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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:53 am 

I couldn't find any pc/telecommunications topic in the tavern so I decided to just post it here. The thing is, until one point the repeater worked well and I installed it one year ago. I restarted my router, I restarted the repeater and followed the process I found on YouTube to no avail. I have some photos and the lights indicate that there aren't any connection problems.


Check the pictures here if you need more closure. Also after a long time of attempting to connect to the repeater the network might say: IP failed to be authorised or something like that. Whereas when I try to connect with my PC to the repeater network it says connected, no internet. Do you think it is because there are a lot of people connecting to the repeater cloned network? Because I only gave my password to friends who live far away from my house and the pass word is long as hell so. I would appreciate if someone gave me his view on this topic and perhaps write some tips. Sorry if this is just on the tavern, I seriously couldn't find a relative topic to post this.

Update 10/2: Problem solved. my ethernet wire was faulty.

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