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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 7:58 am 

I just reported some alias changes, and the guy who handled the reports just... changed the aliases. This is, of course, a problem since this changes the artists' credits on releases prior to the alias change for which they don't have a special alias (the 'as' field). For example, this artist was known as Soviético Tang until recently and was credited as such on this album, but he now goes by his real name Edwin Tang, and when the alias was changed, his name on that release changed until I fixed it.

He should at least have pinged me and told me to fix whatever needed fixing after the alias change. Unless everyone with the rank to change artist aliases knows what they need to do afterwards and applies it consistently, there should be a mechanism to fill in the 'as' field of releases so that the credits on each release looks the same before and after. For example, the artist above had no special alias ('as') on the album, so his credit on the album got changed to the new alias, so the 'as' field on the album should be automatically changed to Soviético Tang. Perhaps band aliases should be changed in the same way: that way each change to album credits and band lineups has to be made deliberately after a change to the artist alias, ensuring that data is not corrupted over time by sloppiness.

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