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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:25 pm 

PM me or write me to asassinkiller@hotmail.com

In Metal,

1917 Vision [Edit] Death Metal
1917 Vox Fatum Death Metal
...And Oceans The Dynamic Gallery of Thought [Edit] Black Metal
3rd and the Mortal Tears Laid In Earth [Edit] Doom Metal
Aborted Engineering the Dead [Edit] Power Metal
AFI Sing the Sorrow [Edit] Punk/Goth
Aion Noia [Edit] Gothic Metal
Alastis The Other Side [Edit] Dark Metal
Alestorm Captain Morgan´s Revenge Pirate Metal
Alfa Eridano Akhernar Aberrant Hate Icon Black/Death Metal
All That Remains Behind Silence and Solitude [Edit] Metalcore
Am I Blood Agitation [Edit] Heavy Metal
Amduscias Amduscias [Edit] Black Metal
Amoral Decrowning [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Amsvartner The Trollish Mirror [Edit] Black Metal
Anasarca Moribund [Edit] Death Metal
Ancient The Halls of Eternity [Edit] Black Metal
Andromeda II-I. [Edit] Prog Metal
Angra. Fireworks. [Edit] Power Metal
Annihilator Refresh The Demon [Edit] Thrash Metal
Anorexia Nervosa Exile [Edit] Black/Doom
Antestor. Det Tapte LIv [Edit] Black Metal
Anthrax Sound of White Noise [Edit] Thrash Metal
Apophis - Heliopolis [Edit] Death Metal
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine Thrash Metal
Argile The Monotonous Moment of a Mon [Edit] Death Metal
Armaggedon Over Wacken Live 2003 [Edit] Various
Arsis We Are The Nightmare Technical Melodic Death Metal
As Stormclouds Gather Darkest Temptations Black Metal
Ascension Theory Answers Prog Metal
Asguard Dreamslave [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Asguard Black Fireland [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Asguard Dreamslave. [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Asguard Wicca [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Ashes You Leave The Passage Back of Life [Edit] Doom Metal
Atanab The Garden of Sad Souls [Edit] Black Metal
Atheist Piece of Time Technical Death/Thrash
Atomic Opera Gospel Cola [Edit] Heavy Metal
Atreyu A Death-Grip On Yesterday [Edit] Metalcore
Atreyu The Curse [Edit] Metalcore
Atrophy Violent By Nature Thrash Metal
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil [Edit] Metalcore
Avenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen [Edit] Metalcore
Avian From the Depths of Time Heavy Metal
Avulsed Yearning For The Grotesque Death Metal
Ayreon Flight of the Migrator [Edit] Heavy Metal
Ayreon The Final Experiment (Spec. Ed [Edit] Heavy Metal
Babylonian Tiles Teknicolour Aftermath [Edit] Spacerock
Barathrum Venomous Death/Black/Doom
Barathrum Legions of Perkele Death/Black/Doom
Bathory Blood Fire Death Black/Viking Metal
Belef Infection Purification [Edit] Black Metal
Benediction The Grotesque/Ashen Epitaph Death Metal
Between the Buried and Me Alaska [Edit] Math Metal
Beyond Dawn Pity Love Doom Metal
Big Iron Falling Down [Edit] Heavy Metal
Biohazard Urban Discipline [Edit] Hardcore
Black Dahlia Murder, The. Unhallowed [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Black Label Society 1919 Eternal [Edit] Heavy Metal
Black Label Society The Blessed Hellride [Edit] Heavy Metal
Blackstar Barbed Wire Soul [Edit] Metal
Blind Guardian A Twist in the Myth [Edit] Power Metal
Blind Guardian A Night At the Opera [Edit] Power Metal
Blood Red Angel The Language of Hate [Edit] Thrash Metal
Body Count Violent Demise: The Last Days [Edit] Hardcore Metal
Brainstorm Ambiguity [Edit] Heavy Metal
Bruce Dickinson The Chemical Wedding [Edit] Heavy Metal
Burning Inside The Eve of the Entities [Edit] Technical Death/Thrash
Burzum Hlidskjalf Black Metal/Ambient
Burzum Hlidskjalf Black Metal
Burzum Filosofem Black Metal
Burzum. Burzum/Aske Black Metal
Callenish Circle Pitch Black Effects [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Cancer Black Faith (promo) - Comes with original booklet and back art. Death Metal
Casket Casey Coffin' Up Bones [Edit] Gothic Metal
Castigate Bring Me the Head of... [Edit] Death Metal
Catastrophic The Cleansing [Edit] Death Metal
Celestial Season Solar Lovers Doom Metal
Celestial Season Solar Lovers. [Edit] Doom Metal
Cemetary The Beast Divine [Edit] Doom/Goth Metal
Cenotaph Riding Our Black Oceans - 2CD [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Centinex Hellbrigade Melodic Death Metal
Chaosbreed Unleashed Carnage [Edit] Death Metal
Charon Downhearted [Edit] Gothic Metal
Chemlab East Side Militia [Edit] Industrial Rock
Chevy Heston Destroy [Edit] Rock
Chimaira Chimaira [Edit] Modern Thrash Metal
Chimaira The Impossibility of Reason [Edit] Thrash Metal
Chinchilla Madness [Edit] Heavy Metal
Cinderella Long Cold Winter [Edit] Hard Rock
Clawfinger Clawfinger [Edit] Rap Metal
Clawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind [Edit] Rap Metal
Communic Waves of Visual Decay [Edit] Prog Metal
Consortium Project Continuum in Extremis [Edit] Prog Metal
Conspiracy Humanity=Destruction [Edit] Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Corporation 187 Subliminal Fear [Edit] Thrash Metal
Crack Up From the Ground [Edit] Heavy Metal
Crack Up Heads Will Roll [Edit] Heavy Metal
Cradle of Filth Midian Black / Goth Metal
Cradle of Filth. The Princess of Darkness boot. [Edit] Black Goth Metal
Crash Music Smashed Vol.1 [Edit] Various
Crematory Illusions [Edit] Gothic Metal
Crest of Darkness Project Regeneration [Edit] Black Metal
Crowbar Past and Present (2 copies) [Edit] Sludge Metal
Cynic Focus. [Edit] Technical Death/Thrash
Dantalion When The Ravens Fly Over Me Black Metal
Danzig Satan´s Child [Edit] Dark Metal
Dark Black The Barbarian´s Hammer [Edit] Heavy Metal
Dark Fortress Eidolon Black Metal
Dark Funeral The Secrets of the Black Arts [Edit] Black Metal
Dark Tranquillity Damage Done Melodic Death Metal
Darkest Hour Hidden Hands of a Sadist Natio [Edit] Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore
Darkest Hour So Sedated, So Secure [Edit] Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore
Darkest Hour The Mark of the Judas [Edit] Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore
Darkside Shadowfields [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Darzamat In the Flames of Black Arts [Edit] Black Metal
Dead V.I.P. x 2 [Edit] Death Metal
Death Angel The Art of Dying Thrash Metal
Deceased Up The Tombstones Live 2000 [Edit] Thrash Metal
Def Lepard Best Of [Edit] Hard Rock
Defleshed Fast Forward [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Defleshed Under the Blade [Edit] Deat/Thrash Metal
Demiricous One [Edit] Thrash Metal
Denata Deathtrain [Edit] Thrash Metal
Deranged. Plainfield Cemetary. [Edit] Death Metal
Desekrator Metal For Demons [Edit] Thrash/Black
Devin Townsend Infinity [Edit] Progressive/Industrial Metal
Dew Scented Impact [Edit] Thrash Metal
DHI Transmissions From The Chemica [Edit] Industrial Rock
Diabolique The Black Flower [Edit] Gothic Metal
Di'Anno Nomad [Edit] Heavy Metal
Dies Irae - Etherial [Edit] Doom Metal
Dies Irae - Naive [Edit] Doom/Melodic Death Metal
Dimension Zero Silent Night Fever Melodic Death Metal
Dimension Zero Silent Night Fever Melodic Death Metal
Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden [Edit] Black Metal
Dimmu Borgir. Spiritual Black Dimensions [Edit] Black Metal
Disbelief Spreading The Rage [Edit] Thrash Metal
Disillusion Gloria [Edit] Progressive Metal
Dislepsia Delicia Macabra [Edit] Death Metal
Divine Souls The Bitter Selfcaged Man [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Dog Faced Gods Random Chaos Theory in Action [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Dragonlord Rapture [Edit] Black Metal
Dreadful Shadows Buried Again Gothic Metal
Dream Death Back From The Dead [Edit] Doom/Thrash/Death Metal
Dream Evil Evilized Heavy Metal
Dreams of Sanity Komodia [Edit] Doom/Goth Metal
Ebony Tears Evil As Hell Death/Thrash Metal
Edguy Burning Down The Opera Live (2 [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Edguy Lavatory Love Machine [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Edguy Hellfire Club [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Edguy Rocket Ride [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Edguy. Hellfire Club [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Einherjer Blot [Edit] Viking Metal
Elend. Les Tenebres du Dehors [Edit] Classical/Black Metal
Embraze Katharsis [Edit] Gothic Metal
Endless War Triumphant Hate and Bloody Swords Black Metal
Enforsaken The Forever Endeavor [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
English Dogs All the World's a Rage [Edit] Hardcore/Punk
Engorged Engorged [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Enid Seelenspiegel [Edit] Doom Metal
Ensiferium Ensiferium [Edit] Viking Metal
Enter My Silence Remotecontrolled Scythe [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Epoch of the Unlight The continuum Hypothesis Melodic Death Metal
Evereve - Stormbirds [Edit] Doom Metal
Evil Mothers Crossdresser [Edit] Hardcore/Punk
Evoken Quietus [Edit] Doom Metal
Exciter New testament Speed Metal
Exciter Kill After Kill [Edit] Speed Metal
Existing Threat Hostile Ground [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Faith No More The Real Thing [Edit] Rock/Metal
Farmakon A Warm Glimpse [Edit] Progressive Death Metal
Final Breath Flash-Burnt Crucifixes [Edit] Thrash Metal
Fjoergyn Ernte im Herbst [Edit] Pagan Metal
Flotsam and Jetsam High [Edit] Thrash Metal
Forbidden Forbidden Evil Thrash Metal
Forsaken, The Manifest Of Hate [Edit] Death Metal
Fragments of Unbecoming Skywards : A Sylphe´s Ascensio [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Fragments of Unbecoming Sterling Black Icon [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Galactic Cowboys At The End of the Day [Edit] Prog Metal
Galactic Cowboys Feel the Rage [Edit] Prog Metal
Galactic Cowboys Let It Go [Edit] Prog Metal
Galactic Cowboys Machine Fish [Edit] Prog Metal
Galactic Cowboys The Horse That Bud Bought [Edit] Prog Metal
Gardenian Soulburner Melodic Death Metal
Gardenian Soulburner Melodic Death Metal
Godless Truth Burning Existence [Edit] Death Metal
Grave Hating Life [Edit] Death Metal
Grave Digger The Grave Digger [Edit] Heavy/Power Metal
Great Deceiver, The A Venom Well Designed [Edit] Industrial/Hardocre Metal
Grip. Inc. Nemesis [Edit] Thrash Metal
Grip. Inc. Solidify [Edit] Thrash Metal
Guidance of Sin Soulseducer [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Guitars the Rule the World Vol Smell the Fuzz/The Superstar G [Edit] Various
Hades Exist To Resist [Edit] Heavy Meta
Haemorrhage Anatomical Inferno [Edit] Death Metal
Hateframe. Sign of Demise [Edit] Thrash Metal
Hateplow Everybody Dies [Edit] Death Metal
Haunted, The The Dead Eye (With Bloodpack) Modern Thrash
Hearse Armageddon Mon Amour [Edit] Death Metal
Hedfirst Hedfirst [Edit] Thrashcore
Helstar T´was the Night of a Hellish X [Edit] Power/Speed Metal
Holy Dio A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio [Edit] Heavy Metal
Hymen of Darkness Unholy Total Hate… Fuck You All Black Metal
Hypnosis Cyber Death [Edit] Cyber Death Metal
Hypocrisy. The Final Chapter. [Edit] Death Metal
Iced Earth Horror Show Heavy/Power Metal
Illdisposed - There´s Something Rotten x 2 [Edit] Death Metal
Illogicist - Subjected [Edit] Progressive Death Metal HOLD
Impious Hellucinate [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Impious The Killer [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
In The Woods Live at the Caledonien Hall Black/Doom/Experimental
Infestation Mass Immolation [Edit] Death Metal
Iniquity Five Accross the Eyes [Edit] Technical Death Metal
Insomnius Dei Illusions of Silence Doom Metal
Internal Bleeding Driven to Conquer [Edit] Death Metal
Internal Bleeding Vocacious Contempt [Edit] Death Metal
Kalmah. Swamplord. [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Kari Pilot [Edit] Rock
Kataklysm In the Arms of Devastation [Edit] Death Metal
Kataklysm Shadows & Dust [Edit] Death Metal
Kataklysm The Temple of Knowledge (Katak [Edit] Death Metal
Katatonia Dance of December Souls Doom/Black
Kathaarsys Portrait of Wind and Sorrow Progressive Black Metal
Keep Of kalessin Kolossus Black Metal
Kenziner The Prophecies [Edit] Prog Metal
Kintral Introversion from Insane Scenaries Melodic Black Metal
Kotipelto Waiting For The Dawn [Edit] Heavy Metal
Krabathor Orthodox [Edit] Death Metal
Krisiun Apocalyptic Revelation [Edit] Death Metal
Ktulu Orden Genético [Edit] Thrash/Industrial Metal
Kythrone Kult Des Todes Black Metal
L6B6t6my Legion of Beelzebub Death Metal
La eternidad es un Desierto Rock Compilation [Edit] Various
Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied [Edit] Power Metal
Lacrimosa Durch Nacht und Flut [Edit] Gothic Metal
Lacuna Coil Karmacode [Edit] Gothic Metal
Lamb of God As the Palaces Burn [Edit] Modern Thrash Metal
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake [Edit] Modern Thrash Metal
Life of Agony Soul Searching Sun [Edit] Hardcore
Limp Bizkit Results May Vary [Edit] Numetal
Lobotomy Born in Hell (2 copies) [Edit] Death Metal
Lost Horizon A Flame to the Ground Beneath [Edit] Power Metal
Lowbrow Victims at Play [Edit] Death Metal
Luna Fieldq Diva Bombastic Death Metal
Lungbrush Old School New School [Edit] Heavy Metal
Macabre Dahmer [Edit] Death Metal
Machine Head Supercharger [Edit] Thrash/Numetal
Majestic Downfall The First Abyss Demo 2007 Doom Metal
Majestic Downfall/Ansia Split CD Doom Metal
Mangled Ancient Times [Edit] Death Metal
Manowar. Kings of Metal. [Edit] Heavy Metal
Martyr Hopeless Hopes Technical Death Metal
Master Faith Is in Season [Edit] Death Metal
Masterplan Masterplan
Masterplan Masterplan
Masterplan Aeronautics/Back For My Life [Edit] Power Metal
Masterplan MKII Power Metal
Mayfair Behind [Edit] Prog Metal
Meliah Rage. Barely Human [Edit] Thrash Metal
Mercyless Cold [Edit] Death Metal
Metalmeister A Metalblade Compilation [Edit] Various
Metalmeister Vol. 2 A Metal Blade Compilati [Edit] Various
Midwinter Astral Mirrors Symphonic Black Metal
Misericordia Painful Dream Doom/Gothic
Moonspell Under the Moonspell [Edit] Dark/Black Metal
Mordred Vision [Edit] Thrash Metal/Funk
Morgion Cloaked by Ages, Crowned in Earth Doom Metal
Morta Skuld Surface [Edit] Death Metal
Mortuary Eradicate [Edit] Death Metal
Mrs. Hippie Lotus [Edit] Heavy Metal
Mundanus Imperium The Spectral Spheres Coronation Prog Metal
Murder 1 Shopping for Porn [Edit] Metal
Murder Squad Unsane, Insane and Mentally De [Edit] Death Metal
Myrkskog. Deathmachine. [Edit] Black/Death Metal
Mystic Prophecy Regressus [Edit] Power Metal
Nahemah Chrysalis Progressive Death Metal
Napalm Death Diatribes [Edit] Grindcore
Napalm Death Words From the Exit Wound [Edit] Grindcore
Nasty Savage Penetration Point [Edit] Thrash Metal
Natron Negative Prevails [Edit] Death Metal
Necare Ruin [Edit] Doom Metal
Necrodeath Mater of All Evil Thrash Metal
Necromantia IV: Malice Black Metal
Necrophobic. The Third Antichrist. [Edit] Death Metal
Neolithic The Personal Fragment of Life [Edit] Doom Metal
Nevermore. Nevermore. [Edit] Thrash/Heavy Metal
New Eden Obscure Master Plan [Edit] Power Metal
Ninnuam Process of Life Separation [Edit] Death/Black Metal
Nocturnal Rites Grand Illusion [Edit] Power Metal
Nocturnal Rites New World Messiah [Edit] Power Metal
Nocturnal Rites Shadowland [Edit] Power Metal
Nocturnal Rites The Sacred Talisman [Edit] Power Metal
Nopresion Vision [Edit] Thrash Metal
Nostradameus Words of Nostradameus [Edit] Power Metal
Novembers Doom The knowing Doom Metal
Nuclear Assault. Game Over/The Plague. [Edit] Thrash Metal
Nuclear Assault. Handle With Care. [Edit] Thrash Metal
Nuclear Tribunal Attack Of The Salami-Smokers f [Edit] Death Metal
Obskure Overcasting [Edit] Death Metal
Occult Of Flesh and Blood [Edit] Death Metal
October Tide Grey Dawn Doom Metal
On Thorns I Lay Angeldust Goth Metal
On Thorns I Lay Orama [Edit] Doom Metal
Only Living Witness Prone Mortal Form Thrash/Hardcore
Only Living Witness Innocents [Edit] Thrash/Hardcore
Opeth. Blackwater Park. [Edit] Progressive Death Metal
Opprobrium Discerning Forces [Edit] Death Metal
Orphanage By Time Alone [Edit] Gothic/Doom Metal
Overkill From the Underground and Below [Edit] Thrash Metal
Overkill W.F.O [Edit] Thrash Metal
Pain Nothing Remains the Same [Edit] Industrial Metal
Pain Control Subvert [Edit] Thrash Metal
Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane [Edit] Prog Metal
Pantheist Amartia [Edit] Doom Metal
Panzerchrist Soul Collector [Edit] Death/Black Metal
Paradise Lost Draconian Times Doom/Gothic Metal
Paradox Heresy [Edit] Thrash Metal
Path of Debris The Eyes of the Basilisk [Edit] Death Metal
Paths of Possession Promises in Blood [Edit] Death Metal
Persuader Evolution Purgatory [Edit] Power Metal
Pestilence. Spheres [Edit] Progressive Death Metal
Pigface Eat Shit You Fucking Redneck [Edit] Metal
Poison Flesh & Blood [Edit] Hard Rock
Postmortem Repulsion (2 copies) [Edit] Thrash Metal
Poundhound Massive Grooves... [Edit] Prog Metal
Primal Fear Seven Seals Heavy Metal
Pro Pain Foul Taste of Freedom [Edit] Hardcore/Thrash Metal
Project Hate MCMXCIX Cybersonic Superchrist x 2 [Edit] Death Metal
Racer X Snowball of Doom - Live at Whi [Edit] Heavy Metal
Rage Unity [Edit] Heavy Metal
Ram-zet. Escape. [Edit] Industrial/Black Metal
Rhapsody. Dawn of Victory. [Edit] Heavy Metal
Roteness Blasphemous Gore Enjoynment [Edit] Death Metal
Rumpelslitskin Grinder Buried in the Front Yard [Edit] Thrash Metal
Sacrificium Escaping The Stupor Death Metal
Sacrilege The Fifth Season Melodic Death Metal
Sacrilege Lost In The Beauty You Slay Melodic Death Metal
Sanctus Aeon Sky [Edit] Black Metal
Satariel. Phobos and Deimos [Edit] Death/Thrash Metal
Scar Culture Inscribe [Edit] Death Metal
Scar Symmetry Symmetric in Design [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Sculpture Sculpture [Edit] Doom Metal
Seance Saltrubbed Eyes. [Edit] Death Metal
Searing Meadow Corroding From Inside [Edit] Doom/Gothic Metal
Sentenced Crimson Gothic Metal
Sentenced The Funeral Album Gothic Metal
Sepulchral Feast A Tribute To Sepultura [Edit] Thrash Metal
Sepultura Dante XXI Thrash Metal
Shadow Gallery Carved in Stone Prog Metal
Shadows Fall - The War Within (CD/DVD) [Edit] Metalcore
Shadows Fall The Art of Balance [Edit] Metalcore
Shape of Despair Shape of Despair [Edit] Doom Metal
Shining Star Enter Eternity Prog Metal
Shub Niggurath The Kinglike Celebration [Edit] Black/Death Metal
Sielwolf Nachstrom [Edit] Industrial Metal
Skinlab reVoltingRoom [Edit] Thrash Metal
Skrew Angel Seed XIII [Edit] Industrial Thrash Metal
Skrew Burning in Water, Drowning in [Edit] Industrial Thrash Metal
Skyclad The Silent Wales of the Lunar [Edit] Folk Metal
Slayer Christ Illusion Thrash Metal
Slayer Christ Illusion Thrash Metal
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss Thrash Metal
Slayer. God Hates Us All. [Edit] Thrash Metal
Sleeping Gods Regenerated [Edit] Doom Metal
Sodom. Sodom [Edit] Thrash Metal
Soilwork Stabbing the Drama [Edit] Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Spiritual Decay Closer To The Grave [Edit] Death Metal
Stratovarius Episode [Edit] Power Metal
Stressball Stressball [Edit] Sludge Metal
Stuck Mojo Declaration of a Headhunter [Edit] Rap Metal
Sucidal Tendencies Join The Army Thrashcore
Suidakra Emprise to Avalon [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Summon Fire Turns Everything...Black [Edit] Death/Black Metal
Sundown Glimmer [Edit] Gothic Metal
Sunterra Lost Time [Edit] Gothic/Doom Metal
Susperia Unlimited Thrash Metal
Tad Live Alien Broadcasts [Edit] Rock
Talas If We Only Knew Then What We K [Edit] Heavy Metal
Terror 2000 - Slaughterhouse Supremacy [Edit] Thrash Metal
Testament The Formation Of Damnation Thrash Metal
Testify Mmmyaoooo [Edit]
The Autumn Suffering Revelations of the Unsung [Edit] Metalcore
The Dark Psyche An Aural Exhibition of Black M [Edit] Various
The Defaced Karma in Black [Edit] Modern Thrash Metal
The Duskfall Frailty Melodic Death Metal
The Duskfall Source Melodic Death Metal
The Fair Sex Machine Bites [Edit] Industrial Metal
The Flesh Eaters Dragstrip Riot [Edit]
The Ill Over Death Steric (2 copies) Melodic Death Metal
The Rasmus Dead Letters [Edit] Gothic Rock
The Wicked ...For Theirs is the Flesh [Edit] Black Metal
Thought Industry Assassins, TOads and GOds Fles [Edit] Progressive Metal/Experimental
Thought Industry Recruited to Do...(2 copies) [Edit] Progressive Metal/Experimental
Throcult Soldiers of a Blackened War [Edit] Black Metal
Throne of Chaos Loss Angeles [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Throne of Chaos Pervertigo [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Thundra Worshipped by Chaos Viking Metal
Ticket To Hell Man Made Paradise Thrash/Death Metal
To Die For Jaded [Edit] Gothic Metal
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies Thrash Metal
Toxik World Circus [Edit] Speed Metal
Transport League Grand Amputation [Edit] Thrash/Numetal
Transport League Satanic Panic [Edit] Thrash/Numetal
Tribute of the Year A Tribute to Fait No More [Edit] Various
Trigger Point A Silent Protest [Edit] NuMetal
Trivium The Crusade [Edit] Thrash/Metalcore
Tummler Queen to Bishop VI [Edit] Stoner Rock
Tyr Land Progressive Viking Metal
Umbra et Imago The Best of... [Edit] Gothic Rock
Under Moonlight Sadness After the Cosmic Gate [Edit] Doom Metal
Undercroft Evilusion [Edit] Thrash Metal
Unearth The Oncoming Storm [Edit] Thrash/Metalcore
United No IQ [Edit] Thrash Metal
Unorthodox Balance of Power [Edit] Doom Metal
Vader Future of the Past [Edit] Death Metal
Vesania Firefrost Arcanum [Edit] Black/Death Metal
Victims of Internal Decay Victims of Internal Decay [Edit] Death Metal
Virus 7 Sick in the Head [Edit] Modern Metal
Voivod Katorz Thrash Metal
W.A.S.P. The Headless Children. [Edit] Heavy Metal
Wake, The Death-a-Holic [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Warblade A Crisis In the Grey Space [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Warblade The Phantom Blaze [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Warmachine The Beginning of the End Heavy Metal
Wayd The Ultimate Passion [Edit] Death Metal
We Have Seen the Enemy ...And the Enemy is Us [Edit] Thrash Metal
White Skull Tales From the North [Edit] Heavy Metal
Willard Steel Mill [Edit] Heavy Metal
Winds - Reflections of the I [Edit] Doom Metal
Witchery Restless and Dead. [Edit] Thrash/Black
Witchery. Dead, Hot and Ready [Edit] Thrash/Black
Witchery. Dead, Hot and Ready. [Edit] Thrash/Black
Witchery.. Restless and Dead [Edit] Thrash/Black
Withering Surface Force the Pace [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Withering Surface Force the Pace [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Within Temptation The Heart of Everything [Edit] Gothic Metal
Within Y Extended Mental Dimensions [Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Xysma Lotto [Edit] Stoner Metal
Yattering Human´s Pain [Edit] Death Metal
Yyrkoon Oniric Transition [Edit] Thrash Metal
Zamak Fortress Death Metal


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pm sent
CD TRADE LIST: http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... hp?t=42353
TRADE REFERENCES: http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... 31#1437731

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hi i'aminteressed in this cd
Novembers Doom The knowing Doom Metal

ceck my list in gthe forum or i can send all i have for trade rigth now ok, just let me know


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pm sent

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Hi there,

Interested in Burzum Hlidskjalf.


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