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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:52 pm
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:57 pm 

You know, gory, violent, hateful. Is not horror punk, hardcore punk, crossover, crust, grindcore or even a kind of rap/hip hop that focuses on this (don't know it's name but there is a genre like that).

This gave me inspiration:

Decided to post here, since AFAIK Recommendation Central is only for Metal.

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:23 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 12:28 pm 

A lot of old Appalachian and English folk ballads have some really nasty lyrics. I know of one where some kind of evil spirit stabs a baby to death with a pin and drains its blood in a basin.

The tunes and vocal parts are always beautiful, though.
BastardHead wrote:
Nice to See Your Name In Red sounds like a mid 2000s screamo band.

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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Wed Aug 05, 2020 12:42 pm
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Location: Slovenia
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:17 pm 

Neo-folk probably


Joined: Fri Jun 22, 2007 2:59 am
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Location: Canada
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:35 pm 

Dax Riggs' solo stuff has a lot of strange, messed up lyrics. It's largely blues rock/acoustic. He does an INCREDIBLE cover of Skulls by The Misfits.
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The_Beast_in_Black wrote:
SleightOfVickonomy wrote:
...no one still knows what it's supposed to be about.

Well, I reckon there's a pretty good chance it'll be about gory tits.

Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:08 pm
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Location: United Kingdom
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 10:49 pm 

Maybe Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain? I don't like this kind of music, but I think it fits here. Or maybe it's not soft enough?

Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:33 am
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Location: Laos
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:02 am 

I don't know if it's really 'soft' in the sense you want, but jihadist nasheeds can tick all boxes for being gorey, violent and hateful, despite sounding very calm. I remember a particularly nasty Russian one that implied all Russian women would be raped and all children enslaved. I can't remember the name, nor how it sounded, though.


Joined: Sat Aug 28, 2004 1:17 pm
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:00 am 

Spoiler: show
The girl from the Dunkin' Donuts
was found hung upside down with her torso split open.
The tissues connecting her organs
to each other were cut in such a way that

whenever the wind blew, they shook all about
'til slowly one by one they fell out

some carried away by a hungry dog
some ending up in the kiddie pool.

https://davidewilliams.bandcamp.com/tra ... m-the-dn-d

Should be exactly what you're looking for based on the Chaser's War on Everything version of Rancid Amputation you based the thread on.
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Joined: Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:25 am
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:08 am 

Procol Harum are pretty famous, but I'm not sure what was going on in their heads in 1970 with the Home album. Generally morbid lyrically, but the music is quite nice and the singing is stellar. Like soulful pop-rock with some adventurous flair.

The lyrics of these two in particular stand out:

Still There’ll Be More

Spoiler: show
I'll bathe my eyes in a river of salt
I'll grow myself right up to the sky
I'll sing in the forest, tear down the trees
I'll foul all the fountains and trample the leaves
I'll blacken your Christmas and piss on your door
You'll cry out for mercy, but still there'll be more

I'll put a blight in the orchard
I'll run wild through the fields
I'll waylay your daughter and kidnap your wife
Savage her sexless and burn out her eyes
I'll blacken your Christmas and piss on your door
You'll cry out for mercy, but still there'll be more

The Dead Man’s Dream

Spoiler: show
As I lay down dying, a floor for my bed
And a bundle of newspaper under my head
I dreamed a dream, as strange as could be
Concerning myself, and somebody like me

We were in some city, the stranger and me
The houses were open, and the streets empty
The windows were bare, and the pavements dirty
I asked where I was; my companion ignored me

We entered a graveyard and searched for a tombstone
The graves were disturbed, and the coffins wide open
And the corpses were rotten, yet each one was living
Their eyes were alive with maggots crawling

I cried out in fear, but my voice had left me
My legs were deformed, yet I moved quite freely
My head was on fire, yet my hands were icy
And everywhere light, yet darkness engulfed me

I managed to scream and woke from my slumber
I thought of my dream and lay there and wondered
Where had I been? What could it mean?
It was dark in the death room as I slithered under


Joined: Fri May 22, 2015 6:38 am
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:33 pm 

Probably not "soft" enough but oh well....

Spoiler: show
Methuen wrote:
Their reviews of Darkthrone records are great reads, I just can't help feeling they were written in a (very expensive organo-vegan-ist) coffee shop, on a Linux hack job with stickers on, while trying to catch the eye of the girl with dungarees and glasses sitting in the corner.


Joined: Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:52 pm
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 9:51 pm 

There are some REALLY dark, disgusting Nick Cave songs out there.


Joined: Sun Oct 12, 2008 10:16 pm
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Location: Ottawa
PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 8:21 pm 

Not sure if late 60s psychedelic blues/rock meets your definition of “soft music”, but the lyrics to Arzachel only album are downright appalling for their time. I have a feeling the song “Azathoth” might have influenced Morbid Angel; and “Clean Innocent Fun”... well... what is this?:

[Verse 1]
I'll be on my way, he said
As the knife quivered in his eye
I laid down my heavy head
The screaming wall began to cry
You lost your last hold on your flimsy mind
You know you've done it now
I turned my head and looked behind
At the blood welling from his brow

[Verse 2]
The harlot slowly crossed her legs
Vanished into a drowning child
Forty rows of angry spikes
Each one through a squiggling limb
The glass faces of the frigid mares
Dragged and sheltered in the wind
The cold draught brought the stench of pus
The boil bubbled on his flesh

[Verse 3]
The grey mist wafted in
Undulating, shrouded all
I was walking up the endless steps
Oozing purple from the cracks
Blazing Betelgeuse lit the way for me
Laser heat transmit my soul
The pressure force forced me on
To the long knife at the end
darkeningday wrote:
Some of us watch Star Wars movies to watch lightsabers touch other lightstabers.

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