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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 7:29 pm 

PM for more details, infos, photos, and my want list.

Good Traders :
Andi Mahl (Tumor), Boezie (grinding madness), Albert luebbing, Tommas svendsen, Jan Svestrup, Chris Reynier, Bob Suren, Fabricio Rocha, Paulo Cazella, Vote Vasko, Dave Hyde, Marcelo (ROT + Absurd Records), Marcel Schilpizan, Tony Pellman, Phillip Smeh, Jean Sylvan, Bill Skoulas, Horst Firmanty, Francisco A Ortega, Armagedom Label, Arnaud daudin, Hauke Sas, Guido Ratti, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Armagedom Label, Jiri Barvak, Tom (power it up), Jan agx, Obliteration Records, Emetic Records, Sandro Gesser, Crimes against humanity Records, Flat Earth Records, Six Weeks Records, Paul Synhanvsy, Carsten Sommer, Redrum Records, Razorback Records, Vulgar Records, Dr strange Records, Chris Johnson, Mikeal Vancleave, Henke Liljegren, Charlie Infection, Bob barreda, Grindmind Records, Robotic Records, NFL Records, PFC Records, Scott Bentz, Eric Calbow, Harris Greenwood, Jennifer Records, Neven Fitnic, Erik Ahlberg, Josh Britton, Michael Harrison, Max Gutfeld, Matt (ecocentric Records), Vien To, Brian Skell, Alandre marron, Joseph di Porto, Lionel Touze, Taku/Nat Records, Pukenvomit Records, Gonzalo Valle, Antonis Ginnakakis, Jonathan Dixon, Annie E-Cameron, Hohnie Records, Tino karnath, Marc Lueten (BOD Records), Yumikes (MCR company), Roland (Black Flash Records), Carlos Marreiros, Mario (Rock Lion Records), Mauricio Mazo d ´affonseca (noise band), Mat Munchsmeier, Mike Scheined, John Williams, Jim (Size Records), Henke Smit, The Records (Brazilian Shop), Terroten Records, Fabio ( Dischi Storti), Fabio Mozine (Laja Records), Rado Uhlik, Antti Oionen, Daniel Lupton (Sorry State Records), Paul Hetherington, Tim Letten, Cassiano (Industrial Holocaust), Rivelino (Industrial Holocaust), Bobby Egger (Headcount Records), Giulio ( FOAD Records), Marco Ferrero, Evan Passion, Jan Kuster, Cinque Records, Angela ( Necrose), Jake French, Stephan Tschöpe, Christophe Nauts (Sick Phoque Records), Nicola Constantini, Russell Barstow, Keike Fross, Sergio Buoso, Julius Dobous, Mitja Suncic, etc…

Jesse (Kelvin) Mclaughlin (Rottrevore)


7 “EPs:

Angelkill ‎– Lady Cadaver
Lemegethon ‎– Demonic Hellhounds
Master / Excision Split EP
Multiplex / Hellchild Split EP
Napalm Death – live in 1986
Rottrevore – Copulation Of The Virtuous & Vicious


ASSASSIN - The Upcoming Terror
At War ‎– Retaliatory Strike (Rock Brigade Records ‎)
CENTAUR - Mob Rules The World (No Remorse Records, 1990)
DISINCARNATE - Dreams Of The Carrion Kind LP 93
Extra Hot Sauce - Tacco Of Death
EXUMER - Possessed By Fire
EXUMER - Rising From The Sea
GOATPENIS - Anesthetic Vapor
INDESTROY - Senseless Theories
IRON MAIDEN - aces high –
GOATPENIS - Inhumanization ‎(LP Picture)
IMHA TARIKAT – Kenoboros
Intende Mutilation - Safe Sex
IRON MAIDEN - powerslave
KREATOR - endless pain
MASTER - master
LYMPHATIC PHLEGM ‎– Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia
MAYHEM - live In Leipzig - Obscure Plasma Records, Hellion Records, 1994
Metal Duck / Lawnmower Deth split LP
MOTORHEAD - Beerdrinkers and Hellraisers (Big Beat Records, 1980)
NAPALM DEATH – from enslavement to obliteration
NUNSLAUGHTER – Hells Unholy Fire LP H.H. Records Ltd Beer / Black vinyl- Gatefold + Poster
OVERDOSE‎– You're Really Big! ( Cogumelo Records)
R.U. DEAD? ‎– Dead But Alive 2 x LP
THE EJECTED – spirit of rebellion
SLAYER - decade of aggression live – Double LP
SLAYER - show no mercy
TAURUS – trapped in lies
THE ENDOPARASITES – Iconoclasty Of Flesh (Cogumelo Records, 1993)
THE RAVENOUS - Three On A Meathook 10”LP (Banda com os caras do Autopsy, Nuclear Assault, Abcess, etc…)
Vírus 27 ‎– Parasitas Obrigatórios (orig.)
Various - Edge Of Painfull Sensation LP
Vírus 27 ‎– Caso Sério !!! (orig.)
VULCANO - Who Are The True? Orig.

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