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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:22 am 

I have a question about % of metalness of an album/band to get accepted:

What if you have a black/folk band with a 10 song full length, where 5 tracks are black metal and the other 5 are acoustic folk (intro, outro and 3 instrumentals), it could be accepted? It's not uncommon to hear black/folk albums where there are a lot of acoustic songs and/or passages inserted on the metal tracks (this is taking into account that the black metal moments/songs are 100% metal), so how do you handle those situations? Let's suppose that the intention of the artist is primarily to release a metal album but the folk elements are also very important.

Thanx in advance.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:34 pm 

It's worth saying first that we don't base our judgments on percentile values, and certainly not on hard-set and predetermined amounts. We aren't in the business of suggesting, "You're not 51.25% metal, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE." The one percentage value that does come up sometimes, 80%, is based on an idea and less on a measurable or quantifiable amount. We base judgement on an album's music by going with the idea that the album must be "predominantly metal." That entails certain characteristics that we except from the album: that the album is comprised mostly of metal, that the music is driven by metal music as is to be expected, and that the metalness of the album is its dominant aspect. This only needs to apply to one album that has been physically released by the band.

I wont hold judgement of your project until I've heard your project, or at least seen it in the queue, but if the album is driven primarily by folk music, then it reasons to be that you may be in trouble for acceptance.

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