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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:50 am
Posts: 141
Location: Spain
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:22 am 

Looking for the following stuff

Branikald - stormheit, to kampf & winterkald Cds
Nitberg - nagelreid Cd
Nitberg/Volkoten - hammerhärte Cd
Forest - like a blaze above the ashes Cd

Absurd - grim. volksmusik 12" & Pic 12"
Absurd/Heldentum 7"
Antisemitex - nebelwerfer Tape
Antisemitex/Ohtar - death to zog/deep woods Cd
Armatus/Akitsa - me ne frego 7"
Aryan Terrorism - war LP & Cd
Azelsgard - diabolic ritual in the cursed forest 7"
Bilskirnir - weltenbrand 7"
Bilskirnir - for the return of paganism 7"
Bilskirnir/Nordreich 7"
Blutorden - s/t Tape (MUST BE ORIGINAL)
Der Stürmer - the blood calls for W.A.R.! Cd
split 7" w/Arghoslent & Mudoven
split 7" w/War 88
Goatmoon - hard evidence Cd
Goatmoon - varjot Lp
Graveland - drunemeton Lp & Cd
Graveland - the celtic winter Mcd (NO COLOURS 001)
Graveland - carpathian wolves Cd (ETERNAL DEVILS ONLY)
Graveland - thousand swords Cd (LETHAL & ISENGARD)
Graveland - following the voice of blood DLP
Graveland/Honor - raiders of revenge Cd & Tape (PAGAN FOLK)
Infernum - taur nu fuin Cd (ASTRAL WINGS)
Mors Atra - s/t Pic LP
Pantheon - pflichterfüllung Cd
Selbstmord - no forgiveness Cd
The Shadow Order - raise the banners Cd (AUTISTIARTILI) & Lp cover
Thor's Hammer - the fate worse than death Cd (NO COLOURS - WITH COLOUR COVER)
Totenburg - art & kampf 10" & Mcd
Totenburg/Sat. Warmaster 7"
Veles - the triumph of pagan beliefs Tape (DCC - MUST BE ORIGINAL PRO TAPE)
Veles - night on the bare mountain LP reissue
Velimor - our world Cd & T-shirts in L
War 88 - white a. resistance Tape (DCC - MUST BE ORIGINAL)
Wehrhammer/Armatus/Mors Atra - split LP
Wolfnacht - heidentum Cd (DICKWALD)

Attack - fade away Cd
Blue Eyed Devils - on the attack
BFG - when the hammer falls Lp & Cd
BFG - over the top Lp
Code of Violence - purge Cd (HATE REC)
Definite Hate - welcome to the south Lp
Extreme Hatred - have a nice day Cd
Estirpe Imperial - first 4 track 12" 1993
Estirpe Imperial - morir o vencer 7"
Heysel - holy war Mcd (HATE REC)
Honor - to survive for victory vol 1 & 2 (SEPARATE CDS PREFERED)
Iron youth - durch das volk... Lp
Iron Youth - respect, defend, create Lp & Cd
Iron Youth - PIC LP BOX SET
Klan - hordas celtíberas Lp
Mudoven - aryan vs alien 7"
Mudoven - mediaviolence 7"
No Alibi - wickedness of mankind Lp (ROCK'O'RAMA)
Nordic Thunder - final stand Cd (TRI STATE TERROR)
Skrewdriver - blood & honour Lp
Stahlgewitter - Auftrag deutsches reich Dlp
Stahlgewitter - politischer soldat Lp / Pic Lp & Cd
Stahlgewitter - das eiserne gebet Lp & Cd
Stahlgewitter - germania Cd

...AND MORE...


Akitsa: aube de la misanthropie Double A5 Cd
Atman: psy atman + first album as bonus tracks
Autopsy: mental funeral + 3 bonus DIGI CD '03
Autopsy: macabre eternal DIGIBOOK
Beherit: beast of beherit Orig. Spinefarm '99
Blazemth: for centuries left behind Mcd Orig. A.E. '95
Blazemth: fatherland Mcd Orig. A.E. '96
Brumalis: furore normannorum
Bustum: the return of hate DTB NEW
Campo de Mayo/Permafrost split Cd
Camulos: spiel des blutes
Carpathian Forest: black shining leather 1st Press Digipack (snake skin)
Coldworld: the stars are dead now
Coldworld: melancholie2
Dark Storm: four lucan emperors Orig. View Beyond '96 (No xerox garbage)
Diaboli: anthems of sorrow Fullmoon '98
Drowning the Light: an alignment of dead stars DIE HARD Lim 200 (with 2 exclusive photos, 2 patches, digipack all in a black envelope)
Drowning the Light: the fading rays of the sun DIGI Mcd Lim 300
Ecclesia Satani: ns satan Pro-Cdr Lim 555
Eternum: an ode to our fallen Lim 500
Evil/S.A.R/Thallium: chaos to unleash... Lim 1000
Flammentod/Kwelhekse DIGI Cd
Gehenna: second spell Orig. Cacophonous
Gestapo 666: nostalgiah
Gontyna Kry: blood of our forefathers Digipack (sealed) + poster + 3 stickers
Gontyna Kry: arystokracja ducha NEW
Gotmoor: vlaemsche premitieven ISO666 '00 6€
Grom: pagan war machine Mcd Vinland Winds/Hakenkreuz Lim 500
Grom/Wulfgravf: fullmoon warfare NEW
Hate Forest: sorrow 1st Press Supernal
Heretic: black metal holocaust 1st press Berzerker Lim 500
Horna: haudankylmyyden mailla 1st Press Solistitium
Inferi (ndl): s/t Mcd Black Arts '95
Judas Iscariot: distant in solitary night Moribund '98 8€
Judas Iscariot: to embrace the corpses bleeding RS '02 8€
Lucifugum: on hooks to pieces! (inc. video for pc) 4€
Lucifugum: instinct prevelance
Maniac Butcher: lucan antikrist 1st press Pussy God
Moonblood: für den sieg (inc. video) 9€
Moontower: in the shadow of the wolf Mcd THR '03
Mortiis: crypt of the wizard 1st Press DDM
Mundzuk: unholy forces Demo Pro-CDr 1st press Lim 200
Mütiilation: remains of a ruined... Dark Adversary
Nachtfalke: doomed to die
Nachtfalke: hail victory teutonia (inc. first mlp)
Necrofeast: soulwinds Drama & Sin '00
Necrofrost: bloodstorms voktes...1st Press Granskog
Neptune Towers: caravans to empire algol Orig. Moonfog
Nocturnal Fear: fog of war
Nokturnal Mortum: to the gates of blasphemous fire 1st Press Rad.
Nokturnal Mortum: nechrist 1st press Last Episode 2000
Nokturnal Mortum: the taste of victory DVD BOX 1st Press Oriana '03
Primitive Supremacy: melody and madness
Puissance: mother of disease 1st Press Fluttering Dragon '99
Purest: renascence DTB
Race Riot: downfall of your infected world Mcd
Ravenbanner: and the ravens sing our glorious past NEW
Retaguardia: la voz del silencio
Rienzi: tolerancia zero
Saltus: imperium slonca
Salut: tomorrow belongs to us!
Severe Storm: follow the paths of darkness... DTB
Sieghetnar: kältetod
Swirling Sunwheels: the strong shall prevail 1st Press Autis. Lim 500
Szron/Kriegsmaschine: split cd Garazel '06
Therion: theli 1st press NB '96 9€
The 3rd and the Mortal: painting on glass 1st Press V.o.W.
The true Beltez: beltane Lim 500
Tormenta: el fin de los tiempos
Vargr: wehrmacht satanas
White Wash/Operation Racewar: the texas oi-core massacre!

VINYL: [i]Cover/Vinyl ASK FOR PICS
Absu: barathrum:v.i.t.r.i.o.l. 3xLP BOX SET Col. vinyls Lim 300 MINT
Akitsa: sang nordique Lp VG++/NM
Angst Skvadron: flukt Lp Die Hard splatter wax Lim 100 NM/NM
Autopsy: severed survival Pic Lp 1990 NM
Balmog: necroangels revelation Mlp Lim 333 NM/NM 5€
Bekhira: l'elu du mal LP NM/NM
Bekhira/Desolation Triumphalis: leading the plague... 7" NM/NM
Carcass: demos 86/87 Lp Red vinyl VG+/NM 13€
Clandestine Blaze: on the mission 7" with insert Lim 200 NM/NM
Clandestine Blaze: falling monuments Lp NM/NM
Cryogenic/Dies Ater: split Lp Lim 300 VG+/NM
Dark Ages: twilight of europe Lp 1st press Lim 350 VG+/NM
Darkthrone: demos Lp Black witchery bootleg NM/NM
Death: leprosy LP 1st press UOF 1988 G/VG+
Deathsquadron: black guard of war 7" Lim 500 M/M
División 250: imperivm LP NM/NM
Drowning the Light: vampyric winter 7" NM/NM
Drowning the Light: a pact with madness Lp splatter wax + metal pin Lim 222 NM/NM
Drowning the Light: the masters empire LP Lim 300 NM/NM
Drowning the Light: to the end of time LP Grey vinyl NM/VG+
Drowning the Light: flames of sacrifice 10" + poster Red splatter vinyl M/M
Drowning the Light: the weeping moon 10" M/M
Drowning the Light: the fading rays of the sun 10" Purple vinyl Lim 150 M/M
Drowning the Light: the blood of the ancients LP NM/NM
Drowning the Light: 06/06/06 it begins here 7" Gold vinyl M/M
Drowning the Light/Circle of Ouroborus: moonflares LP yellow/red haze vinyl Lim 100 NM/NM
Drowning the Light/Acherontas 7" Multicolour splatter vinyl M/M
Drowning the Light/Eternum 7" Red vinyl + 2 Patches Lim 200 M/M
Drowning the Light/Nihasa/Possession Ritual 10" Yellow splatter vinyl Lim 100 NM/NM
Fornost: der wind hat mir... LP White vinyl (Promo) NM/NM
Fornost/Vargulf 7" VG+/VG+
Gehenna: ancestor of the darkly sky 7" Promo VG+/VG+
Gehenna: malice 3LP Set Col. vinyls + Poster Lim 300 VG+/M/M/M
Goatpenis: inhumanization LP Lim 500 VG+/NM
Goatpenis/Deathsquadron 7" NM/NM
Gorgoroth: a sorcery written in blood 7" bootleg VG/NM 7€
Graveland: dawn of iron blades LP NM/NM
Hades: again shall be/alone walking DLP Col. vinyls NM/NM/NM
Hated & Proud: can't hold us back 7" Brown wax NM/NM
Horna: perimä vihassa ja verikostossa LP + Poster Lim 300 NM/NM
Horna: ääniä yössä LP NM/NM
Horna/Sacrificia Mortuorum: split Lp NM/NM
Horna: talismaani Pic 7" NM
Horna/Tenebrae in Perpetuum 7" NM/NM
Immortal: pure holocaust LP osmose 1993 VG/VG+
Immortal: call of the wintermoon 7" bootleg VG+/NM
Inferno: nikdy nekoprteni LP Lim 500 NM/NM
Judas Iscariot: of great eternity LP G/VG+ (ASK FOR PICS)
Maniac Butcher: barbarians LP Mutilation press Lim 300 NM/NM
Maniac Butcher: invaze LP Sombre Lim 100 VG++/NM
Maniac Butcher: cerna krev Lp Sombre Lim 100 G/VG++
Maniac Butcher/Inferno split LP Sombre Lim 350 VG+/NM
Maniac Butcher/Dark Storm: black horns of saaz 7" 1995 VG+/VG
Mütiilation: destroy your life for satan LP Red vinyl VG/NM
Mütiilation: 1992-2002 DLP + Poster EAL VG+/NM/NM
Mütiilation: remains of a ruined... LP Drakkar M/M
Nachtfalke: s/t MLP Clear vinyl Lim 333 NM/NM
Nachtmystium: reign of the malicious Pic Lp inc. miniposter NM
Nargaroth: amarok LP 1st Press VG/NM
Nargaroth: fuck off nowadays black metal PIC LP Lim 333 M
Nargaroth: black metal ist krieg 2lp (1piclp) 1st press NM/NM/NM
Nargaroth: crushing some belgian scum MLP + Poster NM/NM
Nargaroth: prosatanica shooting angels LP 1st press with 4 page insert VG/NM
Nunslaughter: trifurcate 7" 1st press Warlord NM/NM
Obituary: the end complete Pic Lp 1992 VG++
Obtained Enslavement: centuries of sorrow 2LP + Poster Clear vinyls Lim 300 M/M/M
Old Wainds: where the snows are never gone LP 1st press Lim 333 NM/NM
Pest: blasphemy is my throne MLP G+/VG+
Pogrom: suicide worship 7" Sombre NM/NM
Ride for Revenge: king of the snakes LP + Poster M/M
Samael: into the infernal storm of evil DLP white vinyls #01/250 NM/M/M
Satyricon: dark medieval times LP Reissue 2012 with pesten cover NM/NM
Spire: s/t LP black/white haze vinyl + 1 bonus track NM/NM
Slaughtered Priest: eternal goat reign Lp Lim 110 M/M
Uncreation's Dawn: uncelestial 7" NM/NM
Uncreation's Dawn: deathmarch over gods kingdom LP NM/NM
Vlad Tepes: war funeral march PIC LP with insert Lim 300 NM
Vlad Tepes: return.../winter reh. 2x7" Lim 275 M/M/M
Watain: casus luciferi LP + Booklet VG++/NM
Weltmacht: the call to battle LP NM/NM
Whitesnake: 1987 Lp Orig. Emi '87 NM/NM 5€
Winterblut: the pest of... Lp Lim 500 NM/NM
Woods of Desolation: sorh LP Amber vinyl Lim 250 M/M
Woodtemple: feel the anger of the wind LP Lim 666 NM/NM

Blasphemy: black metal skinheads Reh. '89 Lim 100 NEW!
Carcharoth: my father was a wolf 2€
Circle of Ouroborus: shores Lim 500
Clandestine Blaze: below the surface of cold earth Original NH
Funeral Winds (Usa): demo #1 Lim 50
Holocaust (Ger): promo 1.666 a.y.p.s.
Inferno: temná poselství dávných předků Demo '97
Luftwaffe Raid: empire
Myrkvid/Unterwald: split demo Lim 200
Necrofeast: wederker der heidenen Tape '98
Necrofeast: promo '98
North: as my kingdom rises
North: entering the dark kingdom
Perunwit: wszystkie odcienie szarości Nawia/Eastclan
Thunderbolt: black clouds over dark majesty
Venedae/Grom: pod znakiem ognia / Сын Старого Леса
Winterblut: promo '98
Winterfrost: worship the blood of the pagan supremacy
Winter Funeral: filled with despair...sathanas

Gontyna Kry: blood of our fathers Size L 1 sided + sleeves NEW! 8€
Resistance wear Size L 2 sided "Red t-shirt" NEW! 6€

Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:45 pm
Posts: 72
Location: Portugal
PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:23 am 

PM sent.
Carma / Everto Signum / Nekromorphine / Infected Minds

Metal newbie

Joined: Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:34 pm
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Location: Sweden
PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:47 am 

I have a few of your wants, both RAC, NSBM, Hatecore etc in my sale / trade-list. Check my thread, perhaps you will find more of interest.

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