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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Aug 08, 2022 4:53 am
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2022 2:51 am 

Hi. This is my tradelist. I'm interested in various stuff from different genre and ages, so, if you see anything that you want, message me through MA or email me to pddc03@gmail.com

60's rock Joe Molland This Way Up
Acoustic metal Hellride Goodbyes To Forever
Acoustic rock Chantel McGregor Shed Sessions Volume One
Afro rock Osibisa The Boyhood Sessions
Alternative metal Blowmind Blowmind **
Alternative rock Sugarman After The Blackout
Alternative rock Stimuli They Are We
Alternative rock Stimuli They Are We
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Desolate Angels
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Desolate Angels
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Desolate Angels
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Desolate Angels
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Desolate Angels
Alternative rock Soundscapism Inc. Touching Your Infinity
Alternative rock Port Noir The New Routine
Alternative rock Pacino Fallen America *
Alternative rock La Menade Disumanamente *
Alternative rock Blowmind Blowmind
Americana D. Edward Love Is
Black metal Wolves Den Miserere **
Black metal Owl Cave Broken Speech
Black metal Nocturnal Nightmare Abstrakt Sinne
Black metal Moorah Marnost Nad Marnost **
Black metal Martyrium Lamia Satanica **
Black metal Majesty Of Silence Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht
Black metal Liktjern I Ruiner *
Black metal Kaeck Het Zwarte Dictaat *
Black metal Illum Adora Ophidian Kult *
Black metal Halphas The Infernal Path Into Oblivion *
Black metal Grimtone Memento Mori
Black metal Bitchhammer Offenders Of The Faith
Black metal Aran Angmar Black Cosmic Elements
Black/death metal Judaswiege/Moribundo… Tetrarchia Ex Bestia *
Blues Home Kookin' Band Working For A Good Tips
Blues rock Seth Walker Are You Open?
Blues rock Hamish Anderson Out Of My Head
Contemporânea Held By Trees Solace
Country rock Chris St. John I'm Dreaming
Death metal Tombstone Evolution
Death metal Scream 3 Days Rhesus Negative
Death metal Science Of Disorder Private Hell
Death metal Samadhi Sitaram Kaliyuga Babalon
Death metal Horripilant Embrace The Obsession
Death metal Grunt Discipline
Death metal Ephemeral VII
Death metal Dying Awkward Angel Absence Of Light
Death metal Drow Unholy
Death metal Deathrite Nightmares Reign
Death metal Beneath Antidote *
Death metal Barbarian Swords Totemic Anal Turbofucker *
Death metal Atrexial Souverain
Death thrash metal Hatred Dusk Hatred Dusk
Death thrash metal Hammercult Legends Never Die
Death/black Abisme As Fear Falls In *
Death/thrash Three Dead Fingers All Worlds Apart **
Diversos V/A XV Barroselas Metal Fest A5; DVD
Diversos V/A Hammered 2018
Diversos V/A Azores & Metal Vol. 1 *
Doom metal Fell Harvest Fell Harvest *
Eletro rock Momoiro Clover Z 5th Dimension
Eletro rock Momoiro Clover Z Battle And Romance
Epic power metal Sacred Steel Iron Blessings *
Experimental Robert Jürjendal Vesi Leiab Tee/Water Finds A Way
Experimental Random Touch Flock
Fado Nuno da Câmara Pereira Cartas D'Amor
Fado Maria Mirra Fado Antigo
Fado Francisco Moreira Todos os Fados São Meus
Folk metal Kanseil Fulische
Funk V/A 5 Years Of Modern Fynk
Garage rock Mark Sultan Let me Out
Gothic rock, industrial Scatterface 2020
Grindcore Besta Em Direto do Brasil
Groove metal Vicolo Inferno Stray Ideals *
Groove metal Unforged Eye For An Eye
Groove metal Tronos Celestial Mechanics
Groove metal Tronos Celestial Mechanics
Groove metal Mad-Era Electricmegablack *
Groove metal Kamion Gain
Groove metal Hellbound Overlords
Groove metal Dirt Rock N Roll Accident
Groove metal; harcore The End A. D. It's All In Your Hand
Groove metal; harcore The End A. D. Badlands
Guitar Peppino D'Agostino Connexion
Guitar hero Alexander Layer Huginn Muninn
Hard 'n' Heavy Rebel Collective Middle Age Famous **
Hard rock Rory Kelly (Don't Shake My) Family Tree **
Hard rock No Sky Today No Sky Today **
Hard rock Audio Porn Jezebel's Kiss
Hard rock American Tears Hard Core
Hardcore Alerta Tu Decides El Final *
Heavy metal Zarpa Viento Divino **
Heavy metal Rozz Tranches de Vie **
Heavy metal Red Dead Roadkill Sweet Songs Of Anguish
Heavy metal Mortician Titans
Heavy metal Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons Too Old To Die Young
Heavy metal Dungeon Wolf Slavery Or Steel **
Heavy metal Degreed Dead But Not Forgotten
Heavy metal Cult Of The Fox By The Styx **
Heavy metal Corners Of Sanctuary The Galloping Horde
Heavy metal Blame Zeus Seethe
Heavy metal Axel Rudi Pell Love's Holding On
Indie Few Fingers Burning Hands
Indie rock Tiago Vilhena Portugal 2018
Indie rock The Wide Paramount
Indie rock The Loft Club Heart's Desire **
Indie rock Sweet Nico R Evival
Indie rock On Dolphin Layers **
Indie rock Norton Heavy Light
Indie rock Los Waves This Is Los Waves So What?
Indie rock Grand Sun The Plastic People Of The Universe
Indie rock Grand Sun Sal Y Amore
Indistrial metal Porn The Darknest Of Human desires Act II
Industrial Wolf X Wish
Industrial The Way Of Purity Schwarz Over Rot
Industrial The Way Of Purity The Majesty Of Your Becoming *
Industrial Hasswut Mund Zu! **
Industrial rock Numa Echos Shady World *
Jazz Bruno Pernadas Those Who Throw Objects…
Jazz Bekah Barnett Rise
Jazz fusion MJ 12 MJ 12
Jazz fusion David Cross & Andrew Booker Ends Meeting
Jazz fusion Burnt Belief Mutual Isolation
Jazz, experimental Charles Xavier Happy Note Records Sampler 2016
Jazz/contemporânea David Cross & David Jackson Another Day
Jazz/contemporânea David Cross & Andrew Keeling October Is Marigold
Jazz/contemporânea David Cross & Andrew Keeling October Is Marigold
Jazz/contemporânea André Carvalho Lost In Translation
Jazz; world music Yara Gutkin Mama
Ligeira V/A Festival da Canção 2018
Metalcore Vitja Mistaken
Metalcore Periphery Hail Stan
Metalcore New Years Day Unbreakable
Metalcore Need 2 Destroy Show
Metalcore Hiranya Breath Out *
Metalcore Feed The Rhino The Silence
Modern metal Second Rate Angels II **
Modern metal Morphium The Fall **
Nu metal Wilson Tasty Nasty
Nu metal Wilson Tasty Nasty
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Nu metal V/A SoCal Split *
Oriental metal Vikraim Behind The Mask I
Pagan/black metal Helfahrt Drifa **
Pagan/black metal Gernotshagen Weltenbrand **
Pop Shae Can You Feel The Music
Pop rock The Folsom Project The Wolf & The Skull *
Pop rock Ricardo Azevedo Instinto de Sobrevivência
Pop rock Novelty Island How Are You Coping With This Century?
Pop rock MKRV W. A. Y
Pop rock João Couto Carta Aberta
Pop rock Ex Norwegian Spook Du Jour
Pop rock Ariana Grande God Is A Woman *
Pop rock Acting Natural Acting Natural
Post rock Semistereo Zabriskii **
Post rock Galo Cant'Às Duas Os Anjos Também Cantam
Post rock, indie rock Galo Cant'Às Duas Cabo da Boa Esperança
Power metal X-Piral Poison Eyes *
Power metal Krull The Black Coast **
Power metal Hellscream Hate Machine
Power metal Hell And Back A Thousand Years
Prog metal Hidden Lapse Redemption
Prog rock The Steve Hillage Band Live
Prog rock Syndone Kama Sutra *
Prog rock Steve Hillage Rainbow 1977
Prog rock Steve Hillage Live In England
Prog rock Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock An Alien Heat
Prog rock Shob Karma Obscur
Prog rock Oxygene 8 Freak Of Chance
Prog rock Oxygene 8 Loop 1
Prog rock Marcelo Paganini 2012 Space Trafic Jam
Prog rock Marcelo Paganini B4 Ever Now
Prog rock Marcelo Paganini Identity Crisis
Prog rock Laura Meade The Most Dangerous Woman In America
Prog rock Jolly Family **
Prog rock John Basset Unearth **
Prog rock Hoia Scavenger
Prog rock Hildegard Hildegard
Prog rock Garden Music Project Inspired By Syd Barret's Artwork
Prog rock Fernando Perdomo Out To Sea
Prog rock Fernando Perdomo Out To Sea 3 - The Storm
Prog rock Eternal Return Once Only
Prog rock Erik Scott And The Earth Bleeds
Prog rock Echotest From Two Balconies
Prog rock Darryl Way Myths, Legends and Tales
Prog rock Curved Air The Second British Rock Meeting 1972
Prog rock Cairo Say
Prog rock Armonite The Sun Is New Each Day
Prog rock/fusão Stick Men Prog Noir
Punk The Furys Again *
Punk rock Popstar Killers Driven By Fire
Punk rock Lujuria Rockeando El Pavimento
Punk rock Levities Dead Bouquet
Punk rock Inadream No Songs For Lovers (2 exemplares)
Punk rock Dave Davies I Will Be Me
Punk rock Cellulite Star Out Of The Cage *
Reagge Ozomatli Non Stop - Mexico-Jamaica
Reagge Indubious Beleaf
Reagge Highest Intention Universal Light
Reagge Annicia Banks Up Front
Rock Wipeout Beat Wipeout Beat
Rock Tony Natale The Camden Promise
Rock The Walk-a-Bout Things Are Looking Back
Rock The Livesays Not What I Bargained For
Rock Sandy McKnight/Fernando Perdomo San Fernando Blast! *
Rock Sandy McKnight/Fernando Perdomo San Fernando Blast! *
Rock Rod Stewart Blood Red Roses - Deluxe Edition
Rock Re-Verso Re-Verso
Rock Pink Pussycats From Hell Hell Niña
Rock Perpétua Esperar Pra Ver
Rock Mick Farren & Andy Calquhoun Black Vinyl Dress
Rock Mancines II
Rock Man With A Mission Chasing The Horizon
Rock Light Freedom Revival Eterniverse Deja Vu
Rock Karney Better
Rock Karney No Mercy
Rock Fischer's Flicker Katmandon't
Rock Fischer's Flicker Open 28 Hours
Rock Feverseed Let Yourself Down *
Rock Fernando Perdomo Zebra Crossing
Rock David Fitzpatrick Parachutes In Hurricanes
Rock Dave Kilminster The Truth Will Set You Free
Rock Chris Braide Fifty Dollar Planets And Twenty Cent Stars
Rock Chocolate Watchband This Is My Voice
Rock Black Tropics Black Tropics *
Rock Aaron Buchanan The Man With Stars On His Knees *
Rock; stoner rock Bell Baronets Tied Up In red
Soul Emily Johnson Open Your Heart
Stoner Charlie's Frontiers Fun Town In Dust We Trust
Stoner metal Lumberjacks Alone? *
Stoner rock Wolf Jaw The Heart Won't Listen *
Stoner, grunge The Chainsaw Motel Bad Trip & Endless Roads *
Thrash metal Reactory Collapse To Come **
Thrash metal Ramera Anarquia Y Destrucción
Thrash metal New Mecanica Love & Hate **
Thrash metal Nailgun The World Chaos **
Thrash metal Mindtaker Toxic War
Thrash metal Grindpad Violence **
Thrash metal Carrier Red Corner
Thrash metal Black Mass Warlust **
Thrash metal Badmotorfinger Heroes *
Thrash, crossover No Warning Torture Culture
Trip hop Sixturnsnine Spinning Numbers
US metal Lower 13 Restore The Order
US metal Iced Earth I Walk Among You
US metal Iced Earth The Crucible Of Man
US metal Dragonlore Lucifer's Descent
World music Ricardo Gordo Conversas de Esquina
World music Grutera Aconteceu
World music Fernando Ferreira Mantenhas

* Promos
** Blank CDs

If you want to know details about any of these, don't hesitate to contact me :-)

Good trades in Metal Archives with: loiro (x1) and croverkill (x2)

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