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PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 6:09 am 

Depressive rock and atmospheric rock are listed as genres in the site, despite the terms being pretty much nonexistent outside of this site, and being unclear when used here.

Most of the "depressive rock" tags could be used to describe heavy post punk or goth rock influences, while atmospheric rock is either alternative, post or prog rock for the most part. For example, Joyless and 40 Watt Sun, who are listed as depressive and atmospheric rock, respectively. The common term for Joyless' later genre would be post punk, and 40 Watt Sun's would be slowcore/post rock (despite both branching from alternative rock). Being genre-specific caters to non-metal as well, and could only assist those who seek these specific genre combinations.

Will removing the aforementioned genre tags be possible in order to switch to the right ones?

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:56 pm 

Admittedly I've never heard of "depressive rock/metal" ever being used aside from Katatonia, and I hate that tag with passion (as it sucks both at describing the music, and the intent of the lyrics in 95% of cases).

As for atmospheric rock, it's a similar debate as I brought up once around atmospheric metal - it's not a firmly defined label, but imo it does make sense as there are bands that focus mainly on atmosphere but don't necessarily fall into another established subgenre. Anathema is a good example once they moved away from metal - they've definitely had prog, alternative and post-rock influences, even trip-hop and electronic more recently, but I don't think they actually fit into any of these fully, whereas "atmospheric rock" does a pretty good job of describing the focus of the music. I'm in favour of that tag as it does make sense and fits into a gray area which is hard to label otherwise.

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