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Joined: Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:04 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:20 pm 


This is my actual tradelist. Most of CDs (as well as LPs) are mint/near mint. 90% of digipack CDs are still sealed in foil.
Regarding trade deals... CDs for CDs and LPs for LPs.
I have no particular wantlist but I'm mostly after old (2nd wave) of Black Metal & Death, Doom Metal from early 90ies.
I can offer multiple items for some old and valuable CDs/LPs but your items must be at least in NM/VG+ condition.
Anyway, you can offer some recent releases too but I expect only perfect conditions of these items.
I am located in Europe (Slovakia) and have tons of positive references....

ABOVE AURORA (Pol) - Path to Ruin [digipack]
ABOVE AURORA (Pol) - Onwards Desolation
AEON WINDS (Svk) - On the Way to Oblivion
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM (Por) - Immortalis Factus
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM (Por) - Ars Longa, Vita Brevis...
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM (Por) - Ahbra Khadabra
ANTIVERSUM (Swi) - Total Vacuum [digipack]
ANUURUK (Che) - Unspeakable Uncreation
ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION (Spa) - Cursed Blood Of Doom
ARKHTINN (Int.) - 最初の災害 [digipack]
ARKHTINN (Int.) - IIIIII [double CD digipack]
ARKHTINN (Int.) - IVVVI [double CD digipack]
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ (Swe) - Spirituell Dödsdyrkan
BALWEZO WESTIJIZ (Swe) - Urkraftens Mystik
BARATHRUM (Fin) - Infernal [Kvlt re-release]
BEHERIT (Fin) - Engram
BEHERIT (Fin) - At The Devil's Studio 1990
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ (Swe) - Dauthuz
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ (Swe) - De Dunklas Återkomst
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ (Swe) - De Forna Sederna
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ (Swe) - De Glömdas Ursjälar
BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ (Swe) - De Svarta Riterna
BEASTIALITY (Swe) - Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions
BLACK CILICE (Por) - Banished From Time
BLOOD TYRANT (Hol) - Night Of Blood Moon
BLOOD STRONGHOLD (Pol) - Vengeance in sacrificial blood [digipack]
BURZUM (Nor) - Aske (Italian Bootleg from 2018. It's profi CD-R not pressed CD!!!)
CARNAGE (Swe) - Live Stockholm Sweden 4.11.1989
CELESTIA (Fra) - Retrospectra [Slipcase CD including 16p booklet]
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) - New Golgotha Rising
CULT OF FIRE (Cze) - Triumvirát [CD cover is a replica of the original vinyl gatefold]
DEATH LIKE MASS - Jak Zabija Diabel
DEMIGOD / NECROPSY (Fin) - Unholy Domain [bootleg]
DEUS MORTEM - Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead
DEUS MORTEM (Pol) - Emanations of the Black Light
DEVIL'S EMISSARY (Pol) - Evangelic Decimation
DÖDGALDR (Swe) - Ruined And Forgotten
DREADFUL RELIC (Gre) - Hyborian Sorcery
EREBUS ENTHRONED (Aus) - Night's Black Angel
EXCRUCIATE / EPITAPH (Swe) - Split [bootleg]
FURIA (Pol) - Nocel [jewelcase with 16 page booklet]
FURIA (Pol) - Martwa Polska Jesien [digipack]
GOATCRAFT (Svk) - όλεθρος
GRUDOM (Den) - De Tavse Kvad [digipack]
GRUDOM (Den) - Dødens Likvid [digipack]
GRUDOM (Den) - Fjølkyngi [digipack]
GRUDOM (Den) - Troldviser I Granskygge [digipack]
HÆTHEN (Usa) - Shaped By Aeolian Winds
HÄXENZIJRKELL (Ger) - ...Von Glut und Wirbelrauch [digipack]
ISKANDR (Net) - Heilig Land [digipack]
ISKANDR (Net) - Zon [digipack]
KONFLICT (Sri L.) / R.O.T.U.G.F. (Japan) - Conflict is Control/Poisonous Gas Thrower of Jigoku
KRIEGSMASCHINE (Pol) - Enemy of Man [digipack]
KROLOK (Svk) - Flying Above Ancient Ruins [digipack re-release]
LITHOTOME (Usa) - Lithotome
MALOKARPATAN (Svk) - Nordkarpatenland
MGLA (Pol) - Presence
MISTY GREY (Spa) - The Third Man
MISÞYRMING (Ice) - Söngvar elds og óreiðu [repress 2017, Digipack CD]
MORBID HOLOCAUST (Che) - Atmospheric Armageddon
MUTIILATION (Fra) - Black Millenium (Drakkar press)
MÛSPELLZHEIMR (Den) - Nidhöggr
MYLING (Swe) - Sotpuke [noble A5 digibook]
MYSTIK (Swe) - Skalder Från Urskogens Dunkla Mystik
NAHTRUNAR (Aut) - Existenz [digipack]
ONIRICOUS (Spa) - La Caverna De Fuego
ORDINANCE (Fin) - Relinquishment [digipack]
OVER THE VOIDS (Pol) - Over the Voids [digipack]
POSSESSION (Bel) - His Best Deceit
PTAHIL (Usa) - PanDaemonAeon
ROOT (Cze) - Hell Symphony [digipack reissue incl.5 live tracks]
ROOT (Cze) - Kärgeräs & Hell Symphony [Double CD]
SATANIC WARMASTER (Fin) - Fimbulwinter [firstpress]
SHADOWS GROUND (Ukr) - Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons
SIASKEL (Chile) - Haruwen Airen [digipack]
SONS OF SERPENT (Pol) - Primeval Ones [digipack]
SUMMUM (Swe) - Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domine
TALASHAR (Usa) - Secrets of the Astral Art
TERRORIZER / NAUSEA (Usa) - Split [bootleg]
THE VAULT (Can) - Transfiguration
THY SERPENT (Fin) - Forests of Witchery [re-release from 2015]
T.O.M.B (Uk) - Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy
TUNDRA (Ita) - Primordial
TYMAH (Hun) - Zuhanás
UNHOLY KILL (Cze) - Znameni Hori
URKAOS (Swe) - Rehearsal XI
V/A ANCIENT RECORDS (Swe) - Demo Compilation vol. II
V/A DESERT DANCES & SERPENT SERMONS (Usa) - Compilation [Volahn, Shataan, Arizmenda, Kallathon-Digipack CD]
VLAD TEPES (Fra) - Anthologie Noire [double CD]
VLAD TEPES (Fra) - War Funeral March
VOLAHN (Usa) - Aq'ab'al [digipack]
WEDRUJACY WIATR (Pol) - Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt [2nd press]
WEREWOLF (Pol) - The Legions of TTF [double CD]
WOLFNACHT (Gre) - Dawn Of Heathens / Zeit Der Cherusker [digipack ltd.to 700]
YOHUALLI (Usa) - Yohualli

12"Vinyls :
ACRIMONIOUS (Gre) - Purulence
AGHAST - Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis [picture LP - ORDO MCM]
AMAGUQ (Can) - Occult Rituals of Anthropophagous Worship
ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION (Spa) - Cursed Blood Of Doom
AZAGHAL (Fin) - Perkeleen Luoma / Kyy - 12"DLP
BAPTISM (Fin) - The Beherial Midnight
BARSHASKETH / OUTRE (Nzl/Pol) - Sein / Zeit
BESTIAL RAIDS (Pol) - Master Satan's Witchery
BIG BOSS (Cze) - Belial´s Wind
BLACK CILICE (Por) - Banished from Time [Solid Yellow Vinyl]
BLACK CILICE (Por) - Mysteries [Swamp Green Vinyl]
BLACK CILICE (Por) - A Corpse, A Temple [Swamp Green Vinyl]
BLOOD RED FOG (Fin) - Harvest
BÖLZER (Swi) - Soma
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) - Deliverers of Faith
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) - Church of Atrocity
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) - Fist of the northern destroyer
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) - Night of the unholy flames
COUNTESS (Nld) - The gospel of the horned one
CULT OF FIRE (Cze) - Triumvirát
DEAD CAN DANCE (Aus) - Arabian Gothic [Bootleg LP. Live Radio Broadcast Musikhalle Hamburg 1990]
DEMONOMANTIC (Swe) - Grail of Deformed Evilness
DEMONOMANTIC (Swe) - Blessed in Eternal Cruelty [2nd press]
DEVERILLS NEXION (Uk) - The Sinister Tarot
DEVOURING STAR (Fin) - Through Lung And Heart
DIOCLETIAN (Nzl) - Annihilation Rituals - 12"DLP
DODHEIMSGARD (Nor) - Monumental Possession [Bootleg LP imported from The Netherlands. Quality is ok but not great. No lyrics sheet included.]
DÖDFÖDD (Swe) - Demo 10 - 12"DLP
DRAWN INTO DESCENT (Bel) - Drawn Into Descent
EMPTY (Spa) - Eternal Cycle of Decay
ESOTERICA (Usa) - Aseity
GOAT TORMENT (Bel) - Sermons to Death
GOATLORD (Usa) - The Last Sodomy of Mary
GORGOROTH (Nor) - Antichrist [Rare Agonia Rec. release from 2005]
GORGOROTH (Nor) - Under the Sign of Hell [Rare Agonia Rec. release from 2005]
GRAVEYARD (Spa) - Into The Mausoleum
GRAVEYARD (Spa) - One With The Dead
GRAVEYARD (Spa) - The Sea Grave
HATESPAWN (Ger) - Abyssic Conquerors
HELLRIPPER (Uk) - Coagulating Darkness
HORRIFIED (Gre) Eternal God [Floga Records re-release]
IFRINN (Uk) - Ifrinn
IRAE (Por) - Crimes Against Humanity
KADOTUS (Fin) - Vaienneet Temppeli
LORD OF PAGATHORN (Fin) - Msilihporcen
LVTHN (Bel) - The Spider Goddess
MANIAC BUTCHER (Cze) - Lucan-Antikrist [Excellent re-release on noble 180g vinyl]
MANIAC BUTCHER (Cze) - Krvestreb [Excellent re-release on noble 180g vinyl]
MERCYFUL FATE (Den) - Mercyful Fate [Picture LP bootleg from 2013. Limited to handnumbered 300 copies]
MGLA (Pol) - Presence / Power and Will
MONSTRAAT (Swe) - Monstraat
MORDGRUND (Ger) - Omnia Intereunt [Limited and handnumbered to 99 copies]
NAHASH (Ltu) - Wellone Aeternitas
NEVOA (Por) - The Absence Of Void
NORDWIND / O.O.T.W.H. (Can/Fin) - Victory Monument Of Death
OFERMOD (Swe) - Mystérion Tés Anomias
ORGY OF CARRION (Usa) - Obscured Ceremonies Under Hell Moon
ROOT (Cze) - Kargeras
RUNESPELL (Aus) - Unhallowed Blood Oath
SAQRA'S CULT (Bel) - Forgotten Rites
SACROCURSE (Usa) - Unholier Master
SATANIZE (Por) - Apocalyptic Impious Command
SCALARE (Ger) - At the Edge of Darkness
SHATAAN (Usa) - Weigh Of The Wolf
SLAEGT (Den) - Beautiful and Damned Gatefold
SORCIER DES GLACES (Can) - Moonrise In Total Darkness
STRIX (Ita) - Taetra Opera Carnis
TERRA CAPUT MUNDI (Usa) - Lost In The Warp
THOU ART LORD (Gre) - The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer
TSJUDER (Nor) - Kill For Satan [Drakkar Productions]
TSJUDER (Nor) - Kill For Satan [2016 re-release on red LP limited to 350 copies! Season Of Mist press]
V/A - WARFARE NOISE (Bra) - 12"DLP - Or lost tapes of Cogumelo. Great 4 way split with Chakal, Sarcofago, Mutilator, Holocausto.
WARLOGHE (Fin) - The First Possession
WITCH CROSS (Den) - Axe To Grind

7"EP Vinyls :
BAEL (Fra) - Neant
CIRITH GORGOR (Hol) - Through Woods of Darkness and Evil
DREADFUL RELIC (Gre) - Combat Alchemist
GHASTLY (Fin) - Serpentine Union
NECROSTRIGIS (Pol) - Sinister Fire's Rituals
THE ASCENDANT (Swe) - The Spiritual Death

I've got also this title for trade/sale, but I'll give it away only as the whole bundle:
REVERORUM IB MALACHT - De Mysteriis Dom Christi [CD]
REVERORUM IB MALACHT - De Mysteriis Dom Christi [LP]

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Joined: Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:04 pm
Posts: 596
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:30 am 

Gone ...

KADOTUS (Fin) - Seven Glorifications of Evil
MUTIILATION (Fra) - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (Drakkar press)
DESASTER (Ger) - Stormbringer - 12"DLP
MANES (Nor) - Under Ein Blodraud Maane [2011 re-issue with alternate cover]


Joined: Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:04 pm
Posts: 596
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 2:47 am 

Added three cds:
Thy Kingdom Ablaze / Pestilentia / Rite Of Darkness ‎– Tenebrious Triumvirate
Pestilentia - Rotten
Wolfnacht - Dawn Of Heathens / Zeit Der Cherusker


Joined: Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:04 pm
Posts: 596
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:54 am 

Few LPs and CDs gone ...

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