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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:27 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:39 am 

Hello guys!
I tell you that on May 18 I submitted a black / thrash metal band from Colombia called Necrofag https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ne ... 3540468083 , which was rejected because, I quote "Music is fine, I heard the album on YouTube, which is streamonly. On which platform was the album released digitally? Seems it's not out yet physically by Hell Force Production. " I can understand that reason and therefore I had not insisted on presenting that band because until today they have not published physical material. However, yesterday I found that another person had submitted this same band, with the same information and this was accepted. https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ne ... 3540467996

I would like to know if there are any requirements to accept a band, or this work is done according to the criteria of each moderator.

Erosion of Humanity
Destroyer of the Gods

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:49 am 

First off, we have a uniform standard for accepting bands, so no, it isn't at each person's discretion. More to the point of your question; streaming only is not considered a valid release, we do however accept digital releases that can be downloaded for free or purchase. In the case of this band, the other user linked to Amazon where the music could be purchased and downloaded. That is a valid release.
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Zee Bombelecher

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 2:55 am 

Also please use the appeals forum next time.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:22 am 

How about a rule addition to the "don't steal submissions" rule that if you ask a user to provide more evidence, the user has a week to do so? I mean for me and most people I wouldn't care if something I submitted was rejected because I failed to add something and then someone else added it, but I know some people take pride in their submissions, so that option might be a nice way to give them a break for it, no? People who forgot to include a link should get a chance to add it.

(I know it's something different if two users submit at almost exactly the same time, I was just thinking of the scenario where one guy clearly submits first and the next submission comes later.)
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