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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:48 am
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:56 pm 

Hi there!

I tried to submit "УГ" band from Russia, but it was rejected due to the following reason: "Cover bands are not acceptable, sorry. It requires a metal album of original material."

The band denies being a cover band, as it’s firmly stated in band’s sources. For example, info from official VK page https://vk.com/ugband:
“P.P.S. Мы - не кавер-группа. ...Мы делаем пародии на всенародно известные хиты, заставляя их играть новыми цветами. С искренним уважением к авторам."
"P.P.S. We’re not a cover band. ...We parody famous hits, giving them a few more colours, sincerely respecting the authors."

Also, as far as you can see in the heading:

It’s parody metal, like other bands already existing at Encyclopedia Metallum and can be found in Parody lyrical themes. Moreover, some of the bands from the list have songs that may seem to be just covers - and that’s wrong, too. For example, Nanowar of Steel (УГ are sometimes noticed by reviewers to remind them the style) or ВИА "М.М.М." I'm sorry for mentioning other bands, but it was the only way to clarify the style issue.

There’s not a single song that could be considered as a simple cover song. A lot of lyrics were changed and rewritten which is also a parody feature. Some of the songs are adaptations and parodies of famous russian songs.

Arrangements of the vast majority of the songs are entirely new, and they have nothing in common with original songs. Paukan and Smells Like Yolka are parodies of memes. Smells Like Yolka makes fun of Nirvana lyrics style. We Don’t Need No Uchat V Shkole is a parody of the russian song about school, drawing a parallel with Another Brick In The Wall. Friendship of peoples, so to speak.

Winnie, Усталый Арни (Ustalyj Arni) and Бурый (Buryj) give an old-school overview of the Soviet animation - in a heavy metal way. Sandman Polka satirizes alcohol addiction of some Metallica members.

Band’s belonging to the parody genre is confirmed by publications, reviews and interviews at the following sources:

1. RockCor №7/2019, p. 28 - A review of “Дримляндия” (5/5) - pics below

"Style: Parody metal / comedy metal"

"Только представьте себе нирвановскую Smells Like Teen Spirit, в которой на этот знакомый до боли мотив хрипло-алкоголическим издевательским голосом Пумбы вокалист поёт “в лесу родилась ёлочка”! Идея действительно сама по себе интересная, но ведь УГ на этом не останавливаются…"
"Just imagine Smells Like Teen Spirit, the awfully familiar melody, with vocalist’s alcoholically hoarse Pumba-like voice singing V Lesu rodilas yolochka! The idea is really interesting by itself, but UG doesn’t stop there…"

2. Astarta, a review of “Дримляндия”:

"...ядерный коктейль из... хэви-металлических нетленок с текстами из таких же культовых мультфильмов и народных песен, и это звучит по-настоящему ударно, весело и мощно."
"...an atomic mix of… heavy metal hits with lyrics based on iconic cartoons and folk songs, and it sounds really striking, funny and powerful."

3. Mastersland, a review of “Дримляндия”:

"Style: Heavy Metal / Parody"

"Неожиданностями напичкана каждая песня, понятно, почему в своём пресс-релизе УГ пишут "псевдо-кавер-бэнд" - потому, что это не каверы вовсе. Очень уж вольно музыканты обращаются с чужими песнями, переделывая, переаранжировывая и вставляя в них цитаты, которых уж никак не ждёшь. Пародия - да, кавер - нет."
"Every song is full of surprises, and it’s clear why they describe themselves as a “pseudo cover band” - ‘cause there’s no covers at all. The musicians play loose with the songs, changing, rearranging and adding words you even don’t expect. A parody - yes, a cover - no."

4. Astarta, the band’s biography:

"Style: parody metal"

5. Astarta, The best release of October 2019:

6. An interview in “Это Rock’n’Roll” online magazine (№10, p. 6-14):

7. Mastersland, Top-100 Chart (April 2017):

8. Darkside webzine, album info:

Can you please review the band, taking into account the above?


The Folk One

Joined: Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:04 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:17 pm 

By our rules, a band needs to have all original songs in the sense of the songs must be written and recorded by the band (or like, a ghostwriter or something like for Ghost since they outsource their songwriting). This includes for arrangement and the like, as the riffs and structure are still written by another band. As it is by our rules, this band counts as a cover band, even if they are changing things around. While Nanowar of Steel has the parody songs like "Number of the Bitch", the differences is that Nanowar of Steel actually has fully originally songs.

Also, for the record I was not expecting the opening of Spongebob Squarepants leading into comedy Smells like Teen Spirit.
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