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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2023 5:35 pm 

I’m needing some extra cash at the moment and some space I need to make on my shelves, so I thought I’d list some of the albums I’d like to sell. I posted this under the trading board the first time around- didn’t realize there was a separate board for selling- so my mistake. But it’s pretty much the same stuff I have listed on eBay, which is mostly black metal, death metal, some old metalcore and deathcore stuff I’ve had. Just email me at [email protected] if you’re interested! Or just message me. I’ll send you my PayPal or Cashapp username from there. Prices are negotiable, but I’m trying not to go too far down just because of my current situation. That’s subject to change though. They all have free shipping, except for international buyers. Will send pictures of my shirts if you’re interested in them, and if the prices don’t seem to be too fair and I’m overcharging, you have any questions or you have any other comments go ahead and leave them. I pretty much listed them at the prices I did because I wanted to make a decent amount while also not just screwing people really, and I’m basing them off of the prices on my eBay page mostly, after pretty much seeing what other people were listing them for and deciding to charge at least a little bit cheaper than them. I was under the impression at least that some of these were a little bit harder to come by now, so that’s why I listed them at the price I did.

Iskra- Ruins(digipak)~ $16.00
Dealey Plaza- Deliver Us~ $15.00
Lord Manzigeitus(digipak)~ $13.50
Bestial Warlust- Storming Bestial Legions~$13.00
Grab- Plague~$13.00
Villains- Never Abandon the Slut Train~$12.00
Continuum- The Hypothesis~$10.00
Upon A Burning Body- The World Is Ours~$23.00
Nahemah- The Second Philosophy~ $7.00
Mourning- Blinded By Hate~$8.00
As I Lay Dying- A Long March: First Recordings~$7.40
A Plea For Purging- s/t~ $7.00

Annihilatus- Death From Above(blue vinyl)~$27.00
Katechon- Coronation(black vinyl)~$20.00
Disastrous Murmur- Skinning is the beginning(white vinyl)~$30.00
Impaled Nazarene- Latex Cult(black vinyl)~$30.00
Black Witchery/Revenge split (black vinyl)~$33.00
Vattnet Viskar- Sky Swallower(white vinyl)~$18.50
Ovids Withering- Scryers of the Ibis(beer/brown vinyl)~$32.00
Drudkh- A Furrow Cut Short(black vinyl)~$30.00

The Projectionist~$25.00
Black Goat of the Woods~$25.00
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus~$30.00

I’m new to the trading forums, so I don’t know if you can update posts or not, but if I can, I’ll probably update this going forward, because there’s a stack of albums I’m deciding whether I want to keep or sell at the moment.

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