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The Mountain Man

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:37 am 

Hi, and welcome to the "Musicians seeking Musicians" subforum. This forum was created in March 2013 to facilitate communication between musicians who are looking for others to help them with their projects. This thread is intended to be a quick reference to explain what this forum is all about.

What's the whole point of this forum?
We've noticed over the years that there's been a large influx of threads in the "For the Musicians" forum that basically consist of artists seeking members to join their projects, or to organize the start up of a new project. Sometimes it's just as simple as an artist wanting a vocalist for their band, or a vocalist looking to join a band. In other cases, it might be more complicated; an artist looking to find a like-minded band to form a split with. In any case, we felt it was worthwhile to create a forum to facilitate that communication.

What's acceptable in this forum?
Acceptable discussions here are pretty broad, but in general the idea behind this forum is to offer a place for musicians to seek out other musicians, or artists, to give them assistance on their projects. Some of the topics brought up could include artists looking for certain members with skills to join their band; individuals looking to join bands that need members; artists looking to create a split with another band; artists looking for designers/producers for their album(s); artists looking for people to create logos for them or vice-versa; or even artists looking for individuals to do sampling for them or to do session work. The range of topics is expansive, but we do hope this forum will be only used by metal musicians/artists.

What do you mean metal musicians?
Well, being a forum on a heavy metal encyclopedia, there's an expectation that most discussions that will happen in this forum will be by metalheads seeking out others. That doesn't mean you can't recruit individuals to assist you on your non-metal projects, but we'd prefer that non-metal not become the norm of discussion here.

How does this forum differ from the "For the Musicians" forum?
Imagine the "For the Musicians" forum having the purpose of allowing musicians to talk about their craft, their instruments, and their work in an environment suited for that type of discussion. This includes discussions from artists asking for critiques of their latest material. That should be posted in the "For the Musicians" forum. This subforum, on the other hand, exists strictly to allow for coordination and cooperation between artists. This is not a place to advertise your projects. It is, however, a place to advertise for others to join you on your projects.

Any other things to keep in mind?
Other than the obvious (which basically comes down to the notion of "use common sense"), don't be a dick to others; don't nag; don't spam; don't harass; and above all, don't get mad. If an artist doesn't want you working on their project, or if you have a falling out with them, don't bring that baggage here. Do it in private or not at all. The same is true if you're seeking others and nobody responds, please don't bitch and moan and complain because of it. Shit happens, you just gotta keep on trying. Be reasonable, polite, and understanding, and this forum will be a success.

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