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Metal newbie

Joined: Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:06 am
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Location: Russia
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:10 am 

it's ridiculous.
as for me borders, passports, taxes system and even google maps are much more solid arguments than acceptance of some stupid organisation in UNITED STATES, which should f.ck off from this area and not pry to every country affairs.
I try to be apolitical, however since Crimea was "annexed" in 2014 I guess we should consider it as a Russian territory de-facto until something will change in peninsula's REAL life, not it some yankee's brains

The Mountain Man

Joined: Sun Jan 01, 2006 6:25 am
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Location: Canada
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:19 am 

I know you're personally upset by this Shadechaser, but we decided long ago that we didn't want to get involved in fights over what is and isn't a "country." Instead, we've opted to rely on a standardized list provided by a reputable third-party, and leave it up to any users that are upset with that list to file a protest with the group responsible for making it. Crimea is currently listed under Ukraine.

By the way, the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) isn't just "some stupid organization in United States," it's a United Nations supported organization, headquartered in Switzerland, that has representatives from over 162 countries. Russia is one of its members.

R.I.P. Diamhea 1987-2018
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Metal newbie

Joined: Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:06 am
Posts: 152
Location: Russia
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:44 pm 

Well, I'll try to live with it )))
By the way, Russian and English pages about ISO on Wikipedia slightly differ.
Firstly, Russian one mentions that ISO was created basing on ISA (disbanded in 1942 and located in USA - these words were the reason for me to think that ISO is American organisation)
Secondly, "Criticism" section says there were several times when some countries appealed it's operations and there are much doubts on it's neutrality.

Metal freak

Joined: Wed Aug 18, 2004 8:27 am
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:45 pm 

Is there a special reason, that an obviously unreleased demo of Vaakevandring was added this year to their discography? Please see here: http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/vie ... 53&t=20647
https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/V ... emo/721314

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