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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:42 pm
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Location: France
PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:42 pm 

(drama) Zastor Tišine Sludge Doom Metal CD
9MW Nine Million Witches Stoner Rock EP-Digisleeve
A SAD BADA / INSANE / GOETHYA / AURA HIEMIS 4 Ways To Die ! Doom Sludge Metal Split CD
ALEISTER No Way Out Death Thrash Metal Digipack
AMORPHIS Tuonela Progressive Doom Death Metal Digipack
ANGRRSTH Znikąd Black Metal EP-CD
BARREN EARTH Curse Of The Red River Melodic Death Metal CD
BETHLEHEM Dark Metal Black Doom Metal Digipack
BLOODY ALCHEMY Reign Of Apathy Deathcore Digipack
BLUE HOUR GHOSTS Blue Hour Ghosts Progressive Metal Digipack
BOWLING FOR SOUP Girl All The Bad Guys Want Punk Pop Maxi-CD
BRIEG GUERVENO Vel Ma Vin Folk Rock Digisleeve
BUY JUPITER Eclipse Progressive Metalcore Digipack
COFFINBIRTH / GRAVESTONE Demons From The End Of The World Vol II Death Metal Split CD
CRADLE OF FILTH Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Symphonic Black Metal 2CD
DAN DEAGH WEALCAN Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos In Between Experimental Metal CD
DEEP DESOLATION Subliminal Visions Black Doom Metal CD
DELTA TEA The Chessboard Instrumental Progressive Metal Digipack
DRUJ Chants To Irkalla Doom Death Metal CD
DYING EMBRACE Era Of Tribulation Doom Death Metal CD
EBONYLAKE In Swathes of Brooding Light Avantgarde Black Metal CD
ENDIMION Latmus Doom Death Metal Digipack
ENTWINE Time Of Despair Gothic Metal CD
ERUPTIVE / ENGROSSED / VORUS / ROTHEADS Into The Bottomless Pit Death Metal Split CD
EVIL CONQUEROR Nuclear Blasphemy Black Thrash Metal CD
EXOCOSM Spiral Of Decay Progressive Thrash Metal CD
EZEKIEL Equalize It Breakbeat Dub EP-CD
FACE DOWN Soylent Green Southern Thrash Metal Digipack
FACE DOWN The Long Lost Future Southern Metal CD
FROSTKRIEG Majestätic Eines Kalten Elements Black Metal CD
GODISDEAD Just… Die Sludge Black Thrash Metal Digipack
GOLIARD The Darkest Hour Black Metal CD
HATETYLER Vidia Modern Thrash Metal CD
HEAVENWOOD Abyss Masterpiece Doom Gothic Metal CD
HYPOCRISY Hypocrisy Melodic Death Metal Digipack
INFRAVISION This Epileptic Serenity Progressive Death/Thrash Metal CD
INQUISIÇÃO Reborn Heavy/Speed Metal CD
INTER ARMA Sky Burial Sludge Post Black Metal CD
IRA These Are The Arms Indie Rock Digipack
KABUL GOLF CLUB Le Bal Du Rat Mort Mathcore Digipack
KERA Hysteresis Progressive Death Metal Digipack
KERNAOTH The Call From Dark Horizons Symphonic Black Metal CD
KORN Follow The Leader Neo Metal CD
LES Z'EARS Superhero Rock Fusion CD
LITTLE DEAD BERTHA In Memorium Premortis Doom Death Metal CD
LOUD.ANONYMITY Eponym Fusion Metal CD
LYING FIGURES A World Of My Own Doom/Death Metal EP-CD
LYKHAEON Ominous Eradication Of Anguished Souls Black Metal Digipack
MACHINE HEAD The Burning Red Groove Power Metal CD
MACHINERGY Sounds Evolution Thrash Metal CD
MANTICORA Safe Progressive Power Metal CD
MASS HYSTERIA De Cercle En Cercle Fusion Metal Digipack
MEGADETH Countdown To Extinction Heavy Speed Metal CD
METALLICA Reload Heavy Thrash Metal CD
MEVADIO Fresh Kill Daily Melodic Death/Thrash Metal CD
MISERIST Miserist Experimental Black Death Metal EP-Digipack
MNEMOCIDE Feeding The Vultures Groove Death Metal Digipack
MONADS IVIIV Funeral Doom Metal Digipack
MY INSANITY Scattered Soul Puzzle Gothic Rock CD
NINE INCH NAILS Things Falling Apart Industrial EP-CD
NO VALE NADA Demain Emo Post-Hardcore Digipack
OLDD WVRMS Ritae Blackened Sludge Metal CD
ORDER OF 315 Near-Birth Experience Modern Metal CD
ORDOG The Art Of Nihilism Black Metal CD
ORIGIN'HELL Voices From Chaos Thrash Death Metal CD
PANDEMONIUM The Autumn Enigma Progressive Death/Black Metal CD
PIG'S BLOOD A Floch Slaughtered Death Metal CD
POLYNOVE POLE On The Edge Of The Abyss Gothic Death Doom Metal Digipack 2CD
POSTHUMANBIGBANG Jungle Eyes Post-Hardcore Digisleeve
PREZIR As Rats Devour Lions Black Metal CD
PYROMANCER Demo - MMXV Black Death Metal CD
REBIRTH IN FLAMES Lucifer's Cosmogony Black Death Metal Digipack
RED FANG Murder The Mountains Stoner Rock CD
REFLECTION The Fire Still Burns… Epic Heavy Metal CD
REMAINS OF MORPHEUS XXI Paralells Post-Rock Digisleeve
RIOTOR Rusted Throne Death Thrash Metal Digipack
SARG Totentanz Black Metal CD
SAVIOURS Accelerated Living Sludge Metal CD
SCARVE Irradiant Industrial Death Thrash Metal Digipack
SEEDS OF MARY The Blackbird And The Dying Sun Grunge Alternative Rock Digipack
SILENCE OF THE ABYSS Silence Of The Abyss Progressive Groove Death Metal Digipack
SINERGY Suicide By My Side Power Metal CD
SINEW Silenced Hardcore EP-CD
SLAVE ONE Omega Disciples Death Metal Digipack
SOULLESS Agony's Lament Melodic Death/Thrash Metal CD
SOUNDCRAWLER The Dead-End Host Stoner Rock Digipack
SPIDER Z Paryża Glam Hard Rock Digipack
STARLESS DOMAIN EOS Ambiant Black Metal Digipack
SUNNA One Minute Science Nu Metal CD
SURTR Pulvis Et Umbra Doom Metal CD
SWR Why So Serious? Hardcore CD
SYMPTOMEN/PETHALLIAN Men Against Men/Ancient Bloody Europe Heavy Metal Split CD
TAO MENIZOO So Blind Death Thrash Metal CD
THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND Blood For The Bloodking Doom Metal Digipack
THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM The Doomsday Kingdom Doom Metal Digipack
THE DUES Ghosts Of The Past Psychedelic Blues Rock Digipack
THE URGE Too Much Stereo Ska Punk Rock CD
THRONE OF CHAOS Menace And Prayer Melodic Death Metal CD
TIAMAT Wilhoney | Gaia Gothic Metal CD
UNCUT From Blue Stoner Hard Rock Digipack
UNDERTAKERS Live In Brutality Brutal Death Metal / Deathcore CD
UNHOLD Here Is The Blood Sludge Hardcore Metal Digipack
VANUM Realm Of Sacrifice Black Metal Digipack
VARIOUS ARTISTS In The Name Of Satan Compilation CD
VARIOUS ARTISTS Ozzfest - Second Stage Live 2CD
VARIOUS ARTISTS Rock Da Place Rock/Metal CD
VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Circle Compilation Volume 3 Black Metal CD-r
WARFIST Grünberger Thrash Black Metal CD
WARFIST / EXCIDIUM Laws Of Perversion & Filth Black Thrash Death Metal Split CD
WHEELFALL Glasrew Point Industrial Sludge Metal Digipack 2CD
WHO DIES IN SIBERIAN SLUSH Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost Funeral Doom Metal CD
WICKED MYSTIC The Paramount Question Thrash Metal CD
WINK Here Hear Electro CD
WITHDRAWN/DEMENTED Things Change Other Remain Death Metal Split CD
WITHERING SURFACE Force The Pace Melodic Death Metal CD
WIZARD'S BEARD Four Tired Undertakers Sludge/Doom Metal CD
WOLFLUST / PROJECT JIM Introspection Of A Natural Disorder Black Metal / Experimental Death Metal CD

GOOD TRADES WITH : Fromage_Qui_Pue |

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Metal newbie

Joined: Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:42 am
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 4:45 pm 

hey there,
check out my list for a possible trade.

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:42 pm
Posts: 3
Location: France
PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 5:35 pm 

Substantia_Nigrae wrote:
hey there,
check out my list for a possible trade.

Sorry Substantia_Nigrae nothing for me, but don't hesitate to contact me once again if you had new items in your list.
Cheers !

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