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The Wettest Blanket

Joined: Wed May 26, 2010 2:21 pm
Posts: 4795
Location: Turks and Caicos Islands
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:15 am 

Wow, I came here to point the problem out and can see other cases:

Some of us follow site rules and, despite reporting wrongdoers, they get away without not even a warning and legit threads get locked, congrats! :beer:

Some recent cases:

I did talk 2 mods about this and PMed the last one after my last legit thread was closed by trolls who admitted WHY they were trolling.
No answer but now I have a funny tag in my username, congrats. :beer:

P.S: STILL waiting for an answer, my legit thread reopened, PhilosophicalFrog's apology and partying with cultofkraken.
This last one has a TASTEFUL sense of humor:

You have a problem here and people gets tired.

Thanks for your help and time.

The Wettest Blanket

Joined: Wed May 26, 2010 2:21 pm
Posts: 4795
Location: Turks and Caicos Islands
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:15 am 

Someone is committing crimes now too:

De: "Hale Media, Inc." <cs=hmsd.co@mail11.mcsignup.com> en nombre de "Hale Media, Inc." <cs@hmsd.co>
Enviado: lunes, 11 de febrero de 2019 11:09
Para: My email
Asunto: Hale Media Newsletter Subscriptions: Subscription Confirmed

Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.

For your records, here is a copy of the information you submitted to us...

Email Address: My email
First Name: Vasca
Last Name: Tormenta
Company: Wett Blankets
Cell Phone:
Choose one or more lists to subscribe to: @sdpix.co • San Diego Pix, @sdgln.co • San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, @sdpride.co • San Diego Pride Guide, SD Media

If at any time you wish to stop receiving our emails, you can:
unsubscribe here

You may also contact us at:

But no, seems NOT like a personal attack. :roll:

The Mountain Man

Joined: Sun Jan 01, 2006 6:25 am
Posts: 5725
Location: Canada
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:11 am 

I thought I made my answer clear the first time?

Threads that might start off well can easily turn into stinking dumpster fires when the people who post in them turn them that way. You seem to feel you're blameless in all of this, but no, dude, you also contributed to your thread going in that direction. Your response to criticism wasn't to brush it off or ignore it, but to throw a big fit over it, further derailing the original intent of the thread. Even Morrigan pointed that out, but you seem to have ignored what she said and implied. We can't guarantee that all threads that start off with good intentions end up as good threads, all we can hope for is that the users who post in those threads - including YOU - don't utterly turn them into shit threads. You have a responsibility here, too. Nobody here is going to apologize to you, or capitulate to your demands. Frankly you were just as bad, if not worse in some ways, than the people who decided to post stupid dumb memes in your thread. You made what was essentially a mountain out of a mole-hill, and you're still doing that now. I'd advise you to move on, make better threads and take criticism for what it is (without making a public spectacle of it).

We also obviously don't condone people picking on you. But what you posted in the post above is much different than being unable to take criticism and throwing a tantrum in response.

I don't know what else you want from us. You're not gonna get the answer you want, so I would see no reason to keep this thread open just so you can keep whining about it. Maybe instead of continuing to try to fight us on this, you take our advice (including what was written in your thread, and in those other links you posted) on what to do and what not to do. We don't lock threads without a reason for doing so, and we're pretty clear with what went wrong and how to rectify it. If you can't see that, or choose to ignore that, then that's totally on you.

R.I.P. Diamhea 1987-2018
Live young, die free. Gone, but not forgotten.

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