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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2023 6:38 pm 

Looking to buy the following. US based but I'll pay overseas postage. DM or email domamerica at gmail if you have any you'd sell.

ADRAMELCH-Irae Melanox LP (Metalmaster)
ARCTURUS-Constellation MLP (Nocturnal Art WITH POSTER)
CAPRICORNUS-Stahlgewitter 7" (Wolftower/CLEAR vinyl)
CRADLE OF FILTH-Dusk and Her Embrace LP (Music For Nations/with poster)
CRIMSON GLORY-Transcendence LP (Roadrunner)
CYNIC-Focus LP (Roadrunner)
GRAVEN-Perished and Forgotten LP (Undercover)
HADES-The Dawn of the Dying Sun 2LP (Witching Hour)
HATE FOREST-Sorrow LP (Soldats Inconnus)
ILDJARN-s/t 2LP (Northern Heritage)
ILDJARN-Strength and Anger 2LP (Northern Heritage)
ILDJARN-NIDHOGG-s/t LP (Northern Heritage)
KAEVUM-Fedrelandets Alter LP (DTB)
MANOWAR-Hail To England LP (Music For Nations)
MARDUK-Dark Endless LP (No Fashion)
MARDUK-Those of the Unlight LP (Osmose 1st press)
MARDUK-Heaven Shall Burn.. LP (Osmose)
MASSACRA-Enjoy the Violence LP (Shark)
MASTERS HAMMER-Ritual LP (Monitor)
MASTERS HAMMER-Filemnice Occultist LP (Osmose)
METAL CHURCH-s/t LP (Ground Zero with insert)
MORBID ANGEL-Abominations of Desolation LP (Satanic Records 1st press)
MORPHEUS DESCENDS-Adipocere 2x7" (Seraphic Decay)
MORPHEUS DESCENDS-Ritual of Infinity LP (Crypt)
NIFELHEIM-Devils Force LP (Necropolis)
OHTAR-Human Fuel of Death LP (Deathrune)
PURTENANCE-Member of Immortal Damnation LP (Drowned)
REPULSION-Horrified LP (Necrosis)
SAVAGE GRACE-Master of Disguise LP (Important)
SETHERIAL-Nord LP (Cryptia)
SPITE EXTREME WING-Non Dvcor, Dvco LP (Frozen)
SUFFOCATION-Effigy of the Forgotten LP (R/C)
S.V.E.S.T.-Urfaust LP (EAL 1st press)
WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS-Sing Thou Unholy Servants LP (Mysticum Prod)

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