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A couple of issues with some Edguy reviews
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Author:  lordcatfish [ Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  A couple of issues with some Edguy reviews

Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in suggestions and complaints. A few issues with some Edguy reviews:

- there are two reviews for the 1995 version of Savage Poetry that were written about the 2000 re-recording (aka The Savage Poetry). The first is the 2003 review by OSheaman. The references to the intro of "Hallowed" and the high scream at the start of "Misguiding Your Life" are features of the 2000 version.

The second is the 2004 review by Crimson_Guitarist. This mentions that "Hallowed" is the opening track; this is correct for the 2000 version, but not the 1995 version (which opens with "Key to My Fate"). It also makes a reference to four 1995 versions of the songs at the end of the review (which were bonus tracks on some editions of the 2000 release), which means the review was written about the re-recording.

- the compilation release Superheroes / Rocket Ride from 2010 has the same 7 reviews as the standalone Superheroes EP from 2005. It doesn't make sense for the comp to have these reviews, as they only review the first disc (Superheroes EP), whereas the compilation is a 3 disc set that also includes the Rocket Ride album and another disc with assorted B sides.

Author:  BastardHead [ Fri Jan 15, 2021 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A couple of issues with some Edguy reviews

All three of those stem from the simple fact that the Savage Poetry rerecording and the Superheroes bundle are listed as "other version"s of the parent entry, so the reviews apply across all versions. This can be mitigated somewhat nowadays by marking which version you're reviewing, but in ye olden days neither of those things were features yet (hence why old names like OSheaman reviewing sixteen years ago are being brought up). You can make the argument/file a report that those versions should be their own standalone releases, but that's pretty much the only way around it.

EDIT: Lol I just noticed that The Savage Poetry is already listed separately. I'm not familiar with Edguy and thought that was a weird oversight but it turns out I just don't know how to read. I've moved the two reviews mentioned. Not much to do about the Superheroes case though.

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