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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Sep 15, 2004 10:48 am
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Location: Russia
PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:11 pm 

I'm interesting in heavy, power, speed, melodic thrash cds/LPs.
PM me with any offers, questions etc.

220 VOLT Mind over muscle + 2 bonus tracks (1985) Metal Randevous
3 INCHES OF BLOOD Fire Up The Blades Roadrunner
44 Magnum Ignition (Japanese heavy) East West Japan
5 SEASONS Phenix 2008 Russian Epic Heavy Metal
Abordazh Adskiy Storm Power/Speed Metal
Abraxas (ex- Mania) Tomorrow's World (power metal) Limb Music Products 1998
ABRIN World of evil 2012 Russian Thrash/Heavy/Speed Metal. With Running Wild cover.
Absinthium One for the Road Punishment 18 Records
ABSOLUTE STEEL WomaniZer (classic heavy metal, digi) Black Lotus Records
ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA (Candlemass members) ABSTRACT ALGEBRA (1995, progressive-doom) Megarock
AC/DC No bull - live in Madrid 1996 (dvd, first press)
AC/DC Plug me in (3 DVD box set)
ACCEPT Metal heart (1985) CBS / Columbia US
ACCEPT Restless and wild Breaker, 2000
ACIARIUM The heavy metal superstars (classic 80-s heavy metal, feat. Dianno, Lea Hart) Music Avenue/Semaphore
Acid Drinkers Vile vicious vision (thrash/crossover 1997 ) Metal Mind (Austrian print)
Activator Defender of Life Metal opera
ACUTOR Dios ha muerto (80-s thrash metal ala Kreator/Sodom) Sylphorium Records
ADAMANT Blood of Dawn power metal
ADOLF CASTLE "Really crazy germans"+1 bonus track (Russian power-speed ala Running Wild, good offer!)
ADRAMELCH "Irae melonox" (classic epic heavy metal, 1988) Warlord records
ADRAMELCH Broken History Underground symphony
ADX Division blindee (Digipack, speed metal, 2008/1st press) Bernett
AEDRA Tayni zerkal (melodic metal) 2010
AFTERMATH (USA-TUCSON) Don't Cheer Me Up (1988) + "Straight From Hell" (1985) + bonus tracks Retrospect
AFTERMATH (USA-TUCSON) Don't Cheer Me Up (1988, power/speed/thrash, 1st press!) Moshroom CD 2001
AFTERWORLD Connecting animals (power/speed) Noise / T&T
Age Of Rebellion Ikarus Dream (power/progressive)
AGGRESSIVE (Colombia) Predators' Arrival (speed/thrash metal) Brutalized Records
AHIMSA Na styke vremen (On the edge of time) Russian classic heavy metal
AIRGED LAMH The Silver Arm (epic power metal)
AIRSPEED Airspeed – Contains the first Two Demos + Bonus (1984/1985) Jolly Roger Records
AKELA Fog A dalom (Power/thrash)
ALASTOR Spaaazm (Digipack, thrash metal) Metal Mundus
Albion Death of King Fantasy power metal a la early Epidemia
Alekseyevskaya Ploshchad Longer Than a Century Melodic hard 'n' heavy
ALES BRICHTA (ex-ARAKAIN) Ledac pokladu (1998) Popron
ALESTORM Back Through Time (folk metal) Napalm
ALEXEY STRIKE (ex. MASTER, EPIDEMIA) Time of the full moon (classic heavy metal)
Alexey Strike (MASTER, EPIDEMIA, PILIGRIM) Rozhdennyi pod znakom ognya 2009 Heavy Metal
Alkateya Lycantrophy (Classic heavy metal) Eat Metal Records
ALKOHOLIZER Drunk or Dead (Thrash Metal) Punishment 18 records
ALLTHENIKO We will Fight (thrash/power) My Graveyard Productions
ALLYJ RASSVET Wings of the angel Melodic Heavy/Power ala Epidemia, Arda
ALMA FUERTE (ex- HERMETICA) A Fondo Blanco (power/thrash/speed)
ALMA FUERTE (ex- HERMETICA) ALMA FUERTE (power/thrash/speed)
ALMA FUERTE (ex- HERMETICA) Mundo Guanaco (power/thrash/speed)
Almah (ex. Angra) Fragile Equality (power metal)
ALTAR OF OBLIVION Sinews of anguish (Epic Heavy/Doom Metal) Shadow kingdom
Al'virius Beyond the Human Nation (progressive thrash)
Amalgama Sui-Generis (power metal, 2002)
AMALTEYA Book of mortal names (Книга Мёртвых Имён) Russian power metal
AMON RA In the company of the gods + bonus ( 1992, US power metal) Steel Legacy
AMSTERDAM DEVIL´S JAM-stoned again (Bums 1995) Holland
AMULANCE FEEL THE PAIN (US power, 1989, 1st press!!!) New Renaissance Records
Amulance The Rage Within: and the Aftermath (US power/speed, 1987/89) Stormspell
ANCESTRAL The Ancient Curse (power/speed) Underground symphony
Ancient Dome Human key (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Ancient Dome Perception of this World Punishment 18 Records
ANDI DERIS (Helloween, ex-Pink Cream 69) “Come in from the rain” Snapper
ANDRALLS ANDRALLS + 2 bonus tracks (Thrash metal) American Line Productions
ANDRALLS Breakneck (thrash metal) Distro rock records
ANDREY SMIRNOV (ex-Shadow Host, ex-D.I.V.А., ex-Master, ex-Epidemia, now UDO guitar!) Adrenaline 2012 Russian Heavy Metal
ANGEL WITCH "Angel Witch" + 6 bonus tracks (NWOBHM, 1980) Castle, 1998
ANGEL WITCH Angel Witch + 10 bonus tracks (Japanese Edition with OBI) Universal
ANGEL WITCH Angel Witch: 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION + 10 bonus tracks Sanctuary
ANGELOT GUERREROS (original private pressing, power/speed) Selfrelease
ANGELS OF BABYLON (ex- Manowar) THUNDERGOD (digi) Scarlet
ANGELUS DOS (HEAVY THRASH METAL) American Line Productions
Angkor Wat When Obscenity Becomes.../Corpus Christi (US Thrash Metal, 1989/1990) Metal Blade
ANGRA "Evil warning" (1994, Japan cd) Victor, 1994
ANGRA Angel's Cry + Holy Land (2CD, power/speed metal, 1993/1996) Steamhammer
ANGUISH FORCE Anguish Force (power-speed, Digi) Self-release
ANGUISH FORCE City Of Ice (Digi) Self-release
ANGUISH FORCE Cry Gaia cry + 3 video tracks (true power/speed) My Graveyard Productions
ANGUISH FORCE Invincible Impervium Italicum (true power/speed) My Graveyard Production
ANIHILATED Path to Destruction (1986, UK Cult thrash) Area Death
ANIHILATED Scorched earth policy (UK Cult thrash) Killer Metal 2010
ANIMAL (ex-WASP members) 900 Lb Steam (US heavy metal) Perris Records
ANIMETAL Animetal Lady Sanjyou (Jap CDs) Sony, 1997
ANJ Under an Intent Sight Russian power/thrash
ANNATHEMA Annathema (speed/thrash, 1989) Area Death
ANNATHEMA Empire of Noise +live (speed/thrash, 1991 CD/DVD) Area Death
ANNIHILATOR Set the World on Fire (thrash, 1993, 1 st press) Epic
ANNIHILATOR Set the world on fire + bonus cd (2 cd) Roadrunner
ANNIHILATOR Set the world on fire Roadrunner, 1993
Answer, The Everyday Demons (Ltd Ed 2CD digibook) (hard rock) Albert productions
Answer, The Rise (Ltd Ed 2CD with slipcase) (hard rock) Albert productions
ANTHEM (Japan) Gypsy Ways (classic heavy metal, 1988) Music for Nations
ANTHEM (Japan) Hunting time (80-s heavy metal) MFN, 1989
ANTHEM (Japan) No Smoke Without A Fire (classic heavy metal, 1990) Music for Nations
ANTHEM (Japan) Tightrope (classic heavy metal, 1986) King Recs
ANTHRAX AMONG THE LIVING (1987, early press, no ifpi code!) Megaforce
Anthrax Persistence of Time (1990) Island/Universal
ANTHRAX Return of the killer A's (thrash, 17 tracks) Spitfire
ANTI “Anger” (Thrash Metal)
Antikira Antikira 2011 Heavy/Thrash Metal
Anvil Bitch "Rise To Offend" (1986, Classic US Speed/Thrash) New Reneissance
APOCALIPSIS (Mex) / PUNO DE HIERRO Apocalipsis (1991) / Ten fe en dios (1990) Hot metal records
APOCALIPSIS (TREN LOCO) Endemoniado (demos 1985-1988, 2005) Digipack Yugular
APOCRYPHA Area 54 (US heavy metal, 1990) Bootleg press
ARAKAIN Apage satanas (speed-thrash) Popron
ARAKAIN Archeology (power/speed/thrash,1982-1988) Popron
ARAKAIN Farao (power/speed/thrash) Popron
ARAKAIN Forest Gump (power/speed/thrash) Popron
ARAKAIN Metalmorfoza (thrash) Sony/BMG
ARAKAIN S.O.S. (power/speed/thrash, 1996) Popron
ARAKAIN Salto Mortale (thrash-power, 1993) Popron
ARAKAIN Vol.15 1&2 (2CD, power/speed/thrash) Popron 1998
ARBITRATOR (Rus) PEACE BY FORCE Old school Thrash Metal
ARCH RIVAL Third degree burns (US classic heavy) B.O. Records
ARCHONTES "Saga of eternity" + 2 bonus tracks (Russian power/speed)
ARCHONTES "The world where shadows come to life" (Russian power/speed) Valiant/ Metal Agen
ARCHONTES "The world where shadows come to life" (Russian power/speed, good offer only!) Valiant/ Metal Agen
ARCHONTES Book One: The Child of Two Worlds power
ARCTIC FLAME Declaration (power metal) Pure steel records
ARCTIC FLAME Primeval aggressor (Great new us epic/power metal!) Battle cry records
ARDA (ex-EPIDEMIA) "O Skitaniyakh Vechnykh I O Zemle" (melodic heavy/power (ex-singer of Epidemia)
ARDA (ex-EPIDEMIA) Exorcist (EP) 2005 Power Metal
ARDA (ex-EPIDEMIA) More ischezayuschih vremen 2007 Power Metal
AREA The falcon (German Power/Speed Metal) Fox Records, 1997
AREA The falcon (German Power/Speed Metal, 1st press) Clockwork Records
ARENA Caught in the act (progressive, DVD) Metal Mind
ARES Ares 2008 Epic Heavy Metal
ARGIR Light of silver (heavy metal, Aria records)
ARIA "All clips"+ bonus video clips DVD
ARIA "Chimera" (last copy!!! Good offer) 2000
ARIA "Shtil'" (The calm) (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA (feat. KIPELOV and MAVRIN) «Hero of the speedway» : 20 years (2008) (DVD)
ARIA “Blood for blood” (last copy!!! Good offer)) 1991
ARIA «Generator of evil» 1998
ARIA «Night is shorter than the day» 1995
ARIA «Playing with fire" (last copy!!! Good offer) 1989
ARIA A Tribute to ARIA
ARIA Christening By Fire (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) part 1(CD)
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) part 1(DVD)
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) part 2 (CD)
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) part 2 (DVD)
ARIA Made in Russia (DVD)
ARIA Megalomania (last copy!!! Good offer) 1985
ARIA Phoenix + bonus tracks 2011
ARIA Phoenix 2011
ARIA Pljaska Ada (Dance of hell) (2007) DVD
ARIA Whom Are You With? (last copy!!! Good offer) 1986
ARIDA VORTEX Flames Of Sunset (Russian power-speed)
ARIDA VORTEX Invisible Tension (2011) power/speed
ARKANGEL Rock Nacional + Bonus Tracks (80-s classic metal)
ARKAYIC REVOLT Death's River (Old school Thrash Metal) Punishment 18 Records
ARKTIDA (ex-Citadel (Rus) members) "Through the Centuries" (2011) Russian Heavy/Power Metal
ARKTIDA “My friend” 2012 Russian Power metal
ARMAGEDDON Egyptian suite Karthago records
ARMORED SAINT Delirious Nomad (Classic US heavy metal, 1985) Metal Blade, 1995
ARMORED SAINT March of the Saint (Classic US heavy metal, 1983) Metal Blade, 1995
ARMORED SAINT Raising Fear (Classic US heavy metal, 1987) (1st pressing) Chrysalis, 1987
ARMORED SAINT Raising Fear (Classic US heavy metal, 1987) Metal Blade, 1995
ARMORED SAINT Symbol of salvation (US 80-s heavy metal, first pressing) Metal Blade/MFN, 1991
ARMOUR Armour (classic heavy/power metal, 2009) Primitive Reaction
ARMOUR Sonichouse Tape (chinese edition) AreaDeath Productions
ARMOUR Sonichouse tape (classic heavy metal, european version) Selfrelease
ARSENIC (FRA) Etats durgences (Speed Metal) Brennus
ARSENIC (FRA) Lady sniper (Speed Metal) Brennus
Artension Into The Eye Of The Storm Shrapnel 1996
ARTERIA (EX-ARIA, EX-KIPELOV, LEGION) “Searching the new life” ("V poiskah novoy zhizni")
ARTERIA (EX-ARIA, EX-KIPELOV, LEGION) Flight to the light + 2 bonus tracks (Ltd edition!)
ARTHEMIS "Back From The Dead" (power speed, digipack) Underground Symphony
ARTILLERY Fear of tomorrow / Terror squad (1985/1987) Roadracer, 1990
ARTILLERY Fear of tomorrow + Terror squad (2 cd set) Neat/Rock brigade, 1999
ARTILLERY Fear of tomorrow Axe killer
ASGARD (GER) Dark horizons + 7 bonus tracks (80-s power/speed, including Grave Digger members) Karthago records
Asgård (RUS) House of ashes + bonus track (2012) Progressive Power Metal
Asgård (RUS) On the verge (2008) Progressive Power Metal
Asgarth (Spain) Jainkoen Eoitza (power metal, 1999) IZ Rock
Aska Nine Tongues (US True metal, 1st press)
ASMODEUS (CZE) Na jehlach (Progressive thrash) Avik, 2000
Aspire In defiance of Fortune (US power metal)
ASSEEDIO Disclosing (Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal) 2002
Astaroth (Brazil) Na Luz Da Conquista + 2 bonus tracks (1986,heavy metal) Doctor Rock records
Astaroth / Lords Of The Crimson Alliance ‎– The Long Loud Silence - Lords Of The Crimson Alliance (Slipcase, classic 80-s heavy metal) Hot Metal Records
ASTRAL DOORS Astralism + Raiders of the Ark (2 cd) (classic heavy metal ala DIO 1983-85) Hellion
ASTRAL DOORS Evil Is Forever Locomotive Records
ASTRAL DOORS Of The Son and the Father (classic heavy metal ala DIO 1983-85) Hellion
ASTRAL DOORS Raiders of the Ark (classic heavy metal ala DIO 1983-85) Locomotive records
Astrum et Abyssum (aka Heaven and Hell) Ritual (German heavy metal ala DORO) STF, 2010
Athaxia El Fin De La Inocencia (Power Metal) Alterock, 2009
ATLAIN G.o.e + Bonus Tracks (German 80-s speed metal) Shark/Cult Metal Classics
ATOMIK COCKTAIL (ex Breaker (USA)) Metal rages on (US classic heavy metal) Retrospect records
ATTACK Destinies of war (Original, 1st pressing, used) ZYX, 1989
ATTACK Return of the evil (German power/speed, 1985) Greek bootleg
ATTACK The secret place (1995, epic power/speed metal) Steel legacy
ATTACKER The second coming + Bonus tracks (US 80-s speed metal) Sentinel Steel
ATTACKER The unknown + 3 bonus tracks (US 80-s classic power metal) Sentinel Steel
ATTOMICA ATTOMICA (80-s thrash, 1987) Kill Again Records
AUGUST Demon + bonus tracks (1987) Russian Heavy Metal
AUGUST Otvetniy Udar + bonus tracks (1989) Russian Heavy Metal
AUGUST Za Chertoi (Behind the Line) Russian classic heavy metal
AVALANCH Dias de gloria + 1 bonus track (melodic speed metal )
AVALANCH El angel caido (melodic speed metal )
AVALANCH La llama eterna (melodic speed metal, 1997)
AVALANCH La llama eterna (Power-speed metal)
AVALANCH Llanto de un heroe (melodic speed metal )
AVALANCH Los Poetas Han Muerto (2003, heavy/power)
AVARIA «Avaria» (ex.- Aria)
AVENGER (pre- Rage, Ger.) “Prayers of steel”/"Depraved to black” (1985/1986m, german power/speed) GUN Records
AVENGER (UK) Blood Sports (NWOBHM, 1984) Frontline
AVENGER (UK) Killer Elite (NWOBHM, 1985) Frontline
AVENTAIL Poisk puti (Searching the path) 2008 Power Metal
AVERSION The ugly truth (speed/thrash) Medusa/Armageddon, 1991
AVIAN From The Depths Of Time (US power) Massacre records
AXAT Seven years later Digip. (hard'n'heavy from Bulgaria) Harbour Island 1998
AXE BATTLER Axe battler (power metal) Evil Confrontation Records
AXEHAMMER Windrider (US 80-s power metal) Sentinel Steel
Axel Rudi Pell Oceans of time (1998) SPV
AXEVYPER AXEVYPER (power) My Graveyard Productions
Axtion Look Out For The Night/Live (US classic heavy metal, 1985) Bootleg
AXXIS II (German melodic heavy metal) EMI, 1990
AXXIS II 1990 Agat pressing
AXXIS Kingdom of the night (1989) Electrola/EMI
AZRAEL (SPAIN) Libre (power/speed)
AZTRA Insurgente + 2 extra tracks (Heavy/Power Metal)
BACKWATER Revelation / Final Strike + 2 bonus tracks (Thrash/Speed Metal from Germany a la Living Death) Old Metal Records
BALFLARE Tempest (Japanese Epic/Power Metal, with OBI)
BALISTIK KICK Destroy (US power-speed-thrash) Brennus
BALLISTIC (JAG PANZER) Ballistic (80-s US power) Metal Blade
BANG Sucumbir o Reaccionar 2010
BANSHEE (US) Take 'Em By Storm (classic US 80-heavy metal) Snowblind Records
BANZAI Banzai (80-s heavy metal , 1983) EMI, 2000
BANZAI Duro y potente (80-s heavy metal , 1984) Warner music, 2002
BARILARI Barilari (feat. Rata Blanca, Nightwish members) Drakkar
BARON ROJO Siempre estais alli (1986, heavy metal) Serdisco
BARON ROJO Baron en divino (DVD)
BARON ROJO Twenty plus (early 80-s classic heavy)
BARON ROJO Ultimas mentes Icarus
BARON ROJO Volumen Brutal (English language version, classic heavy metal, 1982) Zafiro/BMG, 1996
Barren Cross Rock for the King (US classic heavy metal, 1986) Star song, 1986 (1st press)
BARSA Hands-wings 2007 Hard'n'Heavy
BARSOOM Under the moons of mars Power Speed Metal
BAST Zemì Vlku (Power/Thrash Metal) Metal Swamp
Bastion Of Destiny Life Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007)
BATTLE BRATT Battle Bratt + Bonus tracks (80-s heavy metal) Battle cry records
BATTLE BRATT The Anthology (80-s heavy metal) Battle cry records
Battle Ram Smash The Gates (true power, incl. Angel Witch cover) My Graveyard Production
BATTLEAXE Nightmare zone (1987, classic NWOBHM/ 80-s classic heavy metal)
BEAST OF PREY (GER) Dirty Details (Hard'n'heavy ala смесь AC/DC / Sweet / Motley Crue, Backing Vocals- Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear)
BEEHLER (ex-Exciter) MESSAGES TO THE DEAD High Roller Records
BEFORE EDEN "The Legacy Of Gaia" [Limit Edit w/ 4 Bonus] Rock it up records
BEHOLDER "The Legend Begins" (power metal)
BEJELIT Ages of war (True Heavy Metal)
BEJELIT Hellgate (Heavy/Power Metal) Punishment 18 Records
BEJELIT You Die and I (True HEAVY/POWER METAL) Punishment 18 Records
Believer Dimensions (US thrash, 1993) Metal mind
BELLA BESTIA Bella Bestia (Spanish Heavy Metal, 1984) Foque records
Bella Bestia Lista Para Matar-No Carino No! (80's melodic metal from Spain, 1986/88, 2Cd set) Foque Recs
Beowulf Slice Of Life (US NWOBHM styled metal, 1980) Metal Legions
BETOKEN - Days Of The Apocalypse Steelheart records
BETOKEN Dead soul insomnia (power) Old Ones
Bio-Cancer Ear Piercing Thrash (Thrash Metal) Athens Thrash Attack
BISS (ex LETTER X) Joker in the deck (2003) Point Music
BISS Biss (2001) Barlfy Music
BITCH A Rose by Any Other Name (80-s heavy metal, 1989) Metal Blade Records 3984-14214-2
BITCH Be my Slave / Damnation Alley (US 80-s heavy metal) Metal Blade
BITCH The Bitch Is Back (US heavy metal) Metal Blade
BLACK ABYSS Angels Wear Black (German power metal) Massacre records
BLACK ABYSS Land of darkness German power metal Irond/B.O. Records
BLACK COFFEE Alexandria (Russian hard'n'heavy)
BLACK DEAL ESCAPE (heavy/thrash) Andromeda Relix
BLACK DESTINY Black is where our…. (German power/speed) Iron Glory
BLACK KNIGHT BLACK KNIGHT ("Master of Disaster" + bonus tracks - Classic Canadian Heavy Metal, 1985) Cult Metal Classics
BLACK OBELISK "One more day" + bonus tracks (with English lyrics) (last copy!!! Good offer)
BLACK OBELISK "The wall"+ bonus tracks (last copy!!! Good offer)
BLACK OBELISK 20 years and one more day… (DVD+CD digibook with original album "The wall" 1991 - 1st heavy/thrash version)
BLACK OBELISK Friday 13 2005 Heavy Metal
BLACK OBELISK Pepel (Dust) (2002) + Songs for radio (EP, 2000) 2005 Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH Cross purposes (1st press) IRS records, 1994
BLACK SABBATH Eternal Idol (1987) Essential
BLACKNESS Dawn of the new sun (thrash) Thundering/Wagram
BLACKSMITH (USA) Fire from within+ Blacksmith (EP) (US Power metal 1989/1985)
BLACKSMITH (USA) Strike While the Iron’s Hot (CD+DVD) (US power metal) Heaven & Hell
BLACKSMITH (USA) Time Out of Mind (US power metal) Heaven & Hell
Blatant Disarray Blatant Disarray (US Thrash Metal, 2002) Self-release
BLAZE (ex- Iron Maiden) As Live As It Gets (2 cd) Steamhammer/SPV
BLIND GUARDIAN Another Stranger Me (compilation rare and B-sides, total 16 tracks) bootleg 2007
BLIND GUARDIAN Imaginations from the other side (1995, 1st press) Virgin
BLIND GUARDIAN Imaginations from the other side / Mirror Mirror (EP) Agat pressing
BLIND GUARDIAN Mirror Mirror Virgin, 1998
BLIND GUARDIAN Nightfall in the Middle Earth Century Media
BLIND GUARDIAN Tales from the twilight world (1990, power / speed) Virgin
BLIND ROVER 10 let skitaniy (great power/speed ala Running Wild) 2009
Bloden-Wedd Eye Of Horus (power/speed) Risestar 2005
Blodwen Black Symphony + 2 bonus tracks (Female singer fronted gothic/melodic metal) Red Rivet Records
BLOKE Demolicion + bonus tracks (classic heavy metal 1984) Hurling Metal
Blood Covered Wrong Direction (epic heavy metal) Solistitium records
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS In The Grave (ala early Death SS)
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS Let the war begin (dark epic horror metal ala early Death SS)
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS Let The War Begin (epic horror heavy/doom ala DEATH SS, 1st press)
BLOODGOOD Detonation (1st press) Alarma records, 1987
BLOODGOOD Out of the Darkness (1st press)
BLOODSTAINED Greetings from hell (Digi, epic true metal) Cult Metal Classics
BLOODY SIX "In the Name of Blood"(power/heavy, 1984) Blower
BO2 1986-1991 (80-s Speed Metal) Sounds Metal Productions
BOMBARDER Ima li zivota prije smrti (speed/thrash) Metal Warning 2011
BOMBARDER Ledena Krv (speed-thrash, 2006, with bonus tracks) Utterly Somber Creations
BOMBARDER Speed kill (speed-thrash, 1989, 1st press) Walk records
BONDED BY BLOOD Feed The Beast (Great US 80-s thrash/speed) Earache
BOOMERANG "Weaveworld" (German power metal) Self-release
BOOMERANG Balance of Hate (German power metal) Self-release
BOOMERANG Sounds of Sirens (German power metal) Pure steel records, 2008
Borrowed Time Arcane Metal Arts (US epic heavy metal ala Manilla Road, 2012) Arcane Metal Arts
Boston Boston (hard rock, 1976) Epic
Bothers No Way Out (Thrash Metal) EBM Records
BRAINSTORM "Hungry" (1st pressing) B.O. Records, 1997
BRAINSTORM Ambiguity (German power metal) Metal Blade
Brainstorm Soul Temptation (CD + DVD digipack) Metal Blade Records
BRAINSTORM Unholy (2 cds, digipack) Metal Blade
BRAINSTORM Unholy (German power/speed) (rare first pressing) B.O. Records, 1998
BRAINSTORM Unholy + bonus track (German power/speed) (metal box, limited edition) B.O. Records, 1998
Brat Sword & Stone (80-s heavy metal) Retrospect
BREGMA Miedo de ser (Power/thrash) Cervi, 2005
BRIAR Take On the World + 2 bonus tracks (1986, NWOBHM/heavy metal) Battle cry
BRIDE Show No Mercy / Silence Is Madness (US classic heavy metal) Selfrelease
BRIDE Silence is madness (80-s US power metal) Communique records, 1990
Bride Silence is Madness 1989/2011 (digi) Retroactive Records
BRIDE SNAKES IN THE PLAYGROUND (US heavy metal, 1992) STARSONG (1st pressing)
BROCAS HELM Black Death (original 1st pressing on Gargoyle records) (Epic 80-s heavy metal) Gargoyle records
BROCAS HELM Black death + bonus (US epic heavy metal 1988) Eat Metal
Broken Glazz Divine (1991) + Broken Glazz (demo 1990) (Thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Broken Glazz Withdraw From Reality + 2 bonus tracks+3 video (italian technical Thrash metal, 1992) Punishment 18 Records
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) “Balls to Picasso” (1994) Air Raid records
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) «Chemical wedding" (1998) Air Raid records
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) Balls to Picasso (Mercury Records, 1994)
BUFFALO Ride the beast + bonus tracks (NWOBHM) Karthago records
BULLET (Sweden) Speeding in the night (heavy metal) Agonia 2003
BURNING IN HELL Believe (power/speed ala early Blind Guardian)
BURNING IN HELL Burning in Hell (power/speed ala early Blind Guardian)
CACOPHONY (Marty Friedman) Go off! (US guitar speed metal, 1988) Shrapnel
CACOPHONY (Marty Friedman) Speed Metal Symphony (US guitar speed metal, 1987) Shrapnel
Cadela Maldita First Lesson Hate (thrash metal/crossover) Self-release
CAGE "Darker Than Black" + bonus track (Sealed limited edition with 3-D cover) Massacre
CAGE UNVEILED (US true power/heavy) Omega Records
Cain's Dinasty Madmen, Witches and Vampires (Power metal from Spain) Red Rivet Records
CALIBOS Calibos (80-s power/speed/thrash metal, 1992)
Callisto Callisto Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007). Slipcase
CALVÁRIO Ixoye + 3 bonus tracks (1993, Epic/Doom/Heavy Metal) Blood & Iron
CANDLEMASS "Chapter vi" (1st press) MFN, 1992
CANDLEMASS Epicus doomicus metallicus (1986, 1st press) BLACK DRAGON
CANDLEMASS Epicus doomicus metallicus (1986, classical doom, US pressing) Black Dragon / Leviathan,1994
CANDLEMASS Live (japaneese cd) Metal Blade/WB
CANNON Back in business (german heavy metal ala UDO, ACCEPT, TRANCE) Metal Mayhem Records
CANNON BURNING LOVE (digi) (heavy metal) YesterRock
CANNON Thunder and Lighting (German classic heavy metal, 1988) Metal Mayhem Records
CANNON Thunder and lightning (German heavy metal, 1988, 1st press) 2xl records
Carcará/ Eternal Violence – split Resistência do Metal Satânico (thrash metal) Jazigo Distro
Cardinal Sin Ressurection+4 Bonus (80-s Thrash Metal) Khaosmaster
Carrion Evil is There! + bonus tracks (Speed/thrash, 1986) Blower
CASABLANCA Sands of wasted time (Rare power metal from Portugal, 1996)
CATHARSIS "Dea" / "Febris erotica" power
CATHARSIS "Prizrachniy svet" + multimedia bonus
CATHARSIS Imago (English language version) power
CATHARSIS Imago (Russian language version) power
CATHARSIS Svetliy album (Light album) 2010 (digi) power metal
CATHARSIS Wings (Krylja)
CAULDRON (Canada) Chained to the Nite + bonus tracks (Limited edition 2cd, Traditional Heavy Metal) Earache
CAULDRON BORN Born of the Cauldron (Original, 1st pressing) Underground Symphony
CEM KOKSAL Siyah Beyaz Masallar (neoclassical metal) Baletplak
CENTAUR God complex (progressive power) B.O. Records, 1998
Centre of Gravity (Центр тяжести) Game Heavy metal
CENTURIAS Ultima noite (EP)/ Ninja+3 bonus tracks (Classic 80-s heavy metal, 1986/1988)
CEREBUS Too late to pray + bonus tracks (80-s speed metal) Cult Metal Classics
Cessation Of Life Path Of Totality (US power/thrash)
CETI (ex- Turbo) Czarna roza +bonus (1989/2004) Oskar
CHAINSAW (Ger) Hell's Burning Up + 6 bonus tracks (80-s power/speed) Cult Metal Classics
Chainsaw Killer Nemesis of Jesus Christ (blackened speed/ thrash metal) Warhymns Records
CHARIOT (UK) Burning Ambition (NWOBHM, 1986) Majestic Rock
Chariot (UK) Sweating Blood - Live At The Marquee 86 (DVD) Majestic Rock
CHARIZMA “Disconnect from the Net” (classic heavy metal, EP, digipack) 2009
CHARIZMA Power & Faith 2011 Russian classic heavy metal
Chimaera Myths And Legends (Digi, German Epic/Power Metal) Private
Chinchilla Horrorscope (German power metal) Point
CHROMING ROSE Pressure (German power metal, 1992) EMI
CHRONOSPHERE Embracing oblivion (thrash, 2014) Punishment 18 Records
CIRITH UNGOL "Paradise lost" (1991, US epic true heavy metal)
CIRITH UNGOL Frost and Fire + bonus (80-s US heavy metal) Metal Blade
CIRITH UNGOL King of the dead + bonus track (US epic metal, 1984) Metal Blade
CIRITH UNGOL One Foot In Hell (1986, US 80-s epic heavy metal) Metal Blade
Cirith Ungol Servants Of Chaos (2CD) Metal Blade
CITADEL (Rus) Game of light and shadow power/speed
CLAIRVOYANT Fighter`s Soul (epic heavy metal 80-х, cover VIRGIN STEELE - Don't say goodbye) Unisound
CLOVEN HOOF A sultan's ransom + 4 bonus tracks (NWOBHM, 1989)
COBRA (Columbia) Grito en el Abismo (thrash speed, 1st press) SoundTech
COBRA (Columbia) Grito en el Abismo + 2 bonus tracks (Colombian thrash speed metal with german touches, Remastered) American Line Productions
COBRA (ex- Krokus) First Strike (melodic metal, 1983) Sony, 1992
COBRA (Peru) "Lethal Strike" (80-s Heavy/Speed Metal) Austral Holocaust Productions
COBRA (Peru) / Skull (Columbia) "Poison In The Bones" (80-s Heavy/Speed Metal/80-s thrash/speed) Austral Holocaust Productions
COCOBAT Cocobat Crunch (1993, japanese thrash) Toy's Factory
COCOBAT Tsukiookami (japanese thrash) Toy's Factory
COLD SWEAT (IRONCROSS) Broadcast interference (80-s heavy metal/ NWOBHM) Private/Metal Warning
COMMANDMENT Engraved in stone (US power metal) Arkeyn Steel
COMMANDO Fuckaholics (speed/thrash) Ablaze Productions
COMMANDO Sudden Invasion (speed/thrash) Grenade records
CONCEPT Reason and Truth (melodic power) Underground Symphony
CONCEPT The divine cage (progressive power-speed, digipak) Underground Symphony
CONCEPTION (pre - KAMELOT) Parallel Minds Noise, 1993
CONQUEST (UKR) "IV" Power/Speed Metal
CONQUEST (UKR) Empire (2009) power/speed ala Gamma Ray (1995-97)
CONQUEST (UKR) The endless power (power-speed ala Gamma Ray, 1st press)
CONSPIRACY Crippled Invaders (Speed/Thrash Metal with Black Obelisk cover, ltd edition - 155/500) Athens thrash attack
CONVICTED Convicted (Thrash/Speed Metal) Slaney
CONVIXION Metal drinking conspiracy (old school heavy / speed / thrash metal)
CORONER Mental vortex (good offer only!) Soyuz music/Noise pressing
CORONER R.i.p. (good offer only!) Soyuz music/Noise pressing
COURAGE Eternal game (Vechnaya igra) Heavy Metal ala Aria
COVEN Blessed is the Black (US 80-power/thrash) Bootleg press
CREATURE Way to paradise + 3 bonus tracks (Classic 80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
CRIME No cure (Melodic metal)
Crimson Fire (Grc) Metal is back (Heavy/Power Metal) Iron On Iron
CRIMSON GLORY Strange and Beautiful (1991) (Cut Out) Atlantic
CRIMSON GLORY Transcendence 1988 Roadrunner
CRIMSON WIND "The Wings Of Salvation" [Limit Edit w/ 2 Bonus] Rock it up records
CRIPTAL EL AMANECER DE LA ESPERANZA (Power metal/ Heavy metal from Argentina)
CROM (GER) Vengeance (Power/Viking) Pure Steel
CROM Steel for an Age/Wasteland (80-s speed) Hot Metal  
CRONOS Rules - Antologia 1985-2004 (thrash, digipack) Ariah
CRUCIFIED MORTALS Crucified mortals (US Thrash Metal ala Torture)
Crush Kingdom Of The Kings + Bonus (Epic Power Metal)
CRYING STEEL The Steel is back! (power) My Graveyard Production
CRYSTAL EYES World of black and silver (power/speed) Abs records
CRYSTAL VIPER Crimen Excepta + 2 bonus tracks Power/Heavy Metal Fono
CRYSTAL VIPER Metal nation (Classic 80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
CRYSTAL VIPER The curse of Crystal Viper (True 80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
CRYSTAL VIPER The last axeman (Classic 80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
CU (NU) Cuentos de ayer y de hoy Zafiro
CUSTARD For My King + bonus track (German power-speed metal) Hellion records
Cyclone (Belg.) Inferior To None (1990, thrash) Bootleg
D.I.V. (Д.И.В.) ...still alive Vol. II (...еще жив Vol II) thrash
D.I.V. (Д.И.В.) Werewolf (aka Оборотень) thrash
D.I.V.А. Angel of light 2008 heavy power metal
D.R.I. The Dirty Rotten CD (1983+1984(EP)+bonus tracks) Beer City
DAJ (aka DAI) "Vinoven tem chto zhiv" (Russian thrash metal ala early Anthrax, Metallica)
DAMIEN Angel Juice (80-s power metal) Bootleg press
DANTESCO Pagano (Epic/Doom Metal, original 1st press) Coqui Satanico Records
DANTESCO Pagano + 2 bonus tracks CRUZ DEL SUR
DANTESCO We Don't Fear Your God (epic heavy metal) Inframundo records
DANZIG Archive de la morte live (DVD)
DANZIG Black aria Plan 9
DANZIG Danzig (1988)
DARAY Ache of mercy (German progressive thrash) Self-release
DARK ANGEL Leave scars (US thrash, 1989, sealed) Century media
DARK ANGEL Time does not heal (US thrash, 1991, sealed) Century media
DARK ANGEL We Have Arrived (speed/thrash, 1985) Axekiller
DARK HORIZON Dark Light's Shades (power metal) Northwind records
DARK HORIZON Son Of Gods (power metal) Steelborn
DARK LORD The metal years: 1982-1985 (First band of Alex Masi. Classic 80-s heavy metal) Steelheart records
DARK LORD The NightTime Years: 1986 - 1988 (classic 80-s heavy metal) Heart of steel, 2008
DARK QUARTERER Symbols (epic heavy metal) My Graveyard
DARK QUARTERER War tears (Epic metal, 1991) My Graveyard Productions
DARKEST ERA The last caress of light (folk heavy metal, digipack) Metal Blade
DARKNESS ”Conclusion & Revival”+ 6 bonus tracks (German speed/thrash, 1989) Battle cry records
DARKNESS Bocholt live squad, 1987 (with unreleased song, German 80-s thrash) Battle cry records
DARKNESS Deathsquad (German thrash/speed, 1987) Battle cry records
DARKNESS Defenders of justice + 8 Bonus tracks (German speed/thrash, 1987) Battle cry records
DAVID SHANKLE GROUP (ex- Manowar) Ashes to Ashes (true heavy metal) Nuclear blast
DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (heavy/power metal) Escape records, 2007
DAYS OF YORE The mad gods rage (Great speed metal, 1997) Thunder
DEAD CALM NO WAY OUT (US heavy/power metal, 1991)
DEADXHEAD "Regressive By Default" speed/thrash ala Megadeth 90-92
DEALER First Strike + 2 bonus tracks (NWOBHM, 1986) No Remorse records
Death Angel Act III (US thrash)
Death Dealer (pre - Deaf Dealer) Coercion to kill + 6 bonus tracks (US 80-s heavy metal) Cult Metal Classics
Death Mask Split the Atom+ bonus tracks (1986, Speed/Thrash Metal ala Exciter) Retrospect
DEATH MECHANISM (Italy) HUMAN ERROR .. GLOBAL TERROR Ultra fast and aggressive thrash metal without compromises! 100% mosh! 100% stage dive! 100% oldschool thrashmetal! Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies!
DEATH SS "BARON SAMEDI" (1997 MCD, digipack) Lucifer's rising
DEATH SS Let the sabbath begin (2CD Digipack 2001 sealed) Lucifer's rising
DEATH WARRANT Time of dying + bonus tracks (1986, speed/thrash) Utterly Somber
Deathrage Down In The Depth Of Sickness Punishment 18 Records
Deathrage Self Conditioned,Self Limited Punishment 18 Records
DEATHROW Raging steel (German 80-s thrash/speed) (First Brazil limited issue, 500 copies)
Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER) Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down (US classic heavy metal, cut out) Koch, 2000
DEEP PURPLE In concert with London symphonic orchestra (DVD- digipack)
DEEP SWITCH Nine Inches Of God + bonus track (NWOBHM/Heavy Metal, 1986, sealed) Self-release
DEF GAB C (Malaysia) Neolithic (melodic heavy metal, 2011) Digipack Universal
DEF LEPPARD Greatest Hits (Vault) Mercury
DEFENDER (Holland) Remaining Tales (80-s power/speed) Self-release
DEFENDER (Sweden) They came over the high pass (Dark power metal) Necropolis Records, 1995
DEFENDING THE FAITH Radical Change (German Heavy power metal) Shark
DEFORMITY “When Tomorrow Comes” 2012 Thrash metal
DEJA-VU Bullets to spare (German 80-s power metal) Karthago records
DEJA-VU Decibel disease (German 80-s power metal) Karthago records
DEKAPITATOR The Storm Before the Calm (speed/thrash)
DEKAPITED (Chile) “Contra Iglesia y Estado” (speed/thrash, limited edition, #26/666) Self-release
DELIVERANCE Assimilation + demo 2CD (US progressive thrash) Retroactive records
DELIVERANCE Deliverance + WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE (1989/1990, US Speed/Thrash) KMG Records 2-on-1 reissue
DEMENTAL Mental ed (classic 80-s metal)
DEMOLITION Out of noland (thrash from Austria) Gutter
DEMON Anthology (Classic 80-s heavy metal)
DEMON Night of the demon / The unexpected guest ZYX Metallic ZM CD 1003
DEMON PRAYERS Evoked the pain (thrash) Secret Port
DEMON The Plague (2 golden CDs, NWOBHM, 1983) AOR heaven
DEMONA (Chile) Metal through the time (speed metal, 2012) Dying Victims
DEMONA Speaking with the devil (speed metal) Infernö Records
DEMONLORD Helltrust (power-speed) Hammer records
DEMONS & WIZZARDS Touched by the Krimson King + bonus tracks (sealed digipack with poster)
DEMONS SEED Dawn of a new world (80-s power metal) Battle cry records
DENIAL PRICE "Farewell within remains" (Progressive Power Metal)
DESPAIR Beyond All Reason Century Media/1992
DESPAIR Decay Of Humanity (1991, 1st press) Century Media
Desperado (Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)) Ace (classic heavy metal, 1989)
Desperado (Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)) ACE Del Imaginario Discos
DESTILLERY Behind the mask (German 80-s heavy metal) Iron Glory records
DESTILLERY Immortal sun (German 80-s heavy metal) Iron Glory records
DESTINY'S END Transition (US power metal ala Helstar, c/o) Metal Blade
Destruction Sentence of Death / Infernal Overkill (German thrash) Steamhammer
DEVASTATE Armies of Hate 2006
DEVASTATION (Croatia) Complete devastation 1987-89 (speed/thrash) Area Death
DHAK Furia Demencial + bonus tracks (1992, Power Metal) Pacheco Records
DIGGER (GRAVE DIGGER) Stronger Than Evil (silver pressed bootleg) 1986
DILLINGER Horses & hawgs (Glam, cut out) JRS Records, 1991
DIO Dream Evil (1987) Vertigo
DIO Evil or divine (DVD, PAL, 0 region) Spitfire
DIO Sacred heart (1985) Vertigo
DIO Sacred heart (1985) Warner
DIO Sacred heart (mini-vinyl japan cd, OBI, 1985) UNIVERSAL MUSIC
DIO The last in line (1984) Vertigo
Dirges Altares De Sacrificio (speed/thrash metal) Pure metal Records
DISASTER Criaturas del mal (speed/thrash, 1st press)
DISASTER Criaturas del Mal + Desquiciado (speed/thrash) Rawforce productions
DISCORDIA Flashback Self-release
DISTANT THUNDER Welcome the end (US power speed, ex- Helstar, New Eden, Destiny's End, Seven witches) Hellion
DIVLJE JAGODE Od neba do neba (melodic metal) One records
DIVORCE TRIANGLE (1993) + DIVORCE (1991) (2 on 1) (progressive metal) Unisound
DOCTOR BUTCHER “Dr. Butcher” (ex. Savatage members, first pressing) G.U.N. records
DOGBANE Residual Alcatraz (Heavy/Doom Metal) Heaven and Hell Records
DOKKEN Japan live 95 (dvd)
DOKKEN Live from the sun (DVD)
DOM VETROV From the land 2008 Folk Heavy metal
DOMINE Champion Eternal (digi) Dragonheart, 1997
DOMINUS PRAELII Holding The Flag Of War (true power-speed metal, rare 1st edition) Megahard, 2000
DOMINUS PRAELII Holding The Flag Of War + 3 bonus tracks (true power-speed metal) Metal Fighters
DOMINUS PRAELII Keep the resistance (V.M.E. 2010)
Donor Triangle of the Lost (thrash, 1992) Mausoleum
DOOMSWORD Let Battle Commence (digi) Dragonheart
DORO Metal Queen (B-sides & Rarities) 2 CD Bootleg 2007
DR. BAD Kontaminacion r.a. (thrash, 1996) Self-release
Dr. Mastermind Dr. Mastermind (US power-speed, 1986) Shrapnel\Roadrunner, 1986
DRAGONFORCE Sonic Firestorm (Reissue CD+DVD) (power/speed) Spinefarm
DRAGONHEART Underdark (epic power speed metal, 1st press!) Megahard, 2000
DRAGONWYCK Born Into Madness (Progressive power/thrash) Nightmare Records
DRAKKAR (Italy) Quest For Glory (power/speed) Hellion records
DRAKKAR Gemini (Power/speed) Rock Brigade
DRAKKAR When Lightning Strikes My Kingdom Music
DRAMA (Italy) Once and for all + bonus tracks (hard'n'heavy, 1988) Metalmaster
DREAM EVIL United (2 cd limited edition) Century Media
DREAM THEATER Images & Words (1992, 1st pressing) Atco
DREAM WEAVER MYTHREAL (epic heavy metal) Eat metal records
DREAMTALE EPSILON (power/speed) IceWarrior Records
DRIFTER Nowhere to Hide (power/thrash/speed metal) Flametrader
DRIFTER THE DEMOS 1985 & 1986, (power/speed/thrash) Stormspell
DRIVE Characters in time (80-s US classic heavy metal)
DRIVE Diablero (US 80-heavy metal)
DRUNKARD Like Sin Explode (Old school Thrash Metal) Surgical Diathesis
DUNGEON (Australia) A rise to power + 2 bonus tracks (1st pressing) Metal Warriors, 2002
DUNGEON (Australia) One Step beyond (power/speed, 9 tracks, sealed) LMP
DUNGEON (Australia) One step beyond + bonus tracks (power/speed) Modern Invasion
DUNGEON (Australia) Resurrection (2CD digipack with 3 bónus tracks) LMP
DUNGEON (Australia) Resurrection (Original Warhead Records Release, 1999) Warhead Records
DUNGEON (Australia) Rising Power (power/speed) Modern Invasion
E.S.T. Electro Shock Therapy (1989) Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal
E.S.T. Evil rock Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal
E.S.T. Knife attack (Proba pera) + 1 bonus track (1991) Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal
E.S.T. Live in the Outskirts of Moscow (1992) Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal
E.S.T. Soul Therapy + 1 bonus video track Traditional/Thrash/Speed Metal
E.X.I.T. (ex. KOB) Past or Future? (Melodic Heavy Metal) Brennus
EAGLEHEART Moment Of Life (power metal) Metal Swamp
EARTHSHAKER Fugitive (Japan cd)
Earthshaker Midnight Flight (Classic melodic heavy metal, 1984, Japanese pressing) King Recs
EASY RIDER Regeneration (DIGIPACK) Locomotive
ECLIPSE HUNTER (Rus) Unlimited Edition (2011)
ECO (Spain) Replica (Melodic Hard'n'Heavy Metal) Santo Grial
EDHELLEN "Sangre y Anhelo" Spanish sympho power metal. 1 bonus track included. Red Rivet Records
EIDOLON Apostles of Defiance / Zero Hour 2 CD 2003 Metal Blade Records
EIDOLON The Parallel Otherworld Escapi Music
EIDOLON Zero hour (1st pressing!)
EKZISTENCIA The Storm Master 2008 Fantasy Power Metal
Eldritch El Niño (1st pressing) Inside out
Eldritch Headquake (1st pressing) Inside out
Eldritch Seeds Of Rage (1st pressing) Inside out
ELEGY Forbidden Fruit (progressive power, digipak + 3 bonus tracks) T&T
ELIMINATOR [Germany] Kriegthrash (speed metal) Dying Victims Prod
ELVENPATH Elvenpath (German Power Metal, 2011) Selfrelease
ELVENSTORM Of Rage & War (power) Inferno records
Embargo The red Tide (German power/speed, 1997)
EMERALD (Holland) Iron on Iron (80-s melodic power/speed, originally rleased as 'Down Town', 1985) Iron Glory Records
EMERALD / ORACLE - Armed for Battle / Selah (US 80-s power) Bootleg press
Emerald Sun Escape from Twilight Limb
EMPYRIA Behind closed doors (progressive power) Noise / T&T
ENCHANTER Symbols in stone (US epic true metal)
Endovein Waiting for Disaster (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Enforcer Violent Speed Assault (speed/thrash) Utterly Somber Creations
ENGRAVE LEGACY OF TIME (power metal) Megahard
Enola Gay Strange Encounter (power/thrash) Century Media
ENTROPY (Can) “Ashen Existence” (thrash/death, 1992, signed!!!) Self-release
EPIDEMIA Life in the twilight (Power Metal)
EPIDEMIA The Elven Manuscript + 1 bonus track (melodic power-speed feat. Aria, Master members)
EPIDEMIA The Elven Manuscript part 2 - Skazanie na vse vremena (2007) Power
EPIDEMIA Zagadka Volshebnoy Strany (Mystery of the Magic Country)
Epilepsia "Futuro Siniestro" (old school thrash metal) Digipack Austral Holocaust Productions
Epilepsia "Human Race Extermination (old school thrash metal) Austral Holocaust Productions
Epilepsia "Human Race Extermination (old school thrash metal) DIE HARD BOX - special limited box with patch, pin, and poster inside. Austral Holocaust Productions
EPIZOD Nashite koreni (epic folk heavy/doom 2006) self-release
EPIZOD Sweti Patriarh Ewtimii (epic heavy-doom) self-release
EPOHA “Молот Ведьм” 2012 Russian Power metal
Epoha Kleymo Vechnogo Dolga Russian epic heavy/power
ER MALAK 15th anniversity concert (DVD)
ER MALAK Lichno! + bonus tracks (speed/heavy)
ESSENZA Blind Gods And Revolutions (old school Heavy Metal) SG records
EUROFORCE (ex- Human Fortress) Euroforce (Digipack, neo-classic heavy metal ala Firewind, At Vance) Sonic Age Records
EVERDOME The crown (epic power metal) Selfrelease, 2001
EVIL FORCE "Ancient Spores" Speed/thrash Headbanger Force Productions
Evil Lives A True Metal Tribute To Black Sabbath (Iced Earth, Racer X, Jag Panzer, Primal Fear, Agent Steel etc)
EVIL OFFERING Wake up for another nightmare (speed/thrash)
EVILDEAD Live from the depths… (US 80-s speed/thrash) Steamhammer
EVILE Enter The Grave (speed/thrash) Earache
EVILTERROR Speed Metal Rulez (speed metal) Self-release
EX DANGER Tyrant into the west (80-s classic heavy metal)
EXCITER "Long live the loud" / "Feel the knife" (EP) (1985, speed metal) Megaforce
EXCITER “Unveiling the wicked” (speed metal, 1986) Bootleg
EXCITER Death Machine (speed metal) Del Imaginario Discos
EXCITER Exciter (80-s speed metal, 1988) Maze, 1988
EXCITER KILL AFTER KILL (small hole punch in the UPC code) Spy records (Made in Canada, 1993)
EXCITER New Testament (speed metal) Osmose
Exodus Force Of Habit (US thrash) Capitol
EXORCIZPHOBIA “Something is Wrong” (Speed/Thrash Metal) Maximed Records
EXTROVERT Awakening the ocean (power/prog)
Exxplorer Symphonies Of Steel+ 2 bonus tracks (US 80-s heavy metal) HM Heroes records
Eyefear 9 Elements of Inner Vision (CD+DVD, power, ex-Pegazus members)
Face to Face We love gas (heavy/thrash, 1996) Brennus
Faith And Fire (ex-Riot) Accelerator (melodic heavy metal)
FAITHFUL BREATH Back on my hill + Live (German 80-s heavy metal)
Faktor Straha (ex- Trizna) Teatr Voennih Deystviy. Akt 2 2006 thrash
Falcon Die Wontcha (classic doom)
FALCONER Grime vs Grandeur + bonus track [Digipak] Metal Blade
FANTOM Час расплаты + bonus track Russian true heavy metal
FASTKILL Nuclear Thrashing Attack (thrash/speed, Jap cd with OBI))
FATAL FORCE (M. Vescera) Unholy Rites /melodic power metal / Metal Heaven
FATAL MUTINY Existance in extinction (thrash) Secret Port
FATAL OPERA Fatal Opera (US heavy metal, ex. Megadeth, 1995) Massacre
FATES WARNING Awaken The Guardian (1986, 2CD remaster reissue) Metal Blade
FATES WARNING Night on Bröcken + 4 bonus tracks Heavy metal rock records
Feanor Hellas (heavy metal/power metal) Secret Port
Fear of God Toxic Voodoo (US thrash) Pavement
FELINE MELINDA Morning Dew My Graveyard
FIGHT (JUDAS PRIEST, HALFORD) War of words (1993) Epic
Final Axe The Axe of Apostles (US classic heavy metal) Retroactive records
FINGERNAILS Destroy Western World (Traditional/Thrash Metal) Old metal records
FIREWIND Allegiance + bonus tracks (power metal) Century Media
FIREWIND Forged By Fire + bonus video (power metal) Century Media
FIREWIND Live Premonition (DVD - A3 jewelcase) Century Media
First Aid (Rus, aka Skoraya Pomosch) Hellraiser (1990) 80-s heavy metal
First Aid (Rus, aka Skoraya Pomosch) Reanimator (1992) Russian Heavy Metal
First Aid (Rus, aka Skoraya Pomosch) Svoimi rukami ('By Hands') + bonus tracks (1989) 80-s heavy metal
FLAMETAL “The Elder” (Japanese cd) Powerslave records
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Doomsday for the Deceiver (1986, US thrash) Metal Blade
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Live in Phoenix (2 DVD)
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM When The Storm Comes Down (US thrash, 1990) drill hole! MCA
FORBIDDEN Forbidden evil (US speed/thrash, 1988) Century Media, 1999
FORBIDDEN Point of no return (80-s thrash) Combat
FORBIDDEN Twisted into Form (US 80-s thrash) Combat
FORCE OF EVIL (ex- Iron Fire,Mercyful Fate / King Diamond) Black Empire Escapi Music
FORCE OF EVIL (ex- Iron Fire,Mercyful Fate / King Diamond) Force of evil (heavy metal)
FORGIVE ME NOT All and the best in the City of Angels gothic
FORMULA 1 (Russia) Queen Of Lie 1992
Fort Royal "Lovite Vedmu" / Catch the witch (autographed!) 1995 Russian heavy metal
Fort Royal Dveri / Doors (autographed!) 2005 Russian heavy metal
Fort Royal Sdelano v Rok-Siti DVD (autographed!) 2004 Russian heavy metal
FORTE Division (US thrash, 1994) Massacre
FORTRESS (Poland) “Modern Days Society” (speed/thrash) Thrashing Madness Productions
FRONTEARS Commiter/Victim (German power metal) TTS
Frontears Pull Push Power (German power metal) (Point Music 1999)
FROZEN TEARS Nights of violence (Power metal ala Judas Priest / Primal Fear) My Graveyard Production
Fuck Off A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988 (speed/thrash) Xtreem
FURIA ANIMAL Sentencia Divina (Spanish power, feat. ex-Dark Moor vocal)
FUTURE TENSE "The Final Cut" (80-s Heavy/Speed Metal) DIE HARD BOX - special limited box with patch, pin, and poster inside. Austral Holocaust Productions
GALLOGLASS Legends From Now And Nevermore (Power Metal) Limb
Gallows Pole Exorcism (German power metal)
GALLOWS POLE Revolution (heavy metal) Karthago records
GALLOWS POLE We wanna come home + bonus tracks (80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
GALOPE MORTAL / THRASHERA "Split CD" (Heavy metal / Thrash) American Line Productions
GAMA BOMB Citizen brain (old school speed/thrash) Earache
GAMMA RAY “Somewhere out in space” + bonus track Noise, 1997
GAMMA RAY Future Madhouse (japanese press, OBI) Victor
GAMMA RAY Insanity and Genius + bonus tracks (Digi) Noise / Sanctuary
GAMMA RAY No World Order Sanctuary
GAMMA RAY Rebellion In Dreamland (japanese press, OBI) Victor
GAMMA RAY Sigh no more (1991, cut out) Noise / BMG
GAMMA RAY Silent Miracles (japanese press, OBI) Victor
GEHENNA En busca del valle de gehenna + bonus tracks (classic heavy metal, 1987) Sade
GENETIC WISDOM Humanity on parole (progressive thrash, 1st press, 1994) Mascot
GHOSTHILL Embrace Of A Chasm Front 2010 Melodic Power/Speed Metal with female vocal
GHOSTHILL Flying Through Imagination (self-release, 2012) Melodic Power/Speed Metal with female vocal
GILLMAN El Guerrero + Bonus Tracks (80-s classic metal)
GILLMAN Levantate y Pelea + Bonus Tracks (80-s classic metal)
Girlschool Live From London 1985 (DVD-V, NTSC) The Iguana Project
GLASGOW (Don Airey) Zero Four One (1987, melodic metal/NWOBHM) Bootleg press
GOBRA From dawn to dusk (heavy metal) Flimsy Haze
GODS TOWER Anthology (2CD, slipcase)
GOLDEN WOLF Metalized Lycanthropy Self-release
GORGONS EYES Inglorious Birth (power metal) Pure steel records
GOTHIC KNIGHTS "Up from the ashes" (US power-speed)
GOVNILIUM Vse v derme (Russian epic heavy doom ala Bathory (90-91) + Solitude Aeturnus/Candlemass)
GRAND MAGUS              Iron will
Gran-Kurazh (ARIA vocalist) "Hearts in Atlantis" Russian heavy metal
Gran-Kurazh (ARIA vocalist) New hope's light 2008 Heavy Power Metal
GRAVE DIGGER Knights of the cross + 3 bonus tracks (lim edition digipack) GUN records
GRAVE DIGGER Shoot Her Down (EP) + rare bonus tracks (Bootleg) 1984
GRAVE DIGGER The Grave Digger (digi) Nuclear Blast
GRAVE DIGGER The reaper (1993) GUN records
GRAVE DIGGER War Games (1986) Noise
GRAVE DIGGER Witch Hunter (1985) Noise
Graven Image Graven Image (80-s heavy metal) Retrospect
GRAVESTONE “Back to attack” + 2 bonus tracks (first pressing INAK/ Limited edition) Gama records/INAK
GRAVESTONE Victim of chains + bonus tracks (Classic German 80-s power/speed metal) Karthago records
Great Revivle Wild 2010 Hard'n'heavy
Great White Shot in the dark (classic heavy metal, 1986, 1st press) Capitol
GRIFFIN THE ULTIMATE DEMISE (cd+dvd) Burning Star records
Grim reaper See You In Hell / Fear No Evil (1983/85) BMG US 1998
GROUND CONTROL DRAGGED (Thrash) Punishment 18 Records
GUARDIANS OF TIME Edge of tomorrow Shark
GUERRA TOTAL "Antichristian zombie horde" (Speed/thrash) Goat Curse Diaboli Productions
GUERRA TOTAL "Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats"   (Speed/thrash) Iron Shield Records
GUERRA TOTAL Mas Alla De La Tumba (speed/thrash metal) American Line Productions
GUERRA TOTAL Nuklear Zombie Division + 2 bonus tracks (speed/thrash metal) Infernal Kaos Productions
H.O.S. The Beginning (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Hacker Vzlom (breakthrough) Russian power
Hades (Bulgaria) Hades (epic heavy metal) Stormspell
HADES Live on location (US 80-s power/thrash) Rising sun
HAGALMA Sublevacion + bonus track (power metal) Red Rivet Records
HALFORD (Judas Priest, Fight) Crucible Metal-Is
HALFORD (Judas Priest, Fight) Resurrection (Limited edition box including poster and sticker) Metal-Is, 2000
HALFORD (Judas Priest, Fight) Resurrection Metal-Is, 2000
HALL AFLAME "Guaranteed forever" (Metal Church members) I.R.S., 1991
HALLOWED (Ger) Forgotten people (power metal) Shark
HALLOWED (Italy) Hallowed + Bonus tracks (80-s heavy/power metal, 1986) Steelheart/Karthago records
HALLOWEEN (Horror movie) 2 DVD set - 25 anniversary edition Anchor bay, 2003
HALLOWEEN Don't Metal with Evil (US heavy metal, 1985) MCM
HALLOWEEN Victims OF The Night (US heavy metal, 1986) MCM
HALLOWS EVE "Evil Never Dies" (US Thrash) Xtreem Music
HALLOWS EVE History of Terror (3 CD+ DVD) Metal Blade, 2006
HALLOWS EVE Tales of terror (US 80-s speed/thrash) (numbered limited edition) Metal Blade
HAMLET (Spain) Hamlet (Digipack) Locomotive
HAMMER Terror (80-s thrash, 1992) Shark
Hammered The Beginning Punishment 18 Records
HAMMERFALL Legacy of kings (original 1st press) Nuclear Blast
HAMMERFALL The Templar Renegade Crusades DVD Nuclear Blast
HAMMERFALL Threshold (sealed digipack) Nuclear Blast
HAMMERFORCE “Access Denied” + bonus track 2013 Russian Power metal
Hammerforce Dice (2009) Power Metal
HAMMERHEAD Heart made of steel (1985, heavy metal) Pseudonym Records
HAMMERHEAD Will To Survive + video (Cult Metal Reissue NWOBHM) Cult Metal Classics
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE The August Engine (digi) Cruz del Sur
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE The Bastard (US epic heavy metal, digipack) Metal Blade
HAMMERSCHMITT Hammerschmitt + bonus tracks (aka Airborn) (Teutonic metal, 1985) Karthago records
HARAKIRI Instinto animal (heavy metal) ExpoRock
Harbinger Doom on You (Traditional/Speed Metal/Thrash) Planet Metal, 2009
HARDLINE HARDLINE (1984, classic heavy metal) Battle cry records
HATERUSH Mark Of The Warrior (power metal) Black lotus
HAVEN Age of darkness (US 80-s power metal)
HAVEN Your Dying Day (1st press) R.E.X.
HAWAII (Marty Friedman (Megadeth, Cacophony)) “The natives are restless” (Classic US heavy metal, 1985) Axekiller, 1998
HAWK Hawk (1985, US classic 80-s heavy metal, feat. Guns'n'roses, Valhalla members) Metal Mayhem
HAWK Hawk (1985, US classic 80-s heavy metal, feat. Guns'n'roses, Valhalla members) Metal method productions
HEADHUNTER (ex-DESTRUCTION, TALON etc) "A bizarre gardening accident"(German 80-s speed metal, 1992)
HEADHUNTER (ex-DESTRUCTION, TALON etc) Parody of life [re-mastered] (speed/power/thrash, 1990) AFM
HEADSTONE (EPITAPH) Wings Of Eternity (German power/speed metal ala Heavens Gate, Chroming Rose) T&T/Noise
HEADSTONE EPITAPH Power games (German power/speed metal ala Heavens Gate, Chroming Rose) T&T/Noise
HEATHEN "Victims of Deception" (1991, US speed/thrash, remastered jewel case CD with bonus) Metal mind
HEATHEN "Victims of Deception" (US thrash, 1991)
HEATHEN Breaking the Silence / Pray for Death (US 80-s thrash) Century Media Records, 1999
HEATHEN HOOF Rock crusader + bonus (Heavy Metal) Iron Shield
HEAVEN & HELL    Live from Radio City music hall (2CD + DVD box)
HEAVENLY Coming from the Sky (power-speed, NOISE records) Noise records
HEAVENS GATE Hell for sale! (German speed metal, 1992) Steamhammer/SPV
HEAVENS GATE Livin' In Hysteria (German speed metal, 1991) Steamhammer / SPV
HEAVENWARD Within these Dreams (German power metal, 1st press) D&S Records
HEAVY DAY (aka TYAZHELY DEN) "V polet + 5 bonus track” (Remastered reissue 1987, 80-s heavy metal/power metal)
HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain t dead + 2 bonus tracks (1985, NWOBHM) Majestic Rock
HEIMDALL Hard As Iron (power metal, digi, 2004) Scarlet
HEIR APPARENT Triad (US 80-s Heavy Metal) Hellion records
HELD UNDER / DISCOVERY Anthology 2CD (US 80-s power/speed) Stormspell
HELICON “Helicon” (German power metal, 1993, 1st press) Noise
Helicon Helicon (German power/speed, + bonus track "Fight For Your Fame", Japan cd, OBI)
HELIZER Tales From A Damaged Mind (Progressive Power Metal from Argentina, Japan pressing with OBI)
HELLFUELED Memories in black (Digipack, heavy metal) Black Lodge
HELLFUELED VOLUME ONE (Swedish 80-s heavy metal, 2004) BLACK LODGE
HELLHOUND (Japan) Metal Fire From Hell (80-s heavy metal) Inferno records
HELLHOUND (US) Ice Age (80-s US speed metal) High Vaultage
HELLION Queen of hell (classic 80-s US heavy metal, hand-numbered limited edition, signed!!!) New Renaissance
HELLION Screams In The Night (US 80-s classic heavy metal, 1987, с автографом!) New Renaissance Records
HELLION The Black Book (US heavy metal, 1991) Restless records
HELLION Up From the Depths (US 80-s classic heavy metal) New Renaissance Records
HELLISH WAR Defender Of Metal (true power metal, 1ST PRESS) Megahard, 2001
HELLOWEEN “Pink bubbles go ape” + 4 bonus tracks (with slipcase) Sanctuary
HELLOWEEN Gambling with the devil (limited 2CD digipack, sealed) SPV
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the 7 keys part I (1987, Expanded Edition + bonus tracks) Sanctuary
HELLOWEEN Rabbit Don't Come Easy +1 bonus track (JAPAN EDIT.+OBI) Magnum/Victor
HELLOWEEN The time of the oath (1st press, 1996)
HELLOWEEN The time of the oath 1996 Metal-Is / Sanctuary US 2001
Hellraiser No Brain, No Pain (1994) thrash
Hellraiser We'll Bury You (1990) thrash
HELLRIDER Hellrider (Traditional Heavy Metal) Raven Records
Hell's Thrash Horsemen / Rattle (split) Pain is Inevitable (Thrash Metal, split cd) Holocaust records
Hell's Thrash Horsemen …Till Violence (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Hell's Thrash Horsemen Going Sane (80-s speed/thrash) HTH records
HELLTOWN Lead to hell (80-s power metal, ala mix of Warlock / Iron Maiden)
HELSTAR Burning star (80-s US power metal, 1984) Century Media
HELSTAR Remnants Of War (80-s US power/speed metal, 1986) Century Media
H-George Slave of Society (speed/thrash) Buil2Kill Records
High Spirits High Spirits (digi, NWOBHM) Self-release
HIGH TENSION “Leather beauty” (aka "Master of madness") Laserlight
HIGH TENSION The High Tension Legacy (2 cd, 3 LPs+ bonus tracks) Blower
HIGHWAY KILLER Lost metal tales (German power/speed) Mighty Monster Records 2010
HIRAX Assassins of War (US Speed/Thrash)
HIRAX Assassins of War / Chaos And Brutality (2 on 1) Black Devil/Pacheco Records
HIRAX Barrage of Noise (US Speed/Thrash)
HIRAX El Rostro De La Muerte (US Speed/Thrash) Thrash Corner
HIRAX The new age of terror (US 80-s speed metal) Mausoleum
HIRAX Thrash and Destroy (DVD/CD) (US Speed/Thrash) Black Devil
HMR Against all 2008 Russian true heavy metal
HMR Prosto I grubo (Heavy/Thrash Metal) 2009
Hobbs Angel of Death Satans crusade (80-s thrash metal, 1987) Modern Invasion
HOLY DRAGONS "Gotterdammerung" ("Twilight of Gods") (Power-speed)
HOLY DRAGONS "Judgement day" (Power-speed)
HOLY DRAGONS "Wolves of Odin" speed/power
HOLY DRAGONS Black moon rising (2006) speed/power
HOLY DRAGONS House of the Winds + 1 bonus track (power-speed metal)
HOLY DRAGONS Iron mind power/speed
HOLY DRAGONS Labyrinth Of Illusions Power/speed Metal
HOLY DRAGONS Thunder In the Night (power-speed metal)

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HORACLE A wicked Procession (speed metal) Dying Victims
House of Heavy House of Heavy + bonus track (JAP/OBI) Spiritual Beast
Hrom Blesk (Epic Power Metal)
Hronos Heavy Metal (Russian Heavy metal )
HUNGARICA Nem keresek uj hazat (thrash)
Hunter Sign Of The Hunter + bonus tracks (80-s power/speed) Cult Metal Classics
HUNTERS (ex-members of Archontes) Break the rules +1 karaoke bonus heavy metal
HUNTERS (ex-members of Archontes) Night Shadows (2011) Russian Heavy Metal
ICARO (ARG) Tiempo Perdido (power) Hurling metal records
ICED EARTH Burnt Offerings (1st press) Century Media
ICED EARTH Tribute To The Gods (digipack) Century Media
ICED EARTH Iced Earth (1990, 1st version cover) Century Media
ICED EARTH Night of the stormrider 1991 Century Media Ger 1992
ICY STEEL Icy Steel (power metal) Pure steel records
IGNITOR Road of bones (80-s US HEAVY METAL) Cruz del sur
IMAGIKA My bloodied wings (US speed/thrash)
IMAGIKA Worship (speed-thrash) Headless corpse records
IMPALER If We Had Brains? We'd Be Dangerous (80-th speed/thrash, 1986) Century Media
IMPELLITTERI Grin And Bear It Victor, 1992
IMPELLITTERI Grin and bear it (Japan cd with OBI) Victor, 1992
IMPELLITTERI Victim Of The System (japanese press, with OBI) Victor
IMPELLITTERI Crunch (Japanese press)
IMPELLITTERI Pedal to the metal Steamhammer/SPV
IMPELLITTERI Screaming Symphony MFN
IMPELLITTERI Victims of the system (Limited Japanese mini-vinyl edition) Victor
IMPELLITTERI (with Bonnet) Stand in line (1988) Century media
IN DHAKA Nishshobdo Kolahol (prog heavy metal, 1991) Sargam
IN.SI.DIA [Italy] Guarda Dentro Te (thrash metal, 1995) Jolly Roger Records
IN.SI.DIA [Italy] Istinto E Rabbia (thrash metal, 1993) Jolly Roger Records
INDUS CREED (ROCK MACHINE) Evolve (Digipack, melodic progressive hard rock) Universal
INFINITE DREAMS Tears in the rain (demo) (symphonic-progressive metal) self-release
INFINITE DREAMS “The four elements” (symphonic-progressive metal)
INNER VIOLENCE "War Hyms" Speed/thrash Tribulacion Productions
INNERLOAD React + video (old school Heavy Metal) SG records
INQUISICAO Reborn +bonus (power/speed/thrash) Metal Soldiers 2010
INQUISICION Codex Gigas (sealed digipack) (epic heavy metal) Australis Records
INQUISICION [Chile] Metal Genocide (power metal) Exhumed From the Grave
INQUISITOR/VIRGIN KILLER “Speed Metal Soldiers” Old-school thrash/speed metal/ Portugal/ Colombia Blood & Iron Records
INSANIA (GER) Set Them Free (German power/speed, 1994) STF
INSANIA (SWE) WORLD OF ICE (power/speed, 1999)
INTOXICATED [Germany] Rock 'N Roll Hellpatrol (speed/thrash) Hells Headbangers Records
INVADER (GER) CHILDREN OF WAR (German power metal, 1985) No Remorse records
INVAZIJA Niciju zemljo (melodic heavy metal)
IRON ANGEL The tapes (80-s german speed metal, live + unreleased tracks) Marquee
IRON ANGEL Winds of war + bonus tracks (German speed metal ala 1st Angel Dust, 1986) Marquee
IRON ANGEL Hellish crossfire + bonus tracks
Iron Clad Lost In A Dream +bonus track (epic heavy/power metal)
IRON CROSS Iron cross (US 80-s power metal, 1986) Iron Glory Records
IRON DOGS [Canada] Cold Bitch (speed metal) Dying Victims Prod
IRON FIRE Thunderstorm (Power/speed) Noise, 2000
IRON FIRE To The Grave (power/speed) Napalm
IRON KOBRA [Germany] / WITCHCURSE [Greece] - Heavy Metal Drunk Machine - LA MEDULA ESPINAL
IRON MAIDEN Raising Hell (Laser video disc) EMI
IRON MAIDEN Can i play with madness - The Evil that men do EMI, 1990
IRON MAIDEN The Albatross Follows On (bootleg) DVD
IRON MAIDEN “Powerslave” + 5 bonus tracks 1984 CD-Maximum
IRON MAIDEN 12 WASTED YEARS (Laser video disc - Japan edition EMI L0701119) EMI
IRON MAIDEN Behind the Iron Curtain (Laser video disc) EMI
IRON MAIDEN Raising Hell (DVD)
IRON MAIDEN VISIONS OF THE BEAST (2xDVD digipack with slipcase) EMI
IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden (1980, Japanese cd) Toshiba
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in time [1998 re-master, enhanced CD] 1986 EMI
IRON MAIDEN The number of the beast [1998 re-master, enhanced CD] 1982 EMI
IRON MAIDEN RAINMAKER (DVD - single, super jewelcase) EMI
IRON SAVIOR Condition red (Ltd. Ed. 2 bonus tracks+poster, still sealed) Noise records
IRON SAVIOR ”COMING HOME” (EP) Heavy/power metal, 1998 NOISE
IRONSWORD Ironsword (epic true metal) Miskatonic
Ironsword Overlords of Chaos (epic true metal) Shadow kingdom
IRONSWORD Return Of The Warrior + bonus track (digi, epic true metal) Eat metal records
IVAN TZAREVICH Idu na Vy! (digi) Folk Heavy Metal
Jacobs Dream Beneath the Shadows (digi) Retroactive Records
JAG PANZER Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat (2CD) Century Media
JAG PANZER Thane to the Throne (US classic heavy metal) Century Media
JAG PANZER The Fourth Judgement (US power metal 1997) Century Media
JAG PANZER Ample Destruction (1984) + Tyrants (1983) No poser records
JAG PANZER Mechanized warfare (US power metal) Century Media
JAG PANZER THE FOURTH JUDGEMENT US power metal, reedition with 3 extra tracks) Century Media
Jason (Arg) Justiciero Arcaico (power/speed) used cd Rock Brigade/NEMS
JESTER`S FUNERAL Quicksilverlight (German power metal) Broken Arrow / Point
JETBOY Lost and found (80-s glam)
Jorn Symphonic (DIGIPACK) Frontiers Records
Jorn Traveller (DIGIPACK) Frontiers Records
JUDAS PRIEST Never Satisfied (Rocka Rolla, 1974)
JUDAS PRIEST Live Vengeance 82 (DVD) Sony
JUDAS PRIEST Nostradamus (2008, 2 CD)
Juggernaut Baptism Under fire (US power/thrash, 1986) High Vaultage
KALAPACS Eletreitelt (true power, 2006)
KALAPACS Mitosz (true power, 2008)
KALAPACS Apokalipszis (power metal, CD+DVD ) Hammer
KALAPACS Duhos nemzedek 2000-2010 Hammer Records
KALAPACS Kalapács (1996) Hammer Records
Kalapacs Poklok es mennyek között (2CD, power/speed) Hammer Records
KALEDON Chapter VI - The Last Night On The Battlefield Scarlet
KAMELOT Myth & Legends Of Kamelot (compilation of rare tracks and B-sides) bootleg 2007
KAMIKAZE (Braz.) Kamikaze (80-s heavy metal, 1986-1994) Cogumelo
Karthago (Hungary) 30 éves jubileumi óriáskoncert (DVD live) Hammer
KATARI Katari ( melodic power/progressive metal; signed cd!)
KATEDRA III (Power metal, 2006) Self-release
KEEL Lay Down the Law (US classic heavy metal, 1984) Bootleg press
KEEN HUE Juicy fruity lucy (melodic metal, 1993) Black Mark
KENZINER (feat. Chastain) The Prophecies (power/speed) Metal Blade Records 3984-14311-2
KENZINER (feat. Chastain) The Prophecies (power/speed) Metal Blade/Leviathan records
KEROSENE Face The Real (old school Heavy Metal) Lost Sound Records
KHAFRA Deja vu (classic heavy/power metal, 1985-89) Denver
KHAFRA Khafra (classic heavy/power metal, 1987) Denver
KILLER Young Blood (power/speed, 1985) Blower
KILLER (SWITZERLAND) Break my Chains (2CD digipack, albums Ladykiller (1981)+ Thriller (1982 ) Membran Music
KILLERS Killing Games 2001 Speed Metal (CD-Maximum)
Killjoy (ex-Necrophagia) Compelled By Fear (US thrash metal, 1990, numbered edition #295) New Renaissance
KING DIAMOND Abigail (re-mastered/Gold disc) Roadrunner
King Diamond The Graveyard (Digipack, 1st press) Massacre Records
KING DIAMOND The Dark Sides (1988) Roadrunner
KING KOBRA (ex - WASP) Ready To Strike (melodic heavy metal, 1985) ATM records, 1994
KING'S RANSOM Curators of the Realm (epic power metal from Texas 1989 featuring the guitarist from Wyzard!) CD+DVD
KIPELOV (Aria) Put Na Verh (The Way Up) DVD
KIPELOV (Aria) Put Na Verh (The Way Up) part 2 + rare bonus track (Babylon) CD
KIPELOV (ex-Aria, Rage) Rivers of time (classic heavy metal) 2005
KIX Blow my fuse (80-s hard'n'heavy) Atlantic
KLINIKA (RUS) ...Nishtyak, Klinika!!! (1990-92) 80-s heavy/thrash
KLOOTZAK Bloodlust (heavy/thrash) Armee de la Mort 2011
KNIGHT ERRANT Divan (folk heavy metal) Atlantis muzik
K-OCTAVE Outer limits (US 80-s power metal) Hellion
KONKURENT-daj mu vreme (Payner Music 2007) 2CD Bulgaria
KORROZIA METALLA Live in October 1987 (Good offer only!) 1987 Moroz
KORROZIA METALLA Russian vodka (good offer!) 1989 Moroz
KORROZIA METALLA Canninbal (good offer!) 1991 Moroz
KORROZIA METALLA Satan's orden (good offer!) 1988 Moroz
KORROZIA METALLA Cannibal tour (DVD) 1991 Moroz
Korsika Play Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007) ex-Citadel Vetrov. Slipcase
Korsika Apocalypsis Afterparty 2009 Heavy Metal
KRAKEN Huella & camino 1986/2000 (Digipack)
KRAKEN I+II (1987/1988, Epic heavy metal)
KRAKEN III (1990, Epic heavy metal)
KRAKEN IV+V (1993/1995, Epic heavy metal)
KRAMP Lan N'oldu (heavy metal) ADA Müzik
KRASNYI RASSVET Luchshee - The best (1989-2009) Russian classic heavy metal
KREYSON Angel on the Run (Czech power/speed metal) Tommu
KREYSON Crusaders/Flametrader/1993
KRLES Time to rise (classic heavy/power metal) SIA
KRUGER We rock (Russian true metal)
KRUGER Faith and religion (Russian true metal)
KRUGER Deti vrazhdy (Russian true metal)
KRUGER No Compromiss (Russian true metal)
KRUGER 9th messiah classic heavy metal
KRUGER Shipi i rozy (Compilation with 3 unreleased songs) 2009 Heavy Metal
KRUGER Born by darkness + 2 bonus tracks (thrash, 1992)
KRUGER Embrio 1991 Thrash Metal
KRUIZ Kriuz+ bonus tracks (1988) (Great power/speed)
KRUIZ 1+ bonus tracks (1986) 80-s power
L.A. (pre - PRETTY MAIDS) Unfinished business (2004)/ L.A. (1985) (2cd, booklet with water damage) Escape Music
L.A. (pre - PRETTY MAIDS) Unfinished business (2004)/ L.A. (1985) (2cd) Escape Music
LA MANSION Where Dreams Lie (Progressive Metal) Luna Negra
LAAZ ROCKIT No stranger to danger (US power/speed, 1985)
LAAZ ROCKIT Annihilation principle (80-s US thrash, 1989) Old metal records
LAAZ ROCKIT Nothings Sacred (US thrash, 1991) Bootleg press
LAAZ ROCKIT City's Gonna Burn (US 80-s power/speed, 1984) Old metal records
LAST CHAPTER Paths to Allways (Melodic Doom ala Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus) Brainticket, 2002
LAST DESCENDANTS One Nation Under God (US Thrash/power metal) Aaaargh
Leather (ex - Chastain) Shock Waves (US heavy metal, 1989) Massacre
LEATHERWOLF Leatherwolf (1984) Steamhammer/SPV mid-price series!
LEATHERWOLF Street ready (US classic heavy metal, 1989)
LEATHERWOLF Leatherwolf + bonus track (Classic heavy metal,1984) Reissue, 2002
LEATHERWOLF Leatherwolf (1987, US classic heavy metal) Wolfpack
LECHERY (ex-Arch Enemy) IN FIRE Metal Heaven
LEFAY (ex- Morgana Lefay) The seventh seal Noise
LEFAY (ex- Morgana Lefay) SOS Noise
LEGACIA Libre Albedrio 2009
LEGACY Metallic Assault (Speed Metal)
LEGACY (US) Legacy (US classic heavy) Chavis records, 2003
Legen Beltza Need to Suffer (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
LEGEND MAKER The Path To Glory (US power/speed, 1999) SENTINEL STEEL
LEGION (Russia) U okna (aka "Near the window") + 2 bonus tracks (great Russian epic-true metal)
LEGION (Russia) Stihija ognja (aka Elements of Fire) (great Russian epic-true metal)
LEGION (Russia) 1980-1987 (great russian epic-true metal, good offer)
LEGION (Russia) Majatnyk vremen (aka Pendulum Of Times) (great russian epic-true metal, good trade only))
LEGION (Russia) Myths of ancient (2007)
LEGION (Russia) Give me the name 2005 Heavy Metal
LEGION (Russia) Prophecy (Epic Heavy Metal) 2001
Legion (US) Shadow Of The King (classic heavy)
LEPRYCORN Leprycorn (Sympho power-speed metal)
LETHAL (ARG.) Bienvenidos a mi reino/Warriors (power/speed/thrash, 1992/1990, 1st press) Tribal Discos
LETHAL FIRE Rain of Fire (thrash) Eternal Night Records
LEVITICUS The best of Leviticus (80-s heavy metal) Viva, 1994
LIAR Nothing But The Truth (power/speed/thrash, 1989) Century Media, 1989
LIEGE LORD Burn to my Touch (US power/speed/thrash, 1987) Metal Blade
LIEGE LORD Master control (1st press) Metal Blade/Roadrunner
LIGHTFORCE (pre - Mortification) “Mystical thieves” (original 1st press) Pure metal, 1989
LIGHTFORCE (pre - Mortification) 1986 to 1989 (classic heavy metal) Soundmass/Rowe
LITA FORD The best of..
LIVING DEATH Worlds neurosis + Live (EP) Under Fire Records
LIZZY BORDEN Menace to society + 4 extra tracks (80-s US power metal, 1986) Metal Blade
LIZZY BORDEN Master of Disguise (1989, 1st Japanese press with OBI) Metal Blade
LIZZY BORDEN Love you to pieces + bonus tracks (classic heavy metal) Metal Blade
LIZZY BORDEN Menace to Society + bonus tracks (classic heavy metal) Metal Blade
LORD (Hun.) 3 + 3 bonus tracks (Traditional Heavy Metal,1990) Hungaroton
LORD (Hun.) “2002” (Traditional Heavy Metal, 2002) Hungaroton
LORD (Hun.) Szemedben a csillagok + 2 bonus tracks (Traditional Heavy Metal, 1988) Hungaroton
LORD (Hun.) Ragadozok + 2 bonus tracks (Traditional Heavy Metal, 1989) Hungaroton
LORDIAN GUARD (EX- WARLORD) Lordian Guard (Rare 1st pressing) (US epic metal) Hellion, 1995
Lords of the Crimson Alliance Lords of the Crimson Alliance (Remastered digipack, US power metal, limited edition) FTF Records
LOS ASESINOS DEL PENTAGRAMA Duenos del Universo (80-s classic heavy, damaged booklet)
LOS PIRATES Heavy Piracy (Heavy/Power Metal) Punishment 18 Records
LOST CENTURY Complex macrocosm (Power/thrash/progressive) T&T/Noise, 1994
LOST CENTURY POETIC ATMOSPHERE OF SEASONS (Power/thrash/progressive) T&T/Noise, 1995
LOST CENTURY Doesn't cost life Russian heavy metal
LOST HORIZON Awakening the world (speed metal) MFN/Sony
LOST HORIZON A Flame To The Ground Beneath (1st press!) MFN
LOST INNOCENCE A tale never told (progressive metal) Underground Symphony
LOUD CROWD Guardians + bonus tracks (80-s power/speed, 1988) Poko
LOUDNESS Eurobounds (remaster, Japanese cd with OBI)
LOUDNESS PANDEMONIUM (Jap. Pressing, 2001) Nippon columbia
LOUDNESS The Law Of Devil's Land (japanese press) Denon
LOUDNESS “Soldier of fortune” (Mike Vescera (vocals), remastered) Wounded Bird
LUCA TURILLI Prophet of the last eclipse/"Demonheart" + bonus tracks (digipack)
LUCA TURILLI Demonheart + 9 bonus tracks (bootleg)
LUCA TURILLI (Rhapsody) King Of A Nordic Twilight+ bonus track (Korean pressing licensed from Japan pressing)
LUCA TURILLI (Rhapsody) Prophet of the Last Eclipse (sympho-power-speed) Limb
Luna Aeterna Mystery (sympho-power with female vocal ala Nightwish etc.)
LUST We'll never die + 7 bonus tracks (power/speed metal) Cult Metal Classics
LUZBEL El comienzo (classic 80-s heavy metal) Denver
LYNCH - PILSON (DOKKEN) Wicked Underground (hard rock) Spitfire
M.O.D. Rhythm of Fear (Thrash Metal/Crossover, 1992) Megaforce Records
M-16 Locked And Reloaded (US heavy metal, 1986) Heaven & Hell
Machinery Reconstruction (US heavy metal, 1997) 6 cylinder records
MAD MAX Interceptor (2013) Steamhammer/SPV
Madam X (pre-Vixen) We Reserve The Right (1984, us classic 80-s heavy metal) Majestic Rock
MADAME GUILLOTINE Croisade (80-s power/speed ala Killers (Fra))
MADD HUNTER (ex- Steel Assassin) Madd Hunter (US 80-s heavy metal)
MADD HUNTER (ex- Steel Assassin) Raiders from the north (aka Silence to the lamb) US classic heavy metal Unisound
MADE OF IRON Made Of Iron (True metal ala Iron Maiden/Omen (US)) Sonic Age Records
MAFIA Tayni (2008) Heavy Thrash Metal
MAGISTR (Rus) Niagara Russian heavy/power
MAGISTR (Rus) Zazerkalie Russian heavy/power
MAGISTR (Rus) “Бог Обмана” (re-released album 1993 + bonus track) 1993/2012 Russian Heavy/Power metal
MAGISTR (Rus) Korporaciya Illuziy 2009 Heavy/Power Metal
MAGNESIUM (Metalucifer,Sabbat members) Buried´n´live (2nd pressing, ltd.450) (NWOBHM, 1994-97) Digipack Metal Warning
MAGNESIUM (Metalucifer,Sabbat members) Buried´n´live (1st pressing, ltd.500) (NWOBHM, 1994-97) Metal Warning
MAGO DE OZ Jesus de chamberi (Folk power/speed) Locomotive records
MAGO DE OZ A costa da Morte (2007, 2 cd) Locomotive records
MALICE Crazy In The Night (80-s heavy metal, 1989, cut out) Enigma
MALICE In The Beginning (US classic heavy metal, 1985) Wounded Bird
MALICE The Rare And Unreleased (80-s heavy metal) Retrospect
MALMSTEEN “Trilogy” (mini lp replica cd, Japan press with OBI) Universal
MALMSTEEN Odyssey (mini lp replica cd, Japan press with OBI) Universal
MALMSTEEN ECLIPSE + extra track, 1990 (mini-vinyl japan cd, OBI) UNIVERSAL MUSIC
Malon Justicia o Resistencia (great power/speed/thrash) EMI
MALTESE FALCON (feat. "Hal" Patino (ex- King Diamond)) Metal Rush (Official reissue Traditional Metal from Denmark, 1984) Old metal records
MANIAC Maniac+Look Out (Great german power/speed, 1985/1988)
MANIFEST Find a new place (US power metal, 1995) Arkeyn Steel
MANIGANCE Signe de vie (French power metal, remaster) Replica records
MANILLA ROAD The circus maximus BLACK DRAGON, 1992
MANILLA ROAD Out of the abyss BLACK DRAGON, 1988
MANILLA ROAD Gates Of Fire Battle cry records
MANOWAR Hell of steel Atlantic
MANOWAR Metal warrior (CDs) Atlantic, 1992
MANOWAR “Hail to England” (1984, Rare pressing!) Manowar records
MANOWAR Triumph Of Steel (1992, 1st press!) Atlantic
MANOWAR Into glory ride (1983) Geffen
MANOWAR Fighting the world (1987) Atlantic / ATCO
MANOWAR Into glory ride (1983) SPV/MCA
MANOWAR Sign of the hammer (1984) 10 Records
MANOWAR Gods of War (sealed, limited edition with metal slipcase)
MANOWAR Into glory ride + Defender (EP) 1983/1982 Monsters of Rock pressing
MANTICORE (MANTICORA) Dead end solution (Danish power-speed metal)
MARAUDER Life? (power metal) Eat metal records
MARAUDER Sense of Metal (power metal) Eat Metal Records E.M.R 004
MARK WOOD Voodoo Violince (ala Vai, Satriani)
MARKIZ DE SADE (Poland) “Judasz 1985” (80-s heavy/speed/thrash) Thrashing Madness Productions
MARSHALL LAW “Power crazy the best of” Castle/Sanctuary
MARTIRIA (feat. WARLORD memb.) The Age Of Return (Classic epic heavy metal including Warlord member) Underground Symphony
MARTIRIA (feat. WARLORD memb.) The eternal soul (Classic epic heavy metal including Warlord member) Hellion
MARTYR For the universe/Fear (1984/2009) 2CD digi Rusty Cage
MASSACRA Signs of the decline + bonus tracks ("Apocalyptic warriors, pt.1") (Death/Thrash Metal) Shark records
MASTER “On the other side of evil” (Po tu storonu zla) (Album, 2006)
MASTER 1987-2002 (Compilation of re-recorded songs, rare!)
MASTER Acoustic
MASTER Maniac party (thrash, 1993)
MASTER 33 Lives + bonus tracks (Rare 1st press - self-release, cult Russian thrash) 2004
MASTER XX years (part 1) DVD 2008 Heavy Thrash Metal
MASTER XX years (part 2) DVD 2008 Heavy Thrash Metal
MASTER XX years (2 cd)
MASTER Labyrinth (1999)
MASTERMIND (US) Until Eternity (US progressive, 1996) Cyclops rec.
MASTERPLAN MK III (B-Sides album) Bootleg 2011 power metal
Materia Prima Vechnost' i pokoi 2008 Melodic Heavy Metal
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Otkrovenie
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Chemical dream (rare, OOP!) 2001 Russian heavy metal
MD 45 (Megadeth) THE CARVING (1996) EMI
MECH Mech (heavy metal ala Ozzy Osbourne) Metal mind
Mechanix Mechanix (heavy/thrash, ltd edition 500 copies)
MEDALYON Visions (power metal, 1995) Long Island records
MEDIEVAL STEEL The Dungeon Tapes (US epic 80-s heavy metal, autographed cd!) Self-release
Megadeth So Far So Good So What + 4 bonus tracks EMI
Megadeth Peace sells…but who's bying? (US thrash, 1986) Capitol / Combat
Megadeth Youthanasia (thrash, 1994) Capitol
MEMORY GARDEN Verdict Of Posterity (heavy/doom, 1999) Metal Blade
MEMORY GARDEN Carnage Carnival [heavy/doom, CD+DVD] Vic records
MEMORY GARDEN MIRAGE (heavy/doom) Metal Blade
MENNEN Back To The Real World (japanese cd, melodic metal)
MENTALLY DEFILED (Greece) THE THRASH BRIGADE Old school Bay Aria Thrash Metal, similar to EXODUS. Limited edition of 500 hand numbered copies!
MERCY (Candlemass, Memento Mori) Underground (80-s doom, feat. "Messiah" Marcolin (Candlemass, Memento Mori)) TPL
MERCY (Candlemass, Memento Mori) Victory march (Heavy/Doom Metal, 1988) TPL, 2003
MERCYFUL FATE (pre- King Diamond) Melissa (classic heavy, 1983, Reissue, Golden cd) Roadrunner
Messiah (USA) Final Warning (1984, classic heavy metal) Hot Metal Records
MESSIAH FORCE The Last Day (80-s heavy metal, 1988) Bootleg press
METAL CHURCH Metal Church (1984) Elektra Records
METAL CHURCH Hanging In The Balance (1993) Blackheart records
METAL CHURCH The Human Factor (1991, cut out) Epic
METAL KING The Blood Of A Living Past (heavy/speed metal) La Medula Espinal
METAL KING Arrival Of The Iron Army+ 2 bonus (Classic 80-s heavy metal)
METAL LEGION (Roar, Legión, Metal King, Percutor members) Hymns of the iron warrior (Spanish power metal) Self-release
METALIUM Nothing to Undo: Chapter Six Heavy/Power Metal
METALLICA Tribute/Phantom lords (2 cd diigpack) Adrenaline Records
METALLICA Metallica (1991) Elektra
METALLICA Naughty vol 1. - Live in Canada '92 (bootleg)
METALLICA Ride the lightning (old pressing without ifpi code) Vertigo/Phonogram
METALMORPHOSE Nossa Droga é o Heavy Metal (80-s heavy metal,1984-88) Metal Soldiers
METALUCIFER Heavy metal drill +bonus tracks (Classic Heavy metal) Iron Pegasus 1996/2010
METALUCIFER Heavy metal bulldozer (Teutonic invasion) (Classic Heavy metal) Iron Pegasus 2009
METALUCIFER Metaluciferian Nightmares 1995-2013 (Big Digipack limited to 200 copies) Rawblackult Productions
METALUCIFER Metaluciferian Nightmares 1995-2013 jewelcase edition Rawblackult Productions
METALUCIFER Heavy Metal Bulldozer (Japan version) Holycaust Records
METALUCIFER Bulldozing it true (DVD+CD) Iron Pegasus
METALUCIFER Heavy Metal Hunting 1995-2005 (Rare songs, Limited edition)
METALWOLF Down to the wire (1986, US 80-s classic heavy metal) Retrospect records
Michael Vescera Project Windows (Japanese pressing, OBI, ex-Loudness, Obsession)
Midnight darkness Holding the Night + bonus tracks (German power/speed, 1985) Blower
MIDNIGHT SUN Metal machine (power metal)
Midryasi Midryasi (doom) Iron Tyrant
MINDLESS SINNER Missin pieces (2CD, 80-s classic heavy metal , 1989) High Vaultage records
MIRIADA (Archontes, Legion) Illusion of love +hidden bonus tracks 2006 melodic metal
MIRROR OF DECEPTION Mirror Soil (epic doom) Miskatonik
MOAHNI MOAHNA WHY (melodic metal) Rising Sun/1997
MOBY DICK Ugass kutya + bonus tracks (speed/thrash, 1990, CD+DVD ) Hammer 2009
Mokoma Valu (heavy/thrash) Emi / Herodes
Mokoma Mokoman 120 Päivää (heavy/thrash) Emi / Herodes
MONOMAKH (Russia) I Wanted To See An Angel 1993 Hard Rock
MONOMAKH / KRASNAYA PLOSHCHAD (Rock/Hard Rock,USSR) изд.Мелодия Мономах / Красная площадь 1989/90
MOORE, GARY Victims of the future (1st pressing) 10 records, 1985
MOORE, GARY Wild frontier (1st pressing) 10 records, 1987
MOOTTORILINNUT (SARCOFAGUS) Moottorilinnut (NWOBHM, 1982) Poptori
MORAL CRUSADE An Act of Violence + "Immortal condition" demo (1988-1990, thrash metal) Mosh Tuneage
MORBID JESTER Gates to Valhalla (German power/speed) Iron Glory
MORGANA (Ita) ROSE OF JERICHO (epic heavy metal) Nadir Music
MORGANA LEFAY Fata morgana (heavy/thrash) Black Mark
MORGANA LEFAY Sanctified Black Mark
MORIFADE Domination + Cast a spell (EP) + bonus track (power metal) Encore records
MORTAL SIN Face of Despair (80-s thrash, 1989, 1st press) Vertigo
MORTIFER Cybernized (great old school thrash)
MORTIFER Total Darkness 2004 Old school Thrash Metal
MORTIFER EUTHANASIA 1993 Old school Thrash Metal
MORTON Come Read The Words Forbidden (+bonus) power/speed
MOSH-PIT JUSTICE Mosh-Pit Justice (speed/thrash) EBM
MOST Bridge (Russian 80-s classic metal) 1986
MOTORHEAD On parole + bonus tracks (13 tracks) EMI
MOTORHEAD The best of.. (1993) Roadrunner, 1993
MOTORHEAD Rock 'n' Roll (1987, 2CD reissue) Essential
MOTORHEAD March or Die (1992) Sony
MOTORHEAD No sleep at all + 2 bonus tracks (1988) Essential
MOTORHEAD The best of.. (1977-2000) 2CD w/slipcase Sanctuary
MOTORHEAD No remorse + 5 bonus tracks 2CD w/slipcase Essential
MOTORHEAD MOTORHEAD + 6 bonus tracks (CLP 1446-2, Reedition in leather digipak) Deadline music
MP (METAL PRIESTS) THE BEAST BECAME HUMAN / GET IT NOW (German power/speed, 1986/87)
MSG MSG (mini-vinyl japan cd, OBI, 1981) EMI
MURO Grandes y directos (CD+DVD, digipack, speed metal, 1985-89) Avispa
MURO Pacto de sangre (speed metal, 1992) Foque
MUTANT SQUAD TITANOMAKHIA (old school thrash metal) Suspiria records
NAPALM Zero To Black (German 80-s thrash,1990) Steamhammer
NARITA Life+ bonus tracks (80-s Heavy metal, feat. Royal Hunt members)
NARVAL Narval (epic heavy metal, 2009) Stormspell
NASTY SAVAGE Psycho, psycho (US 80-s thrash) Metal Blade
NASTY SAVAGE Wage of Mayhem (2 cd) Crook'd records
NASTY SAVAGE Nasty Savage (US power/speed/thrash, 1985) Metal Blade
NASTY SAVAGE Penetration Point (US thrash) Crook'd records
NASTY SAVAGE Nasty Savage (US power/speed/thrash, 1985) Urubuz records
NASTY SAVAGE Indulgence + Abstract Reality EP (US power/speed/thrash, 1986/1988) Urubuz records
Nasty tendency Hello suckers! My Graveyard Productions
National Napalm Syndicate Devolution of Species (thrash) Violent Journey Records
NATISK Sky in the fire (Great Russian true metal ala Aria)
NATISK Second breath Russian Heavy Metal
NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE Threshold Of Conciousness (Techno-thrash metal) Orion Music
NECRATAL Envuelto en Llamas (thrash) Pacheco Records
NECRONOMICON (Ger) Necronomicon (German 80-s thrash) Battle cry records
NECRONOMICON (Ger) Apocalyptic Nightmare (German 80-s thrash) Battle cry records
NECRONOMICON (Ger) Apocalyptic Nightmare (German 80-s thrash, 1987) Battle cry records/War Hymns
NECRONOMICON (Ger) Necronomicon (German 80-s thrash, 1986) Battle cry records/War Hymns
NECROSIS The search (1988) + Kingdom of hate (1987) (speed/thrash) Rawforce
NECROSKINNER “Chaoskinner” (Old school Speed/Thrash from Brazil) SMD
NECROZZZ (Russia) “Liho” (old school thrash metal) Self-release
NEMESIS Goddness (melodic power/speed) Underground Symphony
Nemesis (pre-Candlemass) The Day Of Retribution + bonus tracks (heavy/doom, 1982, 1st press) Metal Blade/Enigma
NEON CROSS (US) Torn (US heavy metal) Rugged records
Nervosa Victim of Yourself (thrash metal) Die Hard records
NEФEЛIM The gates of creation Prog power (2002)
Niflheim Personae+ 2 bonus tracks (Female singer fronted folk metal) Red Rivet Records
NIGHTBITCH (Briton Rites, Upwards of Endtime, Atlantean Kodex, Hour of 13 members) Sex and magic (US Heavy/Doom, Digipack) Psychedoomelic
NIGHTMARE The Dominion Gate (power metal)
NIGHTMARE (Colombia) About to explode (heavy/speed) EBM
NIGHTMARE (Colombia) Gates of Hades (heavy/speed metal) Dirty Sound Records
NIGHTMARE (Colombia) High speed venom (speed metal) Plasmajam productions, 2004
NIGHTMARE (France) Astral Deliverance (Classic heavy metal) Adipocere
NIGHTMARE (Pol) Cryptic Songs + 6 bonus tracks (1993, thrash, OBI) Thrashing madness
NIGHTWISH Nemo+ video clip (digipack) Spinefarm
NIGHTWISH The Siren Nuclear Blast
NO TROUBLE Looking For Trouble But Watch Out (2 LPs on 1 cd, German classic 80-s heavy metal) Karthago records
Nocturnal Fear Excessive Cruelty + 4 bonus tracks (Thrash Metal ala 80-s Kreator) Metal Command
NOCTURNAL RITES «Tales of mystery and imagination» Сentury Media
NOCTURNAL RITES «Tales of mystery and imagination» + bonus track (japan pressing+ OBI, different cover) Dark Age / Toy's factory
NOCTURNAL RITES The 8th sin (power metal) Century Media
NOCTURNAL RITES Grand Illusion [CD+DVD] Century Media
NOCTURNAL RITES Lost in Time (2CD, power/speed) Century Media
NOVY ZAVET (Russia) Apocalypse (heavy/doom, 1994) Stormspell
NUCLEAR (Chile) Jehovirus (thrash) Concreto
NUCLEAR (Chile) Ten broken code (thrash) Concreto
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Game Over/The Plague (80-s US speed) Combat
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Out Of Order (US thrash, 1991)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Handle With Care (1st press, US thrash, 1989)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Game Over/The Plague + bonus tracks (80-s US speed) Voice music
NUCLEAR ASSAULT Handle With Care/Live at the Hammersmith Odeon ( US thrash, 1989/1992) Voice music
NUCLEAR SYMPHONY Lost in wonderland (1989, speed/thrash) Metal Master Records
OBEREG From the depths of time (epic heavy)
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Patriot (2002) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Vershina idiotizma / "H-ja Samodejatel'nost'" (1983/84) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Oblachnij kraj 1 / "Velikaja garmonija" (1982) (Great harmony) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Lubov k zhizni + bonus track (1999) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Ludi i stremya (digi) 1985 (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBSESSION Carnival of lies (feat. M. Vescera (Loudness, Malmsteen), US 80-s heavy metal Metal Mayhem
OBSESSION Methods of Madness (feat. M. Vescera (ex.- Loudness, Malmsteen etc.), Classic US 80-s heavy metal) Metal Mayhem
OCTOBER 31 No Survivors (US 80-s power/thrash) Thrash corner
ODDYSS Young Gods 2008 Epic Metal
ODIN Fight For Your Life (us 80-s heavy metal) Perris Records
ODIUM A NEW BEGINNING (German thrash) Selfrelease
OLVY (Arida Vortex) “T’ma i svet” (Darkness and light) Heavy Power Metal
OMEN Warning of Danger/Nightmares-2-cd & Battle Cry (2-cd)+ DVD Metal Blade
OMEN Warning of danger (80-s US power metal, 1985, ltd edition #1926) Metal Blade
OMEN (Hun) Brutalis Tango (1992, power metal, ex. Kalapacs, 1st press)
OMEN (Hun) Brutalis Tango (power metal, 1992, 1st press) Hungaroton
OMEN (Hun) Anarchia (power metal, 1993, 1st press) Gong
ONSLAUGHT (UK) The Force (UK thrash, 1986) Blackend
ONSLAUGHT (UK) In Search Of Sanity (no ifpi, used, US power/speed/thrash, 1989) London/FFRR Polygram 1989, marketed for BMG Music Club
ONSLAUGHT (UK) Killing Peace (thrash) Candlelight
Orgasmo De Porco My Mind is a mess (thrash metal) Self-release
ORION'S REIGN Nuclear Winter + 5 bonus tracks (Power metal) IceWarrior Records
OSSIAN Iteletnap + 2 bonus video tracks (1991, power metal)
OSSIAN Tuzkeresztseg + 2 clips+ 3 bonus tracks Hammer
OSSIAN Az utolso lazado (power metal) Hammer
OSSIAN Hangeromu (power metal) Hammer
OSSIAN Titkos unnep (power metal) Hammer
OSSIAN 20 years jubileum boxset (3 cd+DVD+lighter, pen, poster) Hammer
OSSIAN Örök tüz (true power, limited digipack)
Outrage (Japan) The Final Day (80-s thrash, Japan cd)
Outrage (Japan) It's Packed!! [2 cd digipack, japan cd with OBI, including "Outrage" (EP) 1987]
Overdrive Metal Attack //1983 (03 reissue, swedish traditional metal) Metal For Muthas
OVERKILL THE YEARS OF DECAY (US thrash, 1989) Megaforce
OVERKILL Feel the fire + bonus track (US thrash, 1985) Rock Brigade Records
OVERLORD Back into the dragon’s lair (80-s heavy/power metal) Heaven and Hell 1985-93/2010
OVERLORDE Return of the Snow Giant (USA EPIC POWER METAL) Sonic Age Records
OVERTURES Entering the maze (cd+dvd, power) Sleaszy Rider Records
P.O.S.T. Pain 2008 Russian Heavy Metal ala Black Obelisk
PACTO DE SANGRE Alerta (thrash/true metal/melodic power metal) Khaosmaster
PAGANINI Weapon of Love Bootleg press
PAGANINI It's a long way to the top (80-s hard'n'heavy) Bootleg press
Panacea (ex-Accu§er) Pray + 2 bonus tracks (German thrash) Major Records, 1995
PANDAEMONIUM Return To Reality (power speed, digipack) Underground Symphony
PANIC Fact (US thrash, cut-out) Metal Blade, 1993
PANTERA Project in the jungle/ "I'm the night"
PANTERA / VILLAIN Power metal/ Only Time Will Tell (Good offer only!) bootleg
PANTHEON Empire Of Madness (melodic power metal in the style of Burning Point, Sigma and Vision Divine.) Heart of steel
PANZER Al pie del canon (heavy metal, 1982) BMG
PANZER Caballeros de sangre (1986, classic heavy metal) Zafiro
PARAGON Chalice of steel (German true power/speed) B.O. records, 1999
PARAGON Law of the blade + bonus track (digi) Remedy
PARANOIA Mest zla (Revenge of evil) 1994 (Thrash/speed,a-la MASTER,Russia)
PATAN CONQUISTA (sealed digipack, heavy/thrash) ICARUS
PATAN Patan (1st press, power/thrash) Selfrelease
PATEK XIII Videothrash (old school thrash from Poland)
PEGAZUS Wings of destiny (true metal, 1998) Nuclear Blast
PEGAZUS Live! Thunder down under (2 cds limited edition)
PEGAZUS Breaking the Chains (digi) (goldendisc) (3 bonus tracks) Metal mind
Penthagon Penthagon Punishment 18 Records
PERFECT CRIME Perfect Crime 2013 Russian Heavy Metal
PERPETUAL (OVERLORD'S) Perpetual (neo-classic heavy metal ala Firewind, At Vance) Sonic Age Records
PERPETUAL FIRE (ex- Pandaemonium, Skylark) Invisible (power) IceWarrior / Rock it up records
PERPETUAL WARFARE Justica, Libertad y Decadencia 2010
PERSUADER The Hunter (Rare first pressing) power/speed metal Loud'n'Proud/NTS, 2000
PERSUADER When the Eden burns (power/speed metal) Dockyard 1
PERTNESS Seven times eternity (German 80-s power metal) Karthago records
PERTNESS From the Beginning to the End (power metal) Karthago
PG. LOST It's not me. It's you! gothic
PHANTOM (US) The Best Of The Rest (all 3 albums on 2 cds, US 80-s power metal) Shark Records
PHANTOM (US) Cyberchrist + bonus tracks 1991, (80-s US power metal) Cult Metal Classics
PHANTOM (US) Dead Or Alive + bonus tracks (1987, 80-s US power metal) Cult Metal Classics
PHANTOM (US) Phantom + bonus tracks (1990, 80-s US power metal) Cult Metal Classics
PHANTOM X THIS IS WAR (US heavy/power metal) Perris
PHARAO (Ger) “Bad boys from east” (1989, melodic power/speed) Musicolor
Philladelphia Tell the Truth + bonus tracks (US classic heavy metal) M8
PIEL DE SERPIENTE El veneno se extiende (Spanish heavy/power metal) Karthago records
PINK CREAM 69 49o / 8o special edition EP (1991) CBS/Sony
PINK CREAM 69 PINK CREAM 69 + bonus (1989) Epic
PINK CREAM 69 One Size Fits All (1991)
PIRAÑA Corruption (thrash metal) American Line Productions
PITIFUL REIGN Visual Violence (Thrash/Power/Speed) Punishment 18 Records
PLEASURE BOMBS Days of heaven (Glam) Atco, 1991
POKOLGEP A tulelo (power metal) Hammer
POKOLGEP Oblatio (power metal) Hammer
POKOLGEP Totalis Metal+ 2 bonus tracks (power metal, 1986) Hungaroton
POKOLGEP Pokoli szinjatek + bonus tracks (power metal, 1987) Hungaroton
POKOLGEP Konzertlemez (1990) Alexandra Records
POLLUTION Modern Warfare (thrash, 2010) EBM Records
POLTERGEIST Behind My Mask Century Media/1991
POSSESSED Seven churches [re-master] (US thrash, 1985) Century Media
POST MORTEM Festival Of Fun (thrash/crossover) Red light/Ever rat records, 1993, cut-out
POVERTY`S NO CRIME The autumn years (Progressive Power Metal, 1996) Noise
POVERTY`S NO CRIME The autumn years (Progressive Power Metal, 1996, Japan cd)
POWER (US) Justice Of Fire (80-s power/speed) RTN, 1994
Power Metal IX (power metal) Logiss
Power Metal Power One (power metal, 1991) Logiss
POWER PROJECT Dinosaurs (classic heavy metal) Powerzone Records
Power Symphony Evillot (power metal) Pavement
Powerful Welcome to the slaughterhose My Graveyard Productions
POWERFUL Welcome to the slaughterhouse (thrash/power) My Graveyard Productions
POWERGOD Evilution part 1 (German power-speed) Massacre records
POWERGOD Evilution part 2 - back to the attack (German power-speed metal) Massacre records
POWERGOD Long Live the Loud That's Metal Massacre
POWERSCOURT NINE KINDS OF HELL (digi, 2001 Traditional Metal) Dragonheart
POWERSURGE The Aftermath (US 80-s power/thrash metal) Battle cry records
POWERSURGE Eye of the storm (US 80-s power/thrash metal) Battle cry records
Predator (Deu) Predator (German power metal) Remedy, 2004
PREDATORY VIOLENCE Hate nation (German thrash ala Kreator) Killer Metal 2010
PRELLUDE A Estrada Do Rock (Brazil 80s heavy metal, 1st press)
PRELLUDE Maquina do Tempo (Brazil 80s heavy metal, 1st press)
Pretty Maids Red Hot And Heavy (1984) Epic
PRIMAL FEAR Seven Seals (power metal) Nuclear Blast
PROTECTOR Welcome To Fire unreleased songs of German thrash metal
PROUD Fire Breaks The Dawn (Official reissue 80-s Heavy Metal from Sweden, 1984) Old metal records
PROWLERS, THE DEVIL’S BRIDGE (progressive power metal) Locomotive
PSYTRONIX Servilization (thrash ala Megadeth (1992-94)) Mass Raging, 2002
PULSAR Civilization (Russian power-metal)
PUSHKING (ex- Avgust) Village Songs 2006 Hard'n'Heavy
PYGMALION Among Squabs (Dutch Thrash) Crypta records, 1994
Pyoveli The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal (#118/1000 Ltd edition) Witches brew
QUEEN A night at the opera (1975) EMI, 1993
QUEEN A DAY AT THE RACES 1976 (REMASTER 1993) Parlophone
QUEEN JAZZ 1978 (REMASTER 1994) Parlophone
QUEENSRYCHE Operation Mindcrime (1988) + Queen of the reich (1983) (AXE KILLER ltd edition, 2CD leather digibook) AXE KILLER records
Queensryche Empire (1990) EMI, 1990
QUELONIO Rebelion + 2 bonus tracks (Japan pressing) Red Rivet Records
QUICKSAND DREAM Aelin-A story about destiny (epic heavy metal)
R.D. (Artheria, ex-Mavrin, Catharsis) Carusel epoh (heavy/power)
RADAGHAST The deadline (Power-speed metal)
RADAKKA Malice and tranquility (US power metal) Century media records
RADAKKA Requiem For The Innocent (US power) Century Media
RAGE End of all Days (1996) GUN records
RAGE Carved in Stone (DIGIBOOK CD+DVD) (CD-Maximum)
RAGE Ghosts (German power metal, 1999) GUN records
RAGE Beyond the wall (speed / power, 1992) Noise
RAGE Perfect man (speed / power, 1988) Noise
RAGE End of all days + 2 jpn. bonus tracks (Japanese CD) 1996 GUN / Victor
RAGE Strings to a Web (CD/DVD)
RAGE The Missing Tracks (B-Sides, 2 CD) bootleg
RAGING STORM FIGHTING WARRIORS (Epic Power Metal) Metalfighters
RAIN (Italy) Bigditch 4070 (Traditional Heavy Metal, 2000) Self-release
RAINBOW STRANGER IN US ALL (mini-vinyl japan cd, OBI, 1985) BMG
RAINBOW Ritchie Blackmore's rainbow [re-mastered] 1975 Polydor
RAINBOW Bent out of shape (1983) Polydor
RAISING FEAR (Ita) Eternal Creed (Speed/Power Metal) Crash & Burn Records
RAMPART Voice Of The Wilderness (power/speed metal) Inferno records
RANKELSON Hungry For Blood / The Bastards Of Rock'n'Roll (80-s heavy metal)
RAPED GOD Raped god (thrash)
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) El Libro Occulto RCA
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) Poder Vivo
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) El Camino Del Fuego Delanuca (US pressing) 2002
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) Guerrero del arco iris (1993)
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) Magos, Espadas Y Rosas (1st press) Polygram Argentina
RATA BLANCA (Barilari) Rata blanca (1988, Sealed digipack )
RAVEN Nothing Exceeds like Excess (80-s speed/power metal, 1988) Under One Flag
RAVEN “The pack is back” (remastered, 2 bonus tracks) Mayhem
RAVEN Rock Until You Drop (digipack, heavy/speed/NWOBHM, 1981) Sanctuary
RAVENSTHORN Hauntings and possessions (US 80-power metal) Hellion records
RAXAS Alla nos veremos (2 cds) (power metal)
RAZONES CONCIENTES (ex-Horcas, Lethal, Malon, Hermetica members) Industria Argentina (power metal, 1st press) Inconciente Records
RAZOR Decibels (speed/thrash) Candlelight
REACTOR (Ger) Revelation (German power/speed) React records/ 1MF, 1993
REANIMATION "Rassvet” (Russian 80-s heavy metal/power metal with pagan lyrics)
REANIMATION Kharakternik 2008 Classic Heavy Metal
Reaper (Germany) Victory V Self-release
REAPERS Metalness (true power metal ala mix Grave Digger / Manowar) Dead Sun
RECKONING The final reckoning! (true metal)
Red Warlock Serve your master My Graveyard Productions
REDRUM Power corrupts (US 80-s thrash, 1989)
REMORSE (HUN) Harc! (thrash)
RENEGADE (Ger) The narrow way (Lost angels (1991) + Renegade"" (1986)) German 80-s power metal" Karthago records
REFLECTION (Greece) The fire still burns (epic heavy metal) Secret Port
RENEGADE (Ger) Lost Angels (original Laserlight pressing, 1991, rare!) Laserlight
RENEGAT Leden sun (heavy metal)
RENEGAT Rockophobia (heavy metal)
Repulsão Explicita Pobre (thrash metal/crossover ala Ratos de porao) Violent Records
REQUIEM (Rus) Renewed World Heavy metal
REQUIEM (Svn) III (melodic heavy metal, 1999) ZKP RTV SLO
Résistance Bang your fucking skull (Thrash/Speed, feat. Manilla Road cover) Emanes metal records
RETALIADOR [Brazil] Levantando Da Tumba (speed/thrash) Iron Goat Commando
RETRIEM Lead To Your Destiny (Russian power metal)
REVENGE " Soldiers under Satans Command " Split cd with Toxic Trace from Serbia, Mexican Limited Edition 2014. Speed/thrash EBM
REVENGE (Colombia) Metal Warriors (True 80-s speed, 1st press) Dark Music Productions
REVENGE (Colombia) Rage And Revenge (True 80-s speed, 1st press) Wicked Creations
REVENGE (Colombia) Death Sentence (speed metal) Rata Mutante Records
REVENGE (Colombia) Metal Is: Addiction and Obsession (speed metal) Rata Mutante Records
REVENGE (Colombia) Metal Warrior + 6 bonus tracks (True 80-s speed) Total Desaster Productions
REVENGE (Colombia) Vendetta (cd+dvd digipack) Floga Records
REVENGE (Colombia) Soldiers Under Satans Command EP + Infernal angels (demo, 2003) + Bang your head (EP, 2008) Metal Command
REVENGE (Colombia) Death Sentence + 4 bonus tracks Kill Again Records
REVENGE (Colombia) Vendetta Kill Again Records
REVENGE (Colombia) Harder Than Steel (2014) Rata Mutanta Records
REVENGE (Italy) ARCHIVES (italian 80s Metal including the rare Mini-Album "Hot zone" from 1985 and all Demo-tapes.) Marquee
REVEREND (ex- Metal Church, Heretic) “World won’t miss you” (US power/thrash, 1990) Charisma
REVEREND (ex- Metal Church, Heretic) “World won’t miss you” (small cut along the side) Charisma
REVIVER Reviver (power) Remedy records
Rezinwolf Corruption Kingdom (UK thrash) Killer Metal
R-GENIUM (Rus) What Dreams May Come (2011) Sympho power ala Nightwish
RHAPSODY Power of the dragonflame / Emerald sword (EP) Agat pressing
RHAPSODY «Symphony of enchanted lands, vol. 2: The dark secret»/ The dark secret (EP) 2 CD Agat pressing
RIOT The brethren of the long house / Live in Japan (1992) (2 cd limited edition) Rising sun
RIOT The Privilege of Power (speed metal, 1990) Japan cd CBS/SONY
RIOT Fire Down Under + bonus tracks (US heavy metal, 1981) Metal Blade
RIOT Thundersteel / The Privilege of Power (speed metal, 1988/90) 2 CD set Iron Bird
RIOT Born In America (80-s heavy metal) Metal Blade Records 1999
RIOT Rock City (classic heavy metal, 1979) Metal Blade
RISK Turpitude (German power/thrash metal, 1993, 1s press) Steamhammer
RISK Turpitude (german thrash, 1993, JAPAN CD) Teichiku
RITUAL The ancient tome (80-s heavy/power metal) Heaven and Hell 1987-89/2010
RITUAL SPIRIT RITUAL SPIRIT (ex - Stormwitch, The Armada, Paradox (Ger), Tyran' Pace, german 80-s heavy) Shark
RITUAL STEEL Blitz Invasion (German true 80-s power speed) Hellion
RITUAL STEEL Invincible warriors (heavy/power metal) Karthago
Rival State Of Mind (US power/speed/thrash metal) Metal Blade
RIVERGE Raid for riverge (Japan cd w/obi ) (thrash) Rock Stakk
RIVERGE REBIRTH OF SKULL (1st press, JAPANESE cd, old school thrash/speed) Rock Stakk
Rock'n'Raw Bottled band On the deep of the bottle (На дне бутылки) Russian Heavy Metal
ROLAND GRAPOW (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) “The four seasons of life” Snapper
ROLAND GRAPOW (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) Kaleidoscope Steamhammer/SPV
ROTOR Arvahaz + 6 bonus tracks (Power-speed metal) Blower
ROTOR Acelba zarva (power metal) Hammer
ROTOR Gyokerek (2004,speed-power) Nail
ROYAL HUNT Fear (Japanese pressing, OBI)
ROYAL HUNT X+ bonus track Scarlet
RUFFIANS Ruffians + 6 bonus tracks (US 80-s power, 1985, feat. Vicious Rumors, Villain vocal) Hellion
RUFFIANS Desert of tears + bonus track (US 80-s heavy metal) Metal Heaven
Rumble Militia Stop Violence and Madness (German thrash, 1991) Century Media
RUNNER HELL The Paths Of Darkness (speed metal) Chozin Black
RUNNER HELL Nights of Hell + video (80-s speed ala Exciter)
RUNNING WILD “Pile of skulls” (1st press) Noise records
RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory + 2 bonus tracks (80-s german speed metal, 1984) Noise records
RUNNING WILD The Rivalry (digipack) GUN records
RUNNING WILD Masquerade + 2 bonus tracks Noise
RUNNING WILD Under Jolly Roger (German speed / power, 1987 ) Noise
RUNNING WILD Death or glory / Wild animal [EP] [Japan cd with OBI] 1989 Noise / Victor
RUTHLESS Discipline of steel/Metal wihout mercy 2in1 (US 80-s power/speed/thrash, 1985-86) Axe Killer
SABATAN (SPA) Like a bullet in the brain (Traditional Heavy Metal) Self-release
SABBTAIL Otherworlds (heavy/doom, Jap press w/obi) Pony Canyon Records
Sabotage Rumore Nel Vento (Heavy/Epic Metal, 1984) Jolly Roger Records
Sabotage Hoka hey + bonus track (classic 80-s heavy metal, 1989) My Graveyard
Sabotage Behind The Lines + bonus track (classic 80-s heavy metal, 1986) My Graveyard
SABOTAGE Ne.Soblaznyai.Nebo 2009 Heavy Metal
SACRED OATH Darkness Invisible (US Power Metal) Sentinel Steel
SACRED OATH Sacred Oath (US heavy/power metal, digi, 2009) Angel Thorne
SACRED OATH A crystal vision (classic US 80-s heavy metal) Sentinel Steel
Sacred Reich Ignorance + 3 bonus tracks (1987, speed / thrash metal) Urubuz records
SACRED STEEL Slaughter prophecy+ bonus track (Digipak with extra song) Massacre Records
SACRED STEEL Reborn in steel (German power/speed/thrash) Metal Blade
SACRED STEEL Iron Blessings (CD+ DVD) Limited edition digipack Massacre
SACRED WARRIOR Rebellion (80-s US heavy metal, ala Lethal, Queensryche) Bootleg press
SACRED WARRIOR MASTERS COMMAND (US heavy metal) Bootleg press
SACRED WARRIOR Wicked Generation (US heavy metal) Bootleg press
SACRIFICE (Can) Apocalypse Inside (80-s thrash) Metal Blade
SACRILEGIO [Puerto Rico] The Ultimate Abomination (speed/thrash) Khaosmaster
SADUS Swallowed in Black (digi) (US 80-s thrash) Metal mind
Safe Heaven (Mike Vescera band) Safe Heaven (classic melodic metal) MTM/SPV 2004
SAINT HELLBLADE (US true metal, Digipack) Retroactive Records
SAINT CRIME SCENE EARTH 2.0 (US true metal, Digipack) Retroactive Records
SAINT VITUS Mournful Cries (doom) SST records, 1988
SAINT VITUS Children of Doom (C. O. D.) (doom) Hellhound, 1992
Saints Bleed The Mighty Monster (German Power/speed metal)
SALAMANDRA Twilight Of Legends (Power/speed metal) Leviathan records
SALAMANDRA Skarremar (Power/speed metal) Leviathan records
Samhain (ex. Catharsis) Epiphany Russian power
SAMSON Samson 1993 (NWOBHM) Magnum
SAN DIMAS San Dimas (melodic metal) Massacre records
SANCTUARY Refuge denied (US power/thrash, 1987, 1st press) Epic
SANCTUARY Refuge Denied/Into the Mirror Black (2 cd)
SANGARA Symphonia Zla (heavy/thrash)
SANTA (feat. Ñu, Saratoga, Sangre Azul members) Templario (80-s hard'n'heavy metal, 1986) Zafiro/BMG, 1996
SANTA LUCIA Arktista hysteriaa + bonus tracks( 1988-92, classic heavy metal) Poko
SANTA MARIA “Life on the edge”(Zhizn’ na grani)
SARATOGA Vientos de guerra (power/speed, used) Avispa Records
SARCASM Igra Narave (2002) + Crematory (1989) + 2 bonus tracks (speed/thrash metal) On Parole
SARCOFAGUS Cycle of life (NWOBHM, 1980) Poptori
SARISSA Masters of sins (power metal) Black Lotus Records
SATAN´S HOST Metal from hell (80-s US power metal, feat. Jag Panzer, Titan Force members) Old Metal records
SATANIC RITES (UK) No Use Crying + 2 bonus tracks (NWOBHM) Cult Metal Classics
SATANICA We are satan´s preachers (speed metal) Satanic Metal
Satanika Satanikattack (old school thrash metal) DIE HARD BOX - special limited box with patch, pin, and poster inside. Austral Holocaust Productions
Satanika Satanikattack (old school thrash metal) Austral Holocaust Productions
SATYRASIS Creation of failure (US old school thrash) Selfrelease, 2008
SAVAGE AGGRESSION "Satans Strike " Speed/thrash Tribulacion Productions
SAVAGE GRACE Master Of Disguise + The Dominatress + bonus tracks (1983/85) Limb
SAVAGE GRACE After The Fall From Grace + Ride Into The Night + bonus tracks (1986/87) Limb
SAVAGE STEEL Begins with a nightmare (US 80-s speed metal) New Renaissance
Savallion Dawn The Charge (German Power Metal) Sound Riot
SAVATAGE Poets And Madmen (Ltd Edit BOX, Bonus Track, videoclip) SPV
SAVATAGE The Wake of Magellan (Limited Edition with poster and slipcase) Edel
SAVATAGE The dungeons are calling + bonus tracks (1984) Metal Blade
SAVATAGE Streets - A rock opera (US heavy metal, 1991, 1st press) Atlantic 1991
SAVATAGE Sirens + bonus tracks (US 80-s power metal, 1983) Metal Blade, 1994
SAVATAGE Power of the night (US 80-s power metal, 1985) Atlantic
SAVATAGE Hall of the mountain king (US 80-s power metal, 1987) Atlantic
SAVATAGE From the gutter to the stage (2 cds) Edel
SAVATAGE Sirens+Dungeons are calling+ bonus tracks Metal Blade
SAVIA Savia + video clip (Spanish metal) Universal
SAXON Forever Free (1992) Virgin, 1992
SAXON Solid Ball of Rock (1990) Virgin, 1990
SAXON Unleash the Beast (1997) CMC records, 1997
SAXON Classic Rock legends (DVD with concert 1988)
SAXON Into the labyrinth-limited (CD+DVD sealed digi) SPV
SBS The Gambler (limited edition, CD+DVD digipack, Heavy Metal from Lithuania) Monaco Production
SCALA MERCALLI 12th Level (digipack, speed metal) SG records
SCALD Will of the Gods is a great Power Great epic doom metal like Candlemass
Scanner Terminal Earth (German melodic speed metal, 1989, 1st pressing) Noise International, 1989
Scanner Ball Of The Damned (US pressing, power metal) Nightmare Records 1997
Scanner Mental Reservation (power metal, promo) Massacre Records 1995
SCORPIONS Virgin killer / Love at first sting CD-Maximum pressing
Scorpions Lovedrive (1979, 1st press) EMI / Electrola
SCREAM OF SILENCE Another Reason To Die (thrash) Symbol Muzik
Scrok Welcome To Terror (thrash metal) Eternal Hatred Records
SDI Mistreated (german speed metal, original gama records pressing) Gama records
SDI Satan's Defloration Incorporated + bonus tracks Battle cry records
SDI Sign of the Wicked + bonus tracks (80-s German speed metal) Battle cry records
SEASONS OF THE WOLF Seasons Of The Wolf (epic true metal, 1996) Self-release
SEASONS OF THE WOLF Lost In Hell (US epic heavy metal) 1999 Earth Mother Music
SEASONS OF THE WOLF Once In A Blue Moon (US Power/Classic Metal!!!) Earth Mother Music
SECRECY Raging Romance (80-s speed) Noise
SEIKIMA II The outer mission (Japanese hard'n' heavy metal, Jap. Cd) CBS/Sony, 1988
SENCIROW The Nightmare within (power metal) Pure steel records
SEPTER Transgressor (US 80-s power metal) Pulse records
SEPTIMO ANGEL M.A.V.A. (classic heavy metal ala Iron Maiden)
SEPULTURA Third World Posse (Aussie tour EP)
SEPULTURA Beneath the Remains + 3 bonus tracks (1989) Roadrunner, 1997
SERPENT SAINTS All Things Metal - The Revenge Of Danish Heavy Metal
Serpent Throne Ride Satan Ride (epic dark heavy/doom ala Black Sabbath without voice) Self-release
SEVEN Seven Deadly Sins (Progressive Power Metal) 2009
SEVEN Break the chains (Epic Heavy/Power Metal) Loud'n'proud
SEVEN ANGELS Faceless Man (Power Metal) Encore
SEVEN WITCHES Second War In Heaven (with 3 bonus tracks) Crash
SEVEN WITCHES (Crimson Glory members) Xiled To Infinity And One (2002 US power metal) Century Media
SHABBY TRICK Badass (classic heavy metal, 1989) Jolly Roger Records
SHADOW HOST Neverland + bonus (Russian power/speed metal)
Shadow Host Curse Of The Angeleye 2005 Power Metal
SHADOW HOST “Demon Hunter” 2013 Russian Power metal
SHADOW KEEP Shadow keep (1999, rare first release) Self-release
SHADOW KEEP A chaos theory (power metal) Limb
SHADOWS OF STEEL Twilight (2cd digipack) Underground Symphony
SHAH Beware (speed/thrash, 1989)
SHAH Terror Collection 1992
SHAH P.S.I.H.O. 1994
SHAH Escape From Mind 1987 (Thrash Metal,USSR)
Shakra Infected (limited) AFM
SHALLOW GROUND The End of Everything (US Progressive/Thrash Metal) Killer Metal
SHANNON (France) SHANNON (melodic heavy metal) Anvil
SHELLSHOCK A portrait of a Corrosive Complex 2007
SHERATAN Mundo sin perdon (power/speed) Metal Crusaders
SHINING FURY Another Life Metal Blade
Shock Juego Sucio + 2 bonus tracks (80-s heavy metal) Sounds Metal Productions
Shock Troopers Blades And Rods (Speed/Thrash Metal) Punishment 18
SHOCKMACHINE (Helloween members) Shockmachine (German power metal, 1999) Sanctuary
SHOK PARIS Steel and starlight (US 80-s heavy metal) I.R.S., 1987
SIFON Cas (Avik 2004) Czech Republic
SIGIS Le Grand Retour de Nibiru (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
SILENCER (US) Death Of Awe (thrash) Mausoleum
Silver Mountain Roses & Champagne (heavy metal, 1984, sealed digi) Metal Mind

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SINNER Judgement day (1st pressing)
SINNER No more alibis (1992, 1st pressing) Mausoleum
SINNER The nature of evil + bonus tracks (2CD limited edition) NUCLEAR BLAST
SINNER TOUCH OF SIN 2 Del Imaginario Discos
SIREN Financial Suicide (80-s heavy metal)
SIX BEER Mentes Perdidas (power metal) Maykos Records
SIX POINT SIX Fallen Angel (classic heavy, 1985) Blower
SIX POINT SIX Fallen angel (1985, classic German heavy metal) Aurophon/Brainstorm
SKIPETR Turn This World Around (Heavy / power with female vocal (2012))
SKULL A night of the battle city +bonus (speed/thrash) Violent
SKULL Beer, Metal, Spikes (Old school Thrash/speed) (2005 Utterly Somber Creations, America)
SKULL [Colombia] Collection of Craniums (old school thrash metal)
SKULLVIEW Metalkill the World (power metal) Pure steel records
SKYCLAD Tracks from the wilderness (1992) Noise
SKYCLAD Prince Of The Poverty Line Noise
SKYCLAD Prince of the poverty line + bonus tracks (2 cd limited edition) Noise, 1994
SLADE Rogues gallery Castle, 1993
SLANDER Careless Talk Costs Lives (NWOBHM, 1991)
SLAVER (Brazil) ”Infected By Thrash” (old school thrash) Violent Mosh
SLAYER Hell awaits (US 80-s thrash 1985, Digipack) Metal Blade
SLAYER South of heaven [old German press, no IFPI] 1988 Def American
SLAYER Show no mercy [re-master] (US thrash, 1983) Metal Blade
SLINGBLADE The unpredicted deeds of molly black (heavy metal) High Roller Records
SLOUGH FEG Atavism (80-s heavy metal) Cruz del sur
SLOUGH FEG Ape Uprising Cruz del sur
SNAKE EYES BEWARE OF THE SNAKE (thrash metal) Slaney
SOBIBOR (Col) Furia y Metal (80-s thrash-speed metal, 1st press, limited edition 500 copies) Nergal Records
SOBIBOR (Col) Misantropia (80-s thrash) Nergal Records
SODOM In the sign of evil [EP] / Obsessed by cruelty 1984/86 Steamhammer / SPV
SODOM Persecution mania 1987 Steamhammer / SPV
SOLEMNITY King of dreams (digi) Remedy
SOLITAIRE Predatress (Old school Speed Metal)
SOLITAIRE EXTREMELY FLAMABLE (speed metal ala Exciter) Iron Glory
SOLITAIRE RISING TO THE CHALLENGE (speed metal ala Exciter) Battle cry records
SOLITUDE AETURNUS Beyond The Crimson Horizon (1st press) Roadracer, 1992
SOLSTICE Halcyon + bonus tracks (UK heavy/doom metal, 1996) Cyclone Empire
SOMNIAE STATUS Cassandra (Italian power/progressive metal) Adrenaline Records
SONATA ARCTICA Silence + 3 bonus tracks (Remastered super jewel case edition) Spinefarm
SONATA ARCTICA Orientation (Japanese cd with OBI) Marquee / Avalon
SONATA ARCTICA For the sake of revenge (CD + DVD) Nuclear Blast
SORROWFUL WINDS The Age Of Dreams (epic power) NMC Records
SORROWS PATH The Rough Path of Nihilism (Epic Power/Doom Metal) Rock it up records
SORTILEGE SORTILEGE+ bonus tracks (1983) Bootleg press
SOULBLAZE I (power/speed) Underground Symphony
SOULSTEALER SOULSTEALER (power metal) Ledo Takas
SOUND OF SILENCE Spiritual journey (Progressive metal) Sleaszy Rider Records
SPARTAN WARRIOR Spartan Warrior (NWOBHM, 1984) Hot Metal Records
SPELLBLAST Horns of Silence (Folk Power Metal) Metal Crusade
SPIRAL TOWER Mindkiller (German power metal) Massacre, 1999
SPIRIT WEB (EX- SYRIS, SLAUGHTER XTROYERS, WINTERKILL) Spirit Web (US power metal, 1st pressing) Stentorian Records
Spitfire First Attack (80-s classic heavy metal/NWOBHM)
SPLEEN Illumination (Traditional Heavy Metal) Violent Music
split cd - MONOMAKH / RED SQUARE 1989 Monomakh / 1990 The Red Square (Krasnaja ploschad) (No boot! Original Melodia pressing (1990)! Rare as hell! Make your REAL offer only!)
SPLIT HEAVEN Psycho Samurai (80-s Power/Speed Metal) Blower
SPLIT HEAVEN Split Heaven + 2 bonus tracks (80-s Power/Speed Metal) Asenath records
SQUARE (STILL SQUARE) Rock stars + 4 bonus tracks (1985, 80-s heavy metal) Brennus
SQUEALER (France) This is the world... (french metal band, 1991, rare)
STAINLESS STEEL (Ger) Molten Metal in your back (German 80-s power-speed metal, 1985-1992) Karthago records
STALYNN Der Beginn Metal Enterprises
STAMINA Two Of A Kind +3 bonus tracks Rock it up records
Starrats Screw the Consequence (Swedish hard'nheavy, cut out)
STEEL ANGEL And the Angels Were Made of Steel + Kiss of steel (1985/1986) slipcase Hot Metal Records
STEEL CROWN Sunset warriors/Night walk (Classic 80-s heavy metal, 1986/89) Markuee Records
STEEL PROPHET Beware + Eyes Of The Prophet (Visions Past) (2 cd set) Nightmare records
STEEL PROPHET Unseen Nuclear Blast
STEEL PROPHET Book of the Dead (cut out) Nuclear Blast
STEEL PROPHET Messiah Nuclear Blast
STEEL PROPHET Into the void (Hallucinogenic conception) Brainstorm
STEEL RAGE Engraved in steel (power metal, sealed digipack)
STEEL WARRIOR Army of the time (power-speed metal)
STEEL WARRIOR Visions form the mistland (power / speed) Hellion Records
Steeler (USA, Ron Keel/Yngwie) Steeler (1983, US classic heavy metal) Shrapnel
STEELRAISER Race of Steel (power metal) Pure steel records
STIGMATA The court of eternity (1998) Noise
Stonewall Victims of evil My Graveyard Productions
STORMRIDER Fate of the Hunter (power metal) Pure steel records
STORMTROOPER Armies of the night + bonus tracks Iron on iron
STORMWARRIOR Heavy Metal Fire (power/speed) Remedy
STORMWIND The legacy (2 cd) Massacre
STORMWITCH Walpurgis night + bonus tracks (German 80-s power metal) Battle cry records
STORMWITCH Tales of terror + bonus tracks (German 80-s power metal) Battle cry records
STORMWITCH The beauty and the beast + bonus tracks (German 80-s melodic power metal) Battle cry records
STORMWITCH Eye of the storm + bonus tracks (German heavy metal, 1989) Battle cry records
STORMZONE (ex-SWEET SAVAGE members) DEATH DEALER (classic heavy metal) 2010 SPV
STRANGE LAND Blaming season (US prog/power) Nightmare Rec/2004
STRATOVARIUS A Million Light Years Away (EP) Nuclear Blast
STRATOVARIUS Infinite Visions (DVD) Nuclear Blast
STRATOVARIUS Fourth Dimension (1995) Noise/FAD,1995 (USA pressing)
STRATOVARIUS Visions (power/speed, 1997) Noise/Sanctuary
STRESS (Bra) Amazon first metal attack! (heavy metal, 1982-2005) Metal Soldiers
STRIKE MASTER Re-Thrashing The Old Skull (speed/thrash)
STRIKE MASTER “Vicious Nightmare” (speed/thrash) Concreto Records
STS 8 MISSION Slipin' into fiction (1992, power/speed) Teichiku
SUBTERRANEO Toledo + 4 bonus tracks (80-s heavy metal) Hispania Metal
Suicidal angels Divide and Conquer (thrash metal) Urubuz records
SUICIDE WATCH Figure head of pain + bonus (UK thrash) Mosh Tunage
Sun Descends (ex- Exumer) The Entropy Formula (Thrash Metal) Khaosmaster Productions ‎
Sun Red Sun (ex-Warlock, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Doro, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Riot, ex-Rainbow) Sun Red Sun (autographed)(US heavy metal) Self-release
SUNBLAZE Illuminating heights (German heavy metal, 1997) Self-release
SUNRISE Liberty Melodic Power/Speed Metal
SUPERCHRIST Back & Black (classic MOTORHEADish metal)
SUPERCHRIST Defenders of the Filth (classic MOTORHEADish metal)
SUPERCHRIST Headbanger (classic MOTORHEADish metal) Rock Saviour records
SUPREME COURT The unfair warning (Thrash)
SWITCHBLADE Heavy weapons (classic heavy metal) Killer Metal
SWORD Sweet dreams (classic heavy metal, 1988) Aquarius records
SWORD Sword (classic heavy metal, 1986) Aquarius records
SYMPHONY X Paradise Lost (DIGIPAK) Inside Out
SYNDROME Time perpetuating (Thrash) Dynamo records
TAD MOROSE Leaving the past behind Black Mark
TAIST OF IRON Ressurection (1984, US true metal) Hot Metal Records
Tajny Zatmeniya Heaven in us Russian classic heavy metal
TANK Honour and blood + 1 bonus track (Digipack) Metal mind
TANK Power of the hunter (NWOBHM) Repertoire records
TANK Still At War + 2 bonus tracks (NWOBHM)
Tankard Vol(l)ume 14 (German thrash)
Taramis Stretch of the Imagination (original 1st press 1991) Rising sun production, 1991
TARAMIS Queen of Thieves (CD+DVD, Power/Thrash Metal, 1987) My Graveyard Productions
TARAMIS Stretch of the Immagination + bonus tracks (Power/Thrash Metal, 1991) My Graveyard Productions
TARCHON FIST We are the legions (true heavy metal, DVD) My Graveyard Productions
TAROT To Live Forever (1st pressing, 1993) Bluelight Records
TAROT To live again + bonus (80-s heavy metal)
TAROT The Spell of Iron MMXI
TAROT´S MYST (ex.-STORMWITCH, STRANGER) Odyssey (German epic power metal) B.O. Records
TAURUS Fissura + 2 bonus tracks (Thrash metal) American Line Productions
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) s/t (rare debut album) (80-s heavy metal)
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) Zver (The beast) Russian Heavy Metal
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) Capoeira 2008 Heavy Metal
TEMPLE OF BLOOD Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind (US 80-s power/thrash/speed) Private/2005
TERRA INC. TERRA INC (melodic metal) 2009
TERRAN (Rus) Among the Edge (2011) Heavy ala Aria
TERROR SQUAD “Chaosdragon Rising” (thrash metal) WorldChaos Production
TERRORDOME (Poland) We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch!” (speed/thrash/crossover, 2011) Defense
TERRORDOME / DEKAPITED (Poland/Chile) ”Bestial Castigation” (speed/thrash, 2012) Thrashing Madness Productions
TESTOR (Poland) Ruiny (thrash)
The Arrow Keeper of souls Heavy Power Metal
The Arrow Lady Nite 2008 Heavy Power Metal
THE CURE 4:13 dream Geffen
The David Neil Cline Band A Piece Of History/the Best Of (Classic heavy metal)
The Force Nations Under Attack (speed / thrash metal) Kill Again Records
The Great Kat Beethoven On Speed (speed metal)
THOR (Canada) INTO THE NOISE (heavy)
THRASH KOMMAND "Las tropas del Mal" Speed/thrash Tribulacion Productions
Thrashera For All Drunks 'n' Bitches (thrash metal) Kill Again Records
THRUSTOR Night of fire +bonus (Emanes Metal 1999/2008)
THUNDERHEAD Crime pays (heavy metal, 1991) MFN
THUNDERHEAD Killing with style (heavy metal, 1993, Primal Fear, Sinner members) GUN records
THUNDERSTONE Thunderstone + bonus track (digipack, melodic power/speed) Nothing to say/NUCLEAR BLAST
THUNDERSTONE The Burning (digi, 6 bonus tracks!) Nuclear Blast
THUNDERSTORM Vise digitale (NWOBHM) Metalfan 2007
THUNDERSTORM Witchunter Tales (classic doom ala Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus) Northwind records
THY GATE BEYOND Enemy at the Gates SG records
TIARA Vo mne (Inside me) (Russian classic heavy)
TIERRA SANTA Sangre De Reyes (digipack) Locomotive records
TITAN FORCE (Vocals: Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan's Host, ex- Riot, ex- Ballistic ) Titan force (US power metal, 1989, feat. Vocals: Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan's Host, ex- Riot, ex- Ballistic ) Abs records
TITAN FORCE (Vocals: Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan's Host, ex- Riot, ex- Ballistic ) Winner / Loser + bonus tracks (80-s US Power Metal, 1991) Cult Metal Classics, (2006 reissue)
TITAN FORCE (Vocals: Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan's Host, ex- Riot, ex- Ballistic ) Titan Force + bonus tracks (80-s US Power Metal, 1989, "All that is") Shark
TITAN STEELE (ex- Ritual Steel) The Force (German true metal) Pure steel records
TITANIUM BLACK Bleed for you (US heavy metal, produced by Michael Wagener (Dokken, Accept)
TNT Intuition (1989)
TNT Tell No Tales (1987)
TNT Tell No Tales (1987, Japanese press)
TOKYO BLADE Live in London DVD
TOMMY VITALY Just Me [Limit on 1000 CD's] Rock it up records
TORCH Fireraiser (Swedish heavy metal, cut out) Enigma/Metal Blade
Torment Tormentation (German thrash) Remedy
Torment Not dead yet (German thrash) Remedy
TORQUE (EX- VIO-LENCE (ГИТАРИСТ/ВОКАЛИСТ И БАСИСТ)) Torque (US Thrash Metal) Mascot records, 1996
Törr Gallery (2 CDs) (old school Heavy/Thrash/Black Metal)
TORRE DE MARFIL Ecos de la tercera realidad (Digipak, power-speed) Ariah, 2004
TORTURE Storm Alert (US thrash, 1989) Escapi
TOURNIQUET Where moth and rust destroy (US Thrash) Metal Blade
TOX Prince of darkness (German classic 80-s heavy metal) Laserlight
TRAGEDIAN DECIMATION (Power/speed, autogrphed cd) IceWarrior Records
TRAGEDY Reminder (Spanish true metal)
TRANCE Rockers (German heavy metal, 1991) Mausoleum
Trancemission (ex- Trance) Back In Trance II (German heavy metal) LCP
TRANCEMISSION (ex- Trance) Naked flames (German Heavy Metal) Pure Rock Records/LCP
TREASURE LAND Questions (progressive-power) T&T/Noise, 1997
TREASURE LAND Gateway (German power metal) NOISE 1998
TREN LOCO Pampa del infierno (power/speed/thrash, "Digipack" ) Hurling Metal
TRENCH HELL Southern Cross Ripper Hells Headbangers Records
TRETIY RIM (THE 3rd ROMA) Moving ahead 2011 Russian hard'n'heavy
Tribute to FIRST AID Heavy
TRIBUTE TO QUEEN The attack of the dragons 2 CD digipak
TRIBUTE TO RAGE Back In Time (2CD) (Stygma IV, Madog, etc)
Tributo argentino a Baron Rojo
Trilogy Part 1 Heavy Metal ala Aria
Trinakrius Inquisantism (epic doom metal) Psychedoomelic Records
TRISTANA Back to the future (speed-power) Leviathan records
TRIUMPH Rock n roll machine (hard rock)
TROUBLE The skull (1985) Metal Blade, 1994
TROY (TROYA) World in fire (heavy metal)
TROY (TROYA) Vozdushnye Zamki (heavy/power metal) 2009
TROYA “Гимн Веры в любовь” 2012 Russian Power metal
TRUST IV (French heavy metal, 1983, 1st pressing) Musidisc, 1990
TRUST X (ex-Decuman Wave) On the Edge of Forever + Faded sun (2CD) Heavy / power metal (2011)
TSAR (USA) Tsar 1995 (feat. Berkut (Aria vocal), Mavrin (Aria guitar))
TUBLATANKA Nebo peklo raj (Classic 80-s heavy metal)
TURBO Tożsamość Metal mind
Turbo (Pol) Awatar + 4 bonus tracks (Classic heavy metal) Metal Mind
Turbo (Pol) Dorosle Dzieci (80-s heavy metal, 1982, 1st press) Metal mind
Turbo (Pol) Straznik Swiata (classic heavy metal, 2009) Metal mind
TWILIGHT (Spain) Legend (celtic power/speed) Arise
TWISTED SISTER Never say never...Club Daze vol. II Spitfire
TWISTED SISTER Club Daze Volume 1 The Studio Sessions Spitfire
TWISTED SISTER Come Out And Play (US classic heavy metal, 1985) Atlantic
TWISTED SISTER You can't stop rock'n'roll (1983, 1st press) Atlantic
TWISTED SISTER Live at the Astoria CD+DVD (digipack)
TWISTED SISTER Stay Hungy (classic heavy metal, 1984)
TWISTED SISTER Video Years (DVD with all 80s clips + Live 1984, NTSC) Rhino
TWISTED TOWER DIRE Curse of Martyrs+ bonus track (Digi) Remedy
TWISTED TOWER DIRE The Isle of the Hydra Hellion
TWISTED TOWER DIRE Crest Of The Martyrs + 2 US bonus tracks Magick Records
TWISTED TOWER DIRE The Curse of Twisted Tower (2cd reissue) (US power metal) Heaven & Hell
TWISTED TOWER DIRE The Isle of Hydra (2cd reissue) (US power metal) Heaven & Hell
TWISTED TOWER DIRE The curse of twisted tower (US power metal, 1st press) Miskatonic Foundation
TWISTED TOWER DIRE The isle of hydra (US power metal) Hellion
TWYSTER Lunatic Siren (German power metal) Massacre records
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Crazy Nights (Japanese cd, OBI, additional booklet) UICY-93396
TYRAN' PACE (ex-Stormwitch, Paradox (Ger), Ritual Spirit) Take a seat in the raw (German heavy metal) B.O. records
TYRANEX Extermination Has Begun (thrash) Inferno records
TYRANT (Germany) “Mean machine” + 3 bonus tracks (Teutonic power/speed, 1984) Aurophone/Brainstorm, 1990
TYRANT (Germany) “Metal rules” (Teutonic power/speed, 1985) Gama/Laserlight
TYRANT (Germany) “Blind revolution” (Teutonic power/speed, 1989) Gama/Laserlight
TYRANT (Germany) Blind revolution (Ruling the world) (1988, German power/speed ala early Running Wild) Laserlight, 1990
TYRANT (US) King of kings (Great US 80-s power/thrash/doom) Brainstorm records
TYRANT (US) Legions Of The Dead (Official reissue US Traditional/Epic Metal, 1985) Old metal records
TYRANT (US) Too late to pray (Official reissue US Traditional/Epic/thrash Metal, 1987) Old metal records
TYSONDOG PAINTED HEROES 2CD (Beware Of The Dog (1984) + 2 bonus tracks/Crimes Of Insanity (1986)+ bonus track) Sanctuary
U.D.O. The Wrong Side Of Midnight (EP) AFM
U.D.O. Mean machine (1st press with lyrics in booklet) Breeze
U.D.O. Burningtracker (B-Sides) Bootleg 2010
Ultra-violence Privilege To Overcome (Speed/thrash) Punishment 18 Records
Untimely Demise City of Steel
UPWARDS OF ENDTIME Sadly Never Fore (US Epic/Heavy metal) Swaying Ball, 2006
URIAH HEEP Sweet freedom Castle, 1990
URSUS Hijos del Metal + bonus track (speed metal) Gate of horror productions
V/A Catch the Rainbow (A tribute to Rainbow) - 1999 Sanctuary
V/A PARANOIA (RUS) - Mest' Zla (power/speed, 1994) / LEGIJA - Legija (1987, classic heavy metal) Hot Metal Records
V/A Forgotten Metal Vol 016: Masque – The Dead Of Night, MCD / Stream – Outside World Within, MCD, CAN / Grand Bite – Al Borde Del Precipicio, CD;
V/A Kymera-Animality/Sabre-Keepers of the sword/Sinister Angel-Same
V/A-Condenados al olvido (heavy/thrash metal bands from Spain 1984-90 - KEOPS, Dyssït etc (2CD) Iberia Metalica
V12 Born to die/The last waltz (power/speed) Blood & Iron Records
VALIANCE Wayfaring (power metal) Black Lotus Records
VALKIJA Avengers of steel (true heavy/epic/power metal) Sonic Age Records
VALKIRIA The pathway (Digi) (Power-speed metal)
VALKYRIA (RUS, feat. Maxim Udalov – drums (ARIA))) Mystical Mass (re-released album "Valkyria" 1993 + bonus tracks) speed/thrash
VALLEY’S EVE Deception of pain (Power metal) Limb
VAMPYR (ex- Tyrant (Ger)) Cry out for Metal + 9 bonus video clips (German 80-s power/speed, 1986) Stormspell
VANADIUM Metal Rock + A Race With The Devil (Heavy Metal, 1982/1983) Bootleg press
VARIOUS ARTISTS Power Of Metal (2CD) (Rage, Gamma Ray, Helicon, Conception) Noise, 1994
VARIOUS ARTISTS Sweden Rock Festival 8-10 June 2006 (DVD+СD, A.Cooper, Edguy, Sweet, Venom, Nasty Idols etc)
VASTATOR Hell Only Knows + bonus (old-school Speed/Heavy Metal) Inferno records
VASTATOR Hell Only Knows + bonus video (old-school Speed/Heavy Metal) American Line Productions
VECTOM Speed Revolution (German speed metal, 1985) Brainstorm, 1990
VELVET VIPER (ex.-Zed Yago) THE 4TH QUEST FOR FANTASY (epic Heavy Metal, 1992) T.A.O.B. Products
VENI DOMINE Tongues MCM, 2007
VENI DOMINE Spiritual Wasteland (epic heavy/doom, produced by Heavy Load members) Massacre records, 1998
VENOM The singles 80-86 Neat/Castle
VETO Carthago/ Veto (German melodic power -speed, 1986-1988) Blower
Vexillum The wandering notes My Graveyard Productions
VHALDEMAR Metal To The World
VICE HUMAN Escape (80-s heavy)
VICE HUMAN SET ME FREE (classic heavy metal)
VICIOUS RUMORS Crushing the world (DVD) Mascot records, 2005
VICIOUS RUMORS Word Of Mouth (1994)
VICIOUS RUMORS Sadistic Symphony (US power metal)
VICIOUS RUMORS “Welcome to the ball” Atlantic
VICIOUS RUMORS “Vicious rumors” (Original Atlantic pressing, US 80-s power metal) Atlantic
VICTIMIZED Self Destroy (speed/thrash metal) Self-release
VIKING Do Or Die (thrash metal)
VIKING Man Of Straw (thrash metal) Urubuz records
VIKONT Na podstupah k nebu 2009 Heavy Metal
VIKONT Не Покоряйся Судьбе! Russian true heavy metal
VINDICATOR/METAL WITCH Outbreak of metal vol.1 - SPLIT CD (US old school thrash/speed metal; teutonic metal) Slaney records
Vingança Suprema Massacre Final (speed / thrash metal) Impaled records
VINNIE MOORE Mind's eye Shrapnel
Violator (Bra) Violent Mosh (thrash) Kill Again Records
VIO-LENCE Eternal Nightmare (2 cd, US 80-s thrash) Megaforce
VIO-LENCE Oppressing the masses/ Torture Tactics (US 80-s thrash) Megaforce
Violent Force Malevolent Assault Of…/self/1987 (bootleg)
VIOLENT OMEN (Ukraine) LUNATIC'S REVENGE Thrash metal (2011)
VIPER Theatre of fate (power/speed) Massacre 002
VIRGIN STEELE “Marriage of heaven & hell (pt. 1)” T&T / Noise, 1994
VIRGIN STEELE “Marriage of heaven & hell (pt. 2)” T&T / Noise, 1995
VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage + bonus tracks (US 80-s heavy metal, 1985) Dockyard 1
VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage + bonus track (1st press, 1985, US heavy metal) T&T / Noise, 1996
VIRUS Voice of metal (power-speed)
Vision Divine Stage Of Consciousness (DVD) Hellion
VIVA Dealers in the night Axe Killer
Volkana Volkana (speed/thrash, 1990) Moving Target
Voltax Fugitive State of mind (Power/Heavy/Speed Metal) Blower
WALLOP (pre-Grinder, Capricorn) Metallic Alps + 7 bonus tracks (1985, German power/speed metal) Cult Metal Classics
Walpurgis Night Under the Moonlight (classic heavy/power) MyGraveyard
WARDANZ WARDANZ (digipack, classic heavy metal) Brennus
WARDOG Scorched earth (US power/speed/thrash) Metal Blade
WARHEAD Speedway / The Day After 1985/86 Speed Metal (CD-Maximum)
WARHEAD Beyond Recall (German power-speed metal)
WARLOCK Live In London 1985 (DVD) Trilion Pictures
WARLOCK Burning the witches (1984, 1st press) Vertigo
WARLOCK Burning the witches 1984 Phonogram / Vertigo Ger
WARLOCK Hellbound 1985 Phonogram / Vertigo Ger
WARLOCK True as steel 1986 Phonogram / Vertigo Ger
WARLOCK Triumph and agony 1987 Phonogram / Vertigo Ger
WARLORD Book 1 (Deliver us (1983) CD + And the cannons… 1984 (DVD)) Metal Blade
WARNAMENT “Where Home is found” (Thrash Metal)
Warning (Fra) II (Classic heavy metal, 1983) Axekiller, 1998
Warpath When War Begins (thrash, 1992) Steamhammer
WARPATH (Chile) Mental reaction (speed/thrash)
WARRANT (Ger.) First strike / "The enforcer" + 2 bonus tracks (German power/speed metal,1985, 1st press!) Noise
WAR-SAW (Poland) “Nuclear Nightmare” (thrash metal ala Sepultura "Arise", 2012, digipack) Self-release
Watchtower Demonstrations In Chaos (speed/thrash) Monster
WAYSTED BACK FROM THE DEAD (80-s hard'n'heavy) Majestic rock
WEHRMACHT Shark Attack (80-s speed metal) New renaissance
WEHRMACHT Beermacht (80-s speed metal) New renaissance
Whiplash Insult To Injury + bonus tracks (cult 80-thspeed/thrash, 1990) Displeased
Whiplash Messages in Blood (80-s US Speed/Thrash, 1985-1987) Displeased
WHITE SKULL Embittered (power) Underground Symphony
WHITE WIZZARD Over the Top (classic heavy metal) Earache
WHOREHOUSE (Poland) “Execution of Humanity” (old school thrash) Defense
WICCA Splended Deed + bonus track (1989, German power/speed/thrash)
WICKED ANGEL Remastered collection MMIX (CDN 1983-09/2009)
WIDOW Midnight strikes (US classic heavy metal, 1st press) Tribunal records
WIDOW On Fire (US classic heavy metal) Cruz del Sur
WILD DOGS Wild dogs + bonus tracks (US 80-s power/ speed, 1983) Northwind records
WILD DOGS Wild Dogs/Mans Best Friend + bonus track (US power/speed, 1983/84) Old Metal, 1998
WILD DOGS Reign of Terror + bonus tracks (US power/speed,1987) Old Metal, 1998
WIND ROSE SHADOWS OVER LOTHADRUIN (power metal) Bakerteam Records
WIND WRAITH Minions of Metal (US 80-s power, fet. Thor) Battle cry records
WINTERKILL Taming the wolves (US heavy metal, ex - Tyrant's Reign, Spirit Web, Slauter Xstroyes) MTM
WINTERLONG Valley of the Lost (Euro Power Metal) Lion music
WITCH CROSS Fit for fight (1984, Heavy Metal) Old metal records
WITCH HAMMER 1487 (80-s speed metal)
WITCHCURSE Heavy Metal Poison (80-s heavy metal) Inferno records
WITCHCURSE Fantomania III anti-disco (speed/thrash) Metal or die
WIZARD (Ger.) Bound by Metal (Rare first pressing) B.O. Records
WIZZARD Sons Of Sin And Decadence (heavy/speed/thrash/black) Gutter
WOLF Evil star + 2 bonus tracks (damaged booklet) Prosthetic records
WOLF Evil star + 2 bonus tracks (classic heavy metal) Massacre
WOLFCRY Warfair (Power/speed metal, digipak) Black Lotus
Wolfs Moon Unholy Darkness (German power metal) Pure steel records
WONDERLAND Eternally (melodic power metal)
WONDERLAND Wonderland + 3 bonus tracks (Power Metal)
WONDERLAND Somewhere in my eyes (Italian power metal, digipack) Underground Symphony
WONDERLAND Wonderland (Italian power metal, digipack) Underground Symphony
WOTAN (Italy) Under the sign of Odin's crows (Epic true metal, rare self-release, 2000) Self-release
WRATH Insane society (US power/thrash, 1990, 1st press) Medusa Records
WRATH (US) In concert (DVD) Stormspell
WRATH (US) Fit of anger (US power/speed/thrash, 1988) Medusa Records
WRATHBLADE Into the Netherworld's Realm (epic 80-s heavy metal) Eat metal records
WRATHBLADE Into the Netherworld's Realm (epic heavy metal) Eat metal records
WRATHCHILD Trash Queens (80-s hard'n'heavy ala Motlet Crue 1983) Bootleg press
WUTHERING HEIGHTS Far from the madding crowd (power) Hellion
WWIII (ex- Dio) WORLD WAR III (80-s US heavy metal, feat. Dio members) Bootleg press
WWIII (ex- Dio) WWIII (US heavy/power, 1990) Hollywood records, 1990
WYVERN (Italy) Lords of winter (Power/Speed Metal) Jolly Roger
WYZARD KNIGHTS OF METAL (80-s US heavy metal) Perris
X-FACTOR (pre-Mortifer) X-Factor + bonus tracks 2005 True 80-s Heavy Metal
X-HERO X-Hero’ (80-s Heavy Metal, 1987, 6 bonus-tracks + 1 video-track) Heart of steel
XIRON Turn to Stone (Power/thrash/speed metal) Iron Glory
X-Wild (ex- Running Wild) Savage land (German power/speed, 1996) Blue merle
YNGWIE J.MALMSTEEEN Far Beyond The Rising Sun (B-Sides) Bootleg 2009
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Live!!!! (1998, DVD) Dream catcher, 2000
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Magnum Opus (Japanese version, bonus track "Cantabile, by Vivaldi".)
Zavotage Frenesi de Agresividad (old school thrash metal) Digipack Austral Holocaust Productions
ZEPHYR The Last Dawn + 5 bonus tracks Andromeda Relix
ZERO NINE Headline (80-s heavy) Warner
Znowhite Kick 'em when they're down + All hail to thee (US speed metal, 1984/85) Axekiller, 1998 (Numbered limited edition #1630/3000)
Zoetrope A Life of Crime (US thrash/speed, 1987) Century Media
Zoser Mez (ex- Mercyful Fate, Narita) Vizier Of Mistland (Heavy Metal, 1992) Supreme Music Creations
Züül Out of time (US 80-s heavy metal) Planet Metal, 2010
ZYONS ABYSS Tales (80s US Power Metal) Steel legacy

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1917 Inti Huacay 1998 Self-Released Melodic death ala mid 90ґs Carcass
1917 Neo-Ritual 2005 Southern Hellish Ptods Melodic death ala mid 90ґs Carcass
1917 Vision 2004 Concret Records Melodic death ala mid 90ґs Carcass
1917 Vox Fatum 2007 Self-release Death Metal
ADAGIO (BRA) The Birth of Misery (death/doom) Demise Records, 2001
ADRAMELECH (Demigod members) Psychostasia + 3 bonus tracks (Death Metal, 1996) Extreem Music
AFTER FOREVER Remagine (cd + dvd) Transmission Records
AGONY (Czech) My Turn To Die 2004 I.F.A. Melodic death
ALKONOST On the Wings of the Call (sealed digibook) Folk/Pagan/Doom/Black Metal
ALLIGATOR CEREBRAL IMPLOSION (death/thrash from Italy, 1994)
Amatris (ex- Silent Scream) Before The Final Journey (gothic metal) Twilight, 2006
Ambehr Spider's Web 2005 Taiga Sound Death/Thrash
Ambivalence The Splinters 2003 MAGik ART Death
AMORPHIS Am Universum Relapse Records
AMORPHIS My Kantele (DIGIPACK) Relapse Records
Ancient Ceremony Under Moonlight We Kiss (black) Cacophonous 1997
Apocryphal / Dialectic Soul The Labyrinth of Time / Dialectic Soul 2003 Paradise Recs Melodic death/Symphonic Black Metal
April Ethereal (Poland) Advent 2000 Conquer Records Dark progressive metal
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel (2 CD, black metal) Misanthropy/Candlelight
ARKONA (RUS) Revival (aka Vozrozhdenie) Karelian Arts
ARSENIC (US) Seeds of destruction (80-s thrash/death) Baphomet Records
Arum (Brazil) Occult Cataclysm - The New Era Rises (black) Negativity records
ASGEIRR Diktat allianz 2005 Battlefield Black Metal
ASSHOLE Best of the worst (thrash) The ritual productions
At The Gates With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness/The Red In The Sky Is Ours (2 CD) Peaceville
Athiest Piece of Time+ bonus tracks (reissue) Relapse
Autopsy Mental Funeral Peaceville
AUTUMN TEARS Love Poems for Dying Children - Act I (rare 1st pressing, 1996) Dark Symphonies Records
Autumn Verses (pre- Dead Beginners) Tunes Of Disconsolation 1998 Solistitium Records Melodic Black/Death
AVATAR (BEL) ...Memoriam Draconis (Symphonic Black Metal) Wood Nymph Rec. / Shiver Rec., 1996
AXEGRINDER Rise of the serpent men + 4 bonus tracks (DIGIPACK, Crust Punk/Thrash Metal, 1989) Peaceville
Azeroth Live in Polygon 2004 Taiga Sound Black
BANNERWAR Centuries of heathen might 2005 digipack Self-Released True Black with Graveland cover
BAPHOMET (GER) Trust (German Death / Thrash) Massacre, 1994
Barbarity Enough Grave For Everybody 2005 Blacksmith Prods Death Metal
BATHORY Nordland I (digi) Black Mark
BATTLESOUL Lay Down thy Burdens (black, ala Bal-Sagoth) CDN Records
BAY LAUREL Under a clouded sky (doom, 1994, 1st pressing) Noxious records
BELPHEGOR Pestapoclaypse VI (digipack with bonus tracks 2006) Nuclear Blast
Bertha Light And Shadows 2003 Valiant Gothic/Doom Metal
Bewitched (Chile) Dragonflight (Heavy/Doom/Black Metal 1997; 1999 reissue with 3 bonus tracks - Mercyful Fate meets Black Metal) Conquistador records/Supernal Music
Beyond Fatal (US) Sanctuary In Misery 2002 Bloodsoaked Records Brutal Death Metal mix of CANNIBAL CORPSE and DYING FETUS
Black Harvest (US) White Light Came Down 2005 Oak Knoll Melodic/Doom/Black Metal
Black Jade (Switzerland) ...For Forest And Fire 2005 Ewiges Eis Rec Black
Black Lotus Radiance 2006 Dying Empylver Productions Black/Folk Metal
Black Shadow Death's call (Zov smerty) 2005 More Hate Black
Bloodfiend Under the Evil Command 2011 Disembodied Records Death, Boneyard (Impetigo cover)
Bloodstained Coffin (Germany) Cursed To Exist 2003 Self-Released melodic death metal in the old-Swedish tradition
BORKNAGAR Borknagar (1996) Displeased Records
BORKNAGAR Empiricism (digi) Century Media
BORKNAGAR Quintessence (digi) Century Media
Burden Rage The Spiral Black Hole 2012 Disembodied Records Death/Thrash Metal
Cadaverous Condition (Austria) The Lesser Travelled Seas 2001 Perverted Taste Death / Neofolk
Candle Serenade Nosferatu's Passion (Melodic Black/Doom/Death Metal) Guardians of Metal 1995
CANNIBAL CORPSE Tomb Of The Mutilated (Digipak Reissue) Metal Blade
CANNIBAL CORPSE Vile (1st press) Metal Blade
Carbonized Screaming Machines 1996 Irond Progressive Metal
CARDINAL SIN / DAWN Spiteful Intents / Sorgh på Svarte Vingar Fløgh (bootleg) SWEDISH DEATH BLACK METAL
Cathedral The Ethereal Mirror (doom, 1993) Columbia/Earache
CELESTIAL SEASON Solar lover (Doom, 1995, 1st press) Displeased
Cerber Hatred, Death, Intolerance… 2005 Sound Age Black/Death Metal
Chaos Aftermath Subtopia 2002 Self-Released Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
CHILDREN OF BODOM Blooddrunk (3-songs single) Spinefarm
CHILDREN OF BODOM Something Wild + bonus tracks (Deluxe edition) Nuclear Blast
Christ Agony Trilogy 1997 Pagan Records Black
Coherent Liquid Form New Existence 2002 Archives Music Dark Melodic Death/Black
Coprofago Gesta de sangre 2013 Witness Hell Death Metal
Corvus Corax The Atavistic Triad DARK SYMPHONIES
CREMATORY Crematory (digipak) Massacre Records 1996
Crest Of Darkness Evil Knows Evil 2004 My Kingdom Music Black
Cruachan Tuatha Na Gael ('97 reissue with entire Promo '97 demo as bonus tracks, Black/Folk Metal) Karmageddon
Cut throat (Japan) Rape Rape Rape (black/thrash/speed, 1st press limited edition 500 copies) ISO 666
DARK FUNERAL Attera Orbis Terrarum Pt. 2 [2 DVD] Regain records
DARK FUNERAL Diabolis Interium + bonus tracks [Digipak 2 CD] Selfrelease
Dark Legion Bloodshed 2001 Deadsun Records Brutal death
DARKTHRONE Preparing for war Peaceville
DARKTHRONE Transilvanian Hunger (digipack) Peaceville
Darktrance Ghost In The Shells 2008 Black Metal
DAWN OF DREAMS Darklight awakenig Last Episode/2000
DAWNRIDER (Leather Synn, Dragon's Kiss members) Aplha chapter (Doom Metal, Digipack) Ragingplanet
De Profundis (Pantheist memb.) Beyond Redemption (Death / Doom from UK) Self-release
Death Human (death metal, 1991, 1st press) Relativity, 1991
Death Individual thought patterns 1993 Century Media Ger 1999
Death Spiritual healing 1990 Century Media Ger 1999
Deflorace Massacre 2004 Forensick Music Death Metal/Grind
DEICIDE Scars Of The Crucifix (CD+DVD with slipcase) Earache
Deimos Never Be Awaken 2004 Wroth Emitter Doom
Deimos Slow Death Story + bonus track 1998 Dark side records Death/Thrash Metal
Demolish Remembring The Cabalisticae Laments 2005 American Line Prods Death Metal
Depression Das Relikt 2005 2CD Cudgel Agency Death Metal/Grindcore
Depressive Reality Rowling Death 2004 Nice To Eat You Records Death/Black Metal
Desecrated Dreams Feelings of Guilt 2001 Metal Age Death/Black Metal
Desert Rain Across The Burning Sky 1998 G.U.C. Melodic Death/Thrash
Deus Inversus The Downfall 2006 System Shock Records Death
Devolved Technologies 2000 MGM Technical Death Metal
Diathra Wistful Autumn Dance 2003 Stygian Crypt Prods Doom / Death Metal
DIMMU BORGIR DEATH CULT ARMAGEDDON (NB 27361 10470 Foldout Digipak) Nuclear blast
DIMMU BORGIR Death Cult Armageddon + bonus track (Digi) Nuclear Blast
Dissimulation (Lithuania) Maras 2002 digipack Ledo Takas Thrash/Black Metal
Divine Enema Under phoenix phenomenon 2003 More Hate Doom
Draconic Conflux 2004 Rock Express Mix of melodic black metal and cyber metal, sounding like The Kovenant, Dimmu Borgir, ...And Oceans, Borknagar
Dryados L'amour n'enleve pas vraiment la depression… 2004 Musica Prod Symphonic Black Metal
Dusk (Pakistan) Jahilia 2003 Epidemie Records Progressive Death/Doom
DYING EMBRACE Era of tribulation (Death/Doom Metal) Armee de la Mort
Ecliptic Sunset …From These Dried Lands 2003 Furias Records Black/Death Metal
Edenbeast Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence 2005 Metalism Melodic Death Metal
ELBERETH ...and other reasons (Gothic/Doom Metal) Witchhunt
Elysian Blaze Cold Walls & Apparitions 2005 Northern Silence Prods Black/Funeral Doom Metal
EM SINFONIA Intimate Portrait (Digipak, Death / Doom) Hammerheart
Emancer (Norway) The Menace Within 2005 Golden Lake
EMPEROR A mid summer nights dream (live 1993) Bootleg
EMPEROR Anthems To The Welkin At Dawn (black) Candlelight
EMPEROR Emperor / Wrath of the Tyrant Candlelight/Abstract Sounds
EMPEROR Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise (black) Candlelight USA
End (Grc) End 2002 ISO 666 Black
End (Grc) End II 2003 ISO 666 True Black with Carpathian Forest cover
ENSIFERUM Victory songs + Dragonheads (EP) 2 CD promotional digipack set Spinefarm
Enslaved Frost (old pressed 1994, black) Osmose Productions
Enthrallment Immerse into Bloody Bliss 2008 Metal Age Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Essence Of Existence Tome II: Ephemeris Sun 2003 Sonic Temple Symphonic Black Metal
Estuary Of Calamity The Sentencing 2000 Self-Released Melodic death
Estuary To Exist And Endure 2004 Ibex Moon Records Melodic Death Metal ala Arch Enemy (female singer)
ETERNAL SILENCE (Keep of Kalessin) Between the unseen + video clip 2001 Baphomet Records Black Metal
EVERLOST (Shadow Host, Epidemia (Rus), D.I.V.A. members) Bitterness of the triumph Melodic Death Metal
Ewiges Reich Krieg, Hass, Tod 2005 Perverted Taste Black
Ewiges Reich Thron aus Eis 2003 Perverted Taste Black
Ewiges Reich Zeit Des Erwachens 2002 Perverted Taste Black
Ewigkeit Land Of Fog 2002 CD-Maximum Electronic Experimental Dark Metal
EXCALIBUR (Cze) Thurizas 2001 Movement records death
Exposed Guts The Way Of All Flesh 2003 Self-Released grind / death
Exventer Procederum Finic 2004 Self-Released Brutal death
F.O.B. Default 2005 I.F.A. Death/Thrash Metal
F.O.B. Follow The Instructions 2003 I.F.A. Death/Thrash Metal
Falkenbach Heralding The Fireblade + bonus (digipack) Napalm Records
Falkenbach Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Napalm Records
Fangorn Fangorn 2002 G.U.C. Operatic death metal
Fangorn Pentatonische Furien 1999 G.U.C. Operatic death metal
FEAR FACTORY Soul of a New Machine (1992, 1st press) Roadrunner
Fjallstorm Midnattssolen 2004 CD-r (DVD case) Korosiv Viking Metal
Forest Stream Tears Of Mortal Solitude 2002 Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
FOREVER EMBRACED Promo 99 1999 Self-Released Black/Gothic
FORGIVE ME NOT All and the best in the City of Angels gothic
Fragile Vastness Excerpts 2002 Sleaszy Rider Progressive
From Beyond (Cze) Endtime 2004 Sonic Temple Death
Frontside Teoria konspiraciji (limited edition - sealed CD+DVD digipack) Mystik prod, 2008
GATHERING, THE In motion (dvd) Century media
GOAT OF MENDES To walk upon the wiccan way 1997 Perverted Taste Heavy Folk/Pagan Metal with black influences
GOD DETHRONED Into the Lungs of Hell (2 cd digipack) Metal Blade
GOD DETHRONED The Toxic Touch (CD+DVD) Metal Blade
GODS TOWER Anthology (2CD, slipcase)
Gorelord Force Fed On Human Flesh 2001 Baphomet Brutal death (ex-Wurdulak, ex-Necrophagia, ex-Grimfist)
Grabnebelfursten Schwarz Gegen Weiß 2005 digipack Black Attakk Black
Graveland In the Glare of Burning Churches (black) Forever Plagued
Gutrix (ex - Mercyful Fate, Fate, Zoser Mez, Force of Evil) Mushroom Songs New Ren., 1997
Hands of Doom Headhammer (Thrash/Black Metal) Austral Holocaust Productions
Hatecraft Finally Free 2004 CD-Maximum Melodic Death Metal
HATECRAFT Lost Consolation Progressive Melodic Death
Headmeat Destructive Entitlement 2002 digipack Baphomet Records brutal death/grind
HEL Orloeg (Pagan Black Metal, rare 1st pressing) ArsMetalli / Zomba, 1999
Helcaraxe Evil Supremacy 2012 Misanthropic Spirit Records Black Metal, Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)
Hellfire 6.66 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (V/A) 2CD 2004 Sound Age Black
Hellveto Stos 2006 Seven Kingdoms Orchestral Pagan Metal
Hermafrodit Architecture of the Sharp Edges 1996 Epidemie Records Industrial
Hermafrodit Major-Mix + video tracks 2000 Epidemie Records Industrial
HOWL Howl (Stoner/Sludge Metal, Digipack) Relapse
HVANGUR "Krov I pepel" ("Blood and ashes") (Russian pagan black with Satyricon cover)
Hypnotic Scenery Vacuum (Doom / Death Metal) Sheer Records 1995
Hypocrisy Catch 22 Nuclear Blast
ILLDISPOSED To those who walk behind us + 2 bonus tracks (digipack, death) Massacre
ILLWILL Evilution (King Diamond & Mercyful Fate members) New Renaissance Records
IMMORTAL All Shall Fall (black) Nuclear Blast
IMMORTAL Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism Osmose
IN FLAMES Clayman + bonus tracks (Deluxe edition) Nuclear blast
IN FLAMES Colony + bonus tracks (Deluxe edition) Nuclear blast
Incognita Madeirus Sarcasticus (thrash/crossover/hardcore) Virtual records, 1995
Inferi The End of a Weak Nature 2009 Self-release Black Metal
INFERNAL DREAMS "And I dream" 1999 Guardians Of Metal Melodic Black Metal
Insidius Infernus Pale Grieving Moon 2002 Sleaszy Rider Black
Insignium In Die Abgründe 2005 Black Attakk Black/Death Metal
Kabbal Synthetically Revived 2003 Diamond Productions Death
Kalevala (ex-Butterfly Temple, ex-Nevid') "Tow of Snow-white Flax" (Кудель белоснежного льна, 2008) Folk Metal
Karelia Restless (sealed digi) Season Of Mist Records, 2008
Karelian Warcry Kylma Rautainen 2005 digipack Seven Gates of Hell Black/Death Metal
Kataklysm Sorcery/Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation (digipack) Nuclear Blast
Katar Paradigma Digitized 2001 CD-Maximum Industrial Black Metal
KATATONIA Brave Murder Day (+ 4 bonus tracks, doom, 1996) Century Black records
Kilhumanity Killing 2005 Coyote Records Death
Kinetic The Chains That Bind Us 2004 digipack Sleaszy Rider Progressive Death Metal
Korpiklaani Korven Kuningas Napalm
Korum (ex - Misanthrope (Fra)) Son Of The Breed 2002 Sekhmet Records Technical Death Metal
Kretan Christian Corpse Mutilation 2003 Comatose Music Death/grind
Krieg (ex- Judas Iscariot) Destruction Ritual 2001 Red Stream Black
Krieg (ex- Judas Iscariot) The Black House 2003 Red Stream Black
Kuru (US) Epidemic 2005 Deathgasm Records Brutal death
L.I.G.O. No One Safe 2004 More Hate Death
Laniena Mentis (Cze) Shambles Of Mind 2000 Tortuga Origin Brutal death
Lemming Project Hate and Despise (German thrash/death, 1st press, sealed, 1992) Century Media Records CM 7744-2
Libido Airbag Miss Melanoma + bonus (Japanese pressing) 2003 Obliteration Records Industrial Pornogrind
Little Dead Bertha Two Sides… 2004 Stygian Crypt Prods Gothic/Doom Metal
Little Dead Bertha Way Of Blind 2005 Stygian Crypt Prods Gothic/Doom Metal
Loits Vere Kutse Kohustab 2004 Ledo Takas Black with military marches, and folkish influences
Lungorthin Morgrom 2003 Folter Records Black
Lupercalia The New Blood 2004 Lost Sound Records Blackened Gothic Metal
MACHINE What Are You Looking At (thrash/death) New Renaissance Records
Malefactor (US) Death Falls Silent 2003 Metal Age Death
MALEFICIA "Songs of the nightbird" 2003 Pakana Distribution Black
MALEVOLENT CREATION Stillborn (death metal, 1993) Roadrunner
MALICIOUS DEATH ...from above (thrash/death) Disentertainment
MARDUK Dark Endless (black) Regain
MARDUK Nightwing (Black, 1998) Osmose
Matan S.A. Parte I La matanza está por comenzar 2010 Icarus Music Death Metal
Mater Monstifera Zrozen Z Hrichu 2005 I.F.A. Black
MAYHEM European legion (DVD)
Mëkanïk (Dismal Euphony, Gehenna,Blood Red Throne, Forlorn members) Dër Mëkanïk Grööves (progressive blackened thrash) Duplicate Records
Mental Home Black Arts (digi) The End Records
MEPHISTOPHELES Modern Instinct’s Purity (Black) Last Epizode
MERCA Chup amela (doom metal) Psychedoomelic
MESHUGGAH Contradictions Collapse & None [Digipak] NUCLEAR BLAST
Midnight Scream The Evil Her 2003 Sleaszy Rider Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Minas Tirith The Art of Becoming (Black Metal with ex. Funeral (Nor), Old Man's Child, Tulus members) (Art Music / Voices Of Wonder 1995)
Mind Eclipse Chaos Chronicles 2002 Wroth Emitter Black/Death Metal
Mind Eclipse Utopia: Formula Of God 2005 CD-Maximum Black/Death Metal
Mindfield Deviant 2000 Pavement Gothic Metal
Minion Exile Of Fear 2006 Pure Mine Records Death/Thrash Metal
Misanthrope Libertine humiliations (Digipack) Holy records
Misanthrope Sadistic sex daemon Holy records
Miscreant Oppressive 2002 Blacksmith Prods thrash/death
MITHOTYN Gathered Around The Oaken Table Karmageddon
Mixomatosis Bienvenidos Al Mundo Del Terror 2003 Coyote Records Grind
MODERN FUNERAL ART Hellfire 2006 Morningside records Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
MOONSORROW Voimasta ja Kunniasta (black) Spikefarm
Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick Earache
MORK GRYNING “Tusen År Har Gått” (black) No fashion
MORNING STAR Rivendel (black-thrash, original first pressing, 1995) Wild rags
MORTEM Amputator (Brutal Death Metal, 1993, slipcase)
My Cross To Bare Lex Talionis 2005 Retribute Records Technical Death Metal/Grindcore
My Dying Bride For Darkest Eyes (DVD) Peaceville
My Dying Bride Like gods of the sun + 2 bonus tracks (Digipack) Peaceville, 2003
My Dying Bride Song of darkness, words of light (Digipack) Peaceville, 2004
My Fate Happiness Is Fiction 2004 CD-Maximum Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
MYSTIC CIRCLE Unholy Chronicles 1992-2004 (CD+DVD) Massacre records
Mystical Gate In Sadness Gloom 1996 Stygian Crypt Prods Doom/Progressive Metal
Mystifier The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn’t Live Here 1996 Genocide Prods Black death
Nafak Guib-Bo-Rim + 2 bonus tracks 2009 Escoria Records Melodic Death Metal, I Told You So (Carcass cover)
Nahar A moment of Dead Emotions 2005 Korosiv Black
Nailed (UK) A Pure World Is A Dead World 2005 Casket Brutal death (ala Morbid Angel and early Entombed)
Natron Livid Corruption 2004 digipack Holy Records Brutal death
Natron Unpure 1996 Nocturnal Music, 2000 Brutal death
Necroabortion Brutal Misanthropy 2008 Disembodied Records Death Metal
Neglected Fields Synthinity 1998 Technical/Progressive Death Metal
Negura Bunget Zirnindu-Sa (black) Self-Released
Nightsky Bequest Uncounted Stars Unfounded Dreamlands (Doom/Gothic Metal) Polyphemus Records, 1996
Ninnghizhidda (Ger) Blasphemy 1998 Displeased Black (ex- Eternal Dirge, Tsatthoggua) Recommended to fans of Dominate era Morbid Angel and fans of keyboard laden Black Metal.
Ninnuam Process Of Life Separation 2004 CD-Maximum Black/Death Metal
Noctes (Sweden) Pandemonic Requiem (digipack, Melodic Black Metal) No Fashion
Non Opus Dei (ex-Christ Agony) Diabolical Metal 2002 War Is Imminent Black
Nordligst (Rus) Spirit of Gloomy North (1999) black Self-Released
Nosferatos Ventum Inferum de Tenebrae… 1998 Blacksmith Prods Brutal Death/Black Metal
OBEISANCE Unholy, unwholesome & evil" 2006 Black Seed productions Thrash / Black Metal
OBITUARY (USA) Frozen in Time (2005, 1st. Press) Roadrunner
Oceans Of Sadness For We Are 2000 LSP Company Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Octagon (US, ex - Gorgoroth, Obtained Enslavement, Ancient) Artisans Of Cruelty 2005 Autopsy Kitchen Experimental Black/Death Metal
OLD MAN"S CHILD REVELATION 666 (Digipak) Century Media
OPERA IX Anphisbena (black) Avantgarde Music
OPETH Deliverance MFN/Sony
OPETH Still Life (2008 Release - 5.1 DVD Mix, digipack) Peaceville
OPETH The Devil's Orchard - Live at Rock Hard Festival
Papercut Homicide From Filth Comes Grace 2003 Retribute Records Technical death/grind
Paths of Possession Promises In Blood 2005 Fono Death Metal
PENETRALIA Carpe noctem (black) Last Episode/99
PERVERSIFIER Perverting the masses (Thrash/Black Metal) Armee de la Mort
Phobia Serenity Through Pain 2001 Disembodied Records Grindcore
Plastic Earth S.E.A.M. - 01 2004 digipack World Chaos Melodic death
Polymorph Disgraceful Supper 2005 G.U.C. Brutal death
Polymorph Innocent Suffering 1998 G.U.C. Brutal death
Prison Flag Misplaced (industrial/hardcore/modern metal)
PURTENANCE Awaken from slumber (Death Metal) Extreem Music
Quinta Essentia Neutrality For Defined Chaos 2006 digipack Deathgasm Records Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Rakoth Planetshift Epic Black/Doom/Folk Metal Soyuz
Resurrecturis The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell 2003 Mondongo Canibale Death
RETURN (Japan) Unholy thrash metal (black/thrash) Break the Connection
Rigor Mortis Bienvenidos a la Ceremonia 2008 Venal Productions Death/Thrash Metal
Rigorism Human Fear 2004 More Hate Death
Rossomahaar Live And Die In Moscow 2003 Sound Age Black
ROTTING CHRIST Passage to Arcturo + bonus tracks Unruly
ROTTING CHRIST Theogonia (black) Season Of Mist
Runemagick Dark Dead Earth (2CD, death/doom) Century Media Including "The Supreme Force of Eternity"(1998) + "Enter the Realm of Death" with bonus (1999)+ "Resurrection in Blood" (2000).
SABAOTH LES ILLUMINATIONS (Gothic/Black Metal, sealed digipack) 2008 ICARUS
SABBAT (Japan) "Sabbatical Blasphemous Gospels" (giant DIGIPACK, compilation with all early Eps 1985-1990) Rawblackult Productions Compilation of first five 7inches. CD in a giant digipack, sized like a 7inch cover and printed on cardboard.
SABBAT (Japan) The dwelling (1996/2008, thrash/black) Iron Pegasus
SACROSANCTUM "Fragments" 2003 Metal Age Gothic/Doom Metal
Sadis Euphoria Instinct/Obsession 2002 Willowtip Brutal Death Metal/Grind
Salacious Gods Piene 2005 Folter Records Black
Salacious Gods Sunnevot 2002 CD-Maximum Black
Samael Telepath EP (digipack) Galactical Records 2004
SATURNUS Paradise Belongs to You (doom, 1st press) Euphonious Records
Saxorior Portent Of Eternity 1999 G.U.C. Melodic Black Metal
Saxorior Saxot 2001 G.U.C. Melodic Black Metal
Sculptured (ex - Agalloch) The Spear Of The Lily Is Aureoled 1998 Mad Lion Records Avant-Garde Death Metal
SEA BASTARD Scabrous (Sludge/Doom Metal) Mosh Tunage
SEA BASTARD Sea bastard (Sludge/Doom Metal) Mosh Tunage
Sear Begin the Celebrations of Sin 2005 CD-Maximum Death/Black Metal
Seducer's Embrace Sinnocence 2002 Melodic Death Metal
SEPULTURA Chaos A.D. (thrash, 1993, 1st press) Roadrunner
SEPULTURA The roots of sepultura (2cd) Roadrunner
Serenade The 28th Parallel (Doom Metal) Deviation Records 1995
Severnie vrata Motherland (Otchizna) 2000 Russian folk pagan metal
Shambless Apkas Itulia 2004 Stygian Crypt Prods Atmospheric/Folk Death/Black Metal
SHIVAN Whatever Lot’s Above [Atmospheric Black Metal] Pulsar light records
Sikfuk Gore Delicious 2002 United Guttural Records Brutal Gore/Death Metal
SIX FEET UNDER Commandment (limited edition BOX inc. Huge flag) Metal Blade
SIX FEET UNDER Haunted + 3 bonus tracks (death) Roadrunner/Metal Blade / Brazil
Snowblind (ex- Nightfall (Grc)) Lord Of My Fate 2003 Sleaszy Rider Doom Metal
Snowblind (ex- Nightfall (Grc)) Snowblind 2001 Sleaszy Rider Doom Metal
SOCIAL SHIT Sounds of destruction 2005 digipack Heaven records Death Metal/Grindcore
SOILWORK Stabbing The Drama (digipack) Nuclear Blast
Souledge Exterminate The World 2004 Goregiastic Recs Melodic death
Soulskinner (Greece, ex - Necromantia, Thou Art Lord) Breeding The Grotesque 2003 Sleaszy Rider Death
Spectre Dragon Beyond Creation (thrash, digipack 2005) Self-release
Speculum Mortis 1348 2005 Griffin Music Pagan Black Metal ala early Burzum
SPINEFARM METAL DVD Video-clips of Spinefarm artists (Sonata Arctica, Charon, To/Die/For etc.)
Spite Extreme Wing Magnificat 2003 Beyond Prods Black
split - Ignus Uranium/ Havoc Vulture Speech of the Mushroomcloud 2005 BlutvergieЯen Black Metal
split - Pogrom / Devastación La Unión Hace la Fuerza 2013 Metal Command Death/Thrash Metal, Put Your Love in Me (Plasmatics cover)
STORMLORD Supreme Art Of War Last Epizode
STORMLORD The Curse of Medusa (melodic black) Scarlet
Suffocation Blood Oath Nuclear Blast
Suffocation Human Waste (death) Relapse
Suicide One Of Your Neighbours 2004 Self-Released Brutal death
SUMMER BREEZE FESTIVAL 2002 DVD (feat. Stormwitch!)
Surrender Of Divinity Manifest Blasphemy 2006 From Beyong Prods Raw Black
Tales Of Darknord Stalingrad: War Episodes 2004 More Hate Death
TARTHARIA Over The Top (DVD) black
Tears Of Mankind To solitude … 2006 Bad Mood Man
The Old Dead Tree The Nameless Disease
The Old Dead Tree The Perpetual Motion (digipack)
The Old Dead Tree The Water Fields
The Seven Gates (ex- Winds of Sirius) Angel Of Suffering (2009, thrash/death) Heavy Artillery Records
THERION DEGGIAL Nuclear Blast NB 442-2
THERION Gothic Kabbalah (2 cd digipack) Nuclear Blast
THERION Sirius B Nuclear Blast
THERION The Miskolc Experience (2 CD+DVD) Nuclear Blast/Laser Company
Theudho Treachery 2004 Nepherex Pagan/Black Metal
THYRFING Farsotstider [Slipcase CD+DVD] Regain records
THYRFING Thyrfing (viking black) Candlelight
THYRFING Urkraft (viking black) Candlelight
TIAMAT A Deeper Kind of Slumber + bonus tracks (STILL SEALED) Century Media, 2007
TIAMAT Judas Christ (digipack) Century Media
TIAMAT The Church Of Tiamat [DVD (Super Jewel Box A5)] Century Media
TRANSMETAL Veloz y Devastador Metal (thrash/death) including Killers (Killers (Fr) cover)
Turisas The Varangian Way - Director`s Cut Century Media
TV BLOOD Astra (industrial metal, autographed!) 2009
Tvangeste Firestorm 2002 Black Metal
Twilight Ophera Shadows Embrace The Dark 1998 Irond Melodic Black Metal
Twilight Ophera The End Of Halcyon Age 2003 CD-Maximum Melodic Black Metal
Uhrilehto Vitutus Millennium 2003 Schwarzdorn Prods Atmospheric black
Ulceration Submerged In Gluttony 2004 Bizarre Leprous Prods Technical Death Metal
UNLEASHED Sworn Allegiance (SlipCase) Icarus Music
Utopia Banished Night Of The Black Wyvern 2002 Self-Released Melodic death
VADER The Ultimate Incantation (1992, 1st press) Earache
VAMPIRIA Wicked Charm CD Ltd. Slipcase + 1 Bonus (Symphonic Black Metal From Argentina) American Line Prods.
Veneral Disease Perpetual Pain Procedure 2001 Revenge Production Death
Veneral Disease Sworn To Hate 2004 Revenge Production Death
VICIOUS CRUSADE Forbidden tunes Viking / Folk metal
VINTERSORG Cosmic Genesis (viking metal) Napalm Records
VINTERSORG Visions From The Spiral Generator (viking metal) Napalm Records
VITAL REMAINS The Horrors of Hell Century Media
VOIVOD War and Pain (thrash, 1984) Metal Blade
VRATA TMY Voiny severnoy zemly pagan black Fono
War (Sweden, side-project formed by members of Ophthalamia, Dark Funeral and Hypocrisy (Swe)) We Are … Total War 2006 Necropolis Records/ Oriana Black with Bombenhagel (Sodom cover)
Wasteform Crushing The Reviled 2006 Nice To Eat You Records Brutal death
Wicked Innocence Worship 1999 Headfucker Records Atmospheric Death
Winds Reflections Of The I 2002 Irond Gothic/Progressive Metal
WITCHHAMMER ODE TO DEATH (thrash/death) Cogumelo records, 2006
Xenomorph (Hol.) Baneful Stealth Desire 2001 System Shock Records Progressive Death Metal
Yatrogeny Taedium Vitae 2004 Ablaze Prods Melodic death
Yearning With Tragedies Adorned Holy Records
Zamak Empire … The Violence 2004 Bizzare Productions Melodic death
Zeenon Blood Vessel Criteria 2005 Retribute Records Brutal death

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Official tapes/demos for trade -
Dissonance (lt) - Concealed (Doom Metal, 1995)
Dreadful Shadows - Buried again (Morbid Noizz prod, 1996)
Goat Semen (Peru) - Holocausto (demo, 2013, death/black)
Hellfire (later Hellfire BC, Greece) - Crystal age (thrash, 1998)
Melissa (Rus) - In mourning (Metal Agen/Soyuz, 1995, death)
Meressin (Lt)- Satan, Oro te, reo portas patere (Dangus prod, Black/Heavy Metal, 1995)
Nahash (Lt) - Nocticula Hecate (Black Metal, 1994)
Psychopathia (Cze) - Promo 98 (Grindcore/Death Metal, 1998)
Stonehenge (Rus) - Victims gallery (Metal Agen/Soyuz, 1996, Doom)
Trest (Slovakia) - Bow to change (Thrash Metal/Crossover, 1997)


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all trade list :
http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... hp?t=48812

Web :

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Added -
ADRAMELECH (Demigod members) Psychostasia + 3 bonus tracks (Death Metal, 1996) Extreem Music
ALASTOR Spaaazm (Digipack, thrash metal) Metal Mundus
AMON RA In the company of the gods + bonus ( 1992, US power metal) Steel Legacy
AXEGRINDER Rise of the serpent men + 4 bonus tracks (DIGIPACK, Crust Punk/Thrash Metal, 1989) Peaceville
BARON ROJO Siempre estais alli (1986, heavy metal) Serdisco
COLD SWEAT (IRONCROSS) Broadcast interference (80-s heavy metal/ NWOBHM) Private/Metal Warning
DAWNRIDER (Leather Synn, Dragon's Kiss members) Aplha chapter (Doom Metal, Digipack) Ragingplanet
DEF GAB C (Malaysia) Neolithic (melodic heavy metal, 2011) Digipack Universal
DEMON PRAYERS Evoked the pain (thrash) Secret Port
DYING EMBRACE Era of tribulation (Death/Doom Metal) Armee de la Mort
FATAL MUTINY Existance in extinction (thrash) Secret Port
HAMLET (Spain) Hamlet (Digipack) Locomotive
HEATHEN HOOF Rock crusader + bonus (Heavy Metal) Iron Shield
HELLFUELED Memories in black (Digipack, heavy metal) Black Lodge
HOWL Howl (Stoner/Sludge Metal, Digipack) Relapse
IN DHAKA Nishshobdo Kolahol (prog heavy metal, 1991) Sargam
INDUS CREED (ROCK MACHINE) Evolve (Digipack, melodic progressive hard rock) Universal
KRAMP Lan N'oldu (heavy metal) ADA Müzik
MAGNESIUM (Metalucifer,Sabbat members) Buried´n´live (2nd pressing, ltd.450) (NWOBHM, 1994-97) Digipack Metal Warning
MAGNESIUM (Metalucifer,Sabbat members) Buried´n´live (1st pressing, ltd.500) (NWOBHM, 1994-97) Metal Warning
Mëkanïk (Dismal Euphony, Gehenna,Blood Red Throne, Forlorn members) Dër Mëkanïk Grööves (progressive blackened thrash) Duplicate Records
MERCA Chup amela (doom metal) Psychedoomelic
NIGHTBITCH (Briton Rites, Upwards of Endtime, Atlantean Kodex, Hour of 13 members) Sex and magic (US Heavy/Doom, Digipack) Psychedoomelic
NIGHTMARE (Colombia) About to explode (heavy/speed) EBM
NUCLEAR (Chile) Jehovirus (thrash) Concreto
NUCLEAR (Chile) Ten broken code (thrash) Concreto
PERVERSIFIER Perverting the masses (Thrash/Black Metal) Armee de la Mort
PURTENANCE Awaken from slumber (Death Metal) Extreem Music
REFLECTION (Greece) The fire still burns (epic heavy metal) Secret Port
RETURN (Japan) Unholy thrash metal (black/thrash) Break the Connection
Rezinwolf Corruption Kingdom (UK thrash) Killer Metal
RIVERGE Raid for riverge (Japan cd w/obi ) (thrash) Rock Stakk
SEA BASTARD Scabrous (Sludge/Doom Metal) Mosh Tunage
SEA BASTARD Sea bastard (Sludge/Doom Metal) Mosh Tunage
SHALLOW GROUND The End of Everything (US Progressive/Thrash Metal) Killer Metal
SHERATAN Mundo sin perdon (power/speed) Metal Crusaders
SUICIDE WATCH Figure head of pain + bonus (UK thrash) Mosh Tunage
SUNBLAZE Illuminating heights (German heavy metal, 1997) Self-release
SWITCHBLADE Heavy weapons (classic heavy metal) Killer Metal
TWILIGHT (Spain) Legend (celtic power/speed) Arise
V/A-Condenados al olvido (heavy/thrash metal bands from Spain 1984-90 - KEOPS, Dyssït etc (2CD) Iberia Metalica

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Added -
MENACE Cosmic Conspiracy (speed metal ala Agent Steel) Eat metal records
AC/DC Bonfire 5 CD Box Set (sealed)
AGITATOR Mental Violence (speed/thrash metal) Wine Blood Records
Ancient Dome Perception Of This World  (speed/thrash metal) Punishment 18 Records
ANNIHILATOR Alice in Hell  (1989, old press) Roadrunner
Ari Koivunen Fuel For The Fire (2CD, power metal) Sony
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul + bonus tracks (CD/DVD) Earache
AURICA Pride Of Immortals (Power/Speed) Lazcoz Prod
Ayreon 01011001 (2cd, progressive metal, 2008) Inside out
BACKWATER TAKE EXTREME FORMS (Thrash/Speed Metal from Germany a la Living Death) Iron Shield Records
BADMOUTH Heavy Metal Parking Lot (old school sweden melodic heavy)      Danger music
BLACK SABBATH Live Evil (2CD DeLuxe Digipack Edition, Sealed) Sanctuary Records
BLACK SABBATH Master of Reality (2004,Rem.)   Sanctuary Records
Black Sabbath Tyr (1990, no ifpi, 1st press) I.R.S.
BLACK SHEPHERD "Immortal Aggression" + United Evil Forces demo '86 (thrash, 1988)
BLOKE Demolicion (classic heavy metal 1984, original version) Hurling Metal
BOMBER [Chile] Satans Shitfuckers (speed/thrash/punk)
CHRONOSPHERE Envirusment (thrash)
CLENCHED FIST The Gift Of Death (Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal) Infernö Records
CONVENT GUILT Guns for hire (classic heavy metal) Shadow Kingdom
CRADLE OF FILTH Cruelty and the beast     Sony
CRADLE OF FILTH Dusk and her embrace    Sony
CRADLE OF FILTH From the cradle to enslave e.p.     Sony
CRADLE OF FILTH Harder, darker, faster, thornography deluxe (cd+dvd)      Roadrunner Records
CRADLE OF FILTH Damnation and a day      Sony
Deep Purple Slaves and masters (1990, made in Germany, no ifpi, 1st press) RCA
Deep Purple Perfect strangers (1984, made in USA, no ifpi) Polydor
Deep Purple Come Hell Or High Water (1994) RCA
Deep Purple In Rock + 7 bonus tracks (1995 remaster, printed jewel case) EMI
DEKAPITED (Chile) “Contra Iglesia y Estado” + bonus (speed/thrash) Metal Command
DEVASTATOR (Italy) La musica fa schifo (thrash, 2011) Fadeout Records
DEVASTATOR (Italy) Thrash n'war (thrash, 2005) Self-release
DEVASTATOR (Italy) Andatevene Tutti Affanculo! (thrash, 2010) Putrido records
Dorsal Atlantica (BRZ) Ultimatum (Thrash Metal)
Dorsal Atlantica (BRZ) Antes Do Fim (Thrash Metal)
DRAGON GUARDIAN DESTINY OF THE SACRED KINGDOM (Japan power/speed) Ice Warrior records
EVIL WHIPLASH Evil reincarnation (speed/thrash metal) Slaney
EXARSIS Under destruction (speed/thrash metal) Eat Metal Records
FALCON (ARG) Mensajero de Medianoche (CLASSIC 80’S HEAVY METAL)
FATES WARNING Awaken The Guardian + bonus tracks (1986, 2CD+DVD remaster reissue) Metal Blade
GAMMA RAY "No world order" Sanctuary
GERM BOMB Infected from birth (Thrash Metal/Crossover) AreaDeath Productions
HAMMERFALL No Sacrifice, No Victory Nuclear Blast
Iced Earth The dark saga Century media
Iced Earth Burnt offering (1 st press, 1995) Century media
IN FLAMES The Jester Race+Black Ash Inheritance Nuclear Blast
In Solitude The World, The Flesh, The Devil Metal Blade
INSANIA (Sweden) Fantasy a new dimension + bonus track Hellion
Insaniac (USA) Terminal Madness (US speed/thrash, 1985-90, 2 cd) AreaDeath Productions
IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast (1st press no IFPI) Capitol / EMI
James Murphy Convergence (1996) Roadrunner
JERYD SYN The hidden side (US classic heavy metal, 1996) Metalizer Records/Battle cry records
JEZABEL A todo o nada (power/speed) Goi
JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller (1st press no IFPI) Columbia
JUMALATION The church of isaac (speed/thrash) Metal Warning / Emanes Metal
Kamelot Ghost Opera - The Second Coming (2CD) Steamhammer/SPV
Kilpi II Taso (CD + DVD, heavy/power) Mtg
Kreator Cause for conflict (limited edition, metal box, 1995) GUN
MadHour Ghost Town (speed/thrash metal) Death Storm Records
MANIAC (Spain) Black legion (thrash, 2013) Black Seed
MEGADETH Peace sells…but who’s buying? (1st press) Capitol / Combat
METALLICA Kill ‘em all (1983, no ifpi) Vertigo/Phonogram
Metallica Garage days re-revisted Pt. II (white bootleg with The mechanics, Rapid fire, Merry fuckin' christmass from Metallica)
Metallica Live 1993 One of 282 (live bootleg)
Metallica Live at Woodstock'94 (live bootleg)
Metallica Latino 93 Vol.1 (live bootleg, printed jewel case) Hot shots
Metallica Seek and destroy (live bootleg) Templar
MOONBLOOD [Germany] The forgotten Spells – Featuring: Rehearsals from ’96 to ’01
MORTAL MUTILATION [Spain] Demon's Lust 1991 – 1994 – The Set Also Contains 2 Posters, a Sticker and a Huge 28-Page Booklet Including Lyrics, Tons of Photos, Spanish/English Interviews and Liner Notes by the Band Members – sealed DIGIPACK -
Motorhead Bastards (1993, 1st press, Red Disc, no ifpi) ZYX music
Motorhead 1916 (1991, 1st press, no ifpi) WTG records
NECROPSYA (Peru) Toward Insanity (slipcase, thrash metal) Icarus
NOMED (France) Thrashing Insanity (2CD, thrash) Armee de la Mort
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz + bonus track (2002, Rem.)   Epic
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon + 2 bonus tracks (2002,Rem.)      Epic
Ozzy Osbourne No Rest for the Wicked + 2 bonus tracks (2002, Rem.)     Epic
PIGSPEED 25th Century Blood (Thrash Metal) DeathStorm Records
PIGSPEED Don't Bring My Soul (2001, Thrash Metal) Videoradio Distribuzioni
POWER CRUE Wreck the eternal tyranny Self-release
RAGE Reign of Fear + bonus tracks (1986) Noise/Sanctuary
RAIN (Italy) Headshaker + bonus multimedia section (Heavy/Power Metal, 2003) Deadsun Records
Rainbow "Difficult to cure"
Rainbow “Bent out of shape” (1983, made in USA) Polydor
Rainbow "Straight between the eyes" (1982, made in USA, no ifpi) Polydor
Rainbow “Stranger in us all” (1995, 1st press) RCA
ROSA MISTICA Arrastrando la cruz (heavy/power) Metallica fanzine
SABBAT (Japan) "Sabbatical Blasphemous Gospels" (jewel case edition, compilation with all early Eps 1985-1990) Rawblackult Productions
Sacred steel Wargods of metal Metal Blade
SALEM SPADE Witch hunt (80-s heavy metal ) Steel Legacy
SANVOISEN         Soul seasons (heavy metal)     Noise, 1997
Shadow Gallery Carved in stone (progressive metal, 1995) Magna carta
SINNER “Danger zone” Noise Records
SINNER “Touch of sin” + 2 bonus tracks Noise Records
SLAYER Decade of Aggression (2 cd) American recordings (made in Germany)
SLAYER South of heaven (1988, thrash) American recordings (made in Germany)
SLAYER Live Intrusion (EP) American recordings (made in Germany)
SLAYER Divine Intervention (1994) American recordings (made in Germany)
SONATA ARCTICA Explictica + 2 bonus tracks (’08 Remaster) Spinefarm
SOULITUDE Requiem for A Dead Planet (Power Metal/ Spain) Red Rivet Records
Speed Breaker (GER) Built for Speed (Heavy/Speed Metal, digi) Dying Victims Productions
Sturm Und Drang Learning To Rock Helsinki Music Company
Symphony X Damnation game (1995) Inside out
TEMPESTA            Unbounded (digi)  (swiss hard-rock)  Self-release
Teräsbetoni Vaadimme Metallia Warner
Testament Demonic (digipack, 1st press) MFN
Testament Low (1994) Atlantic Records
Thor (ARG) El Pacto (Heavy Metal, 1983)
THOR (Canada) Thunderstryke (heavy metal) Rock Saviour records
Thousand Points of Hate (ex- Xentrix members) Scar to Mark the Day (UK thrash) Casket Music
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus Rajaportti Ranka
TUDOR [Czech Republic] Bloody Mary (1992)
TYPE O NEGATIVE            Bloody Kisses (1993, old press) Roadrunner
Ultimatum (MEX) Ultimatum (Heavy Metal, 1986) Sade Records
Under attack High on metal/the aftermath (heavy metal) Iron Blood
VIRON NWOGHM ,german epic heavy metal , Sonic Age
VORTEX "Open the gate" / "Metal bats" (heavy metal, 1985/86) Unisound
Xentrix Dilute to taste (cut out) (1st press) Roadracer Records

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 7:31 am 


is SATURNUS Paradise Belongs to You (doom, 1st press) Euphonious Records still available?

best regards

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:18 am 

Hi! Yes, SATURNUS Paradise Belongs to You (doom, 1st press) Euphonious Records is still available. PM me if you wish

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