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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:08 pm 


I am a big fan of the band Cavalcade from Lansing, MI, USA. I worry that this band may have been blacklisted without a substantive listen to its music.

While it is true that this band pulls influence from many non-metal sources, this sound is undoubtedly rooted in metal. These metal elements outweigh the non-metal. I am not sure if it helps to suggest a genre at the time of appeal, but “Avant-garde/Sludge/Doom metal” may be appropriate, but I will defer to you on the exact terminology.

I would compare their sound to a few others already listed here:
https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/In ... 3540431503
https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Inter_Arma/128583 (Cavalcade played with them on June 2, 2018)
https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ko ... 3540380652
https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Th ... 3540327501 (Cavalcade played with them on July 26, 2018)

It is my belief that the first album, Into Bolivian, is the most metal, but as that may have been reviewed at the time of submission, I would like to provide the latest album, Sonic Euthanasia, as well:
https://cavalcade.bandcamp.com/album/into-bolivian (Nevermind the release date on Bandcamp, this album was rereleased for the 13th anniversary)

Both of these albums received physical distribution with UPC/EIN as well as being made available on all major streaming platforms. I want to respect your time so I would like to highlight a few tracks on each for you.

On Into Bolivian, I would like to draw your attention to “These Bastard Years”; “Quiet Men Keep Secrets” (which was also featured on this compilation Phil Anselmo released on Housecore Records - https://housecorerecords.bandcamp.com/t ... ep-secrets ); and “Capsules of Holy Water.”

On Sonic Euthanasia, I think you will find undeniable metal riffs on “Secret Seeds” and “We Dig Our Own Graves.”

A quick bullet point list of credentials:

Lastly, a personal plea. In my community, Cavalcade is a fixture in metal. It means a lot to me that they may be included here in our collective history that Metal Archives represents.


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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 7:14 pm 

No note on the blacklist.

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