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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 3:19 pm 

On the look-out for the items listed. Happy to pay a fair price without being a ridiculous eBay amount. Located in UK.

* = One's I'm interested in the most from wantlist and trade only from trade/sale list.

Trade/sale list
Abyssal - Denouement (M/NM)
Ascension - Deathless Light ‎(M/NM)
*Behexen - The Poisonous Path ‎(Ltd edition, 115 Copies, M/NM)
Blut Aus Nord / P.H.O.B.O.S. ‎– Triunity (NM/NM)
*Carpenter Brut - Trilogy (3rd Press, Red, M/NM)
*Clandestine Blaze / Satanic Warmaster - Untitled (NM/NM)
Drudkh / Paysage D'Hiver - Десь Блукає Журба (Somewhere Sadness Wanders) / Schnee [IV] ‎(White, NM/VG)
Fides Inversa - Mysterium Tremendum Et Fascinans (M/NM)
Moonsorrow - Suden Uni ‎(1st Press, NM/NM)
Moonsorrow - Voimasta Ja Kunniasta ‎(Grey, NM/NM)
Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet (NM/NM)
Ostots - Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna (NM/NM)
*Paysage d'Hiver ‎- Paysage d'Hiver (Not sealed, NM/VG)
Remete - The Winter Silence ‎(Silver, M/NM)
Saor - Forgotten Paths ‎(Clear, NM/NM)
*Sargeist - Let The Devil In (1st Press, M/NM)
Schammasch - The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite ‎(NM/NM)
Shibalba - Samsara ‎(M/NM)

Belliciste - Sceadugenga ‎(NM/NM)
Cremantur - The Prize of Treason (M/NM)
Old Tower - Spectral Horizons (Tour de Garde) (M/NM)
Oldenhelm - Ruins and Reverence (w/Poster & Metal Pin, M/NM)
Storm of Evil - Sorcerer's Blood (M/NM)
Witchmoon - Vampyric Curse (1st Press, M/NM)

Forteresse / Chasse-Galerie / Monarque / Csejthe - Légendes
Forteresse / Chasse-Galerie / Monarque / Csejthe - Légendes ‎(Grey)
*Ostots ‎– Ahuntzen Altarie
Ostots - Ahuntzen Altarie ‎(Blue)
*Owl's Blood - Eerie Watercolors
Ultra Silvam - Ultra Silvam

LP 12"
Absurd - Blutgericht
Acherontas - Amenti - Ψαλμοί Αίματος Kαι Αστρικά Οράματα ‎(Red)
Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit (Blue)
Angantyr - Forvist ‎(Gold)
Angantyr - Hævn (Gold)
Angantyr - Svig (Gold)
Aosoth - III (1st Press)
*Aosoth - IV Arrow in Heart (Blue)
Autarcie ‎- Groupuscule
Autarcie - Seqvania ‎(Clear)
Baise Ma Hache - Bréviaire du Chaos
Baise Ma Hache - Le Grand Suicide
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars (1st Press)
Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God (Blue)
Branikald - The Mead of Misanthropy
*Celestial Bloodshed - Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed
Clandestine Blaze - Harmony of Struggle
Drudkh - Autumn Aurora ‎(1st press)
Eastern Front ‎– Descent into Genocide
Evilfeast - Elegies of the Stellar Wind ‎(1st press)
Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs
*Hammer - Shoax
Inferno - Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness ‎(Orange)
Inquisition - Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan ‎(1st Press, Splatter)
*Kaosritual - Svøpt Morgenrød
Kroda ‎– Cry to Me, River... ‎(Numbered)
*Kult ofenzivy - Symfonie Oceli ‎(Numbered)
Kult ofenzivy - Radikální Ateismus - Tvůrcům Nadčlověka
Lunar Aurora / Paysage D'Hiver - A Haudiga Fluag / Schwarzä Feus & Schwarzäs Isä (Numbered, Splatter)
Lunar Aurora / Paysage D'Hiver - A Haudiga Fluag / Schwarzä Feus & Schwarzäs Isä (Splatter)
Moonblood - The Winter Falls over the Land
Negură Bunget - 'n Crugu Bradului (Those Opposed Records)
Nokturnal Mortum - Істина (Orange)
Odal - ...Wilde Kraft
Odal - Sturmes Brut ‎(Numbered)
Osculum Infame - Dor-Nu-Fauglith
*Owl's Blood - Lunar Equilibrium
Pale Chalice - Negate the Infinite and Miraculous
Peste Noire - La sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence
Peste Noire - Folkfuck Folie
Peste Noire - Lorraine Rehearsal
Sargeist - Satanic Black Devotion ‎(1st Press, Numbered)
Sargeist - Disciple of the Heinous Path ‎(1st Press)
Schammasch ‎– Contradiction (1st Press, White)
Seigneur Voland ‎– Consumatum Est
*Sentimen Beltza - Iltzeak
Triumph, Genus - Všehorovnost Je Porážkou Převyšujících
Triumphator - Wings of Antichrist
Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All (Red)
Woods of Desolation - Sorh (Amber)
Xibalba - Ah Dzam Poop Ek

Barshasketh - As Flesh Becomes Earth
Barshasketh - Barshasketh
*Cer - Void Emissions
Himelvaruwe - Gewrocht
Himelvaruwe - CCIII
*Kaffaljidhma - I
*Kaffaljidhma - II
Kaffaljidhma - IV
Kaosritual - Svøpt Morgenrød
Mal Du Siècle - Dark Ceremonies Under a Cursed Moon
Moonsorrow - Tämä Ikuinen Talvi ‎(Cass, Ltd) - 1999 (Studio version)
*Owl's Blood - Eerie Watercolors
*Owl's Blood - Lunar Equilibrium
*Paysage d'Hiver - ‎Schattengang
*Paysage d'Hiver - Die Festung
*Paysage d'Hiver - Kerker
*Paysage d'Hiver - Paysage d'Hiver
*Paysage d'Hiver - Kristall & Isa
*Paysage d'Hiver - Winterkalte
*Pestnacht - Nosophoros, of Blackness and Misanthropy
Ravenzang - Ravenzang
Sentimen Beltza - Atatxa
Sputum Lunae - Quo Usque Tandem Abutere Patientia Nostra?
Strigae ‎– Into the Void of Everything
*Toorvond - Demo ‎(Numbered)
*Veltgensgraef - Van De Stichtse Bergen Tot Aan De Hoogte Van Gelderland ‎
Vestibulum Vacuüi - Gezalfd In Gal
*Vestibulum Vacuüi / Kaffaljidhma - Vestibulum Vacuüi / Kaffaljidhma
Woods of Desolation - Woods of Desolation
Woods of Desolation - ...of An Undying Cold

Evilfeast - "Lost Horizons of Wisdom" (Ancient Dead, TS/LS, M)
Evilfeast - "Funeral Sorcery" (Ancient Dead, TS, M)
Kaffaljidhma - "IV" (The Throat, TS, M)

Morbid Abominations, Issue #1 & #2
Satan's Sadist, Issue #1 #4 & #88
Zazen Sounds, Issue #1

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:17 am 

Trade only with your wants?
"We Are plenty of Blackness, We Are Damned, We Are Black Metal!"

TRADE LIST: viewtopic.php?p=953460#p953460
WANT LIST: viewtopic.php?p=2545473#p2545473

Metal newbie

Joined: Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:25 am
Posts: 206
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:50 pm 


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