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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:50 pm 

I have the following items for trade and/or sale. I am in the USA and prefer trading with people in the USA (not because I'm a fucking patriot but because of the goddamn INSANE shipping costs overseas). ********Send all e-mail to: yarkadin02@hotmail.com************ Thanks for your time.


* = currently reserved but possibly available, so ask.
^ = some surface scratches/booklet damage

Graveland – Thunderbolts of the Gods DIGI (epic pagan/black metal)
Graveland/Bialy Vitez (epic pagan/black metal)
Graveland – Cold Winter Blades (great pagan metal)
Symptom – Caverns of Katabasis DIGI (pretty killer death/doom)
Aeba – Im Schattenreich (black metal from 90s)
Isegrim – s/t (black metal from 90s)
Vandod – s/t DIGI (traditional Norwegian BM with Svartsinn member)
Until Death Overtakes Me – Antemortum (funeral doom metal)
Ssorc – Infidel Eternal (brutal Japanese black metal)
Eoront – Another Realm DIGI (symphonic/atmospheric black metal)
Supreme Pain – Nemesis Enforcer (death metal)
Aetherian – Tales of Our Times (melodic death metal ala mid-period Katatonia)
Nox – Manifestaciones de la Eterna Noche (Colombian black metal)
Sirin – The Dawn of Freedom (black metal)
Frozen Ocean – The Dyson Swarm DIGI (quality industrial/black metal)
Ordinul Negru – Sorcery of Darkness (quality black metal)
From the Vastland – Kamarikan (Iranian black metal)
Atrium Noctis – Aeterni (melodic black w/ classical influences)
Inspell – Arcadian Tales the Egregore (melodic symphonic black metal)
Srogosc – W Szalenstwie (symphonic black metal)
Azels Mountain – s/t (black metal)
Crown of Asteria – Great Freshwater Seas DIGI (ambient/black)
Humiliation - Turbulence From the Deep (quality old school death metal)
Abominator – Evil Proclaimed (black/death)
Stonege – Voyage of Ageless Time (melodic death metal)
Iuramentum – The Awakening (melodic death metal)
Fra Waurhts – For Celestial Glory (brutal black/death metal)
Atra Hora – Via Combusta DIGI (quality melodic dark metal)
Silent Kingdom/Atra Hora – split DIGI (melodic black/doom)
As Darkness Fell – Below the Fog (melodic black/doom)
Crowned – Vacuous Spectral Silence (Aussie black metal)
Fjord/Drunemeton – A New Dawn... (folk/black metal)
Dormanth – Winter Comes (death/black)
Sieghednar – Astralwinter (ambient/black)
Lord of Pagathorn – Msilihporcen (black metal)
Schattenvald – I DIGI (quality melodic black metal)
Obitus – Slaves of the Vast Machine (black/death, one long track)
Black Blood of the Earth – Wave of Cold (melodic death ala Katatonia)
Diabolical Principles – Manifesto of Death DIGI (black metal)
The Damnation – Evilution (death/thrash)
Panopticon Death – Eternity In Madness (Death metal)
V/A – Israheller (Israeli metal comp from 90s w/ Salem, Orphaned Land, Azazel, etc)
V/A – Britannia Infernus 2CD (history of British metal from 1970-2001, 30 bands!)
V/A – Russian Death Metal Vol 4 (18 death metal bands)

Tusmorke – Hinsides DIGI (progressive rock)
Jaaportit – s/t DIGI (ambient/rock)
Jaaportit – Voimasuo DIGI (ambient/electronica)
Jaaportit – Avarrus DIGI (ambient)
Jarl – Tunguska Event DIGI (eerie dark ambient)
Jarl – Amygdala Colours DIGI (ambient)
Jarl – Hypnosis Color DIGI (ambient)
Trogool – Beyond the River Skai A5 DIGI (fantasy ambient/synth)
Stromstad – New Devoted Human DIGI (industrial/ambient)
Sunset Wings – Covering For Solace DIGI (quality neo-folk)
The Moon and the Nightspirit – Metanoia DIGI (dark folk)
Tuu – All Our Ancestors (ambient, hole punch in barcode)
Material – Hallucination Engine (ambient/jazz)
KA – Water Mertz (ambient using water)
Kagivishai – Zemmis: Supnai DIGI (folk/ambient)
Atoum – Legendy Miejskie DIGI (dark ambient)
Subradial – Ice Diving DIGI (ambient)
Weird – A Different Kind of Normal (ambient/synth)
O/R – Varied (experimental/electronics)
Falgar – Viento y Fango DIGI (neo-folk)
Medhelen – Fall of the Horned Serpent DIGI (medieval synth like Summoning w/o guitars)
V/A – Punishment & Excruciation (12 bands, noise/power electronics)
Mother Savage – Kyrptopyrrole (noise from Macronympha guy)
Impulsantwort/Telepherique – Bewegung... (noise/ambient)
PBK/Telepherique – Noise-Ambient Connection (noise/ambient)
Electrifying Thunderstorms (sounds of thunderstorms!)

Jarl – Tunnel Vision Mind Reaper 2CS (ambient)

Convivial Hermit Magazine #8 (latest issue w/ 27 exclusive interviews incl. ABJECTION RITUAL, ATHOR, BAL SAGOTH, BLASPHERIAN, DARKENHOLD, DER BLUTHARSCH, DETERIORATE, FALGAR, GLIMMER ROOM, GODKILLER, HJARNIDAUDI, IMAGO MORTIS, KRYNITZA, LIFEBLOOD, MALPHAS, MARE COGNITUM, MELKOR, NOLTEM, PICTURE ANN, RUDE, SANGRE DE MUERDAGO, SYRGDR SKOGR, T.O.M.B., WAXEN, WOMAN IS THE EARTH, ZUD and ZURIAAKE, 8 articles/specials, 9 concert reports, 24 pages of reviews, comics and photos. 140 B&W, pro-printed, ‘perfect bound’ pages, including Convivial Hermit 8.1 booklet)

Convivial Hermit Magazine #7 (30 exclusive interviews incl. Summoning, Rotting Christ, Canaan, Dperd, Ancestors Blood, Funeral Moth, Asbaar, Undergang, Empyrium, Worm Ouroboros + tons more. 11 articles, over 100 reviews, color covers, 132 B&W pro-printed pages)

Convivial Hermit Magazine #4 (feat. Septic Flesh, Geist, Nazxul, Neun Welten, Gorefest, Mournful Congregation, Diadema Tristis, Mark Riddick, Dan Seagrave, Pagan Herald Magazine, Forteresse, Kataplexia, Intestine Baalism, Aryan Art and 16 others, 150 reviews, 5 articles. 116 pages, pro-printed B&W, color covers)

Convivial Hermit Magazine #1 (feat. Abigor, Abyssic Hate, Dolorian, Dornenreich, Funeral, Primordial, Tenhi, Yearning, Skepticism and more. 72 pgs)

Axiom of the Elite #2 (New Zealand zine w/ all local death/thrash/black metal bands)

DOA Magazine #8 (latest issue w/ Necronomicon, Hate Beyond, Hellbringer, Holycide, Gatecreeper, Darkness, Ectoplasma, Humanity Delete, etc)

Arise! #4 (latest issue w/ My Dying Bride, Arthur Brown, In The Woods, Nocternity, etc. 24 pages)


********Send all e-mail to: yarkadin02@hotmail.com************

Abyssphere – new
Another Dimension - debut
Apophis – debut MCD
Bornholm – 1st
Falkenstein – various
Fuoco Fatuo - various
Hecate Enthroned – Slaughter of Innocence
Hunaz – Ein neuer Anfang CD
Kanashimi - various
Khazad Dum - Garmadh
Krahnholm – debut, 2nd album
Labyrinth Spell – 2nd album
Near – any
Seigneur Voland – anything
Sunken - Departure
Thurisaz - various

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