death
Ascended / Helcaraxë split - Regimental
Assaulter "Subservience" - Iron Bonehead
Assaulter / Trench Hell split - Iron Bonehead
Atomizer "Gimme natural selection" - Nihilist Void
Atomizer "Songs of slaughter - Songs of sacrifice" 2x7" - Hells Headbangers
Atomizer "Tyrus: The doom war of the armoured angel" - Soulseller
Atomizer / Root split - The Ajna Offensive
Attacker Bloody Axe "Triumph of the demon axe" - Iron Bonehead
Avenger Of Blood / Witchaven split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 5 - Relapse
Bastardator / Children Of Technology split - Black Shit Noise (red wax w. pin)
Beastcraft / Urgehal split - Black Seed Productions
Bestial Desecration "Soldiers of death" - band
Binah "A triad of plagues" - Me Saco Un Ojo (purple wax)
Black Angel "Art and fire" - Legions Of Death
Black Angel "Reign of satan" picture disc - Necromancer
Black Serpent ”Nightpath watchtower" - Shadow Night
Bombs Of Hades / Usurpress split - Doomentia
Bone Sickness "s/t" - Detest
Borigor / Ceremonial Execution split - Erode
Burialkult "Evil antichrist hordes" - Blood Harvest
Catacumba / Grave Desecrator split - Necromancer
Ceremonial Execution / Borigor split - Erode
Ceremonial Execution "Black god rising" - Blood Harvest
Children Of Technology / Bastardator split - Black Shit Noise (red wax w. pin)
Christian Mistress "s/t" - Nasjonal
Clandestine Blaze "On the mission" - Northern Heritage
Claws "The funeral barge" - Doomentia (blue wax)
Crucified Mortals "Kill upon command" - Iron Bonehead
Death Skull "Blessed altar" - Iron Bonehead
Deathevokation / Graveyard split - Nuclear War Now (red wax /100)
Deathevokation / Lie In Ruins split - Imperium (green splatter /105)
Decrepitaph "Resurrected and rotting" - Doomentia
Decrepitaph / Father Befouled split - Archasm Releasing
Denouncement Pyre "Circle of the black flame" - Forgotten Wisdom Productions
Denouncement Pyre "Under the aegis of damnation" - Apocalyptor
Destruktor "Brutal desecration" - Decius Productions
Devil "The noble savage/Blood is boiling" -Soulseller
Devourment "Shallow grave Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Dewarsteiner / Necromessiah split - Crush Until Madness
Die Hard "Emmissaries of the reaper" - Anger Of Metal
Dissipation "s/t" - Satanic Skinhead
Early Man / Rammer - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 4 - Relapse
Eaten Alive "Transfiguration of the macabre" - Psychedelic Lotus Order
Elite / Carbon split - Agonia
Empire Of Hate "Visions of a better time" - Klaxon
Envenom "Christfukk Iron Bonehead
Evil Angel / Spawn Of Satan split - Hells Headbangers
Ex Inferiis "Bitches from hell" - Morbid Kult
Ex Inferiis "Ngul a crist" - Nuclear War Now
Farscape / Sodomizer split - Iron Bonehead
Father Befouled / Decrepitaph split - Archasm Releasing
Flagelator / Ruins split - Deathrash Armageddon
Fōr / Sheol split - Iron Bonehead (marble wax /200)
Funeratus "Vision from hell" - Blood Harvest
Goat Semen / Levifer split - Legion Of Death (194/300)
Gouge "Doomed to death" - Hells Headbangers
Grave Desecrator "Cult of warfare and darkness" - Ketzer
Grave Desecrator "Primordial and repulsive" - Hells Headbangers (red wax /100)
Grave Desecrator / Catacumba split - Necromancer
Gravehammer "Ensnared in dismal blasphemies" - Detest (yellow cover /30)
Gravehammer "Ensnared in dismal blasphemies" - Detest
Graveyard / Deathevokation split - Nuclear War Now (red vinyl /100)
Grenade "Venom of god" - Decious Prodictions
Hadez "The path of…the Ossuary devilish possession" - Kill Yourself Productions
Helcaraxë / Ascended split - Regimental
Impure Worship "s/t" - band
Incarion "Unveil southeast" - Legion Of Death
Infernal Curse "Demented visions of darkness" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Invocation War "Demonic onslaught" - Iron Bonehead
Istengoat "MMXII" - Blood Harvest
Krypts "s/t" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (white wax /100)
Kulto Maldito "Alkohol y metal hasta sangrar" - Legion Of Death
Kulto Maldito "En la guerra kon El Diablo" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Lampir "Beneath the flesh of dawn" - Black Gangrene
Lethal "Deliverance" - Blood Harvest
Levifer / Goat Semen split - Legion Of Death (194/300)
Lie In Ruins / Deathevokation split - Imperium
Malignant Asceticism "Ascensum serpens" - Blood Harvest
Master Of Cruelty "Depths of a cold abyss" - Legions Of Death (47/300)
Miasmal "s/t" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax)
Miasmal "s/t" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Morbid Gods "Festering corpse" - Blood Harvest
Morbid Gods "Rotten prophecies" - Temple Of Abomination
Morbosidad "Legiones bestiales" - Nuclear War Now
Mortician "Mortal massacre" - Relapse
Mr. Death "Unearthing" - Agonia
Naer Mataron "I am the light of the world" - W.T.C.
Nauseant "s/t" - No Posers Please
Necromessiah / Dewarsteiner split - Crush Until Madness
Necrosodomy "Eternal darkness" - Blood Harvest (/150)
Necrovorous "Crypt of unembalmed cadavers" - Blood Harvest
Nekromantheon / Abigail split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 3 - Relapse
Nightside "Ad noctvm" - Northern Heritage
Nocturnal "Fire of revenge" - Bestial Onslaught
Nocturnal "Raging rehearsal" - Terranis
Nocturnal "Slaughter command" - Deathstrike
Nocturnal "Temples of sin" - Hells Headbangers
Nocturnal "Thrashraid over Bitterfeld" - Thrashing Rage
Nocturnal / Armour split - Thrashing Rage
Nocturnal / Pagan Rites split - Hells Headbangers
Nominon / Sathanas split - Pagan
Northern Alliance "Death anthems for a world of shit" - Legion Of Death
Nuclear Desecration / Bestial Holocaust split - Crush Until Madness
Nun Slaughter "Cerebus" - Hells Headbangers
Nun Slaughter "Fuck the god in heaven" - Hells Headbangers (cross shaped wax)
Nun Slaughter "Hell on Belgium" - Menace To Sobriety
Nun Slaughter "Tasting the blood of your saviour...before his soul was impaled" - TPL
Obeisance "F.U.C.K. (forever unholy christian karnage)" - Gasmask Productions
Obeisance "Satanik shoktroops auf doom" - Iron Bonehead
Ovskum / Slowmantra split - Hearse
Pa Vesh En "A ghost" - Iron Bonehead
Pagan Rites / Nocturnal split - Hells Headbangers
Paganfire "Hate vanishing point" - Iron Bonehead
Pest "Belial's possessed wolves" - Northern Heritage
Possession "Anneliese" - Iron Bonehead/Invictus (red wax)
Prosanctus Inferi / Witch Tomb split - Hells Headbangers
Rademassaker / Bloody Sign split - Deathstrike
Rammer / Early Man split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 4 - Relapse
Recrucify "Awakening of the satan’s kommand" - Alucard
Repugnancia "Inminencia del fin" - Putrescense/Crypts Of Eternity Productions
Respawn The Plague "Gathering of the unholy ones" - Me Saco Un Ojo (green wax)
Ribspreader "Monolith" - Blood Harvest
Ribspreader "Vicar mortis" - Midnight 666
Ritual Torture "Void of chaos" - Blood Harvest
Ruins / Flagelator split - Deathrash Armageddon
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder / Absu split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 2 - Relapse
Sabbat "Hamaguri resurrection" - Assaulter Prod.
Sadiztik Impaler "Bestial christ fornication" - Terranis
Satanic Threat "In to hell" - Gloom/Hells Headbanger
Shackles "Inquisitors curse" - Beer In Your Ear
Sodomizer / Farscape split - Iron Bonehead
Spawn Of Satan / Evil split - Angel Hells Headbangers
Speedwolf "Denver666" - Splattered (white wax w. button + sticker)
Teitanfyre "Hymn to death" - Blood Harvest (One sided /150)
Throneum "Streams of aggression" - Deathstrike
Tiger Junkies "Sick of tiger" - band
Toxic Holocaust "Death master" - Gloom
Toxic Holocaust "Power from hell" - Iron Bonehead
Toxic Holocaust / Blüdwülf split - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 1 - Relapse
Trench Hell "Alcoholic disaster" - Hells Headbangers
Trench Hell / Assaulter split - Iron Bonehead
Undead Creep "Enchantment from the haunted hills" - Blood Harvest
Usurpress / Bombs Of Hades split - Doomentia
Vallenfyre "Desecration" - Imperium Productions ( green wax /111)
Veternus "Awaken the grave" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax /100)
Veternus "Awaken the grave" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
War Master "Thrones of tyranny" - Torture Garden Picture Company
Witch Tomb / Prosanctus Inferi Hells Headbangers
Witchburner "s/t" - Maniacal
Witchaven / Avenger of Blood - Speed n’ Spikes Vol. 5 - Relapse
Zarathustra "Nhilistic terror" - Satans Hammer
V/A - The Evil Conquest World - The First Possession - Demon’s Pride/Deathrash Armageddon/Necromancer/Infernal Blood

Anatomia "Shreds of putrefaction" - Nuclear War Now (green vinyl w. patch + sticker)
Destruktor / Bestial Mockery split - Hells Headbangers
Devil "Magister mundi xum" - Soulseller
Disforterror "Impalement and holocaust stench" 10"/7" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch & sticker)
Elite "Kampen" 2x10" - Agonia
Erebus Enthroned / Blaze Of Perdition split - Pagan
Ice Dragon / Pilgrim split - Yersinia Pestis
Kill / Thornspawn split - Black Death Coven/Burning Churches
Necrovorous / Meathole Infection split - bands
Pagan Rites / Evil Wrath split - Nuclear War Now
Predatory Light "MMXIV" - Pesanta Urfolk
Rust "Bite of the grave" - Behind The Mirror
Thornspawn / Kill split - Burning Churches
Winter Funeral / Arkha Sva Zyklon-B
Zarathustra "Contempt" - Undercover

Abigail "Intercourse and lust" - Nuclear War Now
Abigail / Barbatos split - Bestial Onslaught
Abigail / Korihor split - Hells Headbangers
Abigail "Ultimate unholy death" LP/7" - Nuclear War Now (w. poster, patch, sticker /300)
Abyssal "Novit enim dominus qui sunt eius" DLP - Iron Bonehead
Acid Witch "Witchtanic hellucinations" - Acid Witch (green wax)
Adversarial "All idols fall before the hammer" - Blood Harvest
Adversarial "Death, endless nothing and the black knife of nihilism" - Dark Descent
Adversarial "Prophetic plain of abyssal revelation Dark Descent (white wax w. patch /100)
Altars ”Paramnesia Blood Harvest LP 2013 Australia
Anal Vomit "Demoniac flagellations" - From Beyond
Anal Vomit "Depravation" - Nuclear War Now (w. patch + sticker)
Anal Vomit / Goat Semen split DLP - Osmose
Anarchus / Monastery split - Slap A Ham
Anatomia "Dissected humanity" - Nuclear War Now (red wax w. patch + sticker)
Apocalyptic Raids "Only death is real…" - Dies Israe
Apocalyptic Raids "The return of the satanic rites" - Dark Sun
Apocalyptic Raids "The third storm - World War III" - Dark Sun
Ascended "Temple of dark offerings" - Detest/Iron Bonehead
Assault "Nuclear deaththrash" - Necromancer
Assaulter "Salvation like destruction" - High Roller/Iron Bonehead
Ataraxy "Curse of the requiem mass" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest
Atomizer ”Caustic music for the spiritually bankrupt" - Hells Headbangers (green vinyl w. patch + flyers 15/100)
Atomizer "The only weapon of choice" - The Ajna Offensive
Avenger Of Blood "Death brigade" - Heavy Artillery (platter vinyl w. beer koozy /200)
Baphomet’s Blood "Metal damnation" High Roller (blue/silver splatter wax)
Barbatos / Abigail split - Bestial Onslaught
Beastcraft "Dawn of the serpent - Folter
Beastcraft "Into the burning pit of hell" - Deprivation Chamber
Bestial Holocaust "Final extermination" - Crush Until Madness
Beyond "Fatal power of death" - Iron Bonehead (blue wax /200)
Binah "Hallucinating in resurrecture" - Me Saco Un Ojo (blue wax)
Black Angel "Rites (demo)" - Nuclear War Now (/250)
Black Angel "Satanic rites in Brasil" - Uku-Pacha Productions (115/333)
Black Citadel "Relics of forgotten satanist wisdom" - Amor Fati (/150)
Black Citadel / Funeral Altar split - Infinite Darkness (65/150)
Black Jesus "Black Jesus saves" - Hells Headbangers (red wax /150)
Black Vul Destruktor "Beyond time and the portals of death" LP - Blood Harvest
Blasphemic Cruelty "The devil’s mayhem" - Nuclear War Now (red wax/100)
Blasphemous Noise Torment "Ancient insignias" - Temple Of Abomination
Blessed Offal "Dreaming dark dementia" - Black Mass/Blood Harvest
Byyrth "Saviors of armageddon" - Iron Bonehead
Cadaveric Fumes "Macabre exaltation" - Blood Harvest
Castleumbra "Cthulu wgah nagl fntagn" - Nuclear Winter (one sided)
Chaos Invocation "In bloodline with the snake" - W.T.C. (brown wax /100)
Church Of Misery "Houses of the unholy" DLP - Rise Above (clear wax)
Creeping / Glorior Belli split - Necroterror
Crucified Mortals / FaithXTractor split - Hells Headbanger
Crucified Mortals "Converted by decapitation" - Reaper Metal/High Roller/Crush Until Madness/Hells Headbangers
Cthonic Aura "Abyssic reflections in slumber" one sided 12" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Doomentia
Dawnfall "Dominance of darkness" - Final Agony/Iron Bonehead
Deathcult "Pleading for death…choking on life" - Me Saco Un Ojo (red wax)
Delirium Tremens "Thrashing warthogs" - Merciless
Denouncement Pyre "World cremation" - Hells Headbangers
Desaster "666 - Satan’s soldiers syndicate" - Iron Pegasus
Desaster "Angelwhore" - Iron Pegasus
Destruktor "Nailed" - DLP Hells Headbanger (w. back patch 27/111)
Destruktor "Nuclear storm" - Hells Headbangers (w. cut out inverted cross /66)
Diabolic "Force Old school attack" - Dark Sun (w. OBI)
Die Hard "Evil always return" - Agonia
Dødsengel "Mirium occultum" DLP - Terratur Possessions
Domains "Sinister ceremonies" - The Sinister Flame
Encoffination "Amen" - Psychedelic Lotus Order (one sided /100)
Encoffination "Elegant burials for the unknown dead" - Debemur Morti
Encoffination "O’ hell, shine in thy whited sepulchres" - Selfmadegod (white wax /111)
Encoffination "Ritual ascension beyond flesh" - Psychedelic Lotus Order (w. OBI 46/250)
Erebus Enthroned "Night’s black angel" - Blood Harvest
Essenz "Kviitiivz - Beschwörung des unaussprechlichen" DLP - Amor Fati (white wax w. patch)
Essenz "Metaphysis" - Amor Fati/Iron Bonehead
Essenz "Mundus numen" - Svart (grey wax)
Evil Angel "Unholy fight for metal" - Blasphemous Underground
Evoke "Forever breeding evil" - Nuclear War Now
Evoke / Mordbrand split - Me Saco Un Ojo (green wax /100)
FaithXTractor / Crucified Mortals split - Hells Headbangers
Farscape For those who love to kill" - No Colours
Faustcoven "Rising from beneath the earth" DLP - Nuclear War Now (clear wax w. patch + sticker)
Faustcoven "The halo of burning wings" DLP - Nuclear War Now (clear wax w. patch + sticker)
Fleshpress "III - The art of losing all" - Kult Of Nihilow
Fleshpress "Pillars" DLP - Rusty Crowbar
Fleshpress "Wörm dirges" - Parasitic (red wax)
Fōr "Blakaz askō hertō" - Iron Bonehead
Fōr / Garotting Deep split - Iron Bonehead
Funeral Altar "Demo I & II Skjold (private press 29/50)
Funeral Altar "s/t" Skjold (/150)
Funeral Altar / Black Citadel split - Infinite Darkness (65/150)
Garotting Deep / För split - Iron Bonehead
Gates Of Ishtar "At dusk and forever PLP - Invasion
Goat Semen / Anal Vomit DLP - Osmose
Graveyard "Into the mausoleum" - Antichristian Front
Grenade "The howling damned" - Hells Headbangers
Hades Archer "The curse over mankind" - Blood Harvest
Hadez "Aquelarre" - Iron Pegasus
Hatespirit "Blood & poetry" - Altare LP (84/141)
Helcaraxë / Father Befouled split - Enucleation
Hetroertzen "Ain soph aur" DLP - Lamech/Terratur Possessions
Hetroertzen "Exaltation of wisdom - Through light towards chaos Lamech
Hooded Menace "Never cross the dead" DLP Doomentia (gold wax)
Huata "Atavist of Mann" DLP - Throatruiner/Boue/Duplicate/Psychedoomelics & Odio Sonoro
Ice Dragon "The burl, the earth, the aether" - Stone Stalion (white wax /150)
Il’Ithil "La’winde" - Psychic Violence
Impiety "Paramount evil" - Agonia
Impiety "Ravage & conquer" - Blood Harvest (/300)
Infernal Curse "Awakening of the damned" - Chalice Of Blood Angel
Ketzer "Satan’s boundaries unchained" - Kneel Before The Masters Throne LP
Kever "Eon of cycling death" - Me Saco Un Ojo (clear wax)
Kill "Inverted funeral" - Obscure Abhorrence
Kill "No catharsis" - Burning Churches/Obscure Abhorrence
Kongh "Counting heartbeats" - Sound Devastation (brown wax)
Kongh "Shadows of the shapeless" DLP - MusicFearSatan
Korihor / Abigail split - Hells Headbangers
Kratherion "Necrouroboros XXXIII" - Blood Harvest
Krüel Kömmando / Appalachian Winter split - Final Agony (/100)
Krüel Kömmando / Total Genocide split LP/7" - Final Agony (/150)
Krypts "Open the crypt" - Detest/Me Saco Un Ojo (test press)
Krypts "Unending degradation" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest
Kult Mogił "K+M+B" - Gravplass Propaganda/Revelation Ov Doom
Kythrone "Kult des todes" - Diabolist Services
Lampir "The alchemy of cursed blood" - Temple Of Wounds
Lantern "Below" - Dark Descent (brown wax)
Lantern "Subterranean effulgence" - Helvetin Levyt
Lethal "Annihilation agenda" - Blood Harvest
Lie In Ruins "Swallowed by the void" - Nuclear Winter
Lord Of Putrefaction / Mortal Remains split - Nuclear Gore
Lucifericon "Brimstone altar" - Blood Harvest (marble wax)
Lucifericon "The occult waters" - Blood Harvest
Manticore "Bowels of the holy annoint us in evil" - Hells Headbangers
Manticore "For rats and plague" - Hells Headbangers
Manticore "Ritual cleansing of the whore" - Breath Of Night/Merciless
Master Of Cruelty "Spit on the holy grail" - Blood Harvest (blue wax)
Melektaus "Nexus for continual genesis" - Australis
Merciless Death "Realm of terror" - Heavy Artillery
Miasmal "Demo 2008" - Detest/Nuclear War Now (/250)
Miasmal "s/t" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (grey wax)
Monastery / Anarchus split - Slap A Ham
Morbosidad "s/t" - Nuclear War Now
Mr. Death "Detached from life" - Agonia
Necromessiah "Antiklerical terroristik death squad" - Hells Headbangers/Blasphemous Underground
Necrosadist "Abstract Satan" - Blood Harvest
Necrosemen "And all shall be smitten by fyre" - Blood Harvest (one sided)
Necrovorous "Funeral for the sane" - Blood Harvest
Necrowretch "Putrefactive invasion" - Me Saco Un Ojo/Detest (white wax)
Noctambulism "Resurrection of the dead" - Dark Recollections
Nocturnal "Arrival of the carnivore" - Deathstrike
Nocturnal "Thrash with the devil" - Deathstrike
Nominon "Monumentomb" LP/7"- Blood Harvest (/200)
Nominon "Terra necrosis" - Blood Harvest
Nuclear Magick "Priests of the bomb" - Iron Bonehead (31/199)
Nun Slaughter "Christ massacre" - Hells Headbagers
Nun Slaughter "Hate your god" - TPL
Obeisance "Lucifer master" - Merciless
Obscure Infinity "Dawn of winter" - Rats On The Cemetery
Occultus "Nuctemeron" - N:C:U
Ordem Satanica "Ventos de ódio" - Altare (92/167)
Order Of Orias "Inverse" - W.T.C. (blue wax /100)
Organismos "Manejos invisibles" - Me Saco Un Ojo (blue’ish wax)
Pa Vesh En / Temple Moon split - Iron Bonehead
Pagan Rites "Mark of the devil" - Iron Pegasus
Panteon "Septum" - Final Agony (/111)
Pek "Preaching evil" - Nuclear War Now
Phantom Witch "s/t" - Heavy Artillery
Poisonous "Perdition’s den" LP/7" - Blood Harvest
Portrait "s/t" - High Roller
Predatory Light / Vorde split - Psychic Violence/Fallen Empire
Procession "The cult of disease" - Iron Kodex
Prosanctus Inferi "Pandemonic ulutations of vesperic palpitation" - Hells Headbangers (red wax w. patch)
Prosanctus Inferi "Red streams of flesh" - Nuclear War Now (red wax w. patch & sticker)
Pyre "Ravenous decease" - Blood Harvest (one-sided)
Riddle Of Meander "End of all life and creation" - Excesor Christianorum
R’lyeh "Back to the cult" - Dark Recollections
Ride For Revenge "Chapter of Alchemy - Singles and Compilation Tracks 2006-2013" DLP - Fuck Yoga
Sabbat "Evoke" - Hells Headbangers
Sabbat "Karmagmassacre" - Iron Pegasus
Sabbat "The Dwelling - Melody of deathmask" DLP - Iron Pegasus
Sadiztik Impaler "Sadiztik Syonan - To supremacy" - Oscure Abhorrence
Satanic Ripper "Southern black spells" - Blood Harvest (clear wax /100)
Scythian "To those who stand against us" - Blood Harvest
Seidr "Frostbreed" - Skjold
Sempiternal Dusk "s/t" - Dark Descent
Serpent Ascending "The enigma unsettled Blood Harvest
Serpent Obscene "Chaos reign supreme War Anthem
Shackles "Traitor’s gate" - Hells Headbangers
Shroud Of The Heretic "s/t" - Blood Harvest/Craneo Negro
Sodomizer "The dead shall rise to kill" - Horror
Sonne Adam "Transformation" - Imperium (clear wax /100)
Spearhead "Decrowning the Irenarch" - Total Metal (clear wax w. patch + sticker /200)
Spearhead "Theomachia" - Agonia (clear wax /100)
Spetälsk "s/t" - Carnal/Blut & Eisen (clear wax)
Teitanfyre "Morbid death’s sceptre" - Blood Harvest
Terrorama "Horrid efface" - Nuclear War Now
Terrorama "Omnipotence" - Nuclear War Now (burgundy vinyl w. patch + sticker)
Terrorama / Adorior - Nuclear War Now (gold wax w. patches)
Throneum "Bestial antihuman hell" - Worship Him
Throneum "Deathmass of the gravedancer" - Hells Headbangers
Throneum "Old death’s lair" - Sombre LP 2001
Throneum "Pestilent death" - Apocalyptor (Splatter vinyl /100)
Toxic Holocaust "Evil never dies" - Nuclear War Now
Trench Hell "Southern cross ripper" - Hells Headbangers
Tyrant Goatgaldrakona "Horns in the dark" - Blood Harvest (Red wax /100)
Tyrant Goatgaldrakona "Sign of Moloch" - Blood Harvest/Temple of Abomination (one-sided)
Vanhelgd "Praise the serpent" - Nuclear War Now
Vanum "Burning arrow" - Psychic Violence
Vanum "Realm of sacrifice" - Psychic Violence
Void Of Silence "Human antithesis" DLP - Blut & Eisen (Green/black wax /100)
Voids Of Vomit "Veritas vltima vitae" - Blood Harvest
Voids Of Vomit / Morbid Upheaval split - Iron Tyrant (clear vinyl in cloth bag /50)
Vond "The dark river" - Dark Dungeon Music (Signed)
Vorde "s/t" - Fallen Empire/Psychic Violence
Vorde / Predatory Light - Psychic Violence/Fallen Empire
VRPI "Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni" - Abyssmo/Onslaught/Iron Blood Death Corp/Craneo Negro
Witchburner "German thrashing war - band version
Wounded Kings, The "The shadow over Atlantis" - I Hate
Wounded Kings, The "In the chapel of the black hand" - I Hate (grey/black swirl /222)
Zarathustra "Dogma antichrist" - Undercover
Zarathustra "In hora mortis" - Agonia
Zarathustra "Perpetual black force" - Undercover
V/A - Barbaric Onslaught Decious Production
V/A - New Age Of Iron New Iron Age
V/A - Sodomaniac Tribute - In The Sign Of Sodom Hells Headbangers

Cemetary Urn "Urn of Blood" black size M
Corpsessed - black size M
Drowned - black size M
Essenz - black size M
Godless - black size M
Grave Desecration "Sign of Doom" black size M
Hatespawn - black size M
Ignivomous "Mercurial Death Metal" black size M
Ill Omen "Divinity Through Un-creation" black size S
Loss "Conceptual Funeralism" black size M (sleeves cut off)
Lvcifyre "The Calling Depths" black size M
Mortuous "logo" black size M
Necros Christos "Descending into the Kingly Tomba" black size M
Necrovation "Breed Deadness Blood" black size M
Nocturnal Graves "Exhumers of Darkness" black size M
Nominon - black size M
Nuclear Death - black LS size XL
Nuclear War Now "Oakland Crew" black size M
Razor Of Occam - black size M
Slaughter Strike - black size M
Spectral Voice - black LS size L
Temple Nightside logo black size L
Weapon "Within the Flesh of the Satanist" black size M

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:48 am 

Hey there,
Is it possible to send me photos of all your size L shirts? I may purchase a couple of shirts from you. Thanks.
When replying to me via PM, I will provide you with my email address for further communication.

enola goat
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:08 pm 

Looking for:

APOLLYON "Creators of evil Thoughts" demo
APOLLYON "Troldskovens Aander" demo
AULD RIDGE "Consanguineous Tales of Bloodshed and Treachery" demo
AULD RIDGE "Mítt Ríce" demo
BEHERIT "Drawing down the Moon" - all version
BRANDPEST "Helhesterad" demo
CEREMONIAL TORTURE "Majestic Dragon Moon" MC
CEREMONIAL TORTURE "...Nocturnal Passage..." MC
CEREMONIAL TORTURE "Sabbath, thou Arts" MC - Adramalech
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS - odds and ends....
ETERNUM "Arms of Sacrifice" demo
FALLEN ANGEL "An Omen of Apocalypse" demo - Nonagram cover version
FOREST "The demonized Forest" demo
FOREST "Заревом Над Прахом"
GJENDØD "En ny Vår for Hat" demo
HAUNTING DEPTHS "Death's sacred Fire" - Spectral Moon
INIQUITY "Promo 93" - yellow cover version
KAOSRITUAL "Rituell Katarsis" demo - Nordkult Rituals
KÊRES - private tapes
KRISTALLNACHT "Creation through Destruction"
KRISTALLNACHT "Soldiers of triumphant Sun"
KRISTALLNACHT "Warspirit" demo - Warspirit MC
MALA FIDE "Stolliridium Lucrimale" demo
MOONBLOOD "The Winter falls over the Lands" - Gospel Of The Witches
MOONFALL "Ad Majorem Sathanae Gloriam" MC
NACHT UND GNOSIS "Det warder sådt i Skröplighet och skal upstå ur Kraft" MC
NAHTRUNAR "s/t" demo
NECROMANTIC WORSHIP "The Calling…" Die Hard 2xMC
NOCTURNAL TRIUMPH "Into Light's graven Womb" - Spectral Moon
NORTT "Nattetale" demo - Pentagram cover version
VEMOD "Kringom Fjell og Skog" demo - Nordkult Rituals
VENUS STAR "Destroyer Sonata" - Vermines Pestifera
VENUS STAR "Son of Ishtar" - Vermines Pestifera
VENUS STAR "Venus-Lucifer" - Vermines Pestifera
VOLAHN "Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico" demo - Crepúsculo Negro (w. patch)
WULKANAZ "Guþblostreisinôn"

BEHERIT - bootlegs
CHÄTIMENT "Sang des Carpathes" 12"
CURRENT 93 "All the pretty little Horses - The inmost Light" LP (clear)
CURRENT 93 "Of Ruine or some blazing Starre" LP (blue wax)
GJENDØD "Nedstigning" LP
HAIL CONJURER "Decadence" 8"
KÊRES "Book of Desire" LP
KÊRES "Deathless Victory/Denizens of the Abyss" LP
KÊRES "Kêres’ Call/Blood runs down these Walls" LP
KÊRES "Old Columns under Nuit" LP
KRISTALLNACHT "Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002" DLP
KROLOK "When the Moon sang our Songs" LP - Sky Burial
MASTER'S HAMMER "s/t" bootleg 7"
MYSTIFIER "The evil Ascension returns" 7"
NÅSTROND "Digerdöden" 7"
ODAL "Sturmes Brut" LP
ODAL "...Wilde Kraft" LP
ROTTING CHRIST "Passage to Arcturo" 12" (gatefold)
SAMAEL "Medieval Prophecy" 7"
SEIGNEUR VOLAND "s/t" 12" - Aura Mystique
SETHERIAL "För dom mitt Blod" 7"
SKUGGEHEIM "Fanga i Endeløyse - Fase Fire av Fem" 7"
SORHIN "Åt Fanders med Ljusets Skapelser" PD7"
SVARTSYN "Aandens Melankoli" 12" - Osiris
SWANS "Burning World" LP
SWANS "Great Annihilator" DLP
VELES "Black hateful Metal" LP - No Colours '08

Black shirts - size M:
INTEGRITY - try me
MASTER'S HAMMER - logo shirt w. red shield
MORBID ANGEL "Abominations.../Altars.../Blessed..." era shirts
MYSTIFIER "Göetia/Wicca" era shirts
RIDE FOR REVENGE "King of Snakes" - pocket print
SADISTIK EXEKUTION "The Magus/We are Death" era shirts
SAMAEL "Worship Him/Blood Ritual" era shirts
SLAYER "Spill the Blood" - among others
TEITANBLOOD - early shirt w. yellow print
VON "Satanic Blood/Blood Angel" era shirts
WOLFSLAIR - logo shirt

- Danish BM/DM tapes/memorabilia/shirts/zines etc
- SLAYER "Spill the Blood" pin - and great Slayer merch/oddities in general.

+ loads more....you get the drift....

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enola goat
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A bunch of stuff sold -
Please sell me that Kaevum LP someone....

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 7:33 am 


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:48 am 

A few more items gone...

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 11:07 pm 


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:41 pm 


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 11:16 am 

a few more items gone

enola goat
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2022 8:20 am 


enola goat
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2022 7:43 am 

A few items added and some stuff gone....

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