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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:25 am 


As an amateur magician myself of 13 years I was interested in seeing if anyone else in the community is similarly interested in magic.

I always wanted to be one step ahead of the "tricks your grandfather showed you." Incidentally, I first became interested in magic after seeing a magician perform at a restaurant while visiting another state on a vacation. I still remember the initial feeling of true and pure astonishment for the first time. Today, I try to encapsulate that same feeling within the spectator when I do performances.

Do any of you have any favorite magicians, routines, or performances? I'm a huge fan of Michael Vincent and Darwin Ortiz right now. Also in my book, the simple Triumph routine (from the Stars of Magic in 1946) simply cannot be beat for the regular audience. I've found that both of them (primarily the latter, as another has noted) can create truly strong and astonishing magic (even for magicians, or those in the know, so to speak) with only a few set of technical skills. It really gets you to thinking about what can be created following the blending of several techniques together, or perhaps in merely varying the presentation one could end up with an entirely different effect whose similarity would not altogether be noticed by a lay audience.

With perhaps a bit more focus and work, I could see myself one day in the professional realm and that possibility really tickles me. I'd love to see if anyone has a curiously hidden passion for the craft as I do.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:15 am 

In high school I had one particular math class, where every Friday we always just kind of chilled. And every Friday, our teacher Mr. Lanik (coolest damn dude btw) would show us a new magic or card trick. They were never very elaborate, but they were a great way to spend a 45 minute class. Beat the hell out of math anyways.

I myself have always loved watching magic but I've never had the means or patience to learn it myself. I remember watching Breaking the Magician's Code all the time as a kid, although later I learned about how magicians and illusionists all hated how that show revealed all these secrets of the trade and in retrospect, it DOES seem pretty scummy. As a kid watching that stuff though, of course the first question on my mind was "how?" so I always got something out of the explanations.


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:11 am 

I was a lot into them as a child. emphasis on child. I really couldn't fathom why they would let David Copperfield make the statue of liberty disappear, let alone how he did it. it broke my heart when I realized they're basically scammers...

I watched the whole Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed when it came out, and some of it was really awesome. but mostly it made me feel scammed.

I like Derren Brown a lot, as he's intelligent and does more than "let me pull this rabbit out of a hat" stuff. others, like David Blaine, I'd gladly punch. file under "famous for nothing" category.
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