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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 10:07 am 

Lots of stuff for trade - looking for death/doom/thrash metal only in return. I dont have a particular wants list, so just hit me up with what you have and I'll consider. All this is currently listed on eBay, but happy to end listings for good trade deals.

Blodsrit / Hinterland (Unexploded Records)
Blodsrit / Ocularis Internum (Oaken Shield)
Blodsrit / Supreme Misanthropy (Oaken Shield)
Drowning The Light ‎/ A World Long Dead (GoatowaRex 1st Press)
Drowning The Light ‎/ Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride (Slava Satan Records 1st Press)
Drowning The Light ‎/ The Fallen Years (2 CD) (GoatowaRex 1st Press)
Eldrig / Kali (Supernal Music)
Eternity / And The Gruesome Returns With Every Night (W.T.C)
Eternity / Funeral Mass (Avantgarde Music)
Fear of Eternity / 4 Albums ('Toward the Castle', 'Ancient Symbolism', 'Spirit of Sorrow' and 'Funeral Mass')
Goatfire ‎/ Sacrophobic Initiation (Total Holocaust Recor.ds)
Goetia / Wolfthorn EP (Mordgrimm Records)
Gontyna Kry / Arystokracja Ducha ‎(EASTSIDE RECORDS)‎
Graven / Of Misanthropic Spirit (Self Released Demo CD-r)
Graven / Perished and Forgotten (Undercover Records)
Gravferd ‎/ Demonized (Northern Silence Productions)
Kroda ‎/ Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf CD & DVD (Digipak)
Legion of Doom / For Those Of The Blood (ISO666 Records)
Lucifugum / Gates of Nocticala (Oskorei Music)
Lucifugum / Stigma Egoism (Drakkar Productions)
Mael Mórdha ‎– Cluain Tarḃ (Grau)
Metsatöll / Hiiekoda (Nailboard/Hyper Records)
Morta Skuld / For All Eternity (ORG FIRST PRESS PEACEVILLE)
Peordh / An Obscure Forgotten Path (Blackmetal.com Records)
Pest / Ad Se Ipsum (Fog of the Apocalypse)
Pest / Ära (FMP Full Moon Productions)
Pest / Vado Mori (Ketzer Records)
Raven Dark / Autumn Roar (Stellar Winter Productions)
Raven Dark / Verdandi / Berustet Av Kriegsdronnet (Grievantee Productions)
Sad / Sapthuran - Black Winter of Desolation Split CD
Skoll / 11 Years Of Mist (Ewiges Eis Recs)
Skyforger ‎– Kauja Pie Saules (CD Maximum)
Sombre Chemin / Ornaments of Sin - Durch Ruinen Und Düste...
Temnozor / Haunted Dreamscapes (EASTSIDE RECS) Урочища Снов
Vediog Svaor / In The Distance (Paragon Recs)
Veil / Dolor (Stellar Winter Productions)
Veil / Sombre (Stellar Winter Productions)
Vinterriket ‎/ Gebirgshöhenstille (Displeased Records)
Vinterriket ‎/ Lichtschleier (Displeased Records)
Vinterriket ‎/ Retrospektive (Nordsturm Productions)
Vinterriket ‎/ Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes (Disorder)
Vinterriket ‎/ Winterschatten (Flood The Earth Records)
Virgin Black / Sombre Romantic (Massacre Records)
Volkolak / Dark Shine of Scales (OTHAL PROD.) Волколак
Volkolak / Hail To The God Of The Sun (BLAZING PROD.)
Warlust / Trench War (Regimental Records/Ltd to 1,000)
Wolfsmond ‎/ Des Düsterwaldes Reigen (Nebelfee Klangwerke)
Wolfsmond ‎/ III (W.T.C Records)
Wolfsmond ‎/ Tollwut (Digipak) (W.T.C Records)
Woods of Infinity / F&L (Total Holocaust Records 1st Press)
Woods of Infinity / Förlåt (Digipak Obscure Abhorrence 1st Press)
Woods of Infinity / Hamptjärn (Supernal Music 1st Press)
Woods of Infinity / Hejdå (Total Holocaust Records 1st Press)
Woods of Infinity / Hopplös Väntan (Supernal Music 1st Press)
Woods of Infinity / Ljuset (Total Holocaust Records 1st Press)
Wulfhere ‎/ Wer Rastet, Der Roste (Condemned Records/Desastrious)

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