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Looking for bands/musicians:

Please include your location in the title of the topic, and ideally what you play/are looking for in terms of both instruments and style. The latter is often flexible, but try to include as much relevant info as possible in the topic title.
Example: Doom metal band from Birmingham, England seeks vocalist.

Location: This one's obvious, either list a location/area or say that you're interested in an online collaboration.
Transportation: How far are you willing to travel, and do you have the means to do so?
Equipment: What gear do you have? Instruments, amps, PAs, microphones, recording gear?
Experience: What type of experience do you have? Playing, recording, gigging, touring, past bands?
Commitment: Are you looking to play shows regularly or have a side project/hobby? Looking to tour, or already touring?

Samples of your playing: This is more or less essential to finding anyone interested in connecting online to start a band. Solo tracks, demos, recordings from a previous band, or even a webcam video of you playing along to a song - that last one is so easy these days that if you can't even include that, you probably won't be taken seriously.

Looking for artists to appear on compilations/splits:

Type of release: Split or compilation? CD, Cassette, vinyl, or digital?
Time frame/deadlines: When does this need to be done by?
Label/distributor: Do you have a label secured or interested, or do you run a label? Are you self-releasing this?
Genre: Any preference for certain styles?
Length: How much music can another band contribute?
Quantity and distribution: How many copies will be made, who is selling them, how many does each band get at what cost?
Money: Will the bands be compensated, or will they be expected to contribute to the cost of production? Who covers the cost of recording?
Other bands: What other bands are appearing? Having notable bands makes appearances more desirable.

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This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.

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