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PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2003 7:14 pm 

Updated August 1st 2012

Welcome to the Trading Board. In the past, this board was a catch-all place for metal-related transactions between all users, no matter whether it was for trading goods with other metalheads, or purchasing those goods. We've decided to separate those two purposes into two distinct forums: one strictly for trading (the one you're in) and one for selling and buying (found here). What this means is the following:

  • If you want to trade music-related items with other users, this is the forum you do that in.
  • If you are looking to do a trade with another user, this is also the forum you do that in.
  • If you are looking to sell music-related goods to others, do that in the "Selling and Buying Board".
  • If you want to buy goods from others, and not merely trade for them, then please also do that in the "Selling and Buying Board".

You are more than permitted to have threads in each forum for the purpose of trading or selling your goods. We also ask that you DO NOT create duplicate threads for your wares; please keep it to one thread and update that thread as necessary. We will be enforcing this.

Thank you,
Metal Archives Staff

That said, here are the rules for the "Trading Board":

1. All board rules that apply to other areas of the board also apply here, except where otherwise noted (see Rule 5).

2. The MA Staff is not responsible for the conduct of traders! As much as we would like to, we can't make traders be honest and upstanding. While we do try to help safeguard against bad traders, this forum is still very much caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

3. Seeing that this is a metal board, please try to keep the trades limited to goods that are related to heavy metal. Feel free to include DVDs, videogames, and other stuff in your list if the mood takes you. Users selling illegal material (such as drugs, et al) over this board will be banned. If you post something like "Selling my virginity" or "Selling my love," you'll be banned for being a damn moron.

4. If you want to give feedback, or look at feedback for other traders, look at the Trader Feedback Center thread. That's what it's there for. And while we're at it, don't derail the Trader Feedback board with personal arguments. Take it to another thread, or better yet, PM or email.

5. This board is not, I repeat, IS NOT EBAY. We do not hold auctions of any kind here; any "auction threads" will be locked. And if you have inflated asking prices for your goods, everyone will laugh at you. This board is for trading.

6. The board mods do not condone posting personal information about other posters in any way. However, if you are a known scammer or get caught doing a significant amount of scamming, don't be shocked if the mods look the other way if your information is posted. If you're a habitual mail fraud perpetrator, the board mods aren't going to toot their navels to make sure you're able to continue your bullshit. See also Rule 1.

7. If there is sufficient reason to believe that you're a habitual ripoff artist (as opposed to someone who just had shit happen), you run the risk of losing access to the trade board, or being exiled from the board altogether. So be honest or don't trade here. If you want a haven for crooks, go back to Usenet.

8. This board defines "bad trading activities" as the following activities: Lying about condition or authenticity of goods, intentionally sending the wrong goods, sending the goods/payment unreasonably late, not sending goods at all, not adhering to the agreed terms of the trade (concerning payment and shipping as well as goods), taking the money and running, and just flat being a headache to trade with. This list also includes any and all dumbshit stunts one might think up in order to rip another off.


10. What happens in the trade forum STAYS here. No more MelodicMetalesque "I'll hassle traders in every forum!" garbage.


Tips for Smooth Trades:

To reduce headaches all around the board, here are tips for first-time traders:

1. If possible, look at the designated thread for feedback. If the guy has a list of complaints about him, you may want to consider trading with someone else.

2. ALWAYS make sure you agree on the terms of the trade before shipping out. You wouldn't believe the headaches caused when this doesn't happen.

3. Don't skimp on the packaging and postage. CDs that arrive in the mail broken, damaged, or a million years later will piss someone off just as much as a scam artist. It can also help your cause if you get delivery confirmation/tracking or proof of shipping, in case of lost or late packages.

4. Communication is king. If you're hanging out on the board but not answering emails or PMs related to your trade, that's reason to believe that a) you're an asshole, and b) you're either a scammer or not a very good trader.

5. Once the trade ends, post feedback and thanks in the appropriate thread. It's both a sign of goodwill and it's helpful to other traders. If you got ripped, then use the feedback thread to give fair warning to others.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:25 pm 

Just adding a couple more additions to these fine rules:

Do not bump more than once in 24 hours. Doing so will get your thread locked.

Do not post multiple topics in a short period of time. We don't need to see labels or traders trying to sell each individual item in a different thread, or posting news of a new special deal when they already have 1 or 2 more active threads open. Keep the place clean of clutter please!
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:23 pm 


We're going to go ahead with some changes for the Trading Forum:

1. There will soon be two forums: One for "Selling" and one for "Trading." Users looking to sell items or buy items can use the "Selling" forum. Users looking to trade items and strictly trade items can use the "Trading" forum.

2. We will be pushing one change in the rules for these forums. We'll be asking that users refrain from creating duplicate threads for their wares, particularly over a short period of time. Users will be encouraged to update their current threads, and not create new threads for every update they have to their lists. This will hopefully help to cut down on clutter. We will be very strict on this, and will close duplicate threads: You are warned!

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