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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:32 pm
Posts: 308
Location: France
PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 4:38 pm 



Excalibur - Thurisaz


TS Voivod - 80's Logo - XL

Short - Splattered - Guttural Species - XL

+ a bunch of rare Ambient on Discogs
My Trade/Sale Thread

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:32 pm
Posts: 308
Location: France
PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2021 11:01 am 

Up, Marduk stuff added
My Trade/Sale Thread

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:32 pm
Posts: 308
Location: France
PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2021 11:28 am 

Updated, added 90-2000's stuff and some new distro.
Waiting death/grind/hardcore distro during september/october.
My Trade/Sale Thread

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:32 pm
Posts: 308
Location: France
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2022 8:01 pm 


For health reasons i've to put everything on hold, please don't wait for not already sent trades, sorry for inconvenience...
Invocator2k: je n'ai pas encore reçu le paquet je te tiens au courant, merci de m'indiquer lorsque tu auras reçu le mien
Sublevel: you still can send your package in end of august, thank you
My Trade/Sale Thread


Joined: Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:33 am
Posts: 608
Location: Poland
PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2022 2:24 am 


check my list in signature, I am interested in:

Sombre Chemin - Doctine (vg+, 4 euros + shipping)
Sombre Chemin - Notre Héritage Ancestral (VG+, 4 euros + shipping)

Sombre Chemin/Ornaments Of Sin - Durch Ruinen Und Dustere Kriegsfelder (nm, 5 euros + shipping)
Wewelsburg - Ultima Intolerance (vg+, 5 euros + shipping)


Sombre Chemin - Hétérodoxie Opus III (Involution) (vg+, 10 euros + shipping)
"We Are plenty of Blackness, We Are Damned, We Are Black Metal!"

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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:32 pm
Posts: 308
Location: France
PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:21 pm 


Abstract Spirit ‎– Theomorphic Defectiveness
Abstract Spirit - Tragedy And Weed
Abstract Spirit - Liquid Dimensions Changé
Abstract Spirit - Horror Vacui
Acranius - Reign Of Terror
Ad Patres - Scorn Aesthetics
Aeveron - Construality
After All ‎– Waves Of Annihilation
Alastis - Revenge
Allhelluja - Inferno Museum
Ambehr - Spider's Web
Ambryo ‎– Dead End Street
Amduscias ‎– Amduscias
Amethyste ‎– Thrown Off Balance
Amilly - To All In Graves
Amoral - Wound Creations
Amphitryon - Sumphokeras
Anal Supersonic Sex/Binaash/Flavoured Braun/Dog Faced Corpse - Split
Ancestral Majesty ‎– Unholy Trinity
Ancst ‎– In Turmoil
Angel Crew - One Life One Sentence
Ankhagram - Reankharnation
Annotations Of An Autopsy ‎– Before The Throne Of Infection
Anthrax - We've Come For You All
Anthropolatri – Воля Св'ятослава
Apocryphal - Black Dreams
Arkaik - Metamorphignition
Arkham - Chapter III The Madness From The Sea
Armia - Duch
Asgard - Chamane
Asschapel ‎– Total Worship
Atropos - Créature Chtonienne
Atrox - Mesmerised
Averon - An Écho From Beyond
Autarcie ‎– Retour En Crasse
Backfire - Still Dedicated
Baron Samedi ‎– Avant L'Asphyxie
Barshasketh ‎– Sitra Achra
Bathtub Shitter - Lifetime Shitlist
Battlefield - Spirit Of Time
Belenos - Errances Oniriques
Benelos - Spicilege
Benighted ‎– Psychose
Bereaved - What The Wolf Brings
Berserk ‎– Rites Of Supremacy
Berserk – Return Of The Ancient Laws
Bereaved - The Cries Of The Penitent
Bereaved - The Spirit Driven By Hate
Beyond Belief - Rave The Abyss
Beyond Belief - Toward The Diabolical Experience
Black Sabbath - 13
Blazing Foreskin/Arlette Chabot/Obélix/FNE - Chéri J'ai Retrouvé Tes Ciseaux
Bluttaufe - Mein Fleisch An Deinen Lippen
Bong Éjaculation/Boggy Bong - Split
Bordel Sonore/TOM - Split
Bordel Sonore - The Ultimate Bordelik Symphony
Bordel Sonore - Cacophonic Tornado
Bordel Sonore - The Grotesque Shits
Bordel Sonore/Patator - Split
Brainteasers - 15 01 1773
Breedmachine - Éveil Hardcore
Broken Down ‎– Drop Dead Entertainer
Broken Down ‎– The Other Shore
Broken Down ‎– First Spit
Brujeria - Raza Odiada
Burden Of Grief ‎– Haunting Requiems
Buried Dreams ‎– Beyond Your Mind
Cannibal Corpse - Kill
Cannibal Ritual - Punishment Of The Yacumos
Cannibal Ritual - Return Of The Shimatari
Cardiac Necropsy/Insision/Koma/Lacerate/Vrykolakas - Supreme Brutal Legions
Carnival In Coal ‎– Collection Prestige
Casket Garden - This Corroded Soul Of Mine
Casket Garden - Open The Casket, Enter The Garden
Catacomb - In The Maze Of Kadath/The Lurker At The Threshold
Cavern - Cavern
Céleste - Misanthrope
Cenopath - Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium
Cesspit - Mon Fils Est Une Omelette
Chalice - Chronicles Of Dysphoria
Children Of A Lesser God ‎– Towards A Grief
Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason
Chopcore - Bloody Little Mess
Chrysalis - Between Strength And Frailty
Cimetière ‎– Extinction
Clawfinger ‎– Zeros & Heroes
Clawfinger ‎– Clawfinger
Clawfinger ‎– Hate Yourself With Style
Coal Chamber - Chamber Music
Collision - Roadkiller
Commando FxUxCxKx ‎– Slum Zombie Gore
Composted - Sexual Transmission Simple Slam
Contorted Mind ‎– Tome Of Atrocious Revelation
Cosmoloco ‎– Selection Naturelle
Cosmoloco/Glavio - Split
Crack Up - From The Ground
Cryptic Carnage - And Another Kingdom Was Born
Crystalium - Diktat Omega
Cyclikweetos ‎– Injection C​-​19
Cynerys - Cynerys
Darkane - Expanding Senses
Darken - Arcane XIII
Dawn - Slaughtersun/Crown Of The Triarchy
Dawn Of Relic ‎– Lovecraftian Dark
Dead Infection - Surgical Disembowelment
Dead Remains ‎– Conscious Cremation
Death - Symbolic
Death - Spiritual Healing
Death - Human
Deathcult ‎– Tyrant Of All Tyrants
Deathguy - Legend Of Romancer
Deathstars - Synthetic Generation
Death Of Millions - Frozen
Debase - Unleashed
Decapitated ‎– Organic Hallucinosis
Decline Of Humanity - Corrosive
Deiseal - Relationship Of Hate
Dementia - Answer
Deofel - Aposni Rytual
Depraved ‎– Decadence And Lust
Depressive Age - Lying In Wait
Deranged ‎– High On Blood
Deranged - Rated X
Destinity ‎– Synthetic Existence
deStRoy ‎– Access Denied
Deviant Surgeons - Venomous The Demondome Symphony
Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of Dgeneration
Disbelief ‎– 66Sick
Dismal Euphony - Autumn Leaves
Distress - Close To Heaven
Dirt Clod Fight ‎– Everything That Isn't
Division Alpha - Fazium One
Division Alpha - Palingenesy
Division Alpha - The Dekta Release
Downright Malice - Perpetual Return
Dornfall - Précieux Secret
Dr AIDS ‎– Drive Me To Kill You
Dripping - Desintegration Of Though Patterns During A Synthetic Mind Traveling Bliss
Droys - Ubik
Droys - And If
Druadan Forest - The Loremasters Time
DSK - From Birth
DSK - Opressed/Deformed
Eat Your Make Up - First Dinner
E-Force - Modified Poison
Eldritch - Headquake
Eldritch - El Nino
Eldritch - Neighbourhell
Eldritch - Portrait Of The Abyss Within
Element – Nos Corps Perdus
Elvenpath - Gateways
Elvenpath - 2002
Embolism - And We All Hâte Ourselves
Enoid ‎– Suicide Genocide
Even Song - Of Man's First Disobedience
Even Song - Path Of The Angels
Fatal ‎– Barbarism
Fairlight - Le Bal Des Eternels
Fate - No Sense
Fear Of Eternity - Spirit Of Sorrow
Final Cry - Spellcast
Fistfuck - 23 Songs In The Same Hole
Finnugor - Black Flames
Forgotten Silence - Senyaan
Forgotten Tomb - Love's Burial Ground
Forgotten Tomb - Springtime Depression
Forgotten Tomb - Songs To Leave
Fubar/Sylvester Staline
Flesh Grinder - Libido Corporis
Forlorn ‎– Hybernation
Forteresse - Crépuscule D'Octobre
Forteresse - Les Hivers De Notre Époque
Forteresse - Thèmes Pour La Rébéllion
Forteresse - Métal Noir Québecois
Frontside - Forgive Us Our Sins
Furia - La Source Noire
Furia - A La Quête Du Passé
Furia - Kheros
Furia - Rebirth
Furia - Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang
Garden Of Worm ‎– Idle Stones
Gardens Of Gehenna - Mortem Saluta
Gergovia - Declaration De Guerre
Gergovia - Coulée De Lave
Gholes ‎– Coexistence
Ghord ‎– Underworld In Mourning
Giamon - The Old Buried Memories
Glavio - Crash Test Zombies
Glavio - Anticorps
Glavio - The Serment Of Apocalypse
Glavio - Maniac Cowboy
Glow ‎– Gone, But Never Forgotten
Gorbalrog - Untergang
Goryptic ‎– From Blast To Collapse
Gothic - BCFEA
Grind O Matic - 9 Ways To Use A Meatgrinder
Grind O Matic - Flower Power
Gronibard - Gronibard
GTI - Utopia City
GTI - One Thousand Blasting Words
Handful Of Hate - Qliphothic Supremacy
Hantaoma - Malombra
Hatebreed - The Rise Of Brutality
Hatesphere - Ballet Of The Brute
Headust - Toxiconaut
Hectic Patterns - Random
Hellshock - Ghosts Of The Past
Hertz And Silence - You! Machine
Himinbjorg - Golden Age
Himinbjorg - Europa
Himinbjorg - Haunted Shores/Third
Hrossharsgrani - Schattenkrieger
Hybernoid - The Last Day Begins?
Hypnosis - Hulanoid
Hysteria – Haunted By Words Of Gods
Impaled - Mondo Medicale
Infected Pussy - Gynecrolorgy
Infected Society, Anal Penetration, Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot ‎– Snuff Fetish Infection
Iniquity - Grime
Inner Shrine - Nocturnal Rhymes Entangled In Silence
Inner Thought - Wordly Séparation
Inner Thought - Perspectives
In Somnis - The Memory You've Become
Intakt - Bacite Ih Zverima
Isis - In The Absence Of Truth
Jadallys ‎– Le Silence
Jesus Cröst ‎– 010
Judas Priest ‎– '98 Live Meltdown
Judas Priest ‎– Turbo
Judas Priest - Nostradamus
KA - Gestation
KA - Reborn Again
Kadenzza - Into The Oriental Phantasma
Kaizen - Sink
Kaizen - Supporting Continuai Improvement
Kaizen - Clear The Path
Kevorkia - Elusive
Knuckedust - Unbreakable
Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror
Korpiklaani ‎– Noita
Korpiklaani - Manala
Korpiklaani - Tales Among This Road
Kraal ‎– Mutant
Kristendom - Operator Dead
Kristendom - From Within
Kronos - Colossal Titan Strife
Kruger - Cattle Truck
Lacerate - Soul Of Revenge
Last Days Of Humanity ‎– The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces
Last Days Of Humanity ‎– In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions
Last Days Of Humanity - Putrefaction In Progress
Latrodectus - Altered Flesh
Le Crabe - Mourir Jeune
Leiden - L'aube Spirituelle
Leng'tche - Marasmus
L'Esprit Du Clan ‎– Chapitre III : Corpus Delicti
Lifelover - Pulver
Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis
Lokurha - When The End Comes
Lorde Of All Desires - The Scent Of Malevolence
Lyzanxia - Eden
Luen-ta - Luen-ta
Luen-ta - Ghost Area
Macabre - Murder Metal
Madder Moctem - Mercury
Magistral Flatulences - Le Grindcore C'est Comme Le Sperme
Maggot Bath - Discography
Mahatma - Perseverance
Massive Charge - Silence
Maladaptive - Maladaptive
Malédiction - Esclave Du Vice
Malfas ‎– Ritual To Kingdom Of New Legion
Malmonde ‎– Eva
Manifest Destiny - Within
Manimal - Succube
Manimal - Eros et Thanatos
Manipulator - Voidbound
Marsyas – Lonely Tears
Master Fury - Circles Of Hell
MDU - Trous Du Cul
MDU - Le Retour Du Doigt
MDU - Les Bijoux De La Castafionstormofzenorth
Medium - Blinder
Meggido - Subterranean Empire
Menhir - Buchonia
Mesrine - Unidrntified
Metallica - St Anger
Microsstobare - Lex Talionis
Mind - Save Yourself From Hell
Mind Eclipse - Chaos Chronicles
Mindlink - Desiderata
Miozan - Surrender Denied
Mistaken Élement - Mind Over Matter
Mistaken Élement - Engraved In Memory
Moder – Valley Of No Light
Moonstone – The Second Rune
Morg - Animal Factory
Mortician - Chainsaw Dismemberment
Mortician - Darkest Day Of Horror
Mortician - Mortal Massacre
Monsieur Po - There Was Life
Mucupurulent ‎– Bloodstained Blues
My Dying Bride - A Line Of Deathless Kings
My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun
My Dying Bride - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
Mythopoeia - Golden Leaf Of Oak
Nahbom - Nahbom
Nightshade - Wielding The Scythe
Noctis ‎– Out Of The Shadow Of Legend / Glorious Times
Negative Creeps - In Uterus Rebirth
Nehemah - Requiem Tenebrae
Nehemah - Shadows From The Past
Nehemah - Light Of A Dead Star
Nostromo - Eyesore
Nostromo - Ecce Lex
Nydvind - Eternal Winters Domain
Obituary - Frozen In Time
Olemus - Passionfall
Ominous ‎– Void Of Infinity
Orlag ‎– Sex, Drugs, Mafia
Orloff - Apparitions Among The Graveyard Skies
Otto Von Schirach - Maxipad Detention
Otto Von Schirach - Global Speaker Fisting
Outcast – Awaken The Reason
Outcast - First Call/Last Warning
Outside Now ! ‎– A Navel ? What Navel ?
Overkill - Horrorscope
Overkill - The Years Of Decay
Overstep - Karrig An Ankou
Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick
Pantera ‎– Original Album Series (5 cds en pochette cartonnée)
Pantheist - Amartia
Pathos - Katharsis
Penumbra - Era 4.0
Perfecitizen ‎– Humanipulation
Perfecitizen - Through
Perpetual Demise - Arctic
Phyllomedusa - Fijian Fantasies
PHOBOS ‎– Phlogiston Catharsis
PHOBOS - Anoedipal
PHOBOS - Tectonics
Phragments ‎– Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood
Pist.on ‎– Sell Out
Pitbull In The Nursery - Lunatic
Platitude - Secrets Of Life
Profane ‎– Pain
Prong - Beg To Differ
Prong - Cleansing
Psoriasis - Illegal Surgery
Pulmonary Fribrosis/Barbapapa Butchery/Meningococcemia Fécal - Split
Rain - Natural Order
Rajalla - Diktaattori
Raunchy ‎– Wasteland Discotheque
Remorse - Remorse
Right 4 Life - Off The Beaten Track
Riktus - Degeneration
Riphead / Drogheda ‎– Land Of Hate / Violencia
ROT - Cruel Face Of Life
Running Guts/Mindflair - Split
Rythm Of Destruction - A Sun Revolution
Sacrificium ‎– Cold Black Piece Of Flesh
Sacriversum ‎– Soteria
Sadist - Tribe
Saints Everlasting Rest - The Dusk Of Millennium
Sale Freux - Trouvère A Heures Perdues
Sanatorium ‎– Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones
Sarkazein ‎– Préliminaires
Scarlean ‎– Ghost
Scarve - Irradiant
Sebum Excess Production / Kyst / Tumbero - Split
Sedative - Lobocaine
Serotonal - The Futility Of Trying To Avoid The Unavoidable
Sezarbil ‎– The Unknown Empire
Shadowland ‎– Fürstin Der Nacht
Shitfuckingshit, Dr AIDS, Thought Reform ‎– Aids Infected Shit
Shoemaker Levy 9 - Pantheon
Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed
Siculicidium - Utolso Vagta Az Univerzumban
Sidilarsen ‎– Eau
Sikh - Sikh
Sincronisity - Winters Of Despair
Sinergy - Beware The Heavens
Sinergy - Suicide By My Side
Sisthema ‎– The Fourth Discontinuity
Six Magics ‎– The Secrets Of An Island
Skeleton Crew - Shining Blood
Skeleton Crew - Unmuted System
Soilwork - Figure Number Five
Soulquake - Angry By Nature Ugly By Choice
Smallpox Aroma - Collection Of Vivisection
Spiritual Dissection ‎– The Dark Side Of Mankind
Srodek ‎– Förfall
Static-X - Machine
Static-X - Shadow Zone
Steve Moore ‎– STEBMO
Sthygma - Khalimaa
Sthygma - Sthygma
Stormlord - At The Gates Of Utopia
Stormlord - The Gorgon Cult
Striborg ‎– Spiritual Catharsis
Suffer – No Fuck'n Problem
Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids
Swallow The Sun - Hope
Tabitacomungou, P.R.O.S.T.I.T.U.T.A., Vaginal Destop, Dégueul'Heads ‎– The Sold-Out A.G.M. Grind Kings Vol.1
Tales Of Darknord ‎– Endless Sunfall
Taliangorogd - The Parting
Tankard ‎– The Meaning Of Life
Tankard - The Beauty And The Beer
Tannöd / Rauhnåcht / Hanternoz ‎– Spukgeschichten - Anciennes Légendes Des Alpes
Temple Of Worms - Rites Of Putrefaction
Testament - The Ritual
Thalia – Reign Of Philosophy
The Arrs - Khronos
The Arrs - Dans La Chair Et Par Le Sang
The County Medical Examiners - Olidous Operettas
The Dark Prison Massacre - Deformity Of Human Consciousness
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine
The Exploited - Fuck The System
The Haunted - One Kill Wonder
The Haunted - The Dead Eye
The Howling Void - Nightfall
The Juliet Massacre - Pray For An Afterlife
The Quiescent ‎– Silent Painted Hate
The Senseless - In The Realm Of The Senseless
The Senseless - Thé Floating World
The Senseless - The Buried Life
The Sun Of Weakness - Trompe L'oeil
The Vision Bleak - The Deathship Has A New Captain
Theory In Practice - Colonizing The Sun
Thundra ‎– Blood Of Your Soul
Total Fucking Destruction - Compact Disc Version 1
To The Point - Songs That Come To Mind When Thinking Of You
Torment - Where Dwells A Mortal Torment
Tortharry ‎– When The Memories Are Free ... 20 Years After
Toumaï ‎– Sapiens Demens
Tragedy - Nerve Damage
Tri[balles] ‎– Le Choc Des Viandes
Tripod – Lèche
Ufych Sormeer - Crazy Mac
Ulceration - Submerged In Gluttony
Ultraphallus - Lungville
Unanimated ‎– Ancient God Of Evil
Uncolored Wishes ‎– World Under Control
Undercover Slut ‎– Communism Is Fascism
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered And Covered
Useless Concept ‎– Somewhere Else
Valar - Magic And Wyrmfire
Valgrind - Seal Of Phobos
Vampiria - Among Mortals
Violent Misery / Blatte / Cipotok / Subarachnoid Separation ‎– Split
Vomiting Shit - Vomitathology
Von Sirius ‎– The Mystical Doktryn Of Spiritual Accomplishment
Vox Interium - Yearing
VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC ‎– Austrian Dukes of Derangement
Walking Kills The Dream - Standing In The Shadows Of Yesterday
Warpath - Kill Your Enemy
Welkin - Angel Inside
Wicked Innocence - Worship
With Passion ‎– In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil
Who Dies In Siberian Slush - Bitterness Of Thé Years That Are Lost
Woods Of Belial - Deimos XIII
Woods Of Ypres - Woods 4 The Green Album
Wormfood - France
Xeohl - Un Genre De Noir
Xicon ‎– Theogony
Xtrunk ‎– Not In Vain
Yacøpsæ ‎– Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...
Yattai / Insulto / Bordel Sonore - Split
Zoltar - Into The Dephts To Burn


12 Noisecore Bands For Your Birthday - Split Underground Pollution Records
50 Ways To Kill Me - 50 More Ways To Die For Satan
Active Stenosis - Succumbed To Infection
Agression Sonore/Bong Éjaculation - Split
Anal Colic/50 Ways To Kill Me/Écoute La Merde - L'Auto Érotisme Pur
Anal Massaker/Sauerkraut - Split
Anthropolatri – Возрадуйся, Земля!
Armed Death - Ancient Soul
Ataraxy/Inanition - Split
Banane Metalik ‎– Sanglantes Confessions
Bathoven ‎– Power
Breakfast On Jupiter/Shitnoise Bastards - Legalize Noisecore
Cacasonica/Slaughtergrave - Split
Camos ‎– Black Metal Night
Cannabies - Green And Noxious
Cannabies - Sativa Syn
Carmina/Améthyste/Atrophy/Darklord - Obscure Infinity
Château Noir ‎– The Victorious Flame
Dearly Beheaded - Temptation
Deche Charge/Glaire Chazal - Split
Diktat - Diktat
Drastic - Creator Of Feelings
Dysanchely - Songs Of Sorrow
Écoute La Merde/Napalm Noise - Split
Elend - Les Ténèbres Du Dehors
Enterococcaceae/Grinder Bueno - Split
Esphares ‎– Veritas Liberabit Vos / Par Delà Le Fleuve De La Mort...
Frank Sinathrash / Matka Teresa ‎– Split Live K7
Frankensperm/Mucus - En Folie
Gaystapo - Support Your Local Gaystapo
Gaystapo - Back To Speak The Truth
Ghor - Estomac
Great Sorrow - Dreams... Solitude, Silence
H418ov21.c / White Noise - Split
Hangeg In The Crypt - Horror Vacui
Hell Poemer / Eternal Darkness ‎– ...Crossing The Ancient Path Of Molossian Tribes
Khors - The Flame's Of Eternity
Khors - Cold Ways
Herjan ‎– France Oubliée...
Horrid - You Are Mine
Incinerator/Vacarme/Lethal/Recreation - The Cocoon Of Asphyx
Frozen Scars ‎– Ancient Slaves
Lechia ‎– Akt Woli
Maras ‎– Raskol
Menso Noise ‎– Many Many Drinks
Menso Noise ‎– Los Brillantes De Ccarhuayo Canta
Mental Hygiène Terrorism Orchestra - Mental Hygiène Terrorism Orchestra
Mermaid – Success?
Mitch Buchannon/Roger Moore - Split
Monkey Punch/Holiday Suckers - Split
Monkey Punch/Shitnoise Bastards - Split
Morgain - Sad Memories Of Fairies
Nasty Face/Fetal Deformity - Split
Nasty Face / De Blenders / Ocular Leech Infestation / Post Natal Drip ‎– Hideous Musical Ineptitude
Nasty Face/Buffet Froid/Goût/Acid Shower - Cretinous Swirling Idiocy
Necropsy - With Pathologicum
Organ Grinder - Les Maîtres De L'Univers
Orloff - Swamp Of The Ravens
Pagapu ‎– Arte, Magia Y Sangre
Penis Enlargement/50 Ways To Kill Me - Split
Phlegethon - Neutral Forest
Phyllomedusa - Shovelhead
Powertrip - Slugged
Pulmonary Fibrosis/Ptoma - Split
Radon Trench - Hanged Deserter
Ruma - Les Bûchers Du Solstice
SCALP - Through Eternity
Serpents Anus ‎– Mo
Sete Star Sept/Local Fruits - Split
Sewage Cocktail - Delicious Appetizer
Shitnoise Bastards ‎– Don't Give Up To Listen To Noisecore
SMG/Bestial Vomit - Split
Takashi Ohkawa/Jeffrey Dahmer - In Grind We Harsh
Tales Of Darknord ‎– Endless Sunfall
Teleport - Stellar Damnation/Galactic Usurper
T.H.C. – Neder-Death !
The People's Noise Project - The People's Tape
UHL - Velchans
Understory - Understory
Urostar - More Money For Sciences!
Voin Grim ‎– Mysteries That Thy Old Trees Keep.. Timeless
Voin Grin - Immerse Into Nocturnal Splendour
Volkolun ‎– Only Trees Remember Centuries
Welldonedumboyz ‎– Magnetic Hippie Vol.1
Welldonedumboyz ‎– Magnetic Hippie Vol.2
Welldonedumboyz ‎– Magnetic Hippie Vol.3
Waterfall - Vita Vigilia Est
Wiolence Conjugale - La K7 Que Washington Recherche
Wiolence Conjugale/Junior Makhno - Unholy Throne Of The Zombie
Wistful - Autumn Dance


Charogne Stone - La Main De L'Ange
CSMD / Crack - Split
CSMD/New York Against The Belzebu - Nuclear Crusaders
CSMD / Intumescence/Deche-Charge (cd-r officiel compilation des 2 splits)
Graveplague - The Infected Crypts
Horros ‎– Horros
Schtern - Nuisible
Total Fucking Destruction/Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Split
Travolta/Gewoon Fucking Raggen - Split
Xaros - Not My Scene


Charogne Stone - Basic Core Instinct
Moolbeat - Moolbeat
Overkill - Taking Over
Schtern - Schtern
Sete Star Sept / Seven Minutes Of Nausea ‎– Split LP
Tragedy - Tragedy
Tragedy - Vengeance
Trrmà ‎– Trrmà
Ward - Ward


Hellfest open air 2006
My Trade/Sale Thread

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