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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:36 pm 

Lethal Fire plays a melodic thrash death metal with a rhythmic base very clever. Also the tireless efforts is already evident in this new album and it's very commendable.

“Master Of Extermination Art” is a varied album, with different faces, it is possible to interpret it from different points of view, but with one target: old school thrash death metal (body and soul), analogue crude and direct sound, as recorded in a small garage. This album features 11 songs, including intro and outro. Although their first language is the Spanish, there is only one song in that native language and the rest is in English, as well as all the credits.

The instrumental part is very competent, the game of guitars and bass is well constructed, volatile and wrenching riffs which capture the attention and will not let it. Alex Giraldo recorded rhythm guitar in only 2 layers, he played a six strings traditional guitar. He also recorded the bass, using on few occasions chords, as well as other rarely the fifth string (B). The intro has a double bass part, to achieve the same effect of a third higher note on the same string, which sounds quite interesting.

The topics that Lethal Fire shows in this work, refers to personal situations, such as the loss of loved ones; freedom; the envy. Other lyrics are social, like extreme drug addiction; both political and family dictatorships and war.

The songs are very good, listen the very fluid guitar solo in “War Is My Name”; Lethal Fire found interesting and melodic tunes as “Master Of Extermination Art” and denser issues such as “Friends Of Stupidity” which includes a section of voices something spoken, followed by a virtuous guitar solo and supported by a power metal drums. “Nocturnal Song” is a song close to the traditional heavy metal demonstrating that the voice can be adapted to many variants; “No Regret” is an instrumental track with excellent tone ups and downs on guitars. “Passport To Beyond”, “The Devil Son” and “Misterio de Guerra” are powerful songs that have no mercy.

The graphic art is also a great work that complements the message, is based on the extermination of humanity with its own barbaric acts, with topics of war, religious, economic, social and pessimistic. The cover shows a "Master" who represents all the most perverse of humanity.

I can say that Lethal Fire doesn’t seem to another consecrated bands, the songwriter is not engaged to imitate what others do, in this regard I note that rhythmic and structurally he has much to teach the world. The album was recorded in a short time, due to the occupations of the people involved in it. All of them live and work in different cities of Colombia. This aspect must be taken into account, but a recording takes a long time to achieve a better presentation of the creativity. If they had had more time, the result would have been even better.

Heavy Metal C-3PO

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:35 pm 

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